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Tuesday, August 6, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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4:05 AM BBT


Michie has been called three separate  times to "receive aliens". Just as he cleans up from the latest slime, Tommy is called to travel at the speed of smell

Michie- oh, fuck

Tommy goes to SR to get his cans.

Michie- Sorry Tommy

Tommy- did you get called

Michie- no I'm just opening the door for you  

Tommy You should go to sleep

Michie- I just finished.

Tommy travels keeping his voice low for the sleepers

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BB wakes them up about 10:00am BBT. Cliff does a BB21 jig in the KT while Holly and Michie nap outside. 11:08am BBT Cliff, Tommy, Jess, Holly in BY with Jess telling about going to Disney. 11:35am BBT Jess talking about missing out on contracts. 12:07am BBT General chat while HG eat and head outside to sun.

12:14pm BBT Christie and Sis sunning in BY. Christie says she woke up refreshed. Christie says they have 2 and half days, losts happens on Thursdays. Christie wants to make Tommy a cake for his Bday. They have Red Velvet stuff to make.


12:22pm BBT Kat cleans the WA sinks. Holly and Cliff do dishes. Tommy gets ice and pumps his cap on the Fridge door. Outside Jack and NIck talk about getting woken up in the mornings. Jack can hear the high heels walking in the walls and he knows they have 30 min until wake up call. Jack says NIck needs to get a hat like that that fits right, it looks lit. Nick says he had to wear this one on the top of his head. (its a black Crockodile Dundee hat). Jack talks about The Truman Show. 



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12:30pm BBT we get about 5 min of WBRB. 12:36pm BBT  Feeds back and Jack is sitting in BY. Jack says he wonders of they will call him right back cuz it didnt go well. Tommy rinsing dishes in KT. Jack says if he goes to Jury he thinks they will let him read the books he brought and drink and go outside when ever he wants. MIchie has green slime all over him. Nick talks to Michie in KT, Cliff made it outside every time Michie had to go out last night.

12:43pm BBT Christie and Sis in BY talking. They are sweating really bad. Time to take a rinse and do their backs.

12:52pm BBT WBRB 1:00pm BBT Feeds back. Tommy talking about having 2 suits so BB can wash one. In BY Nick trys to pick Sis nose, he says he just goes at his own. Jack asks if anyone brought books. Christie asks you mean for Mexico and Jack says yes. Chrisiie says she misses Sam. They laugh about things Sam said. In KT, Tommy, Jess, Kat talk about powers, are they just before Jury? or are there any during Jury. Jess says Pandoras box happens after there are 8 ppl left. 

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1:09pm BBT Tommy's speed of light mission is a go. He runs to the SR and gets his lights, he runs around the house yelling he is traveling at the speed of light. Every room he enters he is yelling it...and back to the SR to take care of this lights.

1:15pm BBT Christie is now inside, they are looking at the memory wall. Christie thinks next week will be DE. Jess thinks it will be tomorrow. Jess says if they dont give us liquor tonight its tomorrow, oh wait they usually close the BY early for that. They cant close the BY cuz of Michie. Christie says they usually do DE for 1st Jury, they dont wont have someone in Jury alone. They try to figure out who went out with Bailey. Maybe Bailey and Rockstar? Christie wonders. 

1:18 pm BBT Christie hasnt seen her necklace since she was painted, she doesnt know if it was in the bag with her cloths after she got painted and she didnt see it and threw that way or if its on the floor of the room they painted them in. They wonder what that door is used for (the door they came back in after the very first comp) They wonder if there will be a Jury Battle Back and they winner comes thru the door. Tommy want to go to DR to see if they can do something with his cap, its hurting his neck and giving him a headache. 

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2:00 PM BBT The HGs are either laying outside or sitting around in the kitchen/dining room. Those in the KT are discussing different types of reality shows. WBRB


2:11 PM BBT The feeds return. Michie is sitting in the BY looking freshly slimed. He talks to Christie and Sis who are laying out in the sun.  Michie is explaining the reason he lost his footing was because of the force. He says that he has taken 15-20 of these straight to the face. 

