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Sunday, August 4, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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12:30AM BBT: The game is still continuing in the HOHR while Jackson works out in the backyard, Holly joins him and they kiss. Holly says she's burned out with everyone and feels like she's back in high school. Tommy is called to do his speed of light punishment. Holly says she's tired of being in a "click" that is a "click of a**holes." 


12:40AM BBT: Jackson and Holly continue to talk about how everyone is mean and being in the house is like being in high school. They talk about how they don't want to be fake. Analyse and Christie eventually join them outside. 


1:00AM BBT: The game in the HOHR has come to an end. Holly is back in the HOHR. Christie, Analyse, and Jack are on the hammock outside, talking about their plans, Jackson, and Sam. They all agree that Sam is a "great storyteller" and they'll "hang on the outside." They talk about popping pimples. 


1:15AM BBT: The group outside talk about how Nick may have thrown the veto comp. Eventually, they leave to go to the CBR. Kat, Jessica, and Holly are upstairs in the HOHR. Jessica wants "this sh*t to blown up" so that everyone knows Nick's game is not a "good game."


1:49AM BBT: The conversations throughout the house are still the same as they've been for the last hour. Nicole eventually joins Jackson in the BY. Jackson says he's not fake. Nicole says she respects that. Jackson says he knows when he's wrong and he's a "straight shooter." He tells Nicole that he never wanted to pin the rogue vote on her. Nicole says she knows he's loyal. Jackson says he's learned his lessons. 


2:00AM BBT: Things are pretty quiet for the next hour. Jessica and Kat eat and repeat conversations in the HOHR, Jackson finishes working out and showers while flirting with and kissing Holly. Tommy wanders around the house in his punishment outfit. Christie and Nick are in bed in the CBR. 

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9:38 AM BBT

The feeds cut for wakey wakey houseguests


10:26 AM BBT

The feeds finally returned

When the feeds come back all of the houseguests are hanging out in the living room. Apparently Jack's punishment started while the feeds were out and BB is saving the entertainment for the tv show. There is talk about baby powder being used as "space dust"

Michie- ...you care about Travis  (the stuffed carrot)

Jack- yeah....Travis

Michie- something WILL happen to Travis

Jack I was literally washing my face and the baby powder was right next to me....I was like just grab it dude...I was wet and he was trying to poof it on me but it wasn't working....he was like SPACE DUST

Jack- another apology for y'all being woke up that way

Michie- I've been woken up by NSYNC  I'd say this alien was better

Christie- Hot Take

Michie- I was saying I'd rather be woke n up by Allen the Alien than NSYNC

Holly- That's a bold statement.....I'd rather wake up to NSYNC (the band)

Michie- I would rather be woke up by anything than NSYNC

Nicole- I'd like to wake up to Allen singing NSYNC  (she moves her hands and sings) "Bye Bye Bye"

Sis- this will be fun for you  (she kisses Jack)

Jack- I'm enjoying it but probably not for long

Jack- I probably should eat before he comes back


[interestingly enough, Jack and Jackson are actually speaking to each other...just random things, but no ill-tempered tones]


10:44AM BBT  Backyard (Sis, Jess, Holly, Christie, Nick)

They are talking about Tommy being called for his punishments throughout the night. They are all really sleepy.

Nick- he got called like 5 times

Christie tells them about meeting up with him in the bathroom around 4 AM and he was frustrated..."and he has to wear it on his birthday"

Holly- do you think he will have to wear it on the live show

They all agree that he will have to because this is just day 1 of 7 days. They say that Allen the Alien is the same man the heckled Rachel and dressed as Granny. They discuss that the punishments are probably the reason there are no Have-Nots.




Nick talks about still feeling like he has a hangover...a hangover without alcohol (he got sick from the spinning competition yesterday). Nick mentions that Tommy got some sleep because he was snoring loudly and he had to throw socks at him to get him to stop.

10:50 AM BBT

Cliff tells the story of how his mom was orphaned at age 11 in a bad car accident in Oklahoma that killed her parents and little brother. "The only reason she survived is because she was sleeping on the floorboard of the car...it broke her pelvis"


The camera moves to the RV bedroom where Tommy is asleep completely under the covers

11:15 AM BBT

The camera moves from the houseguests chatting on the backyard sofas to Michie standing at the weight bench looking at himself in the mirrors obviously talking to himself for quite awhile. He doesn't have his microphone on so he can't be heard at all.    (maybe praying?....maybe giving himself a pep talk?) he then lifts the weights and starts working out.


