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Thursday, August 1, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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3:02PM BBT Chritie, Tommy and Jack talking. They have convinced themselves that Holly, Kat and Jackson know each other outside. Tommy says that Cliff is playing both sides.Christie says that she caught that Holly and Kat went to Stagecoach together. Jack says he would rather go forward with Tommy and Christie.Christie says she feels so played by Kat.


3:08PM BBT We get animal reels.  No idea if the house is flipping.

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Cliff comes in obviously looking to get some information. Nick leaves Nicole in the RV to head that way, too.


*feeds cut

3:08 PM BBT

We have the Rancho Coastal Humane Society so feeds are down now until after the live show

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8:17 PM BBT  The feeds are back

Christie and Sis are talking in the boat room

Holly, Tommy and Jack are talking in the Target Room

I have not been able to determine who won HOH yet

Jack telling Holly- y'all fucked up

Kat and Nicole are talking in the SR

Nicole is apologizing and telling her she's happy she stayed

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8:26 PM BBT Cliff and Jess are talking in the kitchen    Jess won HOH

Cliff- we are all still free agents

Jess is worried about being a target in double eviction 

Cliff- it's going to be along night

Jess- as hard as this is going to be

Cliff- you won it...you deserve to make some deals


8:32 PM BBT  Kat tells Nicole that she loves Holly but she can't talk game with her because she tells Michie everything even when she tells her not to.


8:36 PM BBT Nicole and Jess in the kitchen toasting to Jess' HOH

Jess- we're having a sleepover bitch

Nicole- and nobody is invited

Jess- you can't sit with us


Jess- that's some good shit

Nicole- you know what it tastes like?

Jess- hm?

Nicole- victory


8:41 PM BBT  Kat is talking with Nick in the RV

Kat asks Nick if she was the target or were people using her as ammunition

Nick responds that he doesn't know much but he knows that they were talking about Kat, Holly and Michie all knowing each other and them wanting to keep y'all as a 3 out of jury...."but your best friend won"


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9:07 PM BBT

Most conversations are centering around the Christie drama and everyone just trying to get the full story. This will likely go on all night. 


I'm out for now but willing to fill in gaps in the morning.    -MamaLong

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From IndyMom78:

8:20 PM BBT Sis and Christie are in the lounge and they are talking about the six is over. Christie only trusts Sis and Tommy and kind of Jack. Jess walks down the hall with the key around her neck. Jack, Holly, and Tommy are in the TBR and Holly seems to be trying to calm Jack down and smooth things over. Kat and Nicole are in the SR and Kat is saying she has wanted Michie gone since week 2. Kat says he’s made very verbal attacks on her and she feels unsafe with him. Not necessarily on a physical level, but an emotional and it’s tainted her  experience there.


8:25 PM BBT Kat is telling Nicole that she doesn’t feel she should have to put up with Michie’s abuse. She doesn’t want her parents to see her being put down by him. Cliff and Jess are in the KT and Cliff says he feels like they are free agents and Jess says she doesn’t want to go out in a double eviction. Cliff says it’s going to be a long night. Cliff says she should use her power to buy some safety for some people. Cliff says she won it and she deserves to make some deals for herself. He says that’s what he did. Cliff says if they can go one more week safe, then their group is one step closer.


Cliff says he’s been concerned they won’t come back together again. Cliff tells Jess to think about her pictures and letters first and enjoy the bed and they’ll talk strategy tonight. Cliff tells Jess she has his support. Christie, Tommy, Jack, Sis, and Holly target BR and they are talking about Cliff’s HOH and how he was targeting Michie and Holly thought Cliff and Christie were working together. They are also talking about how disrespectful Michie is around women.

8:30 PM BBT Kat and Nicole are in the SR still chatting. Christie, Tommy, Jack, Sis, and Holly are still in the Target BR. Kat is confused on whether it’s Jack or Michie stirring the pot. Christie says that the six is over and she doesn’t trust Michie in the game. Kat and Nicole hug in the SR and they head out. Michie has told Sam that Christie has a lot of side alliance and Christie feels like it’s a lot of he said she said and now they regret voting Sam out.

