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Monday, July 22, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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7:18 PM BBT  Nick, Tommy, Bella in the Backyard   

Nick is trying to backpedal with Tommy 

Nick- did I at least clarify my logic

Tommy- I totally get your logic, I totally get it

Nick- you're still hurt though?

Tommy- Yeah

Nick- but you know that it wasn't my ideas with the names it was just his ideas that I just said that's who would go up

Tommy- got it...I didn't know that at the time

Nick-  but, you don't seem like you believe it

Tommy- I don't not believe it either, though, but the fact that it was being pushed (Tommy or SIs on the block) is what hurt

Nick- it wasn't you two being pushed...it was that her not being up was pushed (Bella), you two just would have been

Tommy- the casualties

Nick- not the casualties because I knew you wouldn't go home

Tommy- I'm sure you can understand that when we have the relationship like we do and then hear...from my point of view...this guy that I have his back all the time..

Nick- when you probably shouldn't

Tommy- even when it's tough,  is now is trying to scheme to get me on the block...are you f'ing kidding me?

Nick- But it wasn't...Like I said....that was just the two options that would have to go up... just you were the only options to go up...I was just relaying the message to Kat...I didn't want either one of you up. You are the only two that like me...I guess it came out wrong.

Tommy- when you look at it from my view, it hurt more... I understand...it's fine...I get it...it was a game move. It's not personal. I will always be able to separating personal from game 

Nick- do you miss Broadway right now?

Tommy- no

Nick- you don't miss it?

Tommy- I miss my cast, but that's it




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7:33 PM BBT  RV Bedroom (Nick and Bella)

They are reading through the Bible (Nick reading aloud), when Nick focuses on the book of Hosea and starts paying more attention  

Bella- You don't have to read it

Nick- no, this is really interesting  and I have nothing better to do (keeps reading)

Nick- 'both of them went the same way'...like they liked girls, too,  or they were both in prostitution?  (he rereads it)

Bella- with another girl (she suggests)

Nick- Are you sure?

Bella rereads it

Nick no I think maybe they both did the same and defiled themselves

He keeps reading..... "What the fuck? Did they raper her?" ....(reads more)  

Nick- why would they turn away from her? This makes no sense

He reads more... is this the Bible? What am I reading?  There has to be a purpose to this..... (he keeps reading) ...'and you will tear your breast'? WOW

Nick keeps reading [he really wants to understand this....I think he is reading the NIV ]


The camera moves to another room then back to Nick. He is now looking through for Proverbs 27:17




I'm out for the rest of the night. I'll try to fill in any gaps in the morning.     -MamaLong

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7:38PM BBT In the shower downstairs, Jackson is in for his 100th cold shower of the week. He's been "taking showers" A LOT, sneaking and eating food in the shower since being a have-not and this time he FINALLY might be caught by production.  Watch the time when he comes up at 1:15 in this video - he's clearly still chewing something and turns his back to the camera to finish - when production calls him, he has to quickly clear his mouth to answer.  [Sorry the video's a liittle rough, I zoomed in on just the shower area.  First Kat is there, then later, Sam is in there brushing his teeth wondering WTF Jackson keeps disappearing down in the shower - BBLurkerPlus]





8:08PM BBT After getting out of the DR, Jackson walks straight to the fridge and drinks straight from the milk jug, then puts it back for everyone else to enjoy.


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8:21 - 8:45 PM BBT – Sam calls a House Meeting and everyone convenes in the LR.  Sam goes and gets Kat (who was resting because of a migraine) from the Have-Not Room.  Sam starts the meeting that it’s been brought to his attention by Sis that she feels like she is in a shady position talking to him because he is not trustworthy after the Nick and Bella thing.  He says that others might feel the same way so he wants to air it all out.  He had nothing to do with the Nick and Bella conspiracy.  He thinks that his name is all in it.  Nick said that he made the idea up on the hammock that he was going to hypothetically to get Christie to go upstairs to Cliff and tell him that she wasn’t going to use the power.  Sam says that he was sleeping during this time and had nothing to do with it.  He says that Nick did come and tell him the plan but told him that he didn’t want to be in the middle of it and for him to do him and was trying to not look as shady by not hanging out with Nick and Bella.  He had no idea that this was going down.  Nick told Sis the fake idea and then told Kat the real plan.  Christie and Nick go back and forth about his scheming (he’s crying).  Christie appreciates that Nick is shooting it straight. The Jack’s give him a lecture about how Nick needs to keep his head in the game and not put it out in the universe that he’s probably getting voted out.  Sam says that he is trying to play an honest and loyal game and didn’t know anything about the plan.  Everyone express their love for everyone (kumbaya).  Sam wants everyone to trust him and adjourns the house meeting.  Jack hugs Nick and Bella. 