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11:26 AM BBT  Washroom Area  (Christie and Cliff)

Christie tells Cliff that Tommy looks so cute sleeping with his head under the blankets and the helmet sitting near

Cliff- I'm so glad they are letting him sleep

Christie- how are you doing Cliff

Cliff- oh, I'm alright

She tells Cliff that she spoke with Tommy and regardless of what happened and what was said that she does believe him (Cliff revealing things to Michie multiple times when it was just one instance)...

Christie- I just want you to know that I do believe you...there seems to be inconsistencies and I can't let my personal feelings affect myself moving forward....there's one common denominator




11:29 AM BBT

*The feeds cut likely for Jack's punishment

12:18PM BBT

The feeds finally returned to the houseguests all cleaning up around the kitchen. (seems Allen the Alien causes a mess when he visits)

Christie- Jack you're a champ

Nicole- Jack this is just for the day not the week, right?

Jack- yeah, it should be.....I'll be okay

Jess- what exactly did he make him make  (Jack had to prepare food at the alien's request)

Christie- I'll tell you exactly... it was yogurt, a whole bag of spinach, cut up apples, 4 eggs cracked, 1 egg whole...eggshells, a ton of olive oil cooked in a pan

Nick- and a banana from the trash can

Christie- and a banana from the trash can

Cliff- at least he used lemonade and not milk

Nick- maybe our house will be cleaner than usual (after constant clean ups from Alien Allen's mess)

Christie- I doubt it

I thought he was gonna make him eat it...that would have been worse

Christie- you know we are gonna clean all this up and then he's gonna come and do something just like it again


12:30 PM BBT  Backyard

Michie is skimming the pool; Sis is jogging; Nick is picking up small things from the turf

Nick- what the fuck is that    [no idea what it is that he is picking up  -MamaLong]


12:33 PM BBT  HOHR  (Kat and Cliff)

Kat- what was that about

Cliff- they are just trying to sway me, you know

Kat- I hate to ask you but you are for sure voting Jack out, right?

Cliff- yeah...they were trying so hard, Kat

Nick comes in to tell Kat that Nicole is ready to feed the fish.

Kat tells Cliff about Nicole getting upset over the way they treat him (Jack, Christie, SIs)

Cliff- I know. They think I'm stupid. I can see through the bullshit. They think they can give me some compliments and....it's amazing. Michie had warned me that they were going to try to sway me and suck up to me

Holly comes in and says "oh sorry...you were speaking" she brings a glove for Kat to feed the fish but Kat tells her she can do it

Nicole and Holly go to feed the fish

Kat- the rumor was that you and I were trying to break up the 6 since day 1

Cliff- I've been trying to avoid being up here because they don't know I'm with y'all. They are talking about a woman's alliance

*They giggle

Cliff- I said to Jack do you really think there is a women's alliance

Kat- they are just using fake alliances as weapons...but Nicole was like Nick is going to vote with us but Jess was like, no he's not. So, they are going to just wait and see how Nick votes

Cliff- Christie threw Holly under the bus this morning when Allen Alien was here.... she said "Holly was swearing up and down that you were giving them information"



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Kat says that she has changed the way she feels about Michie being disrespectful because she found out that all this time she sees him as aggressive and thought Michie was talking about her to everyone because it kept coming up in conversation (the hookup) and saying things...boys talk....but it turns out it was that he talked to Jack and he was the one saying things

Cliff tells her that the one time it got brought up when he was in the room, Michie actually shut it down saying "feeds, feeds".

They agree that Michie is getting better. CLiff says a lot of what  Michie does is just ignorance and immaturity....now he has experience in this out and will learn that he has to treat women differently....no locker room talk and such

They discuss that Nick makes inappropriate comments. 

Kat- he made a joke about my vagina! Like, really Nick?

Cliff- I swear I am voting to send Jack home




1:10 PM BBT Backyard

Christie is cleaning the hammock with a hose. Jess suggests trying some Oxi Clean, too

Tommy joins them outside looking very sleepy. He is eating some eggs for breakfast.



