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Tuesday, August 13, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB21-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Target Bedroom (TBR)
Camper Bedroom (CBR)
Boat Room Lounge (BRL)
Tree House Balcony (THB)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)

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Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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12:30AM BBT: The HGs are still playing the drinking game upstairs while Jackson walks around the SR and TBR.


12:33AM BBT: The game seems to have ended. Holly is in the hammock with Jackson, she tells him about the game and what all was said. "What is wrong with people?!" Holly says about the game. She says she's being negative. Holly talks about not wanting to be part of what's happening upstairs and how she doesn't want to talk about that stuff. 


1:00AM BBT: Holly and Jackson are still cuddled up on the hammock, Kat is in the CBR singing to herself. Jessica and Christie join her and they all laugh and giggle. Analyse, Tommy, and Nick are in bed in the HOHR. The lights are out. They talk about the next few HGs evicted and want Kat, Jackson, and Holly to join Jack. They think there will be a battle back. 


1:30AM BBT: Nick, Tommy, and Analyse are talking about jury and wondering if they'll have a bitter jury or not. Christie, Jessica, and Kat are still talking and laughing in the CBR. They talk about the feeds.


1:45AM BBT: Jessica, Christie, and Kat talk about their types. The three in the HOHR are asleep.


2:09AM BBT: The lights are out in the house, but most everyone is whispering and talking. BB wakes up Analyse and tells her to make eggs Florentine. Analyse is not happy as she gets up to do it. Cliff, Jackson, and Holly are up to watch her make it.


2:26AM BBT: Analyse says the worst part of the punishment is having to wake up and make "f***ing eggs." Holly and Cliff tell her the eggs are good. Analyse says she's not making eggs outside the house for a long time. She cleans up and goes back to bed. 


2:36AM BBT: BB wakes Analyse up again to make scrambled eggs. Holly and Jackson get up to watch her make eggs again. "Do your thing, sis," Jackson tells her. "At least it's just scrambled," Holly says. "Funny we should meet so soon!" Cliff says and they all laugh. 


2:47AM BBT: Analyse is getting really upset about the punishment as she cleans up her mess, she argues with Tommy in the KT about how badly she feels about him having to wake up every time she gets asked to make eggs. Jackson and Holly are back in bed.


2:51AM BBT: Everyone is in bed and the lights are off in the BB House.


3:06AM BBT: BB wakes Analyse up again to make an egg white omelet. Jackson gets up so he can eat it. He runs into something as he gets up and yells "ow, f**K!" BB tells Analyse to put her microphone on. 


3:10AM BBT: Holly and Cliff join Jackson and Analyse in the KT while Analyse cooks. 


3:20AM BBT: Analyse cleans up her mess and goes back to bed. Everyone else is in bed too.


8:48AM BBT: All of the HGs are still sleeping.

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10:54AM BBT Anallice and Cliff in the BY lounge talking about how fast 8 weeks went by and how there's so few people left that there are lots of empty rooms and almost no one goes in the boat room anymore.  Beth's in the hammock. Snackson's working out.


10:57AM BBT Jess and Tommy join Cliff and Anallice.  Jess has a bagel and egg sandwich.


10:58AM BBT Jess kills an ant and says she's an ant-killer who will be on the bad-side of PETA, but they make her feel itchy. Cliff starts talking about fire ants and how much they hurt and how aggressive they are.


11:00AM BBT After picking at his food, Tommy realizes he's not hungry and says he has no appetite. He asks if Anallice wants his food, she takes the plate and eats a little with her coffee.


11:01AM BBT Group discussing about how inappropriate last night was when they were drinking playing never have I ever. They talk about Nicole. Apparently she was a little risque and one of her phrases was "never have I ever...butt stuff".  They aren't sure it aired on POPTV but laugh about how funny the way she said it was.

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11:04AM BBT Jess, Tommy, Analyse and Cliff talking about the shirts Jess whats to make when she gets out. Including one that says "cut the feeds".


11:16AM BBT General chatting in the house about eggs. Analyse telling Nick and Christie that Kat was sleep talkng about not giving Analyse the third vote and sayng chickadee. They are all laughing.


