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Saturday, August 3, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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8:59pm BBT


Kat, Nicole, Jessica and Nick are in the HOH room.


A few minutes earlier Sis came into the HOH room saying she was looking for Tommy. While she was in the room she asked to use the bathroom and was told Cliff was in there. Cliff had gone to the bathroom area when he heard her at the door. Sis told them she was going downstairs, but headed to the have not room instead. That did not go un-noticed.


Jessica questioned Nick about that, asking why she was snooping around the HOH room.


Jessica tells Nick she does not care who goes home, and he begins asking questions about how Kat is feeling about sending Michie home.


The conversation is interrupted by Tommy's appearance in his punishment costume. Tommy is dressed up as a rocket ship, he says for one week he will hear mission control and go to every room in the house and say “I'm blasting off at the speed of light.”........Tommy has to wear the costume for one week, but he can remove the helmet to sleep.


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9:02 PM BBT

Tommy comes out of the DR in his punishment costume

Tommy- Who wants to see my BB Explorer costume? It's a punishment for everyone, not just me. 

For one week (all 7 days) whenever I get a mission control mission I will have to go to the storage room and get my mission then travel at the speed of sight, scream, or smell. ANd there are 3 different activities for each one and I could be doing it at any point

Nick- like the middle of the night

Tommy- yeah; I can go outside with it on; I have to sleep in everything but the helmet


[it is difficult to get good screenshots because Tommy is running around]





9:11 PM BBT

Tommy gets called to be speed of light two times in a row


When called, he has to go in every single room of the house and yell "I am traveling at the speed of light" 


He gets called again; 3rd time in a row


Tommy is dressed as a rocket

Tommy's three types of missions include

Speed of Light with big flashlights

Speed of Sound with some other accessory (I think a megaphone)

Speed of Smell with an unknown accessory

Nick meets with Nicole in the HOH Room

He reports to Nicole that they (Jack, Tommy, Christie, Sis) are petrified that if Jack gets voted out, Michie and Holly will side with "the floaters"

Nicole- can I ask you something

Nick- yeah

Nicole- are you really voting with us

Nick- yeah, why...are they questioning

Nicole- I have to ask

Nick- you're my #1....I told you

Kat comes in to the HOH Room

Nick asks if she is okay

Kat says she is fine



9:27 PM BBT

Jack says he can't wait for his alien to get there.

Earlier Jackson said his punishment will only be 24 hours.

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House guests are laughing at Tommy as he performs his first punishment roaming. He is carrying flashing lights, he has a red rocket ship helmet, and a flame skirt and a red tail on his bum. Everyone is wondering what the smell will be. (I think there are three different activities). Tommy is so small, he looks adorable.


Jessica seems to be confused about this whole thing. (Bless her heart). Tommy has had to repeat his performance again already.


Nick asks if he has to yell, Tommy says “Yes. I AM TRAVELING AT THE SPEED OF LIGHT.”


Tommy is enjoying using his talents very much.


It has been 7 minutes and Tommy is called again already. People scatter to rooms to help cheer him on.





Nick is asking Nicole about Jessica's position on the vote, Nicole tells him she doesn't care. Nick says they are worried downstairs, they are worried about Nicole and Kat and how they will vote. Nick says they are worried that Cliff's group will be the majority.


Nicole asks about his vote, Nick tells her he is with them.


Nick says he is trying to lay low and let them talk to him, he says he can't hang out in the HOH with the rest of them. Nick also tells Nicole that she is last on the list of “floaters” they will take out. He says if Jessica really wants Jack gone she should take Michie off the block and replace him.


Nicole says nobody knows who is voting for whom,


Kat comes into the room and Nick tells her that the vote will be four/four and Jessica would have to break the tie.

Kat slips up and tells him that Holly will probably vote Jack out but covers it fast by saying she isn't sure.


Nick keeps talking about the “other side”. Jessica says there is no “other side”. She says let them vote how they want to vote, she will break a tie, she has no problem with that. Jessica says there should be no “sides”, it is whoever feels however they feel. Majority rules, and neither is loyal to her (Jessica) anyway.


