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Saturday, August 10, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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12:00 AM BBT HoH Room (Nick, Tommy, Sis, Christie)

Discussion centers around Nicole asking who wanted Nicole on the block.

Tommy- I said the only thing I could do is speak my truth

Christie- Jess asked me about it...she was testing me today. I told her, you don't think it was hard for me to see people up your ass last week. We were talking about the outside world and how fake people can be. She said I know what you are talking about....the potential for Nicole going on the block foe Holly's HoH. 

Nick- Holly told her because she was afraid it would be used against her. I was there when Holly told her

Christie- And she said cause Nicole knows that I told her I never heard Sis say she wanted Nicole on the block. Tommy and me spent a good 30 minutes in the target room with Holly saying why it wouldn't be a good idea. SHe said people were in her ear to put Nicole up. SHe needs to fucking fact check.

Earlier, Nicole asked Tommy straight up, he said it wasn't him or Christie but he wasn't going to drop names.

Nick- I told her Christie had your back.... helped you a lot a week ago

Sis- Fuck man, Jess...she is dropping bombs...

Nick- she's dangerous...I told you that you can't deal with people that are wishy washy...she's dropping fucking bombs...she said that you were in her ear the whole HoH

Sis- did Holly bring it up to me when we were both in here? Yes....but I put it on everything that I wasn't in her ear. Holly brought it up

Christie- I want to call her out. Don't worry, I won't.....Holly told Nicole that I was in her ear the whole HoH to put up Nicole....I just knew that I wanted Sam gone...I said this is a no brainer...getting rid of Nicole is idiotic

Sis- Nicole and Holly aren't on the block so there  is no need to bring this up. We don't want to stir anything up. We don't know what will happen.

Christie- if I win veto I'm gonna fucking blow it up

They all tell her NOT to do that.

Tommy- I'm so nervous at this point...like fucking vote where you want to vote. I will only say this in this room. Kat is more dangerous that Cliff

Christie- she is

Sis- she is

Tommy- number 2, I respect him and his game so much. I Cliff is on the block at the end of the week I can say to him that Cliff I heard I'm your number 1 target but I have people that will vote to keep you safe if you promise to not come after me for at least two weeks

Christie- where Kat coming off would target you now

Tommy- that way next week I can walk out with no blood on my hands. I want Cliff in this house. My ultimate goal is to get you (Christie) off the block tomorrow and get Kat out....and make this deal with Cliff

Nick- I just have to get Nicole, Bro...I know I can get it

Christie- don't push hard until after tomorrow...I'm so scared about tomorrow

Sis- we got it

Tommy- I trust you guys and I trust you guys so much and I am just really happy this is the way the game is moving forward

Nick- we  are not losing this...we are winning it

Sis- we are going to

Christie- we don't have an option

Tommy- but, I feel bad...you have to...take that with a grain of salt, but I just feel like from what you preach about your mind...and   the power of intention(Tommy begins lecturing Christie)

Christie- yes, give it to me, I need you to give it to me

Tommy- your mind, your thoughts, the universe

Christie- I can't be negative right now...I'm in a negative place right now

Tommy- you are...Christie, you're playing Big Brother. You love this game You are here for a reason. because you're good

Christie- I'm just so depressed

Nick- you are going to look back and regret because you are fucking in your head right now

Christie- you know what it's about (she begins crying) I feel like America hates me...I worry about the way I look...that's really what it is about (her pdepression) like how did I wind up in that comp

Nick- NO

Sis- No

Christie- It's freaking me out... don't want my family to see me and think...I don't want to be the bad guy

Sis- what if America wanted to give you the safety vote...Jack would have been up there with Jackson

Christie-It isn't that I feel defeated in the game. I was put in this position because of the way America sees me. My personality is strong...like, she's going too hard

Tommy- you have a chance tomorrow. The worst case scenario is that you are right about what America thinks, but you have time to change their mind

Nick- I was the best example of that. I had to win to prove I was trustworthy...you and Jackson would have been up regardless. If it was the week before, I would have been up there...I go in there and think I'm going to give it my all because I don't want to regret it

Christie- I'm going to go do or die  ... I'm getting off the block tomorrow

Tommy- I'm not scared

Nick- we are getting you off and then I am going to get Nicole and let's go




[I am really wishing Nick would put a damn shirt on. He is always without a shirt. Just gross  -MamaLong]







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12:15 AM BBT Nick is energized and hyped up about how Michie can't go until he (Nick) gets ride of Jess and Kat is going tomorrow. He says Jess is discriminatory because he is a male. He hates that and racism. He would never put someone up because they are a chick. Christie says she doesn't think Jess is a man-hater but it's obvious all her noms are guys. 


