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Wednesday, August 7, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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[With the backyard reopening last night and staying open, I am thinking the live show will focus on the Field Trip twist and not a n HOH comp, but I could be wrong]


The HOHR and Have-Not room houseguests were up until until the wee hours of the morning. They were all chipper and giggly. The lights went out around 3:00 AM



[5:30 AM BBT A MamaLong Recap

There really is nothing new to report. Jack has been thinking up various plans that will save him, but none of them will realistically work. Kat has basically refused to talk with Jack two separate times...not in a mean way, just in a way that makes it clear she does not want to talk game with him. The plan to evict Jack is in full swing. It seems the outsiders are all prepared to target Christie next, and the fatal remains of the 6 will target Michie/Holly. Several have mentioned Cliff as a target, but those conversations end up fizzling out. 

Voting to evict Jack on Thursday- Kat, Nicole, Cliff, Holly and Nick

Voting to evict Michie- Christie, Tommy and Sis

There has been discussion with both Tommy and Christie about switching votes and evicting Jack (to save any possible relationships with the outsiders) but, I'm not sure that will transpire. What's left of the 6 are basically in desperation mode, realizing that this eviction is a make it or break it game move.


Today will likely be filled with Jack trying to maneuver some votes his way. Michie has not been campaigning at all, and I do not expect that to change.]


The houseguests are still sleeping.


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10:30 AM BBT  Tommy is up and follows Christie into the SR to get new batteries. Tommy says he was hoping to get out of the costume today. ( possibly after the live show - piercka)) She asks what is going on, he said nothing, no one is up but Cliff walking around the bathroom.  They say they just want to see what happens today.  Christie leaves, Tommy follows once he gets his costume back on. 

Tommy goes to the KT and talks with Cliff about halfway.  Cliff said they are at the halfway point.  Tommy said they have only evicted 5 people, there are so many more to go.  Cliff said if there is a double tomorrow (there isn't) and the final 3 stay until the end, then they are at halfway.  Cliff said Nick has done the math.  Tommy goes to the WA and talks with Christie while she is doing ADL's  Cliff is in the KT, said he wants a What A Burger breakfast taquito.  He asks for them to send them to him by drone. 

Cliff is getting coffee in the KT while Tommy and Christie discuss how much Tommy got called last night.  He says only once. 

Christie goes into the KT, Cliff asks if she wants coffee.  She asks if he made it, he says no, he thinks it was Michie.  Nick comes in, they say good morning, and he goes looking for Tommy, he says he misses him.  Nick complained about waking up a lot because it was cold.  In the KT, Cliff continues puttering around, Christie said today should be interesting.  Cliff says yeah, but is not starting a conversation with Christie.

10:38 AM BBT Christie takes her coffee into the WA, joining Tommy on the couch as Nick brushes his teeth.

10:48 AM BBT  Jack and Sis are in bed in the TBR, he is stroking her hair.  The feeds switch to the have-not room, where Michie and Holly ar in bed.  Michie said it is hot, and he sweat a lot last night.  She sleepily says she is sorry, they spoon.

10:38 AM BBT  Cliff is eating in the WA talking with Nick, Christie, and Tommy.   Tommy says he was only called once last night, Christie said he is winding down.  He says he has 4 more days in the suit.  They are surprised it is that long.  He said he got it on Saturday.  They discuss taking the helmet off (it makes his neck hurt).  We get FoTH while he tells what production told him.  Feeds are back.  They are discussing the jury house, how they can nap and won't be watched as much.  (at all).  Christie says when she gets out, she hopes they don't have haters.  Cliff said someone might have said one little thing, and it gets screen shot, and goes viral.. She doesn't think anyone will have major haters or anyone losing their job over what happens in the house.  (She may be in for a surprise!)  They are talking about missing their families, current events, watching or hearing the news.  They wonder what has happened while they are in there. 

10:59 AM BBT  Nick went back to bed in the TBR.  In the WA, Christie, Tommy and Cliff are discussing what is being put out about them on the message boards.  They hope nothing bad.  Christie says he has nothing to worry about.  He says you haven't seen my diary room sessions.  They all laugh.  Then the discussion progresses to faces they make when they are mad, or concentrating.  Cliff makes a face when he is thinking, but they thought he was mad.  Cliff said they haven't seen him mad, it takes a lot to get him mad, and they will definitely know when he is mad.  Christie said she doesn't think anyone has seen anyone really mad.  Tommy said maybe a couple.  Christie said she hasn't been really mad. (really?)  She explains what she feels, and lots of crying.  Cliff said he gets upset when people are being treated unfairly.   Michie comes in and tells them they will want to leave, he has to use the WC, and it will be bad.  They all get up, laughing that they know to heed his warning.  In the KT, Holly said she got the preview, and this will be bad.  Now talking about pants that were outside. 

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11:05 AM BBT   Holly and Cliff are alone in the KT.  Holly said Michie made a promise not to campaign against Jack, but she told him she thinks he needs to talk with people.  Cliff agrees.  He understands why Michie is doing that, he doesn't want to break his promise and say negative things.  Michie comes in, Cliff is talking about coffee filters, and that Michie made coffee this morning.  Also, there are 2 more watermelons in the SR.  Holly said she will make chicken and waffles tonight with her watermelon salad.  Cliff said they need to talk in case there is a double eveiction this week.  They think they are all on the same page, aren't really saying names.  Holly said she has heard Christie and Tommy are coming after her, but she thinks it is Christie influencing Tommy, and he isn't really after her.  Cliff said they are all thinking he same tree people, they just need to make sure that those tree don't win HOH.  They notice the time is 11:11 and Holly does a Spotify shout out.  She is talking about a song she loves, but she isn't allowed to sing it.


Michie goes to the TBR with 2 cups of coffee, one for Jack.  Christie, Tommy, Cliff and Sis are in there, possibly Nick.  They say Jack is in the DR.  Michie says he wants to hash some things out before Jack starts out on the campaign trail.  He leaves. 

11:20 AM BBT  Feeds1 and 2 are on the HOH room with Nicole and Jess sleeping, no one is talking.  Feeds 3 and 4 are on TBR.  Christie left to go poop.  Cliff jokes that Michie just left there, Christie said it might be bad.  Nick and Tommy are in bed in the TBR.  They talk about Michie saying he isn't going to campaign.  Tommy says it shows he is a stand up guy, and if he starts talking he can only hurt himself.  Christie comes back, said she was kinda scared over what is happening. Sis comes in and says she didn't like Michie coming in wanting to hash things out.  They explain to her that it isn't bad, it is just wanting to clear the air.  They still aren't going to align again, since one is going.  Sis thinks this is going to work, that Jack will be staying, and Christie agrees.  She said the only thing Jackson can say is no one is his target but Christie.  She said she has been mellow all this time, just wait (ooohhh!)  Christie and Sis again say this is going to work.


