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Saturday, August 3, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB21-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Target Bedroom (TBR)
Camper Bedroom (CBR)
Boat Room Lounge (BRL)
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Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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Night Owl Report:

12:20 AM BBT Jess is out of the DR and heads upstairs. Kat and Nicole quit dancing and playing around and crawl on to the bed with her. Kat "Holly told me that Michie said he was going to win the veto and then not use it." Jess "He is willing to stay on the block just to make a f'ing point?" They refer to him as reckless and that this would be the dumbest move in BB history. Kat says she hopes it happens just for the point of good TV. 


12:34 AM BBT Nick, Tommy, Jack and Sis are laying down in the BRL. Nick says that he misses Bella so much that he can't sleep. He was just in there staring. Jack jokes "Do you need a little dry hump? I won't be able to do it but Sis has been talking about it all night." 


12:35 AM BBT Jack admits to them that he is nervous about being up on the block. He knew the first time he was on the block that he could go home because (in a professional wrestler voice) "I am a competitor and I must stay in the ring until I am defeated". Nick tells him that there is no way that he is going home. 


12:44 AM BBT Jack and Tommy are talking about being aligned with couples because Christie was accused of saying that she didn't want to move on with couples. Jack "I am in a couple and don't want to work with couples". He looks at sis and make a kiss smack motion and sound with his lips. She smiles. Tommy says that he must be an idiot because he is working with nothing but couples and had been perfectly happy that way. 

The conversation changes to how long it has been since the guys "released". Tommy says it has been since he came in the house. Nick asks him why he doesn't do it in the HoH shower. Tommy says "Nah." Jack says he doesn't do a good job visualizing so he has to have something to work with. Nick says he can visualize just fine and he has a circle that he cycles through. Tommy says that this is a good test for him. He has never gone this long before, not nearly this long. 
1:06 AM BBT Jack, Nick, Tommy and Sis are laying down in the BRL. Jack is concerned about the comp being another puzzle. He does fine on memorization, he does fine on physical. When you throw in stress and a puzzle, I don't do well. Nick says that if Jack selects him to play veto he will take him down. If he just pulls his chip, then it would be harder.
1:10 AM BBT Jess, Kat and Nicole are talking in bed in the HoH. They all feel like the 6 has lied to them about how flipping to save Nicole was a last minute decision. Jess asks if Christie lied too. They agree that she did. 
1:17 AM BBT Jess, Nicole and Kat continue to discuss the blow up. They come to an agreement that Jack was "yeah, yeah, yeah" about flipping to evict Kat. So was Christie. She was "yeah, yeah, yeah too". Sis wasn't though. Sis was standing there near Nicole asking the others why they were doing this. Jess and Nicole agree that Christie is on the bandwagon. Kat "I don't want to think about Christie on the bandwagon. That hurts my heart." 
1:21 AM BBT Jess, Kat and Nicole are in the HoH room. They are discussing how Jack came downstairs furious after he talked to Jess earlier before the nominations. Jess "Because he knew. I told him that I didn't appreciate it. You don't say that you do s**t for the majority of the house and not tell me and I am part of the house. What you are telling me is that I do not matter. Like, he wants a pi$$ing contest, he will see who has a bigger d**k." Nicole and Kat lose it and start clapping and laughing. Nicole says that BB needs to open the next show with that. Kat "Most savage moment."
1:33 AM BBT Tommy is talking to Nick in the BRL with Jack and Sis quietly sitting by and listening. Nick misses Bella. What he misses the most is knowing there was someone who was 100% on his side and he could say anything. Tommy asks him about regrets. Nick says that he definitely played too hard. Tommy says that he is learning and growing. Nick feels like he is earning other's trusts again and plans to build trust going forward. He is afraid to be alone. Nick admits he lost Bella and then lost Sam. He has to learn to trust others. 
1:42 AM BBT Nick is talking to them about second chances. He admits he pulled away from Holly because she was tied to Mich. He is now getting closer to her again. He likes her and hopes they don't mind that. Tommy says that he loves Holly. He is impressed how she carries herself and how she handles herself under pressure. Jack "What am I, chopped liver?" Nick and Tommy both admire how Holly stood up for Jackson too.
1:50 AM BBT Tommy and Nick talk about Sam. Nick says that Sam was f***ed and got stuck in other's crosshairs. Tommy "You know what Sam said. This game is 50% luck and 50% skill. His bad luck was not being in the initial 8. He was on the outsides from the beginning." Tommy admits that Sam was his big target from the beginning of the game. "Because Sam was good. This is Big Brother. Sam was good and not part of the 8." Tommy wishes things were different so they could have worked together. Nick says that Sam showed his loyalty when he voted for Bella. He has never not been loyal.  Tommy says that he did respect his game. 
2:04 AM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 remain on Jack, Nick, Tommy and Sis in the BRL. They are discussing how Kaycee won 4 or 5 vetoes last year. They think that Janelle holds the veto record. They discuss options for a potential double. Sis says she is nervous with Cliff still being here going into a double. Christie is down with Cliff being here for that and she claims that she is going to win it. 
2:08 AM BBT Nick tells Jack, Tommy and Sis that one strategy in this game would be to figure out who you are the most afraid of and then take them off the block. Earn their loyalty, even if just for one week. If they win HoH you can say "Hey, I took you off the block." They tell Jack that he needs to talk to Christie about the power and see if she will really use it. If she doesn't come right out and say yes, then that's telling. Jack says it will be bad if she won't use it. He took a lot of hits for her. Tommy "That's why I said pick a side and stick to it." Jack says that Christie didn't do that. Tommy says that she does need to pick a side and eventually she will do the right thing and pick us. That's why he still trusts her. 
2:13 AM BBT Jack admits to Tommy that he trusts Nick more than he trusts Christie. "I sent 2 of his fu**ing people home and I trust him more than I trust her. It shouldn't be that way." Jack says that it isn't that he doesn't love her. Tommy "There is a way to get her back." Jack says that he has played the "let's get Christie's trust game, let's get Christie's approval game for weeks now. Come on man. I threw my browmance out the window." 
2:19 AM BBT Jack explains to Tommy that he is bothered that he feels this way about Christie. And he says that he is starting to notice how she doesn't care.
2:23 AM BBT All the HGs have crawled into bed. The BR lights go out. Jack snuggles with Sis and kisses her gently on the head and she places her hand on his cheek. All is quiet. 
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3:45 AM BBT Cliff stumbles out of bed in the dark and heads to the WC. He washes his hands afterwards and heads back to bed, hitting his foot on the edge of the bed in the process. It doesn't appear to bother him because he crawls into bed quietly.


