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Big Brother Season 21-Episode 18

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Previously, on Big Brother, the Six Shooters alliance of Christie, Tommy, Sis, Holly, Michie, and Jack were dominating the game and with Holly as HOH their next targets were Nick and Sam. Holly and Kat were closer than they realized and they even formed a final two. Kat then offered her services as a pawn for Holly. After Nick won the veto, he was replaced with Holly’s pawn.


The Six Shooters continued to splinter and hours before the eviction all hell broke loose. But when the vote was revealed, the truck driver hit the exit ramp. At a crucial HOH competition, the HG were tasked to study for a chance at power. Tonight, who will claim the throne and rule this week as HOH? Plus, watch the self destruction of the six shooters. And which HG will be put on the chopping block. All this right now on Big Brother!


We pick up on day 44 and Kat is so grateful to still be in the house because those conspiring b*tches almost voted her out. Jack is memorizing pictures and he says he has to win this HOH because a couple of hours before the live show everything you knew about the Six Shooters got turned upside down.


Michie is telling Jack that Christie and Tommy are absolutely going to turn on them and take a shot. Michie tells us he has to make Jack realize that Christie and Tommy are not as secure as they think. He whispers to Jack that Kat knows Holly and they are friends outside the house. Jack says when Michie tells him they “know” each other he has to stay stone faced because it’s serious intel.


Jack tells us that Michie is telling him he can’t trust Tommy and Christie but he trusts them more than he does Michie. We then see Jack talking to Tommy and telling them what Michie said. Jack then tells them that Kat and Holly knew each other and Tommy says he knew it! Tommy tells us he had suspicions at because Kat let slip about going to a concert together and then we see Kat and Holly talking about it. Tommy says not only do Kat and Holly knew each other, but Holly and Jackson are dating and that could make them a trio if they all three knew each other outside of the house. Tommy says couples are bad enough, but having a trio in jury? It’s time to flip the vote and get Kat out now.


Christie goes into the room with Jack and Tommy and they fill her in on Michie trying to get Jack not to trust them and then flipping the vote. Jack says they can pull in Nick and Sam and move forward together in the game. Christie says that’s fine. 3 hours and 16 minutes before eviction we see Tommy filling Sis in on the plan to flip the vote. Then we see Jack and Christie talking to Nick and Nicole. Jack says bye Kitty Kat, you messed in the wrong litter box. Tommy is convincing Sis they have to get rid of Kat and she doesn’t know if it’s the right thing to do. Tommy thinks this is the right play. Holly is listening at the door to Tommy and Sis and she’s trying to figure out what the heck is happening.


Holly goes to Michie and relays that she heard Tommy say they can’t tell Sam. Michie joins the room with Tommy and Sis. There’s an awkward discussion and Michie says so we’re keeping Kat and Tommy says yes. Tommy says this house and Michie says there’s something about this game. It’s exciting, very exciting. Holly then asks Tommy if people are flipping. She tells him to look her in the eye and he says he doesn’t know and she says there’s zero benefit to that.


Michie goes to Jack and asks him what’s going on and he asks if things are changing. Jack says you can think whatever you want. Jack says there’s no reason to flip. 2 hours and 4 minutes before eviction and Holly tells Tommy she heard him talking and Tommy tells her he doesn’t feel safe with the six because of the way Michie is acting. Holly says if we’re gonna have a blow-up, then let’s have a blow-up. Holly says Kat is 100% on our side. Tommy says Michie told Jack that Kat and Holly knew each other. Holly tells us she can’t even process that Michie would tell Jack that. Holly says she needs to fix this.


Jack joins Holly and Tommy and Holly says she’s being left out on her HOH and she’s not being respected as a team member. Michie then comes in next and wants to know what’s going on. Jack tells Michie that Holly feels left out of the loop and Christie and Sis come in. Christie wants to know what Michie’s issue with her is and she says she’s hearing that Michie wants her out and he’s telling people that she is the enemy. Christie says she guesses after today the six is over. Michie asks if she wants to have a discussion or if she’s going to yell. Nick is walking by and he can hear from the hall and Jess is in the WA and she can hear as well. Cliff can hear it and Cliff tells Nicole they’re breaking apart as they speak.


