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Wednesday, August 14, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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12:25PM BBT Battle of the campaign cookies today. Cliff is walking around with his Hogg cookies as bribes. 

Kat is busy preparing her cookies. Chopping up mini-Hershey bars into chunks for her cookies. 

She says she used 4 cups of brown sugar. Hope she used only that and a double batch!  That is a lot of brown sugar!

12:43 Nick and Christie tell Kat that she used salt instead of sugar. She is confused. Then they say Cliff swapped out the sugar and salt. Kat melts down!  Nick grabs her and they say they are kidding as she cries. 

Hard to believe she fell for that because she tasted the batter when she was telling Sis about how much brown sugar she put in it and had eyeballed adding more flour. 

She gives Christie a taste and she likes it. 

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1:05PM BBT HOlly talking to Nick outside CBR about how both feel so neutral that it scares them. They don't know how some people are leaning. Nick wonders if Holly and Michie are targeting him. She says no. He plans to play with people from both sides. He was wondering about them because they started talking to Christie. 

They both don’t want to go out in a double. They also think Cliff will go after big targets and they respect that. 

Nick says he’s good with Tommy, Sis, Nicole and Holly agrees she is too. Nick says he was gonna save Christie because he didn't like the twist causing someone to go home. He is trying to keep the sides even since he is good with people on both sides. 

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1:02PM BBT Christie and Tommy talking. She says when they get out she is going to see if she can better her time to get to his house. He says he can't wait for her to meet his family. They discuss how she got to the field trip. Tommy says that they don't know that she is hated. He says just deal with the hosue for now and deal with everything else when they get out.


1:09PM BBT Jackson and Analyse in the HOH BR. Analyse complaining that he butt is getting big. Christie tells her hot hot her butt is and that she wishes Analyse was gay. Analyse says that she wishes she could date Tommy. Tommy says that he wishes they could too. Analyse says that she doesn't go for looks but personality.  Says her last ex was really hot though. Tommy says they can't help but watch her shower. (she is getting dressed).


1:13PM BBT Nick and Holly talking about who they trust. Holly complaining that Jackson told her today might be the last day they have together. (They are discussing possible DE).


1:20PM BBT IN the HOH BR, Christie talks about how rumors are swirling that they 5 of them are still working together. She says that's not true (as Tommy, CHristie, Jackson and Analyse sit in the HOH BR).


1:23PM BBT Kat and Jess talking about if she is going.Kat is upset that Jax has been so mean to her and he is the only one who has ruined her game.

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They both want to make top 5 or so. Nick says after that it’s all vetos. 


Holly says Cliff has played 14 comps. She is complaining she hasn’t gotten to play anything [Hello, EVERY HoH but the one after she was HoH and that Veto - rms] 


They both are glad they talked. 


1:32 PM BBT Kat goes into BRL with Christie to campaign after leaving her campaign cookies to  rest on the counter. Christie likes them but Kat says you are the husband that says i love burnt food. 

Cliff says he came out of the DR yelling it’s official, Hogg house cookies are the best campaign cookies. Christie apparently turned and said thats f’d up. Cliff didn’t know they went so poorly. 


She thought Ovi’s recipe said 4 cups of brown sugar but it was 3/4 cup. She thought that was a lot and only used 2? Cliff thinks she may have also used both oil and water. They came out like grey big soft lumps. 

1:40PM BBT Nick is showering in HoHr and joking with Tommy about joining him. At some point he yells out that he dropped the soap. Michie was in there and makes some other jokes. Cliff also came in at one point right when one of the risky things was yelled out. 

Tommy asks Cliff about the loofah  story. Cliff tells him he asked for seeds and planted the gourds that loofahs come from.  He talks about gardening and he also does some wood working. Tommy is very interested in both. 

Cliff talks about the 60 yr old lake cabin and what he has to fix and replace out there. 

