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Saturday, August 3, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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4:24 PM BBT Cliff stops by Kat and tells her congratulations. As he walks off, he says Hawaii. It is possible that Kat won a trip to Hawaii. 


4:26 PM BBT Tommy hugs Kat and tells her that he is so glad that she got it. Nick is laying down on the ground of the WA with ice on the back of his neck. He says that this is what he does when he is drunk. 


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4:25 PM BBT  Jess won Veto, Nick won 5K, Tommy talks to Sis and says best case scenario, and Jack isn't going home.  They think Nick will vote with them to evict Michie.  Tommy is happy he got a punishment, it pays for his trouble last week.  Kat won something, but I am not sure what.  Sis thinks Kat and Nick will vote out Michie, and they have himself, Christie and Sis, so Jack is safe.

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It sounds like the competition was some sort of launching toward a target.

Tommy- I tried...I just f'ing am pissed.....

Jack- it had nothing to do with skill...luck of the draw

Tommy- I was just trying to go for that nice area on  the left side so that I would be less dizzy....there was only so much real estate...I tried 

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4:30 PM BBT  Jack comes into the TBR.  Tommy tells him best case scenario.  Jack is staying, he says I know.  They said it exposes Jess as a competition beast.  She won everything this week. In the same conversation, Jack said it was luck, no skill (how does that make Jess a competition beast?)  Jack wonders if Jackson has anything up his sleeve, Tommy doesn't think so.  Tommy says Christie is playing both sides, Jack said he saw how Christie acted when Jess won.  Tommy and Jack got punishments.  Tommy said this makes it up to the  house for trying to flip the vote last week with Kat.  Jack thinks he isn't going to get any sleep.  Tommy said he isn't sleeping in the same room as they think it will be someone keeping him awake.  Jack said he is going to make sure Cliff is in the room with him.  They laugh.   

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4:39 PM BBT Nick to Tommy in the WA "I would have rather gotten out the first round and been an alien instead of staying in and getting sick. I hate spinning man. I will be sick the remainder of the day." 


4:42 PM BBT Jess comes to check on Nick, who is just sitting there with ice on the back of his neck. She offers him a cracker. He declines and says that he is just so proud of her. He will be happy about the 5K tomorrow. He just really wanted to win. 

2019-08-03-16.42.10-Cam 1.jpg

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Nicole was the host and she's wearing cute suspenders with a bow tie and a white shirt with the same space shuttle logo. SHe also has a headset around her neck.


Nick is super sick to his stomach. He has ice on the back of his neck and he's drinking cold water. When Tommy tried to refill his glass with water from the bathroom sink he said he wouldn't drink "that water".

Tommy- why? It's the same fucking water as the kitchen


Jess comes in to check on him

Nick says he will be happy he won the 5K tomorrow


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4:46 PM BBT Cliff and Nicole go to the SR to talk. He tells her that the others are going to put a lot of pressure on them, Kat and Nick. They need to be firm in their commitment to vote for Jack. Jess walks in on them. Says "well, hello." They make eye contact and start dancing in the SR. 

2019-08-03-16.45.51-Cam 3.jpg


4:49 PM BBT Nick goes to Nick in the WA and tells them that Jess went to go and ask for something for Nick to help with his dizziness. Nicks calls out to Kat "Are you taking Brett to Hawaii?" Kat says Nah. Brett hasn't given the first sign so forget it. 

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4:50 PM BBT Jess is standing in the WA. She is gently swaying side to side. Her dangling HoH room key and POV bounce off each other making a tinkling sound. She puts a little more emphasis in her swaying to make the noise a little louder. 

2019-08-03-16.50.43-Cam 1.jpg

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4:50 BBT  Most of the people are mulling around the KT, looking for food, congratulating each other on the comp.  Nick seems to have hurt is shoulder/neck and is called to the DR upstairs.  He was icing his neck.  Tommy is singing but no FoTH because it is nonsense singing. 

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Jess invites the girls to the HOH room tonight for wine and face masks. 

[Nice! Note...the other female HOH's did NOT do this for all the girls, but Jess wants to lead by example! Love her!  -MamaLong]


Jess to Christie- Don't feel obligated because if you don't come I'll put you up.

Everyone is laughing

Christie- I wanna come

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4:55 BBT  Jack is upstairs with Nicole, Kat and Cliff feeding the fish.  Jess is at the table with Christie, saying she is welcome to join them upstairs, but don't feel obligated.  Christie says are you kidding?  She is eating and talking at the same time.

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[It sounds like they were in multi-axis chairs like the astronauts train in.]

