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Thursday, August 1, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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12:00 AM BBT  The Boat Room (Michie, Tommy, Jack)

Conversation continues regarding the Christie revelation

Michie to Jack- are you good?

Jack- yeah, honestly I just don't know what to do....let something else come out of the woodwork before I let something crumble...the things she said...it doesn't mean I'm gonna put her up. I would never put her up...I would never f'ing put her on the block

Michie- alright, well that's settled. I need more time

Jack to Tommy- did he say anything to you in the one-on-one

Tommy- yeah he told me all about it

Tommy said what worries him is that his name WASN'T included. He said there are always two sides to every story [actually, three  his, hers, the truth] We heard one side the whole time, and now there's two...there might be more

Michie- there is. ....wet and wild Wednesdays

The boys head out to shower and brush their teeth



12:06 AM BBT  Bathroom Area 

Nicole and Sam are on the couch playing the waiting game (for anything to happen) when Tommy walks in to brush his teeth. Sam asks if music will be played when he walks out. Tommy and Nicole aren't sure. Cliff is walking in so Nicole asks Cliff. 

Cliff- yeah 'Hit the road Jack, and don't you come back...'


Cliff says there is music but he doesn't think it's on the stage...just the tv


In the HOHR Jack and Michie are still talking about Christie. Michie says Christie is 100% plotting

[these guys act like everyone should pave their path to the end]

Michie- I think I know where you lie...I hope I'm not wrong about you

Jack- you're not

Michie- I know where Holly lies, but I don't know where Sis lies and I don't know where Tommy lies. And I'm not willing to throw Cliff under the bus.

Jack- you gotta give me 12 hours

Michie- oh, minimum, this is not something that we can act on impulsively

Jack says he feels like shit because Christie is in the RV crying to everyone.

Michie- she is  pathological lying, manipulation and I have no sympathy....

Jack- got it

Michie- Sam told me what her and Sam talked about. She cried to him like 3 times that she is wishing he could stay and that Holly is the one wanting him to go.

Jack- got it

Michie- The girl is a snake. We cannot turn a blind eye to this anymore

Jack- okay

Michie- we have me, you, Cliff, Holly, potentially Nicole, and Kat. That's 6 right there...day 43, Six Shooters blows up!

Jack- falls apart at the seams...but you don't know where Sis is

Jack- you didn't put Sis in there

Michie- I don't know where she lies...I trust Kat more than Sam. We have to keep Kat. If Sam were to work with Nick and Christie we are fucked. We have to keep Kat

Jack- Give me 12 hours. We can't be in here alone

Michie- fuck! 

Jack- it's okay we will figure this out

Michie- I'm cool, I'm cool

Jack- we're gonna figure out how to get Christie out of this deal...we're gonna live through this

Michie- yeah, it will be good but we can't trust her anymore. There's no 2 ways about this, Jack

Jack- I'm with you  *he leaves*



12:16 AM BBT  Target Bedroom (Sis and Tommy)

They discuss the situation with Sam and Christie.

Tommy says he doesn't understand why it's so important to protect Sam's word. Christie should know what's being said. Sis says that they gave their word to Sam they wouldn't tell her, so they will keep their word.

Tommy- we should tell Christie because she's gonna get mad at us

Tommy wants to tell CHristie what's going on so she can defend herself

Sis- go talk to them right now

Tommy- I did but they said it's settled...we are not telling (Christie)...she has no reason right now to be mad at me or Holly but we are getting dragged in

Cliff and Sam  walk in and break up this conversation



12:17 AM BBT Kat is hanging out in the kitchen watching HGs come and go; she knows there is something going down


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12:53 AM BBT HOHR (Tommy, Jack, Sis)

They are discussing the Christie drama. Tommy tells Jack that he knows Christie is loyal to him and this is nothing to worry about. Jack agrees. Tommy says he knows she is mouthy, but he's not playing that game. Tommy says if she wanted Jack out the opportunity was there last week...it's not about Jack...this is all about Michie. They have concluded that this is all just Michie's aggressive side coming out. Tommy says she could be being painted in a certain way and it's not the whole truth. They conclude that they have no benefit by keeping Sam.

