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Monday, August 12, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB21-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
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Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Target Bedroom (TBR)
Camper Bedroom (CBR)
Boat Room Lounge (BRL)
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Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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9:45AM BBT: Desperately Seeking Snoozin'

9:52AM BBT:  "Wakey-wakey houseguests." No visible movement. Soon Cliff is up and strolls out to the patio.


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11:49pm BBT  After WBRB Tommy used his POV to take Christie off the block. Nicole, Christie, Tommy and Jess in BY. Nicole saw the bird again. Christie goes to KT and Cliff joins the crew in the BY. Tommy says America knows where everyones head is at. Cliff says the vote isn't until Thurs, Kat is in campaign mode already. Cliff will campaign later, its hard. He doesnt want it to be a stressful week, dont walk on egg shells, wants Taco Tuesday. If this is his last week, he just wants to have fun. They talk about doing the play dough game.


12:00 pm BBT Nicole talks about all the hair colors and styles she has had. She misses short hair. Tommy invites her to come to his family's hair solon and they will do it for free. Kat, Sis and Michie in bed room talking about sports. It's general chat today. 

12:38pm BBT Nicole asks Cliff and Jess what they think Holly and Michie's relationship really is. They dont think its serious. Jess says Jack made people have assumptions about things by the way he talked.  Tommy walks into the bedroom with that group and didn't see Sis on the bed, she blended right in.

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2:19 pm: Nick asks Kat if she’s as stressed in the real world as she is here. She says she’s always a little on edge. 


At the pool Jessica realizes after 55 days she has never cleaned her water bottle straw and just spent a long time cleaning it. Jessica found a large ingrown hair in a pimple on her stomach - Christie is amazed. 

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3:02PM BBT Most HG sitting around chatting. BB calls Analyse to do her eggs. This time is eggs benedict. Analyse sighs and rolls her eyes.


3:05PM BBT Nick asking Analyse how many times she has made Eggs Benedict and if she knows how. She just bawks at him the answers. She is now bawking out a song.


3:13PM BBT Analyse completes her task and gives one to Cliff and one to Nick. Nick says he is full and Cliff eats his. Cliff says it is perfect. Nicole comes in and tries a bite of Cliff's dish. Not her favorite. Cliff tells Analyse that she only has one more day of cooking eggs but she has her costuume until Friday. Analyse says she feels trapped in her outfit. Analyse says that maybe they will cut her punishment short like they did for Tommy.


3:30PM BBT Tommy stops by Holly and Michie resting. He asks Holly how she is feeling (she hit her head goofing around). She says she still has a headache and lack of sleep from last night. Tommy tells her it will feel better soon. He heads off to the DR.




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3:35PM BBT In the KT, Kat is waiting for a piece of toast. She drinks a glass of water and picks at a few scabs. She then gets a knife out of the drawer and spreads PB on her toast.


3:46PM BBT Christie is telling Nicole about how hard it  is to be in the house. She says that she has had to bite her tongue often in the hosue. She says she is learning not to say what she wants to say more often.


3:50PM BBT Nicole asks Christie about Jackson. She tells her that she has made herself clear that he is her target is she wins HOH. She says that she has let it go but she doesn't think he has. Christie says that Jackson and Holly stay away and she doesn't want them to feel that they can't be with the group. She says that Holly and Jackson need to do their own thing separately and they are attached at the hip.



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4:04PM BBT Nicole, Christie and Analyse talking in the BY about who to vote out. They have spoken with Kat but Cliff has asked them to talk but when they are ready.


4:16PM BBT Jess and Cliff talk. General talk. Cliff feels bad Kat in on the block.


4:20PM BBT Holly goes into the KT. Nicole offers her a s'more. Holly says she wants one but doesn't know if she can even chew it since her jaw hurts so bad from getting hurt last night.


4:36PM BBT Tommy, Analyse and Christie talking. Analyse says that she feels she wants to vote out Kat. Tommy says that is who he wants to vote too. Then he says oh - he doesn't vote. Analyse says that Nick and her talked about Cliff making a deal with them not to take  a shot until 6. Christie says that she thinks Cliff is a man of his word.

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5:45 PM BBT Jess and Nicole are talking in the hammock, weighing which would be better to keep: Kat or Cliff.