12:20 AM BBT Christie says that what her upset the most is that she complains how fake everything is and here she is having to be part of that fakeness. She loves the game but she hates what it makes her do. 


12:21 AM BBT Michie walks out of the TBR and walks past the SR. He smells something awful coming from behind the door. "Tommy, speed of smell, you are about to be called." BB "You are not allowed to talk about production." 


12:23 AM BBT In the HoH Christie and Sis are discussing with Nick and Tommy how Kat is a hypocrite in their eyes. She gets up there and does this speech about how she was raised and then she goes and keeps him. That speech was about Michie. She preaches that and keeps going back. Sis says it is because Kat has a huge crush on Michie. They see that Michie is coming to the HoH door. Sis jumps up and hides behind the door. As Michie comes in the room, she genuinely scares him. 

2019-08-10-00.24.16-Cam 1.jpg


12:25 AM BBT Sis has hidden behind the door of the HoH and scared Jackson. He stands there with his fists clenched but when he realizes it is her, he relaxes his hands and laughs with her. He says that he is truly afraid that one day she is going to end up catching a right (fist) by scaring him like that. She says she knows and that is she does it from a distance that is out of reach. 


2019-08-10-00.24.19-Cam 1.jpg


12:31 AM BBT Christie leaves the HoH and goes downstairs. Nicole is in the KT and asks her how she is. Christie says that she was a little depressed but not like earlier. She had her pity party but is better now. She admits that she doesn't like being on the block on Tommy's HoH.


Meanwhile Michie and Holly are in bed whispering in the TBR. Michie tells her that Nick asked him if he was going to "dump one in her". He tells her that he was completely grossed out by it and wanted to say that no, she is not a waste management facility. Holly is also grossed out. Michie said he had to leave because he was not having that conversation.


12:35 AM BBT Christie goes to Kat in the RV BR and sees that she is upset. Christie asks her if she has gone up to talk to Tommy. Kat breaks down and starts crying. Christie hugs her while Kat cries on her shoulder. Kat says that it just hurts her heart because it is personal. Christie says that Tommy is the last person in the world who would make it personal. He has to have some reason behind it. Kat says that she gets it, it is the game. It just hurts. Christie "I highly doubt you are going home." Christie tells her that if the 3 of them are still on the block then she is going home, not Kat. Kat disagrees. 


2019-08-10-00.34.21-Cam 4.jpg


2019-08-10-00.34.31-Cam 4.jpg


12:38 AM BBT Kat is still teary eyed as she tells Christie that this is not what she wanted her to be like. She wanted to come in and win comps and be part of a great alliance. She never wanted to play the game as a floater. Christie tells her that this game sucks. Tommy yelled at her for crying too much today. She has been crying her eyes out all day long. It doesn't matter what we do, it is always going to hurt. She hates that Kat is feeling that right now. 


12:41 AM BBT Christie tells Kat that she is the one going home, not Kat. Kat says that if she wasn't on the block next to her, she would vote for her. Kat asks what they have been doing. Christie says that Tommy just had her upstairs trying to get her head in the right space for tomorrow. Tommy is very upset and she said that the thought of her going home on his HoH makes him sick to his stomach. 


12:46 AM BBT Sis is having some costume wardrobe malfunctions. Sis "I broke my tail, my tail is broken so it's hanging lower." Nick also makes note that she is losing feathers everywhere and she won't have any feathers left by tomorrow. Christie pulls her mic up to her mouth and tells BB that the HoH room is locked and Tommy is in the DR. She is sleeping up there, it's really late and she has a POV tomorrow. She asks that BB come unlock the door for her. 


12:50 AM BBT Sis is looking into the fish tank. She sees the algae eater and mistakes it for a baby shark. Nick "You really think they would put a baby shark in there with other fish?" Nicole and Jess say "Baby Shark" and knowing that they can't sing it, they mouth and use their hand signals to "sing" Baby Shark together.