2019-08-06-14.15.32-Cam 1.jpg


2:17 PM BBT Nick and Jack are talking in the BRL. Jack is asking his advice on how to approach Nicole. If he offers Cliff a deal for his vote, Nicole is going to know about it. Maybe he should offer a deal for her and him. He asks Nick what number would be reasonable. Nick says no more than 3 but at least make sure that you offer it through the double. 


2:23 PM BBT Jack is now talking to Tommy in the TBR. They are discussing how Kat is playing both sides. Jack says that he sees right through her. He says that she may be the reason that he goes. Because all she does is lie. Tommy agrees that Kat is playing both sides and now that Jess is the HoH, that's who Kat is playing with. 


2:25 PM BBT Christie walks in. She asks him what's going on. Jack says that he needs to make sure that he packs. She asked why, what changed? He says Kat. She is running things. Jack tells her that he no longer has confidence that he is safe. Tommy says that Kat was a mole for the entire first half of the game. 


2:28 PM BBT Christie says that the need to tell Nicole that Holly was discussing backdooring Cliff this week before Jess won the POV. Tommy tells Christie and Jack that the other side isn't playing clean either. Jack says that he has been playing clean. What happened with Michie wasn't entirely clean, but for the most part, he has. 


2:31 PM BBT Jack is talking to Tommy, Nick and Christie in the TBR. Jack says he is going to share with each of them what he is going to offer in order to try to get votes to stay. He wants them to play neutral. If they are asked what Jack is doing, tell them. 


2:33 PM BBT Jack tells them that he respects Jess' game. He is going to have talk to Cliff. Jack jokes that he (Jack) is so great at POV's. He says that he is 0 for 6. Tommy says that they are trying to get a strong male on their side with Michie. Christie says that she is sorry, but she doesn't see him winning a mental comp. 


2:38 PM BBT Jess is talking to Kat and Holly in the KT. Jess says that they look great on their sh*t says and even greater on their not sh*t days. Nicole walks by. They discuss having a glam night with her; where they dress up like they are going out without actually going out. 


2:45 PM BBT Jess and Holly continue to talk in the KT. They are discussing how it is nice when you can just go with the house. But they are halfway through and at some point everyone has to pick sides and just stick to it.


2:48 PM BBT Christie, Jack and Nick are in the TBR. They are going to approach Nicole and Cliff and let them know that before the POV, Holly suggested they use Christie's power to backdoor Cliff. Jack says that Kat is the missing piece. He wonders how long she has been playing the role of mole for Jess. She was like a 3 way mole. And Jess was getting info from other people. It is like a triple layer mole effect. 


2:50 PM BBT Jack tells Nick that there are 3 ways he can stay. "I can have Kat flip for me. I can have Cliff flip for me." And they can appeal to Jess that she is a wonderful game player. Meanwhile Kat and Holly are talking in the SR. Kat tells her that Michie is still safe. Kat suggests that she listen and report to what happens on one side and Holly listens and reports what happens on the other. Holly says that she doesn't want to be caught playing on both sides. And then Kat's side would have no but to target her. She says that at the end of the day, she just wants to work with the people that she respects. 


2:56 PM BBT Another approach that Jack is considering is telling the other side that Holly has told them not to trust Kat and that Kat is playing both sides. Meanwhile they go to Holly and also say that Kat can't be trusted and is talking to them even now. 

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3:00 PM BBT Jess and Sis are out in the yard. Jess says that when others talk, she takes it with a grain of salt. But she isn't sure what is real versus what is game. So, she just maneuvers her relationships based on her interactions. She doesn't care who likes or hates who. Because unless they hate her, it has nothing to do with her. 


