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Saturday, July 20, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is West Coast Daylight Saving (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations or nicknames not used in the house.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB21-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Target Bedroom (TBR)
Camper Bedroom (CBR)
Boat Room Lounge (BRL)
Tree House Balcony (THB)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)

It only takes a few good posts to earn your "Live Feed Updater" badge and LFU status. 


Also, all registered members of the forums have access to our chat rooms, at http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/chat.html/ Stop in talk to SMVanBoyz, Fuskie, and I'm in there from time-to-time too. It's fun to be able to watch the feeds at dish the HGs at the same time.  


Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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12:00 AM BBT

Jackson tucks Holly in to bed in the campsite area

Christie has been called to DR

Jack and Sis are in bed in the Target Room when Sis complains that she needs the sheet to "feel protected"  and Jack gets up saying he wants a lighter blanket. Jack leaves then he and Michie walk through the kitchen (Michie is on his way to the bathroom) when they run in to Christie in the kitchen

Jack- you rang?   what's up?

Christie- what's the matter?

Jackson- you want to ask her or you want me to ask her?  (they are just teasing her)

Christie- go ahead

Jack- I think you should do it

Jackson- no, I'm just having a shit

Christie good luck

Don (production)- Jack, please put on your microphone

Jack- NO

Don- (stern voice) Jack, please put on your microphone

Christie looks in the mirror "It's so greasy. No one is going to tell me my hair looks like f'ing french fry grease....you could fry slop balls on this hair




tucked in.png


12:08 AM BBT Jack finds some blankets and takes them to the Target Room to use instead of the heavy comforter

Sis- man, I'm like f'ing over this....this game

Jack- I know, I was laying in this bed saying if I go home, f* it...cool...I'll be broke though....we'll work it out

Sis- but you're good at this game

Jack- what makes you say I'm good

Sis- you're good at the competitions and you're smart

Jack- people are f'ing throwing these comps; Holly is throwing them

Sis agrees then Jack says he is sick of her shit....he loves her and they will go the end together, but "like, you have brought nothing"

Sis- well I haven't either

Jack- f'ing Sam...your social game is good..you're tight with Sam...with Nick...you're doing well

Jack- my social game is not  [you think?  -MamaLong]

Jack- Tom said himself that Nick said that you and Holly...he said it to Nicole that you and Holly be put on the block 

Sis- he did....I'm so stupid...he told me that was said "just as filler"

They talk about Tommy crying today over Jack and Jackson being on the block

Jack- I love that man

Jack says that the line was drawn in the sand with the Nicole vote and he f'ing supports that


12:10 AM BBT Jack and Sis discuss Nickella and how Nick was crying before the HOH. Jack thinks it was fake because he was worried one of them would win HOH. He tells her that Nick suggested that he put up you and Tommy on the block

jack- what's really going to suck is if we look back on this thing and see that Nick and Bella weren't conspiring against us...that we made it up in our f'ing minds

Sis- I'll feel like an idiot

Sis- it makes me think is Nick the f'ing snake or is it Bella

Jack says they both are

Sis says she shouldn't have signed up for this game because she is so dumb. Jack says if she is dumb than he is.

Jack says that he should go home not Michie. "If Michie goes home I'm gonna be f'ing broken...if he f'ing goes it f'ing sucks"

Jack says Jackson deserves to be here more...he knows this game...he plays this game. He tells Sis not to buy in to Nick's shit. Sis tells Jack that she has a soft heart.

Sis- and the Sam thing. Like what the f*

Jack- you really like Sam

Sis says she really does like Sam a lot...that he's so funny

Jack encourages Sis to maintain his relationship with Sam because he doesn't have anybody   


12:42 AM BBT Have Nots Room (Christie, Tommy, and Kat)

They discuss how Bella is fun and would be a lot of fun "in the club" but she is immature plays dirty, and she just drags people down with her. Kat says they want her to be the new Nicole, but that she never wants to be the person that plays both sides. Tommy says they (Nickella) want her to do the dirty work, but Kat confirms that she hasn't given them any information. Christie tells Kat that she trusts her and thinks she is smarter than everyone else thinks...that Bella is a mean girl  "if she was older and wiser she wouldn't be playing like this". Christie mentions that Bella was hitting her buzzer "like, boom, boom, boom...before she even read the questions" she also said she was glad to be next to her in the competition because she kept sending her mistakes (she means telepathically)..."evil never wins"

Tommy- the proof will be in the pudding....when we get out of here, she won't be able to get a job.