Cliff tells us he’s been saying given enough time they would start breaking apart, and it’s happening. Christie brings up about Kat and Holly knowing each other and they went to a concert together. Holly is saying they didn’t know each other. Michie says you think I know them too? Jack says yes. Christie starts talking about the rogue vote and wants to know why Michie would throw a rogue vote and then didn’t tell them. Michie says he did it to keep their butts off the block. Christie says she feels like everyone is saying Michie is saying there is a major thing against her which is weird to her. Tommy is telling everyone to relax and Michie says he’s being a decent person by giving her coffee in the morning when she’s upset. Michie gets mad and says this is ridiculous and walks out.


1 hour and 44 minutes before eviction and Kat goes into the boat room with Christie, Holly, Cliff, Jack, and Tommy. Tommy is telling Kat they know about the trio. Holly says did we go to Stagecoach together and she says no. Kat says they don’t know each other. Jack says you can talk about this all you want, but you know each other. Tommy says Michie said that. Christie says Michie is a snake. Kat says she doesn’t feel like she’s done and she feels like she’s been loyal and she’s trusted people and she’s so sorry. Christie says she’s done with the whole conversation and they can just let her know how to vote. Kat is upset and Christie says she doesn’t know what’s the truth and what’s not.


Cliff and Jess are talking and they are figuring out what to do. Kat comes in and washes her hands and Jess says it sucks to not be included in a lot of conversations in the house. Jess says Kat is on the block and she’s about to go home and she has no way of saving her and she’s one of the closest people to her in the house and it sucks to feel so powerless. Jess is emotional.


Michie talks to Holly and says he can’t trust Jack. Holly says she could have told him that! Michie says he got burned by Jack. Holly says duh and Michie says he doesn’t need to be kicked while he’s down. Michie says the disheartening part of it all is he can’t trust Jack and he’s made it pretty clear he’s picking Christie over him. Christie is talking Tommy and she doesn’t think Kat needs to go. Tommy says that mole mole’d her way into the six and split them up. Tommy, Christie, Jack, Michie, and Holly are talking it out and Michie says he told them he had Kat in his back pocket and Tommy says when you didn’t come clean…Michie says I volunteered to go on the block for you guys! Michie says on day 2 he told Jack he thought Kat and Holly knew each other. Jack says he did say that, but the way he said it today he sounded like he KNEW it today. Jack and Michie are arguing and Jack is getting frustrated and Michie says he took a bullet for him in this game. Michie says it’s all good and walks out.


Christie talks to Jack and she tells him she doesn’t want Kat to go home. Jack says the only reason is because they knew each other. Christie doesn’t think they were friends, that maybe they just knew each other. Jack says this just made things so different. Christie says Michie has blown everything up and Jack hugs Christie. 28 minutes before eviction and Christie is telling Jess, Nicole, and Sis they are keeping Kat. We then see Jack tell Sam I’m sorry. Jack tells us so the Six Shooters are dead and Michie is upset about what happened today and he doesn’t know what anyone would do if they won HOH.


We see the HG studying for the HOH comp and Cliff says this is crazy. This could be the biggest HOH of the year. Tommy says everyone is gunning for this HOH competition and no one knows where anyone stands. The only way to be safe is to win. All HG are told to head to their booths and Holly is explaining the directions. If they get the answer correct, they’ll stay in the game and if they’re wrong they’ll be eliminated. Last HG standing will become the new HOH.


In the ad for Wizard Camp, Bella is holding the crystal ball. True or False. Michie answers True and everyone answers false. Sam is holding the crystal ball and Michie has been eliminated. Michie says he doesn’t like losing and he feels like he let himself down, Holly down, and his friends and family.


In the ad for Camp Take a Hike, there are a total of two hands holding the map. True or false. Cliff and Sis answer True and everyone else says false. There are four hands holding the map. Cliff and Sis have been eliminated.


In the Camp Genius advertisement, Ovi is the only person wearing a vest. True or False. Nick and Tommy say false and everyone answers true. Nick and tommy have been eliminated.