2019-08-10-00.50.11-Cam 1.jpg


12:54 AM BBT Holly and Jackson just get settled in bed in the TBR. BB "Holly, please go to the DR downstairs." Holly "Are you kidding me? For real? I don't want to. Why do you always do this to me? Why?" WBRB. 


12:56 AM BBT The feeds return and Holly is still in bed. BB calls for Nick to go to the DR downstairs. Not sure who is supposed to go to the downstairs, Nick asks for clarification and Holly gets up and heads towards the DR anyway.


12:58 AM BBT Tommy, Jess and Christie are talking in the KT. Christie says she is winning tomorrow. "I don't deserve to be on the block on your HoH. I don't deserve it. That's why I am going to f**k that comp up tomorrow." They speculate whether it may be OTEV or BB Comics. Christie says if it is BB Comics, she is 100% going to win that. Sis says the face mashup one is something that she would be good at. She has really focused on everyone's faces.

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1:00 AM BBT In the KT, Christie tells Tommy that it would a tragedy for her to go home on his HoH. BB Explorer is called to travel at the Speed of Smell. 


1:02 AM BBT Tommy comes out of the SR with his speed of smell gear. "Oh my God it doesn't ever get better."


2019-08-10-01.03.14-Cam 1.jpg


2019-08-10-01.02.58-Cam 1.jpg


1:05 AM BBT BB "Explorer, your mission around the BB Universe is now complete." Everyone cheers. Tommy takes his rocket helmet off his head and punts it to the ground like a football receiver does after a touchdown. Nick helps him out of his costume right there which results in him standing there in his underwear in front of everyone and . Nick "Look at that little carrot there." Tommy "Wow, Okay Nick." 


2019-08-10-01.05.52-Cam 1.jpg


2019-08-10-01.06.29-Cam 2.jpg


1:10 AM Sis, Christie and Tommy are in the HoH. Tommy wants to go over a few things to prepare for tomorrow. Meanwhile Kat is putting on her makeup before crawling into bed because BB has been calling everyone to the DR this evening. 


1:14 AM BBT Christie, Sis and Tommy are studying for a potential OTEV competition. They discuss the order of events, the order of people falling out of comps, who has been a HN and who has not, as well as other things like who was evicted unanimously. 


1:18 AM BBT In the HoH Tommy, Christie and Sis go over long words that they know in case it is the spelling comp tomorrow. Some of the words they discuss are justification and extraordinary. Tommy hopes Nick and Sis are picked to play. "Then they would have a 66% chance of winning the veto." Christie "66%?" Tommy "Yes, 2/3rds. 4 out of 6."


1:23 AM BBT Tommy, Christie and Sis are talking in the HoH. Christie is rehashing some of her conversations she had with Jess after the blow out on day 44. Jess had seen that the 6 shooters were hanging out together again. Tommy tells them that Michie said he would take Christie off if he was picked HG choice. Tommy told him that he wouldn't do that because it would show his cards. Sis is impressed and says that's good if he is honest. Tommy says he f***ing loves them and is good with them. He is not building alliances this week but moving forward their best chances are if they are 1, 2, 3 (Tommy, Christie, Sis), Nick and Nicole, Holly and Michie. That leaves Kat, Jess and Cliff and they take it from there. Tommy says that Michie has said he would vote however he wants him to. 


1:30 PM BBT Tommy, Christie and Sis continue to discuss house facts.


1:37 AM BBT all cameras show HGs in the bed in the dark. 


1:48 AM BBT Cliff is sitting alone at the dining room table. He is studying the memory wall. "I may be going this week. But I am not going without a fight. I am not going home without giving 100%. I am fighting til the end. If it's my time I will go with my head held high...." Cliff then starts talking about each evicted HG and how the exited, what week they left and what their votes were. ''


2:07 AM BBT Cliff has gone over the HoH winners and is now working on the veto winners and if the veto was used on which weeks.


2:20 AM BBT Cliff continues to study and speak to us intermittently in the middle of it. Cliff says that he likes Kat. Kat is a fine young woman, but from an emotional standpoint, she takes things very seriously. She certainly has her highs and lows. He would hate that anything that he did would put in her a low. He says he is going to do another walk around and do all of this again. 


2:30 AM BBT All cameras show HGs sleeping.


3:15 AM BBT Kat is out of the DR. She gets some water, uses the WC and washes her face before crawling into bed.