11:28 AM BBT  Christie said if she and Jack are the first tow in jury, it will be a cry fest.  They will just sit around and cry.  Nick asks if they will be snuggling.  She strongly says no.  He is trying to get a reaction from her, and she is falling for it.  Christie said she won't be next to jury, because she is going to win the veto.  Tommy said can you stop saying veto and say HOH?  She said if she doesn't feel like winning the HOH, then she will win veto.  If she wins veto then he is probably going up.  She says okay, she will go for HOH.  Sis keeps saying Jack isn't going, she just feels it.  Jack comes back from DR, they tell him Jackson came in looking for him with coffee.  Jack says he thinks he is just going to just generally campaign today, and not hit it hard until tomorrow.  They tell him not to show his cards, so Michie can't counter it.  Jack leaves.  Sis says she doesn't agree with that.  She wants him to start pressing Kat now.  If he waits until tomorrow, she will be pissed and vote him out, then align with Michie and Holly.  She said he needs to make her paranoid now.  (His plan is to tell her to promise to vote to keep him or he will tell her secrets)  Cliff comes in, talking turns general.  Nick is called to upstairs DR, and Cliff leaves too.  Sis, Tommy and Christie talk about all the secrets that could come out tomorrow.  Sis said in the morning?  They say yes.  Cliff comes in and Christie is mid sentence about nothing, to cover.  Cliff sneezes twice, gets something and leaves.  Christie said she needs to talk with Cliff, she hasn't talked with him in days, but she has a good relationship with him.  Sis says she thinks Holly is going to do some campaigning today.  Christie agrees.  Sis goes back to the Kat thing, trying to decide when is best to confront her.  Holly comes in, talk stops. 

11:40 AM BBT  Michie and Jack are talking in the boat room.  Michie said he isn't making anything personal, they are still bros.  They agree to go to Vegas together.  Michie says now the others are like the six shooters, but holding on for dear life.  Jack says whoever lives, has a lot of work to do.  They will always support each other.  Michie said if they are going to Vegas, Jack needs to work on his poker face.  They were talking about Jack feeding the fish, things being shifty.  Re-hashing what went wrong, Jack said he is requesting books to read in jury.  He thinks the vote will come down to Cliff and Nicole.  Jackson said he was thinking about having a speech that would be fireworks.  He will tell Jack what it is later.  Michie said he doesn't want to go out that way.  If he used it, it would be money.  Michie said he will share it later, he learned not to tell Jack things now.  Jack agrees.  Not aggressive or mad, just low key, but truthful.  Michie said lie to me in the game, but don't stab me personally.  Michie said not to leave him to hang out to dry in the real world, they will chalk everything up to the game.   But, Michie said not outside the house. 


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11:48 AM BBT  Michie and Jackson still re-hashing things.  Jackson said he is still going to pack, especially since it might be a double eviction.  Michie brought Jack's things in from outside.  They are going to Vegas first. Jack said he is going to try to find something work out here.  Michie said he might as well.  Michie, and Holly are already out there, Bella, Nick and Jack should get get a house all together.  They are now talking about the jury house, (code name Mexico).  They said they will party, drink, no cameras, work out every day, swim in the pool, etc.  It will be like real world.  Jack is joking about it being the bros in the house.

11:54 AM BBT  Jack asks if Michie will be campaigning today.  He said he will make the rounds, and Jack should do what he needs to do.  Jack said he is an upstanding guy, except for the two times he screwed him.  Nick comes in, apologizes for interrupting.  They say no, they are done.  Jack leaves and Nick talks to Michie.  Michie said for the foreseeable future , he won't put Nick up.  They discuss Christie campaigning, beacuse she is scared.  Nick tells him to keep a low profile, and he should be good.  Michie said he understands Nick has to do whatever he needs to do.  Nick understands.  Nick said he has talked to people, he knows where they lie, unless something happens.  Michie is again alluding to the "golden" speech he has in his back pocket, but he isn't going to use it.  Talk ends, Nick says to take it easy, don't do anything stupid.  Michie hopes it is going to be a double eviction.  They keep talking.  They want Christie to go home next.  Michie said he will be on the block every week.  He said he wants to see Holly go far, she has a good chance of winning it all, better than him.  Nick said he was on the bottom 2 weeks ago, now he is fine.  He said he isn't on the top, but he is in the middle and fine there.  They talk about Nick's pimples that Michie popped.  Michie gets called to the DR downstairs, Nick said he is going to read the Bible. 

12:02 BBT  Feeds go to the KT.  Jackson walks by, Tommy tells him he was called to the DR.  Jackson says he knows, he is going to pee first.  Jack is singing about going poop, then Tommy sings it.  BB calls Jack to change his battery.  Jess is getting coffee.  Holly, Christie and Kat are in the TBR.  Holly said they are both keeping it classy.  Christie said why couldn't one be a complete jackass?  Why couldn't they suck ass?  Kat says one does, Holly and Christie go Whoa!  Kat said she wasn't going to say which one.  Christie saying she wants to be friends outside the house.  Kat yawns as she agrees, and it sounds like she said no.  They joke around.  Christie and Kat are telling Holly she will need to do good bye messages today.  Holly said she hopes he doesn't see it.  They all get up to leave, they want to take showers.  Kat stubbed her toe again. 

12:10 BBT  Jack is campaigning to Nick now.  Nick is saying his loyalties lie with Jack, Sis, Tommy and Nicole, but he is leery of Christie.  He said when he sees her talking with Kat and Holly, he knows she is trying to get the target off her back, but he is afraid it will fall on him.  Jack said if his Kat thing falls through, then he wants Nick to talk with Cliff and try to get him to turn.  Jack is going to offer Cliff and Nicole safety.  Nick is trying to decide who will be up if Cliff and Nicole are safe.  Nick said he promised Jack out on the hammock that if he got Cliff, he would keep him and it wouldn't go to a tie.  Nick is assuring Jack they are good (he did the same with Jackson).

I am out for a while, going to visit my son)

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2:20 PM BBT  HOHR (Jess and Nicole)

Nicole is reviewing that Michie is a threat, too, but Jack is more of a threat. Nicole and Jess agree that Michie is the type that wants to take care of the ladies when they are in a bad spot.


2:27 PM BBT Target Bedroom (Jack, SIs, Tommy)

Jack is telling Tommy that Nick liked the way he was spinning his campaign. Tommy responded with a thumb's up.


2:37 PM BBT

Jessica- I still believe that good versus evil will prevail

Nicole- when you talk to him I would say it's been a very difficult week and a lot of the week has been good versus evil. My whole argument was when Nick was on the block and they were saying nasty things. Then he won and they were like "Good job Buddy....we KNEW you had it in you." I am not okay with that.

