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Friday, August 9, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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12:20 AM BBT Tommy and Christie in the HoH Room

Tommy- I want to put up Kat and Cliff. And Nicole (as renom) I want Kat to go home

Christie- are you telling Kat

Tommy- No I'm just going to listen...I was even thinking of taking Cliff off and putting up Nicole. I don't want Cliff going this week. I want Kat

Tommy is worried Cliff could go home if he stays up. He wants Kat out because that will weaken Holly and Michie


Tommy tells Christie that they have to be careful because people have said they (Tommy and Christie) are the most dangerous showmance in the house.

Christie- no one has ever said that to me

Tommy tells Christie that he doesn't want Nick sleeping alone in the RV with Jess, Nicole and Kat. "You've got to get in there"

12:26 AM BBT  Cliff meets with Tommy in the HOHR

Tommy tells Cliff that he loves him so much "I really do"

Cliff tells Tommy that he had to get out Jack because he is a hell of a player

Tommy- I understand that

Cliff- and he offered me a hell of a deal

Tommy- I know! I was a part of that.

Cliff- we have always been straight forward....and the other thing is I never put you or Christie up thinking maybe we could possibly work together...

Tommy- I really am not playing with Christie though. I know it could look that way, but I've been playing my own game, especially the last few weeks

Cliff- I remember you saying you didn't want to win competitions so I was laughing when you won this one

Tommy- I know. It wasn't athletic. [no, it was really more luck...not much skill]...I just told myself that if it's meant to be it will happen

Cliff- the only other thing I want to pitch to you is that I ask a favor that we don't tread on eggshells. I don't want it to be a weird week. I don't want anyone to think we can't laugh and play. If it's my time, it's my time...I want to enjoy my last in the house...The one person I am worried about is Sis [he should be...she "hates" him]

Tommy listens throughout and offers "yeah's and other words of affirmation

CLiff- I just want to make amends with her...that's just me wanting to have a happy house

Tommy- it's just still fresh (Sis' anger).....if I have to nominate you this week and I hope this stays between us I promise you are not the one I want to go home...I can't promise you won't go up but I really mean it when I say that I do not want you to go home this week.

Cliff- thanks

Tommy- I would like to work with you down the road and I promise you are not the one I want to go home

Cliff- I appreciate it

12:43 AM Kat meets with Tommy in the HoH Room

Kat tells Tommy that she hates that she had to see Jack go, but she wanted to do what was best for Jess' game

Tommy- I promise that I would have done the same thing in your position

Kat tells Tommy that if he was the one next to Michie, things would have been different


Kat tells Tommy that she was frustrated when Jack was offering deals to others but never to her

Tommy- I think it's because he knew he could never get you

Kat- but the thing is, he could have

Tommy- oh, that sucks...he didn't think there was a world where he would get you (her vote to stay)

Sis comes in to talk with Tommy but says just come get her when he is done with Kat

Tommy- I promise you Kat, I really felt like we were working together

Kat- I thought so too

Tommy- but the thing you said that really rung true to me, and I told Jack.... is that on one hand is a guy who treats you like crap and the other is a guys who thinks you don't matter...but that wasn't a thing  (Tommy tells her that Jack did value her)  [I disagree....Jack thinks he is that person and I believe he wants to be that person, but he isn't that person. Jack has some work to do on himself before he becomes the man he thinks he is....Christie and Sis should join him on that journey  -MamaLong]

Kat- I do feel like...fuck...we just made a huge decision on the game but neither one of those (evicting Jack ot Jackson) would affect my game but..

Kat explains that she knew where Michie stands but not Jack

Tommy- I can't make any promises but I love you so much

Kat- is there anything (that he wants to know)

Tommy- no, honestly, no


Kat- is there anything that I can do...I mean I really don't want to go on the block. Is there anything I can do or say...I mean I think I can't hurt your game...only enrich it

Tommy- I don't know

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Tommy tells Kat that he never told Nick that he was going to put her up "I have learned not to say things to Nick...want to fucking kill him" He was speculating. I really do not know what I am going to do yet. I know there are a select few that I don't want to put up but it's hard because I love everyone so much. I don't know what I'm going to do. I have to talk to everybody. I promise my door will be open all week long

Kat doesn't get the hint and she stays to talk more. SHe tells Tommy that she hopes he doesn't put her up because she "knows Holly" because that's not true. He repeats everything he already said and finally she leaves