4:08 AM BBT Cliff is out of bed and is sitting in the dining room alone in the dark. He is staring at the memory wall. He studies the memory wall for several minutes and then heads to the WC before going to bed.


6:40 AM BBT Cliff is once again up. He goes to the WC and then returns to bed after washing his hands.



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8:00 AM BBT BB Wake Up Call. 


8:17 AM BBT The feeds. Feeds 1 and 2 are on HGs in bed with the lights on outside the RV. Feeds 3 and 4 are on Tommy, Sis and Christie asleep in the HoH in the dark. 


2019-08-10-08.18.16-Cam 5.jpg


8:30 AM BBT Nobody is stirring this morning despite there already being a wake up call. Their is so little movement, it almost looks like the feeds have frozen. 


8:38 AM BBT BB "I said it is time to get up for the day." Cliff gets up and starts to dress. Tommy has come down from the HoH room to change his battery.


8:50 AM BBT Tommy and Cliff are up doing ADL's. Nick and Nicole are awake but remain in the bed in the RV. The only conversation has been centered around the fact that BB called several of them to the DR in the middle of the night and is now trying to get them up early. 

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9:35 AM BBT Feeds return. 


9:38 AM BBT Cliff talks to Holly at the WA sink. He says he doesn't trust Nick at all. If Nick wins, he is going to pull Christine down. Nick is playing in the POV. 


9:40 AM BBT Christie and Sis talk in the HoH. They are discussing whether Michie would play for Cliff or throw it. They aren't sure if he is going to try to win it or not. Michie is playing in the veto. 


The veto players for today are Tommy, Kat, Cliff, Christie, Nick and Michie. 


9:43 AM BBT Cliff has tripped over his own sandal and injured his leg. He says that he is okay though. He tells Jackson and Holly that Nick will use the veto on Christie. Since Christie picked him, he is going to say that he is obligated. Meanwhile Christie and Sis talk in the HoH. They both fear that Michie will take Cliff off the block if he wins the veto.


9:48 AM BBT Jackson is in bed with Holly while he eats a cucumber. He tells her that he has no choice but to win. Tommy wins and he takes down Christie. Nick wins and he takes down Christie. Tommy says that there is no way that the comp today is OTEV. It is way to big of a set and all they had yesterday was tarps down. Cliff "I forgot you saw the BY yesterday." Jackson "Well, we had blindfolds on." 


9:54 AM BBT Jackson and Holly are in bed in the TBR. She tells him that Christie is a bully. She says that she hates that Sis follows her around everywhere behind her back. Meanwhile Christie, Tommy, Jess and Nicole are discussing what kind of comp they think it will. The general consensus among them is that it may be OTEV.  


9:57 AM BBT Michie tells Holly that he was stoked to play in one of BB's most iconic comps; the chicken wire comp. He also says that America doesn't like him. She disagrees with him. Michie "Holly, would you vote for anyone to play in a comp where your favorite gets a punishment or on the block?" He tells her that this is straight up a punishment comp and he thinks it was supposed to be him, Jack and Christie. Jack would have crushed it. He has small palms and really long fingers. 

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Playing for veto today: Tommy, Cliff, Kat, Christie, Michie, Nick

Holly says she never gets picked; she is very disappointed

Tommy- next week will be your week. I can feel it

Cliff messed up his leg a bit when his sandal got caught on the flooring making him trip. "Yeah, it was my bad leg." He says he will be okay. Nicole goes to the DR and tells them what happened. SHe tells Cliff that they said to go to the upstairs DR if he needs anything.


Cliff is talking with Michie and Holly about Nick being pulled to the other side [it does seem that Nick is set to work with that side of the house this week -MamaLong]


Michie and Holly are discussing that it is a 50/50 shot

Michie- if Christie wins, she takes herself off; Nick wins he takes Christie off; If Tommy wins he takes Christie off

Holly- it's  a 50/50 shot


Michie says he doesn't think it will be OTEV because it is way too big of a set up and yesterday there was only tarps on the ground

Cliff- I forgot that y'all saw outside yesterday

Michie- well, we didn't. We had blindfolds on

Cliff- oh; well, we will see. Prepare for whatever


9:57 AM BBT

Michie and Holly are discussing yesterday's field trip comp

Michie- that comp was so much fun....because it was an iconic...my mom is going to see that and be so excited....like, my son is playing in the egg and chicken wire comp