Jess- I was about to go in the DR and politely decline to be houseguest choice (for POV player draw)

Nicole mentions how she had a great conversation with Jack in the hammock even though she knew it was his attempt to get in good with her, and she had a great conversation with Tommy about music. But, Christie just says things like "I know we are good" and that really scares me.

Nicole- I don't say names. I have never done it with the exception of you guys and I hope that doesn't comeback to bite me.


Nicole- Sis scares me...I know people handle things differently.... but she says she never cries and she isn't emotionally affected 

[Sis certainly feels anger often, and she openly expresses her hatred for anyone not siding with her. I think Nicole will be disgusted to find out all the things Sis has said  -MamaLong]

Jess- she is emotionally detached...she has protectors

Nicole- yeah, I see through it

Nicole- whether it is a double or not, I am very worried about the next HOH

Jess- well, CLiff can play, NIck can play. Hopefully we have more people on this side. There will be one less person because Jack will not be a thing. I don't know if Michie and Holly will feel the need to win this HOH...if everybody is going to be gunning for it. I feel they are very good at strategizing and figuring out what every point would be.

Nicole says they know that they (Cliff, Nicole, Jess, Kat) will not put them up

2:50 PM PM BBT

Jess expresses that she is so happy that she will be the one whose HOH gets Jack out because although she loves him, something is just off. SHe says she has a similar feeling about Nick

Jess- we are highly underestimated

Nicole- I have faith that things happen the way they are supposed to happen, and we shall see

Jess- True Dat

Jess goes to take a shower and Nicole enjoys the Queen music.


[A MamaLong correction to my earlier recap: Since voting goes through Friday (thanks Rmichaelsm) we won't get to see the Field Trip until Sunday's show.]

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3:00 PM BBT  Target Bedroom (Kat, Christie, Jack, SIs, Nick, and Tommy)

Kat is talking about how much she likes Ovi. CHristie and Kat shout out that they still love Ovi. Kat said he is the one that she first saw on the stage and she knew right away he was going to be a great guy.

Jack is packing his suitcase

Christie- are you taking Travis

Jack-I'm taking Travis

Kat- you can't take Travis...but it might be good collateral in your campaign

Jack- If I leave I am taking Travis  (the stuffed carrot)

Christie- (mocking Jack) you can't evict me because I'll take Travis

Kat-you can smuggle Travis

Jack-nah,  I won't take Travis.... he will be sent to me

Sis has been grooming Nick's eyebrows

Christie- I can't tell if his eyes are tearing from the pain of if it's just that he looks like a new man


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3:10 PM  The Boat Room (Cliff and Jack)

Cliff-It's been a weird week Jack

Jack- I know

Cliff- it's interesting. Jess has said however the house wants to go...I don't know if that will change

Jack- I think it's safe to say if it's a tie breaker, she votes to keep Jackson

Cliff- I don't know but think that's safe to say. You know, the last time we talked there was a couple of weeks of safety if Christie didn't use that power and that was nice I needed it I felt like I was a target otherwise, but I knew it was just for a couple of weeks....

if we end up working together are we talking me getting in with that group and being a part of meetings

Jack- it depends on what you want. I'm in a position where I know you are a powerful player...an incredible player. If it's something you want, I have built my way in this game with the integrity to help you have ....you have played a trustworthy game..and I love it...I was always pushing for you to be a part of that (the 7 and the 8) I don't want to be in a position to campaign against Jackson, but when we were at that he said we don't have to do that and I said well I want to      [did you hear that bus?]

Cliff- well I don't know were Holly falls in all that and I don't know where Nick is but if that happens I don't want to be alone and I know it's Christie and Tommy and you and SIs and maybe Holly. Maybe Nick. I'm not sure and maybe I don't care one way or another. 




3:14 PM BBT 

Jack- what I'm offering here....well, I wanted to wait because I didn't want to jeopardize your game

Cliff- I appreciate that

Jack- what I thought of...I wanted to offer you a deal of eviction immunities from multiple people that I trust....and I am a man of my word. I don't speak on other people's votes...I do know for a fact that Tommy and Sis and would give you 3 weeks of evictions. I on top of that would offer you 4...I will offer four evictions with the understanding you don't put us up or as an alternate, if you are comfortable with a shorter term to  give you 3 and then  I go up however you needs...as a shield

Cliff- if I flip on this I'm gonna piss off some people and at that point I don't need to put you up as a shield because it will be out in the open and I'm not so worried about that. If we are working together ....there is no need for me to put you up until we are at the point where there is no one left but you and me and Tommy, head to head kind of stuff

Jack- okay and that's why I offer... then SIs and Tommy have agreed to give you three and I will give you four

Cliff- and by that time we are down to 7 people and it's a whole different ball game....and I want to be honest

Jack- I want to be honest too



Cliff- that's fair enough...I get it. I'm not asking for anything to the end because we are both upfront

Jack- I would love it that coming out of this we do go into meetings with Tommy and Sis I know that you would be in this situation coming out if you accept this deal. I understand if you feel it's not best for your game and you weigh the numbers and have a better deal

CLiff- at the end of the day, I could go different ways. But from a competition standpoint there's some people I feel more comfortable can win and cover my back. You know what I mean. It's nothing personal. I have no issue with that. I'm not saying yes or no because I have to sit on it and I'll be honest I have to wait to see where others are going to fall. I'm not gonna say this is a house vote because I feel we are all passed that. I need to see where the collateral damage will be

Jack- I did speak to Nick and he said if he's a 5th he is interested...but you are more important as a 4th...but I'm not going to guarantee Nick...I can guarantee Sis and Tommy....if you speak with Nick then Nick will be a part of that. I'm not sure with Christie but I'm sure she would be a part of that

Cliff- I appreciate that Jack. You are a strong player and you have found a way to make this work and you know how I operate

Jack- the numbers I have given you. I know you are a smart guy.....and  I don't know where my campaign goes but speaking to the other side of the house this HOH is not a priority to me and I am willing to put myself up to prove my loyalty.

Cliff- that's neither here nor there...I don't care....one of my issues is that I would have some pissed off people  and if one of them won HOH it would be interesting to see what would happen

Jack- I would have your back

Cliff- that would be huge

Jack- I'd love to work with you and I didn't want to tell you too early

Cliff- well, we have so much downtime and everyone has seen me talking with the girls...and talking with Tommy and SIs

Jack- Nick did clarify to me that if you talk to him he will make a move



3:21 PM BBT

Jack- I know where Sis and Tommy land. I don't know where Christie is

Cliff- you talk about Christie. I always thought you and Christie were pretty tight. Is that not the case. You don't have to tell me if you don't want to

Jack- (big sigh) Christie  was somebody that I had a big loyalty to and I said I would die in this game for.  I stand by that and I could go down this week because of that but Christie is playing a game that is best for her game. I don't know where Christie lies.  I do trust her especially this week. I don't know what the future holds.

