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America's Got Talent Season 14-Judge Cuts-Jay Leno

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It’s the final night of judge cuts! Our guest judge is one of the hardest working men in show business, comedian, author, and legendary late night TV show host, it’s Jay Leno!


We begin the night with the Dominguez Poodle Review. Some of the dogs are excited and barking. Simon wishes them luck. The dogs do some tricks jumping over hurdles, jumping rope with their humans, and jumping through hoops. They get an ovation from the audience and some of the dogs jump off the stage at the end and they’re running all over the stage.


Howie says it’s chaotic and who doesn’t love chaos? The question he has is this a step up? Julianne says there are few things that didn’t go as planned, but it was a beautiful hurricane. Jay says dogs are hilarious and it was a lot of fun. Gabrielle says they love all the dog acts and they love their family. Simon says it was fantastic chaos and it’s almost the most fun family to be part of. Simon suggests a Lion King theme if they make it through.


Julianne asks Jay when he’s going to hit his golden buzzer and he says soon. We then see a dance act called DM Nation. They are on a mission to show Simon they have a lot of personality. They want to be the first all-female dance group to make it to the finals. Julianne wishes them luck. They dance to Run Boy Run by Woodkid.


Simon says it’s very technical and professional, but there’s a coldness to them he can’t relate to. Jay says he doesn’t agree and he was totally blown away. Julianne says they did step it up and they delivered.


Ben Trigger is our next act and he’s a dancer. He says this is his dream and he’s going to chase it. He takes the stage and Julianne greets him. Ben says he’s going to go a bit more serious tonight and show them he’s a real dancer. He performs to Titanium by David Guetta ft. Sia and then it switches to Proud Mary by Tina Turner and he has a gold colored costume and he has tassels. He goes down to the judges table and as he’s finishing he leans over and hits the golden buzzer with his hat.


Jay says it’s been a long time since Crocodile Dundee. It was a lot of fun to watch, good job. Howie says it harkens back to Janet Jackson and the half time show. Gabrielle says she would have been upset if he hadn’t given them tassles. Simon doesn’t know what to say, but where does this go? Ben says oh so many places. Julianne says we’ll see what happens, but she loves the show.

We see a clip of Nicholas Conners singing Ain’t Nobody by Chaka Khan and Jay saying he enjoyed it.


We then see Jordan Ravi performing High Hopes by Panic! At the Disco. Simon thought this was a way better audition and he was really impressed with that. Jay agrees with Simon and he thought it sounded great.


Next we have Benicio Bryant and he says there is way more pressure than last time. Benicio is going to perform an original song this time called Here Goes Nothing. Julianne greets him and says she hasn’t stopped thinking about him since the first audition. Julianne wishes him luck and says let’s see what you got. Benicio plays the guitar as he performs.


Jay says he feels like they are looking directly into his heart. Howie says there are a lot of great acts tonight and it’s so much harder now. Simon says he loved his first audition, but he liked him even more today. Simon’s advice is to not listen to anyone other than himself.


Victor Moiseev takes the stage and does juggling and Julianne thought the creativity was off the chargers.


Next is Marina Mazepa and she’s a dancer and contortionist. She loves to shock people and she has to surprise them even more to get to the live shows. She wants to show the judges something they won’t forget. Marina climbs a pole as she takes the stage and lays at the top of the pole. She performs to Madness by Ruelle. She comes down the pole and heads to the judges table right in front of Simon and then heads back to the stage.  


Jay says he doesn’t know the definition of art, but he knows when he sees it. He thought it was creative and he was impressed. Julianne says in this day and age you have to be creative and innovative and original and she’s all of those things and more. Simon loves they don’t have a clue is going to happen. Simon says it’s very cool and very current.


Next is Charlotte Summers and she’s a singer from Spain. She takes the stage and she’s greeted by Howie and he wishes her luck. She performs You Don’t Own Me by Lesley Gore. Gabrielle is on her feet as Charlotte performs. She gets an ovation from the audience and all five judges. Jay says interesting choice of song, it was one of the first feminist songs, he was blown away. Simon says there is a real rawness to her which he loves.


Next up is Callie Day and she’s a singer and she’s always wanted to perform, but the door was never open. She’s more nervous because there are so many talented singers. She says this is probably her last chance and she’s thankful for this opportunity and she hopes to win. She takes the stage and is greeted by Howie and he wishes her luck. She performs Up to the Mountain by Patty Griffin. She gets an ovation from the audience and all five judges.


Jay says he’d love to hear her do it a capella because she is so much better than any instrument. Julianne says she was so captivating that they could hear a pin drop, she captured her heart. That was stunning. Simon says she is what gospel is all about. He thanks her for making their job even harder tonight.  


Next is Zack and Stan and they are magicians. They are danger/magicians and Howie thought it was icky and wow. He will fight for them.


Then we Sos and he had the judges think about something and write it down and he’s going to try and put it on a canvas. Sos takes the first letter of what the judges thought onto the canvas and it was Terry and they enjoyed it.


Kara with a K is up next and she’s a comedian. Simon says here comes trouble and he greets Kara. They need too adjust her microphone and Simon wants to know what she’s done to prepare and she says stretching and preparing to be a star. She begins her act and it doesn’t seem to be going over well. She pulls a couple of small wine bottles out and she takes her wig off at the end and does the splits. The judges seem speechless. Jay says there weren’t enough jokes in there for him. Simon says they’ll talk about her later.