Jess said she just kept her eyes closed and crossed. When she stopped she would open and uncross her eyes.

Tommy- did you know that would work before

Jess- no, I just figured it out

[I have to note that most of the houseguests are eating like pigs, which is typical post competition...Food spitting out of mouths, hanging off cheeks. It's not a pretty sight.]

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I am done for the day. Thank you all for your great work. If anyone can stay and update the fallout from Jess's win, Morty would be much appreciative. 

Edited by morty
You bet! I appreciate everyone's work, and so does our many readers.
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5:07 PM BBT

Cliff and Nicole are playing backgammon in the treehouse. They walk over to Nick who is hiding low in the chair under the wall away from view from everyone else. Nick suggests that since Jess doesn't want to have to break the tie, they use the veto and take Michie off and put someone else up...then he will owe them later in the game.

Nick- I don't want it to be 4-4...and then she would have to break it

Cliff- interesting....we will talk about it later


5:27 PM BBT

Michie and Holly are laying in bed in the Have-Not room talking about the competition. She tells him that she knew he was aiming for the 27 and that it would bounce off the line. SHe said she has premonitions some times. They are super kissy.

Michie- I like kissing ya

Holly- good! Let's stay here so you can keep doing it.

Michie- Yes Ma'am

He begins to count votes..."Let's see I got Sis, Tommy , Christie...Nick, maybe




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 5:01 PM BBT - Nicole and cliff are in the THL talking and playing backgammon. While the rest are downstairs in the kitchen area minching and talking.Tommy singing, no game talk going on.

 5:10 PM BBT - All four cameras are on Nicole and cliff playing backgammon. they pause there game and go to nick. He makes some kind of point (whispering) cliff tells him that an excellent point well talk about it later and they both go back to playing backgammon.

5:15 PM BBT - Cliff leaves nicole is now up in the THl looking at the checkerborad. Holly comes up and ask where nick is she points to the chairs and says holy. they start talking more whispering (game talk).

 5:20 PM BBT - Holly joins Jackson in the Have not room. She walks in  Jackson says there she is and she gets under the covers with him. Cliff and tommy are talking about Mark and elenas season of Big brother. while the others is general chit chat. Jackson mentions something about campeigning tommorow.

5:26 PM BBT - Holly and Jackson talking about cliff. Holly sais she truely truely dont know if she can trust cliff. Jackson said he has no choice but to to trust him. downstairs chatter still on past seasons of big brother. they then talk about Tommy's punishment he said he is excited he hopes its a fun one. Christie said she is also excited as well. Meanwhile Jackson and Holly upstairs exchanging spit.

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5:30 PM BBT Kat joins Miche and Holly in the Have-Not room.

Kat tells them that she stands with them because Jack tried to get her evicted. She tells them there is no way that Michie will get evicted. Kat says that Tommy is on her shit list. They talked about how he thinks he gave the Hawaii trip to Kat and thinks that will get him somewhere.

Holly- to earn you trust back...yeah, right

Kat- he would have had it taken away

Holly- I was like Tommy you were third out

Michie- I didn't know there would be three punishments

(they get startled by the BB ghosts making noises in the walls)


Kat tells Michie that she has personal issues with him but they can still play this game together. They will continue avoiding each other in the house.

Holly- I keep mentioning that a threemance is a real thing

*The feeds switch to the treehouse where Nicole and Tommy are playing backgammon then back to the Have-Not room

Michie to Kat- but I do have your vote?

Kat- absolutely

Holly- and I'm gonna be mopey as if it's his last week

Michie- and I love you to death Kat

Kat- Jess would be so sad if you went home...she said she hopes she made the right decision putting you up

Michie- she did...tell her I want to talk to her but I don't want to go get her in front of people. Tell her she can find me in my office (the Have-Not room)

They joke that it's under renovation and they have ordered new tile and are going to redo the cabinets.

Michie- I'm gonna cash in my I-O-U with Nicole

Kat- Nicole is gonna vote however Jess wants her to....which is to vote Jack out Me, Nicole, Cliff and Holly...that's 4.....Nick?

Holly- I hope Nick is gonna vote

Kat- it would suck if I vote to evict him and he stayed

Holly- he is Jack and Tommy's #1 target...and Sis

Michie- that's why I don't want to go down and talk to people...make it obvious...send them up here to me

Kat- having the energy of Christie, TOmmy and Jack right now? I'm in a fucking mood. I'm trying hard to be nice. I just got almost fucking blindsided by everybody.