[let me clarify this: Earlier Cliff, Jess and Nicole plotted to pin a vote on Nick no matter how he votes. They plan to say one of them voted Michie out and Nick voted Jack out to equal 4-4, and Jessica breaks the tie sending Jack home. If Nick votes to evict Jack making the vote 5-3, Nick will still be the deciding vote to evict Jack-Grannysue]


Tommy and Christie have come into the HOH room, there is just general chatter now.



Michie is at the refrigerator munching. Cliff and Sis are also in the room. Holly comes and joins the crew. No one is talking.


Back to the HOH room where just general conversation about ways to eat mac and cheese, facial masks, where's Holly (she is supposed to be asking the DR if they are calling people in. She doesn't want to start face masks if it will be interrupted. Christie continues to read the instructions.




HOH room is still just general chat, no game


Most of the conversation is about cuddling.


Holly and Michie are in the storage room, he tells her she has been the topic of conversation. (Michie has been hanging outside doors). He also tells her he had a good conversation with Nick earlier. Holly tells him there is talk of removing Michie from the block to be sure he stays. Neither of them think that will be an issue. Holly tells Michie the plan to let Nick vote how he wants and blame him either way. They decide to leave separately. Jackson is laughing, “Don't get caught with me...I'm just looking for foood.” He opens the trash can, “Is there anything in there?” He uses one of his silly accents and giggles. He tosses the celery scraps into the trash can, and agrees to make Holly some dinner. She wants some chicken and advocado.


Holly: “I know I don't eat much meat in this house.”

Michie snorts

Holly giggles, “F... you.”


(these two just tickle me. I love love---Grannysue)


When they come to the kitchen Michie teases her more, He tells her to call him for a ride, he doesn't want her to drink and drive. Jack is on the sofa in the living room area, they ignore him. Holly leaves for the girl party in the HOH room and Michie works on making her the food she asked for.


When Holly gets to the HOH room Tommy leaves so they can enjoy their girl time. They plan to do nails and face masks, drink wine and have fun.


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We hear Tommy being called to visit the rooms at the “Speed of Sound” (I am sure I heard an air horn in the distance)


It is confirmed on the HOH camera, Tommy is holding air horns in the air screaming “I am traveling at the speed of sound!”


The doorbell rings and Jack comes in to offer a face mask to the girls. Tommy bursts in nearly knocking Jack over blasting his air horns, screaming at the top of his lungs. They offer him a different on in exchange.


In the rv bedroom Nicole and Nick are talking game.


Nicole wants to tell Nick she wants to trust him, Nick tells her he can be trusted and has done everything Jessica has asked. He says he wants to get Jack out, and has asked before but no one wanted to do it. He says again if she wants Jack out he will vote Jack out.


Nick says if the vote is four to four it will be hard to pin that vote on anyone (Has he been peeking in doors??). He says he cannot hang out in the HOH room, he will hang with them any time downstairs. He wants to be in the loop and if he is upstairs he will miss what is going on downstairs. He asks if Jessica is putting him up, Nicole tells him she won't put him up, but Jessica is worried about where he is on the vote.


Nicole tells him it is because Jessica is worried about his vote, that it was between her and Jessica, Kat was quiet. Nicole tells him that if that would happen it would be Michie off the block. Nicole tells Nick that she told Jessica she would talk to Nick and clear this up for her.


Nick is upset that Jessica doesn't believe in him.


Nicole says Jessica is being emotional, and she will help her (Jessica) calm down.


Nick remains upset, Nicole tells him to keep mum. He repeats that he will do as Jessica wants.

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Nicole tells Nick that she plans to suggest that Jessica put one of the remaining four up if she removes Michie to assure less votes.


Jessica comes into the room to see if Nicole wants wine, Nicole does not but says she will come up and do nails.


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Jack is still in the HOH room, he says he may just come back up and stay all day. He is reading face mask instructions and seems to have trouble finding “Step 3”.


Nicole and Nick continue to talk, Nick is trying to convince Nicole that he is above board on this vote and loyal to them.


Michie is still cooking, Jessica is headed back to the HOH room.


Cliff is in the back yard with Tommy Rocket. They are lounging on the hammock.



