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Monday, July 22, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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12:00 AM BBT Cliff and Christie in the Boat Room

They are discussing Nick and Bella (again). Christie tells him her plan is not to use the power. Cliff will put up Bella and Bella will be evicted. They DO NOT want Bella in jury because she will be a bitter jury. Cliff tells Christie that Nick is pushing for Jack to be evicted saying that it's the one chance to get him out, but Cliff told Nick that he took his shot and it didn't work out....let someone else take that shot. He will lead others to believe that she is using her power [he is still unsure that she won't use it]

Cliff says that he will tell Sam that the writing is on the wall and that Christie is using her power and he has to cut his losses.

Christie- As of tomorrow morning at 10:55 AM it will be a thing

The agree that they will work together moving forward and hopefully Sam and Nick will jump on board with them.



12:15 AM BBT Backyard at the Hammock (Christie, Jess, Cliff, Jack, Tommy, Nicole)

They are discussing Michie losing it over a Tupperware incident and how he likes being teased 

Tommy- he puts on that he hates it, but he doesn't [NO! actually, Jackson just pretends for the sake of peace... internalizes his disdain for the teasing and then takes it out on his easiest target which is currently Holly]

Jack is quoting George W. Bush "Fool me once. Shame on me. Fool me twice, Shame on me again."

Cliff and Christie head to bed. Jack heads off to shower. They share "good nights". Christie teases that she has a slop baby.


12:40 AM BBT Kitchen (Sam and Kat)

Sam is talking about Walmart and how they have a huge row of registers but only leave 3 actual cashiers and make all others self check-out. He admits that he posts negative things about Walmart on Facebook (long lines and no cashiers) but he loves the low prices. [he has a love hate relationship with Walmart]


12:43 AM BBT  Jack and Christie in the bathroom talking about her conversation with Cliff. Christie is standing right at the door

Christie- I know I'm getting really close but I can't see your dick, I swear

Jack-Baby, if you want to know what I'm working with...I know that shit doesn't turn you on, but...

Christie- I'm scared of it

Jack- I feed it dog food

Christie and Jack make dog noises (ravenous eaters) and Jack mimics his "Jick" eating ravenously



12:45 AM  BBT in the kitchen (Sam, Christie, Kat, Jess, and Bella)

Christie is reading from the Bible "there she lusted after her lovers, whose genitals were like those of donkeys..."  [Ezekiel 23:20]


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1:19 AM BBT  Boat Room (Tommy and Jess)

Tommy and Jess are discussing the vote Bella vs. Jack. They both state they are voting to keep Jack. Tommy tells Jess that he knew he had to align with Jack as soon as he entered the house, and he has learned that Jack is trustworthy and has a good heart.

Tommy- I know Jack has enough influence on Jackson to know that Cliff will not be the target anytime soon...he (Jack) is a man of his word and I trust that more than anything

Jess- obviously Cliff tried (to get out Jack) but numbers are a thing...I'm hoping Cliff takes in to account that this will be a big move on his account [insert the word "like" every three words for Jess]


1:24 AM BBT Kat and Holly in bed in the campsite area discussing Cliff

Kat tells Holly that Cliff thinks Christie will use her power and put up Bella, but he is willing to put up Bella himself   [the cameras keep focusing in on Kat because she keeps putting her hands in her shorts]

Kat tells Holly she is in a good position

Holly- you are in a great position with everyone  [she really is]



3:14 AM BBT Jackson, Tommy, and Christie talking in the Have Not Room

Jackson is telling them about Holly getting frigid because she doesn't want to be caught on feeds (she told him this earlier) and how he wishes she would just make up her mind because it's already been on the feeds [true....1:30 AM Sunday Morning is one of their encounters]. MIchie says he can wait until the show is over but she can't seem to make up her mind so since she can't make up her mind, he will nip it in the bud. He goes on about how he compliments her all the time but she digs on his appearance all the time. He comments that he  had "4-5 years of eating disorders...a lot of psychological scars and one that will never heal"... Kat walks in and asks about the conversation "no Kat, I'm going to bed. I don't want to talk about it"  (with condescending tone) Christie continues the conversation... he says "I'm over it" [interesting that earlier he warned Holly not to "run her mouth" and now he's running his]. Christie tells Michie that it's the slop that is affecting him. He denies and says that out of the house, the situation would have been "done" but he has to live with her here. "I've been through enough shit in my life to realize there are people that are not worth my time. I don't have tolerance for it. Take me for how I am or fuck off and go find someone else,"