1:53 PM BBT Nick and Michie talking in SR. Nick recaps some of his talk with Holly confirming they are good. 

Nick says he didn’t play that veto for Christie.  He did it for Tommy. He wanted to explain. He also says he has built a better relationship with her because she isn’t talking as much. They give each other their words that they aren’t putting each other up (Nick includes Holly as well)

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1:29PM BBTKat's cookies have come out of the oven. She used 4 cups of brown sugar and they spread into a big cookie. Christie eating it and saying it's good. Cliff come over and comforts Kat (She is bummed the cookies didn't turn out- they were her campaign cookies). CLiff tells her to crumble them and addmarshamellow. He is trying ot help her with ideas. Kat tells the camera "Brett, my cooking skills may not be good".


1:40PM BBT Kat and Christie in the lounge for her campaining. It is just rehashing and talking. In the HOH BR, Nick has gone to take a shower. CLiff, Jackson and Tommy talking. Nick calls out asking for soap. Tommy calls out he will be there in a minue. CLiff undress down to his underwear as a joke and heads tot he shower. Nick lets out a scream. They all laugh.


1:52PM BBT Cliff and Tommy continue to talk. Cliff talks about his fruit trees and how he likes to do woodworking. Tommy says he wishes he had that talent. They discuss each other's homes. Cliff says that as much as he would like to win this game, he is really happy with what he has at home.



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2:40 PM BBT

Kat and Nick are talking in the Boat Room. Kat tells Nick that she knew what Michie was doing with her. That he wanted her to be a mole and "be his little bitch". 

Kat- you have to let it happen and these are all things to keep in mind for later. At the same time I really do respect Holly a lot and I respect our relationship. Me and him this week are pretty cool. I already promised Holly that I wouldn't come after him.

Nick- I already figured you wouldn't be coming after Michie, Nicole or Sis. But, who does that leave

Kat- yeah but you know how quick things change. I would love to h ave you as an ally

Nick- you're the best girl in this game

Kat well then don't you want me on your side

Nick- yeah

Kat- I don't have final twos with anybody

Nick- neither do I

Kat- I want an ally that will be a comp beast...someone I know won't come after me....I want that so bad. I hope I have proved enough that I am a good enough competitor

Nick- but what if Jess wins next week. I mean she's your best friend. If she put me up would you take me off.

Kat- yeah


2:48 PM BBT  Holly and Tommy open the door to tell Kat her cookies taste great.

Tommy- they may not look good but they are gooey delicious

Holly agrees, "and, Kat, when are you going to campaign to me because i feel left out?"

Kat- Jess is next and then you

Tommy and Holly leave

Nick and Kat continue talking and he asks her if she will go for HoH

Kat- it would be stupid to throw a comp and get put up; and I didn't bring live show clothes so I have to win to get that stuff, and I need mascara. I'm not going to throw a comp because nothing is certain.

Once Kat finishes her campaign speech Nick chimes in

Nick- that was really good. I really have a lot to consider. I want to talk to you again tonight. He begins getting teary

Kat- are you about to cry? why?

Nick- I just love you so much and I want to keep you

Kat- Nick if you keep me I will have your back 100%

Nick- I could see that happening; I don't have a #1 right now

Kat- I don't either; I mean I have a #1 friend, but not competitor

Nick that was a really good campaign

Kat- I appreciate that

They hug

Nick- love you

Kat- that was a customized campaign for you. I love you too

Nick- I love you so much. I'll send Jessica in

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3:20 PM BBT

Nick goes to the HoH Room and tells Tommy about his talk with Kat

Tommy- if you want to change the target I am down for that

Nick- I'm not switching my vote by any means, I just want you to know that I think she deserves to be here more than him

Tommy- I agree

Nick- I just love Kat. It's hard

Tommy- I hear ya

Meanwhile, Kat is campaigning to Jessica in the boat room. SHe tells her that she is better to keep because Cliff is a deal maker and they have no idea what deals he has made or will make.Kat emphasizes that if she doesn't win she would want Jess to win. She does not want "the 8 or the 6....that makes me so mad" Jess tells Kat that the two of them are close friends but they haven't really had an understanding game wise. 

