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Wednesday, July 24, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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12:00 AM BBT Living Room (Nick, Sam, Bella, Jack)

They are talking about the hot tub and how they wonder if they (production) will fill it with water

Nick- they said we aren't allowed to add water to the hot tub

Sam says that they checked it all out but someone touched the thermostat..they just need to turn the thermostat (it hasn't been hot at all this week)

Nick- apparently it was draining and shooting out a virus

Sam- yeah, it's draining for whatever reason (yesterday, Holly/Michie were talking and Holly commented that production told her the hot tub had some sort of rash inducing bacteria, which Holly contracted on her ass, so they put a new liner and water in it...Holly said she was given meds for her bacterial rash and it has healed even though she didn't use it as she should have. She also mentioned that others must have contracted the rash, as well, because they (production) took one look at it and said it was the hot tub that caused it...let's hope production is waiting for Holly to completely heal before encouraging use of the hot tub). 



Have-Not Room  (Christie, Jess, Kat, and Tommy)

They are discussing Nicole and how worried she is that someone will throw another rogue vote and pin it on her.

Tommy- is it possible that Nick or Bella cast that vote?

Jess- very much so

Tommy- 'cause that's what Kemi said....she told me they did

Jess- it could have been Bella

Kat- Nicole was very put off by that  


12:15 AM BBT

Both Sam and Jack have a chest cough. Jack joked earlier that he has the Black Lung. Jack also has a large mass on his collar  bone. Many feedsters and Twitter posts are labeling it his "raCYST" because of his crass, racially driven comments.


12:30 AM BBT  Very late last night Tommy told Jack/Sis that he admitted to Cliff that he was the one who took Orwell. Jack was joking that Nick will find out then pin it on Sis and they'll get to watch Sis go berserk on Nick. Sis pretended to go in attack mode and Jack held her down.




Target Bedroom (Michie, Jack, Sis)

Michie says they have the votes....me, Holly, Sis, Tommy, Christie, Kat...done.

Michie- damn Nicole.....love that girl, but she's got to pick a fucking side. You can lead a horse to water but can't make it drink....me and Kat are fine. But it worries me because she is now going back to "week 1 Kat"...toward me (insinuating she is flirting with him)...tugging on my towel

12:39 AM BBT

Michie- if I get HOH I'm putting up Nick and Sam and the rest of us should, too

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1:28 AM BBT Have-Not Room  (Tommy, Michie, Jess, Christie)

Michie says that he is sorry to his mom for everything he has done this season.

They are talking about Nickella and how shady the three (including Sam) are.

Christie- I have to be honest, tomorrow I am not talking to them....they just lie. I'm completely over it.

Michie- agreed

Jess- in a perfect world, I want this to be a house vote. I don't want anyone giving a vote to her (Bella).

Michie notices there are Bushnell binoculars in the room "Wow, these are Bushnells dude"

Christie- well you can't....what are you doing Jackson (he is trying to take them off the table) Christie is clearly annoyed with Jackson who keeps trying to remove the Bushnells and even though Christie continues reviewing the plan with Jess, Michie keeps talking over them about the Bushnells and Christie is having a hard time keeping cool 

Michie- these are fucking ancient...a collector's item

Christie- yeah, which is why they are secured to the table.....Bella is going home regardless. It's not even a question. 

Michie- (joking) I don't know. Jack is a threat, I think we should (laughing)

Christie says Jack "is not even a fucking threat right now....we have to suck out the poison"...."Nick and fucking Sam are going next"

Michie- I love it when you get like that

sorry mama.png

1:55 AM BBT  RV Bedroom   (Nick, Bella, Nicole)

Bella walks in the RV and sees Nicole is crying.

Nick- she  (NIcole) says she is going to spontaneously combust

Nicole- what if I just hide on Thursday

Nick- no, we need your vote

Bella- Nicole, you do whatever you want to do...if you think he is better for your game, keep Jack. If you think I am better for your game, keep me. Don't let Nick bully you into..