Jack joins Tommy and Cliff at the hammock.


Cliff says Jessica is insistent that it is her HOH and he is just going with the flow....


They say Tommy is about to have a hard few days. Cliff promises to laugh at Tommy and put up with Jack's tiny alien.


Jack asks how Cliff is feeling about Michie after all this, Cliff says that he is irritated that so many people were involved, and that it has been exaggerated to be much more than it was.


Tommy calls what happened an outburst, Cliff says it was directed at him, and at everyone. He uses the word “betrayal”. Cliff says he doesn't understand what Michie expected to gain from this, he only succeeded in blowing up his own game.


Jack says Michie was trying to use it to get Jack to put him above Christie. Jack also says that if Kat and Holly do know each other outside the house they do not want them together in jury. Jack wonders aloud why Kat can have disagreements with Jackson then still have a relationship with him.


Cliff says he has reservations about that as well.


Tommy apologizes to Cliff, saying he should have questioned the source more. Tommy says he (Michie) went rampant.


Cliff says he doesn't like being treated like an idiot, he does not believe any plan that includes kicking him out of the house and hoping he comes back. Cliff also tells Jack he put him (Jack) up because he saw him as a threat, and he did it in an up front way.


Jack appreciates that.


Cliff mentions the cookie dough, mouthwash and loo floor, he says he took it with a grain of salt from Christie, but he has heard it several times since. He wonders why someone would cause chaos for the sake of chaos. Cliff says he likes Kat, that she has grown on him; he says they are underestimating Kat.


Michie comes out to the weight bench, talk changes to punishments.


Tommy says Jack's punishment is only for 24 hours.

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11:00 PM BBT     HOHR   (Jess, Nicole, Holly, Christie and SIs)

Sis and Christie are making themselves comfy in the HOH bed leaving Jess to sit in a chair at the table. Nicole is on the chaise across from the bed. They are chatting about various topics. Jess is drinking a glass of red wine. Christie says something interesting....

Christie- I kept giggling when Cliff went to get the arrows. I don't know why but I thought it was funny 

[this is the behavior that was upsetting Nicole so much. Christie and Sis were making fun of Cliff at the way he was walking and bending over every time he went to pick up an arrow. Nicole is frustrated and said in the real world she would have said something and confronted the bullying behavior, but in the house she doesn't because of the game. Remembering their mean behaviors brought Nicole to tears earlier today]

Christie then  mentions that she went from giggling to crying giggling to crying "I don't know why"

Nicole- are you on your period

Christie nods

Nicole- well, that's the reason

Jess mentions that she heard that females periods synch up and she and her step-daughter have the same cycle; she is just surprised all the girls in the house started synching up so quickly

Sis- Nicole, are you on yours

Nicole- yes

They talk about Tommy's punishment and wonder if Jess is allowed to lock her door to keep him out so she can sleep. They think she can because it's an HOH privilege.

They also talk about Double Eviction and wonder if the winner of the first of those HOH comps would get a basket. Nicole says that Nick said they get the basket but not the room.

Nicole notices on spy cam that one of the guys opens the sliding door.

Nicole- is the backyard open?

They confirm that it is. Nicole asks when did it open? What was I doing? Nicole says it must have been when Tommy was running around with the air horns.

Christie asks Sis what she thinks of Jack's look (his outfit) today [the girls were talking yesterday about how Sis likes Jack but the one things she doesn't like is the way he dresses]. Sis responds to Christie's question by saying she would tweak the shoes and socks. She says Jack dresses like her ex-ex-boyfriend. (two boyfriends ago, I guess)

They continue chatting about random things.


On the HOH spy cam you can see Nick, Cliff and Jack at the table. Tommy is at the oven putting cheese on pizzas. Their conversation was about the spinning competition. Nick then notices the yard is open.

Michie enters the kitchen through the backyard.

Nick- shut the fuck up! The backyard is open?  

Cliff- yeah I was sitting out their forever

Nick- Oh. When did that happen? I missed it? [Many missed the announcement because of Tommy's punishment, which is loud and distracting]

The boys go outside and Nick begins complaining that they need the skimmer because the pool is filthy.