1:30 PM BBT  Target Bedroom

Christie and Sis are talking smack about Kat possibly wanting to keep Michie.  [Kat has not told them this...they are making paranoid assumptions that happen to be true]

Christie- if he stays I'm gonna fucking put her up

Sis- why would she want to keep him after saying she wouldn't take what Michie says to her in the real world....why do you want to fucking keep someone that shit on you every day...I've been getting paranoid

Christie- I don't want Jack to know but I am getting nervous. We have to be careful on how we do this. We can't keep pushing too hard.....Holly ain't coming back to us. SHe is up their asses

Sis- I don't know how to go about this

Christie- we have to wait until after the veto meeting because any of us could go up. We need to be really careful and we need to be delicate after the veto meeting is done


2:00 PM BBT

Most of the houseguests are enjoying the backyard





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2:40 PM BBT

The feeds cut likely for more of Jack's punishments

Nicole and Nick had been discussing why the alien hadn't come out recently

Nicole- maybe it's lunch time

*then the feeds cut   [gotta say that I love this alien punishment and can't wait to see it on the show...I feel cheated by the live feeds "24-7" promise , once again -MamaLong]

2:52 PM BBT The feeds return

When the feeds return Cliff, Holly and Nicole are chatting on the couch in the backyard about general stuff. CLiff gets up to go inside and get some food.

Nicole- I'm sorry about that Holly

Holly- I was expecting it

[it is likely that Cliff told Holly about Christie throwing her under the bus this morning]

Holly said she spent a lot of time in the HOH room yesterday so it was expected. Nicole tells Holly that she spoke with Michie and told him that all the house needs to know is that she is mad about that rogue vote...hoping he would catch on to her leading the house on to think her target is Michie when it is really Jack.

Nicole- when it came to who it was that you were going to put up as a pawn was it someone else that was pushing you

Holly says she was weighing options....the only other person that would have made justifiable sense would be to use Nicole

Nicole- I have no problem with that

Tommy joins them and sits in the shade; Jack does too

Nicole- any visits, Jack?

Jack- yeah I was in the DR and he came and visited me there....he messed up a couple of times which made me laugh. It was really cool


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2:55pm BBT Tommy and Christie steal a moment to discuss strategy. They are putting up Holly and Kat if either wins HoH and have no interest in targeting Jackson. They are planning for a potential DE. Tommy returns to HoH bed and Christie returns to the KT. Cliff is out of the DR and BB has given him a Koran translated into English. Tommy comes downstairs.  Holly and Nicole are on the BY couches and Tommy and Jack come out to join them.

3:00pm BBT Jack reveals that while he was in the DR, the Alien visited him again and messed up a couple times, breaking character and laughing. Nicole is refusing to move off the couches. Jack tells Sis to not feel bad about the punishments - it's part of the game.  The other HG are in the KT.  Jess joins the four in the BY. Tommy says after he was a HN, he couldn't touch oatmeal.

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3:00 PM BBT

Jess comes up to chat and Nicole calls her Esmeralda 

Jack- Esmeralda?  From Notre Dame?

Nicole- Yeah, she reminds me of her

Kat comes out and walks on the hot artificial turf and Holly yells at her that she's a maniac (it's burning hot) she doesn't like that she does that

"Attention BB Explorer: please prepare to travel the speed of sound"

Tommy- Okay, here I go   (you can hear the air horns going off in the distance)

Just general conversations going on this afternoon. Not much game talk.

3:35 PM BBT  The feeds cut

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4:09 PM BBT

The feeds return

Jack- thank you guys for participating! I appreciate it

Tommy- thanks for the great show

Kat- we appreciate you

Christie- oh that's so fucking funny

Jess and Nicole go to the HOH Room

Jess- I don't know why I feel so energy....it's been an energy suck. It must be my period.

Nicole- yeah that's why no one wants to be in the heat today

Nicole- don't you wonder what the alien would do to you

Jess- yeah

Nicole- because it is so jack-esque...working out...

*The feeds switch to the RV room

Nick tells Sis and Tommy that it doesn't matter about the vote because whoever she wants is who is gonna go

Sis- what do you mean

Nick- the vote will b e 4-4 and she will break the tie

Sis- I'm getting nervous

Tommy- we have to make a deal

Nick- you have to wait until after the veto ceremony....don't make a deal unless you know he is going

Sis- well he was...outside...we were talking about haircuts (he said he didn't want to leave with his hair a mess)

Tommy- I heard Nicole go to Michie and say "we have..."  But, it's fine. We have to wait. Holly was trying to put up Nicole last week. The whole thing is fucked up.


4:20 PM BBT

Kat tells the girls that she discovered it was Jack talking about her pre-Holly escapades with Michie.