8:35 PM BBT Nicole and Jess are in the KT and they are celebrating Jess’s HOH win. Jess is putting some coffee in their next drink because it’s going to be a long night. Christie is talking Nicole in the WA. Michie is in the main BR by himself. Nick comes in and sits down and Michie gets up. Tommy promises to stand by Jack, Sis, and Holly. Nick goes into the camper and Kat is in there and she’s relieved. Tommy says Holly has it harder than all of them right now. Nick says if there would have been a twist in the house, they would have been told by now. Holly says Michie is rude, immature, and hot-headed and she doesn’t trust him anymore. She only trusts Tommy, Jack, and Sis.


8:40 PM BBT Kat and Nick are talking and Nick is saying it sucks and Kat says she’s happy she’s still here, but she feels bad for Sam. Nick says he knew something was wonky, but it all worked out in her favor and she’s here. Nick thinks Kat is playing the game with integrity. Nick told Christie that he told Michie she was going after him. Cams switch to Jess and Christie in the WA. Tommy, Jack, Sis, and Holly are still talking about Michie going to Sam to get information and then Sam told people what Michie said and they don’t trust him anymore. They’ve said a couple of times that the six is over.


8:45 PM BBT Christie says she likes Sam, but he made his whole campaign about her. Christie says Jess will be amazing. Christie is telling Jess this is the last week she can use her power. Christie says she’s had to go the DR 25 times to clarify the rules on her power. Jess doesn’t want to blindside anyone because she really loves everyone. Christie is telling Jess they had the vote flipped and Nicole wanted to tell Jess, but then they realized Michie was lying and playing people. Jack, Tommy, and Holly are in the TBR still and Jack wants to know if he has to go put the lip lock on Michie and they talk about trying to hold the six together.


8:50 PM BBT Christie wants to go to sleep early tonight. She says Jess won on Sabrina’s birthday. She just wanted to congratulate her. Kat and Sis go in the SR. Sis is telling Kat she wasn’t the one behind the vote switch and Kat says she’s not worried about that. Kat just doesn’t know how to feel because she volunteered to be a pawn. Sis is saying Cliff was spreading information and she’s not sure if it was false information. Kat says she wasn’t involved in that. Michie comes into the SR and Sis says she doesn’t know what the truth is. Michie grabs something and heads back out. Kat says she heard that Michie threw her under the bus hard.


Sis tells Kat that Christie would get information from Michie that he said he got from Kat. Sis says Christie never once told them how she felt about Michie. Kat says Nick told Michie the information about Christie and Kat says she didn’t say anything to anyone. Holly wants an alliance with Tommy, Jack, and Sis only. The group breaks up and Holly gives Michie a kiss. Michie is cooking something in the KT.


8:55 PM BBT Sis and Kat are still talking and Sis says Michie was telling them that he, Holly, and Kat knew each other and that was his way of trying to get the vote to flip. Sis heard that Michie said he was done with the six and he was trying to go with Nick and Cliff and get Jack on their side so they can go after Christie. Kat says she’s so confused. Holly joins the SR and Sis tells Kat to go talk to Jack and Tommy because they have most of the information.


Sis and Holly are telling Kat everything was the same until the morning. Holly says Michie told Jack way back that they knew each other and Michie was so paranoid about Christie. Holly says Michie is a F’ing idiot. Holly says Michie was trying to tell Jack who he could and could not trust. Kat says she doesn’t know where he stands with everyone, but just because he doesn’t trust someone doesn’t mean others can’t trust them. Christie, Tommy, Jack, and Nick are in the TBR and Christie promises to keep Nick safe with her power if she can.



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9:00 PM BBT Sis, Holly, and Kat are still in the SR talking about paranoid Michie has been and Cliff has been feeding him a lot of information and they think it’s been false information. Tommy comes in and Sis and Holly leave and Kat and Tommy talk. Michie walks in while they are talking and then leaves again. Kat says she hates that you have to act like you like people when you don’t. Kat says she told Holly she had her back, but not Michie’s. Tommy says he’s sorry she got caught in the cross fire today. Tommy says Kat and Cliff were going to Michie that Christie was after him. Kat says she literally told him yesterday that Christie was not going after him.