Cliff- alright I'll just leave it at that.  I was just thinking of somewhere down the road...and targets are less

Jack- I am guaranteeing you four weeks with me

Cliff- alright, well let me dwell   

Jack- and you have two other people that are guaranteeing you three

Cliff- well it's a great deal.

Jack- if this is all said and done and it does go that way then we sit down and notch it. If it switched I understand you piss people off but I am going to make a play that is a house move and you are the first piece int hat puzzle

Cliff- okay

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Cliff- And I like hearing if Nick's there too.... 

Jack- and I talked with Nicole last night for a long time and she is an incredible person and player I love her

Cliff-As a person she's great as a player I like her but she has not shown that she can influence one way or another

Jack- maybe by the end of the day I can shift more majority votes

Cliff- well, Jack, I appreciate it. You and I have both played with strategy.....nothing I have ever done to you was nothing but respect as a competitor and I hope it's the other way...

Jack- no matter which way it goes I won't be pressuring you

Cliff- I'll be real honest.... It's probably not gonna be until lunchtime tomorrow...I have to see where  people are landing

Jack- and I have to talk to Nick and to Nicole, I have to speak with Holly but you are the first person I wanted to speak with

Cliff- absolutely ....it's interesting  (they shake hands and their meeting ends)

3:26 PM BBT

Jack catches up with Cliff in the hallway, "As of noon tomorrow, when we speak again, if you decide to....I will put my word on it"

Cliff- thank you Jack....we trust each other

Jack goes to the Target Bedroom and tells the group about the meeting with Cliff

Jack- I think Hogg is going to take the deal. He might take the fucking deal. I will know by noon tomorrow.

Nick- Christie said she had a really good talk with Jackson

Jack- I gave him four

Nick- that's where he would go anyway 

Jack tells the group that he told Cliff he didn't know where Christie stands.

Christie enters the room singing "morning poo....morning poo"

Jack tells Christie about the meeting, too

Christie- is your plan still the same...how do you feel

Jack- I feel good...Daddy likey....Daddy likey. I won't know until noon tomorrow.

Jack tells the group what Cliff said about Nicole and that Cliff is not partial to Nicole

Christie- I believe that

Nick- I can only protect her so much


3:35 PM BBT   Treehouse  (Cliff and Michie)

Jackson- it's one thing to do game and it's another to take things personally (christie throwing personal jabs at Jackson)...she's gotta go

Cliff- there is nothing I would rather see than Jack, Christie, Tommy and SIs sitting in jury house

Jackson- you know where my loyalty stands with you

Cliff- we have worked together long enough....we are linked together at this point...all three of us are linked together. We win or fall together...all three of us 

Jackson- we're good. I'm going to go talk to Tommy and Jess

Cliff- I got you. Like I said before... I got your back inside and outside this house

Jackson- Same! Very mutual. Thank you...wish me luck

Cliff- you won't need it 


3:38 PM BBT

Cliff goes to the HOHR to tell Nicole about the pitches from both Jack and Michie. He tells Nicole that Michie's offer was basic (he means realistic) 

Cliff- Jack offered me 3 weeks of safety

Nicole- what? like is he God?  (she is shocked by Jack's ridiculous campaign and offer)

Cliff tells her the rest and how Jack placed him higher than Holly and Nick. He warned Nicole that Jack will be talking with her later

Nicole- I wonder if when he talks to me he is going to offer me some cockadoody deal or what


[Jack feels very confident about Cliff flipping....Not Gonna Happen!  - MamaLong]



4:30 PM  Sis and Holly talk in the Campsite Area.

Holly tells Sis that if Michie goes she will feel abandoned. SIs said that's exactly how she will feel if Jack goes.

Sis tells Holly there is no way that she is 31...that she is lying. Holly said why would she lie about her age, though. Sis can't believe that Holly is actually 31.

Sis- I'm so young still. I'm so excited to see what's ahead of me and how I will change. The older I get the more confident I get with myself.   

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4:45 PM BBT  The Angels (Kat, Jess, Nicole) are in the HOHR bathroom. Kat is sitting in the empty bathtub.

Jess says they need to be careful not to doubt themselves and this play...he (Jack) will be out no matter what.

Jess- We still have the same amount of chance that anybody else has

Kat- Exactly! .....Jess, I love you

Nicole- I know, she is such a motivational speaker

Kat- keep going

Jess- The name of the game is we need to stay confident not cocky; know our position; everyone thinks we are floaters....we keep it that way; we keep the peace between everybody; we have the numbers on our side; we stay loyal to each other

Nicole- it's important...if there is some kind of flip that happens it's important to not react....(don't be shocked) I don't think it will happen but if it does I don't want to show how shocked I am...I'm gonna go make a sandwich  (she leaves)

Jess- I agree with that statement...I think we are now starting to feel more paranoid because we are now playing the game and we have to be strategic and start thinking ahead; it makes us more paranoid knowing people are looking at us knowing we are playing the game


5:21 PM BBT

Sis to Tommy- It's going to be a good birthday for you....I know it

Tommy sits up in the bed more animated

Tommy- pleeease! That's what I want for my birthday wish....I want Jack to stay. Please! Please! Please! PLease! Please!  That's what I'm going to say in my goodbye message to Jackson....'If you are seeing this then I got my birthday wish'

Christie- Cliff's the Man! I knew it! I knew he would want to work with Jack. I still want to know what Jack said about me.


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5:45 PM BBT Jack asks to speak with Cliff. He tells Cliff he has another piece of information he wants to share. He tells Cliff that Kat knew about the plan to evict him the week of Battle Back

Cliff- but she voted for me to stay

Jack explains that Kat knew he was being evicted but she played it off as if she didn't know, and she was told to vote to evict Nicole "but she knew Nicole was being saved"

Cliff- really?

Jack tells him he thought it important for him to know this information. Cliff thanks him and tells him the information will stay with him.


6:02 PM BBT Interestingly, we have Kitty Cam from the Rancho Humane Society and the message that the Big Brother Houseguests are shooting something awesome.

Right before the feeds cut, the girls discovered they do not have any eggs so they can't make fried chicken unless they get restocked. They put in a request, but if they don't get eggs tonight, they plan to make stuffed peppers and chicken pasta.

6:35 PM BBT  The feeds are still on cute animals at Rancho Coastal Humane Society.

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8:00 PM BBT  The feeds have returned

Nicole- I love you guys


"love you too"

Christie- that was so much fun, guys

Christie mentions getting to celebrate with the Top 40 play list

Kat- I need them to have a thing "Please stop eating" (with Don's voice)

It seems the houseguests got something edible with the houseguests faces or likeness on it.  (it looks like a cake sitting on the table)

Jess- What does the middle taste like

Kat- I wonder how Bella tastes?