Kat- Jack pulled me into the room and said he wanted to clarify things. It didn't go as he planned. I go I know your side of the story and I know Michie's side of the story and they don't match up. ANd he said is there anything else you need to clarify with me and I said yeah what Jackson told you. WHy did you find it your business to tell. He said he was sorry and he did tell Christie and Tommy and he said sorry *the feeds switch to the RV room and then back to the HOHR

Kat- I go that's fucked up


Nicole- wow! I don't know how I would react if he said something like that to me

Kat- so now....he has....

Nicole- you should have said...stop, I am not seeking your approval because you'll be gone soon

Kat- like obviously he doesn't give two shits about the things I value in life. He almost got me evicted.....that was before he brought my parents into it....then I said what are y'all planning after the veto...I could tell he was caught off guard...I was like people are just telling me that I need to be careful because people think they can't even sneeze in front of me or they'll get put on the block. He was like, WHAT. He then said he wan't even going to campaign until after veto so I told him okay but leave me and my personal life out of it

Nicole- good for you Kat

Jess- it makes me so mad hearing stuff like this


Nicole mentions that when she was kept out of the HOHR (the blowup with Bella about Nicole) she was in the boat room alone with Jack and he said "I told you that you were safe this week. You just need to value the days you have left in this game"

The girls react like Oh My God

Nicole- well that's a really rude thing to say

Jess- was this before or after he came out of the fight saying "another one bites the dust"?

Nicole- It was immediately before the fight then he came out of the room and said another one bites the dust.....Day 24...you'll see

Kat- Oh my gosh, he is getting everything that's coming to him

Nicole- I forgot about it because I was like a wounded animal

Jess- WOW    Kat- WOW   Nicole- that was 20 days ago, but still

Jess- it's relevant because he says the same crap to everyone

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4:32 PM BBT

Nicole- they think they are the ones pulling the strings and they can't have other people playing. There are two people that are like I can lie, I can make strategy, I can make plans...but no one else can. And if you do.....

Jess- It's why I said I wasn't part of the 6...or the 7...or the 8...or the 9....that's why I said that

Kat- sorry to make it about me again but when I said that people were spreading stuff around the house about me...how dare she look at me and say she wouldn't believe what she hears but she is actually doing it

Cliff comes in- Is it safe? I'm getting chased everywhere

Kat to Cliff- I know you love Nick but Nick has been following me around all day saying Kat where have you been in front of everyone

Cliff- he is in the RV reading the bible

Kat- I told him I was going to vote however Jess wants me to vote

Cliff- let me tell you what I know...I went into the boat room last night and Nick came in wanting to know what was going on. He said we got this and I was like I know. So he asked how is everyone voting. I told him I don't know....from a safety standpoint that's the way I would want to go (evict Jack). what made me worried is he said it doesn't matter either way. All I'm thinking is it sure matters. 

Cliff says that he told him he is just waiting to see which way people want to go

Jess- I still feel like Nick is trying to get me to take Michie off and put someone else up to make sure Jack leaves

Cliff- if that happens does it take blood of his hands

Jess- it puts more on my hands

Kat- I don't think there is ....there is just no way that Jack is going to stay.

Cliff- if Nick and Holly voted the other way

Nicole- if they did they are morons

Cliff- I trust Holly more than I trust Nick

Nicole- my gut is telling me he is on the same page as us

Kat- this is the reason I trust Holly (on Thursday) she came to me and told me something is not right. If she was in on it, why would she say that?

Nicole- Jack and Christie came in and grabbed us and said come on then presented the idea to flip (aggressively). Nicole explains that Nick was just as flabbergasted as she was and that's why she believes he is with them.  And he told me that when he is in a room with Jack, Christie, Tommy and Sis he has to play to them "what am I going to say"

Kat- the thing that is skeezing me out on Nick is that he is not someone I talk to that much but all day today he is approaching me and wanting to talk with me

Nicole- well he told me that he needs to talk to you more

Jess- I apologize for cutting you off Cliff, but it would be dumb for him to form an alliance with the other group knowing they have been wanting him out

Cliff says after Nick left Tommy came in to hang out but was called to do his punishment so I took off to the hammock...and as soon as the duties were over Tommy came to sit in the hammock with me and then Jack

The feeds switch to the RV where Sis has been talking with Tommy 

4:46 PM BBT  Backyard (Jack and Christie)

Jack talks about his talk with Kat and how it might be the nail in his coffin, "fuck her dude" ..."she is so fake"....."fuck her"

