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Big Brother Season 21-Episode 13

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Previously, on Big Brother, Jack won the Chaos power and he let Christie and Tommy in on the secret. The following Christie scored the Panic power and she shared the news with half the house. Nick, Bella, and Sam thought they were in an untouchable 9 person alliance, but the true loyalty was between Jack, Michie, Tommy, Christie, Holly, and Sis. HOH Nick thought his target Nicole was as good as gone, but at the live eviction the Six Shooters blindsided Bella, Nick, and Sam by evicting the Texan instead.


Cliff won his way back into the game in the Comeback Comp and then shocked the house by seizing power. Knowing the Six Shooters were in trouble, Michie came up with a plan. After getting Christie on board, he pitched Cliff on being a pawn and hoping to seal the deal Christie told Cliff about her power. At the nomination ceremony, Cliff turned down the deal and turned up the heat, leaving Christie panicked. Tonight, will the power of veto save Jack of Michie from eviction. Plus will the panic power be unleashed turning the golden veto into the diamond veto? Find out right now on Big Brother!


We pick up on Day 31 after the nomination ceremony. Cliff says he nominated two alpha males because it’s about time someone make a move in the house. But Christie’s power is in play so he needs to win this veto so his HOH doesn’t go to waste. Michie says he offered himself as a pawn next to Bella or Nick, not Jack. But Cliff drew a line in the sand so if he wants play Big Brother, then let’s play Big Brother.


Jack says Cliff’s HOH SUCKS! He’s 1000% sure he’s Cliff’s target this week. We see Tommy in the TBR crying and Jack comes in and says it’s ok and he gives him a hug. Tommy says we’ll figure it out. Jack says he needed to be up there, he’ll get himself down. Christie says they’ll win this veto and everything will be fine. Christie says omg, she’s not on the block this week which is amazing, but two of her allies are. Everyone knows she has the panic power they’re going to expect her to use the power. Tommy tells her there’s a reason she got the power, there’s a reason it’s out in the open, and there’s a reason two of them are on the block.


Christie tells Analyse, Jack, Michie, Tommy, and Holly that if anyone not in their alliance wins veto then she’s not going to use it. Christie says of course she’s going to tell them she will use her power, but she doesn’t really want to throw it away this early in the game. She’ll have to wait and see what happens in the veto.


Cliff is in the lounge and Kat comes in and he says they have to watch each other’s backs. Bella comes in and says she respects him so much and she’s so grateful he didn’t take the easy way out. Nick comes in and sees who’s in the room and celebrates with a little dance. Nick says his alliance blind sides him and then Cliff wins HOH and now two of them are on the block. Karma sucks. Bella says Cliff is a BB legend.


We are on lockdown and they come downstairs and we have BB slop. Nicole says it smells like moth balls. Jess says it looks disgusting. Cliff says HG, there is no escape, have-nots are here. They will sleep in the have-not room, take cold showers, and eat only slop. Cliff has to select four people to be have-nots. He picks Tommy, Kat, Christie, and Michie. Kat says she’s going to be so skinny.


Christie thanks Cliff for not putting her on the block and she says everyone knows she has the power and Christie says she’s going to use her own voice on whether she wants to use her power or not. Cliff says he really wants to get out an alpha male this week, but he needs to make sure Christie doesn’t use her power and hijack his HOH. Cliff says she’s a strong person and a focused individual and he doesn’t want her on the wrong side of him.


Michie, Jack, Tommy, and Christie are in the HNR and he asks if one of them has the other power. Michie says he knows Ovi had the first power and everyone and their mom knows Christie has the third. Tommy says he doesn’t have one and Michie notices Jack is smiling. Jack explains what his power is. Jack says it’s more important than ever this week that they have more Six Shooters in the veto that way they have better chances at winning so Christie can use her power and they can name their own renom.


It’s time to pick players for the veto competition! Michie and Jack join Cliff for the draw. Jack says he needs as many Six Shooters as possible in this draw or he might have to cause a little chaos. Cliff says getting the right players is important. Cliff draws HG choice and picks Sam. Jack draws Holly. Michie draws Jess. Jack is thinking and Cliff is feeling good about this line-up and Jack says hold up! I choose to activate the Chaos power.


Jack explains that his Chaos power forces them to put their chips back in the box and redraw. Cliff says good job Jack. Cliff says he’ll pick first and Jack says again. Cliff draws Kat. Jack draws Sam. Michie draws Analyse. Kat was content not playing, but now she’s in the thick of things. Sam says Jack looked like he lost his soul when he drew his name. Can’t keep Sam away from a veto! Jack says he used his power and still got Sam, but he needs to win this veto and ensure his safety.


Nick and Bella are in the lounge and Nick tells Bella he loves her. Cliff comes in and he says if they don’t win veto and Christie uses her power he doesn’t think they have the votes to do anything. He needs to win this to keep nominations the same. Cliff says he’s rolling the dice a little bit and if it works they look good. If not, then no one can say they didn’t try. Cliff says he hopes it’s a fishing pole contest or something.


Tommy calls everyone for the veto competition and tells them to get in their gear and head out to the lake! Kat wants to know when Brett is coming back. Cliff says this will be fun, he’s always down for a wet and wild ride. Jack is his target and he needs to make sure he stays on the block. They will sit on a watercraft, a jet ski, and undress down to their swim suit and then get out and press a button. Think it’s easy? It’s not! They will have to hold THREE buttons while undressing. If they let go of one button, their clock will run 10x faster, if they let go of TWO buttons, the clock will run 30x faster. And if they let go of ALL three buttons, it runs 60x faster! The HG with the fastest time will win the veto! It’s time to play take it off!