11:35AM BBT HG talking about TV shows and different celebrities.


11:43PM BBT BB calls Analyse to do her chicken punishment and prepare sunny side up eggs. CLiff and Nicole comes in a support her and encourage that hopefully she is almost done.

11:55PM BBT Analyse goes to the HOH room. SHe throws the pillows off of the bed and lint rolls the feathers off of the sheets.


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I've been receiving complaints about the nicknames and bias editorial remarks.  Please do not use names that are not used on the show, such as Jackson=Michie, but not Christie & Crusty.  And although we've always allowed a little bit of opinion in [brackets], there has been so much that I need to remove before posting to the update page, it's wasting my time.  Just try to tone it down.


Other than that, you're all doing very well, carry on.




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2:40 PM BBT

Nick, Holly and Tommy are making banana bread


Michie is cleaning out the fridge, frustrated that there are lots of leftovers on plates and platters but not in tupperware.

Christie tells Analyse in the boat room that Jack was not a fan; he only watched one season...he binge watched the season Christmas was on because she is a crossfitter. Analyse looks at her shocked saying, "did he really say that?....he told me he had been watching for awhile"

Christie- he told everybody that

Sis- he never said that to me  (she laughs)


Nicole and Jess are cleaning the bathroom. Nicole is tackling the shower and Jess is scrubbing the toilet.

Jess-I'm surprised this toilet isn't more black than it is....does anyone clean this toilet bowl?

Nicole- not that I know of

Nicole says the shower smells like mildew. Jess says she can't smell the mildew at all. Nicole specifies that it's the drain that smells, and she sprays a lot of cleaner in the drain to let it sit.


3:00 PM BBT

Christie walks in the bathroom and tells Jess and Nicole that she really appreciates them cleaning it.

Jess- well, I was telling Nicole that if I were to get sick and have to hug that toilet

They all agree it was grimy and needed a good scrubbing. They also comment that Jack was the last one to clean it.

Nicole comments that the tile cleaner isn't doing the job she wants.

Jess- I would have just thrown bleach on it

Nick walks in and says "Wow y'all are doing amazing. I'm Supermaj (super-major)  thankful"

Nicole- Ew! Look at that. It's from just the door

Jess- Just the door???

Nicole- yeah. It takes me a long time but I'm super thorough. [Nicole really is doing a very thorough job cleaning the shower]

Nicole tells them that she is a shower person because she doesn't want to sit in a bath, it would be like sitting in Nicole Stew.

Christie says she soaks in a bath after she is clean from a shower but doesn't take a bath to get clean.

"I don't want to be fermenting in the water"

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3:10 PM

Christie, Jess, and Nicole are talking about Caleb, Cody and Amber from BB16.  Jess says Caleb was intense. They talk about how infatuated Caleb was with Amber. Christie and Jess say they think something must have happened that encouraged Caleb but when the live feeds came on, Amber put a stop to it. They think Amber like Cody. Michie yells from the kitchen that he was compared to Cody during the casting. [I think he meant by personality not appearance)

Christie and Jess begin discussing that. 

Jess- I don't see Cody....more like Mark, but not Cody

Christie- yes, like Mark (from season 19)

Nicole has finished cleaning the shower stall and is now working on the curtain "ew, it's moldy"

Nicole wishes she had put it in the washing machine. Jess suggests she use laundry detergent and hand wash it.

3:16 PM BBT Cliff and Analyse are talking in the RV room. 

Cliff- I talked with TOmmy and I talked with Christie but I wanted to talk with you...I appreciate so much that you are playing your own game. Let you know 

Sis- I would love to make everything official

Cliff- that's fine. WHen y'all are ready just tell me. I'm looking forward to it.

Sis- I w have some concerns that I want to voice with you but I can save that for tomorrow

Cliff- well, once I'm in, I go all in

Sis- well, it's not questions like that, it's...would you want to gun for HoHs

Cliff- yes, I said that before. I prefer that it's not just a promise of safety but that we are working together. I would gun full speed for it and I would want to make sure that the way I am nominating is matching y'all...the that we all want to do it. I would rather it be I got your back and y'all got mine

Sis- for sure

Cliff- I'm excited

Sis- I am too. I definitely want to talk more about it tomorrow, but I'm totally on board

Cliff leaves saying they don't want Nick to see them talking

Tommy enters the RV room and Sis tells him about her conversation with Cliff.