Nick- I am not bullying her...she said she couldn't sleep

Nicole- yeah,  I woke up

Bella to Nick- you need to learn to shut your mouth....no talking to anyone

Nick- I was just making sure she is okay

Bella to Nick (smiling during this exchange)- this is my game, my plan...you are going to ruin my game. You are on no talking duty. I love you. (Nick leaves for the restroom)

Bella to Nicole-But, Nicole, there is no pressure. Seriously, I am promising you that if you truly feel I can't be trusted...I mean just really think about what is best for you. If you do then I will have your back and so will Nick...and so will sam and Jess....and Cliff. This might be my last chance and I have to do what I have to do. But do what is right for you. If you make your own decision based on what you think then you won't have any regrets. If you feel wrong about it, vote me out. But if you feel better about your game, if you have a better chance by keeping me....then, please do.

Nicole- I had like a panic moment in my sleep and almost suffocated in my sleep. (she is distraught)

Bella- I don't want it to be like last time where you felt cornered (she is using a low, sweet and comforting voice)

Nicole- yeah, but last time you said anything I say is...and you know..

Bella- yeah

Nicole- but, I don't know what's wrong with me that I can't only look out for myself. Everything bothers me.  I worry about everyone else.

Bella- at the end of the day all you have is yourself. You're not here for someone else to win it. Whatever stage it takes you to take a risk...it's up to you.

Bella goes on to apologize to Nicole for everything she has done. She encourages Nicole to play her own game and assures her she will not have any bad feelings toward her if she votes her out. Bella tells Nicole she has to protect her game. Nicole doesn't end up giving Bella any idea of where she is voting.

Jess comes in the room

Bella to Jess- hi

Jess to Nicole- are you okay? You look upset

Bella- Nicole I love you as a person and no matter what we will be okay

Nicole is still crying- I just don't, I know this is a game but...

Bella- I'm not saying you need to protect me. I mean, I put myself here. I deserve it and I wouldn't blame you at all. You do what is best for you and I won't be upset with you. She tells Nicole that she will come out of Big Brother as better persona dn that she is at peace with leaving the game in love with Nick.

Nicole- damnit

Bella- you owe me nothing. You could vote me out purely out of spite and you have a right to

Nicole- I'm not a spiteful person

Jess- and that is why you are in this position (that Nicole is so emotional)

Bella says she has a glimmer of hope that she will have a great day tomorrow and say goodbye to her friends, give away her clothes and go knowing she did her best campaigning. SHe tells Nicole she will give her more of her dresses "and you can wear them"

Nicole laughs  Bella- but I'm not bribing you. I take that back if you think that.

Bella pats Nicole's back and continues to assure her that she will never let herself, Nick or Sam ever tell her what to do again.

[Nicole is not in a good emotional state. This game may be too much for her. -MamaLong]

This conversation continues with the same sentiments repeated over and over. Bella says she doesn't give a fuck what happens. She just wants to leave with everything she has learned go out into the world and tell them how wonderful they are (all the HGs)

Bella- I love you Nicole

Nicole- I love you too (she starts crying heavily)

Hopefully one day you can forgive me

Nicole- I do forgive you

Bella- I truly love you. Will you please stop crying?

Nicole- I'm not crying. I'm just leaking

Bella- (tears falling slowly) I'm leaking too.... (Bella hugs Nicole then Jess)...I love you both and if tonight is my second to last night, it's been an honor

Jess- but you never know  how this game will play out

Bella- either way, it's a win, win

Jess- I see a different Bella  

Bella- really? Oh my God (this comment stuns Bella and she begins crying a lot...she goes to Jess and they hug tightly for a long time) She tells Jess she is so hard on herself....like, a lot of people have been really hard on her all her life, and she just wants people to be proud of her. "That's all I want." Bella adds that she just wants to be the best version of herself "Thank you Jess, I really needed that"

Nick asked several times throughout this hug,  "Jess, what did you say to Bella?" but receiving no answer, he just admires their genuine exchange

Bella tells Nick that Jess told her she is seeing a better Bella

Bella finally gets under the covers with Nick and starts crying uncontrollably saying "I'm not ready to go home"

Nick- Baby, I know, I know....I'm so proud of you.... I love you so much; you're amazing; I love you more every day; also, you look amazing in those lululemons...(Nick consoles Bella the best he can, kissing her and saying he loves her over and over) 

[This whole conversation comes off as very genuine to me  -MamaLong]




2:23 AM BBT Holly and Jackson in the bathroom area

Holly is straddling Jackson claiming she can't sleep without her snuggle buddy.

