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Big Brother Season 21-Episode 21

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Previously, on Big Brother, the Six Shooters self-destructed, leaving Jack, Tommy, Christie, and Sis on one side and Holly and Michie on the other. At an intergalactic veto competition, Tommy got punished, and Jess got power ensuring one of the Jack’s would be jury bound.


Tommy tried to play mediator to the former Six Shooters but Michie wasn’t interested in reuniting the band. Desperate for votes, Jack offered Cliff a deal, but in the end the house said Hit the Road Jack! With the HOH back up for grabs, the broadway dancer paddled to power. Tonight, a new twist will turn Tommy’s HOH week upside down. Which three HG did America choose to send to a special competition where one earns safety and one becomes America’s nominee. Plus, who will Tommy nominate for the chopping block? Find out now on Big Brother!


We pick up on day 51 and Tommy can’t believe he’s HOH. This is insane! His goal is to set themselves up for the next couple of weeks and if he has any say he is going to try and keep the six together and bring them back stronger than ever. Michie says so Jack is gone, but with Tommy in power and him making it clear he doesn’t want to work with them, he could be a target still.


Jess says this was a great HOH! Jack is gone and she’s pretty sure the six split up. Hopefully they don’t get back together. We then see Sis and Christie celebrating and Christie says Tommy winning is just as great as her winning, she just wanted the Universe to reward loyalty!


Cliff is talking to Nicole and Jess and he’s thinking he and Michie will go up and he’s hoping he can count on the girls. Kat joins and she says that would be best case scenario, well worst best. Kat says Tommy winning HOH was her worst case scenario considering he tried to get the house to flip on her. This sucks.


Michie and Holly are talking and Michie wonders where Sis will sleep. Holly wonders who Tommy will nominate. Michie says there’s a strong chance he won’t go up because he could win veto. Holly says she’s been trying to mend fences and Michie says he to, but not with Christie. Holly hopes Tommy realizes that sticking with Christie is…Michie says death.


Michie goes to talk to Tommy in the lounge and congratulates him. Michie says he’s on no man’s island and all he has is his word. Michie tells Tommy needs to play his best game and what’s best for him. Tommy says he’s pretty sure his target will not be someone from Six Shooters and he thinks they need each other. Tommy says Six Shooters may be down, but they are not out. Michie says he’s not all on board with getting the six back together, it’s the last thing he wants to do. But if bTommy’s in power then he will have to say that’s what he wants to do.


Christie definitely wants to grab ahold of Tommy for a couple of minutes before the gaming begins. She doesn’t need to spend too much time with Tommy because she knows she’s safe this week. She asks Tommy who he’s thinking of nominating him. Tommy wants Kat and Cliff. Christie agrees. Tommy says he doesn’t want the Six Shooters to be buddy-buddy this week. He wants them to still appear to fight, but weaken the other side.


Tommy says he wants to make sure Kat goes home. Christie says as long as Kat goes home because she’s close with Holly. Tommy says Kat is a comp beast and one of the smartest people in this game and she needs to go. Tommy suggests he may take Cliff down and put up Nicole to ensure Kat goes home.


Cliff goes to talk to Tommy and Tommy says his goal is to set himself up for the future and Cliff says he doesn’t have a group and he’d be willing to make some promises. Tommy says he may need Cliff to go up as a pawn, but he promises he’s not his target. Tommy wants to make sure Cliff knows he’s a pawn and maybe build a relationship with him going forward.


Kat asks Michie if he thinks she’s screwed? Michie says it’s a game. Kat says she knows Tommy wants to get the six back together and Michie says keep pushing ahead. Kat gets emotional and Michie comforts her. He says it’s ok. Kat says she’s frustrated, they just had a good week and now she feels like she’s at the bottom again. Kat can’t believe the person she hates the most in the house is also the person she trusts the most.


Tommy is in the HOH room and Kat joins and she gives him a hug and says she’s proud of him. Kat tells us she’s pretty sure she’s going on the block because Tommy just last week tried to get the house to flip on her. Kat says she feels screwed. Kat says do I want to go after Tommy if I were HOH, but she’ll lie through her teeth.