Someone responds with "spicy"

Christie- Zesty

They also got alcohol.

Jess- that was just enough to make me sleepy


In the bathroom

Jack to Christie- do you want to make out

Christie- No, I'm good. But, I could watch you two. That would turn me on.

Jack and Sis start kissing.


Cliff and Nick in the RV Bedroom. Cliff is telling Nick about Jack's reveal (Kat knowing he was being evicted). He tells Nick that he presented it as blackmail.


Jack walks in and apologizes for walking in on their conversation but Cliff tells him to stay and that he was just talking to Nick about what he told them

Cliff- thank you for telling both of us

Cliff- I'll certainly be thinking about it tonight. And they'll be pissed, but there is only so much you can do.


Nick- we will discuss it and figure out which way we are going tomorrow

Jack says he will keep talking to people.

Cliff tells him he has to see where people fall and then leaves the room

Jack immediately regrets that he told Cliff

Jack- fuck...he was so in earlier

Nick- sorry, but you need CLiff's vote....don't put so much pressure on yourself...I'm trying..without putting a target on my back. It's 50/50 right now...

Jack- that's what shook him

Nick- the Kat thing...he said he didn't care about it

Nick tells Jack that he is going to do everything he can


8:23 PM BBT  RV Bedroom Cliff, Holly, and Nick

Cliff- I'm telling both of you right now, I am not voting to keep Jack

Nick- me either...you don't have to worry

Nick says that if they get wind of it, they will vote to evict Jack too....but it wouldn't help their game. We all know where they stand.

Cliff- We are okay. I'm still gonna slow play it and wait until the very end (right before the live show)...make him think

Nick- I'm just gonna be like, sorry but it's not looking good

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Jack campaigns to Nicole again in the boat room and now he's talking with Kat. He says it's not his job to bury Jackson.

Jack- we have spoken before and I'm sorry...what happened on day 7 and on day 4

Kat- what happened on day?....what happened on day 4?

Jack- when i broke the trust (talking about Kat and Jackson hooking up)

Jack lays on a lof of the same sappy sentiment he always uses "I love your game....I love you....you're doing a good job....I respect you in this game...I can only prove my trustworthiness through game play

He offers to be the target and shield going forward. He wasn't to prove himself by helping other people.

Jack- I trust you and the unfortunate events on day 44 were my fault and I apologize for not coming to you before...I respect no matter what decision your vote is...whatever you do choose I am going to respect it. I think you have a lot of firm beliefs in how you carry yourself and how you conduct yourself." 

He continues schmoozing Kat.

Kat says it's okay that she doesn't hold it against him. "as far as game moves go...I guess that I am just confused as to why from day 1 I was never talked about an alliance with you....I never felt like I was included and I really don't know why"

Jack- I wanted you to be a part...to be our 7 and Cliff to be the 8

Kat- but Nicole said she was supposed to be.... and Nick said he was asked to be

[Jack can't get out of this one, but he is still trying]




Jack- well, thank you for being honest with me

Kat- I just want to make sure the person I vote to keep won't be my demise later on

Jack- it seems the writing is on the wall

Kat- what do you mean the writing is on the wall

Jack- that you don't think I have you

Kat- no, that's what I'm asking

Jack- I don't want to put myself right back in an alliance because I respect Jessica. I used to be in a dominant position and she was the one who felt left out. Now I know what it's like to feel left out. 

He rambles on and on that he has made mistakes but he is more interested in looking at people as individuals. He wants to earn trust in this game.

Jack mentions that he doesn't go making offers to people

Kat interrupts him, "but you have done that"

Jack- what?

Kat- made Cliff an offer of safety for weeks, but I don't really understand that...if you do stay are you going after people that have my back...like Jess because she put you up. It's like this could really be....neither one of y'all would really target me...I don't really know specifically where you stand, I guess. I have to think of the game moves moving forward. I guess I'm just trying to talk it out...talk it out... out loud right now.

Kat rambles on and on


Jack's facial expression of concern reflects a lightbulb moment that he is in dangerous quicksand and must maneuver very carefully.


[I'm out for the night  -MamaLong]


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8:24pm BBT


Jack and Nicole are in the boat bed lounge

Jack is campaigning to Nicole.


He tells her he is sorry for his behavior earlier in the game, that he understands now how it feels to be on this end of the game.


He continues his apology to Nicole, tells her he wants to stay. He flatters Nicole, telling her how great she is, and he wants to prove himself to her.


Jack claims that he is loyal to a fault, but groups and relationships have changed.


He continues his apology, Nicole tells him there is no real need to do that, she has no hard feelings and plans to move forward.


Nicole giggles awkwardly several times, she tells him game aside, he is a great person. She makes no commitment to Jack.


Jack claims that he knows where he stands and that things might change for him. He says that Michie does not believe he is trustworthy, but he (Jack) is trustworthy to other people. He tells Nicole he has her back,


Nicole hugs him, tells him it a great campaign. They leave the boat bed lounge, Jack tells her he needs to go get Kat.





Jack and Kat enter the boat bed lounge.


Jack admits he broke the door while he was angry at Jackson.


Jack stumbles around a little, he tells Kat he has saved her for last.


He tells her he does not want to bury Michie. Jack says he played a game...then says he is very sorry for violating trust with her. He tells her he could never say sorry enough. Kat mumbles “um hmmm, yeah.”


Jack tells her she is loyal and trustworthy and has held herself to an incredible standard. He tell Kat she is in a unique position this week and he really needs her help. Kat tells him he has people backing him.


Jack says he can prove himself in future game play. He can be a shield and help other people going further in the game.


He repeats that he trusts her and day 40 events were his fault, he apologizes again. He tells her he respects her vote decision.


He continues to pat Kat on the back and repeats himself over and over.


More apologizing.


Kat agrees that his game play has been okay, he has kept promises to her. She says there is talk about alliances, but she was never brought into them. Kat says she never felt included in those alliances and does not know why. She says she was never accepted by the “cool kids”.


Jack says he wanted to include her in the alliances, but Kat confronts him with Nicole and Nick were also told the same thing, and Jack tells her that Jackson didn't want to, that she was in his back pocket. Kat agrees that she had heard that and is not surprised.


(this is jack not throwing mud at Michie.--Grannysue)


Kat tells him it is obvious that the 6 have imploded but there are still four. (Jack, Sis, Tommy, Christie). She tells Jack no one has even checked in with her. Kat tells him allies are picked because that is who they want to work with. Kat tells him if she votes to keep him (Jack) would ensure her being a target sooner, and the person who she votes to keep has to be someone who will not be an instrument in her demise.


When Jack tries to turn it around, Kat quickly shuts him down over her non-invitation to an alliance and the possibility of being a target later.


