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Big Brother Season 21-Episode 12

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Previously, on Big Brother, Nick, his showmance Bella, and Sam were on the bottom of the Unde9able alliance because the other members Holly, Jack, Sis, Chirstie, Tommy, and Michie had their sights set on a new sixsome. Christie won the panic power and was quick to share the news with members of her alliance. HOH Nick was intent on getting Nicole out, but the Six Shooters wanted to target the Texan. So a plan was born to blindside Nick and Bella.


At the live eviction, the Six Shooters sent Cliff to Hogg Heaven and he joined Camp Comeback with David, Ovi, and Kemi. At the comeback comp, one of the first four evicted had a chance to return to the game and Cliff-amania was running wild. But sadly, David, Ovi, and Kemi were evicted for good. Tonight, what will the fallout of the six shooters blindside. Plus, with Cliff back in the house, how will he shake up the game. And will the power shift at the household competition.


We pick up on day 30 after Cliff has won his way back into the house. He says he just beat three people more than half his age! No one thought this old guy would beat that competition and come back in the house. Tommy says how did he do it? Tommy says one would think David would take the old guy. How did this happen?!?


Nick says he feels really betrayed. Disgusting really. They obviously don’t trust him. The damage is kind of done. Sam is talking to Christie and Sis is talking to Nick. Sam says apparently flipping votes is the new thing when you’re in an alliance on Big Brother. He says he looks stupid!


Kat is crying and she’s being comforted by Jess and she has realized that David isn’t coming back. She apologizes to Cliff and he says he gets it. Kat says she’s just sad because she got to know him these past few days and she knew how much he wanted to play and she had so much fun hanging out with him. Jess says you liked him personally and she says yeah. She says she can’t believe she’s crying this much and she probably has an ugly cry.


Nick is talking to Jack and he wants to know why they didn’t just tell him. Christie and Tommy come into the lounge and Christie says they tried. Christie says it’s important they smooth things over just in case Bella wins and tries to put them on the block as revenge. Tommy says he didn’t feel like they could after the whole blow-up. HE didn’t think it was an option.


Michie is in the SR with Nicole and he hugs her. Nicole tells us what is going on?!? She thought she was going home! Michie tells her who flipped and she says she owes them so much. Michie tells her to work with them and not against them. Michie tells us he’s making it very clear who saved her, especially after how mistreated she was by Nick and Bella last week. Nicole says she doesn’t know if she should laugh or cry.


Bella, Sis, Jack, Tommy, Nick, Sam, and Christie are still hashing things out in the lounge and Bella says this was just stupid that they weren’t on the same page. Bella feels like people are trying to kick her down and it’s just getting old. She tells us this game is exhausting. Nick says every time they’ve had a problem he’s talked to them. Every decision made has been for their game.


Michie and Holly are in Cliff and Michie is trying to smooth things over. Michie says they thought Cliff had a better chance at that game than Nicole. Michie tells us he banished Cliff week one and then blindsided him by evicting him week four. He needs to smooth things over fast. Cliff tells us all he knows is he went out the door because of what they did. He tells Michie he doesn’t know to trust anymore.


Back in the lounge, Sam is saying it just sucks because Nicole and Cliff see them as a split house. Nick says how am I supposed to believe you guys now? Christie says when they made the decision they thought they were doing what was best for all of their games. Nick says I feel like if one of you guys win I’ll see my face on the board. Jack says you shouldn’t feel that way and Nick says how would you feel? Michie joins the room and he says this wasn’t planned! Bella tells us don’t lie to her face and say in you’re in an alliance with me and act shady. Bella tells the group she feels like Unde9able doesn’t exist. She says don’t treat her like she’s 5 years old and she’s not in the alliance anymore because it’s a ruse.


Jack says he’s listening to Bella talk and it’s all lies and his blood is boiling. HE thinks Bella has made plays over and over again to figure out how to get him up and he’s not listening to her lies anymore and he’s out of. Nick says do you think that of me too? Cliff, Jess, and Nicole can hear them from the KT and Cliff says this HOH is crucial because someone has to expose that crack.