Jack- obviously Jackson is trying to draw a rift in this thing and polarize it in a certain direction

Tommy- the last thing I want is to have to pick sides (Christie vs. Michie)

Jack- the best sacrifice for us to make would be to ditch Jackson and Holly...from a performance standpoint...Holly sides with Mick on everything but why wouldn't he say that stuff in front of Holly (earlier, they were all in the boat room but Jackson wasn't talking about the details in front of Holly)

Sis- he hasn't told her....I told her...she said he hasn't said anything unless he told her when I wasn't around

Jack- I'm gonna figure this out. I want you guys to know that I'm here

Tommy- well, then speak up for me more...I felt I was alone

Jack- I say I love you and I'm here with you

Tommy- it feels weird

Jack- I'm sorry. Thank you for saying that. The reason I didn't speak up in the boat room is because I still didn't know where I was (he was still processing)

Tommy- I'm happy to know you agree with me, but I was like fuck, I'm alone here

Jack assures him that he is with him, he was just figuring out how he was feeling

Jack- (concluding why Michie is doing this) okay you have Sam going out the door; you paint this move on Christie; you get Nick back

They are so confused by this whole situation.

Tommy- Christie did tell me that Cliff is not working with Jackson the way he thinks he is

Jack- Cliff is so superhuman, dude...Cliff is the source of all of Jackson's intel. Cliff is playing all of us like a fucking fiddle

Tommy- he is

Jack- we have to get this boy out of the game. He is brilliant.  (they all agree Cliff is an amazing player)

Tommy- Christie told me that Cliff has an alliance with Holly, Jackson, and Kat called The Southerners

Sis- you're lying

Tommy mentions that Cliff has made comments about "working with people"

Sis- wait, what are we gonna tell Christie? I'm so confused

Holly comes in and says "Hey guys, I think I want to flip the vote. Just Kidding."

They all discuss that they hate Wednesdays

Holly- I just feel really sad for him (Sam)

Kat walks in and this conversation ends



1:07 AM BBT  RV Bedroom (Jess, Christie, Nick)


Christie was in the DR earlier. She was called when she was having a meltdown. Now Christie is calm.

Jess- this isn't a f'ing blouse that you buy and then want to return. This is a feeling you had.

Christie- there is a quote. I wish I could say directly. It goes you can only run from the truth or something so many times before it just keeps rearing itself in your face, just in a different form...you're not sure that thing is always gonna be there until you confront it or you can make your mind up about it (this makes no sense; communication is not a strength in this house)...you  have to figure shit out so we just have to wing things   [smacks head]

1:09 AM BBT  Michie and Sam talking at the open fridge in the kitchen

Michie- As a man, I respect your game play. If I had a time machine and I could go back, I would have pushed Nicole a lot harder. I have no idea what is gonna happen.

[Damn it Sam! You should have told Holly this when you had the chance. ARRGH!]

Michie- but if you go out that door tomorrow I give you my word that I will make you proud of me in this game [not everything is about you Michie!]

Sam- thank you

Michie- I give you my word

Sam- if it's not going to change anything now, I'd rather you wait  (talk about it after he leaves) I don't want anything to blow up tomorrow. if people are talking, please nip it

Michie- I got you Buddy


Michie says to Holly in the dark of the HOH room that he doesn't understand why Christie thinks he is disrespectful  [because you are]. 

Michie- does she not hear anything that comes out of Nick's mouth?

Holly- I know and she loves him- nice little hypocrisy 

Holly tells him it's because of the way he is with Kat and that he tells douchey frat-boy stories


There is a lot of on-going conversation between the HGs rehashing all the latest drama, but nothing changes the outcome for today. Sam will be evicted tonight.


3:57 AM BBT  The BB House is finally dark with just the sounds of snoring


7:00 AM BBT  Sleeping houseguests fill the BB live feed cameras


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10:05 AM BBT

The feeds are back. Michie is in the kitchen preparing his massive breakfast. All other cameras show the lights on but HGs struggling to get out of bed. Michie brings TOmmy a cup of coffee in bed.