Tommy- I told him I am in to making deals next week, but I can't vote this week, so I'm not the one to make deals with this week.

Tommy and SIs head up to the HoH Room. Kat is in the bathroom. She tells TOmmy that she cleaned his bathroom. He gives her a hug and thanks her.

Kat- after hearing about "Scottish showers" I wanted to be productive

Tommy- and you cleaned my bathtub....it was disgusting

Kat- it had slime in it

Tommy- and you emptied my trash too

Kat- someone else did that

Tommy- and made my bed

Sis yells from the shower that she made the bed

Tommy- Thanks


Kat tries to wipe down the mirror in the HoH bathroom and gets four "Stop That" warnings from BB.

Kat- I'm sorry! I'm trying to clean the mirror.

Sis suggests she use Windex

Kat- we don't have any

Tommy and Holly check on their banana bread. Holly says it is too jiggly in the middle so they leave it in the oven.

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4:18 PM BBT

The cleaning continues as Jess uses lint rollers to clean the kitchen rug and Kat dusts the RV bedroom. She already dusted the upstairs rooms. Conversation in the RV bedroom between Nicole, Kat, and Analyse is centering around a possible double eviction this week and Analyse's punishment

Kat- I think America fell in love with you this week; because you're so "clucking cute" [BB called Sis clucking cute earlier]

Analyse- I hope so....well, they are definitely going to see me angry......what if you found out the person you were closest with was really fucking you over

Kat- I know...things I think about every day

Analyse- I'm scared to watch it. I'm definitely watching it alone.


4:24 PM BBT

Christie is adding icing to the banana bread. 

Tommy- Wow! It looks beautiful

Christie- you all did a great job

Tommy- It was all of us. It was a group effort. We are not going to eat it until after Taco Tuesday.


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5:00 PM BBT

Kat and Tommy head up to the HoH Room to chat. Michie is still there listening to music. He raves about the album for a bit then realizes  that Kat and TOmmy came up to talk so he leaves. Kat tells Tommy she plans to make her campaign cookies tomorrow and begin her campaign. Tommy questions her about her vote for Jackson Michie when she had clearly identified him as her target earlier [this is the reason Tommy has lost trust in Kat, as he has shared this concern with Nick, Christie, Cliff, Jess, and Nicole]

Tommy- I love that you are coming and checking in but I have no news to report

Kat- yeah

Tommy- there is nothing to talk about yet. And I think that you and Cliff are so loved and people are just putting it off.

Kat- yeah

Tommy- the only conversations I have had is with Jess just talking about the week in general. It's not like "this is what I'm leaning towards" I haven't heard that from anybody. I think people haven't made up their minds yet and don't want to until Wednesday.

Kat- Fuck



Tommy reminds Kat that she has never had a vote against her

Kat- I know but people love Cliff too. I will say he is a much more fierce competitor than me

Tommy- I think there are pros and cons to both of you honestly. You are more well rounded and he is more mental and physical, but mostly mental

Kat- thank you...I hope so

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6:30 PM BBT     RV Bedroom (Cliff, Kat, Holly, Jess, Jackson, Christie, Analyse, Tommy)

Cliff joins the RV Bedroom group. Discussion includes Niagara Falls,  where Analyse learns that it is in both the US and Canada "I never knew that";  short-sheeting the beds (Cliff pranked Kat by short-sheeting her bed); Tommy touring the US for Beauty and the Beast and how the original cast is what everyone wants because then they hire younger and younger cast members and lose experience. Talk turns to Zingbot

Cliff- there may be a special Zingbot Jackson episode  (with Zingbot voice) "I'm not done here, Jackson"

Jackson- they have so much shit on me

Holly- so much content

Christie- between your eating habits, your drinking, habits, your spilling habits, your organization...

