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Sunday, August 11, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB21-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Target Bedroom (TBR)
Camper Bedroom (CBR)
Boat Room Lounge (BRL)
Tree House Balcony (THB)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
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Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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12:00 AM BBT Jess, Kat and Nicole are talking in the RV room.

Jess- that's why she wanted Jackson to stay. She was trying to mend fences with them. 

Nicole- Damn

Kat- I don't know whose idea it was

Jess- what kills me is that if that's why if we are working together we don't tell anyone else. Like it can't be that I find out from Tommy that you guys talk and I be like what the fuck. 

Kat- I didn't think about that. I'm sorry.

Jess assures her it's okay but she has to be careful what she says because they don't want people to get leery. They still need to be able to get information from Tommy.

Kat says she is using Michie and Kat to get them further but in the end she doesn't care about them. She declares it's the Angels all the way.

Nicole- the way things that have been working lately, I worry it's the six again...If there's 3 people on the block you need 6 votes

Jess- the thing is that Sis and Holly have a weird thing but I think that could be broken if Sis finds out Holly has been talking shit about her...If Holly is coming to us and saying it's a mean girl situation

Kat- but honestly, they probably are mean girls if they were voted America's field trip

kitty kat.png

Kat- I want us 4 (including Holly) to get to the end

Jess asks Kat if she thinks Michie and Holly are trying to get back in the sixes' good graces. Kat says no. Nicole says that she thinks they already are because Tommy said AMerica's field trip messed things up.

They continue discussing where the houseguests fall...who they are loyal to. Nick comes in and interrupts the conversation. Jess tells him they are talking to Kat, "SHe's on the block." Jess tells him they were encouraging her to not be "paranoid Kat because Kat on the block is not a nice Kat...we don't like "Kat on the block"  Nick says, "I don't either"

Nick tells her don't even worry... says that he hasn't even thought about his vote, "I love you both." Nick talks up Nicole, "I literally could never say a bad thing about you." Kat says she is still going to be nervous. Nicole agrees. Jess says she has to bring Kat down to Earth, "you'll be okay". Kat says it is part of the game.


12:30 AM BBT

Jess tells Kat that she has something she has to tell her but she doesn't want her to get mad.

The room gets really serious.

Kat- Okay, what?

Jess- I touched Tommy

The houseguests have been joking all season that Jess has a special touch. WHoever she touches last right before a competition ends up winning. They discuss how Nicole was serving as bodyguard, but "I don't know how it happened but somehow Tommy was there and was the last one I touched. They begin laughing.

Nick- Oh my God...you said I have something to tell you (laughing)

They begin talking about how Michie was trying to get to her to touch her.

Jess- I don't know if it's even a thing

They continue teasing about her "touch"





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1:10 AM BBT

Nicole appears to be the last one awake washing dishes in the kitchen. Michie then joins her in the kitchen. 

Michie- I'm going to cut a watermelon

Nicole- of course you are


He goes into the SR to get a melon then comes out announcing that that Sis has a new outfit in there.

Nicole- the same one

Michie- no upgraded with new feathers

Nicole tells him she is going to the boat room to drink her tea and read 

Michie- love you 'Cole

Nicole- love you more

2:30 AM BBT

The house is dark. Everyone is sleeping.

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8:22 AM BBT The feeds switch from sleeping HGs to WBRB. When they return, Sis is getting out of bed. Christie and Tommy tell her that they are going to go with her since this is her first time. She exits the HoH and clucks her way downstairs and into the BY. 


8:27 AM BBT There is a chicken coup outside for Sis. She goes out and sits on her nest and clucks on top of the human sized egg in the nest. 

2019-08-11-08.27.40-Cam 4.jpg


8:29 AM BBT Sis has laid her egg and goes to the SR to get her basket. Sis clucks her way to the KT. Christie looks at her basket. "How the f**k do you even make sunny side up?" Christie tells Sis that she loves her and knows that she can't say it back.


8:37 AM BBT Sis is finishing up the sunny side up eggs and clucks her way upstairs and gives some to Tommy and Christie who are laying down in bed. As soon as she walks out, they laugh, set the eggs down on the night stands and lay back down. 

2019-08-11-08.37.02-Cam 3.jpg

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8:39 AM BBT Sis is done and puts her basket back in the SR. On her way out she apologizes to Cliff if the egg wasn't any good because she doesn't know how to make them. She has never made them before. She also apologizes for not talking to him when he was in the KT because she can't talk when she is doing it. She can only cluck. 