10:11 AM BBT

Production (Don's voice) - Wakey Wakey Houseguests

10:12 AM BBT  HOHR (Michie and Holly)

Michie tells Holly that he went and talked to Jack, Sis and Tommy

Holly- how was that

Michie- fucking bullshit

He tells her they are sticking up for her (Christie)

Holly- what is wrong with them

Michie- I'm gonna implode


Holly says happy birthday to her dad then says it's weird when she says it while she is in bed with a guy

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10:30 AM BBT

Christie enters the target bedroom and begins chatting with Sis, Jack and Tommy. SHe tells them that they don't have to tell her what's going on because she knows where her loyalties lie and she's not worried. Jack then tells her everything making her promise to not talk to anyone about it.

Christie- I'm not talking to anyone today. I'm reading the bible and not talking to anyone.

Jack tells her that he (Sam) didn't want her to know about it until he was gone

Christie- oh, he's a fucking coward?

Christie tells the story a different way....that Sam was the one who proposed putting Jack and Jackson on the block when Cliff was HOH. She said it's all lies and starts laying out why it is all lies.

Christie- he is not even a man. Like, you are literally a coward...straight up pu**y



10:46 AM BBT  Target Room

Cliff, Nick, Kat, and Jess have joined them in the room. They mention that the first song this morning was Bad and Boujee. Holly said Michie woke up like he does from a night terror then started singing the lyrics (like a natural transition). Apparently they played Lady Gaga, too.

Everyone says Happy Birthday to Holly's dad and Jess' daughter Sabrina, who is turning 13.

Christie- I was like, oh. They played Lady Gaga for me because I was crying last night.

Holly- I was thinking that, too


*feeds cut

10:52 AM BBT

The HGs know they will have a lockdown in the HOHR soon, so they are scrambling to get their coffee

10:53 AM BBT

Sis and Christie are in the bathroom brushing their teeth. Sis asks Christie not to say anything because Jackson doesn't know they told her. Christie says she won't say anything. Holly comes in and interrupts the conversation.

*Feeds cut to WBRB

11:00 AM BBT

Holly approaches Christie to check on her. They talk a bit in the campsite area but then move to the RV to speak in private. Christie tells Holly she just had a rough night because she could sense some negative energy and knew something was up

Christie- at the end of the day I don't really care because I know myself and what I've done and who I am in this game

Sis comes in and awkwardly looks around the room then leaves

Christie keeps talking about how she senses it's Sam saying shit about her  "so, if you have something, just say it. Don't be a coward about it"

Sis comes back in (obviously wanting to know what Christie is saying)



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11:08 AM BBT SR (Sam and Nicole)

Nicole is ironing his shirt for him

Sam tells her that he is  "just waiting for Tommy to tell Christie and Christie says she has had enough and then our friendship is gone forever"

Sam- I didn't come here to make friends, Nicole. I came here to win Big Brother.....and then 5 minutes later I'm walking out that door (evicted)....what went wrong?

Nicole- you should have made more friends

Sam- I should have made more friends


11:11 AM BBT  Sam is packing his suitcase in the campsite area


11:16 AM BBT  Production tells the houseguests "this is a lockdown....please report to the HOH Room"

The houseguests are not reporting to the HOH as requested...still just going about their business.


In the Target Room Jack tells Tommy that now he has to tell Michie that he told her (Christie)

Tommy- I know

Jack- Fuck


*Feeds cut to WBRB

11:19 AM BBT Now we have the Rancho Coastal Humane Society on the feeds for the lockdown

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12:51 PM BBT  The feeds are still down

1:06 PM BBT  The feeds are back now

Sam continues packing his suitcase.

Cliff comes in

Cliff- Oh Sam, I'm sorry

Sam- for what

Cliff- I'm just seeing you pack. I know how it is

RV Room (Christie, Kat, Nicole)

Nicole- what are you guys wearing today?

Christie- I think I'm gonna wear jeans, a black bodysuit and a black blazer. I'm going for business. Sexy business

Kat- I only have one dress

Christie alone in the Target Room now whispering to herself "get it together, get it together. I've got to think"

1:13 PM BBT  HOHR (Michie and Holly)

Holly is telling Michie that Christie is trying to diffuse the situation, but she doesn't realize that more people have said stuff other than Sam. She still doesn't know that we are on to her

Michie- I brought her coffee this morning

Holly- I know. That's good

Michie- I told you, I'm either gonna put her and Nicole or her and Sis on the block. I'm not gonna blindside her. I'm gonna tell her what she did and then tell her fight for the veto

Holly walks around the room talking to the cameras "Are you on?"  "Are any of you on?"  "I want to read my letter to the feeds"

[Many of these HGs have no clue how the cameras in the house work]

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Holly reads her letter then shows her family pictures.