Kat- personally, I don't want to leave the house until I take a shot at him (Jackson) because he did me so wrong in the beginning of the game...I'm ready to make that move. I hope I'm not being too aggressive but he really did fuck up my game

Jess- some will like that campaign

Kat- things change so fast, so you never know

Jess tells Kat that she loves everything she has said 1000% but she really needs to talk with Nicole "because she has trust issues with the nIck thing"

Kat- I want you to know that I would never vote to evict you, even if I was the only one. Like I will die on that sword.

Jess tells Kat that Nicole is "so flipping observant" and Tommy doesn't have a vote.

Kat- I had a great talk with Nick. Don't say anything but he cried....like did he make a deal with Cliff?

Jess- what

Kat- yeah it was a red flag to me

Jess- it just seems so weird



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3:54 PM BBT

Christie pranks Cliff while the houseguests are sitting around the dining room table by sneaking his shoes out from under the table and spraying shaving cream inside. He finishes eating then tries to put them on and realizes he got pranked.

Cliff- Alright! ALright! Who is the little prankster? (laughing)

All of the houseguests knew what was happening and laugh along.

Christie admitted it was her and she only did it because she saw him wash the sandals in the shower before so she knew they could get wet. Cliff laughs.

CLiff- alright Christie...challenge is on

Christie- no you already got me [he put something in her bed but I can't remember what it was]

Everyone is enjoying Christie's success, as Cliff is quite the prankster.





4:20 PM BBT Michie brings a bowl of fresh fruit up to the HoHR for Sis, Tommy, Nick, and Nicole to share.

Sis to Nicole- Hey Nugget

Nicole to Sis- Hey chick

Nicole to CLiff- Nick, did you know she's Chick and I'm Nugget and together we are chicken nugget

[Nick has called Nicole "Nugget" as a nickname since week one]

Nick doesn't react, he just says "no Nugget"

Sis to Nick- Nick don't you get it

Holly comes in with a latte and lets Sis and Nicole taste it

Nick- how do you make a latte

Michie begins to explain but Nicole says "make more than usual"

Tommy thinks about what she says and then starts laughing, catching on to Nicole's joke "A latte....that was really good"



4:40 PM BBT

Tommy tells his coming out story

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He says he was in a school play that featured the Charlie Brown characters all grown up and in their teen years "being bad and experimenting with sex". He played CHarlie Brown and there was a scene where he had to kiss a boy. 

Nick- was the boy gay

Tommy- yes

Tommy goes on to say that he then kissed the boy at a party when it didn't involve the play at all and he just knew at that moment that he was into guys. He said in high school he suspected but was so afraid that he actually bullied guys that were to take the attention off of himself.



He said that he then started dating his best friend as they came out together. They dated for three years.

Nick asks how he told his parents.

Tommy explains that he was writing something dirty between his boyfriend, best friend, and himself. His mom found the conversation and approached Tommy to ask what it was all about. He told her the truth that he was gay and had been having the feelings, but he didn't want her to tell anyone. He says his mom walked around like a ghost for several days and everyone knew something was wrong with her, so he finally went to her and said "Mom, you have to get it together....everyone knows something is wrong" she replied to him "Tommy, your dad is my best friend and I really need to tell him so we can go through this together." Tommy said he wanted to wait until he was 18. When he told his dad, his dad said he loved him no matter what. His brother was the same way. Tommy describes his brother as the best person in the world and then teases a little about NIcole being a good match for him. He plans to get all of the HGs together and they will all join his family.