6:09 PM BBT

"Big Brother Chicken. It's time to lay those eggs. This time it's poached."

Christie tells Sis that Kat had a fever. "It was 99"

Sis- Bawk

Back to Jess and Nicole in the hammock.

Jess- I can only play to my ...my morals. I don't even know how that looks like on my end to leave this game and go about and know that someone...like Kat who has been loyal...she is someone we a re aligned to

Nicole- well if she was up against anyone but Cliff it would be a no brainer


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Sis serves a poached egg to Nicole and Jess but they start commenting about how bad it smells, making puking noises. Everyone, including Sis, agrees there is something wrong with the egg. They throw it out.

Tommy clearly fell asleep in the BY. He is in obvious REM.


[Sorry guys! I'm having a lot of trouble with the live feeds today. They are skipping, freezing, and jumping and running "live" at about 30 minutes behind actual time.  -MamaLong]

6:14 PM BBT 

Kat announces to Jess, Nick, and Christie in the RV that her temperature is now at 98.3.

Sis, Nicole and Tommy are in the hammock. Cliff is sitting beside them chatting about random things.


Earlier Michie was cutting a watermelon  in the kitchen. Sis commented that it was really big and he explained that the seeded watermelons are always bigger. Sis said she doesn't like the seeds. Michie said that the seeded watermelons are sweeter than the seedless ones. When Nick passed through the kitchen Michie commented that "she" is not talking to him right now because he isn't doing anything right. [could be Holly...haven't seen them talking this evening]




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6:43 PM BBT

Michie and Holly are talking alone in the kitchen. He tells her that she has been super sassy today. She apologizes.

Michie- what's on your mind

Holly- Nothing. I'm just chilling.

Michie- you had sad eyes

Holly- I just don't want to be a brat to you. I'm sorry

Michie- you're not perfect. I get in my moods. I get snappy...aggressive. Quit trying. Just be. Be yourself and everything will work out just fine. 


Holly must have gotten hit in the temple and was worried about a concussion. Michie assures her it's not a concussion.


7:06 PM BBT Nicole, Sis, CHristie, Tommy at Cliff at the hammock in the BY

Nicole tells a story of how she called the cops on her parents. Nicole was about 5 years old. Her mom left the house to take her sister to the bus stop. Nicole wanted to go, but her mom told her no. She said she was really mad because she wanted to see the big yellow bus. Her dad went in the backyard to feed the birds, so she tried to get herself dressed to go to the bus stop herself, but she didn't know how and got really frustrated. She called 911, but hung up when the operator answered. They tried to call back, but Nicole didn't answer the phone. As her mother was returning to the house a cop car pulled up asking about a 911 call. Her parents figured out it was her and found her hiding in their closet. The next day, and officer visited her class discussing how to properly use 911.



[I'm out for the night  -MamaLong]

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9:00PM BBT Nick, Nicole and Christy on the hammock talking about possible upcoming comps and when it might be a double.  Nick is gonna win everything, as usual.  Nicole thinks she is good with memory stuff.  Christie just doesn't want Michie or Holly to win.


Michie and Holly in the BRL chatting about nothing.


Nick, Christie, Nicole talking about the weather.  Nick also likes the Pacific time for sports.  [Typical poor thinking, Nick.  It is great for the few late games on work nights, but early games start at 9/10am which sucks! - rms]

Nicole apologizes to Bob for ripping off Sis's tail because "it was hanging and it was dangerous." [ How, Really? BS - rms]

Nick loves college football, is mad he is missing his fantasy draft, rambles on with almost no-one really listening and people talking as he does.

Nicole yells to Sis, sorry about your tail.  You can barely hear Sis say it got caught in the stairs.


Nick keeps going about how he will go home and will have 3 or 4 leagues going.  

Christie talks over him asking how do you keep track of 4 different.  What do you do, ... like that consumes your life, like what if you have a girlfriend (all while he was still talking).


She then brags on how he has to be smart because reason, reason, schmooze, schmooze, .. [Ugh - rms]


9:18PM BBT Jess talking to Tommy on BY couch.  Jess wants to be able to vote non-emotionally.  Neither nom has done anything personally to me.  Tommy says he hasn't been in the position when he didn't have a preference either way.  Some discussion on pros/cons for each.  She thinks people expect her to vote Kat and she loves her dearly but she just wants to make,...  