In the Stunt Camp ad, David is wearing a red tie. Christie says true and everyone else answers false. David is not wearing a red tie and Christie has been eliminated.


It’s down to Jack, Nicole, Jess, and Kat. In the ad for Mime camp, all the mimes are wearing red suspenders. True or false. Jack answers true. The answer is false. Jack has been eliminated. Jack says all of Six Shooters has been eliminated and now all that’s left is floaters and that’s not good.


In the Camp Stallion ad, there are four buttons on the front of Holly’s jacket. True or False. Jess says wow. Nicole answers false and Jess and Kat answer true. The correct answer is true and Nicole has been eliminated. Nicole is trying not to get emotional, but to be that close and realizing she could win and then lose, it’s hard.


It’s between Jess and Kat. In the ad for pirate camp all of the HG shown are in barrels. True or False. Kat answers false and Jess answers true. The correct answer is true and Jess is the new HOH! Jess starts crying and Holly gives her the key. Jess says look who has the key baby! She went from banishment to being on the block twice to being HOH and now she has the power! You can’t make this stuff up guys!


Michie says what you see now is humility and accepting defeat and realizing he could have won HOH, but he didn’t. He’s not giving up, but he’s far from happy right now. Tommy says plot twist! Jessica wins. He has no idea where her head is at or who she’ll nominate. He hopes it’s not him.


Nicole, Jess, Kat, and Cliff are in the SR dancing and celebrating. Cliff gives them a hug and Cliff says he’s so proud of all three of them. They all kicked butt. Now they have power and they others are going to have to kiss their butt and they need to stick together. Cliff says they could be the new alliance running the house. They pose for the camera, Cliff and his angels.


Tommy, Sis, Jack, Christie, and Holly are talking it out. Christie says everything is out in the open and Michie tried to bury her today. In her eyes, there is no six going forward. She’s not going to fight for it because she doesn’t care anymore. Christie leaves and Holly says she has her trust with the people in here. Sis says she’s not working with six more.


Holly and Kat are talking. Holly says she hasn’t seen such a big move in BB history and she wishes he hadn’t said Kat’s name. Holly says he didn’t think Jack would go tell everyone. Kat says that’s stupid, this is Big Brother. Kat says Michie’s a dumbass. Holly says she didn’t expect to have feelings at this level and she’s not ready to let go of Michie, but she’s going to continue to work with Kat as her number one. Kat says Holly is absolutely her ride or die. But working with Holly brings in Michie and he’s obviously the dumbest person in the house and on everyone’s radar so he’s not a threat to her at all.


We see Cliff, Nicole, Jess, and Kat in the HOH and they have victory dance part two. Kat says she has been playing both sides, but Christie, Tommy, Sis, and Jack are dead to her and she’s only going to use them if they are good for her game. Cliff wants to know what Jess is thinking. Jess says two big guys, she doesn’t think Jack would ever work with them. Kat says what if they think we’re going to get rid of Michie, but Jack will really be the target.


Jess says she’s HOH this week and she wants to get a powerful player out. Jess says they act like their side chose each other, but they all tried to get in the “big alliance” but they were pushed out. Kat says like we had a choice but to work together and we weren’t good enough. Jess says she wasn’t a part of any conversations and she hates that feeling. So today, she’s in this empowered mood that she doesn’t give a flying…She wants them to scatter like cockroaches and she wants them to throw each other under the bus so it makes it that much easier for her not to feel bad.


It’s time for the nomination ceremony! Jess’s first nominee is…Michie. Her second nominee is…Jack. Jack says wow. Jess says she hasn’t been a part of anything going on in the house and a lot of things came to light and she feels like they are the common denominator. This is the two she felt made sense.


Jess says she’s ecstatic, it’s sweet, sweet revenge. One banished her and one had her on the block and they both made her feel powerless. She’s taking her power back. Michie says he’s been on his own a lot and he’s trusted the wrong people but he’s not going out with his tail tucked between his legs, he’s going to fight to stay. Jack says he made a wrong choice and he betrayed a friend and this sucks. Jack is crying in the DR. Nicole says America, the bottom feeders are going after the alphas. They are not the under dogs, they are taking the house back!

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