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Friday, August 2, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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11:22PM BBT

Jack: Cliff is shaken up by Jackson.  Christie ran the laundry list of things he's done.  Cliff apparently said was the list that Christie said Jackson did were those all true?  He listed off the Cookie Dough,

Tommy tosses out mouthwash, some sh*t, peeing on the floor,..

Jack said he responded to Cliff asking were those true? I honestly don't know.  I am tired of airing so much laundry today, I am just tired.  Cliff apparently started walking out and Jack stopped him and said, Cliff, I am not gonna confirm or deny anything but if Christie said it, she probably wouldn't have thrown it out for no reason.

Tommy: he was shaken by it? Who gives a f'?

Sis comes in and lays down behind Jack as he sits talking with Tommy.

Jack: That means he's kind of judging.  At this point I don't take anything that Cliff says in at this point.  Instantly in my mind he might not pair up with Jackson at any point.  At this point he may just be planting a seed.  He imitates cliff, like he won't team up with Jackson because he threw away mouthwash.  Get outta here.

Tommy: No Cliff knows he's caught(?)...  You now with all of this I still want Cliff gone.  He's still public enemy number one.

Holly comes in.

Tommy: How's he doing.

Jack: kinda the same?

Holly: yeah, he's like... (too quiet.. they eventually decide to turn up the volume a TINY bit) ... jury house.


11:26PM BBT Nick, Nicole, Cliff, Kat, Christie, Kat in the LR going over days.

Jess gets her HoH room.  They all go up.

11:30PM BBT All the HG go in to HoH room including Michie and the women were VERY loud with ooo, ohhh, ahh. [ripped my headset off and left room for a while - rms]

They move on to the goodies.  She got her visor, Greatest hits by Queen for music, and Queen socks.  Chocolate.  Matt's chocolate chip cookies (she says from midwest in Il).  roasted seaweed snacks from Trader Joe's.  Nail polish (again, headset), Cupcakes, (cookies are gluten free), Wine, Sabrina's soap (sugar body scrub?) Sabrina is on the logo and her brother drew the logo.  (again headset) Pop gave her Mantra beads the are owls as a congratulations for HoH win you put oil on them.

more feminine products, Nair, ...  More screaming about Goya Adobo (seasoning) and she jumps and bangs it on her hands as she yells.

She reads her letter from Steve.


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1:06 AM BBT  Cliff's Angels (Cliff, Kat, Jess, and Nicole) meet and discuss that Jack will be one of the nominations

Jess- it's tit for tat; he put me up

Jess is prepared to put up Michie against Jack

Jess- who do I like between the two; it's Michie; However, with Jack...he is running stuff here and he needs to be leaving sooner than later

Kat- should we put him up right away or backdoor him

Cliff- as much as everyone loves Jack, they may just keep it the same

Jess- we need four votes

Jess says that she will tell Nick they need his support

Nicole- I think he will go with the tide

Jess- it would have to be either Sis or Tommy (as the renom if Jack or Jackson get pulled off with veto)...I wouldn't want to put him up but it's slim pickings

Kat- I think Sis would be a good backup plan

Cliff- you can't tell Christie your backup plan because she could use her power; Jess, I know it's hard but whatever you decide....full buy-in

Kat- what if they are all blindsided because they think we are getting rid of Jackson, but it's really Jack

Jess- I could insinuate that I only put up....ti for tat

Kat- what if it is Jack and Jackson up there? Do we have the votes to get Jack out?

They count votes

Jess- all we need is 4 and I break a tie; anyone next to Jackson would go home

Cliff- I agree

Kat- okay, I agree with that; it's a great plan

Nicole- I think it IS a great plan

Cliff- but don't let everyone know that Jack is the target; let them think it's Jackson

Cliff reviews: Jess will put up Michie and Jack because everyone thinks Michie is the obvious target.... say we are gonna let the house decide

Kat- I feel like I am playing the most confusing game...I'm even confusing myself. But, I feel like it's better to keep Jackson here

Nicole- so if Sis wins and pulls Jack off the next person would be Tommy

They all agree that Christie cannot get wind of this plan or she will use her power to save Jack.