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9:03pm BBT


House guests have found some sort of bug in the back yard. They are touching it and it is hissing at them. It flies and everyone screams and runs. Christie calls it a “giant hissing beetle”. Sam pushes Cliff into its path to get away. Cliff is laughing. Random screaming continues.


The back yard is closing later tonight.


In the kitchen Kat is trying to make granola out of slop, she is laughing at the mistake she is ending up with. Kat says she is mad about something someone said about her, she wants to win HOH and put “him” up. She says she should have told everyone since she was blamed for it anyway. Michie comes by and tastes the granola attempt and takes a piece even though Kat says it is not done yet.

He continues to hover over Kat and she hands another piece to Michie and suggests honey, but he shrugs it off.


Jessica goes to the tree house to set the backgammon game up, Cliff tells her he will come and see if it is set up right in a few minutes.

Nicole joins Jessica in the tree house. The two of them struggle a little to get the board set up for a few minutes. Nicole suggests waiting for Cliff to come out.


In the bathroom area Tommy, Kat and Michie are snacking on the granola while Christie finishes her shower.

Christie comes out talking low, cant' hear what she says. Christie says she was glad everyone said their piece, but blows it off. It sounds like they are complaining about Nick pressuring them. Michie says he cans say what is on his mind in the DR or later. Christie talks over them, so it is hard to hear the comments. [Just general “why we hate Nick talk.”]


Cliff has set up the game for the girls in the tree house room, and is helping them with the game. No game talk in the tree house lounge either.


Holly has positioned herself on one of the sofas in the bathroom area lounge. She is playing with her hair. Michie is laying on the other sofa, but not really looking at/inter acting with Holly. Tommy is in the shower and is just chatting away. Sis comes in and asks Michie to make her some sort of shake, he agrees.


Nick and Bella join the group in the tree house lounge but take the checker board to the other part of the lounge to play. Nick says “she” is upset because he called her out. Nick and Bella start whispering, other noise covers what Nick is saying. Bella is worried about campaigning too hard. They are talking about their failed strategy. Bella seems resigned to leaving. Nick is worried that Bella won't wait for him when she leaves, she says she will. Nick gets emotional and starts crying, “I love you. I love you so much.” Bella starts crying as well, “I love you.” They hug each other tightly.(This is a very touching moment, even those who are not Bella fans would be touched by the sincerity of these two kids.--Grannysue)

After a few minutes they resume the game.


In the back yard Christie is rehashing Nick's suggestion to work with her (via a message from Sis). Holly, Tommy and Kat are her audience. Michie joins the group and climbs onto the hammock with Christie and the rehashing continues. Christie and Tommy say that Sam is trying to separate them. They are also talking about their mistrust of Nick. Sis joins the group. Sam joins the group, Christie changes the subject to the tilted hammock. Jack comes into the group.


Camera moves to tree house lounge.


9:58 PM BBT


Cameras split again, 1 and 2 on the back yard. 3 and 4 on the tree house lounge.


General talk on both, nothing game related.




Nicole comes to talk to Nick and Bella after Jessica leaves. She is sympathetic to their impending separation. Nicole says she is not happy with being pushed out from the group. Nick tells Nicole he should have listened to her, she says she told them both. Nick says their reactions in the room were real. Bella says she realized that the plan was too big to not be true. Nick says that camp come back was a problem too. He also says that no matter what he did at that point he would be F'd. Nicole says that there was miscommunication all the way around. They also discussed Nicole being banned from the conversation in the HOH. Nick tells Nicole he was mad when it happened, so when she sees it, he is asking for forgiveness now. They all chuckle. Nick says he should not have interrogated her (Nicole).