Our next act is Emmane Beasha and she’s an opera singer. She thinks this is the hardest song she’s ever done that she will perform. She takes the stage and is greeted by Simon and he wishes her luck. She performs and everyone seems stunned and Jay looks at Julianne. She gets an ovation from the audience and all five judges.


Howie says she comes out and she shows the other acts how it’s done. Simon says the fact she is a normal person and a voice like that is something you can’t train to get. Jay says he feels like he’s a witness to something really special and when people ask him what he remembers the most, he’ll say he remembers hitting the golden buzzer. And he does. Emmane is moving on to the live shows!


Eric Chien is a magician and he’s ready to take the stage. He’s going to give it his all to make the live shows. Simon welcomes him back and he wishes him luck. He is going to test how powerful the imagination is. He places four coins in Jay’s hand and then he has him “imagine” putting a coin back in Eric’s hand and one of the coins has disappeared from Jay’s closed hand.


Eric has a table in front of the judges table and he takes a card and puts a circle on it with a marker. He pulls the circle off the card and it’s a coin and then he makes it disappear. He makes it disappear and reappear a couple of times and then he turns it into two coins and then three. He has made them all disappear and then he pulls his sleeves up and then he drops about 10-15 coins on the table. He picks one up and puts it in Jay’s hand and has the judges look and he puts his hands over Jay’s hand and the coin has disappeared leaving a ring of ink. He then pulls a cloth off the table he was at and it has circles drawn on it and a square with no coins.


Julianne says Eric has a wonderment about him and he makes them feel like anything is possible. Howie thought it was spectacular and he thinks Eric upped his game and he will fight for him to go through. Simon says he and his son do believe in magic and it’s not a trick when it happens two feet away from him. He thinks the close-up stuff is great for awhile, but if he wants to get to Vegas he has to do something big.


Next to the stage is The Voices of Service and Simon greets them and wishes them luck. They perform See You Again by Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth. They get an ovation from the audience and all of the judges.


Gabrielle thanks them for their service and their sacrifice and their voices inspire, heal, and provide hope. Jay thinks it’s great they are here and he can tell it comes from the heart and they really are healers and he thanks them for that. Simon says they really like them as people and all of their voices are amazing, but Crystal’s voice is phenomenal. He tells them they have to do something that tops that if they move on. Howie thanks them for their service and for making it tougher on them tonight.


It’s time for our final two acts of the night. We see a suitcase walking on the stage and it’s Jonathon Burns. He needs someone to help him out and he calls Terry to the stage. He has a gold jacket on and he puts a trashbag on Terry. Simon hits his X and then Howie does as well. The judges don’t seem impressed. Simon says he doesn’t know what to say other than it was awful. Gabrielle says it wasn’t his night tonight.


The last act is Jackie Fabulous and she’s a comedian and she wants the rest of the world to know that too. She says her mother still tells friends she’s in the legal field. Her mom is here to watch her perform. Jackie takes the stage and is greeted by Gabrielle and she wishes her luck. Jackie begins her set. She says as she closes can I get an amen and Jay gives her an amen and an ovation.


Gabrielle says she had them laughing from the beginning. Howie says what a waste of six years of college! Jay says she made eye contact with the jury and all good comedy is a comedy of words and that law degree wasn’t wasted, she did a good job. Simon thought she was hilarious.


Opera singer Emanne Beasha has already advanced through the Golden Buzzer of guest judge Jay Leno. Which of the remaining 18 acts will take the other six spots and move on to the live shows?

Jay, Simon, Howie, Gabrielle and Julianne sort through the acts, and it seems like there's very little they agree on. But they come up with their final decisions. Voices of Service are the first called to the stage. The judges put them through!

The next acts to face the judges are Magicians Eric Chien, SOS and Zack & Stan. There's only room for one of them and it's Eric Chien!

There are 4 spots left but neither Kara with a K nor Jonathan Burns make it through.  And after an argument between the judges, Callie Day calls it a day for on her journey. Contortionist Marina Mazepa and juggler Victor Moiseev face the judges but only Marina makes it through.

Singers Charlotte Summers and Nicholas Connors had amazing auditions but only Charlotte is going through.  Dominiguez Poodles, DM Nation and Ben Tigger brought joy and engery to their performance, and they'll take it home with them as they do not make it to the next round.

Jackie Fabulous faces the judges. Howie tells her that despite what her mother says, she's a comedienne.  She's going to have to write more material for the Live Show!  Howie even gives her a hug. 

Singers Jordan Ravi and Benicio Bryant stand side-by-side beside before the judges. Both of their auditions were amazing, but six have already been put through, so there's only one place remaining.  Howie says he can already see the tears.  This has been very difficult for me, Simon says, what I'm about to say. Something's bothering me. Can you go back stage for a moment? Both of you?  I need to talk to the other judges.  Jordan and Benicio go back stage with Terry while Simon tells Howie, Gabrielle and Julianne that something's bothering him.

Howie calls Jordan and Benicio back out. The boys take their marks and Simon says the person that is going through is Benicio. And Jordan, I am gutted, we're all gutted.

What do you think about tonight's Judge's Cuts?  Do you have a favorite heading into the Live Shows?


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