Kat says she wouldn’t hurt Tommy’s game and she thinks she can enhance it. Kat wants to know if there’s anything she can do to avoid going on the block and Tommy says he’s not telling anyone anything. Kat says there are murmuring that the six are getting back together and Tommy says that isn’t happening. Tommy tells us that is happening. Kat says Tommy is a terrible liar and he’s lied so many times to her face and she knows he’s lying. Tommy says sorry Kat, we know you’re playing both sides of the house and you are a threat.


Hey campers! It’s time for America’s Field Trip? Everyone runs downstairs except Christie who is in a towel. She finally makes it downstairs. They think it’s a luxury comp. HG, for the past eight days, America has been voting to send 3 HG on a field trip. Those three HG will take part in a competition that will drastically impact their game. The winner will be safe for the week, the second place finisher will win a punishment, and the third place finisher will be a third nominee.


Michie is up first and he’s excited! Sis says what?!? OMG! Christie is the third HG. Everyone is saying woah! Sis says she loves America, but she’s going to throw up. Tommy tells them to get in their gear and get ready to go on the field trip. Michie says he loves to gamble and he’s going to do what he can to make the most of it and he knows it’s probably not because he’s a favorite. Christie says she’s not thrilled she was picked. She wouldn’t pick people she loved, she’d vote people she didn’t like.


Michie says this will be either really good or really bad to Holly. Michie says he just doesn’t’ want to be the third nominee. Holly says we need Christie as the third nominee. Michie says this could be great for his game. Michie says he could get safety, Christie on the block and evicted with no blood on his hands. Michie says thank you America!


Sis goes to talk to Tommy and wants to know what he’s thinking and he says let’s see how this week goes. Sis thinks if Christie is the third nominee, she thinks they should keep her. Sis says do you want me to go up? She could throw it so they can keep Christie because she doesn’t think they should let Christie go yet. Tommy says he’s telling her not to, but he thinks it’s the best case scenario for everyone.


Christie joins Tommy and Sis and she says if she’s on the block, Michie and Holly will vote her out. Christie says she HAS to win this competition because no way she could sit on the block on her best friend’s Tommy HOH. She has to win this! Sis says she could throw it and go on the block. She’s not a big target. Christie is freaking out. Tommy says if Christie is on the block, people will probably take a shot and she says I know. Tommy says it’s their call because he doesn’t know what to do.


There are three chicken coops in the backyard. Welcome to Cluck Cluck island. Grab and egg on the outside of the chicken coup and maneuver to the other side and get it through the hole and roll it down the ramp and knock down a letter. The first HG to knock down all the letters will be safe for the week. The person in second will get a punishment and one will be a third nominee.


Christie says she seriously needs safety this week. No way she wants to sit on the block. Sis is planning on throwing the comp because she knows she’d have the votes to stay if she were on the block. Michie wants to win. Not only for safety but also to get Christie on the block. If he can pull out a win, then he’ll be proud. Michie takes his first shot and misses. Sis is struggling and Michie misses a second time. The chicken drops as Sis is going across the top and smashes her egg.


Christie’s anxiety is at an all time high knowing that chicken at the top is waiting to come down and smash her egg. Michie says the hard part is it’s an egg so it doesn’t roll straight. He says it’s hard! Sis is frustrated. The HG are inside watching and Holly says this is torturous watching. Michie says this is what we get for thinking it was a luxury comp. Sis thought they were really going somewhere. Christie and Michie realize they are ALFP. America’s least favorite players. Sis refuses to believe she’s hated because she hardly talks.


Michie gets his first letter knocked down. Sis gets the egg on the letter, but it doesn’t fall over. Sis says she’s throwing this comp, but it sucks that Christie isn’t doing so hot either. Michie has knocked down the second letter. Sis gets her first letter. Michie has his third letter and Christie says he’s killing it. Christie is trying again and the egg rolls short. Michie says he realized if he shakes the eggs it rolls straight forward a lot easier. He gets his fourth letter and Michie has won safety for the week!


Michie says he couldn’t be happier and in case he couldn’t make it clear enough, he’d love to see Christie as a third nominee. Christie misses again and Michie says it’s luck and Christie says it’s not luck, it’s skill and she lacks it. Sis says Christie is doing kind of…not kind of she’s doing really bad. Sis says if she wanted to throw this comp, then she should sit down and do nothing, but that’s not an option. Sis says she tried, but now she has to gun for this.