Production- "Please remove your belongings from the Head of Household Bedroom so we can prepare it for  the new Head of Household.

Holly- I'm getting my stuff out...I'm just showing the cameras my family because I didn't get to show them


*Feeds cut to WBRB



1:23 PM BBT  

The feeds pop back in to the Target Bedroom where Tommy is trying to pick out his outfit for the day. Cliff and Christie both tell him no to the outfit he has on

Tommy- yeah, I think it's too much

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1:07PM BBT Feeds are back. Just HG moving through the house.


1:10PM BBT Sam is packing. Christie in the BR whisperning under her breath Fake a** F'in loser.


1:17PM BBT Holly reads her HOH letter for the feeds and shows the pictures. We currently have FOTH.


1:24PM BBT Holly bringing her HOH stuff down. She is complaining that people have eaten her food. We keep getting FOTH.


1:27PM BBT Holly still complaining that someone ate the candy bar she wanted to share. She thinks a HG is starting to play mind game tricks.Nicole says it wasn't the HNs.

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1:29PM BBT Feeds flash on Christie who says that she doesn't like that it makes her look like  a sneaky or bad person. She is talking to Cliff. She says that at home she doesn't have to deal with all this. She says she realizes that she is not taking anough time for herself in the house.


1:35PM BBT In the KT, Sam mentions that BB returned the tin cups back to the KT. Jack says that there is no room for them and so he put them back in the SR. Jack says he has 45 more days in the hosue and can play this game and will not let them in the KT.


1:37PM BBT Christie goes into the BR with Tommy and Analyse. She is concerned about what Sam might say. Analyse says that Jackson is upset. Tommy says it is too late, Sam is gone. Christy saying something about she love you but t's just a game.Jack comes in and Christie asks him what was going on. Jack just says that Sam is a f**k.


1:51PM BBT Christie is talking about cutting her hair. She says the bags under her eyes are so bad from crying so much. Tommy comes in and shows that he has put some highlighter under his eyes and near his mouth. Christie tells him it highlights what he already has.

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2:11 PM BBT  Campsite Area (Sis and Jack)

Sis- don't you think today it feels like we are divided

Jack- yeah, I can feel it...I'm not gonna say anything until after HOH

Jack says if Nick doesn't win it (HOH) I will

Sis- Oh, you'll win it

Jack- yeah, fuck it. It can't be Jessica or Nicole. Can't be Cliff either.

Sis- I know. He scares me

Jack- it's also okay if Christie wins it.   Christie shouldn't have to win it because she has that power...we have to fucking figure Jackson out, dude

Sis- I know. He is making me feel weird

Jack- Holly is in on it too. Be careful what you say to her

SIs- I know. I will

Jack- you look great by the way

Sis- thanks. It's because of you. You've been fucking working me out


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1:55PM BBT Jackson moves areound the kitchen grabbing bts of food from boxes. He opens the fridge and does the same. no bowl or cutlery. Just using his hands.Holly tells Jess that she is so bloated. She was 10 days late. She thinks her body is just messed up.


2:03PM BBT Jess is touching up Holly's roots at the KT table. Jack makes her something to eat.


2:07PM BBT Jackson has a huge pile of have cooked egg whites. He isdipping forkfuls into ketchup.He has cauliflower in it as well.In the BR, Jack and Analyse talk. Jack is trying to fgure out where Cliff fits into all of this.


2:12PM BBT Jack tells Analyhse to be careful what she says to Holly because Holly and Jackson are together. He tells her that she looks great and she says that it's because of him and working her out. Analyse goes into the LR.She is talking about that she can't go on slop. She gets hangry.


2:15PM BBT Jackson and Jack talking. Jackson says that his gut is telling him that he can not trust Holly or Analyse. He says that Kat and Cliff are trying to turn the 6 agaisnt them. He feels the info they are getting is BS. He doesn't feel Chrisitie is doing anything.