Tommy- it makes sense....remember that this is a game

Christie- and I think that you care about her and that's why it hurts

Tommy- every relationship in this house is important

Michie- it's not going to affect anything game related

Tommy- well, it could


[I have to add that Holly never got frigid with Michie, she simply told him they need to be more careful because she doesn't want to be caught on camera any more (fair request). He is being a petulant child  -MamaLong]


They start teasing Kat while she is changing

Kat- I don't care if they see my nips

Michie- you showed your vagina in the bathroom

Kat- you're welcome



3:50 AM BBT The house is dark and silent

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9:12 AM BBT The feeds are back

On camera at the moment: Jack and Christie in the kitchen; Kat still sleeping

9:15 AM BBT Target Bedroom (Sis, Holly and Christie)

Christie tells SIs that Nick is such a liar and fuck Sam too

Christie- Cliff is good; I'm gonna shake with Cliff at 10:30......he is using me (Nick)

Sis- I'm done

Christie- you can't say anything

Christie- they all still think that I'm not using my power; I can't wait to tell them I am using it


9:22 AM BBT

Christie- they (Nick and Sam) are trying to fucking play me and I can't wait to give them the cold treatment all day....but, yeah...I'm going to use it and Bella is going home....does he (NIck) think I am fucking stupid

Holly- he thinks everyone is stupid


Christie tells the girls about Jackson's idea of going to Cliff this morning and talking about morality and integrity and then have Cliff put up Sam instead, but she doesn't want to overwhelm Cliff.  (she says it's a brilliant idea but it's not the right time)

9:26 AM BBT

Christie- there is a reason he (Nick) and Bella are so tight...nasty attracts nasty....he was hurt because we all beat him at his own game

Holly (about Nick) - you are a sociopath (she mentions how he was fake crying)

Sis keeps saying "I'm done"...that was so stupid...that was really dumb"

Christie keeps claiming that she will call out Nick at the veto meeting   [we'll see]

Sis- oh my God, I want to fucking rip Bella's fucking face off

Christie reviews how Bella was crying her eyes out yesterday and Kat was just looking at the cameras like this (side eye) for like 20 minutes

9:34 AM BBT Cliff is alone in the kitchen eating cereal. He finishes then puts his bowl in the sink then puts weight on his bad leg..(must have tweaked his calf) he clenches his hands and responds with Fuck! Fuck! (it's clearly still hurting him a lot)

9:38 AM BBT  Backyard (Cliff, Jack and Michie)

Michie is rehashing how Bella was caught at Cliff's door early in the morning and Kat told her it would be rude to bother Cliff when he is sleeping....that she was sketchy about needing her meds that she left in there

Cliff tells them that Bella came in for meds and she gave him his because he wanted her thinking everything is cool

Cliff- I'll tell y'all what she wanted and I'll tell Christie, but it has to stay here. 

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Cliff explains that Bella proposed that he tell Christie not to use her power and promise ot put Bella up then actually put up Christie or Holly....she has proven her 

Michie interjects (as usual) true colors

Cliff- I'm not gonna give up....my word really is my bond

Michie- we all have to do some dirty dancing but not this early

Jack- and you really have a pretty good deal

Cliff- not one would ever suspect I'm working with y'all and I've proven I'm a competitor

Michie- yeah, you really have

*Christie comes out

Cliff tells Christie about the Bella visit at 2:30 AM (she actually woke him up)

Christie- thank you for telling me

Cliff then tells them that he told Bella he would present it to Christie...but he's not gonna sneak around