Tommy- will you tell Sis to come back in

Kat- I'll go find her

1:06 AM BBT

Tommy tells Sis that he is really only "talking to the six...I meant the five"

Sis- who is the five

Tommy- well, what is left of the six

Sis- oh

Tommy tells her he wants to weaken Holly and Michie so that the other side is weak and Nick will have no other choice but to side with them

Tommy- it doesn't make sense to put up Holly/Michie because they are numbers for us

Sis- I think you should put up Kat and Cliff because either way one of them goes home  [but you don't know about the field trip, Sis, and I truly hope you are on it and become a nom]  Sis tells Tommy that Cliff said he would have put up Tommy and Christie but kept Christie

Tommy tells Sis what he told Cliff and that he feels what Sis said confirms he should put up Kat and Cliff for sure.

Sis tries to convince Tommy that CLiff should be the target "Kat has been throwing HOH comps and she has told me that she doesn't want it because she doesn't have a target, so it would be good to keep Kat because she won't win HoH  [you gullible girl, you  -MamaLong]

Tommy tells Sis that he trusts Nick, but not enough. He needs to weaken that side first

Sis- I don't think you should put up Jess or Nicole

Tommy- I don't want to

1:14 AM BBT

Tommy- I learned last week that it can be dangerous to play with an alliance.....what we need to worry about are the people that are good with everyone (Kat and Cliff)

Sis- I don't think it's Michie and Holly

Tommy- you don't....she fucking voted to keep Jackson

Sis- she's so dumb

Tommy says he thinks they know each other. He wonders who will go home if Kat and Cliff are on the block.

Sis- it depends on the veto....no, she would go home if it was Kat and CLiff

Sis- if you tell everyone that you want Kat gone

Tommy- I don't think they will listen

Sis- I know Jackson and Holly would (vote Kat out) [no, Kat has a final 2 with Holly]

Tommy- I just have to make sure she goes home

Sis- I don't think she is a backdoor plan...

Tommy- no, she can't win veto under pressure

Sis- do you think someone would take her off

Tommy- absolutely

Nick comes in "I just wanted to see if you are having a one on one....your time is up"

Sis- well, I'm not done

Nick- really....Tommy, I have to admit that I said I have a crush on you in the DR

Tommy- you have to watch your mouth. Kat came up here and told me she thinks it's her because Nicole told her you said it was going to be Kat and Cliff

Nick- she did? What a snake! I can't believe she snaked me

Nick- what a shit brain. Why did she do that? I only told her because she asked and I thought I could trust her. (he adds he was just speculating)

Nick stays in the HoH even though Sis said she wasn't done

Sis says she is confused that Christie is staying in the RV after she said she was going to sleep with me

Nick- she said she wanted to keep balance...it is very peculiar. Maybe she doesn't want to sleep in the room with Michie

Tommy- duh, yeah I bet that is what it is

Tommy tells Sis she can stay with him. SHe tells him he gets the first night to himself.

Nick repeats that he told the DR he has a crush on Tommy. Tommy asked for details and the feeds cut when Nick provides.

Tommy- don't get mad at Nicole for telling me

Nick- how did you know I was thinking that...no I just can't believe she did that, especially telling Kat because she gets paranoid


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Sis and Nick both tell TOmmy to do what is the least amount of blood on his hands. They suggest Jackson.

Tommy- Jackson will go if up next to anyone in the house

Nick leaves the HoH room and then Tommy tells Sis that he told Christie to sleep in the RV so Nick isn't alone with Jess, Kat, and Nicole

Sis- Oh, no wonder....that's smart

Sis tells Tommy his best bet is Kat and Cliff. Tommy agrees.

Tommy tells Sis that the reason he voted against Jack is because he wanted to be on the opposite side of Christie's vote since people connect them so much. They both agree they can't tell Christie stuff....she has a BIG mouth.    [yeah, and it's nasty, too...just like Sis...no Sis is worse  -MamaLong]

1:54 AM BBT

Tommy meets with Jess for their one-on-one in the HoH Room

Tommy- I am going to do what is best for the house; I'm literally saying nothing to nobody (huh?)

He tells Jess she is his HOH Goals and he wants to work with her


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8:06 AM BB does things a bit out of order this morning. BB first turns all the lights on, including in the bedrooms where the HG are still asleep.  BB "Attention HGs, it is time to get up for the day. There are fresh batteries in the SR." We then have about 2 seconds of music followed by the traditional WBRB wake up call. 