8:42 AM BBT Sis and Cliff have also gone back to bed. So everyone is in bed once again with the lighs off. 


8:43 AM BBT Bwak Bwak Bwak Bwaaaak Big Brother Chicken, time to lay those eggs. This time it is an omelette. Sis "How the f**k do you make an omelette?" 

2019-08-11-08.45.07-Cam 5.jpg



2019-08-11-08.49.35-Cam 3.jpg


8:55 AM BBT Jackson is out of bed and heads to the KT. Sis gives him the first omelette. He asks her if she has to make this for everyone. Sis "Bwak" (She is not allowed to talk). Jackson "Thanks. I am the cluckiest guy around." 


8:56 AM BBT Sis walks around and gives omelettes to Nick and Holly. She is supposed to share her eggs with everyone so Christie, Tommy and Cliff got the sunny side up. Jackson, Nick and Holly got omelettes. Nick tries to talk to Sis but she only clucks at him. Nick "Oh my God she can't talk." Holly isn't exactly waking up for her omelette at first so Sis has to poke her with the plate several times.


9:03 AM BBT Sis cleans up the KT and heads to the WC. She gets back in her chicken costume and heads back towards the KT without washing her hands. She stops in the SR and sees that her other costume is there. She notices the tail is very bushy on that one. She goes to the KT and lies down on the bench and starts to close her eyes. BB "House guests, this is a reminder that sleeping is only allowed in the bedrooms. Sis "Man, I'm not sleeping." 


9:08 AM BBT Bwak Bwak Bwak Bwaaaak. Big Brother Chicken. Time to lay those eggs. This time they're scrambled. Sis heads back to the BY to lay her egg. 


2019-08-11-09.08.58-Cam 2.jpg



2019-08-11-09.12.13-Cam 1.jpg


9:17 AM BBT Sis has made scrambled eggs and delivers them to Kat and Nicole. She is walking in the dark with plates of eggs. She hits her foot on the edge of the bed. "Bwak Bwak Bwak OUCH Bwak Bwak" 


2019-08-11-09.16.58-Cam 1.jpg

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9:18 AM BBT Sis has delivered her eggs and returned her basket. She goes to the RV to apologize to Nicole and Kat for waking them. She explains they don't have to eat them if they don't want to and she isn't allowed to talk. Sis then heads back to the KT and makes herself a cup of coffee. 


9:23 AM BBT Sis takes her coffee outside and sits on the side of the hammock. Sis is the only one up.

2019-08-11-09.24.23-Cam 2.jpg


9:39 AM BBT BB calls for an IDLD so Sis heads back inside. She is still the only one awake. She goes to the WA and trims her fingernails. She waves at the camera. 


9:52 AM BBT Sis goes to the RV and grabs a clean chicken costume and a towel and heads towards the WA. She says to herself "Oh man, what if they call me? I'm scared. I'm scared." 

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10:00 AM BBT Sis has opted not to shower, most likely because she is afraid to be in the shower when BB calls her to make more eggs. She uses the WC and gets dressed again. BB no longer has them on IDLD so she makes another cup of coffee and heads back outside. 


10:01 AM BBT Wake Up Call


10:13 AM BBT The feeds return and BB calls for Sis to make hard boiled eggs. She is in the middle of brushing her teeth. 


10:28 AM BBT Christie, Jess and Cliff are in the KT. They are watching Sis make hard boiled eggs while they discuss what life is probably like while in jury. 


10:32 AM BBT Tommy has joined Christie, Jess, Sis and Cliff in the KT. He asks Sis if she allowed to talk now. Sis "Bwak" He takes that as a no and sees that she has eggs on the stove.  


10:35 AM BBT Sis has put a lid on her pot of boiling eggs so the water boils over. Sis removes the pot off the heat. Christie tells her to remove the lid and put a wooden spoon over it. That should stop it from boiling over. 


10:44 AM BBT Sis has delivered the hard boiled eggs around the house and is clucking while she returns her basket to the SR. She then joins the others in the KT and asks how the eggs turned out. Christie is going to make egg salad. Sis goes to the bedrooms and takes back the hard boiled eggs that she had delivered. "Sorry, we are making egg salad." 


10:52 AM BBT BB calls for Sis to make egg white omelettes. Christie tells her that she will show her how to separate the egg whites. She heads to the SR and sees that the basket is full of ingredients. "You have got to be kidding me." The basket contains spinach, green bell peppers, onions and cheese among other things. 