Jess' Plan is to put up Jack and Jackson, with Jack the as Cliff Angels' target. The renom would be Sis or Tommy if Sis wins veto.







7:17 AM BBT  Michie is already awake cutting up a watermelon

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Big Brother 21 80 Minutes Prior to Live show on August 1st, 2019. 


4:30PM BBT - 6:00PM BBT:


The leaked video begins with Christie, Jack, Nicole, and Analyse heatedly talking about how Holly and Kat knew each other before BB started. They all feel betrayed and are all extremely upset, as they believe Jackson and Holly have lied to them numerous times. "The second we walk out of this room it's going to be well know we're planning a back-door," Jack says. He says he's not afraid to walk out and tell Holly, Jackson, and Kat that they're all going home next. Christie really wants the group to take a moment to "breathe" and "be on the same page." Christie really wants to tell Jackson that he's a "piece of shit." They talk about what they should tell Sam.

Analyse leaves the Have-Not room to do her hair while Kat is downstairs in the camper bedroom putting on make up. Analyse and Christie are clearly upset and wander around the house for a few minutes, whispering to Sam when they can. In the bathroom area, Christie tells Sam that she's "salty" with him but they'll "figure it out tomorrow." At this point, it sounds as if Christie, Analyse, and Jack are thinking of sending Kat home, instead of Sam. Sam walks around the house reading the Bible, at one point he says he's just reading while the other side of the house implodes.

Numerous times Analyse refers to Holly and Jack as "motherfuckers," and Christie frequently agrees "fuck him." Analyse starts to do her hair in the bathroom area while Christie says "crazy fucking day while Jessica and Cliff are in the bathroom area. "We've got some snakes in the boots," Analyse says. Christie says she hates and loves the game, Analyse says if they didn't have "fucking liars" in the house it would be fun. Christie says she has no idea what's going to happen and they only have an hour and a half until the vote. Cliff asks them if there's something he needs to know, but Christie says she "literally" doesn't know.

In the storage room, Nick and Nicole whisper as they try to figure out what is going on in the house. Nick says this is great, as it could mean they won't be next weeks' targets if one of them doesn't win HoH. Nick says Holly told him he needed to be "worries" about Christie. Nick says he's going to take everything with "a grain of salt," but that they'll not be the targets. Nicole says she's going to vote with Nick and Cliff. Nicole says she doesn't want to leave Jessica "out to dry," and feels she needs to tell her about the vote potentially flipping, "this doesn't look good for Kat," Nick says. He tells Nicole that the other side of the house is getting scared and they're going to start talking to him. "No matter what, we need to be on the same page," Nick says, "you're the only person I trust." They hug and agree to work together. "I've got to find Holly," Nick says and leaves the storage room.

About twelve minutes and twenty-four seconds into the video the arguments begin. We never actually see the argument in the boat room lounge because the cameras remain on the hallway outside the room and the bathroom area and kitchen areas.

Christie, Tommy, Jackson, Holly, Jack, and Analyse all yell at one another non-stop for several minutes. They're mainly upset because Christie, Tommy, Jack, and Analyse feel as if Holly and Jackson have lied to them the entire time and the fact that Jackson had a secret alliance called the Southerns. The four think that Holly, Jackson, and Kat all knew each other before the show.

During the argument, Cliff goes to get Nicole and tells her she needs to hear this and they all need to stick together now that that side of the house is fighting against each other. Jessica goes to get Kat and tells her they're arguing about her. Kat enters the boat room lounge and the yelling continues. At one point Jackson leaves the boat room lounge to get dressed, he walks out, yells something along the lines of "fuck you, Jack" and leaves to go to the camper bedroom. Jack slams the door so hard behind Jackson that the entire set rattles.

"Are you not entertained?!" Jackson jokes to Nicole and Cliff as he walks through the kitchen and back to the boat room lounge after he is dressed. Jack leaves the boat room lounge several minutes later and goes to cool off in the target bedroom.

Jackson yells that "hypocrisy is a double standard" into the boat room lounge before leaving. Christie says she doesn't understand how she's being a hypocrite. Christie says she doesn't like how Jackson yells at her, but Jackson tells her she's the one that does all the yelling.

Thirty-four minutes into the video Jackson tells everyone that he was the rogue vote and apologizes to Nicole.

