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who was bb greatest floater?


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me i say lisa the most undeserving winner in bb usa history

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Guest Shockalot

Jun was a great floater.

She pretty much was one of the best 'pro-active' floaters Ive ever seen.

Drew was an all-time great floater but he wasnt so much 'proactive' at it but really did just kinda passively float on down the middle to the win.

Same might be said of Lisa. She didnt really put a lot of effort into other than just knowing how to float on down the river.

Not taking away credit - that IS a valid strategy of course but Jun was a lot more clever and 'worked' the float and knew how and when etc.

She earned the float win lol!

Unfortunately I had to watch her succeed as did everyone else.

I cant call Maggie a Floater and certainly not Robert either.

Karen and Beau .. emmm.. yes, I guess you could say they did their fare share but it seemed like theirs was more a case of just 'being there' and going out whenever their time came.

Beau did not seem to me to have any interest in any sort of strategy or plan or anything.. he was just there being annoying.

Seriously.. never let him on TV again.


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Love this but I must question whether Beau was ever on tv, I mean I remember nothing about him other that his big, drunk, girl fight w/ jannie. He was Blah, not Beau... did he even want to be there the first time? I doubt that he's on BB's list of 20.

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Thats my definition of a floater...

Kinda like standing at the red line waiting for the puck to come to him.... But for Beau, it never arrived...

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I don't know a floater is the one who can go side to side and just blend in - no one notices they are doing it until it's too late. They are so good at floating that no attention is paid to them. Every houseguest thinks the floater is his friend and the floater has no interest in an alliance.

I think Jason/Danielle fit the description - no one saw them as a threat and if they did they were too preoccupied with personal vengenance against others and let those two slide through.

As for Beau - though the man has a great sense for fashion (ha ha ha!) he's not a good floater...

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hmmm.... I can't think of any particular so called "floater" that won.

James almost pulled it off last time.... but... well, that never had a chance to play out :glare:

I've seen a lot of 'Coat Tail' riders that got pretty far.

Cowboy is a classic example.

They're usually low key and not a visable threat to anyone.

The hard core player may even carry them if they can - - hoping that at the final voting they'll win because they

were the one's that REALLY played the game.

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Floater ?

Someone that's played BOTH sides..... and MEANT it to play the game to win.

If you're gonna ask what I think a Coat Tail Rider is... it's usually a HG that dosen't have a clue how to play the game - and just hangs on to one of the favorites in hopes of getting thru the game.

Like Cowboy.

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I'm not really savvy when it comes to 'floating' and stuff, but Alison always called herself a floater and she worked hard to get where she was. Active rather than passive, but maybe not so much of a 'fitter-inner' or a 'play both sides-er' so much as she was willing to sell her vote to the highest bidder with no remorse for the consequences - does that count as floating (?)

Yeah now that you all mention it, 'floating' and 'coat-tail riding' seems to actually be a great strategy unfortunately, especially if the real game player they're leeching off of has pissed off enough people and the floater/coat-tail rider is more likeable

BB3 - gamer: Danielle, coat-tail rider: Lisa (winner)

BB5 - gamer: Diane, coat-tail rider/floater: Drew (winner) . . . his coat-tail rider: Cowboy

BB6 - gamer: Maggie, coat-tail rider: Ivette (might have won if not for her parting shot to Rachel)

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yep the floaters/cocktail rider usually wins which is sad because the gamers is able to make all the right moves but the final moves which is to secure votes. jun season i was pissed she won. it seems like their ex relationship since it was on the better terms then allisonand her ex help contribute to her getting the votes. jee being the fool he is even after jun screwed him still voted for her.

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Ahhh . . . true, true! So I guess floating can be active or passive but only active floating can really be consider true gameplay . . . passive floating is more like coat-tail riding without the long-term protection of one good gamer (?)

Okay so what about this . . . were all the 'gamers' behind the 'coat-tail riders' floaters?

BB2: Dr Will?

BB3: Danielle - yes

BB4: n/a

BB5: Diane - yes

BB6: Maggie - no

Was Maggie not as good as the others since she didn't do any floating, or was it that she was so good that she never need to? Like maybe Maggie got lucky that she never had to do floating becuase that might have been her downfall, or conversely maybe she's the greatest player of all-time for being the only one not to need to have to (?)

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I think Maggie was the best player of the six season's. She wasn't a floater because she was with The Friendship[which is probably as good and honest of an alliance as you could ever have had in that house] and nobody went after her. People think Maggie wasn't that good at competition's but she gave Ivette her first HOH[obviously], and she got the people in her alliance to fall in love with her. Which guaranteed her further succes. She played a very clean game and that was probably another factor as to why she won. She never back-stabbed people because her friend's did it for her[hehehe]. She did everything Danielle did but without pissing people off as much.[Diary Room Session's aside, ahem], Maggie still would of won if her's were shown. Let's face it, she played the people in that house like a 'spade'[shout out to Marvin].

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Jun was the ultimate 'floater', both in terms of the game - and toilet! She did deserve her floater win, as much as it annoyed me. That season almost broke me from watching the show - having Allison and Jun to choose from - ugh!!! The moron to gamer quotient was severly skewed to moron that season!

The ultimate 'coattailer' was the fugly Cowboy. Road those stinkin' coattails all the way to the final two!

Beau could be considered a coattailer - even though I consider him more just another useless nerd herder that Maggot was able to use to shield her and then cast asside at the appropriate moment.

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