10:57 AM BBT Cliff goes up to the HoH to talk to Tommy. He says he didn't want to talk yesterday because he was hurting. Tommy tells him that he is most likely to take Christie off. She only wants two noms on the block. After that, she wants to leave it to the house. What put a big target on his back in the first place was not including everybody. So, she wants to hear from anyone. 


10:59 AM BBT Tommy says that he doesn't want to say anything now or say too much, but he doesn't know what is going to happen. Cliff says that he doesn't want to campaign against Kat either. He will try to sell himself without attacking her. Kat says is one to make deals and such. That's not me. If I made it through this week and wanted some guarantees from me, I can do that. Tommy says he is definitely interested in discussing that more. Tommy says I heard I was your target. Cliff says only because he was one of the six. 

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11:02 AM BBT Tommy says he thinks two weeks safety is fair. Cliff says that he is willing to offer more.  Cliff says that he heard whispers that Tommy said Cliff was the strongest threat in the house. Tommy says yes, he felt that at the time. Cliff says he didn't want to work with someone like Jack. He will offer 3-4 weeks for safety for Tommy if he can help him out. Cliff says that Tommy may be part of that group, but Tommy is a lover of the game. Cliff says that he has no problem with Tommy winning the game. Tommy says that he feels the same.  


11:05 AM BBT Tommy tells Cliff that he is glad Cliff is willing to work with him going forward. Cliff says he is willing to help Tommy get to final 3 and he can't speak for others, but he has no problem guaranteeing his votes. No backdoors either. Cliff says that he understands that this is a one way thing. Tommy says no, it's a two way if we end up starting something and building something together. Tommy "I love when we get together. You and I are both lovers of this game. It is great talking to you about it." Cliff says that Kat being next to him is scary. Kat has been on the block twice and has had 21 votes cast for her and not 1 vote against her. Cliff also says that being true to his word has hurt him. He promised Christie in order for her to not use her power. He didn't backdoor Tommy. He was true to his word then and it hurt him. He hopes it helps him now.


11:10 AM BBT Cliff tells Tommy that he is willing to make deals with him and wants to have his back. He is good for his word. Tommy says that he really really wants that. Tommy says that he gave his word that he is not making alliances and only building individual relationships this week because he doesn't want anyone to feel like they are on the outside. Cliff says that he is a free agent right now. 


11:14 AM BBT Tommy and Cliff share their love for each other as people and BB fans in the HoH. Cliff says that he is going to go downstairs, take it easy, and nurse some injuries today. Down in the KT Sis tells Jess and Christie that Jack is so hot, he is going to have so many beautiful women fawning all over him. Realistically, they won't last. Christie tells her that she obviously doesn't know how hot she is. Yes, he may have a lot of DM's but no amount of DM's are going to turn him away from the connection that they made with her. 


11:28 AM BBT Cliff, Christie and Nick have noticed that the coup outside is the same one that was used in the comp. The egg coup comp is such an epic BB comp. They decide to take some of the hard boiled eggs outside and see what it feels like doing the comp. Cliff goes first. He has larger fingers and is having trouble. Christie keeps moving her hands with the egg to catch it when it falls. Nick goes second. 


2019-08-11-11.28.08-Cam 2.jpg


2019-08-11-11.29.52-Cam 1.jpg


11:38 AM BBT Nick and Cliff both took turns with the eggs on Sis's coop. Nick did his turn much faster he was admittedly risky knowing that Christie was right there ready to catch them when they fell. They return to the KT where Holly and Nicole joins them. Sis shows them that BB gave her some new shoes and a new costume. However she isn't going to put on the new costume until she showers. She will do that tonight. She doesn't want to go outside and get all sweaty. 


11:59 AM BBT BB calls for the Big Brother Chicken to make eggs florentine. Most of the HGs said they don't know what that is. Cliff tells them it is scrambled eggs with spinach in it.

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11:36 AM BBT

Christie and SIs are showing Nick how the egg comp they did during the field trip went, and he gives a try using Sis's coop. Cliff watches and agrees it was really hard. Sis mentions that the chicken would come and break the egg just as you got to a certain point. Sis also says the coop she has for her punishment is the same coop she used for the competition.



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12:00 PM BBT  "Big Brother Chicken. It's time to lay those eggs. THis time it's eggs florentine."

Sis heads out to lay her egg then to the SR to get her basket of ingredients. Everyone is encouraging and Holly coaches her through how to make the specialty egg dish.