[I appreciate that Tommy recognizes that the suggestion could make Nicole uncomfortable and instantly neutralized the conversation to protect Nicole. I love that about Tommy.  -MamaLong]

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8:39pm BBT


Nicole is in the rv bedroom with Jessica. They are talking about who to keep tomorrow, Cliff or Kat.


Jessica says Kat is not a person who would throw a veto or competition, she is not sure she believes that Cliff would.


Nicole calls Kat a “dangerous player.”


Meanwhile in the HOH room Kat is talking to Sis.


Kat is telling Sis that Jackson took credit for her not going home earlier in the game.


Sis tells Kat that Jackson said that he would vote Kat out if everyone else was on board.


Kat says she knows this already.



Christie has joined Nicole and Jessica in the rv room


Christie tells them that Cliff has been transparent with her, she believes he is a man “of character”. Christie continues to tell them about her internal struggle with the vote. She asks if Cliff has spoken to them yet, Jess says yes, Nicole says no.


Jessica responds with a resume for Kat, mentioning her speech last week, being wronged early in the game, etc.


Christie says Kat's relationship with Holly worries her, but she isn't worried about her relationship with Jackson. She says both people on the block weigh evenly in her head.


Jessica responds in her normal way, using many words, not saying anything.


Christie continues to say she is worried about Kat in the game. Christie says Cliff seems to be calm about the votes, Kat is struggling to keep her composure.


Jessica says that is just their styles, Christie interrupts.


Cliff comes in and offers to leave, Christie covers by saying she was talking about how she will handle being on the block when the time comes.


Nicole offers to talk to Cliff now, Jessica says she is leaving, they can talk here.


Nicole tells Cliff she is very stressed, she wants both of them to stay. Nicole says she believes most of what Kat has told her. She wants to see Kat win HOH.


Cliff tells Nicole that Kat is, indeed, working with Jackson and Holly, and will continue to do so.


Cliff tells her that he has been offered a final 6 that includes her (Nicole). He says he has agreed, Nicole tells Cliff she has also agreed.


They wonder what role Nick will play moving forward.


[The six: Cliff, Nicole, Nick, Tommy, Christie, and Sis]


Both of them say they feel bad that Jess has not been included, but he hopes there are some competitions coming that will allow her to move into it.


Cliff says if he is sent home they may do the same thing, that her and Nick would still be in the final 6.


Nicole is reluctant to trust Nick, she thinks he is not completely honest with her.


Cliff tells Nicole that Christie has not talked to her because she doesn't want Nicole to feel pressure.


Cliff tells her that everyone will fight hard for HOH, and he has promised to do that as well. He says he would throw it if Nicole could win so she can get pictures, he would also do it for Sis.


Nicole says she does not want to do their “dirty work” while they sit back and act innocent.


Cliff says he is not worried about that because they are in “that spot in the game.”


Cliff says the votes will be Nick, Christie and Sis, and Nicole to keep him. He tells her that Jessica has mentioned she wants to vote to keep Kat, and he has no problem with that, even if it is the vote that sends him home. Cliff says no one should have a problem with a vote like that.


Cliff encourages Nicole to talk to the others, (Tommy, Sis, Christie). He tells her that Tommy does not want an alliance until after the eviction tomorrow, then he wants to sit down as a group and make it official. Cliff says if it gets them to the final six, it would be a good deal to make for both of them. He says the deal Jack offered was not a good one. Cliff says he has been telling people he has no idea how anyone is voting. Cliff says Kat is too reactive.


Kat starts to come in, then leaves.


Cliff says Kat was a little upset that Christie pranked him with the shaving cream in his sandals earlier because she thought he knew he was staying and she was leaving. He feels bad that Kat. Cliff has a wish for a final 2 with Nicole. Cliff tells Nicole that if it happens she has to make a decision that excludes him she better pick someone she can beat. He hopes they finish this together, and there is a path



Kat has gone to the target bedroom room with Christie and Sis.


They are talking about having their lips “done.” Christie and Kat give her advice.