Christie- she is such a bully

They talk about how America probably loves Cliff and they all love him so much

Christie- he is a comp beast...he f'ing earned it...he is amazing


1:45 AM BBT Cameras show that the lights are out and everyone is sleeping 

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2:50 AM BBT Tommy and Kat have been hanging out in the kitchen when Jackson walks through

Michie- what are y'all doing

Tommy- we are literally just sitting here...we came down and ate cookies...we have the willies (giggling for no reason)...she woke up to go the bathroom and I took it as a sign to get up and follow her because I was bored.

Tommy tells Michie that he has noticed Michie only sleeps a few hours at a time

Kat asks Michie if he's an insomniac and Michie agrees.  Michie says he is hungry.

Tommy- there are those cookies....then he asks why he always feels sick after eating slop, and Kat replies that it must be because of all the vitamins; it makes her feel sick too

Michie finds a dirty blender bottle that hasn't been cleaned then almost barfs when he opens it

Kat is laughing at Tommy and Jackson over their reaction to the putrid bottle

Michie starts looking through the fridge

Tommy- what could you f'ing be looking for?

Tommy tells Jackson "don't look at the light"  (too tempting looking at food)


Jackson stays up eating oatmeal and protein shakes until around 3:45 AM; then lights out for the house


6:15 AM BBT  Everyone is still sleeping

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6:30 AM BBT All we can hear is the rhythm of snores coming from  Cliff in the HoH room. 


8:00 AM BBT WBRB-Wake Up Call


8:11 AM BBT The feeds return. Jack, Tommy, Kat and Christie are talking in the Camp Comeback room. They have no idea whose music they were listening to but it was new and awesome. Jack thinks that it may have even been Bieber. 


8:13 AM BBT Jack "Hello America. Already two F's this morning. Working on the third." 


8:14 AM BBT Jack says that he is going to win this thing today (POV) and that he is going to rub it in everyone's face "F**k you, f**k you, f**k you, you are cool, f**k you and f**k you". Meanwhile Christie says that if she uses the power to get rid of anyone, it has to be Bella. No one else. She is afraid that if she uses her power, then Sam may be the replacement. Christie tells Tommy, Kat and Jack that if either of them are up against Sam on the block, then the votes are going to be scarily close. She isn't going to use the power if it is going to be wasted and they end up leaving anyway. However, if Bella is the replacement, she will use it because she will go. And she won't go to jury. Jack "Bella deserves to go. Sam actually played a good game." Christie "I have to know with 100% certainty that I don't use my power and then end up losing one of my boys to Sam." 


8:19 AM BBT Christie is talking to Tommy, Jack and Kat in the Camp Comeback room. Christie says that she knows that Bella is coming after her. They are going to talk to Cliff until after the veto. But they decide to nix the plan to ask Jackson to throw the veto. 


8:19 AM BBT Christie is talking to Tommy, Jack and Kat in the Camp Comeback room. Christie says that she knows that Bella is coming after her. They are going to talk to Cliff until after the veto. But they decide to nix the plan to ask Jackson to throw the veto. 


2019-07-20-08.20.30-Cam 1.jpg

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8:32 AM BBT Analyse has asked Christie to taste her coffee. Christie tells Jack that there is something wrong with it. It tastes like there are cleaning supplies in there. Jack says that he will make a fresh pot. 


8:35 AM BBT The HGs are debating whether or not this morning's music was by Shawn Mendes or Justin Bieber. They discuss how JB is getting his young fans back. They enjoyed the music, whoever sang it. 