Cliff is out first and he says he hasn’t gotten undressed this fast in a long time! Kat says she doesn’t want to win because she doesn’t want to show her cards. But first, she has to focus on getting her clothes off. She is so confident in her ability to get her clothes off she doesn’t have a strategy. Kat says this is a little more difficult than she expected. She feels like a contortionist.


Jack wants to know if he gets bonus points if he takes off his swimsuit. He wants to win this veto. Jack uses his head to hold a button and he says he needs room to maneuver. We see he’s over 7 minutes and he took his foot off the button and he still has his shirt and pants on. Jack wants to know why he’s wearing pants on a jet ski?!? He needs tear away pants. He gets off and dives for the button and he yells and says he feels good about that one!


Sis would love to win this veto to keep Six Shooters strong and prove to everyone, even Rachel Reilly, that she doesn’t need a life vest for floating along. Her pants get stuck to her butt. She finally gets undressed and hits her button. Sam says he needs to keep these noms the same. He takes his foot off at first, then both hands. He’s not used to getting undressed at work, so this is very interesting. He hopes no one else realizes how easy this is! He says you take your hands off and you’re done in ten seconds it’s great.


Michie says he’s on the block next to his best friend in the house and he has to save himself. He has to win this veto. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. Michie seems to be doing pretty well and he’s moving methodically. He says being slow and steady is the key to winning this thing. He literally is on a boat by himself in the middle of the water hoping he can save his own butt. He’s done the best he could and he hopes he was fast enough to win the POV.


Tommy says it’s time to see how everyone did. Cliff thinks he did pretty good and he thinks he got a pretty good time. Cliff got a time of 4:47. Michie tells him good job and says that’s impressive. Sis finished with a score of 9:06. Sam finished with a time of 11:21. Tommy says the veto king has been dethroned. Kat finished in 3:25. Kat says all these b*tches doubted her! She’s a comp beast!


Kat is now in the lead! Jack got a time of 13:10. It’s down to Kat and Michie. He finished in a time of…2:59. Kat says how did you do that?!? Michie says boom! Won the veto and now Christie can use her power giving him control of the nominee and he can put Bella on the block. Cliff says this is a gut punch and Michie winning ruins his HOH week. Cliff says he has to find a new path now. Jack says hopefully Michie can get the Diamond power of veto and they can keep himself safe.


Christie says the veto is barely around Michie’s neck and now all eyes on her. She wanted to keep her power for herself, but now she might have to use it. Tommy says even if Christie doesn’t use the power on herself, she’s using it for an ally. Christie says she’s scared and she doesn’t know what to do. If she uses it, then she’s making Cliff mad, and if she doesn’t use it, then she’s making mad whoever doesn’t go home. Christie starts to cry and says she regrets telling everyone about the power. She feels like the weight of the world is on her shoulders. Michie says she doesn’t have to, but he knows she WILL. He says the blood will be on his hands.


Christie says it’s not just about who’s going up, it’s about her using her power for someone else. Michie says she’s putting it on her shoulders, but she doesn’t need to do that. Michie says she isn’t the one putting Bella up, he will be. He wants her gone! Michie doesn’t know what’s going on Christie needs to give her power to him so they can get Bella out the door. Christie says Michie is really making her blood boil and he’s making her stressed. She says she’s a pretty strong woman and he’s being selfish and he’s trying to dictate every move in their alliance.


Cliff is in his HOH and Christie goes to talk to him. Christie says Michie is the one pushing her to use it. Cliff says this is horrible and that side of the house gets everything they want this week and he’s public enemy number one next week. So he needs to do a complete 180 and get himself safe. Christie says Michie is putting a lot of pressure on her and he thinks the power is his. Cliff says he can see Jack and Michie running the game. Christie says they are very powerful. Cliff says he’s flexible on the renom. Christie says her motive isn’t to protect the boys as much as it is to get out an enemy. Christie says if he were willing to BD Bella, she would use her power in the next two weeks to benefit him Cliff says where do you go after Bella? Christie says he’s good for two weeks and he won’t be a target for her. She says if he lets her keep her power then he is good. Cliff says his word is his bond. Cliff says he still wants Jack out of the house and he wants to put someone in the group up regardless of what he promised, but if he honors this deal it could be good for his long game if he can trust Christie.


Michie says he’s going to use the veto on himself, but there is the unknown if Christie is going to use her power. Hopefully, they can get Bella on the block. It’s time for the veto meeting! Michie has decided to use the power of veto on himself. Since he’s just vetoed himself as a nomination, Cliff will have to name a replacement nominee.


Christie says this was a crazy hard decision, but she’s not going to use it and trust Cliff. Cliff says he’s sorry, but Bella it’s her this week. Cliff says he could have made a huge move against Christie, but it would have involved him breaking a promise, but his family is watching and he couldn’t break his word. Christie can’t believe her plan really worked! She saved her power for a rainy day and she has a new ally in Cliff! Things couldn’t have gone any better. Thank you universe!


Bella says this is worst case scenario. She’s sitting next to Jack who apparently everyone loves which she didn’t understand. She’s going to do everything she can to stay in the game. Nick says Cliff had a chance to make a move and instead he put up a number for him. Does that make any sense? The six who voted him out will do it again! Michie says Christie saved her power and they got Cliff to do the dirty work for them. Now all they need to do is make sure Jack doesn’t go anywhere.

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