Jack says he has apologized to Jessica also for her being treated earlier, and he has not interest in being in any alliance if he stays, he wants to be loyal to people. He offers himself as a shield, but admits that he is close to Tommy, Christie and Sis and will protect them.

Immediately after he says again that wants to work with people (after the three he mentioned are safe??Grannysue)


Kat tells him she is weighing the pros and cons, that there is a great chance he is staying. Her focus is on what happens after tomorrow. She asks if he would go after Jessica, who is close to her in the game since Jessica put him up. Kat continues to talk about game moves later in the game and who is the most risky person to keep.


When Jack tells her no one is talking game to him, Kat has no sympathy, she tells him no one talked game with her the whole first half of the game.


Kat also mentions that if Cliff and Nick are brought into Jack's group she is worried. She says that makes her feel uncomfortable. She says that she never thought about targeting any of the six, but now there seems to be a new six, and again she is not a part of it.


Jack insists he wants to build trust with her, and he cannot align himself with anyone right now, he has been blamed for having made all the decisions in the house. He claims that Kemi was the only decision he has made in the house.


Kat repeats, “I think you have a great shot at staying.”


Jack's campaign with Kat ends, he opens the door for her. He asks her if she wants to hang out, Kat declines nicely.



Jack tells Cliff “I did not do anything.” Jack says he kept it neutral, but she has heard stuff though.


Cliff tells Jack “However you want to play it We'll talk in the morning and see.”


Jack leaves for the target bedroom where Tommy has just come back from his goodbye messages.


Jack tells Tommy that Kat knows about Nick and Cliff because she questioned him when he said he wanted to work with her. Jack goes over what was said. (It seems accurate). He seems to be shocked that Kat knew as much as she did.




Nick and Nicole are talking in the rv bedroom. Nick is whispering low and fast. He mentions that Tommy and Sis do not trust Chrisite.

Nick asks if Nicole is comfortable with Kat, she says she is, and she has diffused any questions the girls had about Nick earlier in the week. Nick insists he wants to work with Jessica and Kat. Nick asks if there are for sure 4 votes, Nicole tells him yes. Nicole also tells him that people are worried about Tommy. Nicole tells him the girls are waiting until the votes are cast tomorrow to determine if they can trust Nick moving forward. Nick tells her he knows that. Nick says he is less worried about Sis than he is either Christie or Tommy, but if Christie goes up, she needs to go out. Nicole says she does not want anything to reduce their numbers, and that she knows Sis was thinking of putting her up, and Holly was pushing it.



Jack is repeating his conversation with Kat to Christie.


Both of them are wondering how Kat knows about their push to pull in Cliff and Nick to create a new six.


Christie says Michie's campaign to Cliff was short. She heard them in the tree house.


Sis comes in and tells the people in the target bedroom that she spoke to Cliff, and he was non-committal, although he said he was torn between two votes. She says she offered the safety again, but says she did not get much.


Christie says Cliff stayed with them for a while, then when Holly came in he left immediately.

Christie tells them that Cliff wants to be in an alliance, he wants to make deals. Sis, Christie, Tommy, and Jack are trying to make an alliance name they can use to lure Cliff in.


Nick comes in, they ask how his talk went, Nick tells them they were just talking, nothing to report.


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In the HOH room the group is discussing Jack's offers of safety.


Lots of laughing and jokes.


Kat says he didn't offer her anything.


Holly wonders why they are trying to keep her in the 5 if Jackson leaves.


Cliff says Jack counted him and Nick in the new group of 6.


Michie, “That don't math good.”


They all think Nicole is being bombarded.


Cliff warns Kat that Jack thinks he has some kind of story or info he plans to use against her, but he doesn't know what it is. He tells Kat that Jack may try to talk to her tomorrow.


Tommy comes into the room, Conversation turns general.

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10:14PM BBT BoB DID IT!  They found a way to make MicFridgie (Michie) close the fridge! Tommy goes into the SR to get his Speed of Smell fans and Michie aka MicFrigdie comes in, opens fridge, gets something out and closes it and leaves the SR!  Tommy goes around the house, hangs out in the HoHR for a good while, goes well into it, stands in the doorway.  He goes down to Jack in the LR, points one at his face as he hugs him.  Goes into the CBR with Sis and chases her around the room as she jumps from bed to bed.  He had a lot of fun with this mission!


10:25PM BBT Michie sticks his head into the TBR to talk to Jack and Tommy was in there as well.  He mentions something about being concerned people might say something that could "truly ruin people's futures."  Jack replies that he is really concerned on what's running in your mind because that hasn't even occurred to me to do anything of that level.  Michie replies he isn't saying you but in general.  Tommy agrees.  They then say until tomorrow.  Tommy asks, Are you sure you're good?  That didn't come form any where?"  Michie replies, no not at all, I am just saying.  Then round of "love you"s.  Michie leaves and Jack says he doesn't even think he knows anything like that.




10:27PM BBT Cliff is telling Kat, Jess and Nicole what Jack is gonna threaten to rat out Kat to the house.  He claims she played both sides.  She would go find out about the Non-6-7-8-9 side and come back and tell Holly and Michie.  Cliff says someone asked what he was doing going forward. He told them, "I'm voting his aSS out."  They then said, could be less certain about it.  Nicole said she walked in when Nick and Holly were talking and she heard them say they were on the same page to vote Jack out.  Cliff said he walked in before her and left as she went in and heard the same thing.


Jack is talking to Tommy, Nick and Christie in the TBR about them voting with the house if he can't get the votes.  It would be 7-1 with Sis voting for him.


[PoPTV code: WHISTLE - rms]

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10:35PM BBT Cliff and the Angels are talking in the HoHR about how they want Michie to stay mad at Christie, Tommy, and Sis for voting against him.  They don't want them flipping to vote to keep Michie.  Jess says Jack has basically given everybody here weeks and weeks of salvation and he has sat me down and told me...

Nicole and Kat interrupt, not me, not me.

Nicole says he sat her down and basically dismissed a lot of people and he didn't see them as being worthy of moving along. I was loyal to a fault to my people and I'm sorry you weren't a part of that.  She says, Gee, Thanks.  

Cliff:  That makes it all Better.

Nicole:  Moving forward he would like to show me he was still loyal, prove that he is trustworthy.

Kat: He said the something to me, too.  He said he would not win the next HoH.  She was like wow, thank you.

Nicole: He would not win the next HoH.  He would rather be a target, a shield.  

Cliff: yeah, he told me that. 

Nicole: He respects my game play.

Kat: He told me that, too.

Nicole:  The best part was the, early on in this game I was with who I was with and I dismissed everyone else and I apologize to you because, ... Basically, now you are relevant.  Now I need your vote, so now I care.  So you are admitting that i was viewed as not a valuable player to you.

Kat: He basically said that to me, too.

Cliff: He told me the same thing but then he gave me a deal because he respects my game play so much.