3:03 PM BBT Jack is talking Nick and Tommy in the TBR about how he plans to ensure that he stays. Jack says that he has already talked to Jess. He apologized to her and said that he respects her game, but he is going to campaign card. The first person he needs to talk to is Kat. If he can turn Kat, then Kat can do the work for him, She will make Jack look good to the others. If Kat doesn't want to play that way, then he is going to meet with her and tell her that he is about to air out all of her dirty laundry if they don't work something out. He will then use Tommy and Nick to remind her of all the things that she has said about the other side that can be used against her.  


3:06 PM BBT In the TBR, Jack tells Tommy and Nick that he really respects Nicole's game. She has balls. She knows they saved her and she told him that she appreciates it, but she is going to continue to play what is best for her game. Mad respect. They discuss how trust worthy Nicole is. 


3:08 PM BBT Jack, Tommy and Nick to discuss Nicole and Cliff. They are essentially discussing replacing Jackson's and Holly's role in their previous alliance with Nicole and Cliff. Nicole is loyal. Cliff can win comps. They are going to approach them with the concept that they have always been loyal and they did what they did for their group;  and that Jackson isn't loyal and can't be trusted at all. Jack says that if they pull this off, it changes everything. 


3:17 PM BBT Jess is talking to Sis and Nicole in the BY. Jess says that even in the plus size model industry, the industry still looks for certain shapes. She says that she is 1 out of 4 with the biggest breasts size in the industry. She says there are "straight size models" and "plus size models". She says a "straight size model" is generally a size 2 or 4. Maybe at most a 6. 6 and up and they are already considered curvy. She has lost work because of her breast size. 


3:21 PM Jess explains that she gets work because she is proportionate. For example, you can be a size 18 on the top and a size 22 on the bottom. So if they have a size 18 dress you might not be able to model it because of the bottom. The most successful models are the ones that fit the clothes. 


3:25 PM BBT In the TBR, Jack tells Tommy and Christie that he has to make a deal with Nicole but he has to get to Kat first. She is the first piece. He leaves the room and Christie and Tommy discuss how Michie isn't even campaigning to stay. Holly is doing it all for him. 

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4:45 PM BBT  Backyard

Michie can be seen with fresh red slime



4:48 PM BBT  The feeds cut to fish

5:00 PM BBT  Production calls for an immediate lockdown telling the houseguests to go inside and close the sliding glass door.

Holly- quick check for drones

Cliff- I know I was checking for them

Sis- oh shit...my sheets are out there

Cliff- I think it will be quick

Holly- yeah, they would have told us if it was going to be a long one


5:14:36 PM BBT   HOHR  Tommy, Nicole and Nick

The feeds cut to fish but return a few minutes later

Nick- Jackson's punishment is over. I didn't know if you know that

Nicole- it is?

Tommy- I didn't know that

Nick- ojh yeah, at 4:45 was his last one. He got crushed

*The feeds cut again for a minute or so and Kat has entered the conversation in the HOHR talking about  Tommy's birthday


6:40 PM Campsite Area  (Michie and Holly)

Michie's punishment is over and he is enjoying some full body hugging with Holly.



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7:15 PM BBT - Cliff is talking about credit and mortgage something about there was something on his records so he couldn't get it. what it was happened in 1974 when he was 9 years old. He then goes from thst topic to his son Daniel he said at home he goes by daniel and when he is with friends he goes by dan. His sons middle name is Clifford.

 7:20 PM BBT - The cam then goes to Holly and Jackson in the have not room. They are talking about christie. Hally says that they got to get out Christie because she has a dominary presence in the house. She then adds there fire undar the radar still then we get fish.Feed come back and Holly going on about if she or jackson makes it it doesn't matter meanwhile jackson is just laying there nodding his head up and down in agreement.

7:25 PM BBT - Holly says she and Jackson have done a great job at making relationships individually.she then compliments on Jack and Analyse said they havent done so good, but adds he(jack) has done with getting repor with everyone. Jack then adds he has told he doesn't but they both agree he has done good.