Christie- you have to let it go. We have to work on Cliff now

Jack- if we can maybe get Cliff and Nicole....it's already 6 to 3

Christie- I know

Jack- Jess and Kat are their own little monster

Christie- yeah but Cliff

Jack- Cliff is concerned there is a woman's alliance 

Christie- play up on that and play up on that Michie, Kat and Holly know each other; he is a fan of the show and he will never let that happen; you also need to have a talk with Nicole...you and Nick can work on Nicole and between you and me and Tommy we can work on Cliff...I'm gonna win that fucking double

Jack- I hate that. I knew I was right. I knew I had to...tell Michie to fuck off

Christie- I would have never put you in the middle to choose...to try and pull his other closest ally away. I would never fucking do that. I hate that you were put in that position

Jack- it's the game....at the end of the day it is just a game

Christie- I hate that she won the veto...it's out of our hands

Jack- I played like dog shit

Christie- you didn't play like dog shit. It was anyone's game. Michie scored a zero too.....we can get him

Jack- Kat told me that she heard that we are saying a stiff wind freaks her out.... and she is hearing we are waiting until after veto to start something

Christie- I'm so pissed

Jack- you have to say what you have to say in order to not be on the block

Christie- maybe Tommy will get a power or something...it's not over until it's over

Jack- y'all are great players

Christie- I know I'm next


5:05 PM BBT  Nick joins Kat, Jess, and Cliff in the HOHR and tells the group that they are getting really nervous and anxious down there.

Nick- I don't think anyone will make their rounds until after the veto meeting; Nick mentions that the Have-Not room is being remodeled to something else for Michie's punishment


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5:45 PM BBT  Backyard (Jack and Nick with Sis running)

Nick confirms with Jack that if the vote is 4 to 4 then Jess will break the tie to evict Jack

Jack- how do you know that

Nick- because if it's 4 to 4 that means Jess had them vote you and then she will break the tie

Jack rehashes everything with Nick telling him about his talk with Kat and how she  confronted him that she has heard something will happen after the veto meeting.

Jack- Brah....there is a common denominator

Nick- who? Christie?....Bro, I told you!

Both Nick and Jack agree the common denominator is Christie

Sis jogs over and Nick tells her that he promised Jack that if he is evicted that he will make sure Sis is evicted next so they can spend time in the jury house together

Jack- I'm not staying there by myself.... nah, I know you are here for 500K

Nick- she is just like Vanessa, bro...too much manipulation...she gets out of everything. Her DRs are probably evil

Jack- yeah she is just so convinced she is right that she just lies to herself

Nick- like say less...shut up

Jack- you should pull Christie up to Jess' room

Sis- no don't do that


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5:31PM BBT Nick talking to Sis. He is talking about not being ale to trust Christie. He says he wants to keep Jack because he is loyal to them.


5:35PM BBT Analyse goes over to Jack and tells him that Christie ran her mouth. She tells him that Nick is in a difficult spot. Nick comes over. Jack tells him that he is on the block because of Christie. He says he has to talk to Cliff which is BS.


5:43PM BBT NIck and Jack talking. Jack says he is tired of Christie. He says he has to talk to Cliff and make a big deal. Jack is tired. He told Production that he can't deal with aliens right now.



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6:35 PM BBT

The feeds are back. Michie and Kat are talking in the boat room

Kat tells Michie that she has come to realize that it wasn't him that was spreading gossip about the two of them. She apologizes to him.

[actually, he DID brag about his conquest with Kat to Jack and then to Nick  and then Cliff  -MamaLong]

Michie- I have more respect for you and Holly to ever do that


6:37 PM BBT

Christie cries to Jess about Nick being inconsistent and that she hates this game because "it is just so hard"  [I can't -MamaLong]


I'm out for the rest of the night, but I will fill in gaps in the morning.

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6:36PM BBT Feeds are back. Jess and Christie looking over into the KT. Someone had come in and spilled out a container of macaroni. Jack had to count the macaroni out individually. 


6:39PM BBT Christie goes into HOH BR with Jess. She is crying and running nose everywhere. She says she came into the house and wanted to play her own game. She says she got into an alliance with a bunch of people who ended up in showmances.


6:41PM BBT Christie is practically hysterical.  She is sayng that she got close with Kat and she (Kat) now feels that Holly and Jackson are her best options. Christie is upset that Kat feels that way.


6:51PM BBT Kat, Jackson and Holly talking in the lounge. Discussed if jack has her vote. Kat says they don't have any idea about her. She says the fact that the HG think that she is that dumb and materialistic.