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9:04PM BY Cliff tells Bella she can use his HoH room anytime she needs to have talks with people.


9:05PM BBT Funny moment - KT Jack, Cliff, Nick, Sam, Holly, Sis, Christine  Jack has a beetle on his hand and they are looking at it.  Sam says some other beetle hears that and it's the sound of love. Nick tries touching it and they say it doesn't like that.  They claim it hisses.  It flew and they panic, people scurry, Sam shoves Cliff towards it to get past out of its way.  Beetle got outside but Christie is freaking out and some others as well are questioning if it is.  Holly scares christie and Christie, laughs and says i thought you were my friend.


9:08PM BBT BY Nick, Sam, Bella Sam says she should keep the necklace, that way they have a reason to see each other after this.  Nick tells about an his ex  before they started dating, he forgot a chain his grandfather had given him  this made them stay in touch and then they started dating.  Nick says she will be at his house anyway so it won't matter.  Sam looks at Bella and says, "are you though"  Bella says "I want to if nick doesn't f' me over" sam replies 'what if he moves in with his mom and he gets in a showmance'  Nick says, "i am already in a showmance with bella" sam says, "But what if it's a new showmance,.." Bella, that's what i'm worried about, ...sam, no he's f'd now.


Sam yells over to apologize to Cliff for shoving him.  Says, when other people freak out, ...


9:09PM BBT Girls are saying what they want to do if they win HoH (put 'him' up, not sure who). Christie says she wants a girl to win.  It's been girl, guy, guy, guy, ... Jess is running in place punching and Holly does a kick


9:11PM BBT Christie tells Sam, you're cool, I respect your house meeting, Dad. (Sam heads to DR< was called to downstairs one a little bit ago)

Michie standing with fridge open, pours milk in his shaker, shakes, tries drink, .. not closing that thing soon,...


9:16PM BBT Wa, Have nots all in there, Christie says Kat is slop chef pro, Kat says Slop Queen.  Michie wants more of the stove top meal.  Stuff in tupperware in fridge with brown sugar.  Kat says she would do some later.  Tommy is upset the ice cream won't be ready tonight.  All the ice was used for dinner.  Christie says she made 2 ice trays in back freezer and she says they will freeze colder because of the salt.  


Christie asks how everyone feels about the house meeting. Michie says BS.  Kat says it just shows he was trying to use her as his nicole or kemi.  (can't hear christie because no mic on, thanks BB).  Kat didn't care if people heard but I believe christie was saying she should.

Tommy says a bit too late, even if you weren't involved in this, you were in all the stuff before.  Christie says everyone had their motived for having me to not use it.  She said in a round about way that he wanted Jack out and she says he didn't deny it.  Michie says he said his piece in full today and they all loudly say yeah you did.  Christie says once she heard the plan, you know, i have a brain and anyone with a brain would realize it's BS.  Because I have just a basic brain, i would need more than just a hey yeah sure, i would need either a handshake ,swear or bible.  Tommy said he died when Christie said that n the meeting (Holly says she was too).

Kat says (in her starting to laugh voice), "Wait, did y'all hear me when you were like, when you said the thing about bella going upstairs, (...) I thought she went up there for her medication."  Tommy, "that' too funny" Christie said, "Someone literally said Pepto Bismol and i lost it (she snorts and laughs)"

[back to their talking garbage about people, the same people they always say the love, so classy - rms]


Christie says bunch of stuff whispering/mouthing with no mic on - BoB finally says to put on a mic.


9:36PM BBT THL Jess, Nicole playing backgammon one end.    Bella, Nick playing checkers and discussing how they may have messed up their game rehashing the past mistakes.