2:19PM BBT Jackson is telling Jack about some supposedly created plan that Cliff has created in week 2 (one can't even follow it).

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2:15 PM BBT  Target Room   (Jack and Michie)

Michie- My gut is telling me I can't trust Sis and I can't trust Holly. Kat is telling me I can't trust Sis

Jack- I'm on to Cliff and Kat, dude ...I think Cliff and Kat are trying to turn the 6 against each other...I think what they are saying is a crock of shit. I might be showing my cards in this regard but I think Cliff and Kat are feeding you misinformation. They are manipulating your mind and making you feel insecure about Christie

Michie- So...Nick has been lying? Kat has been lying? Cliff is lying? Sam is lying? And they all have the same details. If that's the case then it's the most elaborately orchestrated fucking scheme...greater than the JFK assassination

Jack- Well, I don't know about that

Michie is getting frustrated with Jack.

Jack- That's what I'm telling you

[Folks, this is the real division of the SIx Shooters alliance....Two Alpha males won't work]



2:25 PM BBT

Michie is basically dogging everything Jack has said. Jack just keeps his head down and says "mm hmm" every minute or so. Michie is on repeat, rinse repeat. "The girl is playing this house like a fiddle and she has worked you inside and out. Not in a bad way.... I'm not talking shit to you."


2:43 PM BBT

Jack and Tommy in the Target Room

Jack- we ain't getting the 6 back

Tommy- What

Jack goes on to tell Tommy that there is no way...Jackson is saying all kinds of things that Jack's not buying "he's coming up with shit that's pulling me away from you guys and I'm not buying"

Tommy- I feel sick

Jack- he is trying to turn me




Jack tells Tommy that Jackson has Kat because Holly and Kat knew each other coming into this

Tommy- I knew it...I knew it

Jack- and he has slept with both of them

2:48 PM BBT

Tommy is pushing to save Sam and evict Kat

Jack- but why do I feel like we would be playing to Jackson's hand

Tommy- I really think this is the play...me, you, Sis, Nick, Christie, Nicole wants to do it to. We can get the whole house to flip

Jack- but coming out we no longer have 6

Jack- this game is so fucked

Tommy- let's just send it

Jack- the only thing we would have to worry about is Jackson, Holly, Cliff....Tom, we would run this house


Jack- Dude do you understand that by making this move.....I trust it. I trust you

Christie comes in

Tommy- Christie a lot of shit is going on. I want to flip the vote. Kat Holly and Jackson are a trio

Christie- okay, I want to know what is going on


[we may get a flip afterall]

Tommy- Cliff and Kat are playing both sides

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2:25PM BBT Jackson says they don't need to implode the 6 right now but they can keep the enemies closer. He is rambling about Christie. He things he has figured everything out.


2:30PM BBT Jack says he needs time to think. Jackson confirms that he is fighting to win HOH tonight. Jack says that they shouldn't hang out for too long in any room.


2:33PM BBT In the LR, Analyseapplying make up. Tommy tells her she is really good.She says she watches a lot of You Tube videos. Sam says that he is going to thanks the girls for helping him in the house being kind about his wife. Analyse says she is gong to do a shout out to his wife. She says she will say she is sorry she is voting him out. Sam says "wow" - that is shocking"


2:47PM BBT Jack and Tommy talk. Jack says that they can not keep Sam.Tommy says they can get Christie to vote out Kat. He saysthat three people in jury will have known each other. Tommy trying to flip the votes. Christie comes in. Tommy says that Jackson has been fed false info.



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Sam and Cliff leave but then Michie comes in

They play off as nothing is really going on and start joking around with Michie. When Miche leaves

Jack- I don't trust him...I want to but I don't trust him

Tommy- we tried, dude

Christie, Tommy, and Jack resume their conversation

It looks like they will make a move to a vote flip and save Sam

3:05 PM BBT

If this flip goes through (and I feel about 90% that it will, then

voting to evict Kat- Tommy, Christie, Jack, Sis, Nick, Nicole, Jess

voting to evict Sam- Michie 

Jack thinks Cliff will vote with Michie, but he will vote with the house


Nick, Nicole and Sam know something is going on. They want to know what's up. It's driving them crazy being out of the loop.

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