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8:34pm BBT


Sis and Cliff are talking in the target bedroom. Sis is campaigning for Jack, telling Cliff he would be safe if he voted to keep Jack in the house this week.


Cliff tells her that Jack has made an offer and it looks attractive (Cliff already told his crew about the offer and that he was not taking it).


Sis tells Cliff she does not trust Michie and she would not be safe if he stays in the house. Cliff says Michie has betrayed him and has given him pitiful excuses for it. He tells Sis there was a blow up upstairs and he needs to find out what that was about before he makes a decision.


Sis asks Cliff to tell her when he makes his decision. Cliff says they will talk again in a few days. He mentions having been out of the loop and says he needs to figure out things and Sis says she has also been out of the loop. She tells Cliff that she felt something is not right. (does not give specifics).


Cliff says he finds it personal when people talk about things he says or doesn't say.




In the HOH room Nick, Jessica and Nicole are talking about past game vs now, past nominations, and the difference between back doors replacement nominations.


Kat comes to the HOH room door and checks her appearance. She decides she looks cute.


Kat and Nicole are trying to tell the story of the “interviews” they did, but it is very disjointed and they give up.


General chat about past weeks.





Tommy and Christie are on the hammock, Jack and Sis are sitting on stools beside it. Sis is repeating her conversation with Cliff.

She is pretty accurate, she gives Jack a little hope.


Jack is thinking about going to the HOH room, but Christie and Tommy tell him not to push it.


The whole group is very quiet, seem pensive.


Christie complains about Jess and the others, it falls flat.


Cliff comes over with bean bags and stacks them on top of Tommy's helmet. Cliff says the house seems abandoned, the boat bed room, target room and other rooms are empty.


Christie wants to play corn hole with Jack and Cliff, but Sis claims a headache and Tommy says no.


Christie tells them that when Cliff is with them (Tommy, Sis, Jack) and herself) he perks up and seems happy. She starts tossing her microphone receiver in the air, Sis tells her that whenever she (Christie) feels confident she tosses things in the air. Tommy agrees.


Sis starts whispering very quietly and we can't hear her. I hear “he” and “she” and “Kat”. Sis says that when they go up and talk to Jessica they should make sure it is not about game or votes.


Christie tells them that Jessica is like a man inside, they should talk to her like they talk to Christie. (She told Jack this earlier when she was giving him advice about how to approach Jessica later.


The three of them decide that Kat needs to be the first person out, Christie tells them to be personable and kind until the end of the week.

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9:00PM BBT Nichole, Michie, Kat, Nick in the HoHR talking about past discussions that were awkward.  Nicole and Kat have decided to be fainting goats when they get asked questions they don't want to answer.  Nicole says she is gonna be narcoleptic.  Michie replays his attempts to get info out of Nicole a few times.  He asked her several l times and then f' it.  Then he replays a convo when she had JUST come out of a room and asked what they are talking about and she says she didn't know.  He repeats what he said then, You don't know what was just said in the room you just left?....  Several other examples of past conversations when people were trying to find out if votes were being flipped.   Nick replays the conversation when he tried to hint to Kat she needed to go in as something is going on.


Jackson is called our to the DR.  The wonder if it is the Area 21 punishment.  They doubt it since Jack's is still going on.  


9:11PM BBT Jack at DT and you can now see he has to cover up the Bull on his tattoo.  [wonder if it was done from the Chicago Bulls logo - rms]


9:16PM BBT Tommy has to do his speed of sound and the airhorns are dying.  He was in the WA a moment ago taking his outfit off.  [wonder if they really interrupted him going,...  - rms]

As Tommy heads back to take his outfit off to go to the WA again, He passes through the KT and Christie says she doesn't know what she will do when he isn't her roommate.  They may have to do that when they are out.  Tommy says he has a spare room.  Then he makes it to the WA and disrobes.


Flash up to Cliff teaching Kat how to play backgammon in the HoHR with Nick helping.


Holly making a mask in KT.  Christie making stuff (eggs with spinach).  Jack watching.  Christie yells to Tommy that his food is ready.



9:29PM BBT Tommy running in the house "Traveling at the Speed of Light"  As he makes it to the HoHR, the lights are out and they have the lights off and all dance, raise their arms and scream.  Tommy goes out to the THL and tells the fish he is traveling at the Speed of Light.


9:31PM BBT Behind the LR couch, you can see Tommy's underwear he must have thrown down before his mission.  He goes in the SR to store the lights and comes out and picks it up and his shaving kit.