9:05 PM BBT Tommy and Kat are still in the SR talking. Tommy says he feels sick to his stomach that he doubted her and he says Michie told Jack that Kat, he, and Holly knew each other and Tommy was like that was three people who knew each other. Tommy says he’s glad he voted the way he did and Kat says she is too. Tommy says it would have come out that it was Cliff and Sam, but Michie wanted to paint Christie as a target. Tommy tells Kat that Michie wanted an alliance with himself, Holly, and Jack and then Christie comes in.


9:10 PM BBT Kat is talking to Christie and Tommy in the SR and Kat is re-hashing the same conversations she’s had with Holly and Sis and Tommy about how she told Michie that Christie was not coming after him. Nicole and Jess are whispering in the WA and Nicole tells Jess that it’s her HOH, but people will be coming up to her asking if she’s going to put up Michie and Holly and Jess says that has nothing to do with her. Jess says she got a promise from Christie that she won’t use her power and Nicole says she’s afraid she’ll whip out her power. Jess says Christie is a straight shooter in her eyes and Nicole sighs.


9:15 PM BBT Michie and Holly are in the main BR and Holly is filling in Michie in on the story that Cliff and Sam were feeding them false information and because they were in the HOH it didn’t help. Holly says you need to figure out what to tell Sis and Tommy because he told people not to trust Sis and Tommy. Michie says he did say that because he heard Tommy was in an alliance. Holly says you need to smooth things over with Tommy because she doesn’t think he’s buying it. Jess thinks Holly is getting suspicious that Sis wants Jack out. Michie says Christie has been running her mouth about him. Michie was first out in the HOH and now he has to sit in the jury house for eight more F’ing weeks. Holly says they’ll figure something out. Jess and Nicole are talking about the vote again.  


9:20 PM BBT Michie is telling Holly he’s done and she’s fine. Michie says it’s personal for Christie and Jack and Tommy will pick Christie over him every day. Michie tells Holly she needs to do her things with them. Holly is telling Michie he needs to apologize and smooth things over. Jess says the other side is acting like the divide was out of their control. Jess says she won’t put up Kat or Nicole because they are friends, but it’s not like she wasn’t trying to be friends with them too. Jess is asked to move her necklace and she thought it was time for her DR. Holly and Michie are done talking and she goes to give him a kiss but he doesn’t kiss her back. She tells him to kiss her back and not be weird. Holly goes to the KT and gives Tommy a hug. Cliff comes in and Holly gives him a hug. Holly says Michie cooked her dinner and now he’s laying down. Cliff tells Jess and Nicole where everyone is and who is talking to who. Cliff tells them they are out of eggs. Holly tells Tommy she doesn’t want to go down because of stupid game play and he says she won’t, not with him. Tommy says he’s trusted her since the beginning and if she’s withheld information it was because of him. Cliff is filling Nicole and Jess in on Michie telling Jack that he and Holly and Kat knew each other.


9:25 PM BBT Cliff says he’s put two and two together about Kat and Holly knowing each other and he’s just not sure why Michie would say that. Nicole wonders what the conversation was that made him bring that up. Cliff says because Michie and Jack were tight and Cliff says Jack was concerned if the three did know each other, that’s two guaranteed votes in jury. Jess says that’s assuming they make it to F2. Jess says it’s interesting that the six think since they were together that the others were also together. Jack tells Kat that he thought about voting her out because if she knew Holly, then he wasn’t going to let her get to jury. Kat says she respects Jack and his game. Holly gives Jess a hug and she says it was so fun crowing her the new HOH. Cliff says they haven’t had a repeat HOH yet. Tommy and Christie are talking in the KT. Kat, Jack, Nick, and Sis are in the TBR. Kat wants to clear her name. Christie says she would be stupid to go to 5 with two couples. Tommy says we have a six and Christie says did we really think we were going to win every consecutive HOH?

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9:36PM BBT Christie in the WCA yelling that she and Jess, Cliff and Kat have never been in an alliance together.Kat says she and Sam had a F2. Christie yells they did. Kat says she agrees. It was called Cheeto. Jess says she isn't putting anyone on the block for their alliances. Christie says she hates rumors.Christie yells that she never lies.