[Big Brother limits the time with the pool equipment because it does make noise that is picked up by the microphones.]

Nick- so they cleaned the bottom of the pool.....skimmer

Jack- the girls are having a girls' night...I'm gonna read his body language.. we are gonna sit on it. Don't say anything

Nick- I won't say anything...right after the veto meeting we talk to Cliff

Jack- I think he burned his bridge with Cliff. I didn't even hug him or shake his hand before the POV

Nick- when I asked Cliff what happened he said Jackson came to him at 2 in the morning and it's why he broke trust with Christie. IF it's true it makes sense

Nick- this is gross. There's at at least 30 ants (in the hot tub,  which is just warm).

Jack agrees they need the skimmer.

Michie comes back out to go back to his workout.

[Jack and Michie have not been on speaking terms since Thursday's drama   -MamaLong]

Nick goes back to talking about the pool and how it is nasty...that no one should go in.

Jack leaves to go to the DR to ask for the skimmer Nick- there's like a thousand of these fucking ants


11:12 PM BBT

Nick to Michie- You working out? You look skinny..... you look skinnier. You look like you lost a lot of weight. You not eatin'? You look as skinny as you did when you walked in....Your face. Not that that's bad

Michie- I know what you mean   Michie gets distracted by a star and tries to point it out to Nick.

Nick- I don't see it, but it's fine.

Michie doesn't give up and tries to pinpoint where it is. 

Nick I have 20/15 (vision) but I still don't see it. I also have a headache so that doesn't help. I'm sick of these bright ass lights!





11:14 PM BBT

Nick walks in to the kitchen where Jack, Tommy and Cliff are chatting. Cliff was going to go to bed but says he is waiting to have a piece of pizza. Cliff then leaves the kitchen and heads outside.

Jack- he's good....he's really good. He knows how to make it through to double eviction. (Cliff)

Nick and Tommy agree.

Jack- is he talking to him?

Nick- probably

Tommy asks if they should go mess with the girls "do something"  since they are having a fun girls' night

Jack goes up to the HOH room and rings the bell. 

The girls are painting their nails.

Jack offered to bring them mango and then goes downstairs

The girls watch Jack on the spy cam eating the mangoes and laugh about him sucking all the mango flesh of the seed. They notice Kat walks in the kitchen and looks at the time probably realizing she is missing the girl fun. They joke that they should pretend they are asleep when she comes up.

The girls laugh at Tommy trying to maneuver his huge rocket helmet at the oven when he goes to pull the pizza out. 

Jess- it looks like she is coming up here

Sis- guys, we get to tan tomorrow

Kat is not heading to the HOH room like they thought

Jess- she is heading the other way

The girls compliment Nicole on her hosting job telling her she did a great job

Jess- I was not expecting that for the veto.

Sis- me either; I bet after the eviction there is going to be another endurance comp

Christie- maybe that slippy slidey one

They discuss that the double eviction comp will be a quick puzzle or something.....maybe you have to dig in a big ball pit...I bet it's horseshoes in hay

Holly- I would die physically [Holly is highly allergic to hay -MamaLong]

Christie yells down to see if they can have some pizza.....she goes downstairs to get  a some but the boys say they will bring it up

Jess to Holly- are you okay

Holly- yeah...It's just been a long day...I'm over it

Christie comes back in and says they are bringing up pizza with the mango

Jess- what would be terrible is if this whole time we are plotting against them

They all start laughing then see Kat on her way up so they quickly fake being asleep (really cornball since she likely heard Christie asking about the pizza)

Kat rings the bell and they are all fake sleeping. She rings it again and then walks away when no one comes to the door. They yell for her to come in but Christie says just play dead

Kat- you mother fuckers.... I was thinking maybe they are pissed at me

Jess- why did you ring the bell? You could have just walked in





11:48 AM BBT

Tommy is running around the house with two canisters containing a disgusting smell.

The girls are in the HOH room and Jack is laughing on the floor blocking the door open. Tommy goes in (vomiting noises)

Christie- get that out of here

Sis- oh nooooo

Tommy leaves

Cliff comes up to tell the girls that when Tommy was being dressed out for his speed of smell get up he got about 3 feet from him and smelled it. "It is so pungent"

Sis- oh my god I think I'm going to throw up

Jack comes in- Tom was like strutting through the room and everyone was gasping...it was so funny

Kat- what is that smell though?