9:35PM BBT Jack, Holly and Nicole are in the HoH Bathroom applying green masks on their faces.  


9:44PM BBT Nick tells stories about each time his wrist was broken tot he people in the HoHR.


9:58PM BBT Nick is in the KT with Christie, Jack and sis and he gives a shout out to Sam and Isabella if they are watching.  They are saying they miss him and Christie yells "SEND IT"


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Tommy takes out some cookies.  Nick grabs one and says it's soft.  He jams in into his mouth and says it's soooo good.  They pass them out to the rest.  Tommy takes them up to the HoHR.  Cliff was at the door and says he was planning on scaring him but saw he had a plate of cookie and decided that wouldn't go well.  He takes a cookie and it falls apart as he lifts it off the tray and some falls on the ground.  He goes after that for sure.  Tommy passes them around and everyone thanks him.  Cliff tells him to hang out and he said he is gonna try to get as much sleep as he cans.  (No doubt they will wake him up for Speed of... missions)


10:10PM BBT Christie chomping on her food with open mouth and talking with Nicole, Holly, Jess. They are discussing Cinnamon Toast Crunch versus Apple Cinnamon Toast Crunch.  They then talked about past seasons.  Jess brought up when they gave out PBJ for HN.  [wow, that would've been GREAT!!  Sign me up! - rms]



[PoPTV code: SAM - rms]

10:19PM BBT Jess talking to Holly, Cliff, Nicole  in the HoHR about people sleeping in the HoHR. Holly recalls the people who slept up in the HoHR in the past. that Christie says she would vote Jess's way if she wanted her to.  Holly asks if she believes her.  Jess says she doesn't have a reason she would lie to her.  Holly says Christie has been saying for a while she would vote out Jack for a long time.  Jess thinks given the choice, she would like to vote out Michie because she feels he is going after her (Christie).  Jess claims she is just wanting to see hoe the house votes.  If the house wants her to steer it in a direction,...

Nicole points out that in the past they kept pushing people to wait until Tuesday or Wednesday to campaign.  Now it has already started.  They speculate it may be because they believe the noms won't change.


10:23PM BBT Christie in CBR telling Tommy he is mouth more composed than her.  She says she isa little bit of a basket case.  "Why do you think me and someone else were a good match, basket cases ... good ones"


Jess again justifying to Holly, Cliff, Nicole that she had to put up Michie so she didn't look like she was giving favoritism.  Holly is concerned what they may come up with the next few days.  She says she can't vote to keep Jack in good conscious.  She also says her best friends she spent all of the time in the house with won't even look her in the eye or go near her or give her the time of day.  Now she here's them saying horrible things about her trying to damage her character.  She forgets her point mid discussion.  She then remembers that she has been best friends with Sis and Christie for the past 47 days and they are so quick to say nasty things no only about game but also personal just because she wanted to keep her distance.  She hadn't even said who she might vote for or anything.  She knows she can't say sho she will vote for since these are the reactions of her not saying anything.


Jess is thinking it will be a 5-3.  Jess said Nick told her he will vote with her for Jack to leave.  If Christie and Tommy jump on board, 7-1.  Cliff said he will vote Jack out no matter what.  He said he is not giving in again.  Holly wonders what bomb they are planning for after the veto meeting.


Cliff says he is gonna call it a night.  Holly agrees.  He tells Jess she has done a fantastic job so far with this week.  Holly said this is the hardest HoH.  Cliff says his was hard as well.  Holly agrees.  


They all think Allen the Alien will wake them all up.

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10:37PM BBT Jack discussing what his dates are like with SIs and Nick in the BRL.  


Jess, Nicole, Holly rehashing some of the past game.


Nick talks some about what he needs to do if he wants to move to LA.  Jack and Sis ask about his job some and when Bella graduated and how she had a job out here.  Her internship was out in LA.  