8:38 AM BBT Kat is talking to Cliff in the HoH. She tells him that regardless if the veto goes as planned or not, it was a good play. Cliff is trying to take his pills but he is having trouble this morning. Cliff gags and coughs. He apologizes that it must be disgusting for Kat to witness, but a pill got stuck on the back of his tongue. After he recovers he tells her that if one of the current nominees goes, then he is pleased. 


8:42 AM BBT Everyone is up doing ADL's. In the WA, Jack tells Christie, Michie and Analyse that he has a limited amount of energy today and he is not going to waste it on people that do not matter. He is not talking to anyone who doesn't matter to him. 


8:45 AM BBT Jack, Nick and Michie are talking in the WA. They hope the POV is physical. Jack says it has to. It just has to. He will break his body in half today if he has to. He says if it is some puzzle then he is just going to stand there and clap. He then stands and yells loudly "I am a peacock, I gotta fly." Sam "Did you call yourself a peacock?" 


8:48 AM BBT Michie is now talking to Kat and Nick in the WA. He wants a physical comp and he will die to win it. "My body is an object, I don't f**king care. F**k a foot." Michie is worried it is going to be a puzzle. Nick tells him not to worry about it. When you are the line, you can do it. 


8:51 AM BBT Nick and Kat are now alone in the WA. Nick "I miss feeling safe." He tells her that he doesn't know exactly what caused them to turn on him. He knows they don't trust Bella. They trust him, but not her. Nick blames a lot of it on other HG paranoia. 


8:54 AM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 show Jessica, Holly, Michie, Nicole, Christie, Cliff, Bella and Jack all in the KT either eating breakfast, drinking coffee or just hanging out. Jack is wired. He is pacing back and forth, talking loudly and for a moment he stands there and just snaps his fingers. Meanwhile Feeds 3 and 4 show Kat and Nick trying to hash out what Nick did to get the others to turn on him. He thinks it is their mistrust in Bella. 


8:58 AM BBT Tommy, Nick, Kat and Bella are sitting in the WA going over the days. Tommy wonders what drinks he can have as a have not. WNick tells him he can have water, tea, milk, coffee and protein shakes. 


9:02 AM BBT The HGs are up doing ADL's. BB "Have you changed your batteries?" 

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9:06 AM BBT BB calls Cliff to the DR downstairs. Michie and Holly talk in the SR. He tells her about Jack's power to re-pick the POV players. If the veto players end up being Nick, Bella and Sam then they will re-pick. Michie admires all the fruit in the SR (that he can't eat) and says he has never seen this much fruit in the house.


9:09 AM BBT Cliff is in the DR and we have furry friends. It might be time to pick players for the veto. 







Hi LFUs. If Jack uses his power, we may have 2 complete rounds of picking veto players. We could use all hands on deck to determine how the veto round(s) go.  Any LFU's that can pitch in would be tremendously helpful. We don't want to report that one of the HGs are playing for the veto only to find out that they were discussing the first round of picks instead of the second. Teamwork makes the dreamwork. Let's do this. 


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9:30 AM BBT Feeds are still out for veto picks. This could take longer than usual if Jack uses his power to cause a redraw.


9:36 AM BBT   Feeds are back

Jess to Sis- you're gonna do so good ...that's exciting

9:37 AM  BBT

Jack- it was a shit power

Tommy- it was a better draw, though

Nick- yeah, that was definitely a better draw

Jack to Christie- I shuffled it and picked and then of course it was that chip...I said (last night) if I pick you what are you gonna do [not sure who HE is]

Christie- act really excited with him

Kat walks in...would it be better if I just throw it


Christie- I'm so excited! Even though I'm not playing I still want good hair. Let's go do hair.

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9:35 AM BBT The feeds return. The HGs are hugging. Michie is talking to Sam and Cliff about how he missed out on finding a snake during his Whacktivity Comp. Jack says he is stoked. Kat asked if she should try to throw it. Kat is playing in the POV. It appears that Jack used the power and the conversation goes to how Jack walked into the whactivity comp and said "f**k yeah let's go, I love snakes."


9:42 AM BBT Jack continues to talk to the others about the comp that he won. We know that Kat and Analyse are playing and that just used his power to reshuffle the draw. 