Holly- please stop talking about all the comps you do...I don't get to play comps    [Holly is coming off as a huge brat  -MamaLong]

Michie- it was the cost of being America's most hated player

Holly seems to disagree that America hates him

Holly- the punishments are fun

Michie- this was a punishment comp....I'm okay if America hates me


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10:00 AM BBT Holly and Jackson talk to Sis about how they have to trust Tommy. Jackson says he is surprised that Christie didn't pick Sis to play. Sis says she was talking about how tired she was and how bad she would do at OTEV. That's probably why she picked Nick. Meanwhile Nicole, Cliff, Tommy and Christie are studying the memory wall. 


2019-08-10-10.02.06-Cam 5.jpg


2019-08-10-10.02.39-Cam 4.jpg


10:07 AM BBT Sis, Jess, Holly and Michie are talking in the TBR. Michie tells Jess that he put too much sugar in her coffee yesterday because he wanted it to be as sweet as her. She saws Awww, I'm married Mich. He says he knows and her husband did good. They laugh and start talking about the comp again. Jess mentions BB Comics. Michie had completely forgotten about BB Comics and he is screwed if it is BB Comics. Sis says she hopes she can get out of her costume to host. Jess says that it isn't likely.


10:17 AM BBT Sis and Michie are talking in the TBR. She is trying to talk him back over to her side. He admits he is scared that Christie is still planning to take her shot at him. Sis says that Christie tells her everything and hasn't implied she wants to get him out. Meanwhile Cliff and Nicole continue to study the events while looking at the memory wall.


10:20 AM BBT Sis and Michie talk in the TBR. He is trying to tell her why Christie needs to stay on the block. He says they need to work with Tommy Nick and Cliff. "If she stays in this game, this game is hers. How many times are we going to get her on block and not be the ones to put her up there? This is a golden opportunity." Sis "Yeah. But Tommy won't. I can't go up against Tommy or I will have no one else. 


10:24 AM BBT Sis and Michie continue to discuss the pros and cons of Christie being on the block. Michie notices that Sis' shoes are Steve Madden shoes. "They gave you Steve Madden shoes?" Sis "And put feathers on them."


10:28 AM BBT Jackson has left the TBR and Holly has returned. Sis tells him that Michie wants Christie gone. She cautions Holly that if Christie goes home, then Michie, the 2nd biggest target in the house right now, becomes the biggest target. Meanwhile in the HoH Tommy is reassuring Christie that despite her fears, Nick will use the veto on her.


10:38 AM BBT Jess has joined Tommy and Christie in the HoH. Tommy tells them that Cliff was so nice yesterday. After noms, everyone went off and did their own thing and it was just him and Cliff and Cliff was literally comforting him. 


10:46 AM BBT Sis is frustrated with her costume. Shoving all her hair in the hood makes it incredibly hot. And she says she it looks too weird with her hair up. BB calls Sis to the DR and Michie clucks at her. 


10:48 AM BBT Tommy and Jess are now alone in the HoH. Tommy tells her that Kat is dangerous because she is friends with everyone including himself. She scares him. It's not just close but it's a working relationship with everyone. Her number one target was on the block last week and she didn't take a shot at him. So he has no clue where her head is at. So, he feels putting her up is the most fair. It isn't personal. And Cliff is similar. He works with everyone too. More than other people though, they have working relationships with the house. He is scared of both of them, loves them both, but thought it effected everyone. Essentially Tommy said that Kat voting to keep Jackson makes no sense to him and it scares him. 


10:54 AM BBT Jess wants some clarification from Tommy. Jess was lead to believe that during her HoH, Tommy and the rest were told to be afraid and watch what they say and do or Jess would throw them on the block. Tommy says that he never heard any such thing. He doesn't know where that came from. Tommy says that he did think he was at risk of being on the block, but that was based on their conversations with each other. Jess says that explains some things for her. Tommy "Anything that I need to know" and Jess reassures him no. 

2019-08-10-10.54.42-Cam 3.jpg

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12:49 PM BBT  Up in the HOH room, Christie, Nick and Nicole are in the bed, Tommy, Sis and Jess are up there too.  They are studying for the next comp.  Tommy said that everyone up there knows that they are taking Christie down (Nicole and Jess are just listening).  