Kat- hold, on...I've got some more Jackson

Jackson- Oh I embrace it. I make fun of myself....that slop week alone

Cliff- Holly, your Zingbot would be nothing because you had to hang around Michie   (with Zingbot voice) "Holly.....SORRY"

Michie- they'll be like, we're not even going to zing you Holly, you've suffered enough


6:45 PM BBT  Tommy and Analyse head up to the HoH for a one-on-one

Analyse tells Tommy that she can't work with Michie and Holly because they are bad for her game.

Analyse- they want to target Nick and I know Nick has my back

Tommy- yeah, absolutely....that's why I am scared to make this 6 deal



Tommy- we can't win HoH; but we can't let this get out to Michie and Holly

Analyse- they don't play with their emotions; they will vote on how well someone played the game

Tommy- I know...I'm just scared to make this 6 deal prematurely;  like, what I want to say to Cliff is look Cliff, Kat gave me a really good deal...it's simple I just won't put you, Sis or Christie up 

Analyse- but she expects you not to go after her either

Tommy- yes...and I will tell him that to make a deal to be a good deal...like, to make a deal. ....I feel it is premature.  in the situation I'm in. Like, I'm a man of my word because I said I wouldn't make an alliance...I have to work on individual relationships this week....next week should be when I make this deal. I want to say to him, I hope that me making sure Kat leaves this week is enough for you to know this is the direction I want to go but I can't do it this week...I have a few loopholes and I'm a man of my word. I can't break my word. 

Holly joins them in the HoH Room and the conversation continues..

Tommy- to be honest, as a boy I'm scared to be in a house where there is 3 boys left and 6 girls left

Holly- I feel like it would work the opposite way; I don't want it to be all girls

Tommy- it's so funny that in this game a positive can look like a negative and vice versa. Kat is a more well rounded player. Mentally, no one has anything on Cliff.

Holly agrees, but Sis has gone silent.

Tommy- this week I can't solidify anything

Tommy- we had a group of insiders and a group of outsiders and I don't want that

Holly- you're in a good spot

Tommy- I really think that we're in a good spot.

Holly- It's a weird delicate balance of..

Tommy- for sure. I'm just grateful that both have said they won't come after me. I'm not sure if it's true or not, but...

Christie joins the group

Tommy- Cliff is a deals man....even Kat brought that up to me. I said to her you've been on the block twice and have not had one vote against you...everyone loves you. But, I feel she could be more dangerous because we don't know where her head is at. She is more well- rounded and he is injured...gets more and more injured as we move along.

Tommy tells Christie that he was explaining to Holly that she and Jackson don't have to be so secluded

Christie- it would be weird if we didn't hang out at all

Holly says that she got scared to talk with people after being accused of conspiring when she was HoH




[I'm out for the night  -MamaLong]

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8:25pm BBT


all cameras are focused on the kitchen.


Cleanup in the kitchen from Taco Tuesday while some house guests continue to eat and talk.


Not much talking, anything said is just general talk.


Christie and Sis are talking about Holly's indecision about Kat. Christie wonders how she can be so reluctant to vote Kat out, since Kat has targeted Jackson. Sis agrees, but Christie says if they vote for Kat to stay it will make the target on them even bigger.


Christie says she will not pretend to be in an alliance with Holly and Jackson because she will not work with them next week. If Christie has a chance she says she will put them out.


Sis worries that Christie being absent from “here” (a meeting?) will cause problems for Christie.


Christie says she will not make a fake alliance with Cliff, she is not okay with any of this. She says she is not calling Nick out, she plans to let him do whatever he wants. She plans to work with Sis and Tommy. She says she wants to play a straight forward game, she says she knows they (Holly and Jackson) will target her. Christie thinks they are gravitating back because they are worried about Kat leaving this week.


Sis says Tommy was anxious about a deal with Cliff, but she says she encouraged him to work with Cliff and Nicole as opposed to working with Holly and Jackson.


Christie says a deal this week with Cliff this week, that if no deal is made, Cliff can target Tommy. Christie says she does not trust Holly, that she is working with Kat and not being truthful about it.


Sis agrees that her trust in Holly is not without concern.


Christie insists she will not work with Holly, she says she trusts Jess more than Holly, and if Holly were on the block with Jess, she (Christie) would vote out Holly. When Sis reacts, she backs up a little, easing up on it a little.


