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America's Got Talent Season 14-Judge Cuts-Ellie Kemper

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Tonight’s guest judge is Ellie Kemper! Ellie is so thrilled to be here and she says she has the best seat in the house. After we test her button we’re ready to get started!


Greg Morton is our first act and he’s a comedic entertainer. Universal Studios has inspired the set he’s going to do for judge cuts and he’s going to take some risks to prove he really wants this. Julianne wishes him luck. He’s going to share some of his favorite movie moments. He gets an ovation from the audience and all five judges.


Howie says he was a fan, but he made him a bigger fan. Ellie says it was like an in Memoriam, but faster paced. Simon says this takes him back to the beginning of AGT and he thinks he deserves this opportunity. Julianne says she was concerned when he said he had a whole new act, but that risk was worth it. It was unbelievable.


Carmen Carter is the next performer to take the stage and she’s a singer. Howie can’t wait to hear her perform and he turns the stage over to her. Carmen sings Come Together by The Beatles. Julianne and Gabrielle are on their feet dancing while she performs. She gets an ovation from everyone.


Ellie says she felt it in her heart and soul. That was so beautiful. Simon says it wasn’t perfect, but her voice was outstanding. He tells her she can’t keep doing cover versions. Howie says she is amazingly talented and she is worthy of going through, but it depends on what everyone else delivers tonight.


The next act is Nicholas Wallace and he invites Terry on stage with him and he has him imagine a famous location. He then does some sandart on a screen and he has drawn the Statue of Liberty and that was the location Terry was thinking of. Simon thought it was boring and Howie didn’t like the presentation.


Then we have Ray Underwood and Magic, who is a dog. He is spinning around the stage and the dog goes around him and the audience doesn’t look thrilled and Simon doesn’t think it will be good news for him.


Gonzo is the next act and he’s from Japan and he plays the tambourine while he performs. He’s going to step up his performance by bringing in traditional Japanese Karate moves. He takes the stage and Simon wishes him luck. We hear traditional Japanese music and then it turns into Holding Out for a Hero by Bonnie Tyler. He throws the tambourine but it comes back to him and then he dances and plays in time to the music. He plays the tambourine on his face as well. Howie gives him a standing ovation.


Julianne says everyone was sleeping before Gonzo came out and she loved it. Howie thinks he raised it to another level with his death stare. Gabrielle says she loved the performance, but she doesn’t think it was better than the first time. Gabrielle says she misses that he covered up this time. He starts to take off his clothes and Simon says that’s enough. Simon says he’d hate to lose him but he’s going to ask the audience if they should put him through and they cheer.


Our next act is Revolution and Simon greets them and asks how they are going to step things up. They are going to bring something new and Simon wishes them luck. They have their drums, fire, and whips and they dance. Gabrielle says they literally lit the stage on fire. Simon says this is a great act and it’s unique and powerful. This is good.


Marcin is out next with his guitar and he just graduated two days ago, but he missed it because he was here instead of home in Poland. Julianne wishes him luck. He has a Flamenco flair to his performance. Julianne screams as he’s finishing. He gets an ovation from the audience and all four judges.


Gabrielle says rock star! He is unique and dynamic and explosive and he did not disappoint. Simon says the reaction he gets with it just being him and his guitar tells them everything and he’s one of the best musicians he’s ever heard. Ellie says she completely moved the audience. He’s a virtuoso, a genius, and an artist. Julianne is blown away and she thinks he appeals to everyone and she thinks he has a shot to win this whole thing.


We see a clip of Jacob Norton performing Crazy Little Thing called Love by Queen and Simon wasn’t impressed. Next we see a clip of Patricio Ratto and he plays piano and dances and Howie doesn’t think it was a step up and less dazzling than his first performance.


Ansley Burns and she’s a singer and she’s going to step it up and she wants to make sure it sounds perfect. She takes the stage and she’s greeted by Simon and he asks what it’s been like being in L.A. and she says it’s different. Simon wishes her luck. Ansley sings Good Girl by Carrie Underwood. Simon stops her and he says the track was overwhelming her and he wants her to do the second half a capella and make it her version because if she pushes her vocals it’s going off key a little bit. She performs the second half a capella and she gets an ovation.


Gabrielle says Ansley is awesome and she blew it out of the water. Ellie says she was wowed by the first performance and then to perform what she did under this amount of pressure is outstanding. Simon says she has the most amazing personality and he doesn’t think there’s such a thing as a first or second audition and he thought it was way better than her first audition. He really likes her.  