The hammock crew comes over and interrupts.  Tommy pretends to give Nick CPR.


Jess continues with just Tommy after the rest leave.  She knows where Cliff stands but Kat is tough to read where she is.  Praises, love her, etc, ...  When it comes to game stuff, there has been issues with me and her.  

Tommy says both noms have agreed to not put him up next week if they come back in the house.  He uses the excuse like most have that it isn't up to him, it's up to the house.  As if he didn't select the noms.

Jess says she loves Cliff and everything he stands for you know.  I love that he's representing, you know, umm...   

Tommy interjects older men, a group of people.

Jess: Yeah, a group of individuals that are not really represent,...   [Tommy and Christie love putting their words into other's mouths. Why did BoB select so many who struggle to communicate, too?- rms]


9:30PM BBT The rest of the house in KT/DT making food or cleaning.


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9:40PM BBT Christie (chomp, chomp) says (chomp) with mouth open, the more upfront someone (chomp, smack, chomp, smack) is, the harder it is to hear (chomp, smack, swallow) the scarier it is but at the same time (bite, chomp, smack, see food ) it's good to have insight so you can kind of alter (bite, chew, smack) your approach for campaigning.  It's gonna suck no matter (chew, smack, chomp) regardless no matter what happens.  (mumble with mouth completely full as she talks) I THINK she said she didn't care who goes home.


[PoPTV code: BACKYARD - rms]

Jess says Michie tried to come talk game to her and she was like why the f' would I tell you, dude?

Christie said he tried to talk to her, too.  She thought it's probably been like 8 days and now. (Mouth full of food mumble) Maybe the word annoying? 

Sis comes out and Jess yells, Look at you looking so fresh and so clean.

Food talk

Christie: Chewing and smacking and starts to talk to Jess again.  Nobody knows since no one has officially campaigned, yet.

This goes on and on, same game talk about Kat being friend, past things Jess didn't know about stuff Kat new.  [Moving on... FFWD - rms]


9:51PM BBT Tommy and Kat join Sis, Christie and Jess in the BY.  Everyone talking and no-one listening.  People eating.

Michie walks past and says Future me hates past me.  They agree because they don't ever go to sleep when they plan to.

Tommy has to explain to Kat how he cooks his grilled cheese.


Michie is out in BY working out for quite a while and he folds clothes when dryer is done.


10:33PM BT Christie tells the HG she is already late going to bed.  Others claim they are going to bed.  Dishes being washed.


10:45PM BBT Michie comes in with stack of folded clothes.  Holly, Nicole and Jess are in the KT finishing food, some dishes.

10:54PM BBT Michie back to working out in BY.


11:07PM BBT BoB asks HG to go to SR.  Kat tells Tommy, Sis in HoHR.  Yes, I didn't want to tell y'all but surprise.  [Really have to wonder what they are told in the DR.  Seems like more goes on that one would expect in a game like this. - rms]

Bud Lights, Heineken, white/red wine. 8 beers, 2 bottles of wine.  They have some beer left from before.  Some of the HG decide they would have a pool party tomorrow.  They wonder if BB expects them to drink it tonight.  They tell BoB that if they double down, they will drink some tonight.  BoB says you are not allowed to talk about production.  Kat wants a glass of wine now, but others override her.  They count up the total beers including the left over from before and have 13 beers total.  


People head to bed anyway.


11:13PM BBT Cliff comes in to the CBR and tells the HG that they were told to drink them tonight or they would be taken away.  Cliff says it's probably PoPTV. They said you are lying.  Cliff said, no, Kat went in there and they told her.  [These people never learn to not challenge BoB! - rms]


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11:16PM BBT Everyone heads up to the HoHR.  Cliff brings up Orwell.  Nick says it's crazy.  Cliff says probably PoPTV.  Then they all shout thanks to BB.  Bunch of them then say they are not in the mood right now.  They talk about just having one drink each and saving the rest.


11:22PM BBT Michie bailed to go keep working out in BY.  He didn't want any.

