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The Sopranos


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Chase wussed out. He wants us to assume that the guy sitting on the stool went into the bathroom and came out and killed Tony. The timing would be that as Meadow is running into restuarant her dad is buying the farm.

Also, WTF - that whole AJ thing was about him joining the army to become a terrorist. He's been bitching about the gov't and the pres and the war and then he wants to go into the army and become a pilot so he can crash his fighter jet into a building? I believe that is what they were getting at and if so, those writers have a sense of humor. That was the worse bs story line in TV history. AJ couldnt fight his way out of a paper bag but they want us to think he is manly enough to join the military even if it was for the wrong reasons. The show was boring and insulting to the audience that has followed it through all these years.

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I did enjoy the bit of tension in the last scene but I still hated it. I know it would not have been much different but if they had even let Meadow make it to the table & sit down, then end it, I would have been happier. That black screen crap was BS. So what are we left knowing... that Tony is going to be arrested & that Meadow can't parallel park for chit. Whooptee Freaking Dooo.

MBE I am just pissed because the show is over but I have a sneaking feeling this finale will be getting some bad press in the AM.

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OK I just read some comments after a review & if what this one guy said was true I may have changed my impression of the finale. The screen went black because right as Meadow was walking in Tony got shot in the head & everything went black & silent just like it would if you died instantly.

I am always too slow to catch things like this but here is what a poster named Antigone said on another board...

Tony's dead. (Sorry but this is going to be a long comment.)

A) First episode of this season Bobby says you don't hear it when you're shot.

B) Second to last episode of this season, Tony flashes to Bobby saying you don't hear it when you're shot.

C) The entire story arc was about Tony - when Tony's gone, the arc is done.

D) In the diner, every time someone walked through the door, the perspective changed to Tony's as he looked up

E) After the last bell jingle, just as the perspective changed to Tony's everything went black and silent - as though the person whose perspective we were to shift to was no longer alive

F) The cat was a reminder that Tony killed Chris, and had Adriana killed. The cat was a reminder that Tony's a bad guy - who has it coming.

G) There was so much symmetry between Phil's execution in front of his family and Tony's last moments

H) We all know how much Godfather III ruined the Godfather movies. I think the focus on Meadow was a reference to the Godfather. David Chase didn't end it the way Godfather III ended. This time the boss gets killed.

I) Every other episode ended in music during the credits. This one had no music because Tony's dead.

J) Episode titles have always meant something. This episode's title referred to Bobby's gift of the gun to Tony. When he gave it to him he made the comment about how everything would just go silent when you were shot.

K) The ending was so incredibly brilliant. We all felt what it was like to be Tony in those final five minutes. We all felt nervous, anxious, just as he must have felt. After being absorbed into Tony's experience, we were left with silence and blackness like death because...

Tony is dead.

The Antigone guy makes good points & if it is true I gotta say that makes the ending way brilliant (even though I don't want Tony dead)

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man, i dont know what to think....

i was happy to see the family get together for a dinner, for the ending.... i dont think.... well he might be dead.... I DONT KNOW!! lol, i hate this.... i didnt want it to end. :(

I also kept hoping A.J. would end up dead somehow

well thats just cruel!

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It ended fully within Chase's artistic vision. It just was. While there are things looming (Tony going to trial, AJ, Meadow's boyfriend's work as a lawyer possibly infringing on Tony's busines, etc) the implication is that the family goes on. We just don't get to watch anymore.

I'm glad for once a series finale stayed true to itself instead of making it a big bloated extravaganza that was so far from what the whole series was about it was ridiculous.

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WOW Dumbblonde, that makes a lot of sense. That is really enlightening. Don't know if it's what was intended, but it certainly changes my perspective on it. I was so ticked, I don't think I would have thought all of that through, but jeesh, it sure changes my opinion. I agree with you, if this is true, it was completely brilliant. :animated_scratchchin:

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