Cameras move to the kitchen.


Several people are moving about finishing dinner.


Jessica and Nicole are in the bathroom area.


Kat is still in the target bedroom room talking to Christie and Sis, it sounds like her campaign to them is winding up.


After Kat leaves Christie and Sis talk about Kat and her alignment with Holly. They are concerned that she did not speak up against Holly, Sis tells Christie she no longer trusts Holly, she adds, “After what happened today.”, but she does not go into detail.


They dissect Nicole vs Jessica on a game level, they want whoever is number 7 to win HOH and get Cliff out.


Christie says Jackson approached her and told her he had no intention of putting her up, she did not return that to him.


Jackson comes in to let them know dinner is done. It is shepherd's pie.


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9:22PM BBT Tommy, Holly working on 2 dishes in the oven adding cheese on top.  It's Shepherd's Pie. Cliff is washing dishes.


Kat telling Christie and Sis in the TBR about her implants.  She wanted a full C but she is actually a DDD.  They agree they don't look that big.   She thinks it's because they are fake and they distribute differently.


9:45PM BBT Eating.  Nicole may be in the DR.

10:00PM BBT Cliff comforting Kat in the CBR.

10:10PM BBT Cliff says we are just cannon fodder that happens to be up on the block. They will vote for whoever helps their game and we are the ones paying the price.  He asked her if she is the one that said Tommy talked about how easy this week has been.  Cliff said it's easy to be carefree when you are not on the block.  Cliff said he has been on the block the same times.  

Kat says he has only sat on the block twice.   [Way to forget that he was not only on the block but also EVICTED! - rms]

Cliff says he was on three times but only 2 times on eviction night.

Kat complains she just isn't done yet.  She says she hasn't been able to be HoH. She hasn't been able to take a shot.


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Cliff is in the rv bedroom with Kat. They are having a heartfelt talk, Cliff tells Kat that both of them are successful people outside the big brother house. He tells her he is happy to have had the chance to meet her and get to know her. He tells her it hurts him to see her hurting.


Kat is crying a little, but as Cliff talks to her she calms down. He says when his daughter has problems she doesn't want him to solve them, so he is a listener. He tells her that it will be difficult to see her face when he is on the block tomorrow.


Kat says it stinks, that doomsday is probably for her, not him. She tries to put into words how people are acting in the house. Kat says the whole thing is about the “Jackson thing”. She says she feels awkward, and she says she feels like she didn't do anytning.


Cliff tells her she did more than she thinks, and they talk about some of the things she has done. He brings up her veto win, and her “conspiring bitches” tag, that she went from a potential nothing in the house to someone they worry about.


Cliff tells her that the votes reflect other people's game, it is not about either of them. They are the cannon fodder and will have to pay the price. Cliff says Tommy called it an easy week in front of them, he says that hasn't been true of them. He tells her she has been on the block and no one has voted for her to go in the past.


Kat says the “thing with Jackson” messed her whole game up, Cliff says he has made mistakes too, Kat says she just has to say her own truth, and that people who watch know the truth. She feels like she is not done in the game yet.


Cliff says he felt torn when he was on the block against Nicole, but this is harder. He tells Kat that if he leaves, she should win anything she can. He says that the OTEV competition has drawn a lot of attention, that people on the outside probably think the two of them have a special bond. He says that people were sympathetic to both of them (he thinks). Cliff tells her if she goes home, it is because she was a competitor. He tells her he is proud of her for fighting the way she did, that this is a “dad” moment because he would tell his daughter (Kelly) the same thing. He was glad she outlasted Jackson.


Cliff says he is older and because of his life experience he is able to internalize his worry about leaving. He says he is trying to prepare himself for that, and sitting in the chair beside her will not be fun at all. He says they can just have fun with it.


Kat hopes for a rewind, but is not optimistic.


Cliff tells Kat not to lose hope until they put her on a plane.