9:39PM BBT Christie goes to the BR and telling Jack that Cliff just sat there and Holly tried to leave. She called him back.In the KT, Christie, Tommy and Holly are talking. Holly says that Nicole never said alliance. Christie says she doesn't care, she cleared her name.


9:51PM BBT Christie walks in on Jack, Nick and Tommy.Christie tells Nick that it was never a real plan to put him up. Jack asks how Jackson is doing. Christie says he is sitting quietly in bed.



9:57PM BBT Nicole, Cliff and Jess in the WCA. Talking about the blow up before the show started. NIcole and Cliff said they hadn't heard anything and then 20 minutes before the showing there was all sports of whispering.


10:00PM BBT Kat and Holly talking in the lounge. Holly is crying. Kat says that she had a F3 with them but Jackson is agressive. Holly says that he is hot headed but he is not agressive. She tells Kat to watch her words and that Kat has no idea what Jackson is dealing with. Kat says that BB keeps calling him in. Holly says it is not for being agressive. Kat says he is degrading to women. Holly says she has never heard him be degrading. Kat says that as her friend, she doesn't want to see Holly involved. We get FOTH.


10:05PM BBT Analyse and Tommy whisper in the KT on how Jackson has played them. In the WCA, Cliff, Jess and Nicole talk about the alliance of 6. Jess says that she isn't a floater.

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10:10PM BBT Christie tells them that she wants to ask DR about her power excatly. Jack gives her a hug. W ego back to the lounge. Holly and Kat still talking.Holly says that Jackson going to Jack was one of the worst moves in BB history that she has ever seen.


10:13PM BBT CLiff and Jess talking. Cliff says that whatever she decides, they will support it and do whatever they can.Nicole says she wishes HN was over. She is hungry.


10:20PM BBT Holly and Kat talking about everything. Holly thinks maybe Jackson messed up her game.



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10:00PM BBT Jess, Nicole and Cliff are talking in the WA about them not being unified like the were supposed to be.  

Cliff said he is glad it worked out the way it did.  It was poetic justice.  

They then talk about the HoH and how it was weird that Michie was out so fast since he was in the fireworks so long.  They then discuss what comps each of them can do going forward.

Jess says, "Big brother, you can't make this sh*t up."  

Cliff and Nicole tell Jess to just let them know what she needs them to do.  Its your HoH and your decision.

Jess says that after all these alliances, she doesn't care.  At this point, it should be each man for themselves but they have been in an alliance since day 2 or whatever.

Nicole says Jack came to her and admitted there is a 6, there was an alliance of 6.  Like we didn't know all along.

Jess says there was a six but also a 5 or another 6 going on in another part of the house.  She is also not a floater going from place to place.

Cliff says he kind of is.  He was hoping Christie or Tommy would turn on the others or Michie and Holly.  He never talked to Jack and Sis.  He didn't trust them.  If either one of them approached us and said look we want to make a move.  I would probably have been interested in hearing it.

Jess replied at this point in the game it's idiotic to assume there aren't lines and if I haven't talked game with you in 44 days that I'm gonna start now.  Even Jack knows he's gonna go up and if he doesn't go up.

Cliff interjects possible, remember the HoH rules, possibly go up.

Nicole says, oh, that's right, you can't say.. so possibly.  He's an option for you.

Jess says he thinks, he assumes.


Cliff was told as soon as this next week was over, he was target number one for the whole group.  

Jess says those targets might change after this week. You never know.

Jess ays she woke up this morning and kissed her little smiley face disk from the poison ivy comp.

Cliff says, Oh, my gosh, from Have-nots to HoH.

Jackson is called to the DR.

They are wondering hen they are off slop. Nicole thinks that last week there were four of them and they did so many crazy recipes.   We were quieter and with Sam gone and you being HoH, they are like, eh.  (so not rush to tell them they are off slop)

Jess is now wondering how she should do slop.  She doesn't want to put any of them that are super tight nit.  

Cliff says put me up there with Jack and he can make sure no big conversations take place.

Cliff says it could be the first 3 out of the comp,  Sis Nick and Cliff because it would be the first 3 out who haven't been on slop.


10:12PM BBT Holly tells Kat in the BRL that she thinks Michie is naive to think that they are that good of friends.  They are still having pretty deep convo.  (BBAD switched)


10:13PM BBT Cliff telling Jess in the WA that now comes the hard part.