Cliff- probably some chemical

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Christie- that is the worst thing I have ever smelled in my life

Everyone is coughing and making puke noises.






Sis runs to throw up and Kat grabs the Febreeze. Jack conveniently laid in the doorway so Tommy could get in the room.

Holly- you can't prop open the door

Sis- I literally almost threw up my pizza

Cliff- it's kinda making you miss Michie, isn't it (Michie's frequent farts)





11:54 PM BBT

Jack has invited himself to stay in the HOH Room for games with the girls. They play a game where one person puts the headphones on and listens to the music really loud while the  other person says a phrase and the one with the headphones tries to read lips. Tommy joins them.

Christie and Sis go first. Jack tell Sis to say "Beg for ducks"

Christie makes several guesses including the words breakfast and sex then gets the correct phrase eventually.

Next up is Sis guessing while Jess delivers "fluid in my knees". Sis guesses "food please"..."fluid penis"...."fluid in my anus"

They are all laughing

Sis- wasn't that what you were saying...say it again......"fluid in my knees"  

Jack- you got it in 4 guesses...good!

Next up is Holly with the headphones and Tommy says "behavior is aquatic and social" (they get this from the milk chocolate wrapper that has facts about otters)

Holly gets the first word on her first two tries......Tommy keeps repeating and she says "behavior is a quiet asshole".

Nicole- that's my personality description

Holly finally gets it on the 5th guess.

Everyone is laughing at what Nicole said.


It's Tommy's turn with the headphones. Christie says "your sponges don't match monkeys". Tommy says "your munchies don't match munchies" and he keeps repeating the same thing after Christie restates her phrase.

Jess- he's really bad at this

*feeds cut

It's Jack's turn and he claims he is really good at this. He puts on the headphones. Nicole says "please meet my opposite feces, George"  (Christie gave her the phrase)

Jack asks her to repeat "please beat my opposite feces to George"

The game continues

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2:00 AM BBT  Backyard (Michie and Nicole)

Nicole goes out to check on Michie saying she has seen that he has been keeping to himself since Thursday and that she sometimes has to do that, too. He tells her that he is a teddy bear on the inside even when he seems cold and callus on the outside. Nicole says she knows that. Michie explains that his distance is because he knows who he is and if they want to drag him and call him a snake, a piece of shit, scum...so be it. Michie tells Nicole that no matter what he will not campaign against Jack because he told him day 1 he wanted to sit up there next to him in final two and even though that's not going to happen, he wants to keep his word.

Nicole- that is honorable

Michie says he will hold his head high and go out with integrity being the man his parents worked hard to raise. Nicole tells him that is admirable but she won't forget about that rogue vote. Michie says he understands. When she leaves Michie whispers to himself multiple times, "what a sweet girl"


3:00 AM BBT  Michie and Holly head to bed in the Have-Not room. As they pass the memory wall...

Michie- look at my girl...prettiest on the board

Holly- you are biased

Michie- you are the prettiest girl here and on the board...he stares at his picture "what about mine"

Holly- you look different

Michie- better or worse

Holly- just different....let's go to bed

They put an extra comforter on the bed and get under the covers

*feeds cut to WBRB

The feeds come back after about 3 minutes and the lights go out in the Have-not room. Holly and Michie fall asleep.

3:30 AM BBT

The last ones awake are Nicole and Kat in the HOH Room giggling Jess is not there (maybe in DR or taking a shower)

Kat- the fact I was used as their game piece is so disrespectful

Nicole- but justice

Kat- this is going to be a big game move

Nicole- we have to tell America...America, we are aware that we are being used as game pieces and they didn't give a crap about me being bullied... they just wanted to see the look on Nick and Bella's face when they flipped the vote

Kat says- America, we are on to it

Kat- and we want to see the look on their faces when we flip this vote

Nicole- payback 

Kat- and that's showbiz baby

Nicole- it better work

Kat- it will! why would it not?