Cliff is sitting looking at the memory wall, talking to his family.  He thanks Sharon, and his kids for supporting this.  He is in the house with a bunch of knuckleheads.  He said they are in a completely different place than the others in this house.  He thanks his kids, Kelly and Daniel for being such great kids, and not like the people in this house.  He said they would drive his kids crazy.  Cliff said how glorious it would be to get beat by a 54 year old member of AARP, with gray hair and a bum leg.  He says if he lives, it will be because he is more focused, more prepared.  Christie comes downstairs, they discuss where everyone is.  They think Holly, Michie and Kat are all in bed.  When she walks out of earshot, Cliff says he wants this more than Christie, more than Kat, more than Tommy.  He said he is not going home this week!  Christie comes back and general talking.  After she leaves, he asks why would you not prepare for this thing?  (they were preparing upstairs).  Cliff gives a shout out to Houston and the Astros.  He hopes when he gets out, he will see the Astros in the World Series.  He laments about missing the beginning of the football season.  Cliff also shouts out to George Strait and Troubadour.  He said he has been in 53 days, and the only music he had to listen to was George.  He said thanks for making it possible to dance with his wife, drink with the guys, etc.  He does more shout outs to What A Burger and wanting breakfast taquitos and fries.  Shout out to Rob's podcast.  Hopes Eric isn't racking him over the coals.  Cliff goes back to studying out loud.


1:02 PM BBT  In the HOH, still Nick, Christie, Nicole, Tommy Jess and Sis.  They are talking about the chicken suit.  Nick explains that a rooster or cock is a male, so Sis is a hen.  Now talking about his pictures.  Just general talk going on.

1:05 PM BBT  Kat is in the KT, Cliff is studying in silence at the table. Kat appears to be making a pot of coffee. 


1:08 PM BBT  Upstairs, they are saying that when Sis gets called, they know it is time to get ready.  That, or if they hear the doorbell.  Sis thinks it will be soon.  Nick said he doesn't know, they are letting everybody just sleep.  They say Kat said she could sleep 24 hours a day.  Christie said Kat is up (that leaves Michie and Holly).  Looking at the TV monitor, she said Cliff is really studying.  She wonders if she should be downstairs studying too.  They talk about the face mash-up, and how different people have certain eyes, coloring, etc.  Christie said it could be the counting one, where there are 3 pieces of firewood, how many are in this stack.  Nick said he wouldn't be any good at that.  Tommy thinks it will be OTEV or ...Sis cuts Tommy off, the topic turns to stretching and doing the splits.  Jess can do the splits.  Christie said her legs are too long to do that. (leg length makes a difference?)  Nick said Christie has a really long inseam.  Jumps again to previous HG's, hoping Rockstar comes back and hosts this one.  Christie said she likes Rockstar, they called her that since her name was Angela, too.  Sis said she didn't really like her.  Christie keeps talking about her and what she did in the DR and outside the house.  Jess doesn't know why they called Rockstar a pagan witch.  She never heard her say it.  They are talking about Tyler being called back for 20, he applied for 19, and that Rockstar was an alternate.  Sis wants to know what BB Over the Top is, she has never heard of it.  They explain it was on CBS all access, you had to pay for it.  No one up there saw it.  They discuss Celebrity BB.  Jess loves Ross Matthews, someone else likes Shannon Elizabeth.  They explain who she was.  Sis had said that she didn't watch it, because hey need better celebrities. Tommy said Shannon played too hard, but their season was only 30 days.  They talk about some of them wanting to leave, and it was only 30 days, they left at around 15 days.

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1:24 PM BBT  Kat is with Cliff at the memory wall, she really wants OTEV, but thinks it is too early.  She thinks everyone already knows all the answers, it is just the physical with it.  Cliff asks her a couple of questions, she has trouble answering them.  He keeps looking at the wall.  They whisper about the three people picked for the field trip, they think it was people that are disliked on the outside.  There was a punishment and a nomination, so why put your favorites up?  Kat and Cliff hope to get Christie out this week.  Kat thinks Nick has already jumped ship, and he has tried to get Nicole to jump, too.  Cliff said if Christie goes home this week, then where will Nick go, to Tommy and Sis?  That is a pretty small ship.