4:30 AM BBT We hear a distant thump over the feeds. The feeds switch to WBRB. At 4:32 the feeds return. We can hear movement off camera followed the sound of a door being slam closed.  


4:34 AM BBT We can, once again, hear a door opening and we can hear footsteps off camera.


6:45 AM BBT Michie is up and heads to the SR to change the battery on his microphone. While in there, he rummages through some fruit and walks out with a handful of grapes. He lays the grapes down on the vanity before heading into the WC. He rinses his hands off and resumes eating his grapes. 


6:52 AM BBT Michie rummages through the KT eating various snacks, mostly while standing and staring inside the refrigerator with the door wide open. He eventually gets a handful of antacids and heads back to bed outside the RV. 

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8:00 AM BBT Wake up call


8:11 AM BBT The feeds return. Feeds 1 and 2 are on Michie and Holly, still in bed. Michie thinks the veto will be a slip n slide and he will be so excited. He is going to win it, not use the veto and then watch Jack leave. Feeds 3 and 4 show Jack brushing his teeth. 


8:19 AM BBT Michie is describing the Hide No Go Veto competition to Holly while Cliff is making breakfast in the KT.  


8:25 AM BBT BB is calling for everyone to change their batteries. Cliff is frying some eggs at the stove and he is having a hard time flipping his eggs sunny side down.


8:35 AM BBT Michie, Holly and Cliff are up doing ADL's. Jack has gone back to bed. 


8:54 AM BBT Most of the HGs remain in bed. Cliff is taking a shower in the HoH bathroom. Michie says grace before eating scrambled eggs. 


9:02 AM BBT BB calls Jess to the DR downstairs. She says it must be time to pick the veto players. 


9:08 AM BBT Jess is getting dressed to go down to the DR. The feeds switch to WBRB. 


9:09 AM BBT The feeds return. Cliff is telling Jess that at least 2  people switched bedrooms last night. Cliff mentions he heard them upstairs last night around midnight. She says yes, we had a giggle-fest. It was nice. BB calls Jessica to the DR downstairs again. WBRB.