9:46 AM BBT Michie and Holly are in the Camp Comeback room. Holly admits that she is worried that both Sam and Sis are playing.


The veto players are Cliff, Jack, Jackson, Analyse, Kat and Sam.

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9:40 AM BBT Sis is doing Christie's hair in the campsite area

Christie- I can't believe he said that

Sis- unless he wanted the powers to be gone and used...it's better for us

Christie- Bella is going home! Not to jury...home, home....I can't wait to watch you play

Jack comes in

Sis- I'm excited

Sam comes in

Sam- Jack was that a 3 week deal

Jack tells him it went down to the last 6 players   (the length of his power)



9:43 AM BBT  Kat, Holly, Michie and Bella in the kitchen

Holly- I'm jealous

Kat- why

Holly- you f'ing bitch (she wishes she had been picked for veto like Kat)...just win it casually like last time...I hope we get to watch (they don't want an individually timed event because they want to watch the comp)

Production - Bella, please do not obstruct your microphone

Jackson keeps singing but no feed cuts

9:45 AM BBT Finally, a warning about singing

9:47 AM BBT Jackson and Holly in the Have Not Room

Holly- I'm worried with Sam playing 

Michie- the only one we can't let win is Sam or Cliff

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9:50 AM BBT Michie and Holly are discussing who Cliff would go up the veto is used. They think that he is going to want to stay neutral so he might put up someone like Jessica. Michie says that works for him because she talks sh*t about him behind his back all the time. Meanwhile in the KT, Nick tells Kat that even if she won the veto and uses it, it doesn't matter because she pick who goes up. It appears Nick is assuming that Christie is going to use her power. 


9:55 AM BBT Michie says that the slop is tearing him up and he has an iron stomach unless he rapidly changes his diet. He is cold too and had to sleep with pants on. 


9:58 AM BBT Michie and Holly are discussing that Kat is buddying up to Cliff and Jessica now. Someone is telling her they are trying to get her out before jury. Meanwhile Tommy and Jack are talking about Sam. He could win the veto and end up not using it. Jack "I am going to beat him anyway." They think Cliff will throw it. Tommy says he is begining to think his chip isn't even in the bag. 

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Michie- Jessica and CLiff are definitely working together now

Holly- D'uh

Michie- she is so obvious...threw Cliff an olive branch...didn't want to do it...that whole work with Michie/Holly ship has sailed

Veto Players are: Cliff, Jack, Jackson, Kat, Sam and Sis   (sounds like Jack drew Sam's chip on the redraw)

10:00 AM BBT  Have-Not Room

Holly and Jackson are talking about the comp and what to play if it's the spelling comp

Michie- memorization

Holly- how many letters does immunization have

Holly- play technologically

Michie- my word is gooder (sic)

Holly- if you have to stop at technology that's still 10, or techno or   technologically...but if it's a word comp and you are competing against me you are not allowed to use that word; but, if it's today you can use it


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10:02 AM BBT Tommy tells Jack that he is going to be sending all of his good vibes to Jack while he hosts. Therefore we now have the full line up. Playing is Cliff, Jack, Jackson, Sis, Kat and Sam with Tommy hosting. 


10:08 AM BBT Cliff has completed his lunar module project. He says they can do it after the veto because everyone is just too vamped up right now. He jokes that he is going to do something like a moon walk (the loss of gravity type, not the Michael Jackson type) in the BY in honor of the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. 

2019-07-20-10.08.40-Cam 3.jpg

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10:04 AM BBT Tommy tells Nicole in the bathroom "I'm really excited. I hope I get to really do it" (I think he is talking about hosting the veto)

10:13 AM BBT Kat and Jess are in the kitchen talking about how much they hate having to play nice with Bella

Kat- well, she's going home


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10:14 AM BBT Kat is talking to Jack in the TBR. Jack tells her that he is going to win this. He is going hard. But, if it's a puzzle one, he says he will try to throw it to her.


10:15 AM BBT Jack and Kat are talking in the TBR. Tommy walks in. Jack tells Tommy that Kat walked in there and had said "F**k this, I am winning thi" and that he went from this to this......Jack puts his hand in the front of the pants and uses his finger to imitate "excitement". 