Michie- Same

Nicole comes through the bathroom without her glasses on

Michie- hey Nicole; you look cute without your glasses

Nicole- thanks. I can't see you guys....good night

Michie and Holly say goodnight to Nicole then comment that she's so cute.

cuddle buddies.png

a different Bella.png


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2:42 AM BBT Kat is alone in the kitchen eating slop when Michie comes in. Kat mentions that she is eating the regular slop. Jackson is flirting with Kat like crazy then giggles and says, "It's a Big Brother first". (he is so proud of having sex with two of the girls in the house)

Kat- we're like a 3 person alliance  (with monotone attitude)

[this Jackson fool is crazy narcissistic; he needs to be knocked off his self appointed throne -MamaLong]

Kat begins sweeping the floor and asks Michie not to walk through her pile  (she is not encouraging his flirting)

Kat then leaves to pop her zits in the bathroom; Michie comes through and sees her

Kat- I know, I'm picking everywhere. It's disgusting

Michie goes to bed and says "I'll see ya up there"

Kat- alright (she continues picking at her face)


3:10 AM BBT

All cameras are on sleeping houseguests






Cliff is snoring like a freight train in the HOH Room (poor Sharon...but he's worth it) Orwell is sleeping next to Cliff.


6:45 AM BBT  All cameras are dark and still on sleeping HGs

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10:15 AM BBT The feeds come back to Cliff stretching and saying he doesn't want to get up. Tommy is doing dishes in the kitchen, and no signs of anyone else.

10:19 AM BBT

Production- Wakey Wakey Houseguests

Cliff- alright...I hear ya...I'm gonna go shower

Sam enters the kitchen after exchanging his battery in the SR and tells Tommy there are more watermelons in the SR. They had been saving the watermelon for Michie for when he is off slop  [why?]  but now they don't have to because there are three huge ones in there.

Sam- It's nice that they listen to us. SOmeone is noticing

He also mentions that he kept waking up in the night to sounds from the backyard "heavy equipment, like a Bobcat or something"


10:31 AM BBT    Many HGs still sleeping

Production- Buenos Dias Houseguests....RIse and Shine

The other HGs begin to stir...so sign of Kat

10:34 AM BBT Christie is asking Jack how he is doing because she heard he was sick

Jack- we'll talk about it on Thursday

Sis- I was in the DR so late

Christie- Kat was too

Sis to Chris- How did you sleep

Christie- good...Michie was really hyper, was talking with Jess about chicken and rice and then she cracked his back

Christie tells Sis and Jack that something funny happened last night. She talks about Jess going to CLiff's door but Nick and Sam stopped her saying that Cliff was sleeping. Jess just waited around and then Bella came out of the HOH  "it just shows that they are all lying"

Target Bedroom

Now there is some talk about the HOH competition. They are expecting the wall comp since Christie says "it's the right amount of people for that"

Christie- Nick ain't gonna win that. He's weak

Sis- either is Sam....no way

Christie- he (Nick) also said if Bella goes home I'm blowing up this f'ing house

Jack- what's he gonna say?

Christie- Tommy stole Orwell  (laughing)

Sis- half of the shit he is gonna say is gonna be made up

Christie- because he's a fucking liar...I've never met a therapist that makes up more shit and tells more secrets than that

Sis- So Bella is gonna campaign to everyone

Christie- yeah

Holly chimes in with some info about someone she knows (a recovering addict) who does therapy work and how she worries she will absorb it

Tommy comes in Good Morning Everyone. What's up?

Christie- just bored already. We should come up with a game or something.

Tommy- I'm going to study the days and learn them well....I'm also in a cleaning mode today

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10:46 AM BBT

Production- Jackson, please go to the diary room downstairs

Sam- thank goodness

Bella- what

Sam- Christie was telling me (whispering)...in the shower  *feeds cut*  (he's probably revealing the Jackson was sneaking food in the shower)

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10:34AM BBT - Tommy still doing dishes in the Kitchen. Sam talking about the battery box and said the smallest things makes us feel appreciated. BIg Brother comes over and says "Buenos Dias Houseguest". Bella wakes up and Nick turns back over.

 10:38AM BBT - Christie goes to the TR where Analyse and Jack are and talking general chit chat. Tommy is in the bathroom puts a towel in the drawer while talking to Sam. Bella comes in to you use the bathroom.