8:20 AM BBT The feeds return. Cliff, Michie and Nick are up. Cliff and Michie head to the KT. Most of the others are still in bed. 


8:22 AM BBT There are some audio problems this morning. Tommy is up and has a discussion with Michie in the KT on his way to the SR. We don't hear either side of that conversation 


8:29 AM BBT Tommy has gone back to bed. We still have no idea on feeds 3 or 4. Feeds 1 and 2 are fine.


8:40 AM BBT Jackson is spicing up some coffee with a lot of honey and some whipped cream on top. He has filled up 3 mugs full. Christie talks about a conversation that she had with Jess to Sis and Nick in the TBR. In the conversation they discussed what would happen if after they finished this season, they went home and watched it all, and then came back to play the season again next year. What would they do differently, or how would they play differently, a second time around? Would the same alliances reform? Would no one want to play work with someone who had already won?


8:47 AM BBT  Kat and Jess are talking in the Camper BR. Jess says that this really sucks. Kat tells her that she had a good talk with Tommy but she doesn't know where his head is at. Kat tells her that Tommy wouldn't tell her if she was safe or not and that he wasn't telling anyone. 


8:52 AM BBT Tommy is talking to Sis in the HoH about his upcoming nomination speech. He plans to say that he will not be using this week to build or rebuild alliances. He is focusing on individual relationships. The players he fears the most are the ones that have good relationships with everyone in the house and he wants them to fight hard in the POV. Tommy tells her that he spoke to both Michie and Nick and asked them if they are going to vote the way he wants them to. He didn't speak to Holly because he wants them to see that he sees Michie and Holly as individual players.


8:56 AM BBT Tommy continues to work on his nomination speech with Sis and what he plans to tell the others afterwards. Tommy tells her that he is going to tell Cliff that he wants to honor his promise that if he (Cliff) stays on the block that he won't be Tommy's target. He also plans to let Cliff know what Nick said to him. Nick told him that Cliff had dropped Tommy's name and that he was on Cliff's radar. Tommy says it wouldn't hurt if this ended up putting a wedge between Cliff and Nick. Tommy says he will tell Kat that he loves her, but he sees her working with everyone. You can't tell who she is aligned with because she is aligned with everyone. Tommy tells her that Kat is a dangerous player. Sis and Tommy think they can continue working with Nick but they don't entirely trust him. 

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9:00 AM BBT Tommy and Sis continue to talk in the HoH. They both think that Nick wants to work with them and take them further in the game. They say that Nick has promised he wouldn't put either of them up. Tommy is called to the DR which ends their talk. 


9:04 AM BBT Just before heading down to the DR, Tommy tells sis that he is not rebuilding relationships with Holly and Michie this week. 


9:05 AM BBT Nick talks to Michie and Holly in the TBR. Nick says that Sis told him that Jack was the best she has ever had.  Nick and Sis had also discussed Jack's size, their positions and everything. Nick says that he had a great experience with Bella in the shower. It was actually one of the best he has ever had. He goes into great detail about the effects of the water on their "interaction". 


9:15 AM BBT Jess is talking to Christie and Nicole in the RV BR. She jokes that she is so comfortable with her husband that she has no problem telling him to get away from her in bed sometimes. She needs the cold and can't sleep next to someone who is sweaty.


9:18 AM BBT It appears the intermittent audio problems may be exclusive when viewing the quad feeds.


9:35 AM BBT Jess is talking to Nicole and Christie about the anxiety she feels when they are filming scenes for the show. Jess and Christie both got very scared when doing their nomination speeches. Having all the stress plus memorizing the script was rough. 


9:45 AM BBT Christie tells Jess, Nicole and Tommy that some of her friends have a hard time with her honestly. WBRB. When the feeds return, they are discussing that BB woke them up really early this morning.


9:55 AM BBT General chit chat while the HGs speculate on why BB woke them up so early. 

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10:16 AM BBT The girls (Nicole, Sis, Kat and Jess) are in the WA getting ready for whatever BB woke them up early for. Meanwhile the guys are pretty much laying around. 


10:24 AM Jess and Sis discuss how weird it feels with so many people out of the house now. Jess says it almost feels like she can sense remnants of their ghosts in the house and that it is kind of creepy. Jess and Sis discuss how Jess thinks she will have to poop soon and about Sis' inability to poop. 


10:35 AM BBT Holly and Tommy are making plans to go and talk in the HoH. On his way, Tommy offers to talk to Kat as well. Kat says no, they spoke yesterday. 