2019-07-20-10.15.39-Cam 3.jpg

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10:14 AM BBT Kat goes to Jack in the Target Bedroom and says she is not throwing the comp....she's gonna win it and send Bella home because she is trying to start shit between her and Jess. Jack tells her to do what she has to do but he is going to win. Tommy comes in and Jack tells her what Kat said. [he then mimics a stiff one]


10:18 AM BBT Nick and Tommy are in the boat room.

Nick asks Tommy if he is at risk because of Bella. 

Tommy- Me and Sis have your back

Nick- what about Christie

Tommy (repeats)- me and Sis have your back   I don't think Christie would put you up either.


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10:17 AM BBT Kat and Cliff are talking in the HoH room. Kat tells her that Bella told Jess that she (Kat) has the power. Kat went to Bella to let her know that she doesn't have it. Bella then went to Jess and told Jess that Kat is telling people what Jess says. Now Jess is mad at her. She tells Cliff that Bella is trying to drive a wedge between her and Jess. 


10:20 AM BBT Cliff says that Jess and Bella were arguing earlier. Jess told Bella that she (Bella) was wrong about Michie having the power. Bella apparently said that no, she said Michie or Jack had it. Jess said that's not what I heard. Cliff says he told them both that it didn't matter anymore. He has no idea why they are picking now to get on each other's nerves. They need to stick together. 


10:23 AM BBT Cliff tells Kat that Bella and Jess have found a really stupid thing to fight over. Cliff asks if Jess would vote to keep Jack if she could. Kat "I don't think so, he put her up." Cliff tells Kat that if they don't get rid of one of the 6 now, then they are just going to get picked off one by one. 


10:33 AM BBT Nick is laying down in the BRL whispering to himself. "She said Jack, I'm scared of being backdoored, big time."


10:41 AM BBT All 4 cameras are on Tommy ironing his shirt in the SR. Feeds 1 and 2 change to Sam, Jack and Michie outside the camper. Sam says it will suck to win the veto a 3rd time. Jack tells him that he knows what to do. Sam, yeah but a part of me wants to win it just to say that I won the veto 3 times. Jack tells Sam that if we wins the veto he will also have to determine who to use it on and who goes up. Jack reminds him that Christie's power is in play and this could put a lot of blood on Sam's hands if he wins the veto. 


10:44 AM BBT Christie has noticed Nick alone in the BRL. She says that she hates him being alone in there. Nick says that he is upset that Bella is going to drag him down with her. Christie says that no one feels that way. Nick replies that Jack and Jackson do. Christie tells him everyone loves him and they are not going to vote him out over Bella. 

2019-07-20-10.46.56-Cam 3.jpg


10:47 AM BBT Nick admits to Christie that he and Bella can be good out of the house but she is not good for him in here and that he is afraid of her power. Christie tells Nick that she would never use the power to jeopardize him. She won't use it unless she trusts the person who holds the veto will do exactly what she wants. Bella walks in and joins them. 


10:52 AM BBT Christie, Tommy, Bella and Nick are talking in the BRL. Christie says that this week wasn't supposed to be like this, but they are going to knock it out and they will be fine. Meanwhile Michie and Sam are talking in the bedroom. Michie says that he sat there last night and listened to Jess talk about him for 10-15 minutes. Then she comes in here and says we are loud. If that ain't the pot calling the kettle black. 


10:54 AM BBT Nick and Bella are whispering in the BRL. He admits to her that he is scared. He tells her that he feels like he is on the outskirts. He feels alone by the others. Tommy is now in the TBR and tells Jack that they got a good draw and he can feel it.


10:58 AM BBT Michie and Sis are now in the TBR where Jack is laying down. Jack says that Bella is going around getting both Jess and Kat mad at her. Jack continues to say that Nick told Bella that she needs to just keep her mouth shut. Jack says that she can't do it and that this is good for them. Sis asks Jack if she should go for the veto. Jack says that yeah, she needs to go for it. 

