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America's Got Talent Season 14-Judge Cuts-Dwayne Wade

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Tonight is the second night of judge cuts and tonight’s guest judge is…Dwayne Wade, former NBA All-Star and Champion, and Gabrielle Union’s husband.


The first act of the night is Bir Khalsa, a set of good friends from India. They were so excited to perform before Simon Cowell in their auditions and they are ready to perform for him again. Simon can’t wait to see what they’re going to do and he wishes them luck. They are a danger act and they perform tricks for the judges including use a sledgehammer on a block of ice that’s on top of the tallest member and then hitting him in the chest with the sledgehammer, and then finally smashing coconuts on the third member’s head.


Dwayne says that was entertaining and unique and they took them on an emotional rollercoaster. Gabrielle says that was pretty awesome in a freaky deaky sort of way. Julianne doesn’t trust they aren’t going to break his nose or cajones and she thinks the audience was freaking out. Howie says what is this? What is this? What are you? Simon says they have amazing personalities. Simon says you can only see this on this show.


G-Force is ready to take the stage and they are a young girl group. They want to step it up from last time and they are going to perform a more personal song. Simon greets them and has them introduce themselves. Their song is called Simon Says. They get a standing ovation.


Gabrielle says the reason she wanted to become a judge is precisely for this moment. Dwayne says they are incredible, the swag, the confidence, the attitude, whatever they are selling he’s buying. Howie says he couldn’t hear a word and he doesn’t think this performance had the same impact as the first. Simon says has a real hate with groups who are told what to say because it’s all about authenticity and he thinks this was a way better audition than the first one.


Olivia Calderon is the next act and she performs and Julianne says she’s meant to be on this stage. Dwayne says she has an amazing voice, but it wasn’t his thing. She says it may not be your cup of tea, but it could be your shot of tequila.


Then we see Dom Chambers, a comedic magician, and Simon remembers him. Dom says he wants to step it up and he hopes all goes well. Dom says it’s time to move up from beers, it’s time for a cocktail. Dom gives a list of cocktails to Julianne and has her circle one. Dom has Siri as an assistant. Simon says 7 and Howie names hearts as his suit. A card appears on his phone screen and Dom takes the card and it’s the 7 of hearts. Julianne is thinking of Tequila Sunrise. A drink fills the screen of the phone and Dom pours it from his phone into a glass and Julianne says it definitely is a Tequila Sunrise. He gets an ovation.


Dwayne says it was the best magic he’s ever seen and it was incredible. Gabrielle says he is pure magic. Way to go! Simon says there’s no denying his talent, but he thinks he could have done better today. Julianne says they’ll be deliberating over this and we’ll see if he makes it through.


Next is Mat Ricardo and he is a danger act and he chops a carrot quickly and then it appears he’s cut his arm. He grabs a table cloth from a table and everything stays in place and then he puts it back on. Howie likes that he’s a showman and that gable paid off.


Lamont Landers is next and he’s a singer. He tells Terry he’s going to do something he would normally never do. Howie greets him and wishes him luck. He performs Walk Me Home by P!nk. Julianne says his voice is so special and unique and it’s not filling the space it should. Gabrielle says last time he gave us cocky and this time he showed different layers. Dwayne says his voice is unassuming and he thinks he has another level he can go to and he should let it go. Simon says he’s going to be honest. He likes him and he likes his voice and it left with him nothing. It wasn’t a great arrangement of the song, it had no drama or emotion, but he doesn’t think he’ll be fighting for him at the end.


Adaline Bates takes the stage and they are dressed as a woman on one side and man on the other and they perform Endless Love by Diana Ross and Lionel Richie and Julianne says she doesn’t see them being able to sustain an entire show.


Michael Paul is next and he has a new puppet and he’s a ventriloquist. He has an older woman and Simon hit his X. Simon says this was not as good as his audition.


Gingzilla is up they perform Material Girl by Madonna. Howie says he thinks they were out of key and this wasn’t a step up. Simon says it wasn’t as good as the first audition and he’s disappointed because he doesn’t think they were as good tonight.


Alex Dowis is up and he wants to make sure Simon can understand his story this time. He is using a light and creates the silhouette of JFK and then we see a space shuttle taking off to the moon. Then we see Alex drawn an Earth and we see a shuttle orbit the earth. Then we see a satellite landing and then an astronaut planting an American flag on the moon. He gets an ovation from all four judges and the audience.