9:46PM BBT BY Kat, Tommy, Holly, Christie.  Christie recaps a plan Nick told to Sis.  Nick said he was ready to cut ties with Bella and wanted Christie to save her power.  He said he wanted to go with Christie to Cliff to get him to put up Bella. Then he wanted Sis go up to Christie and tell her this plan..  This is similar plan Christie had made with Cliff.  SIs was all excited and Christie listened.  She waited for him to approach her and wondered if she should go up to him.  He ran frantic throughout the day when she hadn't come up to her.  Finally, he came to talk to her and Bella talked to her.  Christie didn't care because she already had the deal. Apparently, he also told Kat and brought that up in the house meeting and that upset Christie.  Tommy said Nick later told him it was 75% fake and 25% real.  Tommy says that makes no sense, it's one or the other.  He also said the only person he told it to was Kat but Tommy said he didn't think Kat was the one who said it.  Tommy says as soon as Sis came up to her int he room Christie knew it was fake.

Cliff told Christie the night of HoH that he wouldn't put Christie or Tommy up.

Tommy had a convo with Nick, the flame five, he told him that he told everyone about it because his and Christie's name were brought up as votes.  They had told jack before.  Nick says he didn't tell Sam about it.  Christie says, well then maybe Jack told him.  Was fake alliance with Nick, Bella, Christie, Tom, Jack.  Tommy says he told people about it because Nick was already running his mouth and a sinking ship.

Michie and SIs show up.  They say it was great when Sis spoke up.  She pointed out that Nick told her to go because he it would be sketchy if she did.

They whine about how the hammock is lopsided.  Michie says it's cattywhampus and Christie jokes with him about it.

Sam is there now too. Jack is now as well.


They talked about how sam's wife may react to his interactions with the girls in the house.  Everyone things he was respectful.

They talk some about the other HG's families.  They notice Cliff was playing with his rings as he mulled things over before the ceremonies. 


10:06PM BBT BY still with more of same convo.  Sam wonders why they vacuum and vacuum and still chunks of lint pop out of no where.  Michie points out all the sheets, etc where new and cheap and never washed before so that causes a lot.  Others point out the product, makeup, other stuff,..


10:10PM BBT THL Bella, Nick, Nicole  They are rehashing things with Nicole. Bella was describing a plan that she says was too big for Nick to have come up on his own and that failed.  

Nick says you should thank me for not letting you in that room.  They were fuming and out for blood.  Bella says she was so angry because the Kemi fight had just happened.  Nick thought he had Christie at one point when Kemi was up.  He apologized for interrogating Nicole as to who she was gonna put up. They were trying to flip the vote.  They ask why Nicole wanted to keep Kemi, she said because Kemi would make big moves.  Nick approached Tommy and he was iffy and that's when he he wasn't sure he'd do it but was interested.  He thought because they were in his alliance he thought he could trust them to not say anything but then Tommy got confronted somehow Jess had found out.


10:35PM BBT BY Christie, Tommy, Sam, Jess talk about getting to do the slip and slide, Jess doesn't understand why they didn't let her dump the boiling water into the hot tub.  Tommy says he chipped his tooth doing the slide.  



10:38PM BBT WA Jack, Sis, Holly Jack asked if anyone brought up to Holly about Cliff joining the 8 yet?  Jack says to Holly, I didn't know if Jackson told her but Cliff brought up the idea of his working with them going forward.  Sam comes in and Jack asks what they were talking about outside.  general chat about towels,...  


10:40PM BBT BY Christie, Jess Christie says everyone knows Jack is a big threat...  (missed...) Jess says you have to go with your gut but Nicole was campaigning for Kemi and not Jess.  She said she would stay neutral.  Then she said nick and bella were why she campaigned for Kemi.  Jess gets along with her on a personal level.  It's hard for her to believe Nicole.  Jess says she tells me she's part of your 7 or whatever group you have.  Christie says she told her if Jack stayed on the block against Bella she would not keep Jack.  She said my morals tell me, everything in my power to not keep Bella because she's a bully but I don't want to keep Jack because i know i would never stand a chance with like you.  Christie says she kept talking about the 6, the 6 and it's literally not like the 6 just because we voted together to get rid of cliff.  But it's not, Me and Tommy are free agents, for her to say she's part of us is complete BS.