Jackson comes into the room, says he is going to listen to music, and he flops onto the bed and grabs the headphones. While Jackson listens we get FISH intermittently since the audio from the headphone music is loud enough to be picked up by the microphones.


Talk moves to music...




Kat and Nicole are talking in the rv bedroom


They are talking about not trusting “them”, Kat says she doesn't feel safe.


They see the camera on and wave to the feeders.


Kat plays like she is sleeping, she snores really loud.




Both girls are giggling, they wonder if Bob thinks it was real.


Kat decides to tryi it again, but her snore is so awful she giggles.


They decide to test Bob's love for them.


Nicole: 'Big Brother do you love us?”

Bob: silence

Kat: 'Big Brother do you think we are funny?'

Bob: silence


Kat tries snoring again, but giggles.


Cliff comes into the room, and the girls are telling him what they have done.


He waves at the camera, Nicole pops up in front of him


The girls decide to dance and all of them laugh because the camera moves to Cliff laying on the bed. They tell the camera man they are doing great tv. They ask the camera man if he likes Cliff more and the camera moves back to Cliff.


Tommy comes into the room and the girls repeat their dance and tell Tommy about getting a 'zingggggg' from Bob while they were dancing. They are giggling while they tell the story.


Nicole, “Big Brother, do you think we are really funny?'

Bob: “yes”


The girls are excited about the answer. And continue to giggle and wiggle.


Nicole tells the camera man to pick his showmance. Cliff tells them there is no one behind the camera, so they decide to break the rules to get attention.



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9 pm BBT


Sis comes into the rv room and hears an edited version of the fun. Kat says they are sweaty because they were dancing.


Bob: “That's what she said.”


Kat” Production, do you think we are funny?”


Bob: silence


Sis is telling Nick she is upset because he has not been hanging out with her today. He denies. Kat says that is why you hung out with me today.


Nick crawls into the bed with Kat, says he wants to make Sis jealous.


Tommy crashes onto the bed with Nicole and Sis, then bounces onto the bed with Nick. They cover up with a blanket and bounce under it. Tommy pops out “Wow! That was amazing.”


The whole room laughs, then Sis starts to whine about her chicken costume, then she whines about Tommy making desserts that she eats so she gains wait. She whines because she can't work out. She whines about Jack being gone.


Conversation goes south so off we go....




Christie and Jessica are in the boat bed lounge talking about Jack leaving. Jessica says she wanted Jack out for his personal game, but Jackson was not a “regular pawn”, she has no alliance to him.


Christie wants to know why Jackson and Holly are pushing people to keep Kat, she say they have not discussed votes. Christie says they want Kat to stay, but she is having trouble with why that is the case.


Jessica says she feels that people want to keep Cliff. She thinks it is because Cliff is hurt, she adds that she has a decent relationship with him


Christie says neither person is not dangerous to her, but she doesn't think Kat will put her up. Christie says Kat doesn't want to win HOH.


Jessica tells her that Kat being connected to Jackson may not be the case.


Tommy comes into the room, talk continues


Christie says maybe people are waiting for someone to say, that right now no one knows what they will do.


Tommy says he is going back and forth too.


Jessica says when Jackson asked her, she deflected.


Christie says she is observing....gives a detailed description. She says she is making her decision based on sketchy behavior. She says that if Kat wins and HOH she (Christie) would feel safe. She isn't sure what Cliff is thinking.


Jessica says she is aware that some people are working with people who may be targeting other people. [she uses the word, 'you', but it is in general terms]


Holly comes into the room, Tommy tells the girls someone needs to decide something.


Talk changes to housekeeping and over eating earlier, Sis's falling feathers, et.al.


In the rv bedroom Kat and Nick are talking about how they have played the game and how things would have been different under different HOH wins.


Nick describes the Gr8ful, and tells them that this would be the week for Kat to leave. Kat asks him not to vote her out. He tells her they messed up the numbers, but nevertheless Kat would have been evicted this week. Then he says there was no order and she would have been here. Kat is listening intently.