*Michie keeps spilling drinks..he truly is a klutz, especially on slop

Christie- I'm speechless.....somebody get this man some food

Jack- (to the cameras) someone put together a montage of all of his spills....PLEASE


9:46 AM BBT Jack takes out Christie's braids

Jack- I love it...straight out of a Kesha video

Christie- I know.... (sings) "Shakira, Shakira"



10:10 AM BBT

Cliff tells a story about how his dog "Panda" got attacked by a copperhead....bit in the throat 3 times and on the foot a couple times...her throat swelled up like she swallowed a grapefruit...the vet gave her steroids and told them to watch her...she survived. Cliff talks about how after that he knew he had to catch the snake...he found it and used a stick to get it...after about 2 hours he got into a 5 gallon bucket. His kids wouldn't let him kill it so they took it 5 miles down the road and dumped it in an empty field.

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10:15 AM BBT

He tells another story about a big snake being in the downspout hose that he was cleaning out because it was filled with leaf debris  [we Texans have lots of snake stories -MamaLong]

Next Cliff snake story- at the lakehouse, the water was really high and there was 8 or 9 water moccasins (cottonmouths) sitting on the pier sunning.... they were huge

10:18 AM BBT Sam and Cliff alone in backyard

Sam- are we fucked

Cliff- yeah, I was gonna tell you to find a landing spot

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10:57 AM BBT  Backyard (Bella, Nicole, Sam)

Bella- am I f'ed in the ass?

Sam confirms that she is indeed going on the block

Sam- I can still hang out with you though......cause you're going home so it doesn't matter

Bella says Nick doesn't want to hang out with her

11:05 AM BBT  Christie was just called to the DR, likely to confirm whether she will use her power, so the veto meeting should be happening soon

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11:29 AM BBT The HGs are hanging out around the pool and chatting about random things. Christie's body language couldn't say more, as she is leaning far from Nick.



11:33 AM BBT Production- Cliff, please go to the Diary Room downstairs

Nick- are we about to have the...

Christie- no, they would call Michie

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Another important Jackson tidbit from Have not room last night


3:15AM BBT Jackson says, "I got bullied the entire first half of my life for being overweight. Then also I had 4-5 years of eating disorders and different shit - psychological issues, depression, suicide, things like that. And, like - there's a cer...I have a lot of fuckin' scars."

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11:56 AM BBT  Production- Jackson, Please go to the Diary Room  downstairs

11:58 AM BBT

Nick- Sam...she didn't use it but he's gonna put up Bella any way  (Cliff told Nick in the bathroom that Bella is going up...that he didn't want to blindside him. He said Christie isn't using her power because he promised to put Bella up. 

Sam- at least now we can hang out with her.....fuck it


12:02 PM BBT  Instead of going to the DR, Jackson got in the shower


12:15 PM BBT Jackson is called for the second time to go to the DR

Nick is crying to Jack on the couch outside "she did it to herself"

Jack- I'm sorry you are hurting bro

Nick- I just don't want her to go






12:17:36 PM BBT Feeds cut to "houseguests are shooting something awesome"

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12:17PM BBT: Nick is crying in the BY and BB cuts the feeds to begin the Veto Meeting. There are adorable kittens, puppies, and a rabbit on the feeds, all of which are available for adoption at the Rancho Coastal Humane Society.





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1:05PM BBT Veto ceremony is over. Cliff, "Sam's not happy either. I'm not breaking my word." - sounds like Cliff did put up Bella.


(Kat to Beth in the trailer)

1:08PM BBT

Kat: This is the funniest, dumbest thing ever. Did you tell him [Jackson] that he was losing his abs?

Beth: Mm hmm, that's why he's mad at me. (Kat laughs covering her mouth) He thinks I'm such a bitch.

Kat: We are dealing...we are dealing with a Grade-A douchebag

Beth: I know.


(Cliff in the BRL)

1:10PM BBT Cliff is talking to Bella, encouraging her to try to get Jack sent home. Bella was the replacement nom.