Nicole- a twist

Kat- but what could possibly be the twist

Nicole- a jury battle back

Kat- jury battle backs don't work...they are moving on

Nicole- oh my god...if Sam is watching this... SAM, we are doing this!

Kat- wow

Nicole- he is going to be so proud of us

They discuss David and how he couldn't stand the way Jack and Michie were acting. How he went under the water and screamed to get his anger out....that he told Sam he was going to get back in the game and get them out. Kat says she misses David and that she wasn't sure about him at first but once she realized that he was quirky and goofy just like them..."I will definitely hang out with him outside this house". They discuss Cliff. Nicole feels bad about how he is being treated knowing "we are all he has." Kat says that Cliff has figured life out and he doesn't let their petty shit bother him. Nicole agrees.

Kat- I really want to win HOH...clear targets. I would probably put up Michie as a pawn next to Tommy.

Nicole- there is a big chance that Jack will be sent out and Sis will be so pissed off that she pulls out a win

Kat- remember when she was sad the other day?....she heard Christie saying shit about her

Nicole- they even talk shit about their own. I respect someone more (if people are just real and not fake)


Kat- Sis supposedly was the one who stopped the whole momentum

Nicole- of the flip? yeah, she was one of them...like why? How does Sam benefit us?

Kat- she is noticing and wising up. She might stick with Holly

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Jess comes back from DR


4:00 AM BBT

Jess turns the lights out in the HOH room and they see Tommy getting ready for Speed of Light. Jess unlocks the door (she must have been told to keep it unlocked)

Nicole- this really is a punishment for the whole house

They are laughing saying the feel so bad for him. They decide to clap and say yay when he comes in. They hear him coming.

Tommy comes in and they cheer for him

Tommy- really loud "I'm traveling at the speed of light"

"Yeah Tommy"     "Yeah you are"   They are clapping      "poor Tommy"

Kat- hopefully the others were reacting like we were

They are laughing

Tommy heads off to the Have-Not room. On his way back down the hall he stops and opens the door "I love you guys"  "We love you too"

Nicole is talking about how she's going to try the possum method with people and play dead

Tommy continues traveling  but doesn't get much reaction from others "this fucking blows"

When he enters the target room Cliff says "yeah Tommy"


4:10 AM BBT  Tommy and Christie are talking in the washroom area

Christie tells Tommy that she could see Jack possibly getting evicted and that it will make things hard. Tommy says that he made a bad decision giving the trip to Kat.

Tommy- every time I start to doze off I get called to travel, and I haven't slept in 4 days

Christie- I know...I don't know what to do....I just wish Jack didn't act like he was acting upstairs. He yelled at Nicole.

Tommy- I didn't know about that

Christie- I talked to him tonight and he explained the whole thing and how he wasn't shitting on Jackson...I said, can I be honest...I think you should talk to Kat and Jess. They have a lot of unanswered questions. He said okay....that he would make it a point to talk to them and make sure they know everything. He was really receptive of it.


Christie- this is scary and the double will be even scarier because my head is on the fucking chopping block

Tommy- it will work out. It always has

Christie- I was trying to think who would be the best person to strike a deal with

Jess is watching the spy cam and notices Tommy and Christie are talking

4:25 AM BBT

Tommy crawls in bed when he gets another mission

Production- Attention BB Explorer: this is Area 21 mission control. Prepare to blast off as the speed of light 

Tommy says "okay"....."sorry guys" to Christie and Nick in the RV bedroom

He walks to the SR "You guys are messing with me today"

Tommy does his traveling and yelling throughout the house

When he enters the Have-Not room he whispers the announcement then says "SORRY"

When he travels into the HOH room the girls are clapping for him and he raises his voice, so happy for the support


4:30 AM BBT

Tommy gets back in bed


5:00 AM BBT

The whole house is dark and everyone appears to be sleeping other than Tommy , who is restless


6:20 AM BBT

Michie is up preparing his early feeding in the kitchen

Tommy gets called to do Speed of Sound

He runs through and blows the air horns as lightly as he can and apologizing along the way


8:30 AM BBT  All houseguests are sleeping

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