10:45AM BBT - Bella is brushing her teeth and Sam is talking a noise he heard said it sounded like a bobcat. Analyse is cuddling in the bed with Jack. Sam is talking about the watermelons, they got more and he said its nice that we all do is talk about it and BB listens and gives us more, also said they might cut one today. Jackson gets called to the DDR and FOTH music.

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10:52 AM BBT

The feeds come back to Jackson complaining about the watermelons

Jackson- I've been asking for fucking watermelons for 6 weeks and here they are now that I'm on slop....who is gonna cut a giant watermelon with that small knife

Sam- I will

Jackson- I've been asking for 6 weeks and you're gonna go ahead and butcher it with a small knife....can't wait one day....whatever

Production- Jackson, please go to the diary room downstairs

Michie- I'm coming   (he spills oats and powder everywhere)

Jackson then continues ranting about why can't he just wait a fucking day  (to Sam) "seal your fate"  

He walks off and whispers to Tommy about it, "I requested those fucking watermelons weeks ago" ...obviously pissed off

Tommy- we will just eat the small ones

Sam just raises his hands-laughs "well, we have like 5 watermelons...I've already dug my own grave"

Michie goes to complain to Holly....and he's just pacing around

Jackson to Sam- I requested a big knife....just so you know....I was just joking...I wasn't actually serious   [NOT]

Sam- Oh, okay we'll just wait until tomorrow then

Production- Jackson, please go to the diary room downstairs (third request)

Michie- okay, okay

Michie then tells Sam he asked for those large watermelons "for like 6 weeks". Sam tells him he thought he wanted the small ones and that was why they are saving them for him. Michie corrects him that he wants the large ones. Sam then agrees that they will leave the large ones for Michie 

Sam- Okay, I'll just cut a small one then

[Sam, you're not crazy...three small ones are more than enough for Michie -MamaLong]

dug my own grave.png

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11:44AM BBT: In the kitchen, Christie celebrates that she has her power for double eviction (talking to Tommy and Jackson).  Jackson asks her how she knows.  She simply replies, "I have my power for double eviction."  indicating she's positive, she was told  but can't say who told her (production).

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11:00am BBT: Jackson out of the DR and tells Christie that sam wants to xcut the watermellon  and he said dude i asked for those and he cant wait one night dude really? Christie laughs. 

11:03BBT: Most Hg just sitting around and doing ADL's and talking general talk.

 11:14am BBT: Jackson in the WA telling jack, sam and jessica about working and not getting overtime pay. In the KT Tommy, Nick, Sis, Holly, Christie and Nicole talking general talk while eating and drinking coffee.

11:31am BBT: Jackson getting a massage on his back from Jessica while Holly rubs his head. Jack and Nicole go to the BRL and jack says there is no doubt in my mind you are special and i love hearing your story. He says with everything with black widows and the things with Bell I commend you for all that. he says he thinks he has shown he is good at metal comps and he says he thinks he has shown that. He says He can only prove himself through action as when i put Jessica up i told her she was not going home and i kept my word.

 11:42am BBT: Jack talking to Nicole saying he loves bella and loves talking to her but he needs to  play his own game and wats to stay in the house this week to play with everyone more. He tells her just do whatever is going to be best for your game. Nicole says i will and they hug and leave the BRL.
11:51am BBT: jack telling Christie about his talk with Nicole and everything he said to her.Jack comes in and say that he wanted to talk to them and he says i dont know if bella is scrambling or what but i am hearing things i have nothing to do with. Christie says yeah i know. Cliff says that Bella told him that it all depends on if Jackson and holly flip. He says there is a keyword. Christie says i know Jackson said if we hear the work blueberry pancakes  not to worry.

11:58am BBTL Jackson making a drink in the KT while Jessica is looking in the fridge. Christie, jack and Cliff repeating themselves over and over then Cliff says i just wanted to touch base with yall.

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12:11PM BBT Holly and Sis have been talking about Kat while they put their makeup on.  They say that Jackson said Kat has been flirting w/ him.  Holly says just yesterday, Kat told Holly to be careful w/ Jackson but now she speculates that it's because she's jealous.  Sis and Holly say that Kat hasn't been getting any attention from any of the guys.