9:14 AM BBT The feeds switch to a sleeping kitty. It is probably time to pick players for the veto comp. 


9:38 AM BBT The feeds return. The players have been picked for veto. Nicole is clapping and saying she is so excited. Cliff says she may get a cool costume. So, Nicole is either playing or hosting the veto. 


9:40 AM BBT In the KT Kat yells out to Jess "I am excited I get to play. Thanks for picking me." She hugs Jess. Kat is playing in the veto. 


9:40 AM BBT Christie asks Nicole if she is excited to host. Nicole says yes. Christie hopes that they don't screw it up by having some vet come in. 


9:44 AM BBT Tommy, Christie, Holly, Jack and Nick are in the WA. Nick asks Tommy if he is ready to go head to head with him in the veto. Tommy says that he is.



The veto players are Jess, Jack, Michie, Kat, Tommy and Nick. Nicole is hosting.


9:47 AM BBT Nick says that if the veto is bowlerina then he is going to get sick. Tommy says he will kill it and proceeds to do pirouettes in the WA where he spins 360 degrees no fewer than 5 times. 


9:52 AM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 are showing the WA. Nick is in the shower and he is chatting with Holly and Jack. Nick says that if he is given the option for a slop pass, he would probably take it. Feeds 3 and 4 are on Tommy and Nicole in the SR. Nicole would feel better if Tommy wins. 


9:56 AM BBT Jack is talking to Nick in the WA. Sis walks in. Jack "this girl is so cute". Nick "Yeah, just wait until she turns 18." Sis straddles Jack's lap and kisses him. She tells Nick that he is mean and asks him if she really looks that young and why he does that. He laughs and says just to get a reaction out of you.

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10:07 AM Most of the HGs can be seen on Feeds 1 and 2 in the KT area. Jack has wrapped his head in gauze and jokes that he is wounded in battle. Feeds 3 and 4 show Cliff laying down on the couch in the LR. 


10:13 AM BBT Jack is making some fried eggs. Christie asks him how he is going to flip the eggs cooking 3 at a time like that. Jack tries to flip them and he can't do. So he ends up breaking the yolks and scrambling them. Cliff appears to be napping on the LR couch. 


10:22 AM BBT Jack is talking to Tommy and Nick at the DR table. Jack told them to play the veto like there is 10K out there. 10K will double their pay if they don't make final 3. Most of the HGs are getting ready for the veto comp. Tommy is called to the DR downstairs. 


10:24 AM BBT Nick is worried the POV will bowlerina. He says he will throw up everywhere. It that's the comp then he might as well abort mission. 


10:30 AM BBT Jess and Holly are whispering in the WA with Nicole nearby at the sink. Jess wants to win the veto to keep the power in her hands and not have to pick a replacement. Holly reminds her that they can't put up anyone they don't want to risk leaving because look at Kat. Kat almost went home. 

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10:35 AM BBT Holly is talking to Jack and Jess in the WA. She says that she misses her family and she had hoped to tell her dad Happy Birthday. She didn't get to vote last week so she couldn't even squeeze in a Happy Birthday that way. They tell her that she can give him a shout out during the next vote. She wishes she had flown out to see them before the show but she didn't want to spend the money without knowing for sure if she was going to be cast. 


10:44 AM BBT Holly, Tommy, Christie and Sis are talking outside the camper. Holly says that Michie mentioned this morning that if he picked HG choice he wouldn't even know who to pick to play. They don't like how he has banished himself up into the HN room. Christie says that a part of her wants to go up to him and tell him that despite all that happened between them, they are here for a reason and she cares about him. She says that she may be the last person that he wants to see though. So, she is going to wait to see if he comes down to try to break the ice. 


10:52 AM BBT Tommy, Christie, Sis and Holly are talking about how Jess has made it clear to everyone that she doesn't want the noms to change after veto. So unless Jack or Michie win it, it probably won't be used. Sis tells them that if someone comes down she is going up. Christie says she doesn't think so. Sis "Yeah, she told me so. She said it would be either me, Tommy, Christie or Holly." 


11:00 AM BBT Cliff, Nicole and Jess are talking in the WA. They are worried about Christie's power. If Christie gives someone like Tommy the power, Cliff could end up on the block. Cliff mentions that Christie promised he wouldn't use the power against him but she could say that she gave it to Tommy so that lets her off the hook. 