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11:25 pm BBT


House guests are drinking the alcohol and started a rowdy game of "never have I ever" in the HOH room.  Nicole removed herself from the room immediately and went to the rv bedroom.  While she makes her bed she tell people who are watching that it is okay to be yourself and make decisions that are different from your peers if they want to do something that make syou uncomfortable.  [i give high fives to Nicole, she is a brave young lady, and she is exactly correct]

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11:34PM BBT Tommy says they should play never have I ever.  Nicole leaves.  They all yell for her to come back.  They say she doesn't have to play.  Cliff goes out to tell her she can be the judge but she says she is going to be with Michie.  Tommy says that is like his brother.  He says it's so cute.  Christie explains the rules.

[I agree with grannysue1154.  No reason to let peer pressure make you do something you don't want to be involved in! I would be out. The sad thing is she decided to have a beer while she normally doesn't drink.  Instead of her being able to be included, they take it too far.  She could have just stayed and not played, but I would leave, too. - rms]


Nicole went to the BY and straightened it up some and talked to Michie.  He finished working out.  He heads to the Wa to shower.  She is reassembling pillows after the covers were washed.  Heads back to the dryer.


11:44PM BBT Nicole says I have a statement, as she enters the CBR.  She explains that she wants to be true to herself.  She makes a public service announcement.  Everything in moderation.  Don't do drugs. Drugs are bad.  They make your mother sad.  You can have a drink but be safe.  Make sure you have a designated driver or a ride home.  Always use protection or abstain.  That is my message to my students.  Make smart choices.  I have chosen to be true to myself.  I have accepted myself and the fact that I do not want to drink and play a wild, crazy game.  Why, because that's not me and you know what.  I have accepted the fact that that's ok and I can move forward with that.  So yes, be true to you.  If you want to play said game, do so with a clear mind and make sure you are making good choices that you won't regret. And if you don't want to do such things, don't do such things.  You do you.  Be a leader, not a follower.  That's the public service announcement.  


Because the #1 thing I have learned about being comfortable with yourself is admitting and accepting when you are uncomfortable.  It's ok if you are uncomfortable and you can remove yourself and make yourself comfortable and that's ok.  Don't let anybody ever tell you otherwise.

Yes, there is such a thing as peer pressure.  But, you don't need to feel it.  You are in charge of your own self and it's ok to be an individual and it's ok to make you'r own decision even if it is not with the crowd.  Michie is doing his thing. I am doing my thing.  Everybody else is choosing to do something different and that is ok.  

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We are all adults capable of making our own decisions.  And, yes, Miss Nicole/Miss Anthony is having a drink and that's ok, everything in moderation.  I am in control of myself.  I am in control of my behavior and that's what's important in life.

'Cuz at the end of the day you want to live life with no regrets.  Yes, that can mean you don't want to regret missing out but it also means you also don't want to regret doing or saying things that can make your life more uncomfortable, more difficult, or not what you want it to be.

[Probably got a few tick marks in the AFP race with this.  Good for her. - rms]


11:52PM BBT BoB calls Nicole to the DR.


Well, BBAD only has Michie left to show in the WA.

[Shame Nicole and Michie also aren't using this time to talk.  Michie is missing a good opportunity. - rms]


11:56PM BBT Michie grabs some food from the fridge and microwave and sits down and prays before he eats.


[GN Orwell - rms]

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5:00PM BBT: Nicole and Jessica are in the BY talking about the upcoming vote. Nicole tells her about the conversation she had with Christie earlier. She tells Jessica that both Analyse and Christie are leaning towards voting Kat out.


5:05PM BBT: Nicole doesn't know where Kat stands with other people, she says she knows Kat is close to Jackson and Holly, but Kat seems to be telling everyone that she wouldn't put them up. "Who's left?" Nicole asks. Across the backyard the other HGs are chatting about "seeing the outside world."


5:20PM BBT: Nick and Kat are talking in the CBR. Nick tells her Jack was the biggest threat to his game because he was much smarter than him. Kat tells Nick he's smart too, but Nick says Jack was smarter. 