12:25 PM BBT Nick and Nicole are in the BY watching a bird that seems to be confused. It flies to the awnings then flies to the ground and lays in the turf

Nick is telling the bird he has to fly up to get out

Nicole- see then he just goes back down and lays on the ground

Nick-it's so confused

Nicole- that's so bizarre

They speculate the set is the reason there are so many dead bugs...they get confused was under all of the wires and lights. Nicole says she thinks the turf is poisonous.

The feeds cut (hopefully production is helping the bird get out of the BB set)

The feeds come back to the bird still struggling in the BY

Nicole- Big Brother, there is a bird in the yard and we need help

Nick- should we get a box and take it to storage?

They watch the bird fly to a pole and it's almost out but it flies into the wall. Then the bird flies too close to Nick and Nicole freaking NIcole out (she is afraid of birds).

Holly and Tommy are encouraging the bird, too. But, it keeps flying in to the wall confused by the set. (there is some fake sky in the set apparently)





After about 30 minutes, the bird finds its way out

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12:49 PM BBT Jess comes in the kitchen toward the BY

Kat- you look cute

Jess- but look, this suit is really loose on me

Jess shows her that her bathing suit is really loose by pulling the bottoms out  "I could fit another person in here"; she has lost a lot of weight

Kat starts grabbing food items and throwing them at Jess (it's really funny) while Jess pretends to slam the food down as fast as she can....a box of cereal...a bag of cookies...another box of cereal

Jess- I don't know what to do. I'm not even hungry.

Sis comes in

Kat- Sis, Jess is wasting away

Jess- Sis look....this is so big on me. I'm wasting away

Sis- oh my God

Jess heads out in the BY and the other houseguests notice that she has lost a lot of weight.

Holly- I wish that was me. I put on my camo pants yesterday and they fit like spandex




The houseguests are all enjoying a relaxing day, other than the BB Chicken.

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1:30 PM BBT After Michie showed how hard it was for him because he had to squat in the chicken coop and Nick tried but dropped and broke an egg, Tommy is giving it a try now.


Sis shows them the technique she used.

Sis- I have long fingers.


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3:05 PM

Sis is in the DR and Nicole is making PBJ in the kitchen; everyone else is enjoying time outside.

Cliff walks in asking about the competitions she has been in

Nicole- I have done all of the HOHs

Cliff- okay, well that's 7

Nicole-one POV and the Whactivity so  I'm 0 for 9

Cliff- oh I forgot about those (Whactivity comps)...so I have 14...I've done all but two POVs so 5 of those; all but one HOH, so that's 6+5 is 11 + Whactivity is 12; then banishment and Battle Back.

Nicole- 14....that's crazy

Cliff- amazing; well, if I go out with 14 that's okay

Nicole- don't say that






3:26 PM BBT

Kat notices that she missed a spot shaving; she shows Jess; Kat then looks at the camera and shows the feeders

Kat- look America; that's long ass hair

She says she is going to leave it and see how long it gets


Cliff tells a story about a guy who turned the living room of his house to a bird sanctuary; Holly follows up with a story about her pet birds Jagger and Ruby; Cliff then tells the HGs about the grackles here in Texas...(I can attest to these being really ugly, mean, messy birds)..that they were a huge problem on campus at Texas A&M [they are a big problem in Austin, too -MamaLong]



3:36 PM BBT

Holly and Michie are in the pool; Nicole is on the hammock; Cliff is sitting in the shade; Tommy, Nick, Kat, Jess, are sunning; Sis has been sitting on the nest in her chicken coop for a long time without talking. She could be asleep. Christie is likely in the DR.


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5:04 PM BBT

"Big Brother Chicken. It's time to lay those eggs. This time it's eggs benedict."

Sis- bawk...bawk...bawk bawk bawk....bawk...bawk

Sis lays her egg then goes to the SR. On her way out she runs into Holly

Holly- what do you have to make now?

Sis- Bawk

Holly looks in the basket "Oh, eggs, benedict"

5:17 PM BBT Holly and Michie are using the HoH shower. Michie was definitely making suggestions before they headed up to the HoH Room. Sis asked Tommy if she can use it after them. He said yes, and that he was glad she was going to use it. The cameras are not on in the HoH Room.


5:35 PM BBT Sis was in the shower but got the BB Chicken got called again. She finished quickly and got back in her chicken suit.

"This time it's over easy."

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She does a great job then serves them to Tommy, Nick, and Kat.


After she puts her basket away she says, "Please let me shower...I smell so bad"


5:50 PM BBT

Michie and Holly have finished their shower and are now enjoying some sweet pillow talk on the HoH bed


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6:04PM BBT IN the lounge, Tommy, Christie, Kat and Holly talking about what kind of parties they should have in the house. They decide they should have an anything but clothes party. Kat says any reason to be naked. Holly and Christie leave and Kat and Tommy talk about how she wants to stay in the loop.