10:37 AM BBT Nick and Cliff discuss football and the draft. Nick thinks the Colts are going to have a great season. Meanwhile Holly and Tommy go up to the HoH to talk. Tommy tells her that what he is hearing is that there were a group of insiders and outsiders in the game. This week he tells her that he wants to focus on individual relationships this week. However he tells Holly that he feels that the remaining 5 need to stick together this week. 

Tommy Holly HoH.jpg


10:38 AM BBT Tommy tells Holly that the 5 need to work together but that they can't voice that this week. Holly and Tommy talk about how the others are closer than they are getting along. Holly says that their claims that they are just outsiders who aren't aligned isn't true. Tommy says that he won't be putting up Jackson because he would go home. And he isn't willing to put up one of his own either.


10:41 AM BBT Tommy tells Holly that what he wanted to say more than anything is to not make it look like the 5 are working together again. Holly admits that she is still frustrated at one of the remaining 5 (Christie). Holly says she loves Tommy, Sis and Michie and has their back. But full disclosure, she is still trying to work through things with that one person. Holly says she realizes that people are trying to link Tommy to that one person and that it needs to be just water under the bridge at this point in the game. 


10:46 AM BBT Holly and Tommy are still talking in the HoH. She tells him that she trusts him completely. And that if he needs anything from her, to let her know. Holly tells him to do what feels right game wise and in his gut. Nicole comes in so the conversation changes to the fish. The fish named Nicole is just staring at the wall and the fish named Michie is eating everything. Tommy "True to life" Nicole thinks the fish Nicole is dying. 


10:53 AM BBT Tommy, Jess, Holly and Nicole are talking in the HoH. Nicole says that BB made them get up and put their faces on so early. She also noted that it does not say Nominations Today on the TV. She says it may be like a special Friday night episode and maybe they will go straight from noms to the POV. Jess "How many people can we get paranoid including ourselves just because it doesn't say nominations on the TV?"


11:05 AM BBT Furry critters


12:00 PM BBT The feeds are still on furry critters.


1:00 PM BBT It has now been on puppies and kitties for 2 hours. It is safe to assume that this is not caused by Have Nots or Nominations because the feeds have been down too long. It is most likely that they are on the field trip. It makes sense that this would happen before nominations since the field trip competition will be putting someone on the block this week. 

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Tommy, Sis, Nick, Nicole, Jess, Holly and Cliff were just hanging out in the HOH room when Christie comes in to use the shower.  This was at 11:04 BBT  Feeds cut at 11:05 AM and are still off at 1:30 PM BBT (puppy cam)

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3:00 PM BBT The feeds are back

Christie and Sis are wearing Hawaiian shirts.

Cliff did not play in the competition "just watching y'all made me tired."

In the HoH Room

Sis- I really tried

Tommy- but I'm glad you didn't though

Nick did not play, "That was the hardest thing to watch"

It sounds like Christie will be the 3rd nominee.

Christie- I thought I was okay and it just sucks....you're gonna use the veto on me? 

Nick- you are not going home. I'm not letting it happen


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3:03 PM BBT The feeds return. Tommy looks unhappy. Taiwandela (sp)was the name of the Field Trip location. Christie and Sis are wearing Hawaiian T-Shirts. Sis and Tommy go upstairs. She is apologizing to him and keeps saying that she tried over and over. Nick is wearing a bandanna and asks if he f***ed him up. Nick says he is going to win the veto. Christie has joined them and starts crying. "Are you going to use the veto on me?  I am scared. I know I deserve it because I lost. They are going to vote me out. I voted to evict them."


3:11 PM BBT Michie and Holly go in the SR and celebrate. Michie says he is guaranteed safety. Sis, Christie and Michie competed. Michie came in first giving him safety. Sis came in second winning a punishment. Christie lost and will be on the block. 



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Tommy- this changes things

Nick- you can use this to your advantage

Tommy asks Sis to leave the HoH Room so he can speak to Nick alone

Sis- Sure...bye

It sounds like Jackson was third player in the Field Trip Comp and he won safety so he can't be put up as a nom or renom.

Tommy- Jackson can't be put up

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3:10 PM BBT  Michie got safety, Sis came in second, Christie is third one on the block.  Tommy told Nick that he wants to put up Cliff and Kat, with Kat being the one to go home.  In the SR Michie, Cliff and Holly are thrilled Michie is safe, they want Christie to go home, but it depends on the veto.