5:29PM BBT: Kat and Nick talk about alliances, Kat says she's never been in an alliance. Nick says she was in the five alliance, but Kat says she didn't realize that was real. Nick says everyone is worried because they have no idea who Kat is working with. Kat says it's not a secret who her target is. Nick tells her no one believes her. 


5:35PM BBT: Nick tells Kat that he hasn't ever talked game with Holly and he's only talked game with Jackson a few times. He says he's never heard Holly talk badly about anyone. Kat tells him that she tries to make "logical game decisions." Nick says he doesn't think Holly and Jackson are the best targets for his game if he were to win HOH. Christie walks in and asks Kat how she's feeling. Kat has a 99 fever. 

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7:09PM BBT: Holly and Jackson are in the TBR making the bed. Holly says she hates febreze because it keeps making her sneeze. BB calls Holly to the DR. Jackson wants her to stay and help him back the bed, but Holly leaves. Jackson seems frustrated. Cliff and Kat are in the CBR talking, he says he wasn't surprised when Tommy pulled Christie off. He says no one is telling him anything and Kat tells him that she doesn't think anyone has decided. "Whatever way it goes, I'm fine," Cliff says, "but it still sucks."


7:20PM BBT: The HGs are in the BY, talking about Analyse and how she's not so sweet. Analyse laughs as they tell stories about her. In the CBR, Cliff and Kat agree to be life long friends. 


7:30PM BBT: "It's fake life," Analyse says about being in the house. She says she won't hold any grudges from the house, but if they "f**k" her over outside the house, they're done. Nick and Christie agree. 


7:38PM BBT: Holly, Kat, and Jackson are whispering outside the CBR. Holly tells Kat to talk to Analyse about why Kat voted out Jack and her reasoning behind it. Jackson tells Kat to make it clear to Analyse. Holly and Jackson tells her what to say. Kat and Holly start to gossip about Analyse and Jackson tells them to "stop being mean girls" and tells them to get back to the conversation. 


7:41PM BBT: Holly tells Kat that she believes Christie is leaning towards keeping Kat. Kat wants to stage a fight with Jackson, but Jackson says no because he's already "America's Least Favorite Player." Kat says he's not, but Jackson says he is. Kat really wants to stage a fight with Jackson to get votes. Jackson refuses.


7:43PM BBT: Jackson asks Holly how many times she's going to mess with her hair. He says he's watched her put it up and down and then up and then down more times today than she's been sassy with him. Holly sits on his lap and they cuddle. 


7:53PM BBT: Kat fixes her hair and puts a bandanna across her forehead before walking to the outside doors and throwing them open, "are you b****es ready to rock?!" Everyone laughs and applauds. Kat says she looks like "Bret Michaels."


7:58PM BBT: The HGs and Kat joke that Kat's a twin and it's part of a BB Twist. The HGs get up to put the awnings above the windows down. 


8:13PM BBT: Cliff and Tommy are chatting outside while Christie and Nick are in the hammock. Tommy asks Cliff how he's doing, Cliff says he's talked to Nick. Tommy says they can "talk more about it" after they let a few days go by. Cliff says he's "cool with" whatever idea Tommy and Nick have. Analyse joins them with food. 


8:23PM BBT: Holly and Jackson are cuddled up in the BRL. Holly says she wants to talk to Tommy about Nick and what the story is there. Holly says she knows Nick is voting for Cliff. Holly says she can't believe Analyse passed on playing OTEV because Analyse thought she "would be bad." Holly wants to let everyone know that she and Jackson are "keeping to themselves more" for "game reasons."


8:26PM BBT: Holly and Jackson both agree that if the house thinks it's just the two of them, then they'll be safe because the house will go after bigger alliances. Holly wonders if Kat should make a deal with Analyse to form a three girl alliance with Kat, Holly, and Analyse. Holly says Analyse doesn't trust Christie, she just wants to be part of the "cool kids club." Holly thinks Analyse "feels lost without Jack."


8:28PM BBT: Jackson says if he wins HOH he's putting Christie up on the block. Holly says if she wins, she's putting Nick up. Outside, Nicole talks to Nick and Christie about how she wants to win something. Christie says Nicole has a good memory and that the only people she doesn't want to win HOH is Holly or Jackson. 


8:48PM BBT: General conversation throughout the house. 



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