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12:10pm BBT:Holly and Sis  talking about Kat while as they put their makeup on.  They say that Jackson said Kat has been flirting with him.  Holly said just yesterday, Kat told her to be careful around Jackson but now she thinks that it's because she's jealous.  Sis and Holly thinks that Kat hasn't been getting any attention from any of the guys.

12:17pm BBT: Jackson and Holly telling Sis that bella is trying to flip the votes and if she has the votes she will tell Nicole blueberry pancakes. Jackson says why did shwe tell Cliff that though and jackson says i do not know. They all start laughing.
12:22pm BBT: Tommy and Nicole talking general talk in the WA while Christie takes a cold shower and washes her hair. In the BR Holly and Sis doing makeup and Sis says yeah i wanted to do makeup today for good bye messages and Holly says oh yeah i forgot about that.

12:35pm BBT: Hg just sitting around or walking around talking general talk. Tommy is saying they are all gonna play a game throughout the day its called fashion so you just model things at different times of the day.

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12:33 PM BBT

Tommy has proposed a game for all the houseguests called "BB's Next Top Look" culminating in a full on fashion show before dinner. Houseguests would need to decide if they will be a model, artist, or judge.

Jess- what's an artist

Tommy says they design the look

Jess- okay so like a designer

Tommy- We need a theme

Holly- obsessed...I don't know if I should be an artist or model...maybe I can be both

Tommy- I don't think you can be both because we need to get everyone involved

Christie will be a judge.





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12:50 PM BBT.  Tommy comes out of the DR and says he cleaned it.  Tommy says he has no answers.  Tommy says they need 3 judges, 5 designers & 5 models.  (They are going to have a fashion show).  Tommy asks for volunteers for the different positions.  


12:52 PM BBT.  Jackson, Sam and Nicole will be the judges.  Kat, Jack and Bella will be the designers.  Tommy, Cliff, Jessica, Christie, Holly, Analyse and Nick will be models.  

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The judges will be Nicole, Sam, and Michie.


The designers are Jack, Bella and Kat


The rest are models. Tommy wants to have a draft for the designers. They are playing rock, paper scissors to determine who picks first.

Bella picks first: "I want Tommy"

It's now been decided that Tommy will be the host, so Bella chooses Christie

Kat chooses Holly and Jessica

Jack drafts "with the 3rd and 4th round picks of the BB fashion draft ....I choose Clifford"  earlier he said "he will be my canvas"  "and for my 4th, Nick":

Sis is with Bella


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12:57 PM BBT.  Bella chooses Christie and Analyse as her models.  Kat chooses Jessica and Holly as hers.  Jack chooses Cliff and Nick as his models.  


1:03 PM BBT.  The groups have broken up and are discussing and picking their styles.  


1:02 PM BBT.  In the TBR, Jack asks Cliff if he should make Nick wear these (he is holding some grey briefs)?  Cliff says I don’t know if he’ll fill them.  


1:04 PM BBT.  In the TBR, Tommy is excited, he wonders if it’s ever been done before.  


1:07 PM BBT.  The models ( in various rooms) are trying in clothes and doing make-up.  Christie is searching for a blazer.  Sam asks whT is a blazer?  Christie says like a sport coat.  


1:09 PM BBT.  In the TBR, Christie is still looking for a blazer.  she wants a mens blazer.  she says Ovi had a bunch, I shouldn’t have evicted his a**.  


1:10 PM BBT.  In the TBR, Christie finds a jacket to use.  She says she is gonna tape her boobs to the side.  Jack asks if she is hijacking the designers job.  She says u know me!  


1:17 PM BBT.  Just general talk and the “models” ate trying on clothes.  


1:21 PM BBT.  In the HOHR, Nick is practicing his runway walk and Jack is watching.  

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1:23 PM BBT.  In the LR, Cliff, Nicole and Sam are talking about how and when they watch BB and if they do or don’t watch live feeds or bbad.  Cliff is telling them there are websites that literally type everything that happens all day.  Sam can’t believe there are fans like that.  

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1:37 PM BBT

Michie has been sleeping on the couch with a headband over his eyes for a long time now with no warnings from production.


1:40 PM BBT

Cliff is talking about snow skiing with his family. He mentions that the last place they went was Angel Fire in New Mexico.

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