Kat says she has regrets, and Cliff asks her if she tried hard on every competition, and Kat says she did. Cliff tells her that she has done everything she could.


Cliff tells her that she got to make a speech about her platform and millions of people got to see it. Cliff tells Kat that even the people in the house are affected by them being on the block. He tells her she is passionate and that's what makes her Kat.

Cliff tells her that casting personnel are probably congratulating themselves for selecting her for the show.


He tells her that when he gets home he will get a screen shot of Cliff's Angels, print it and keep it as a favorite memento.

Cliff tells her that they will be lifetime friends, and he wants to keep track of things she does in her life. Cliff tells Kat, “You are not my daughter, but you are my honorary daughter.” He encourages her about her successes in real life.


Kat says she has a good life at home, and regrets she didn't make more inroads in the game.


Cliff laughs about a week with Jack in the jury house. Kat, “that will be awkward”. Cliff laughs and says they need to be sure to let Jack know Sis has replaced him with Nick.


Kat thinks that Cliff will stay, people are not committing to her, she say that she heard Nick was voting to keep Cliff. Kat says at least she didn't win America's Field Trip. Kat says Cliff better not come to the jury house. Kat says it upsets her that the 8 and 6 felt they were better than the others in the game.


Cliff says they broke up the 8 and got Jack out the door, he is satisfied about that. He says they will be remembered in this season.





Kat and Jackson are in the rv bedroom, she is telling him about everyone is talking about a possible final three between them. She tells Jackson it isn't looking good. She tells him she is hoping that him and Holly are voting to keep her. She tells him to be careful about telling his vote.


Jackson says he is playing neutral and she should not throw in the towel, she has 24 hours left, and she should not let of the gas now.


Kat is trying to figure out who is voting out, both of them agree that the line about “with the house” is irritating.


Jackson wonders if there is a way to get Nick to change his vote.


She tells Jackson to portray her as coming after him, that she won't win. Jackson asks who she has talked to, she says everyone. Jackson says Cliff has not approached him yet, he wonders what the pitch will be. Jackson is also worried about who is on board, he is hoping that Christie and Sis are on board to keep Kat, but Nick is a lost vote.


Kat tells Jackson to tell others that she is easy to manipulate, and she won't win anything. She thinks it has to be a strategic suggestion.



In the boat bed lounge Holly and Christie are have a discussion.


Holly tells Christie that she does not have a game agreement with Jackson in the game, but she would not put him before Christie and Tommy. She has a problem with being portrayed as less than an independent woman.


Holly tells Christie that Christie should have come to her, she says that Tommy has told her that he was instrumental in flipping the vote.


Christie says she felt out of the loop on the vote flip, and was upset that Sam drug her into the speech. She mentions that she was told that someone (Holly) was …..(talking over each other)


Christie over talks Holly to tell her she did not come and talk because she was mad that they left her out of the loop. Christie tells Holly that she did tell Sam she wouldn't use the power, but he cornered her.


Holly tells her that the plan was supposed to be talked over later.


Christie admits she was listening at the door and heard Jackson tell Jack not to trust her (Christie).


Holly tells her that Jackson did that without her knowledge. Holly says she felt that her alliance ruined her HOH.

She says no one asked her if she knew Kat. She felt that her HOH was disrespected.


Camera moves to kitchen.

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11:08PM BBT Nicole talking to Jess in CBR about her and Jess both voting for Kat with "sympathy votes" to accidentally ending up keep Kat.  Nicole isn't really on board with joining into the 6 like Cliff seems to be pushing.  She says she might if they also kept Jess.  

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Nicole takes Jessica to the rv bedroom and tells her that the house guests are trying to form 6, but not include Jessica.


She tells her that both Nick and Cliff approached her and told her about this. She says this does not sit well with her, that if Kat stays it will be the same result.


Jessica thanks Nicole for telling her, she says not to let this bother her, that if she wins HOH she should take one of them out.