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1:19 PM BBT Boat Room (Bella, Sam, Cliff)

Bella has an idea to go to Michie and tell him this is the opportunity for him to get out Jack [she's very proud of her idea]. She says she has nothing to lose.

Both Cliff and Sam say it's doubtful that would work


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1:06PM BBT Feeds are back. Everyone hugging. Bells in the WCA waiting for the WC. Jacks comes in a gives her a hug. Christie talks about her hands are saturadted.Christie tells Cliff that it was for the best. She says all they have is their word. Looks like Bell is now on the block.


1:11PM BBT Cliff talking to Bella. Cliff says that he won't name names but that people wanted her to go. He tells her that he would prefer Jack go home. He tells her to work and fight to stay. Holly andKat talking about Holly telling Jackson he was losing his abs. Holly says that Jackson is angry at her. Says she doesn't like the PDA.


1:14PM BBT Nick comes in. THey talk about the votes they need. Cliff promises if it is a tied vote - he will vote out Jack.


1:21PM BBT Cliff talks to Nick and Bella that Christie basically told Cliff that people will pressuring her to use the power. He says she plays an emotional game. Bella says that if Jack doesn't go this week, then it's his game. NIck says jack is just taking the dogs for a walk at this point.

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1:22PM BBT

Sam points out that he is upset with Christie because she told him that she would do whatever Cliff wanted. Cliff confirms that's not how it went down....that Christie has something personal against Bella "she plays an emotional game".

Bella- It's Jack's game at this point

Sam- he's just taking the dogs for a walk

Bella- this will literally decide who wins Big Brother [doubtful...there's still a lot of game to play]

Cliff- I can easily see it...it flips the whole house upside down

Bella claims she will call out every single person in her eviction speech [I bet it will be the best of the season -MamaLong]


1:26 PM BBT Poolside (Jackson, Sis, Tommy)

The boys are eating slop and talking about how it is affecting their bodies; Tommy says he feels sluggish...so does Michie

Tommy- Do we want to go over there and hug him (Nick)

Sis- NO

Jackson- NO

Sis- he took advantage of my kindness...that's fucked up

1:29 PM BBT Michie- I didn't win HOH...I wasn't going to sit there and bitch about it...I came in here and started think about things we could do...and, again, things didn't go my way but I didn't let it fucking crumble and beat us...a loss is a loss.. I took lemons, made lemonade......I made the best option possible and here we are sitting on top while he goes and fucking cries in the corner. I'll go get him a box of Kleenex.  


1:31 PM BBT

Tommy goes to console Nick. Nick says he gets it and understands they had to do what was best for their game. Nick is just sad that Bella is going because he is in love with her and he knows he could be the next following her out the door. Nick asks Tommy if he wants to work with him and when Tommy says yes with some hesitation Nick says that he doesn't sound like he wants to. Tommy is honest and tells Nick that he heard he was trying to get him put up

Nick- that's bullshit...I hate this game

Tommy- well I don't take things personal

Nick- why do people keep saying I say stuff...OH, because I did in the past

Tommy- yeah, and I'm not trying to fight here    [there are really loud planes going overhead this afternoon]

Nick- Sis probably thinks I said her name too

Tommy- we will talk about it later

Nick- whatever...it is what it is...you'll see when you watch the tapes later

Tommy- your word means something to me...that's what I heard, I'm being honest with you. If you tell me that didn't happen then okay


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1:27PM BBT Tommy brings slop out to Jackson. They discuss how they feel on it. Jackson complains that he has gone from 3000 calories to 1200 with slop. His body feels it. Analyse asks if they should go over and hug someone. Jackson immediate says no. He is feeling cocky with getting off of the block and talking about how they can fight it out. Jackson says he doesn't like that Nick is crying in the corner. He says that you need to fight for what you want.


1:32PM BBT Cliff gives Bella advice to give everyone a day before she talks to them. They tell her to act like she has accepted what has happened. They said to hang out with everyone and not hide. Then deal with strategy later.