Christie is on another attempt and Tommy says he’s so anxious…come on Christie. Christie rolls an egg and it lands between two letters and finally one falls. Michie asks Sis how many she has and he mouths shake the egg. Michie says he’s 1000% trying to help Sis beat Christie, he wants her on the block. Christie is frustrated and Michie is smiling. Sis says she has three letters down, only one more to go. Let’s do this!


Christie is rolling her egg slowly and Tommy and Nick are cheering her on from inside and she misses. Sis then rolls an egg and it lands behind her last letter but it doesn’t quite fall. As Sis begins her net egg, the letter finally falls and Sis has won a punishment! Christie will be the third nominee! Michie doesn’t know if this is what America wanted, but thank you! Christie is crying and she’s sick to her stomach and she doesn’t know why she’s upset. She’s starting to feel like America hates her!


Michie, Sis, and Christie head back inside and Tommy tells them great job! Tommy says it’s not because America hates you guys and Michie says oh it is. Christie says this is worst case scenario. It’s Tommy’s HOH and it should have been a breeze. Kat says Christie being the third nominee is the best case scenario. Kat says it’s almost like she manifested this entire thing.


Sis refuses to think America hates her. Tommy says America does not hate you. Michie says if it was people America liked, Cliff would have been in there. It’s not because America likes us. Michie and Holly celebrate in the SR. MIchie says let’s see…guaranteed safety and Christie goes on the block! Thank you! Michie says the tables have turned!


Cliff tells Nicole it’s the perfect set-up. As long as Christie stays on the block, there’s a chance to get the votes to get her out. Cliff says this is a perfect opportunity for the house to take a shot at Christie. Cliff says we’ll have to see what happens.


Sis and Tommy head to the HOH and Sis says she’s so sorry. She says she literally tried and she realized Christie wasn’t knocking anything down and she knew everyone was watching. Nick says that was heartbreaking. Christie wants to get her stuff and she tells them she’s sorry. She’s really upset!! She’s so scared, she’s upset. Nick says it’s not fair. Christie thought she was ok and it just sucks. She knows she deserves sit because she lost. Nick says it’s not happening. He’ll win the veto and take her off. Nick says he 100% would save Christie and he wants to work with Christie, Tommy, and Sis because they are better competitors than the other side.


Sis and Tommy are alone. Tommy says this is really bad. Christie is his girl and the fact she could go home on his HOH is outrageous! Tommy says this changes things. Christie is talking to Tommy and Sis and Sis is called to the DR. Sis says because she came in second place she has to be chicken for an entire week! Hopefully she’ll look like a hot chicken! Nicole has a tremendous fear of birds and she says it’s freaking her out. Sis goes to give Nicole a hug and Nicole says she doesn’t like it. The tail is freaking her out.


Kat goes up to the HOH and Kat says Christie being on the block is not good for Tommy and she knows he will want to do what he can to keep Christie safe. Kat says she loves Christie more than a lot of other people and she would not vote her out because she loves having her here. Kat says would I vote to save Christie? Maybe…maybe not. She’s just telling Tommy what he wants to hear to keep her safe. Tommy says this week is about making relationships he can move forward with. Tommy says he was going to use his HOH to go after a huge threat. Now that Christie is on the block, does he change his plan to make sure Christie is here at the end of the week?


It’s time for the nomination ceremony! Michie has safety for the week and cannot be nominated and Christie is an automatic third nominee. Tommy’s first nominee is…Cliff. Tommy’s second nominee is…Kat. Tommy says he’s sorry. He loves them both but he fears the players who have good working relationships with everyone in the house. He says go win veto and make his job even harder.


Cliff says he may be sitting on the block, but Christie is next to him and he needs to make sure he wins veto to make sure she’s still there eviction night. Kat says it’s hard to go from feeling like you can win…she’s sorry she’s crying. She’s a mess. Christie thought Tommy’s HOH would be a breeze and America voted her for the field trip and she thought she was tough, but she’s not and she’s crying. Michie is hoping to get Christie out the door on Tommy’s HOH. This is perfect!

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