 7:30 PM BBT - Jackson and holly talking to kat. Kat asks them both what the plan is for next week. Jackson says thar they are going to put Christie up he said he doesn't care but she has got to go. he doesn't care how she goes but she has to be the next one to go. Holly is all quiet while they two talk.

7:08 PM BBT - Christy, Tommy, Kathryn, Jessica are in the HOHR talking, Production came over the speaker and told them "no napping" kathryn asks them who they are talking to. Christie said she would lile to know who they are talking too. then they try to guess what brand of cameras. Jack, Cliff, Analyse, Nick are in the Target room talking general chit chat.

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7:37PM BBT Kat, Holly and Jackson sitting in the HN BR. Talking about that they have to stay insanely tight to get through all of this. Kat is a little concerned that she has been named by everyone.


7:47PM BBT Holly tells Kat that Tommy came running in last night and caught them in the middle of sex. She says by the time they got down stairs in 2 minutes (it actuually took about 5) everyone knew. Kat says that is digusting and isn't anyone's busness. Holly says they don't vocalize everything they do (Jackson actually came down and told Cliff and anyone who would listen). Holly says everyone was laughing about it. Holly says they tried to get it a private moment and people don't have respect for others in the house.


7:59PM BBT HG are in the KT. Christie has made tacos. Family dinner in session.



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8:03PM BBT The HG decide to do thier gratitude circle. They each say what they are grateful for and they all bang on the KT table.


8:36PM BBT Nicole on the hammock crying. She is homesick. She says that she misses watching BB with them which is odd because she is on Big Brother. She hopes they are all taking care of each other.


8:43PM BBT Nick is reading the Bible. Tommy is sitting right next to him. Tommy says he would like the bible after. Nick asks him if he is taking the 15 minute breaks without the hat. Tommy says no. He doesnt want to. (He is enjoying his punishment)


8:48PM BBT Jack joins Nicole on the hammock. He gives her a pep talk about how proud her family is of her. He is complimenting her and how far she has gotten.


8:55PM BBT Christie and Analyse plowing through bowls of ice cream. Talking about the girls in the hosue. We keep getting FOTH.

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8:56pm BBT


Jack is with Nicole on the hammock. Earlier dinner was taco Tuesday and after the meal the group went around the table with their gratitude speeches. House guests were crying and hugging each other afterwards, but Nicole seemed to be particularly emotional. She began crying, and went first to the rv bedroom, then the hammock. While she was in the hammock she talked to her family and her students.


Jack went to the hammock and laid down with her. He began talking to her, he gave her quite a bit of emotional support, asked her questions about herself and her life. He encouraged her in the game, told her that she is doing the right thing and her family is proud of her. He told her he has a lot of respect for the kind of person she is. (Even if you are not a fan of Jack, the time he took out for her, the way he encouraged her, and was so gentle with her, that it would be impossible to have much negativity here—Grannysue)


We all know the cards are stacked against Jack this week, and of course some of this may be an attempt to sway Nicole, but not once does he mention his game, wanting to stay, asking for a vote. Even when Nicole asks how he is doing, he blows it off and tells her he is okay. The subject is changed to general talk about the game, double eviction, being alone in the jury house, battle back, etc).





Nicole and Jack are still in the hammock. Conversation has been about scary movies, and things they are afraid of.


Tommy just got out of the shower, Sis is in the loo, and Christie, who was there a few minutes ago said she was going outside.


After her trip to the loo, Sis washes her hands and tries on Tommy's rocket hat. She says it is very heavy and it sucks. Nick has come in and he tries it too. Sis tells Tommy she loves his little bubble butt. Tommy shows off his underoos, says they are very soft and comfortable. Tommy runs to get a blow drier and Sis and Nick start whispering. Can't really hear what Sis says, she is whispering, but a few seconds into it Michie comes in and they stop whispering.