It’s time for the HOH competition! The comp is called Patch Perfect. In each round, they’ll be asked a question about a group of BB Merit Patches. They’ll ring in the patch they think is correct. IF two people answer incorrectly in a round, they are out of the game. But if everyone answers correctly, the last two players who answered will be eliminated. Bella says she feels like she’s in a pit and she thinks the odds are in her favor. If she doesn’t win that HOH, her face will be on that board. Cliff needs to win because he doesn’t think he can trust any of these people. Tommy says it is crucial that one of the Six Shooters win this HOH because they just drew a line in the sand. If he wins, then he’s putting Nick and Bella on the block. Nicole says they lit a fire under her and she’s ready to play!


Which patch has a Kaitlyn patch directly above and below it? The HG all ring and Nicole and Holly are correct, but they are last and they are eliminated. Nicole says oh my gosh! I lost round one! How could I screw that up?


Which patch appears exactly twice? Kat and Bella ring in first and they are both wrong and eliminated. Bella says she hit the wrong button and her heart drops. She feels like she let Nick down and she has just ruined their game.


Which patch appears the most? Cliff is in first with Tommy behind. Jessica and Analyse are both incorrect and they are eliminated.


Which patch appears between the two fishing patches? Jack and Tommy are in first and Cliff is in third. Christie rings in and she’s correct. Michie and Sam are the last two to answer and are eliminated. Bella is devastated Sam is eliminated and she feels sick.


Tommy, Jack, Cliff, and Christie are the last four remaining. Jack says it’s a 75% of our alliance winning and putting Nick and Bella up. Which patch appears exactly six times? Jack and Cliff ring in first and Tommy and Christy were correct but rang in last and are eliminated.


Cliff says it’s the old man vs aqua man. He needs to win this HOH so he can shake this game up. Christie says her and Tommy were just eliminated and they just voted Cliff out so he’s probably putting two of them up and this is all riding on Jack’s shoulders right now.


It’s all down to this! Jack vs Cliff. Who will be the next HOH? Cliff says he’s battling this house’s roman God. He has to win. Jack says Cliff has an opportunity to complete a Cinderella story and he’s the bad guy. Which patch appears more times than the others? Cliff rings in first and he IS correct! Cliff has won the HOH! Cliff tells Nick he’s safe, he’s good. Cliff says he doesn’t go down easy. He fights every step of the way. Don’t ever down he’s going to give 100%! There’s a new sherriff in town, his name is Cliff Hogg. Or you can call him Boss.


Nick thinks he is good this week because Cliff told him so and he thinks one of the six who voted him out will be the target. Jack says this is a HUGE wrench in the game. The guy they just voted out battles back and then wins HOH! Cliff is in the SR and he says let’s call this Victory Dance #2! He celebrates. He says I’m dancing alone now, but I bet I have a bunch of people coming to be my dance partners. Cliff says six people voted against him and he’s going to look at those people closely and decide who isn’t good for his game.


Bella and Nick are relieved. Bella is super Gr8ful that Cliff won HOH and two of her former alliance will be going up and then home and she’s not going to do anything to stop it. Cliff and Nicole are in the WA. Cliff tells Nicole she is safe this week, but they should keep their distance and see how things pan out. Nicole says she is so excited Cliff is HOH!


Michie is talking to Holly and Michie says we need to make him thinks it’s his idea to put up Nick and Bella. Michie says this was a bad week for Cliff to win HOH. Michie says Christie has a power that might help them out. Michie wants to go up as a pawn and then he can pull himself off and Christie can activate her power and he can replace himself with Nick or Bella. It’s a gamble, but he likes to gamble!


Michie asks Christie if she’d use her power on him and she asks why? Michie explains the plan and she says of course she’d use her power on him. Christie says his plan is insane, but they just need to get Cliff on board with this plan too.