The yelling continues between the "six shooters" and Kat. Christie eventually leaves the boat room lounge and goes to cry in the camper bedroom. Sam has remained sitting outside the boat room lounge listening to the entire argument. Christie tells Analyse and Jessica in the bathroom area that Jackson is the "common denominator" in all of the problems. They agree that Kat isn't the one lying. Christie says she wants to keep whoever Jackson doesn't want to keep in the house.

Nick and Holly whisper in the Living Room after Holly leaves the boat room lounge. Holly says she doesn't know anything anymore because she's been "lied to" the entire time. Nick says he's always been honest and he doesn't even want the HoH anymore. Holly says she doesn't know what to do. "I literally know nothing," Holly leaves

Nick and walks to the bathroom area. Analyse demands to know if Holly knew Kat before the show started and Holly says no, that Jackson is just trying to send Kat home. Christie says there is no way that Kat is going home. She tells Kat that it's obvious that Jackson wants Kat to go home, so they're keeping Kat now. The yelling starts again, accompanied with the slamming of hands.

Forty-five minutes into the video, Holly and Jackson argue in the storage room. Jackson tells her that Kat told him on Day Two that she and Holly knew each other. Jackson talks about Cliff and Kat having this elaborate plan. Jackson tells her that he never talked about a new alliance and that he's only told Jack that Christie shouldn't be trusted. After their conversation, Holly tells Tommy and Analyse that apparently Jackson thought she knew Kat before the show started. "I don't know what his F'ing motive was behind that," Holly says, she doesn't understand why Jackson told Jack that they knew each other before talking to her about it. "What did I tell you Tommy," Analyse says and they all agree that Jackson only said that so that Kat would go home and Sam would stay.

Jackson tries to clarify everything he says, explaining why he thought Kat and Holly knew each other. He talks very fast and is very upset. Everyone is upset and they all try to argue and yell over one another. Holly asks Cliff if he was part of the Southerners alliance and Cliff says he knew nothing about that ever. Holly tries to talk to Tommy after this round of yelling but Tommy tells her he needs a minute.

Kat leaves the arguing and goes to do her hair, she also talks to everyone else about who they're voting out. She tells Nick and Nicole that she hopes they're keeping her. Nick says he wants to keep her, but he doesn't want to "piss anyone off." Sam also tries to ask everyone to keep him, he tells Jessica to "do what's best for her game" and that there's no "hard feelings" if she votes for him to go home.

An hour and twelve minutes into the video the actual show starts with Julie looking shocked. She tells the live audience she doesn't know what's going to happen and then production starts to get her mic'd up and in place while hair and make up touch her up.




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1:30AM BBT: Holly joins the group in the HOHR, Kat asks her if the "six" is back together. Holly laughs and tells her to "calm her t*ts." Tommy walks into the HOHR too and it's general conversation. Jack is talking to Analyse and Nick in the WA. Analyse says she believes Christie some, but doesn't with other things. She says shes' confused. Nick talks about Christie's power and what she said last week about it. Nick says Christie doesn't want to go to the end with couples and that Christie doesn't like how Jackson "talks to females." 


1:45AM BBT: Nick, Analyse, and Jack are still taking in the WA. Nick is doing his best to form an alliance with Jack and Analyse, he promises he'll do whatever he can to keep Analyse and Jack off the block. Nick says he'd rather lose to Jack than beat Nicole. He says that's "not fun." Nick tells Analyse she's good at comps and Analyse says she's not. 


1:55AM BBT: Christie joins the group in the HOHR. Nick, Jack, and Analyse are still in the WA talking, they talk about Kemi and previous conversations. BB calls Kat into the DR. 


2:15AM BBT: The three in the WA leave the room, the group upstairs is still in the HOHR. Tommy leaves the HOHR and walks downstairs, Nick scares him and Tommy laughs and calls them names. Just general conversation throughout the house and talks about being on BB. 



2:16AM BBT: Tommy and Jack are in the BRL. Nick joins them. Nick hates that everyone is upstairs and now he feels like he should go upstairs even though he's tired. BB switches all four cameras to the HOHR. Jessica says shes' surprised she won the HOH comp. "Those questions were so hard," she says. "You were meant to win that," Christie says. 