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Holly and Tommy are in the boat bed room.


Holly is singing a song she made up about house guests.


Bob is silent.


Michie comes into the room, Holly tells him to go away, she is telling Tommy a secret.


Camera changes to back yard, then to the boat bed room where Kat has joined Tommy and Holly, but she leaves shortly.


Holly continues her song.


In the bathroom lounge Nick is still whispering to Sis. It sounds like they are talking about the votes. Nick is promising that if Jack goes he will be loyal to Sis, Tommy and Christie (he qualifies Christie as “for the time being.”) Nick warns Sis that Nicole will not vote against Jessica, he also tells Sis that he has realized Kat was a “mole” and was repeating what he told her. Nick tells Sis to stay out of everything.


Jack comes into the room, the other two tell him they are excited about tomorrow. Jack agrees with Nick when Nick says Nicole is amazing. Jack says he saw her crying and started talking to her.


Nick is laughing with them about what Kat's reaction will be, but tells Jack to not be aggressive because if he is, Jessica will hear nothing after hearing that word. Nick wonders if Jack should even talk to Jessica, and Jack wonders if Kat will tell Jackson and Holly, who will tell Jessica.


It sounds like the topic presented to Kat will be. “Kat knew about the vote flip last week and did not tell Jessica”.


They boys have to explain the whole thing to Sis in easy speak.


Jack is going over his planned talk to Jessica, Nick questions the logistics of the plan. Jack believes his plan will work, but changes it several times.


They have to explain it to Sis again after she says, “Wait. Are you trying to get Kat's vote?” After the explanation Sis tells them it makes sense.


Jack continues to fine tune his plan, Nick decides to be talking to Jackson and Holly so he will know if Kat is talking to them. Then he can give Jack the information.



Cameras go to back yard.


Cliff, Christie, Nick and Nicole and Sis are laughing.


They are talking about disappearing condoms.


Christie says someone is having secret sex. Others think people are taking them.


Jack joins the crowd while they are making suggestions about what happened.


Camera moves to boat bed lounge and Michie is talking to Tommy. Michie is repeating some of the things that Christie has said about him. Holly is listening while she plays with her split ends. Michie says that there has been a lot to take in this week, and he is trying to figure things out on his own. He says his distrust of the 6 has forced him to do this. He wanted to keep it internalized, but when he told Jack it blew up.


Tommy says he reacted because he was not included and felt Michie was against him.


Michie says the story that he said not to trust Tommy is not true. Michie says it is hard to hear that he is a liar, a snake, etc.

Holly says name calling is not acceptable.


Michie says he will not campaign against Jack, he will keep the promise he made on day one. He says whatever happens, happens, he would rather leave that way than breaking a promise to Jack. Michie says Tommy will not hear a campaign speech from him, not because he does not value Tommy, but because he will not campaign against Jack.


Tommy stutters around with mumbles and “totally get it” and “yep” several times.


Tommy says that either Jack or Michie leaves and there are still five.


Michie says he has heard Christie making comments about him and Holly, that he has heard that she made comments to other people about them.


Holly says Christie turned against her (Holly) for no reason even though Holly says she has been silent.


Tommy mentions a “new deal where Holly and Michie are going to work with Jessica


Michie says there has been no deal with Jessica that he will stay.




Holly says she has spent time in the HOH room and that has turned into a story about a switch in allies in the game.


Tommy uses more platitudes. (I think he knows that Christie has done all this, and does not want to defend her).


Michie says he is playing his own game now, he will not play with an alliance where a few people make decision for everyone.

Michie says he has nothing to hide in this game, he says no one is in his corner. Tommy insists he is in Michie's corner (he has been plotting with Jack to get the votes to stay, so he might be in a far corner.--Grannysue)


Last night Tommy walked in on Michie and Holly during a very intimate moment when he was doing his punishment. He ran up to the have not room and opened the door. He says he was shocked. Michie apologizes to him, and they make jokes about video clips.