Cliff is in the HOH with Kat and Nicole. Cliff says he’s not going to be intimidated into making decisions. Cliff says it seems like there’s a divide between Bella and Nick and the others. Jess is in the room too. Nicole definitely supports the four of them working together, but she’s not sure where Kat and Jess fall in the house ,but she absolutely trusts Cliff. Cliff says he doesn’t know if he can trust any of them, but they have to band together against the couples. Jess says she won’t say anything to anyone. Kat says he’s going to work with whatever keeps her safe. She’s no one’s b*tch. Except for hers.


Michie goes to talk to Cliff. Michie has a plan and he wants to fill Cliff in on the plan he’s contracted…contracted? Constructed. Michie says if Cliff is willing to, they could knock out Nick or Bella this week with no blood on Cliff’s hands. Michie says he goes up a pawn and it accomplishes a few things. It maintains the image he’s coming after her as revenge for banishment. Plus, it maintains the image he’s going after couples. Michie says put me up next to Bella. Michie says you don’t like Bella and she did Cliff dirty. Michie is trying to convince Cliff his plan is mutually beneficial, but his main goal is to keep Six Shooters safe.


Michie says if you have five minutes, I’ll bring Christie up. She has something to tell you. It might put the cherry on top. He goes downstairs. Cliff says this young guy Michie is trying to tell him what to do and Michie doesn’t intimated him. He doesn’t trust him. Christie says she doesn’t think Cliff is stupid and she thinks he appreciates good game play. She wants to tell him about her power and maybe it will help keep her safe.


Christie begins by telling Cliff she’s happy for him and he’s not a target for her going forward. Christie tells him about her power and she explains how the power works. Christie just wanted Cliff to take the information and maybe come up with a way to utilize it. Cliff says this information is a gut punch and he has to re-evaluate who he’s going to nominate because of that power. This is a game changer.


Jess says with Cliff in power there are a lot of people running scared. But nothing is as scary as what she saw the other day. Jack is eating a cucumber and Michie says he’s going to wash it off and he goes into the WC and then we hear a flush and he comes out and washes his hands and he takes a few bites of the cucumber and then hands it to Jack. Jess says nasty!


Bella is talking to Cliff and he’s telling her she’s being thrown under the bus. Cliff tells us he doesn’t really trust Bella, but he needs all the numbers he can get. Cliff says he noticed the break between them and Nick and Bella. Cliff says it doesn’t do him good to bounce one of them out of there. Bella says if she’d won, she’d have put up BIG people. Cliff says he wants to work together with her and Nick and he wants to find a path to work together.


Jack goes to talk to Cliff. Jack says he’s cleaning the fridge so he’s going to keep his pitch brief. Jack says what he’s done is remarkable. He loves his journey and his story. He trusts his play and he trusts his move. Cliff says his move could make him a target from their side and he doesn’t know how to get around that. We see Sis talking to Cliff, then Holly and she’s telling him he’s a respectable power player. Tommy would love to see a version of the game that see him and Cliff on the same side.


We then see Cliff talking to Christie. He’s trying to develop a friendlier relationship with Christie so she doesn’t use her power this week. Christie thanks him and she respects him and she trusts him and she thinks he’s done a fantastic job. Cliff says here’s some Cliff’s notes just for us! There’s some people feeling too comfortable and too cocky and we’re about to see some new people going up on that nomination block!


It’s time for the nomination ceremony! Cliff brings in the nomination block. His first nominee is…Jack. His second nominee is…Michie. Cliff says mad respect to both of them. Jack is a threat and a competition beast. Michie, he was banished day one by him and then he voted him out the door. It’s purely a logical decision.


Michie says so he was nominated…next to Jack. No Bueno. He has no choice but to win veto. Cliff is now numero uno on his hit list. Jack says Cliff wasn’t supposed to be here and he wasn’t supposed to win HOH. But Jack has a power in his pocket and he’s aligned with someone else who has a power. He can’t wait to watch this house burn.


Christie says it wasn’t supposed to go this way this week. Christie says the worst part is Michie is banking on me using my power this week. We’ll have to see. Cliff says he’s gambling this week and he’s trying to take out a huge power player and alpha male this week.

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