2:30AM BBT: Christie leaves the HOHR and joins Tommy and Jack in the BRL. They're all sorry today happened the way it did. Christie says she was having an "emotional moment." Christie says she didn't want to cry yesterday. Holly and Nicole whisper in the hallway outside the HOHR, Holly says something about someone being "just like Bella," and they walk into the havenot room where Jackson is sleeping. Holly says she's not going to wake him up. 


2:45AM BBT: Nicole, Cliff, and Jessica are in the HOHR talking about the conflict earlier. "Do you think Black Widows was the shortest alliance in history?" Jessica asks. "It could've been," Nicole says. Cliff chuckles. 


3:30AM BBT: Kat is in the BRL with Jack and Tommy while Christie is in the CBR with Jessica. Christie is barely whispering so it's hard to hear what she's saying. In the BRL, all three are happy that Jessica won. "They fought for a place in this game," Tommy says about Jessica and Cliff. In the CBR, Christie tells Jessica to be "careful" about what she tells people. 


3:30AM BBT: In the BRL, Tommy says now that everything has blown up it's all  pinned on Kat. Nicole listens against the door to their conversation. Kat says she "loves Christie," and Jack and Tommy say they do too. They all agree that they trust Christie. 


3:45AM BBT: Kat and Nicole join Christie and Jessica in the CBR. They talk about watching their dance video back. They're concerned about the "foot camera." They all laugh. 


4:00AM BBT: Some of the HGs have gone to sleep, Jessica is upstairs in the HOHR with Holly and Kat eating the snacks. Jessica talks about her favorite snacks and brands.


4:10AM BBT: Holly tells the other two in the HOHR that she had to demand that Tommy tell her what's going on and how they almost sent Kat home. They make fun of the whole "on ____'s birthday" and how Rockstar said it last season. Holly says she doesn't think her dad is proud of her. Kat says her mom is probably not proud either. 


4:30AM BBT: Nicole has joined the three in the HOHR. Kat is talking about Jackson. Holly says that Jack said he "just lost his best friend" and that Jack and Jackson had a "break up." Kat says she was confused. None of them are sure if Jack is being truthful about him and Jackson no longer being friends. 


4:45AM BBT: The group in the HOHR is talking about Jackson and how he wanted to send Kat home. Kat says Jack didn't tell her he was going to vote for her to stay, but that Tommy and Analyse did. Holly says she had no idea how the vote was going to go while it was happening. Kat says she's lost "a lot of respect" for Jack. 


5:30AM BBT: The group in the HOHR break up and start to go to bed. Kat and Nicole are staying with Jessica in the HOHR. Holly leaves to go downstairs. Nicole wonders if it was "rude" to not ask Holly to stay with them. Nicole says she's "so proud" of Jessica for winning. "This is amazing!" Jessica says. "This is the perfect ending to a not-so-perfect day." Kat says.

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5:50AM BBT: Jackson is awake and Holly hasn't gone to bed yet. They hug and then sit down on the couch. BB doesn't have their microphone up right away. Jackson eats his apple and asks Holly where she's sleeping. Holly says she thinks things are "going to be OK." Jackson says he hopes so. "All this sh*ts going to change," Holly says, "the only person on the anti-Jackson train is Christie." Jackson says he's lost "all respect" for Christie and Holly says she is a "high school bully." 


5:52AM BBT: Holly tells Jackson to lay low and "not do sh*t" this week. Jackson says he's not talking to anyone this week. Holly says Jack is going to be Jessica's target. Holly says that's the only game she's heard and that she doesn't even know if she's safe. Jackson tells Holly that she is safe this week. Holly says that every time she's twisted the apple stem and said the alphabet it's landed on "J." (A popular game kids play to see what their soulmate's first name will start with.) Holly tells Jackson to lay low and do "sweet things" from time to time and "let people forget" about him. Holly tells Jackson to act like Nick did this week. 


5:59AM BBT: Holly tells Jackson to make sure that people know that he wasn't the one who wanted Kat to leave. Holly says she thinks Jessica is going to put up Jack and Tommy. Holly says she told Jessica that she overhead Analyse and Tommy trying to flip the vote, so Holly thinks Jessica might put them up. Holly asks Jackson if he'll cuddle with her "for a little bit." 