Michie says he is going to go work out in the back yard before it closes. He says if this is his last night in the back yard of this house, he wants to enjoy it.


Holly says she is throwing things in the dryer and she will go to bed in the hallway until Michie comes to bed.


Tommy leaves the room.


Michie says he loves Tommy, but he is not sure he can believe him. He won't put Tommy on the block but would put Christie and Sis up. He says he promised Tommy he would not do that.


Holly says to whisper, he could be listening. (too late Holly, Cliff's been there, done that.)


Jackson tells Holly that if she has to vote him out it is okay, she needs to protect her game.


Holly, “you are very sweet, but you are stupid.”

Michie tells her that he proud of her, and she is incredible. He is glad that he has had the opportunity to get to know her, then he kisses her cheek. Michie tells her he likes her more every day, even though maybe he shouldn't. He says her ex's messed up.


Holly seems t be crying.



Tommy has gone to the target bedroom.


Jack continues to practice his confrontation with Kat tomorrow while Christie, and Sis look on. Tommy gives him advice on what to say.


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In the boat bed lounge Kat, Holly and Michie are talking about scenarios that are possible if other house guests win HOH.


Earlier they were talking about the gratitude circle, and Holly explains that there was no plan in place to create the circle to troll with the “I'm grateful”. Holly tells her that the circle was just used by alliance members in that way after it was created.


Camera moves to the back yard.


Jessica and Nick are talking about Christie's strategy with her power. They say that Jack would have gone then with a unanimous vote. Nicole agrees with them.


Tommy joins the group, says he was in the bedroom, and “they are all in there”


Camera moves back to the boat bed lounge.


Michie says that tonight in the bathroom Christie said to give her the HOH key because she plans to spend the rest of the summer up there. The all wonder how Jessica doesn't see all this. Kat thinks it is because Jessica is a good hearted person.


Michie says Christie is looked at as the popular girl (Kat and Holly make faces). Holly says Christie thinks others live in her world. Holly calls Christie “enabled” and wonders how she owns a house and a small business. She say Christie has had things handed to her in life, that she got her house with an ex, then kept the house. Holly says she was 19 when she got the house, there was no way she could have had the funds to buy the house, but then kept the house. (Keep going Holly, you are on the right road here....)Michie keeps warning Holly “feeds” while she is talking. (we already know Michie)....


Michie leaves


Holly tells Kat that Tommy does not want the five people to split up, and that Tommy told her before Michie came into the room that he (Tommy) will vote with the house. Holly says he said no more in front of Michie because he doesn't want Michie to know the motivation of a vote for him to stay.


Kat asks if they expect Christie and Jackson to work together, Holly says probably.


Michie comes back and shows them flem that he is coughing up. It is the same color as the mess on his lab coat. Holly tells him to go to the DR, in case it is coming from his lungs.


Kat is telling Holly that none of the people she is working with would target her.


Holly tells Kat that if she wins HOH she wants Christie gone, but if she doesn't win she wonders if she should work with the five and wait for them to get picked off.


Kat tells her to let them form it, but don't buy into it. She says some of them want Tommy out and some want Nick out. Kat says Holly could join in the group working together (Cliff, herself, Nicole, and Jessica). Kat tells Holly to not be in an “alliance”, but to say she is a free agent so she is not restricted for nominations.


Holly wonders how she could take a shot at Christie, she would have to put up two of them, then back door Christie, but Kat tells her that is dangerous game play.


Kat says she is going to try hard for HOH this time, and she wants to manipulate it so that either Tommy or Christie is put on the block and sent to jury.


Holly says she told Tommy she was gunning for Christie because of rumors, and that Tommy told her (Holly) that there were rumors that she (Holly) was making deals in the HOH. When Holly asked Tommy where the rumor started he seemed to indicate that he had started the rumor because she was in the HOH, then later whispering to Nicole.