Michie is talking really loud and the girls keep hushing him

Kat- you have to stop talking so loud

Michie knows that Tommy, Christie, and Sis will vote to keep Jack. Maybe Nick will vote to keep Jack, too (he said earlier that he is voting with Cliff and Nicole)

Kat leaves the Have-Not room feeling the three of them will get caught in there together. She walks in to the treehouse and Nick asks her what's wrong. SHe tells him nothing and he tells her she is a bad liar. SHe said she is seriously fine.

Nick- it's okay...if you don't want to talk about it


Back in the Have-Not room Holly tells Michie that she has a theory that Melissa, Zach and Bradley don't exist and Nick and Sam are really lovers. Bella just played along with it. 

Michie adds that Jack said his ex is bisexual and Christie used to be straight. [this is all just nonsense]

Michie starts kissing Holly all over her face and tickling her neck. She giggles.

Holly- did you get everywhere?

Michie- no

Holly- you're so annoying

Michie- you love it though

Holly- maybe

*feeds cut to WBRB fishies

6:05 PM BBT

Kat is crying in the HOH room with Christie and Jess. Cliff tries to come in and she asks if she can have a minute. She then says 'I'm kicking someone out of your room. What a bitch." She continues crying and rambling about what's bothering her.

Kat is rehashing that she tries to act like everything is cool but she was talking with Holly and Michie and wants to keep personal separate from game but then she comes out of the room from talking with them and gets asked what's going on and being accused of lying.   [she is a great actress]

Kat- I want to play with integrity...just the fact that...I mean wow. I almost got blindsided and now I'm being accused of lying

Jess- that sounds like something Nick would say. Was it Nick

Kat- nah, it's fine

Christie- just weigh it out in your head. What do I have against Jack? Make a list. What do I have against Michie? Make a list. You have to think about every move...going forward. Who is gonna have your back in the double eviction. Who are you gonna piss off? Who wins comps? But somewhere in there has to be your gut and intuition

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6:27 PM BBT

Michie is heading back to the Have-Not room from the restroom when he sees Nick in the treehouse. He asks him if he wants to talk in the Have-not room.

Michie- I didn't want to grab you when you were down there.. I know I'm a leper

Holly decides to leave and let them talk

Michie- Jess wants to leave the noms the same.....You know where I stand...

Nick- Don't do anything crazy. Just lay low

Michie- Yeah....and they were gonna use you then toss you. 

Nick- I know and I know Christie was one of them

Michie- you know where I stand

Nick- what is Holly doing with her vote

Michie- I don't know and I'm not gonna ask her. I think she will vote to keep me

Nick- just continue to lay low and don't give up

Michie- I have no one to report back to

Nick- just lay low

Michie- just know that if I were to stay..

Nick- I already know this...and everybody knows this. I have your back. Just don't give up

6:32 PM BBT

Cliff tells Holly and Tommy that Kat is crying int he HOH room. He thinks Michie said something to her, but he doesn't know what. He tells them that sometimes game has to be put aside. There are other things that are more important. "I really care about Kat."

Tommy leaves.


Holly- she was really crying?

Cliff- she was really upset...with her lip turned down like she does

He then tells Holly the exchange between Nick and Kat once she came out from the HOH room...and then I went in the HOH room and she was crying on the bed

Cliff- at one point I could hear her saying "why would he say that?"

Holly- but I was in there and nothing bad was said. I'm confused. It worries me who is in there, though because Christie was making up stuff about me yesterday

Cliff- I have no idea

Cliff asks Holly how she wants to vote. She tells him that everything backfired in her face but nobody has a freaking chance if Jack stays. 

Holly- Jack has Christie and Jack has Sis. He will win this game

Cliff says that Nick told him he will vote with them but he worries not knowing if Nick is being honest. "We have to get Kat reeled in, then"


As of 6:45 PM BBT This is the current House Summary:

Jack and Michie will stay on the block.

Voting to evict Jack: Holly, Cliff, Nicole, Kat and hopefully Nick

Voting to evict Michie: Sis, Christie, Tommy


In the Target Bedroom Sis, Jack, and Tommy are talking about Kat being able to turn on the water works and rehashing the Thursday drama. Michie is listening through the door.



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6:55 PM BBT

Sis left the Target Bedroom to go look for Holly and compare her story to Christie's story and Kat's story. Tommy and Jack are convinced that Holly/Kat/Michie really do know each other. Jack says he is tired of coming in last in all the comps. Tommy tells him that it is not bad for his game, though; it is something to keep in his back pocket "you think I'm a comp beast but I don't win anything". Jack and Tommy hear Nick getting dressed in the campsite area so they call him into the room to chat.