Nick is telling the entire scenario of events that could have occurred if the 8 would have consistently won HOH. Kat mentions the twists in the game, and it seems unlikely that such a big plan was sensible. Nick says that he made an alliance with Jack on day one. He tells them that Jack had a large number of alliances in the house. He tells Kat she wasn't included because she didn't give him a good vibe. [that seemed to be hard for Kat to hear, but she handles it well]. Nick continues to tell the secrets of the Gr8ful—in detail.


He covers the demise of Gr8ful, telling Kat that Christie strong armed Cliff and that resulted in Bella being sent out. He tells Kat that if things were different Tommy and Sis would have gone up.


Kat wonders if that is why Cliff is up now, but Nick says he doesn't believe that is why.

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Christie and Sis are in the HOH room, Christie is talking about not fully trusting Nick, she says that Jessica was talking to her about working with Jackson and Holly. She says Tommy came into the room and talk stopped.


He tells them that Jackson and Holly are coming to the HOH room.


Christie says she does not want to work with them. She says Jessica was questioning rumors about the five people who are working together, and that she (Christie) denied it. Christie also says Jessica asked if it is possible that there is something Christie doesn't know. Christie says she denied that also, and that Jessica seemed to wonder why Holly and Jackson are not on the block--(this was inferred, not said in the conversation earlier)


Sis says she doesn't want to make anything official with Jackson and Holly, but she is willing to “be good with them”


Christie says she does not want to go for this group of five because it could cause her problems. She says Jackson and Holly are only trying to get in their good graces because they have nowhere to go.


Tommy leaves the room and Sis wonders why he is so worried. Christie says she doesn't know. She questions why Tommy is asking if she is gunning for HOH. Christie says she feels good with Cliff and Nicole.


Sis says she is okay with Holly right now, but later that would changing. She mentions not voting Kat out because Holly and Jackson will be upset.


Christie says Kat is too dangerous, and she needs to be voted out, Sis agrees she won't change her vote.


Sis says it is better not to win HOH, they should just throw it after Jackson and Holly are out.


Christie says Tommy is in a good place right now, and it concerns her that he knows something she does not know because he seems worried. She wonders if he is close to Holly. She says she is not working with someone just because Tommy does, at the end of the day Jackson and Holly will go after her, not him.


Sis mentions that Tommy used the words, “loopholes' and asks Christie not to tell.


Jessica comes in to use the loo, the one downstairs is occupied. Jessica says the tacos are disagreeing with her.



Cliff are alone in the rv bedroom talking about what will happen when one of them leaves on Thursday. Kat says if she goes she hopes he wins, she doesn't want any of the 8 to win. Cliff tells Kat if he goes she should stick with Nicole and Jessica.


They talk about the people in the house and their attitudes about the “outsiders”. Cliff says regardless of the outcome of the game, they are winners in this game. They talk about meeting each other's families. Cliff says the twist this week was one that wasn't something anyone would want to win. Kat agrees. Cliff leaves the room.

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Jackson and Holly are talking in the target bedroom about making it through the next HOH. They are worried about a double eviction.


Holly says Tommy is leaning towards evicting Kat, but others may be thinking of evicting Cliff.


There is a long silence while Jackson lies very still, he tells Holly he is just thinking and she asks him to share.


He tells her this is a balancing act, he says getting in and out of the spotlight at the right time is critical.


Holly tells hims she is trying to build something with Nicole, but she doesn't like a forced conversation.


Camera moves to kitchen. 10:36pm


They are talking about what might be happening at home.



Camera moves to target bedroom


Tommy and Jackson are talking about Thursday, Tommy tells Jackson that he is more worried about keeping Kat than Cliff.


Holly has been gone, but returns and Tommy mentions the division of femals and males in the house.


Jackson says Jessica has preached female empowerment all summer, Tommy claims to be freaking out.


Nick yells to Tommy that he wants to sleep in the HOH and Christie is up there. Tommy tells him whatever he wants to do.

(earlier Christie and Sis were plotting to sleep in the HOH room and refuse to let Nick stay)


Holly and Jackson are concerned about how things will look if they attach to the five, Tommy tells them that they (Jackson and Holly) have detached to the house and it is noticed.