They both worry that putting the wrong people on the block can be dangerous because the veto competitions have been luck, not skill.


Kat tells Holly that being a free agent and having individual allies is more important now in the game.


Michie comes back in, says “conspiring”. He tells them no one even knows they are in the room together. (Cliff does).


They all leave the room and go to the kitchen.


11:28 BBT


Jack and Sis are in the target bedroom whispering.


Sis wonders what it would have been like if Sam had stayed. Then more whispering.


Jack is told to exchange his microphone and he leaves the room.


Jack returns with his new microphone, and complains that Michie, Holly and Kat were hanging out in the kitchen. He make s a few Tarzan poses before getting back in the bed. More whispering.


Tommy comes into to the target bedroom, Jack retells the story about the group in the kitchen. He told Sis earlier that it just makes it obvious that they do know each other and that Kat has lost trust with the others. (No one told him that, he just believes it) Jack goes over his plan with Tommy. After he goes over it (again), he gives a scenario where everyone in the house will vote to evict Michie.


Tommy tells Jack that he needs to be the one to approach Jessica, but he cannot do it for him or be involved in it. He says he is worried that if it does not work it will only gain him (Tommy) enemies in the game. Tommy tells Jack to discuss not wanting to go home over something he didn't do, and that he wants to work with Jessica moving forward.


Now Jack decides he will go up alone, but only if Kat doesn't agree to vote to keep him.


Tommy asks if there would be a benefit to talking to Cliff before things blow up tomorrow. He says Cliff should be informed.


Sis, “What's going to happen tomorrow.” (Oh for God's sake, this has been discussed for hours...Grannysue)


Jack continues to plot, Tommy is obviously worried, he says “I don't know,” when Jack mentions offering Cliff three weeks safety. Tommy says he does not want to put up Nicole or Holly so that leaves very few alternatives.


Tommy passes gas, they all laugh, Tommy apologizes, Jack looks for spray, doesn't find it, covers his head.


Jack keeps going over these conversations in his head where the people respond exactly how he thinks they should (not realistic), and insists he can make Kat see things his way.


Tommy says Jessica already knows a lot, and could already know what Kat has done. He keeps telling Jack to tell her that he wants to include her in the future. He repeats that Jack should say he is accused of doing things he did not do. He says a threatening approach is not the way to go.


Jack says he wants to use both approaches. (Appeasing then threatening).


[I have to say this is the most involved, revolving evolving plot I have ever heard on BB, and Jack is making up conversations where the people he talks to are responding exactly as he wants (and they won't). It is a plan that seems to be doomed.--Grannysue]


Tommy is trying to help him, direct him in a way that could possibly work, but Jack keeps twisting the advice he is given.


Jack tells Tommy he will not leave the HOH room without a deal.





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Jessica, Kat, Nick, Holly and Cliff are talking about the unrealistic deals that have been offered to them.


Nick goes over the people who have been put up and the reasoning behind them.


They are talking about the crazy meeting of the alliance, and Michie says there was no way he would have allowed Nicole into the room that day. Holly says it was a room of screaming and no one knew who they were mad at.


The topic changes to the recent fight right before eviction and Nick laughs about the group listening to it from outside the room. He says they scurried to the table before the group came out of the room.


Michie says Christie starred talking over him and he told her he would just talk over her. He says that is why it got so loud.


Nicole is laughing when Michie says that when she came out of a room where there was a conversation about flipping votes. Her answer was “I don't know.” when he asked her what they were talking about. Michie says he kept saying”you just came out a few seconds ago.” and Nicole continued to deny knowing what they were talking about. Everyone is laughing about it.


Sis comes out, asks a question then goes in. (Inventory of who and where?)


Tommy comes out to the yard “traveling at the speed of light.” He fools around a little and feeds cut for a few seconds.


Sis returns with Jack while the feeds are off. They are on screen for a few seconds, then we get FISH again.


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