1:35PM BBT Sorry..correction, Sam is with Bella and Cliff - not Nick. Bella asks if this will affect Nick's game. She doesn't want it to. Sam says no - that everyone knows they are in a showmance. Cliff offeres Bella and Nick his HOH room if they want some privacy. BElla laughs. She says that she looks at this as a gift. She says that she will fight until she sees Julie. She was happy to just be here as she wasn't supposed to be.


1:41PM BBT Tommy and Nick talking. Nick says he knows he is going home next week. He stands by what he said. Tommy tells him to stop digging. Tommy says the game can change. Nick says that Jack is going to win. They are all going to keep Jack until the end and let him win.

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33 minutes ago, EricLindom said:

Who is Beth?


See 1:05 today


David mistakenly called Holly "Beth" when he returned to the house. She hated it and was pissy even though it was an honest mistake, and she was still ticked in this clip that happened later.  So many LF are just calling her Beth now.


Maybe her name at the top of the main page needs to be Holly/Beth or there needs to be a "Who's Beth?" box on the main page. :)


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3:10 PM BBT Pool and poolside (Jess, Kat, Christie, Tommy, Cliff)

Jess asked Kat to share conspiracy theories, and Kat has been at it for a long time, now [my love for Kat just grew in abundance -MamaLong] .

Topics include celebrities (Jamie Lynn Spears, Dan Schneider, Beyonce)  OJ SImpson, Ted Bundy, JonBenet Ramsey, the lunar landing, alien life forms, and  the Illuminati (but she hesitates to expand on the Illuminati because she doesn't want them coming after her)



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4:22 PM BBT

Most of the suntanners have had enough and went inside leaving just Jess and Kat by the pool and Nickella on the backyard couch

Bella- I'm happy....I'll get to see my grandparents....they came here from China and filmed my intro video with me.....and I get to give your mom all the deets (details) like how you are lazy

Nick- she will agree with you

Bella- you don't do laundry...you don't eat

Nick- I don't want to be in jury....I'm taking my shoot and putting up Jess and Holly [what?]

Bella- if I had to sit in jury for 4 weeks I would kill myself

Bella talks about her goodbye messages being all hateful

Bella- what if your mom hates me

Nick- she won't....my mom doesn't hate anyone



4:30 PM BBT Backyard (Jess and Kat)

They can hear music in the distance

Jess says that maybe it's a lot party and Kat suggests that it could be the James Corden crosswalk thing

Jess says she modeled for Steve Harvey

Kat says she went to the Dr. Phil show and got on TV

Jess said she did Oprah and met Dr Oz


4:35 PM BBT Living Room couch (Cliff, Christie, Jack, Sis, Tommy, Jess, Holly, Nicole)

Sis is playing with Jack's hair; conversation is about muscle cramps and charley horses. Cliff and Sis both speak about salt tablets they had to take for soccer and football.

Christie says, "Not to be Kemi but" and begins listing items she would want in her HOH basket if she were to win again: Neutrogena makeup remover wipes, Visine, Carmex chapstick, Gillette Fusion razors...she then heads to the DR.

They begin talking about how it's 5 hours to bedtime...

Jess- and no one will go to sleep

Tommy- I was giggling all night

Michie tells Tommy he was quiet when he came in but someone was not (he means Kat...she woke up Jackson with her giggling)

Michie comes in and says  (in what sounds like a Jimmy Stewart accent ) "I was calm in the darkness. Katherine was violent in it." 

Kat hears from the distance and calls out ..."well, the bitches are conspiring against me"



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1:45PM BBT Nick tells Tommy that Cliff played an honest game. He knows he is going home. Tommy keeps saying you never know and Nick assures him that they are letting Jack win and that he knows he is going.


1:49PM BBT Christie now talking to Nick and Tommy. Explaining how this is on Bella and they tried to warn Nick. Christie says that Bella tried to get Cliff to put her up and she feels that was badgame play. She says that Cliff is a man of integrity and that Bella trying to throw Christie under the bus was wrong.



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