Nicole says that final six was broken, and now it is trying to start over again. Nicole is sixth on the totem pole in any case.


Jessica asks if Nick and Cliff started this, Nicole doesn't know. She says telling Jessica about this is probably stupid but she is not happy with it.


Nicole says if Cliff stays, that is the plan. She has no idea what the plan is if Kat stays. She thinks that by keeping Kat they may be able to work with Jackson and Holly. She says if she wins, she will go after this alliance. She wonders if they should talk to Jackson and Holly or let it ride. Nicole says they have no loyalty to her. She continues to repeat “This does not sit well with me.” She says they expect her to send home “her guys” and keep them.


Nicole says maybe they should both give a “sympathy vote” and play it off like a stupid move or “fluke”


Jessica says Kat cannot know anything about anything.


Nicole wonders if they can trust Jackson and Holly, Jessica says she does not trust Jackson “as far as I can throw him'

Nicole seems to think they can turn against the alliance quickly.


Cliff comes in to tell Jessica the oven timer is beeping. Jessica leaves and Cliff asks if she is okay. Nicole tells him she is very unhappy about being put in the position of voting one of them out. Cliff commiserates. Nicole wishes that the vote won't cause personal relationship problems later. Cliff says he has no magic words. Nicole says she will talk to the others, but is a basket case tonight so she will do it tomorrow.


Cliff says they are aware of her worries...then says it was Christie who suggested it.


Jessica comes back with her play dough masterpiece, they talk about doing a low temperature will stop cracking. Cliff tries to give advice then chuckles, he has no idea why he is giving advice about something he knows nothing about.


Cliff and Nicole discuss the offer. Cliff says this is just survival. Nicole tells him she feels bad for Jessica, Cliff says it is bad, but it is the way it has to play out. He says this will buy Jessica some time too, and she may be able to do something with it. Nicole is not crazy about the idea of talking to the others, Cliff says he will just tell them she agrees.

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11:36 Christie, Nick and Sis in WA dissecting Kat's campaigning.  Some seemed to have started falling for Kat's campaign but they look at things she said and words she claimed Cliff supposedly told someone and they don't make sense.  She said he told someone they were dragging them in a room.  Christis says that isn't a word he would have used. 

11:52PM BBT Kat is complaining to Holly and Jess in the BRL that she wants to go into the DR.  She said, "Why didn't the DR take me?  I feel really offended!" (In an almost crying/laughing voice.)  "Like, aren't we allowed to go in there just to talk?"  

Jess: What? There's too much sh*t going on out here for you to talk to people. Sorry, I know you're,...

Kat: "I just want to go to the DR. I just want to get a rag(?).  I literally feel like I have been hit by a truck and run over."  

[Why would BoB let them escape into the DR so much they have this attitude?  Wouldn't that be avoiding exactly what they are supposed to do? BE IN THE HOUSE?- rms]

11:54PM BBT Cliff talking with Sis, Christie, Nick and Nicole.  Christie agrees with Sis that they will both be saying they don't know what they are doing all day tomorrow.  She will tell them right before hand.

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4:45PM BBT: In the CBR, Christie, Kat, and Jessica are talking about previous votes. Kat is upset about the Jack vote and she just keeps saying "it didn't come down to me," over and over again. Jessica says Kat can't keep crying while she tries to campaign to everyone. Jessica says people are going to see her as an "emotional mess" and want her out. Kat cries.


4:56PM BBT: Christie hugs Kat, she says "this game sucks" and then leaves the CBR to head to the HOHR. Jessica and Kat continue to talk, Kat is still crying and talks about crying in the DR. "You can't psych yourself out," Jessica says and she continues to tell Kat that she can't be an "emotional wreck" or people will want her out of the house.