11:02 AM BBT Cliff tells Nicole and Jess that even if this week ends up with him going home, he will at least be pleased to know that he left because he is considered a threat and he can leave happy knowing that at least they took their shot. 


11:08 AM BBT Jessica is called to the DR downstairs. Sis is braiding Jack's hair for the comp. 


11:12 AM BBT Holly has gone into the HoH to do her makeup. Nicole is in there doing her hair. Nicole tells her to invite Michie in there. He might come since it is just the two of them. Holly goes to the HN room and sees that Michie is sound asleep so returns to the HoH. Holly and Nicole discuss the fact that they have not got HNs yet. Nicole thinks it might be linked to the veto comp. 


11:19 AM BBT Jess and Kat are laying down side by side in the bed. The camera looks right down at them. So they lay there looking up and speak to us directly. Kat says that Jess is a comp beast. Jess "Shh, not a comp beast." They joke that Jess guessed all of the answers and won. They try to make the letters H O H with their fingers and it doesn't go well. Jess then says that they don't want to spoil it for us, but she "this bottom feeder" won the HoH. Tommy is called to the DR downstairs. 


2019-08-03-11.19.15-Cam 1.jpg

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11:13 AM BBT

Production calls out- "Wakey Wakey Houseguests"

Holly and Nicole are talking about the competition and how many are speculating that it's the rewards and punishments

Holly- how do you feel

Nicole- I feel it was a very diplomatic decision

Holly- I told her I respected it. It was a sensible choice. And it might have been her decision regardless of what happened on Thursday

Nicole- that's true...I'm just trying to go with the flow and have faith

Holly- it's stressful

Nicole- It's extremely stressful

Holly- I knew that a  change in the game and in the house needed to happen and soon. I just wish it hadn't happened in such a nasty way

Nicole tells her she is sorry it involved her

Holly- plates were shifting. An earthquake was bound to happen. I knew things were shifting enough to cause an earthquake I just didn't think it would be from allegations involving me

Nicole- that's the thing...it's laughable. It's easy to get caught up. Everything becomes such a huge matter....to be honest I'm still confused. Not even that they are true or not...that doesn;t matter....but WHY?

Holly- if you have any questions

Nicole- I don't think I have any questions. I trust you

Holly- ditto

Nicole- and I want to move forward with you in this game. I just didn't understand why people wanted to flip on Thursday. Why. I don't understand what the benefit was....other than let's blindside Holly's HOH

Holly said they claim it is to keep her and Holly from going to jury together...that's what they claim. Even if we did =know each other...you could have that same argument with people who have those same close relationships with people in the house.

Nicole- Yeah

Holly- like how is that any different

Nicole- that was the smallest thing on my radar. That reason wasn't brought up to me until..... He said to Nick 'Do you want Sam to stay?' Nick was like, 'he's my best friend so yes.' Jack said we can make this happen. It was just "We can make this flip happen"...not a conversation.....just...it was just a flip to flip.

11:23 AM BBT

Holly tells Nicole that people don't like Cliff. Jack doesn't like Cliff. Tommy doesn't like Cliff.

Nicole- Oh! why?

Holly says it is because he is a good player. Nicole says that's sad because she likes Cliff. Holly says she likes Cliff too.


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11:27 AM BBT Holly is talking to Nicole in the HoH. Holly says that Michie and Jack were best friends from the first day. It's one thing to turn your back on someone, but your best friend 45 days in and you turn on them at the drop of a dime. Holly is more upset by the actions that others have taken but she is not going to respond emotionally. Holly then explains that Michie had to sit there and listen to everyone laughing and joking at his expense. 

2019-08-03-11.30.40-Cam 3.jpg


11:32 AM BBT Holly and Nicole discuss how people like Christie are bullying him and then turn around and say how bad she feels about what is happening to him. Holly  wants to tell her "No you don't, you are a bully" At one point the teasing of Michie got so bad that Sis got uncomfortable and had to leave. 


11:37 AM BBT BB calls Jack to the DR downstairs. 


11:38 AM BBT Sis and Christie are whispering at the WA sink while doing their hair. Sis tells her that she is beginning to think that maybe Christie won't need to use her power. Because if Jack comes down and one of them goes up, he (Michie) is still going home. Christie "But are you really sure?" They agree that there are no certainties. 