6:15AM BBT: Jackson and Holly get into bed to cuddle, Holly tells him to cuddle with her for a little bit and then he can go back upstairs and sleep. The rest of the house appears to be asleep and the lights are off. Holly tells Jackson that Kat and Nicole are sleeping with Jessica upstairs.


6:15AM BBT: Jackson keeps mentioning the "yelling at women" comment over and over again while he and Holly cuddle. Jackson is starting to get frustrated again. 


7:08AM BBT: Jackson is out of bed, he leaves Holly and walks to the SR to get something to eat. 


7:38AM BBT: Jackson wanders around the KT and SR, eating various things before finishing and crawling back into bed with Holly. 


9:00AM BBT: All of the HGs are still asleep. 

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9:11 AM BBT  We get FoTH, possible wake up call?

9:27 AM BBT  Feeds are back.  Lights are on in the HOH, but people are still in bed.  Cliff and Michie are in the KT, neither one is talking.  Jess is up and getting ready for the day, Nicole and it looks like Kat are still in the HOH bed.  Nicole mentions about hearing things up there.  (This is Nicole and Jess's first chance at the HOH room)

9:35 AM BBT  Michie goes in to the CBR to wake up Holly.  He gives her several kisses, then turns around and we get FoTH.

9:38 AM BBT  Michie makes himself something to drink, takes it upstairs to the Have Not room, sets it on the floor and crawls into bed.  (pouting??)   Feeds switch to the WA.  BB asks the for the mirrors to be cleaned.  Cliff says he will go get some Windex.  Nick gets into the shower.  Cliff is cleaning the mirror as Jack walks in.  No talking.  (no pleasantries today!)

9:42 AM BBT  Cliff does a very good job cleaning the mirror, he mentions it is done.  BB says Thank you very much.  Cliff says you're welcome  Cameras follow Cliff as he goes upstairs to the HOH room.  He tells them he cleaned the mirror in the bathroom.  Kat and Nicole are still in bed.  All 4 feeds on HOH room.

9:45 AM BBT  Cliff sits down on the sofa in the HOH room, Nicole and Kat are sleeping, sounds like Jess is taking a shower.  Cliff covers up with a blanket, no one is talking.

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9:48AM BBT

Cliff has joined the girls in the HOHR, but Kat and Nicole are sleeping. Cliff begins to close his eyes while snuggled under a blanket in an HOHR chair. He is then startled by an announcement from production...

Production- What do you not understand about please? Wake Up!

Nicole- oh, Sorry


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9:50 AM BBT  BB says What do you not understand about please?  Wake up!  Jack is in the KT, he goes to the TBR and said there was a whole pot of coffee and now it is gone.  He blames Cliff (I think).  Nick is in the round bed with Tommy, and says that it is that side of the house's turn. Sis says Cliff is a snake, that he made Jess eggs and coffee (Michie did that last week plus a lot more food)  Sis says Cliff usually stays in bed until everyone gets up, but today he was up at the second song.  Sis goes into the RV and talks to Christie.  She re-tells her Cliff story, badmouthing him.  Christie said he is such a player.  Christie is telling about Jess coming to talk with her last night.  Jess said with the big blow up, she sees where people stand.  Jess said she didn't get involved, it wasn't her fight.  Sis and Christie don't know what that means.  Jess said this is the first week she isn't anxious.  She said every week she has been nervous, and since she is HOH, she isn't anxious.  Christie said Jess said it is time for others to feel that anxiety.  Christie told Sis of her advise to Jess to put up who is best for her game, not to be influenced by anyone else or what is good for their game.  Sis said that was good.   Holly slept in the hallway, Michie slept in the have not room.  They discuss that Holly has a big decision to make. 

Back to Cliff bashing.  Christie said he f'ed himself, and is now public enemy number one.  She said she caught him lying.  Sis can't stand him.  Christie says that since he is safe this week, he will go home next week.  Sis says unless he wins HOH.  Christie said that SHE is going to win.  Christie is going to put up Cliff and Jackson, if Jackson goes home this week, then she will put Nicole up.  Sis is anxious about this week.  She is afraid she is going up.  They are bashing "the committee".  Sis is cussing, calling them names and said she wants a one on one with Jess, not all the others.  (When they aren't in power they really get ugly!)  