Howie says this is a story of exactly what this show is with having a dream and conquering that dream. Dwayne says he’s an amazing story teller and he felt a deep emotional connection to everything he was drawing. Simon says he criticized him the first time it was because he thought it would make him better the next time and he was right! He got goosebumps on his goosebumps.


The next act to take the stage is V. Unbeatable. They have been practicing non-stop and they want to do something we’ve never seen. Simon greets them and they tell a story they are doing this for a teammate who had an accident and was paralyzed and passed a few weeks later. They set up for their performance and they include some very dangerous tricks. They get an ovation from all four judges and the audience and Terry is excited.


Julianne says wow, wow, wow, wow!  She says they aren’t just a dance crew or an acrobat, they have the combination of both. Simon says V. Unbeatable reminded them they have the best judge in the world. Dwayne tells Gabrielle to put her hand on his heart. He says his heart is beating at a rapid pace he hasn’t felt before. He says there are 29 people on that stage and he knows the sacrifice it takes. He says whenever he hit a big shot or had a game moment, he jumped up and said this was his house. And in this moment, this is their house!


Next are Izzy and Easton and they are dancers. Gabrielle says they can tell the work they put in.


Then we see Adem Show and Simon says they are brilliant dancers.


We then have Verba Shadow, a shadow show from the Ukraine. They are going to do something they’ve never done before. Their show is fantasy themed with wizards and witches. They get an ovation from Simon. Howie says he loves what they do, but he doesn’t know what the story was. Simon says the story was good vs evil. Simon says the only thing he didn’t understand is the horse came from nowhere and then disappeared. Julianne says it was a unicorn. Simon thinks they worked hard to do something different. Dwayne says that was the best three minute move he’s ever seen and the journey they took him on was amazing. Gabrielle says she wants to see what the sequel is.


Next to the stage is Robert Finley and he’s a 65-year old singer. He is going to perform another original tonight. Simon greets him and wishes him luck. His song is called Medicine Woman. He gets an ovation from all the judges and the audience.


Howie says Robert moved them to get up off their feet. Gabrielle says he came to go to the finals and he put everyone backstage on notice. Dwayne wants to adopt him into their family and he thanks him for showing America to never give up on their dreams. Simon says he once left a show because of a rule that no one over the age of 29 could be part of the singing competition. He wishes he were as cool as Robert and he made things harder for them.


Next to the stage is Duo Fusion and Simon greets them and wishes them luck. He stands on a chair and then bends over the back and picks his wife up and she does a hand stand and then he stands up from his position. Terry says he thought he was strong. Howie says they were depicting an afternoon at Gabrielle and Dwayne’s house. Julianne says she’s never seen anything like that before.


Next out is Valerie Sassyfrass and Howie remembers her. Howie wants to know what she has in mind to step it up. Valerie says she brought back-up dancers and added more energy to her track. The dancers are two very tall women. She performs the same song she did in her audition. Simon hits his X. Howie hits his X. Simon hits Julianne’s button. Howie tells Dwayne to hit his wife’s button and he says he won’t do that. Gabrielle loved her and Dwayne says Miss Sass is his wife’s spirit animal. Simon says thought the first audition was better.


Our final act is Ryan Niemiller and he is a comedian. He takes the stage and is greeted by Gabrielle and she turns the stage over to him. Ryan begins his set. Terry says he loves him and the judges seem to like the act. He gets an ovation from all the judges.


Howie says he loves Ryan and he’s sweet and lovable and memorable and he deserves a spot on the show. Dwayne says he could listen to Ryan all day, he appreciates the laughs. He’s special. Simon says he felt Ryan was having the time of his life and Simon asks the audience if they should put him through and they scream.


The judges are now deliberating and deciding which 6 acts will move on to the lives.


Dom Chambers is the first act to get the results. Simon knows he is better than today’s act, but it was unanimous and he is moving on to the live shows!


Valerie Sassyfrass and Adaline are up and neither go through.


Olivia Calderon, Adem Show, and Michael Paul are out and none of them are going through.


G-Force is up next and Simon says they are going to have to be back in Hollywood for the live shows.


Izzy and Easton and Verba Shadow take the stage for results and Howie tells them the journey is over right now.


Robert Finley is joined by his daughter and Simon says they really connected with him and he has made it through to the live shows!


Gingzilla, Lamont Landers, Duo Fusion, and Mat Ricardo are out and Howie tells them they didn’t make it to the live shows.


Bir Khalsa are out and Gabrielle says they are absolutely through to the lives!


Ryan Niemiller and Alex Dowis both take the stage. Julianne informs them both that they are through to the live shows!

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