Nick comes in wearing his shades and a pink shirt with light beige shorts

Jack- Hey Miami

Tommy- Welcome to Miami

Tommy and Jack look at each other because they said "Miami" at the same time

Jack says all he needs is a cocktail but Nick replies that  he can't drink right now (he is still nauseous from the comp)

Nick- I wanted to win for Jack

Jack- you brought home 5 Gs....5 pizza calzones



7:05 PM BBT

Christie comes in to the room saying she has a migraine and is going to take a shower. She adds "I hate Cliff" but won't say why and leaves the room

7:07 PM BBT 

Michie is listening at the door again. He hears Jack say that Sis is on a recon mission


Jack is talking about his punishment involving yelling

Jack- I'll just sit at the bar and let him yell at me

Tommy is talking about his punishment too

Tommy- BB Explorer...what's it gonna be?

Jack- what if I run away from him

Tommy- go stand in a corner where no one else is. That will make everyone like you. 

Jack- I should go up the spiral staircase then down the ladder (over and over)

Jack is wondering if he will follow him everywhere "will he come in if I am shitting?"

Tommy- it's funny though because he is an alien. How is he gonna yell?  (he makes alien noises that sound more like a robot)

Nick masages Tommy's crotch with his foot and asks if he is getting hard

Tommy- no it's just like a massage

Nick to Jack- Look!....Look!...I'm trying to get him hard

Jack- Day 46

Tommy- Nick (he moves his foot)

Christie comes in after her shower

Nick to Christie- what's going on

Christie- I'm in a bad mood

Nick- what happened?

Christie- I'm not starting...it's nothing

Nick- does it has to do with Kat

Christie- he is so sneaky....I saw him in the corner talking with Michie and then split up when they saw me

She tells them about Kat being upset about someone saying she was a bad liar. Nick says it was him and Tommy says it was them that were there (in the treehouse). Tommy tells her that it was him, Cliff, Nicole, and Nick. Kat came out of the room and she was clearly crying and we just asked are you okay.

Christie- it's a no brainer but apparently she thinks it's a big brainer. Kat feels like her vote is the make or break vote and she doesn't want to vote on..I'm just salty

Tommy- we just funcking gave her a trip to Hawaii

Christie- I don't want to make a big deal out of it. It's a no brainer but she.....They know each other!....and then when I walked out of the HOH Cliff and Michie were there talking...I'm just salty.


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7:34 PM BBT

Tommy says if Kat doesn't vote with them "she will become my new fucking public enemy #1. So you better choose right or you're fucking going to the top of my fucking list".

Christie said that she warned Kat that if she saves Michie it would look bad. "He is using her throughout this entire game"

Christie- so like if you think this little three thing is gonna last

Nick- it doesn't make sense! #1 he has never been nice to her...#2 Jack has never targeted her.....#3 Wouldn't she want Jack on her side because he hasn't won comps and Michie has)  #4 Jack would always be a threat (so a target)

Jack- yesterday she was like I am sending him home and now today she doesn't know 

Christie- I said to be honest get these mother fuckers in a room together because Michie will get called out; but she said that would be awkward

Sis- why is she such a baby

Christie- we all have to be very delicate with Kat...I don't think she and Jackson know each other but I do think she and Holly know each other.

Nick- If they know each other it was just coincidence (suggests BB doesn't know)

Christie-I think it just so happens they know each other, but I think it's Holly trying to pressure her to keep Michie. I literally feel mind fucked right now

Nick suggests they just wait on all of this until after the veto meeting in two days, but they keep chatting about it.

Sis- like really she cries that ....... (she rambles a bunch of negative nasty stuff about Kat)


7:48 PM BBT  Michie joins Kat, Holly, and Jess in the HOH Room

He walks in asking Kat if she is okay. She says 'why are you hearing stuff?' He talks about hearing that she was upset in the game room. Kat tells the whole story.

Kat says she is annoyed. Michie asks Jess if they are okay. Jess confronts Michie on him saying "I have never lied to you" 

She brings up the cookie dough and mouthwash...that Christie says he threw it out, but he says he didn't. 

Michie explains that he never threw out the cookie dough. He ate most of it and passed out the rest. He just made a comment like" oh, and the cookie dough...that was me too"

Michie is raising his voice trying to cover his bases with the girls. Kat asks if Sis came up to spy. He says yes, he heard Nick say through the door that they hope Sis is able to get something good. Kat tells Michie that his comment about them 3 knowing each other is going to get them all evicted one by one. Michie says that he never said they know each other. He raises his voice even more. 

Nicole joins the group and says something sketchy is going on. She didn't hear anything specific but things are just weird.

Jess tells that Christie said that Nick is voting to keep Jack. 