More bashing, can't listen to this anymore


10:09 AM BBT  Tommy and Nick have joined the HOH crew.  Cliff goes to get some clothes so he can take a shower in the HOH room.  He will check the TV screen to see if it says Nominations today.  Jess said everyone is welcome to use the shower.  Tommy says he wants to earn it.  Nick said Holly put him up last week, so he didn't ask to use the shower.  Jess thanks Tommy for the coffee, then he leaves to change his battery. Nick leaves, too.  Nicole, Jess and Kat are left in HOH room.  They joke about how people are all coming to Jess now.  Jess said they brought her coffee in Nicole's mug!  It even says Nicole on it!  They wonder if they saw Jack's mug if they would just take it and use it.  Jess said there are no boundaries in this house.  Jess announces she is not pregnant, she started her period.  Nicole says they are all synced up.  Jess said it could be a bad day for people she wants to put up. 

Cliff comes back with his clothes.  He said said Nick stopped him and asked if he is safe.  Cliff said you will need to speak to Jess.  Nick said he wanted to , but there were a lot of people up there, and he wanted to do an one on one.  Tommy said the same thing.  Cliff told them to talk with Jess, he is sure she will be open to individual talks.  Cliff wants to see if they can pull in one or two more to keep themselves safe going forward.  Jess wonders how much she can say to Christie.  Cliff said if they bring up his name, he wants someone else to be there.  He doesn't want a he said she said situation.  Jess says they have done that before, so it isn't a new concept.  Jess said she can't say names, but she can say it is someone that is bad for her game, who has already put her up.  Nick comes back up wanting to talk.  Jess said she has to get dressed and change her batteries.  She promises Nick will be the first one she talks to.  She also tells Nick that Cliff is in the shower  Nicole decides to get up.  Jess said she is welcome to sleep in there again tonight, or if she wants to sleep downstairs to get a feel of what is going on, that is fine too.  Nicole leaves and Jess starts getting ready.

10:22 AM BBT  Holly and Tommy are talking, sounds like about all the stories going around from yesterday.  Trying to figure out who said what to whom, Christie back-pedaling , Tommy wanting to know what was said about him.  Nicole comes through, they say good morning, how was it (in HOH)  she says amazing.  She goes into the RV room where Christie and Sis are still in bed.  The six-shooters are scrambling and anxious today!!  Sis comes out.  Holly said he primary color scheme is so disgusting.  Her bedroom at home is all white, and fluffy.   Now they are talking about how late it was last night.  Tommy came down at 3:30, Holly went up to help take things up, it was 5:30 when she came down.  Sis, Holly Christie and Jess get called for new batteries.  Holly said when she was up, she was joking with Jess, but not serious campaigning. 

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11:00 AM BBT  Holly is still talking about last night.  She said at 5:30 when she came down, she heard voices in the SR.  She asked if they got re-stocked.  Sis said yes.  Holly said she just stood there listening to voices that weren't theirs.  BB said the SR is currently closed.  Holly said she really didn't need anything, well, yes, a tampon.  All they have left are lights.  They need more.  As more people get up and come through, talk changes to general talk.   Tommy is now whispering that Cliff fed false information to Christie and Jack.  Holly thinks Cliff got impatient waiting for cracks in the alliance, so he thought he would speed things up.  Holly said Cliff approached her about working together.  More Cliff bashing going on, saying he is trying to cause issues. 



(I am out, hubby coming home early and we are going to the fair!)

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Jess has had a one-on-one with Nick without revealing her nominations or target. She is now meeting with Jack. Jess is not revealing anything to Jack, either.

12:19 PM BBT

Tommy is currently meeting with Kat alone in the SR. He has profusely apologized and cried to Kat. Tommy admitted to her that it was him who started the vote flip talk, which is why he feels so bad today. They agreed they are on good terms. Tommy filled in all of the details from yesterday's drama with Kat, and Kat has made it clear to Tommy that Jackson is her target. Tommy promises Kat that he will no longer work with Michie.