Kat: He told me he respects my game.  She replied, I don't really know what the hell I'm doing, but thanks.  He was like I really respect your game and have the whole season and I was like why didn't you align with me.  

Nicole: So at least in that sense you know that the offer to you and Nick was somewhat legit because me and Kat didn't get sh*t.

Kat: but don't take it.
Nicole: Wow that's like a poem. Did you like that?


(The newest American Poet Laureate ) Nicole says, "The offer to you and Nick must have been legit because me and Kat got sh*t."

(clap... clap . clap .. cap)  and that makes me say damn*t.


Cliff: To some degree, I believe him.  I think they would keep me safe, because they would be busy getting rid of you three and then it would be my turn and that would be the end of it.

Angles, all, No, PLEASE, Cliff, don't go down that rabbit hole,..

Cliff: And nick, I was talking to him about it and he said, in a lot of ways that's a hell of a deal. That really could get us a long way.  He said, but we can't do that,... and he was,...

[seems like he was implying turning their back on the others - rms]

Cliff: It gets us 3 more weeks or whatever and then what? 

They all start talking,...

Kat: But that would be dependent on if Me and Nicole didn't win the next HoH.  They would give you the deal and you would have burned the bridge with us.  I win the next HoH and you (Nicole?) wins the next one after and their plans all go to sh*t.

Nicole: Because they don't view us as valid. Yes, Jess is the HoH right now and still, STILL(!) they don't view us as capable.  (They all fake mad.)  What do we have to do?!  (They bang their feet and hands on the bed smiling.)  [This was a funny moment for them - rms]

10:39PM BBT Jack asking Nick in TBR with Tommy listening in, how is Holly voting.  Nick replies, I don't know, I haven't asked her.

Jack asks what's the likelihood that Cliff takes the deal?  Nick, I don't know.  He said he was gonna think on it.  I didn't feel as good the second time I talked to him.  I don't want you to get down about it because you still have campaign left.  I'm not gonna lie to you.  I think he was 50/50 but now it may be a little less.  I think he scared of the totem pole.  Tommy replies repercussions and totem pole.  Nick says I don't think he is scared about the repercussions because there would only be three of them that could beat him next week.  He doesn't think it would be pick 6 or 5.  We would have to pitch to him that even if we made it 6, it wouldn't necessarily stay 6.  We could have had someone picked off, so his chances would be better.

[This looks like Nick is just distracting them with game talk - rms]


10:49PM BBT Cliff, Nicole and Kat are remembering how they felt through some of the early game as they started to realize the alliance existed.  Cliff talked about all the power people they had in their group.  If they had kept themselves together they would've just picked us off one at a time.  Nicole says, don't you remember the day I was sitting with you by the bedrooms.  I'm putting the pieces together.  They are all together.  Cliff says then they called me out for identifying that there was a group of 8 that threatened me.  


Later, Cliff says there are some mean people in this house.  I hope it is just game play.  Kat says, I don't know.  Nicole adds, I think to have mean game play, there's some of that in you.  Cliff thinks that Jack may have only seen one season and sometimes you may get focused on just one way to play the game.


Nicole says that Christie always shocks me.  The things she says under her breath. She preaches peace, love, good vibes, positivity, Karma, ... how can you preach all that and say,...

How can you be so different from how you preach.  When she's in the room, she's the loudest, she's the one that is always right, nobody listens to her (last part said in an almost crying way imitating Christie).


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10:57PM BBT Christie is telling Sis in the CBR that she doesn't think Cliff is up there pilling it, that he is sitting on it.  Nick and Tommy are listening.  Christie tries to reassure Sis that Jack still has a good chance.  She really thinks it will work.  She looks at Sis and says she swears.  Nick says he knows that you say you (Sis), Tommy, Christie will go for him.  He says he has Kat, Nicole, Jess, Holly, Jackson backing him not including me.  Sis says Holly told her today that she still doesn't know about Cliff, that he sketches her out.  Nick says he needs to not feel threatened but you need him to think it is his idea that if he doesn't take the deal they will all be after him.  


11:00PM BBT Back to Nicole telling Kat and Cliff in the HoHR that they are still so arrogant that it is like, Hey, can you keep him, 'cuz I'm working with him and I deserve to win.  There's this mentality like let's go to the peons and tell them to make sure the 6 get to the end, 'cuz that's who deserves to get to the end.  Let's tell the peons to keep us. 

Cliff: That's ok, let them think that. It just makes it easier for us.

Kat: "Yeah, that's what I keep on thinking, like. There's a lot of like, they kind of have to keep thinking that because thennnnnn they forget about us and they go at each other."

Cliff: "We gotta be careful and not get too cocky ourselves but we are dealing with some  mental midgets in some ways.  They have not thought this thing through.  They were way too arrogant to start with and now they are paying the price."

Nicole agrees saying she has been telling Kat and Jess, don't get cocky. Arrogance will knock you down.  We can be cautiously optimistic, confident, ready to move forward  but never arrogant.

Cliff states a saying, "Cocky, sloppy, lazy, dead"


11:06PM BBT WOW! Christie said "He's gonna go with a f-n team of girls?!!"  [guessing this didn't go well with the feminists on twitter - rms]

Jack, Tommy and Nick are with her in the CBR discussing what comps may be coming and which one of their alliance will win it.  Each, of course, will be won by them.  They can't see how Cliff won't take the deal because all of the strong people would be after him.  Nick says if he flips, there would also be a gourd after him.  Christie then came out with that golden nugget, "He's gonna go with a f-n team of girls?!!"  Jack looks at her and says, is that a bad thing?  I feel like that's a trap?  He doesn't dare respond.


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11:06PM BBT Back to Cliff, Nicole and Kat discussing how it wasn't really an alliance.  It was more people agreeing to not put each other up.  Kat thinks they all instantly turned on each other.  

Cliff says, Nicole, you felt so down after your whole stuff blew the game up and yet if that hadn't happened who knows where we would be now.

Nicole: You're welcome.

Cliff: I felt so bad when my HoH didn't work and I had to send Bella out instead.  But if that hadn't happened that way, who knows.  Kat, you putting that puzzle together, pulling Jess off and putting me up there.  Who would've thought that would have worked to our advantage but it did.

Kat: That's crazy.  Y'all, we are really good at this game! (As she laughs)  We are too good actually.

Cliff:  We are really lucky.  We are like a bunch of blind mice that just happened to struggle down the right path in the maze!  We are a little bit like me in the banishment forest on day one.  I don't think I was that good, I was just lucky enough to find the right little holes in the trees to make it out first.  Hey, in the words of the great Christie M, "We are manifesting our path to victory" (with his hands out to his side with thumb and finger pressing together) 

Kat lagunes, With the fingers.