Light Balance Kids are the next act to take the stage. They’re dream is to follow in Light Balance’s footsteps and they want to do as good or better than they did. Gabrielle wishes them luck. They have a robot and basketball themed performance and they perform to Treasure by Bruno Mars. They get an ovation from all four judges and the audience.


Julianne says they did not disappoint. The creativity, the innovation was off the charts. Howie likes the kids better than the regular Light balance. He would pay to see this at Vegas, at a live concert. Simon has never seen kids their age do something so unique and he thinks they could be stars. Ellie says she thought it was truly spectacular and she wishes there were some guarantee to get them through to the live show. Wait…there is! And Ellie hits her golden buzzer and Light Balance Kids are guaranteed a spot in the live shows.


Next we have Stephanie’s Child and they are drag queens who sing. They perform Sorry Not Sorry and then Confident by Demi Lovato. Simon hits his X. Howie says he will fight to make sure they are one of the six spots in the live show. Simon couldn’t handle the high pitched screaming from whoever was doing it. They say they love a wrong opinion.


Nick and Lindsey take the stage next and he sings and she plays violins and then throws knives at him while he sings, with her feet. Simon didn’t like his voice last time so he’s here to change Simon’s mind. Nick has razors on a string and he swallows them while she plays and then she pulls them out with her feet. They have a bed of nails next and he is singing Music of the Night. He lays on the bed of nails and they put a cinderblock on him and then she blindfolds herself and takes a sledgehammer and lights it on fire and breaks the cinderblock. Nick then stands by a board and Lindsey bends backwards and throws a knife and it bounces off. She throws the second and it sticks.


Howie says what he loves is there was so much. He says not great knife throwing, but it was there. He heard violin playing, not great, but it was there. Julianne says they are characters and they are brilliant and they upped the ante and she’s here for it. Ellie loved it and their personalities and she doesn’t know how he is alive right now. Simon says it’s fantastically nuts. He wasn’t even thinking about his singing. He says none of it’s great, but it’s collectively fantastic.


Next we have Duo MainTenant and they are a strength/danger act and Howie says they were seamless. Ellie says she can’t get over the physical ability they exhibited. Julianne says they are the best duo.


Next up is Edson and Leon are elderly gentlemen who are a strength act. They want to show that no matter how old you are you can still follow your dreams. They take the stage and they are dressed as the characters as up and one has a bunch of balloons. Simon wishes them luck and they begin their act. They do several lifts. They get a standing ovation.


Gabrielle says wow! It was endearing and charming and death defying. Ellie loved it and she thinks what they are doing is so impressive. Simon says he thinks this is what AGT is all about it and it’s quite inspiring. Julianne says they needed to step it up and they did not disappoint.


Melissa Arleth is up and she has her rats with her. Ellie doesn’t like rats and Howie wishes her luck. She begins her act but the rat is not cooperating. She finally goes through a hole in a bagel then presses a lever to ride a cart down. The rat is less than cooperative again and Melissa has to coax it and it continues on the path created for it and raises a flag at the end of the path.


Ellie says she didn’t think she was gonna love rats, but she thinks this one is a show woman and she thoroughly enjoyed it. Howie says it does take time and coaxing to get from one end of town to the other. Gabrielle absolutely loved it. Simon says he doesn’t believe that will get her in but we’ll find out later.


Our final act of the night is Mackenzie and he is a singer. He performs Faithfully by Journey. The audience seems to be enjoying the performance. He gets an ovation from all of the judges and the audience.


Ellie says the joy with which he sang that song was undeniable, and it was raw, and it was him. Julianne says there was something so effortless about his first audition and she felt this was pushed. Simon says he doesn’t understand how anyone can criticize that, he’s amazing. Gabrielle says the way he performed it gave her a new understanding of the song.


The judges take the time to deliberate and then they thank Ellie for joining them and they say she did amazing.


Greg Morton and Marcin are the first two acts to get their results and Julianne tells them they are both going through!


Nicholas, Patrizio Ratto, and Ray Underwood are out and Simon tells them all no.


The three strength acts are out and none of them go through.


Carmen Carter and Mackenzie are next and Gabrielle delivers the news that both are going through.


Revolution, Melissa Arleth, and Stephanie’s Child are up next and Julianne breaks the news that none are going through.


Nick and Lindsey are ready for their results and Simon invites them to the Dolby Theater and the live shows.


Jacob and Ansley are out to find out their results. Howie says they are both talented beyond their years and based on all the other talent, they are not going through to the live shows.


Gonzo is the final act to get the results and Howie says people don’t always understand what they see. Howie tells him he is going through to the live show!

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