12:26 PM BBT

Jack meets with Kat and Tommy in the SR and tells them he will be going up. He goes on to say that she gave the reason of her being the last to hear about the flip, but it's just a reason. He expects it because he previously put her up.

[Jess did not directly tell him he is going up. She said it was going to be a difficult decision]


12:34 PM BBT

Michie meets with Kat alone in the SR. She tells him they are good..."the best alliances go unseen". He tells her e=he has never campaigned against her and he has trusted her since day 1. They have an awkward hug.


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2:00 PM BBT

Sis arrives at the HOH door to meet with Jess, but Tommy isn't finished and asks for 5 more minutes. Jess and Tommy both notice that Sis is crying. They tell her to come in. She says no it's okay. They tell her she must come in. She says it's fine that it's not even about the game...she misses her family. She apologizes for crying. Jess tells her she hasn't even cried this whole time. "Everything here is so fake and I hate it."


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2:42 PM BBT  Kitchen (Nick, Tommy, Kat and Jack)

Tommy is washing dishes while Nick looks through the fridge for something to munch on. Kat whispers to Tommy that Jack won't look at her.

Sis finally comes out of the HOH Room after her one-on-one with Jess. Sis is still teary.

Nick- why are you crying

Sis- I'm just sad and really confused right now

Nick- why

Sis- about everything

She leaves saying she really has to pee



2:46 PM BBT  RV Bedroom (Cliff and Holly)

Cliff tells Holly he was hoping some cracks would form so he could align with someone, but he really only feels good (of the 6) with her

Holly- I hope Michie doesn't go down for all of this. It would break my heart if he went down. Nothing he did was malicious intent. He just trusted the wrong person.

Cliff- If y'all survive....I hope y'all have my back...it's the only chance I've got


3:01 PM BBT

Jack talks with Sis alone in the Target Bedroom. He says Christie is not his enemy. He tells Sis that he talked with Cliff in the boat room, "Dude, I'm on to him" He says he told him he wasn't his target in the double eviction, "but I don't know who I would put up."  Nick walks in and breaks up the conversation. 

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3:00 PM BBT Michie and Jess are alone in the HoH room.  Michie has given her his side of what happened yesterday and what lead up to. Michie specifically stresses that he adores Kat and is never going to plot against her. Jess tells him that she spoke to other people before Michie did. She tells him that she knows he was in the 9, then the 8 and then the 6 and it never included her.

Jess went on to say that she understands that he did what he did out of loyalty to them. She has to go with the information being presented now. She is going to try to be as diplomatic as possible. She doesn't want anyone blind sided and she loves them too much to not give them a chance to fight. Jess tells Michie that he is not her target and hopes he stays. 
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Jack and Jackson are nominated for eviction.

2019-08-02-16.14.02-Cam 2.jpg



4:26 PM BBT Christie tells Nick and Tommy that she is not willing to use her power this week unless she wins the veto. 

2019-08-02-16.26.11-Cam 3.jpg


4:30 PM BBT Christie, Tommy and Nick are talking in the TBR. Christie has told them that she has no intention of using her power unless she herself wins the veto. Meanwhile Jess is talking to Kat and Holly in the HoH. She tells them that she hopes they had an idea that it was coming. 


4:36 PM BBT Jess is talking to Kat and Holly about some of the information she learned today. Ultimately she said she was accused of being a floater that didn't take part in conversations. She says that is because Jack and Michie made sure that she was left out of conversations. That's why she made her decisions based on what the majority wants. 


4:40 PM BBT Jessica tells Kat and Holly that she has made it known that she does not want the veto used. She is going to tell the veto winner that if the veto is used, it is possible that their ally will go up. 

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 4:10 PM BBT - the cams are still showing puppies for nominations. if the feeds come back i will let you all know.

4:19 PM BBT - Feeds are back on. Jessica has nominated both Jackson and Jack to be on the block this week.

4: 22 PM BBT - Jackson and holly are hugging it up in the THL. Jessica and Kat are in the HOHR talking.

4:26 PM - Tommy, Nick, and Christie are in the target room whispering talking about Jessica's noms and her secret power. Jackson still with Holly up in the THL whispering. other then that not a hole lot happening.