Jess: I could be super up front.

Cliff: I tried to be on mine.  I didn't try backdoors or anything. I just did what I did.  Everyone knew who I was shooting for.

Jess: and they both stayed.

Cliff: I know it.  Mine wasn't so successful.  However you want to do it, you've got my blessing, Jess.  At this pony, you deserver to make the call.  We will support it. We will protect it. We will do what we can.


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10:19PM BBT Holly tells Kat in the BRL that ... so that's when the votes are gonna flip and then Jack just said everything that Jackson said.  He told everyone everything.  

Kat: I'm so f'n through with it.

Holly: He (Michie) might have just'f my entire game.

Kat: I think you are salvageable.  He's f'd.  I think (mumble mumble, circular...)   Christie said (best I can make out it's something like) a lot of it depends on how she (Holly) handles this week.  I (Christie) don't know how anyone could stand behind him right now.  

Holly: i am gonna separate myself.  He even told Holly to.  He says it sucks, he will be the first in the Jury.

(They talk over each other, not listening.)

Kat I wanted to win do bad.

Holly but now you can play in the double.  We need to be able to play next week.  Its huge.  We can't talk too much but we need to stay on the same page.  'Cuz I still have 1 f'n million % of my trust in ONLY you.  Everything is cracking around us.  You are the only human I trust in this house.  

Kat: don't stir sh*t up.

Holly: I will just be frustrated like annoyed but not visibly.  


10:21PM BBT Nick is speculating with Cliff, Nicole, Holly and Jess in the WA about when Jess will get her HoH room and they should be off slop.  

Jess says, Yeah, I get a bug infested HoH room.  

Jess says she found another bug during lockdown.  They say is it from bringing food up there?  

Holly says BoB says its form having dried goods like cereal.  Well, that's what you give us, (BoB!) cereal.  

Holly said she didn't eat it in bed, though.  

Nicole asks if there are any Lucky Charms left.  She just wants 1 f'n mashmallow.  

Jess says that could've gone to sh*t because someone ate her Halo top without telling her.

Holly asks seriously, wait, who ate my Halo top. I'm not even mad anymore. I am just curious.  

Jess brought up that you all had been like yelling (I assume during lockdown), you might as will should've been like, "WELL, WHO THE F* ATE MY HALO TOP!"

Nick says, can you imagine that during the serious ass conversation.

Holly: Wait, why are you holding your happy thing.  You get to keep that?

Jess: From the poison ivy, I just kept it.


They all give shout outs to Holly's dad for his birthday.

They then talk about how bad Holly's, Cliff's and Nick's HoH's.

Cliff says, thanks for pointing that out Nick.

Holly says sorry to her dad.  He really hates drama.  

Nick says her dad doesn't look like he is the drama type.


10:34PM BBT Nicole is in the WA with Jess over analyzing her own words in the DR.  Tearing apart the smallest word combinations/choices.  


10:45PM BBT Tommy is now in the WA talking to Jess about how she is a "comp beast." [LOL - RMS]

Tommy: you cam in second in 2 comps as well.  Today was Hard.

Jess: I was freaking out when I saw all those things.  At first I was laughing because the pictures were funny.

Tommy: I couldn't focus for the first half because I was just like.  I couldn't retain anything I was seeing.  I was so nervous because there was so much.

Jess: yeah, especially with all of the craziness that happened right before that.

Tommy: I am actually glad that it happened.

Jess: It needed, .. I think that It's great that it happened.  It would not have not..  It would not be Big Brother if it did not happen that way.

Jess: I don't know. I am out of the loop so.  I am hoping I am filled in at some point.

Tommy: I can fill you in at some point later.  I am happy that I don't have to be aligned with anybody that  I don't want to be aligned with moving forward.

Jess: I think that's very important.

Tommy: because of circumstance I wasn't able to but if anything came from this is that. Yeah, all good.  Now everything is out in the open.  It's huh.  I've been honest the whole entire way through, so.  All good, what are you gonna do.  I am grateful that Kat didn't go.

Jess: I just feel like things that are or are not being said.  I feel that the individual relationships remain individual.