6:13PM BBT Holly and Analyse whispering. Holly says that Cliff is playing up his injury. She says that Kat debatable what she is going to do.


6:30PM BBT Holly and Analyse talk about Jackson and Jack. Holly says that Jack just wanted to be alpha male. Analyse says that she doesn't think he was an alpha male. Christie comes in and tells them the story of having to wake Nick up. Nick was really alseep. She says he was meditating.

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6:45 PM BBT The BB Houseguests are putting together a skit involving the BB Goblins. Nick and Tommy have their faces painted green. Tommy is sharing his beer.

Tommy- Jackson are you up for being the hot guy in the movie?

Cliff is shocked- thanks a lot Tommy

Tommy- Cliff you are the evil caretaker of Air-BB



Sis will record it using the Snapchat glasses.

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6:36PM BBT Tommy has gotten the glasses. He goes outside and asks the HG if they were willing to do a Telenovella. Kat jumps up immediately to participate.


6:37PM BBT Change of production! Tommy decides they can't do a Telenovela. He doesn't speak Spanish. Now it will be a scary movie abdout a group of friends who are in a cabin with beers. Holly says for him to go to DR and ask for beers. He says he has his HOH beers. He is now casting for the production for whoever is interested.


6:45PM BBT Production has started. Jess is painting Nick's face green. Tommy's face is partially green.


6:50PM BBT Tommy explains the production. They will be kidnapping Kat in the SR. There is egg stealing from the chicken coop. They need friends to be part of the production.


7:00PM BBT The production goes forward. They decide to take on previous HG personalities and names. Tommy and Nick are green goblins. They are trying to name the movie. BB Scary Movie, BB Scary Movie - a fowl tale etc.

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Nicole- All Cooped Up...A BB Horror Film...Take One....Rolling, Action



7:13 PM BBT They are now on their third scene. The HGs are all former houseguests

Cliff is practicing his lines "Now kids we have had some reports of some FOWL play around here, but you guys should be okay"  he adds creepy laughing


Cliff is playing Donny; Christie and Kat are playing the twins Liz and Julia; Holly is playing Shelly

Michie is playing Clay

Sis is taking the video

Nicole is the director


Nick and Tommy are the BB Goblins

The houseguests are being killed off one by one

Jess and Jackson have been the first victims

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7:05PM BBT The name is decided - All Couped Up -  A BB Horror Fim. Nicole is the director.Production begins. They start with everyone in a "car" headed to the cabin they have rented.


7:11PM BBT All of the HG are talking over each other. Trying to deicde the scenes. Tommy trying to explain his vision.


7:18PM BBT The BB goblins (Nick and Tommy) do their scene. Kidnapping Jess in the SSR and she creams an ear piering scream over and over.


7:32PM BBT In the next scene, Holly flirts with Clay (Jackson) and he dies right after. The BB goblins drag "Clay" across the floor. Everyone is yhelling over each other about the next scene.

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7:42PM BBT The HG are very proud of themselves and continue to film their masterpiece. They head out to thechicken coop to do the next scene. Jess and "Clay" are to be in the nest.


7:48PM BBT THe next scene Tommy wants to say "that's a really big Cock" The HG all laugh and ask BB if he can say that BB replies with "that's what she said" and Christie says that is a hard yes.


7:55PM BBT The production ends with Christie in the coop and Holly trying to save her. Christie says her line about the really big cock and dies. Holly lets out a scream.



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9:00PM BBT Cliff and Nicole are on the Hammock talking to Kat, Nick, Jess, and Sis about what they were trying to hide when they came into the house.  Some supposedly just found out Nick is a therapist/group counselor.  Nicole pretends she is really Melissa Smith (Sam's wife).  Kat claims to have a pilot's license but she doesn't fly.  She "does fly in Maui." She says she could have hid that she was in Mensa.  Sis planned to hide she was a D1 athlete but she brought all her soccer clothes.  This breaks up soon.


9:09PM BBT BB Chicken time, 3 poached eggs.  She doesn't sit on the eggs long at all in her coop. [She should have to sit there and get eggs dropped on her - rms]

Michie is baking a bunch of different fish.  Tommy and Michie are scrapping out potatoes for twice baked potatoes. 


9:12 Kat is campaigning to Nicole that she would play for Nicole, Jess and Kat to be final 3.  She discusses carious comps she is good at.




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