Nicole: I can't do that word any more either.  I love her as a person but I can't do that word either.  I manifested this house.  I manifested that plant.  I manifested that bed.

Cliff:  I like her Karma stuff, too.  If it's meant to be it'll happen.  The world gives us what is meant to be so if he stays then it's because it was meant to be.  Well, I guess Jack's A$$ was meant to be in the Jury house.  I hope, gah, if that thing goes wrong some how.  

Kat: there is no way it could, unless one of you.  (Cliff waves his hands no, and shakes his head)

Nicole: If he stays, I am gonna look at the camera, my jaw's gonna drop, and I'm gonna grab my suitcase and walk out with him.  This is it, these people are very impressive.  

Cliff: You would have to have Nick and Holly both flip and I just don't see it

Kat:  Even if one of them flips, that's not enough.  There's no way Holly will vote him (Michie) out.

Nicole: And it's not even a matter of being strategic, or mind F'ery. They would literally be screwing over their own games and I don't think either of them are that stupid.

Cliff: I don't think so.  I am not gonna feel comfortable until I hear the name, but I really don't think so.  When they announce his name, and say Jack you have been evicted, I'm gonna so want to stand up and cheer, but I'm not.  I'm just gonna sit there.

Nicole: But don't because you never know, all of the sudden (imitates some music alarm like a power is being used). 


Nicole: When he left, Ovi gave Jack a special power.

Cliff: You thought Jack's power was only for the Veto competitors.  There was a second part to Jack's power.

Nicole: you never know.  We also have to not react if Michie goes.  Don't show it.

Cliff points out that they are also talking to someone who is gonna be on the jury.

Nicole: Yes

Kat: That is something I kinda forgot.

CliffIf jack gets booted, I would love to stand up and go, "Get to stepping, get the hell outta here."  I'm not gonna do that. I'm gonna shake hands and say hey, and it's not untrue, I respect you as a player and a man.  You are fantastic individual.  I hope I don't see you until October.  But I will still be pushing him towards the door as I am saying it.




11:11PM BBT Cliff, What if it wasn't a DE tomorrow night and it is next week.  Jack goes home tomorrow and next Thursday, here comes Christie and Tommy walking in the door.

Nicole: Wow

Kat:That would be amazing. Poetic justice


They then speculate who Sis would try to align with.

Nicole says that it really bothered her when Cliff did something and Jack said, "Listen up old man."


11:18PM BBT Nicole and Michie talking to Jess in the BRL  [They still exist! Haven't seen them much tonight - rms]

Holly was complimenting Jess on how she handled being on the block and campaigning.  Holly says they have promised so many people so much.  How many people can you have in this army?  

Michie says it would be like Oprah not having anything behind the set to give to people.  You get a free week and you get a free week and you get an alliance and,...

Jess says she was on Oprah's show the day before her Christmas.  Also, she had a choice if she wanted to go on Wednesday and Thursday.


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11:22PM BBT Christy and Tommy in CBR are talking about how to get in a better position.  Tommy says, because Kat, Jess, Nicole and Cliff are strong.  It seems like they want to approach, I guess Holly and Michie?  Tommy tells Christie, you can say to them, you don't have to give me an answer, but I am letting you know that if I win, I am not putting you up.  Why, because it makes more sense for us to get to the end.  Say that they (Cliff and angels) are getting stronger.  If we don't take them now, we won't stand a chance.  It will be a free for all and I don't want that.  You do what you want but I am letting you know I am not putting either one of you up.  I get why you are mad at me.  I said some personal things and you have every right.  This is a game and game wise it doesn't make sense for either one of us to target each other.  Weakening ourselves so they can take better shots at us down the line. 

Christie says, you're right.  Yeah.  Tommy says Jack has to stay.


11:26PM BBT Cliff brings up how it might be interesting if they had BB instead of a house of 20 somethings, but one with 30 or 40 somethings.  They would bring it such different life experiences.


11:32PM BBT Kat, Cliff and Nicole go into the HN room where they tell Michie and Holly that Kat isn't that weird.  Neither of them know what they are talking about at all.  They try to explain but who knows.  It seems they thought Michie and Holly may have seen Nicole out by the HoHR or the hall doing something strange.

They also joke about Kat being added as an adjective to the dictionary.  She jokingly says what's an adjective.  Holly says, there is someone in this house who doesn't know.  Cliff says hopefully all goes well tomorrow.  Then they start joking about if it doesn't how they are all gonna go back live to their bags, pack them and self evict while pressing all the red exit buttons.


They all say they believe they are all on the same page as to how to handle a double if it is.  

Kat brings up that they still have a BOMB of information they will spring on us tomorrow.  

Michie says he is sitting on an Atom bomb.  

Cliff says she can go ahead and tell them.  Jack had told Cliff.  He explains that he was told she had decided to not do the vote flip on Cliff's HoH she could look good to one side.  She supposedly did it so she could keep funneling info to Michie and Holly.  She was the mole bringing information from outside the 8 to Michie and Holly. 

They all laugh.  

Cliff said Jack claimed it would seem like blackmail.  He thinks its a way to make Kat vote one way.  

Michie said that is like a tiny firecracker.  He has a fat boy in his back pocket.  

Kat says, is it about me?  I told Jack to leave my personal sh*t out of it.  

Michie said no.  It's damning.

Holly and Michie are both very hesitant and say they are unlikely to use it but he will see how it goes tomorrow.  If he crosses some lines, then he may have to.

Cliff says he didn't like that him using the word blackmail.  Isn't that dirty.  

Holly says, exactly, can we not play a clean game?

Kat justifies herself some.  

No one cares.  It is a non-event.

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11:43PM BBT Tommy telling Jess he would like to be on the right side of the vote.  He loves them both.  [You don't treat people the way all of you in the alliance have if you "love them" even in this game! Stop lying about "loving" them! - rms]

Jess says she loves them both for very different reasons.  They both have come to her and said she isn't their targets.  

Tommy says he can't go there and think am I being lied to.

Jess: I have tried to play this game with the most honesty, integrity as I possibly can.  If that's my downfall, that's my downfall.  If someone proves me wrong and I gave them the opportunity to save themselves and left it to be a house decision.  It would kill me if I had to chose.

Tommy thinks she won't have to.  How vocal I am being about where my vote will go tomorrow.  I don't think you are going to be put in that position.  I think it will be decided and I will be a tipping number.  Not a tipping, maybe that's not the right way to put it.


11:54PM BBT Cliff jumps into the SR for some Pizza.  He comes into the CBR room with everyone except Holly, Michie and Jack.  Christie asks if it is frozen.  Cliff says, yes, I don't care.  Cliff recaps Nicole looking funny earlier and why.  They discuss sleeping arrangements.  


Sis returns to Jack in the TBR to download who was in the room and what they were doing.


[THANK GOD! Orwell, you saved me! gn  - rms]

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