Tommy: that's the game I want to play and that's why I am happy today.  That's my silver lining.

Jess: ... because you were all a 6 it would look that anyone who is not part of that six is in a whole different alliance.  I feel like I gravitate towards some people but there have been a lot of,...  But letting you all know that you push a lot of people away by the 6 that has been a 6 for sometime that everyone knew was a 6.  The fact that the alliance happened, everyone knew it was there.  It was never a secret.

Tommy: Every 2 weeks the 6 has a blow out fight.  The worst secret ever kept.  That's why I will not be playing a game with them any more.  I will be playing an individual game  I know who from that crew I trust....




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11:03PM BBT Jack is in the TBR laying in his bed covered up and he tells Tommy about a conversation from earlier... "... and you broke my heart and started crying" and it f'n sucked. It's just a game.  I just don't want to hurt people, that's all.  [right, because your gang attacks on Nicole and Bella were not hurtful - RMS]

Tommy sits there staring at him, listening. He hugs Jack and kisses him.

Jack: Thanks buddy, It will be ok.

Tommy: you guys are gonna be fine.  He will get it.  I really believe that.  He would have done the same thing if he was you.  You know that.

Jack: I will stand by you and Christie.  

Tommy:  It's not about that.

Jack: It just relates to a lot of stuff that's all.  That's why it freaks me out.

Tommy: I know. I love you and I am here for you no matter what it is, game or personal.

[So many of these people can't handle winning or losing.  They become a mob like in Lord of the Flies when they win and crying, moping, pouting, spoiled children when they lose - RMS]


11:06PM BBT Kat is in the BRL telling Sis, Nicole, Christie, Nick,Cliff, about her pooping in her pants.  She yells, don't put this on the feeds!  [That's not how LIVE FEEDS WORK, Kat - RMS]

Christie says, once a month.

Kat replies, possibly.

Christie: bi-annuallly

Cliff: Bi- anally

Kat then brings up a pooperie being for people to poo freely and not feel self conscious about it.  When you are like super self conscious about what you did and then you are like, well crap,.. literally."

Christie then gets Sis to tell a story about people writing Anal all in her textbook. A teach then found it and the Dean called him in.  Sis's dad was a football coach so the Dean made him go to her dad and apologize. 


11:08PM BBT Tommy back in the TBR talking to Jack trying to comfort him...  It goes on a while

[If anyone wants to grab the tattoo Jack covers up it is clearly show a coupe of times when he takes his pink shirt off - RMS]


11:12PM BBT Jack takes off his pink shirt and you can see the tattoo he covers up on his right shoulder.  It is a Bull with Keep It Simple written as an arc along his nose/under its mouth, at the end the bull, maybe overlaying it is the state of Illinois with the city of Chicago flag  and sears tower (now the Willis Tower) and looks like another high rise and some musical notes under the bull.


Jack: It is not so much the end all be all of it.  It's more along the lines of, if I was somebody's friend and somebody trusted me with something, and I did that, I would think that is really sh*tty.  I've done that before in f'n life and that's why I am beating myself up about it.  In REAL life, there's decisions that I have made that have been similar to this.  It's like.  I think it's right and there's an aspect of it that is morally, and integrally, and characteristically right but somebody gets hurt.  Somebody who trusts you loses trust with you and gets hurt.  I just want to slam my head into a car door.  Its silly.  It's painful.  You think about could I have handled it differently.  What could I have said. Should I have waited.

Tommy:  Should we have waited? I don't know. We didn't know at that point what was going on.  [yes you did, Tommy, stop lying - rms]

Jack: Then I start questioning myself.  Did I manipulate the truth.  Did he really say that they knew each other.

Tommy: He said he did.

Jack: I know

Tommy: He said to Holly he did afterwords. I'm not convinced they don't still.  It kind of doesn't matter right now.


Jack: I don't want it to be like woe's Jack. Oh, waa, waa.  [hiding under the covers in bed crying, moping, pouting really doesn't say that at all,... right, ..  - rms]

I am just questioning myself and how I am handling myself in this game.  It's the relation externally like you've kind of done this before when someone got hurt that you really care about because you  felt like it was the best decision for you.  So that's all.


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