(they are all talking over each other....F R U S T R A T I N G)


Nicole comments that she is going to be really frustrated if she gets out of this house and gets asked in an interview about being mad over cookie dough. 

Nicole- People better get over some shit...who cares.....and if y'all know each other...good for you

Michie Holly and Kat take advantage of that scenario and start joking that it would be a really strange deal (laughing over the sexcapades)

Nicole- do your thing

Michie tells them that they (target room group) said they have to be careful with Kat and not corner her

They begin to speculate that Nick cannot be trusted....maybe he is playing both sides

Jess then suggests using the veto to take Michie down and put Nick in his place

Michie- they are trying to finagle the nominations and votes; Nick is trying to stay neutral..I think he was speaking to them like tread lightly because if she feels pushed they are gonna take him off and put one of them up; Nick is trying to be out of the radar

Jess- he's going to swear to Christie that he is voting you out; you don't have to be that way

(they talk over each other again and Michie suggests that maybe he should leave)

Michie - "I'm gonna go to my office....I have a new secretary so if you....laughing...love you too...have your people call my people"


Kat suggests they take Michie down and put Tommy up in his place because he is a vote for Jack.

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8:07 PM BBT

Jess says she does not want to get more blood on her hands

Nicole says that they should just move forward with the plan because if Nick goes with them Jess can break the tie

They decide to stick to the plan and leave Jack and Michie on the block

Tommy enters the room saying he wanted to make beef and broccoli nut all the broccoli is bad

Jess- wait! What are we having for dinner?

Tommy- I don't know

Jes- is anyone making anything?

Tommy- well I was going to but the broccoli is bad and I don't know how to make meats like Jack and Jackson do

Jess- I'm not really that hungry

Tommy was called to the DR and everyone is speculating that he may be getting his punishment costume. He runs to DR.


Jess- I want to set Nick up and see where his loyalty lies

Nicole- I think he wants it to be 4-4   why?  I think the reason is that it comes back as a tie, you break the tie and he still gets Jack out but he can say that he voted Jack to stay



Nicole- we definitely have 4. We can see where Nick lies when he votes. We tell him we don't know what Holly is doing and that he needs to vote with us. 

Holly- when I came out of the Have-not room Cliff asked me where I was voting saying he didn't know where I was gonna go

Nicole- Cliff is having a bad few days. I shouldn't say this. This could bury me. I shouldn't say this.

Kat- I won't bury you Nicole

Nicole tells them that she can't stand the way that Christie and Sis were making fun of Cliff (she begins crying) and laughing at him during the comp. "I can't take it anymore"

Holly noticed it too

The girls all support Nicole and assure her that they side with her on that topic.

Cliff joins the girls in the HOH room saying he made some mac and cheese "just the basic box kind you get at Kroger"

Kat- what's the word? I hear everyone is checking on me

Cliff- or to get info. I was told I would be approached though

Nicole to Jess- if you keep the noms the same you have my word that I am voting to evict Jack

Cliff- same here

Holly- it would be so stupid if we mess up our games and allow Jack to stay again

Cliff- they are going to go hard though

Jess- but they think everyone is voting to keep Jack

Cliff- or they want you to think that

Kat- it's funny that all of us have been loyal to those 6 while voting with the house and now they are taking the one back that wasn't (Nick)

Jess- I do believe that he wants to vote with them....if he thinks that Jack is not going to go out, he will vote to keep Jack because he would rather be on their good graces

Nicole- my big theory..in Nick's head it's us and he votes with them and Jess breaks the tie. I wouldn't be surprised if that's where he is trying to land

Jess- he told me that.....I don't know

Cliff- I asked him if we were okay and he told me that he told Jess he wasn't going to change the noms if he won veto but that's not the same as saying he is voting with us

They discuss that Nick is not sure where Holly will vote. Holly says she will figure out what he thinks...she is going to allude to the fact that he is going home

Cliff then mentions that Nick suggested that Michie be pulled off and someone else go up.

Jess is getting mad feeling like Nick is playing both sides. Nicole agrees that he just wants to look good with both sides [who wouldn't?  -MamaLong]

Nicole- he lands in the middle. I am not faulting him for that


[these people are hella rude....always talking over each other....they can't take turns...very annoying]


The HOHR room continues talking over each other but they all agree on the topics. [I now have a migraine from all this hoopla -MamaLong]

They agree that Christie is trying to use manipulation and scare tactics to control people and votes. Kat says that if Christie makes her look bad on tv she will be furious. Cliff tells her everyone already knows how Christie is and would know what she has been doing...that she would be the one who looks bad  

[Amen, Cliff!  -MamaLong]

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