1:30 PM BBT  Kat wants to know who is taking a shower.  She goes into the WA, and talks to Michie in the shower.  Michie discusses not wanting to show his cards this week, but he really wants Christie to go home.  He wants Kat safe, hopes if someone comes down, that Jess goes up.  He hoped to get HOH, but that didn't happen, so this came along and saved him.  They talk a little more, then she goes to the WC.  Michie is getting dressed, BB tells him to put on his microphone.  He said sure, just a second, while he does his hair. 

1:35 PM BBT  Kat leaves the WA, Michie asks her if there is coffee made, and did she use 2 scoops.  He gets his deodorant and goes into the WC to put it on. 

1:38 PM BBT  Kat goes up to the HOH room, asks about some rubber bands to do her hair.  She said that is why she came up. Jess asks about the headphones.  Christie said they need to charge, she thinks Tommy plugged them in, but they might be okay by now.  Nicole asks Sis if she wants to lay on the bed.  Sis said she is fine.  Kat comes back and says Jess's HOH room was a baddie.  Christie said that is like a young girl's word.  Kat asks people if they played with Bratz or Barbie.

1:40 PM BBT  Cliff is alone downstairs.  He said whether the cameras are on him or not, it is time to dance, to get loose, it is dance time, celebration time, Cliff Hogg is happy where he is time.  Cliff said he is happy where he is, he is proud of who he is, he loves his family.  He needs a dance for when he wins.  He tells Sharon he loves her, when he gets home they will dance the night away, but right now he is in the B house.  Cliff says his life is amazing, BB is amazing.  He continues dancing.  Cliff said you have to enjoy life, even on the bad days, you have to enjoy life, there are people who have it so much worse.  He is giving himself a pep talk before the competition.


1:44 PM BBT  Cliff is done with his dance and pep talk.  He says now back to studying.  He loves BB, thanks BB, tells the live feeders he will give them a show.  He hopes the field trip was for people that live feeders don't like.  He keeps talking to the live feeders (thanks!)  He hopes people value what they have in their life, he sure does.  He starts talking to his wife again.

1:47 PM BBT  Cliff says that at some point, they (Him and Sharon) need to renew their vows and start another chapter in their life.  He goes on a tangent about when they lose each other, it will be so difficult, then apologizes for getting morbid.  Starts back on just watching BB on the couch, driving along in the car, or eating a PB and J, it is all better with her by his side. He says he feels the same about his kids.  He said Kat calls him her dad, and he will be there for her, but she can't hold a candle to his own kids.  He is back to Sharon again.  They usually don't go a day without talking to one another, and 60 days is an eternity!  He says he needs her support and understanding.   He knew what he was getting into, and he is strong enough for it.  He will see her in less than 2 months.  Whether he walks out with the 500K or walks on Thursday, he is happy with how he has played.  He values her even more, that is the biggest take away from this game.  Cliff is still going on about his feelings for his wife, she is his everything, the reason for his life and all they have is a camera, a one way camera to them.  He is being very sweet, and living about his wife and family.

2:00 PM BBT  House guests got up early today for the Veto drawing, now just waiting around.  Sis is braiding Kat's hair in the HOH room, Nicole Nick and maybe Christie are sleeping in the HOH bed, Tommy is chatting with Jess about music and Cliff is still talking to his wife about how much he loves her.  We get short FoTH because Tommy keeps singing. 


(Gotta go if someone can take over)

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2019-08-10-13.55.52-Cam 1.jpg


2:00 PM BBT Cliff has wrapped up his shout outs to his family and the live feeders. He is now focusing on his studying. Christie, Sis, Jess, Tommy, Nicole and Kat continue to chit chat in the HoH while they wait for the POV to start. We have had several WBRB when they discussing individuals outside the house. 


2019-08-10-13.59.41-Cam 5.jpg


2:23 PM BBT Cliff is once again talking to us. He says that regardless what happens, he is glad Jack is out. But, it can't be just him and Jess doing it. He says that the face comps are not his cup of tea and that's going to be tough. 


2:23 PM BBT The HGs are doing their own things before the veto. Cliff is now in the RV BR going over the timeline of major events in the house. Tommy and Kat are in the house stretching. Sis is sitting and looking at the memory wall. She leaves feathers wherever she goes. Tommy is also singing a lot causing several WBRBs. BB also asks Kat to turn the music down.