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4:42 PM BBT In the HoH Jess is talking to Holly and Kat. Kat says that Michie has made this game personal. Jess says that he is condescending. There are 2 types of alpha males in this house. One is aggressive but still holds women to the highest standards and he goes through personal s**t but he is essentially a good person. He is maybe not the best game player. Then you have one who is an alpha condescending mansplainer and his decisions are are best for the house and all that matters.


4:47 PM BBT Jess tells Kat and Holly that this may be her only HoH. She is not going to waste it on some pawn or someone that she can possibly work with later. She hopes her speech was good but not too long-winded. They tell her that her speech was good and comes at the perfect time.


4:51 PM BBT Jess says that she is realistic about her abilities. She knows she was the first to drop from the vine. The first to fall from the tree. If she were to make it to final 3, she knows that she couldn't win it. Holly reminds her about the frog comp. It was physical and strategic and Jess almost won it. Holly tells her she killed it and was so proud of her so she needs to give herself credit. 


4:54 PM BBT In the HoH, Holly tells Jess that she respects her HoH. She admits that she hates seeing Michie's face up there, but she respects it. They are then joined by Sis and Nicole.

Christie, Tommy and Jack are talking in the TBR. Christie tells him that everybody loves him and that will be handy this week and to look at who he is up against. 

5:00 PM In the TBR Tommy, Jack and Christie are talking about yesterday. Jack has apologized to her. She says that it is in the past. "Was I hurt? Yes. Did I have a pity party? Yes. Am I over it? Yes."


5:01 PM BBT Nick and Cliff are talking in the BRL. Cliff thinks that he may be safe this week unless the veto comes into play. He mentions Christie's power and Nick tells him that she has already said she wasn't using it. 


5:05 PM BBT Tommy tells Jack that at no point did he need to hear Jack's side of the story. Because he trusted him completely. He still doesn't need to hear it. Tommy and Christie said that they are no longer playing along side him (Michie). 


5:08 PM BBT All 4 feeds are on Jack, Christie and Tommy in the TBR. He tells them that he did tell Cliff earlier today that he (Cliff) is not on his radar in the case of a double. Jack says that he doesn't want to play this game based on lies so he really wishes that he didn't say that to Cliff. He wants Christie and Tommy to hear that from him before they hear it from someone else. 


5:12 PM BBT Jack, Christie and Tommy are talking about how they have all made it to jury and that they couldn't matter being one of the first to jury and having to be there for 6-8 weeks. Tommy is suprised that it could be that long. Christie says that that is first of August and the show goes until end of September. Tommy "So that longer than we have already been in here. It's DOUBLE." 

BB "Jack, move your microphone higher." Jack "Don't tell me what to do your not my dad." 
5:14 PM BBT In the HoH Holly tells Cliff, Kat and Jess that she hopes Michie's mistakes don't cause him to be evicted. He deserves to have his a** kicked. But she doesn't think they should be game ending decisions. Jess says that she understands he did what he did out of blind loyalty to his group. He confided in Jack. Jess says she can't believe that Jack was told on day 3 that Kat and Holly may know each other and he stored this information like a bomb in his pocket. 
5:20 PM Tommy and Christie are now alone and whispering in the SR. Tommy "They are a trio. And we broke them up yesterday even though we didn't vote Kat out." 
5:22 PM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 show Holly, Kat, Jess and Cliff in the HoH. Holly said she feels betrayed. She spent her HoH doing what she felt was best for their team. And they were ready to vote Kat out for nothing. Kat says that she knows she can't trust anyone anymore except for the few that were trying to keep her in the loop. Kat "They don't like dealing with conflict, so they just wanted to bypass it. That was a weak move on their part. But when I am looking them in the eye and asking them what is going on, they move back." 
5:25 PM BBT Kat mentions in front of Holly, Nicole, Jess and Cliff that she has no idea why they are back-dooring everyone? They are literally stabbing everyone in the back as they go out the door. Why did we backdoor Ovi? Why did we backdoor Kemi?
5:29 PM BBT Sis and Jack are laying down in the BRL. He jokes that they are getting closer and closer to being alone in the jury house. Sis says that at this point, she is ready to go. Everyone in the house is so fu**ing fake. She just wants to be in the real world. 
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