Tommy tells them he does not want Christie and Sis staying in the HOH, it will be noticed and that is why he invited Nick up.


Nick interrupted. He tells them that he told Christie too bad about sleeping in the HOH. Nick jumps onto Tommy, but Tommy shuts it down, saying “that's not how it's done”, (in a mild way he admonishes Nick for humping on him in that way)


They start discussing general topics.


11pm BB Time


Tommy and Nick are headed to the HOH room to reclaim their territory. The girls decide to play possum. They watch the cameras to see where they are in the house and see Tommy coming up the hallway.


Tommy comes into the rooms, “ohhh so cute. Christie is smiling.” The girls giggle at their faliure.


The girls don't move off the bed.


Christie asks where Nick is, Tommy says he is coming up. When they see Nick coming up they pretend to be sleeping.


Nick comes in the room and the girls are quiet, but start laughing when Nick goes around checking all the cubby holes for Sis. (Sis has been consistently jumping out and scaring Nick so he is paranoid)


Christie says she is leaving because Tommy invited Nick, Tommy tells them all they can stay a while, but Christie says she is sleeping in the rv tonight. They tell the boys they are leaving. Hugs around the room, “I love you's” everywhere and the girls leave.


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Tommy is in the HOH room talking to Sis and Nick about whether they should complete a deal with Cliff. Tommy tells them that he has talked to Cliff and has told him he was not making alliances this week.


The gist of this conversation is about who is the best to stay. There is no consensus, no one seems to agree who is best to work with or keep. Nick seems to be worried about who to choose to align with, he thinks Jackson will go after him if he puts Holly up.


Ss says she is not as interested in protecting Holly as Nick is. Nick says they have been isolating themselves as far as he can see, and it has happened since Jackson stayed in the house. Sis says that if Kat is sent out, Holly and Jackson would have no one. She says they are feeling her out for an ally but if Kat stays they will drop that in a snap.


Tommy says he has a better relationship with Jackson, Holly is an attachment to that, and Nick asks if Tommy brings Holly in, where does that leave Christie? Sis points out that Cliff has always been his target and if he makes an agreement to the six he has to live with it.


Nick points out that if they keep Cliff there are people who could work to get Cliff out. Nick also says he is closer to Jackson than Holly, but Tommy asks if that is personal or game. Nick says he can beat anyone in the house in a competition. Sis calls him out, “Not me.” she says.


Nick says he is voting Kat out to remove her from Jackson and Holly.


Tommy won't commit to putting Jackson up, he claims that he put Cliff up so he did not look bad to the house. He says the Field Trip worked out this week because Jackson was safe and couldn't go up.


Sis reminds Tommy that Jackson wanted Christie out when she was on the block.

11:45pm BBT


The conversation continues in the HOH room between Sis, Nick and Tommy.


Christie si the topic for a few minutes, they all admit that Christie was not a player they wanted to work with long term, but she has been acting differently, and Nick says Christie needs a second chance, much like him.


The three of them are hashing out what players they can rely on, Sis says she is confused [I am with you little one—Grannysue]


Sis says that Holly is pushing for Kat to stay, but Nick says that is not the case because of the high ratio of females in the house.


Tommy tells them that it was a positive spin on what he told her earlier, but Sis says Holly is pushing bulls**t.


Tommy seems upset with himself for talking a deal with Cliff early this week because taking it back would be a red flag to Cliff.


Sis says if Jackson left Holly would align with her. Nick tells her that wouldn't last long because Holly would be out soon after anyway.

Sis says she will do what Tommy wants.


None of them think Nicole will target any of them if she is HOH.


All of them understand that they all have a different person that will protect them against the others. (Christie would protect Tommy, Holly would protect Sis, and Nicole would protect Nick) . This would happen if one of the three (Sis, Nick, or Tommy ) is nominated.


[Clear as mud??? yes, it most assuredly is, but I am doing the best I can here my dears—Grannysue]


Names are flying all over the place, most of it is conjecture about who would put who up, every time a name is mentioned one of the other people in the conversation tells them that the person named would not do that....


They all agree that Holly would be more approachable if Jackson were gone because they are never alone, they are always together.



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