2:45 PM BBT The HGs are just keeping busy while they wait or sleeping. Kat is doing yoga exercises in the HoH while she listens to music. Tommy is doing dishes. Cliff is eating a snack. Sis is talking about heating up some broccoli. Jess is in the WA and her liquid makeup foundation spilled all over her clothes. She is standing at the sink trying to recover what she can of it. 


2:51 Jess has had a makeup malfunction and tells BB through her microphone that she will come if they want to take a look at it. She says she thinks it is okay though. 

2019-08-10-14.50.33-Cam 2.jpg


2:57 PM BBT Sis is trying to sweep up all her feathers. She sweeps some up and when she walks away, more fall off. Kat comes out and says if you want to find Sis, just follow the trail of feathers. Sis "I am trying to get rid of the trail."

2019-08-10-14.57.23-Cam 1.jpg

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3:08 PM BBT

Nicole- I have this fear that I could be seen as a flip flopper

Christie- no I don't think that of you. I don't think that you flip flop. I think that you are just not aligned, so you just stay open

Christie continues schmoozing Nicole in the HoH Room, "I know I spend some of the least time with you but I knew from day 1 that ... I felt that you are a stable, a sound person...Jess too....Nick speaks so highly of you....like, he thinks you are the best person in the world."

Nicole- I don't know why he says that




Christie says she won't say names, but "it's on footage"...she personally sat in a room for 45 minutes convincing someone that it was the dumbest thing in the world for you to be a target. "Me and Tommy literally spent 45 minutes literally in an argument that this is not a good idea."

Nicole- I asked that person (Holly) directly about that and she said there was a person that was really pushing for me to be...

Christie- me?  

Nicole- no

Christie- Tommy?

Nicole- no

Christie- oh, Sis...I can't speak to that because I never personally heard her say that

Nicole- when I spoke to this person again during Jess' HoH then it was a different person

Christie- oh well that answers my question....on my life, on my people, I am a vault. I already have bad blood with them. I'm not going to say anything.

Nicole- she said Sis and some other people but Michie and me pushed for you to stay

Nicole- I will admit to you that...I don't know if I should...

Christie- you don't have to

Nicole- it's scary to not know where you fall

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Kat was crying and apologizing to Cliff as soon as the feeds returned. Christie is talking with Kat saying she has a heart too, and she understands how Kat feels.  "it was obvious that it was like a fair game she didn't do it intentionally....he has a bum leg....and the way you handled it and showed you were remorseful."

Kat- I feel so bad though

Christie- don't beat yourself up over it...for real


They are all covered in slime. The game involved rounds.

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6:05 PM BBT Kat is crying to Cliff. She is apologizing profusely. She says she would never hurt him. She is sorry she hurt him. She doesn't like playing that way. She didn't mean it. Cliff is trying to comfort her saying that it is not hurt fault. It is an older injury. It was nothing that she did. She is empathetic and kind and he doesn't want her to think she did anything wrong. 


6:10 PM BBT Everyone is covered in slime. This was the OTEV competition. Apparently Kat and Cliff went after the rope at the same time. Cliff ended up falling and re-injuring his hurt leg. Christie is trying to console Kat saying that it was a fair game and unintentional. She tells Kat that she can feel bad for a few hours but then she has to let it go. It was an accident. 


6:13 PM BBT Nick, Nicole, Jess, Sis, Tommy and Holly are sitting around the KT counter. Nick says that he only had to leave the water one time the entire time he was playing. Nick looks down on Tommy and tells him that he did a terrible job of washing his hair. Tommy "I haven't taken a shower yet." 


6:18 PM BBT Nick says that he couldn't find the Kaitlyn Herman one. Christie jokes that she was the one that found it. It was destiny for her to find it. She can't wait to tell her all the trials and tribulations that she went through to get it. 

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6:20 PM BBT Jackson and Holly are hugging in the TBR. He says "I couldn't find it. I was on all fours trying to find it." He says that his foot is throbbing and that it is significantly worse. Meanwhile Nick and Tommy are in the HoH. Nick says that once they got "her" out, it was gravy. Tommy "She is so good." 


6:22 PM BBT In the TBR Holly is hugging Jackson. He says he can't believe that he got out in the first round. Holly goes to get him a wrap for his ankle. Jackson gives Kat a hug and she cries on his shoulder. She says that she feels so bad. Now he is going to go home and it is all because of me. Holly tells her that he would not have had it if she didn't give her all. Holly says her that Cliff couldn't win because of his leg to begin with. 

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