10:57PM BBT NIck and Sis are pressing one foot against the other's foot for many minutes.  They talk about her dad not letting her quit sports.  Jack thinks he is gonna pull Cliff and Nick's votes.  Jack wonders if he should go tell her.  He wants her to be well informed if they are voting for him.  He says he will say he's sorry for things that have happened this season and apologize for her not being included in the Kat situation.  After being in this situation, he understands more about how she felt and doesn't want her to be in that situation again.  [people just need to keep reminding each other of being locked out during their bully sessions and how the 6/8 treated people - rms]


11:07PM BBT Sis tries to plan a new alliance with Nick in the BRL.  She says if Jack is gonna go, she wants to form an alliance with Nick, Holly, Michie.  She loves Christie but she doesn't want to be associated with her because Michie will be going after her.  She is worried she will be the next target after Christie.  He says if Michie wins HoH, Christie will be the next target.  Nick says she should go build a relationship with Holly.  She says she tried but she won't leave Michie's side.  She says she goes up there but gets bored because all she does is sleep.  Nick says he wants Jack to stay but he doesn't think it will happen.  He says he knows where the votes are.  He says there are enough to be 4-4.  He said they won't be able to flip Cliff to save Jack.  Sis swears to him she won't say anything.  Nick says she will have to trust him.  She won't get burned.  She doesn't want to be a floater.  "That's not me"  [no kidding, you want people to protect you since you do nothing - rms]

He says people think Jack is good at the game and this is their chance to get rid of him.  Sis says she can't see how Kat can do this.  (This is her implying their party line of how can Kat not vote out Michie.)  Nick says Jess is enamored with Christie.  Nicole has a lot of information from Christie.  Christie talks to everyone.

[Nick seems to be giving up too much for no reason - rms]


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Nick says the only person he won't burn is Nicole because she was there for him.  SIs claims she would have but he burned her.


Jack is talking to Jess in the HoHR.  Kat is in the bed listening to headset.  Nicole is asleep.  He compliments how she is handling things.  They hug. Jack says he will do all he can to distract Allen from the upper part of the house.  When Jack left, she looked to Kat who laughed.  Jess said, Well,...  [it was her verbal eye roll her - rms]


11:22PM BBT Jack is back in the BRL talking to Nick and Sis.  He said he really couldn't talk to Jess because Kat and Nicole were there.  He said he's really like to have a one on one with her tomorrow.  Nick tells them who they need to get closer to and speculates some one if Jack stays who they could pull together and if he isn't here, who they can get together to get Michie out.


Nick tells them Christie is the biggest threat in the game because she doesn't know where she stands.  She talks a lot.  


11:32PM Poor Tommy is woken up in CBR with the BB Explorer call. BBAD KNEW they were gonna call Tommy and switch for us to see him wake up and put on his helmet.  "BB Explorer, come in BB Explorer.  This is Area 21 mission control with your next mission."  He shot up in his bed, propped up on one arm looking dead to the world.  He looks like he is staring at a clock and wants it to not be for him.  He realizes it is and gets right up. [hard to believe this will be a week long, wow. - rms]

It's the smell.  They used same kind of container as the lights but this has a fan in each and looks like it blows through foam probably soaked in stuff.  He waits outside the HoHR and Kat jumps up has to untangle the headset from her mic.  She has febreeze in her hands ready to spray him as he comes in.  Jess runs out as he comes in.



11:41PM BBT Jack and Nick are talking with Christie and Sis in the BRL about porn.  What kind they like better and what they don't.  Nick decides to tell them about the disturbing dream.  He was gonna have sex with a girl and he looked away and then back and she had Jack's face.


Michie takes some stuff from the SR to the KT fridge.  BoB told him to put on his microphone.  He ignores it since he isn't talking anyway.  He goes to the WA to put on lotion.


Back to the BRL and they are talking about imagining Tommy on the bottom.  Now are splitting up to go to WA.   


Bathroom time.  Teeth. Holly in Shower. Jack sits on couch and a fan eyelash is stuck on the couch.  

Michie isn't interacting with any of them.  He asks Holly if she has clothes to wash.  Michie says he has a light load if you want to put them in there.  Nick says, Ha, he has a light load, he says and laughs.  Michie laughs and responds, f'n stupid.


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Just Holly and Michie left in the WA.  Michie DOUBLE dipping carrots in some dip he made a big batch of.  Holly doesn't want to go out to the hammock with him.  She wants to go to sleep because they will be woken up a bunch.  She picks up a pop tart box that I am guessing is empty and says she is gonna keep it forever and leaves.


Christie, Tommy and Nick in the CBR are asking BoB nicely to turn off the lights as they are all in bed.


All, wouldn't be a night of BB without the appearance of MicFridgie/Snackson standing int he fridge staring into it.  He puts up his dip and then stands there looking in it, then reaches above it and is spinning something above it reading it as THE FRIDGE IS OPEN! [someone get him a fan!  can only be doing this too cool down, what else? - rms]


11:59:59 PM BBT [thank god for Orwell!  sent me to bed! - rms]

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