[umm, yes it is and they should all know it. David, Cliff and others spelled it out to them. - rms]

Jess says she says it's the 6 and then it's me and Kat.  Christie claims she's way closer with Kat and Jess than she is with Nicole and Tommy and her hardly speak.  Christie claims at least 3 of the people she is considering don't trust her.  Jess asks if Holly said something to her like you can't trust Jess.  Christie asks if it's 3 days ago.  She may have said be careful how game you talk with Jessica because she can misconstrue things.  Nicole tells me things but she leaves things out.  Christie says Holly is the type that gets a little threatened when Christie talks to people that aren't like her and sis.  She says Holly should know she can't just stay loyal to the 4 of them so Holly is probably threatened by how close she is to you and Kat.


10:49PM BBT BY Christie, Jess  If and when I become Hoh, maybe not this week but probably maybe the next week or the week after that. I out of the 4 or out of the 6 I wouldn't have any problem putting her or jackson up.  [Jess, did you catch her saying THE 6? - rms]

Christie says Jackson and Holly are apparently done.  She found out today.  Holly was supposedly bugging about it today.  Jess says its no secret he treats her like s.  Jess says it got me mad because it was in the beginning it was Kat and Michie then Holly came into the picture.  Then holly was also treating Kat as toxic and when she was on the block they both told Kat you are bad for our game.  Kat was very paranoid.  

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10:53PM BBT BY Jess, Christie  Jess says with Kat you need to be careful because she will, i just realized this from her, she will go right over there and say it.  Chrisitie says it sucks, sometimes she will bite the hand that feeds her.


Christie says i respect that you want to be like that but she has a little childlike like type of thing. Jess says Kat's like if someone is talking about me i want to tell them, i want to clear my name  Christie says, tell he that you should hold some things in your pocket, don't react to everything.  You can use that in you speech when you are putting someone up.


Jess yells to Holly if she has a lot.  Jess is waiting to wash.  Bob tells Holly to reattach your microphone.  They say she's been smelling good all day, Holly says thanks mom.


10:58PM BBT CBR bed Bella, Nick  Nick says he wouldn't talk to me so I probably would've put him up, They start joking about making up powers or having Ovi's power.  Bella couldn't believe Ovi didn't tell anyone his power.  Nick says he told Jack and Jackson at some point.  Nick figures out that Ovi couldn't use it because it was only good on initial noms.  


11:01PM BBT BY Jess, Christie, Tommy  Christie thinks because she has a power that Nick wouldn't put her up.  Tommy says  Nick put up 3 people and they all are still in the house.  Being put up doesn't mean you would go home.  Jess says he would probably put up Cliff because he put up Bella.  Christie says if Nick pulled a power move and put up Jackson or Jack against Cliff she says she owes cliff her loyalty she doesn't think she could vote against him.  It would be tricky.  


10:08PM BBT CBR bed Nick, Bella they are realizing group think led to the blowup with Nicole.  They think had just one or 2 people been talking with them they may have realized Nicole wasn't lying but the group fed the situation.  They also wonder why no one else received any backlash from that situation.  They also realize they needed another person to talk to that they both fed each other's bad decisions and hyped each up.  They needed the third person to call out the bad play.  She is kind of honored they want her out.

They through out what it would be like being final 2.


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11:18PM BBT BY Cliff, Christie, Tommy, Jess  They talked about sleeping in the HN room and a spat between Kat and Jackson.  They talk about being have nots. They don't mind the cold showers and sleeping arrangement but miss food.   Cliff is glad they were on it because they were having fun with it and experimented so the next people will be able to get advice.

Cliff says when he was in Angola he found out that when settlers were being forced to leave they poured cement down all the plumbing fixtures and drainpipes in all the houses in the 70s.  30 years later most of the people don't have indoor plumbing still.  He is worried that as they keep using the restroom and pouring slop down the drains, it may clog up the plumbing.  They said it looked like Holly's burgers were better.  Jackson at 6 of the 7 cookies that were left today.  He will eat it all but won't make anything.  Christie chewed him out so he made slop nuggets today.  