11:41 AM BBT Christie tells Sis that Michie didn't involve her because he wanted to form this group to flip the vote, win the HoH and then get her out. So this is Michie's doing. It's all him and Sam. But Sam isn't here. 


11:43 AM BBT In the WA Sis tells Christie that Holly is resolved that Michie's days are numbered. She (Holly) told her (Sis) that she just wanted to make the most of the next few days. 

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Nicole talks about how uncomfortable she was with people talking about Michie and she was in the room. She said she wanted to be an upstander but in this game you have to be a bystander. Holly said she understands and that even Sis left the room when Tommy and Christie were talking so badly about him.

Holly- I feel like I walked in to Big Brother but I'm actually on the set of Mean Girls.

Nicole- I'm curious to see how today goes. It will determine a lot.

11:41 AM BBT

Christie and Sis in the bathroom talking about Thursday's drama. Sis picks it all apart.




11:51AM BBT  RV Room

Tommy, Nick, and Jess talking about general BB stuff. Cliff comes in and says he feels blah today.

Tommy- I think we are all still feeling the hangover of Day 44. But it's on the mend.


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11:52 AM BBT Cliff, Nick, Tommy and Jess are laying around in the RV while they wait for the POV to start. They hope that they are all avoiding HNs this week but fear it is going to be tied up in the POV. Meanwhile Holly and Nicole continue to talk about how the other side of the house cannot be trusted. 

2019-08-03-11.51.52-Cam 5.jpg


11:55 AM BBT Sis has joined Holly and Nicole in the HoH to finish her hair. She notices that Jess had her laundry brought in. Holly says that she was an idiot and forgot to turn in her laundry when she was HoH. She went outside and did it in the BY herself. 

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11:57 AM BBT Jack and Nick are talking in the WA. Jack says that Christie would be smart to use the veto power to save Jackson and that scares him. Because Jackson would be in her debt. Jack says that Cliff is actually his biggest threat though. They have literally tried to get him out 3 times now and the man has lived. 


11:59 AM BBT Jack tells Nick that if one of the comes down, they can pitch to Jess about the power and that it will allow a nominee to go up with no more blood on Jess's hands. 


12:10 PM BBT The 4 feeds are on Nick and Jack who are just hanging out in the WA while waiting for the veto. 


12:16 PM BBT Jack has been called back into the DR downstairs. He tells Nick it is his second visit in an hour. 


12:19 PM BBT Kat is talking to Nick in the WA. She stops talking abruptly and says that she thinks her period just started at that exact moment and she runs to the WC. He calls out to her and asks her how she can tell. She says you can feel it, sort of. Then she calls out to him that it was a false alarm, she thinks. 


12:22 PM BBT All 4 feeds are now on Holly and Michie laying down in the HN room. They are talking about the veto. Michie say they just need for Jack or Tommy not to win it. If one of them wins it, Christie will use her power. Holly tells him that Christie promises to Jess that she wouldn't use it. If she uses it, Jess is going to feel very betrayed. 


12:45 PM BBT Christie and Jessica are talking in the HoH. Christie tells her that if Michie stays then Christie will have to win the DE or she is going home. Because Michie is coming after her. Jessica says that this house can't have both Jack and Michie in the house. It is just too much. 


12:48 PM BBT Tommy is talking to Sis and Kat in the BRL. Tommy says that Christie and Jackson were pit against each other and that there are 4 people that kept feeding it. Tommy says that Jackson wouldn't name the 4. Tommy says the belief is that it is Kat, Cliff, Jess and someone else. Kat says this makes no sense because Christie knows that she was going after Jackson and supported her in that. 

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1:02 PM BBT BB calls Nicole to the DR downstairs. The HGs think that means it is time for the veto. Nicole stops by the WC before heading to the DR. 


1:11 PM BBT Kat tells Tommy, Jack and Sis in the BRL that she had to tolerate the way that Michie yelled at her because he was in the game. He had this large group of people. If she stood up to him, he could go to all these people and say that she needs to go right now. So she feels like she might be disappointing her parents. Because she was not raised to allow people to treat her like that. 


1:20 PM BBT Kitty. It's time for the POV competition.

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3:20 PM BBT We have reached the 2 hour mark since they started the veto competition. [Since they woke them up early, picked players early and started the veto early, I expect this to be a very time consuming veto competition.~Goldylucks]

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