5:04PM BBT: Jessica finishes talking to Kat in the CBR, Nicole and Holly come to talk to her. Kat has the same conversation she's having with everyone with Nicole. In the HOHR, Jackson and Tommy try to get eyedrops in Nick. Jessica goes into the TBR to talk to Cliff. Cliff tells Jessica that as long as he's in the house he's a target for Jackson, which means they wouldn't be going for her. Cliff says unless they win HOHs, they'll be picked off soon. Cliff says he doesn't know where the votes are falling this week. He plans to talk to Holly soon.


5:14PM BBT: Cliff finishes his speech to Jessica, "that's it." "That's it?" Jessica asks and Cliff says if it's his time to go, it's his time. He says he loves Kat and he doesn't want her to be up there. He says he'll try his best. Jessica says it's a "crappy situation," and Cliff agrees. Jessica starts to cry. "I'm so sorry," she tells Cliff. She doesn't want to choose between Kat and Cliff.


5:16PM BBT: Cliff assures Jessica that it's all going to be ok, and he won't hold it against her who she votes for. In the CBR, Nicole is starting to get emotional when Kat gets emotional. Jessica is also crying in the TBR again, she says at a game level she's put in a position where if she votes the wrong way she could lose relationships with people. Jessica says she feels like a hypocrite if she votes for someone to leave and they stay and she then tries to work with them. 

5:58PM BBT: The conversations in the TBR and the CBR end, Cliff joins Holly, Jackson, and Nick in the BRL. Kat leaves Nicole in the CBR and walks around the house. She joins Christie in the KT. The group in the BRL talk about the last few comps and what could've happened. "At the end of the day, I know you all are tight with Kat," he says, "I don't take anything personal." He says just because he's understanding, it doesn't mean he's ready to go home. Kat walks into the BRL.


6:11PM BBT: Kat is whispering with Holly in the CBR about the votes while Nick and Jackson talk in the SR. Jackson and Nick both agree that Kat worries them. They both agree they want to compete with people who are good players. Nick and Jackson talk about the big argument between the six-shooters. 


6:28PM BBT: The HGs are in the KT joking around. Holly and Kat are still in the CBR whispering. Kat tells Holly that "Nick loves her" and Kat says that she's been trying to "flirt with him" this week so he'll keep her. Kat says she won't feel comfortable until she knows everyone is voting Cliff out. Kat says Jessica told her not to expect Nicole to vote for her to stay. Holly promises to talk to Tommy, because Tommy and Christie have "a lot of say" in what Analyse does. 


6:45PM BBT: The HGs are in the KT playing with their homemade playdough. The conversation is suggestive, as is their playdough molds.


7:12PM BBT: The HGs finish playing with their playdough. Tommy, Nick, Kat, and Nicole are in the CBR chatting. Nick hurt himself when he jumped on the bed and Tommy tells him to "stop being dramatic." Cliff walks into the HOHR to talk to Analyse. He says he's been wanting to find a "strong group" to land in. Analyse says she doesn't want everyone to know about Cliff joining them. 


7:28PM BBT: Cliff tells Analyse that once he makes his "commitments" he stays with them. Analyse says "they're so close" and they just need three more to leave. Cliff says he's fine with coming in sixth, he says he'll be pretty happy with the remaining HGs. Analyse says she's excited. 


7:45PM BBT: Jessica and Nicole read the Bible in the BRL. Kat and Nick cuddle in the CBR. Nick whispers to Kat that he'll tell her everything he knows tonight. He tells her not to be sad right now.




8:12PM BBT: Kat campaigns to Analyse. Analyse tells Kat that they "get along so well." Analyse says that she is scared because she doesn't talk game with Kat and Analyse tells her she doesn't want Kat to put her up. Kat promises she wouldn't put Analyse up. Cliff talks to Christie in the BRL while Nick whispers with Nicole in the WA. Nick tells Nicole that he was "real" with Kat. He tells Nicole Kat's campaign to him was "f***ing fantastic," but he trusts Cliff "a lot."

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