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3:12 PM BBT  Nick is swearing over and over that he is not in an alliance with the other side.  He said now that Tommy is HOH, he can show his cards.  He will definitely take Christie down if he plays in the veto.  He think Nick, Tommy, Sis and Christie can go to the end together.  Nick makes sure that Tommy knows Cliff was going to put up Christie and Tommy with Tommy as the target.  Nick said he doesn't like playing both sides.  Nick said he and Cliff talk, and Tommy wants to put up Cliff and Kat.  He said Kat is dangerous. She has a good relationship with everyone in the house.  They are already counting votes with Christie coming down.

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sis says it was hard.png

Michie to Christie- One of us knew we were going up when we went out there 

He hugs Christie

Michie and Holly go in the SR. He dances and pumps his fists

Holly- I'm so proud of you

Michie- let's see...I get to play in the double eviction next week...guaranteed safety and Christie goes on the block


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3:25 PM BBT Christie is in the CBR with Nicole and Jess. Christie says that this sucks because she is on the block because of her own poor performance. She knows that she has to take her turn on the block. She didn't come into this thinking that she would be like Derrick and never be on the block. It would be different though if she had been nominated. Christie admits that she is afraid the fans voted her to do this because they don't like her.


3:35 PM BBT Christie tells Jess and Nicole that she doesn't want to suck the joy out of it when someone won their own safety today. She says that it's ok. If she goes, then she goes to jury with Jack, her dude. She is just down on herself. She says she is her own worst critic. 


3:41 PM BBT Kat and Tommy are talking in the HoH. Tommy tells her that he doesn't know what he is going to do. The field trip changes things. He says that he loves her. WBRB. When the feeds return, Tommy is again saying that he doesn't know what he is going to do. Kat tells him that he gets it. Tommy says that this week is going to be about moving forward. Kat tells him she understands and it is tough. Tommy "I give you my word, if I have to nominate you..." Kat interrupts him and thanks him for not back-dooring her. Kat tells him that if she is not up on the block and has a vote, she would be a vote for Christie to stay. Tommy says he will consider that. 

2019-08-09-15.43.56-Cam 3.jpg


3:48 PM BBT Jess is now talking to Tommy. They joke that you can't write this type of drama. Tommy tells her that he thinks he knows what he is going to do. He thinks it is the most fair for everybody. Tommy says he won't say names but everything that he told her yesterday still stands.

2019-08-09-15.49.40-Cam 4.jpg


3:50 PM BBT In the HoH, Jess tells Tommy that he is in a really tough spot and maybe the best thing for him is for Christie to win the POV. That way Tommy doesn't get more blood on his hands by nominating someone else. 


3:53 PM BBT Jess and Tommy are still talking in the HoH. He says that this week, no matter what happens or who takes themselves off, she will not go up. 


3:56 PM BBT Tommy and Jess continue to talk in the HoH. She promises him that if she is chosen to use the veto, she will not be using to save one of her people. In turn, Tommy tells her that he would never ask her to use it on Christie either. 










I have to go. If anyone wants to keep going, that would be great.

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4:40PM BBT (before Chicken time) Tommy was telling Christie he was going for Kat and Cliff hoping Kat goes.  The both say Jack would be so happy to see Kat show up and know Tommy sent her out.  Tommy says his main goal is to get Christie off the block.  Nick apparently had laid with Christie crying with her that she was up and promised if he plays PoV he would take her off.  


Michie comes up and offers to play for Tommy and he would take Christie off.  Tommy tells him he has everyone agreeing to leave his noms the same.  He thinks he is in good with everyone and that they have pity for him after Jack left.  Tommy says he is gonna tell Cliff that he has heard things and they are disturbing him.  He says he has heard Cliff was gonna put up Tommy and Christie with Tommy being his target.


5:09PM BBT WBRB is on feeds.  I am guessing it may be Nom time.

Now puppies  for quite a while now.

[I hope they explain how PoV will work with the 3 up and if veto is used, what then? Will Christie be eligible for Veto? Will she be replaced with a 3rd? - rms]

5:26PM BBT still puppies.  


Earlier in the HoHR Tommy spoke to Nicole and, like he did with most, he keeps trying to sell how altruistic, selfless and fair he is and is still using his "best thing for the house" routine.

He's trying to sell that he needs to get Kat out because she is good with everyone in the house and that is bad for everyone's game.

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