11:26PM BBT BY Jess, Jack, Cliff.  Jess says. "Twists turns" Jack says he was surprised they gave out powers so early.  Cliff says Jack's power was sucky.  Jack pointed out it would've been good if he could've saved it until much later in the game. Cliff says, i guess we will never know the first power.  Jack says, yep i guess not.  Cliff thought when he was up there he figured something else was gonna happen, can i not have one ceremony without something happening.  Jess still has no idea who had the power, she thought maybe Bella had it.  Jack says its incredible how your picks and your decisions can affect your future.  Jess says that is how you know that whatever Bella did was so bad that everyone wants her out.  Jess kept talking about no one wanting her around and finally Cliff said on her behalf, she was a recruit and probably didn't know this game nearly as much as other people do.  She probably saw enough episodes when people where sneaky and devious enough to think that was the way to go forward.  Jack agrees, when you crunch the game and you watch the game, you can almost think it works in that kind of fluidity but then you spend 2 weeks in the house you realize it's a longer game.  Jack says he gamed too hard the first few days and some people told him to chill, you are gaming too hard.  He says it's where Sam kind of is now.  

Jess says she likes her as a person but she's too bored so she felt like she needed to make it more exciting.  Maybe she overplayed and got people upset.

Jack says she ruffled a whole lot of feathers.  Cliff says when he's out he will follow up with her as soon as he gets a chance.  Whatever happens in the house is different than real life.  


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Cliff says he said it before he loves the BB experience that he gets to interact with so many different people like y'all.  So many different parts of this country and everything that i would never of ever had exposure to in a million years if i had stayed in Texas doing my stuff.  Jack adds, And an exposure like this unadulterated, uninterrupted, not a single cell phone, not a single television.  Jess jokes She might not be able to remember how to turn the phone on.  Cliff says he will be hesitant.  he will turn on his phone to call his family and kids but he will be hesitant to check emails and go online until he has gone home and hug his wife and kids and gotten his life on some kind of level and then gradually start checking.  Jack says he will hire someone.  He said he has needed to hire an assistant for a while to organize everything.  He has needed it for his job.  

Sam says he can't wait to turn on his phone and watch when all the messages etc go crazy coming in.  Jack says he didn't get a chance to turn off his phone service so he's paying $230 a month still.   Jack did move all his stuff into a storage facility and out of his apt.  He put a security deposit on a home to rent in downtown Tampa with 2 roommates who move in Aug 10th and he will pay $600 a month while he's not in there.

Sam asked if Jack goes to a CrossFit gym.  Jack says he does his own program.  He became a coach for a while...


KT Holly, Tommy   Holly is talking about trying to apologize to Michie.  She said to Michie can talk later after you've had a steak.  


Tommy, Christie  Christie says if you are concerned at all, you could,..  Tommy asks, do you feel like you have answers now or now?  She says no, Tommy, asked, but you will?  Christie says her friend (Bob) sent an e-mail.  Bob says you are not to talk about your DR with other houseguests.  Christie says, "You Like f' that, honestly, like f' that because this is much more serious than what i don't give a shit about."  Tommy, "Great, no but that clears up, thanks"  Bob says "Sorry"  They both say that's-alright, Me too,...  I'm sorry i am trying to be like a good person...  

[obviously about something likely personal outside of the house - rms]


{PopTV code word - Backdoor - rms - don't try backdooring me , that's just the damn word! gn orwell! - rms]

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Here are some pictures from the house meeting. Christie had a hard time respecting the speaker, as she was interrupting and interjecting comments throughout. [maybe they should have done this at the dining table gratitude circle style]


Please note that Orwell was an active listener throughout the meeting. His eyes stayed on the speaker, and he never interrupted.


sams house meeting.png

orwell at the meeting.png


crying nick at mtg.png

7 hours ago, grannysue1154 said:

9:03pm BBT


House guests have found some sort of bug in the back yard.




It looks like a june bug to me [lots of these in Texas and they do hiss, but if Cliff didn't recognize it, maybe not]


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