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11:00 AM BBT Christie has joined Sis, Jackson and Jack in the TBR. She tells him about the conversation she just had with Nick. Nick feels like an outsider because Bella is ruining his game and he needs to distance himself from her. Jackson "He isn't wrong." Jackson starts to get up and Christie says "Now? Don't you want to hear this?" Jackson says eventually but he needs to shower and has to p*ss like a racehorse. Christie and Jack tell Jackson to sit back down and listen to her. Jackson "You want me to sh*t right here (on Jack's bed)? I am going to let one out right here and you can marinate in it. You're welcome sis." 


11:05 AM BBT Jack and Sis are now alone in the TBR. He tells her that he can't believe they are talking about saving Nick from Bella. The one he sleeps with. He prefers Sam over him. Sam would make a better jury member and Sam can win comps. Sis says she hopes she wins the veto. 

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11:04 AM BBT



Bella is talking with Nick in the boat room about how she has been made to be the public enemy. Nick tells her not to say anything because everyone is after her.

Nick- everyone is on your ass. Don't talk with anyone because they will twist your words

Bella- since we are on the outside, we might not be an immediate threat...now, wait...let's not be naive.

Nick- the showmances screwed us

Bella- I hate people like that (Holly)...just coast by and doesn't do shit

Nick- and she got a showmance with Jackson

Sam comes in and says "never second guess me...I'm not gonna burn you" then leaves (he is trying to visually distance himself from Nickella)

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11:09 AM BBT Bella and Nick are talking alone in the BRL. She says that maybe they are so alone now that maybe they are no longer a threat. Nick says Nah. Bella and Nick talk about how Holly is benefiting without doing anything at all. Bella says that in real life, she hates people like that that just sit around and watch. Bella "I would have mad respect for Holly is she won something and put me up." 


11:15 AM BBT Bella is telling Nick that this all stems to what went down with Kemi. That's what started it. Meanwhile Holly and Kat are talking in the BR. Holly says that once Nick or Bella goes up, that's it. The line is drawn.


11:16 AM BBT Holly tells Kat that there are a solid 7 of them. Kat just needs to trust them. Meanwhile Bella tells Nick that she chill for a while in the BRL. Nick "We have bottom feeders on our side that we can pick off." 


11:21 Nick tells Bella that he doesn't think Sam will screw them.Bella is trying to figure out how the future HoHs need to play out. Nick tells her that they have got to stop looking so far ahead. They need to worry about right now. They think if Kat wins the veto then they talk her into not using it. 


11:24 AM BBT Jack, Christie, Kat, Holly and Michie are hanging out in the bedroom. They discuss that Tommy is going to be furious if the comp bowlerina because he desperately wants to play it. Christie wants to play it too because she never ever gets dizzy. 

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11:14 AM BBT It's a Kat chat in the campsite area with Holly 


Holly tells Kat they have a secure 7 and not to worry...to trust her

Tommy walks through and they tell him he has the best butt.


11:21 AM BBT  Campsite area

Jack comes in and says, "Kat is putting her war paint on"....Kat, can I borrow your eye liner?"   (she agrees)

Christie tells Jack, Holly, Michie and Kat that Cliff keeps checking in with her to make sure she isn't going to use her power 

Sis walks in

She talks about how Bella is being shit on right now "shit keeps falling into our laps"

They talk about how they think they will see Fessie today

Jack- He's gonna be pissed at me


11:28 AM BBT  Jess is giving Nicole the details on her beef with Bella

Jess- I just want to be in between the clouds...that's definitely where I want to be...you would think that we're trying to save her ass but she's still being the biggest brat

Nicole- one of us has to win this week


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11:27 AM BBT Jess and Nicole are talking in the KT. Jess says that she is upset with herself that she let Bella get to her. She doesn't understand how anyone can be best friends with Bella. Nicole says it is terrible to misinterpret people's words and use it against them. Nicole doesn't know if it is her personality or just her game play. Jessica has propped her elbows on the KT counter and closes her eyes and rests her head on her hands.  "I just want to be between the clouds." They sing Somewhere Over the Rainbow and BB tells them to stop singing.


11:31 AM BBT In the WA, Sam is laying down and Sis is plucking his eyebrows. She asks him if he would use the veto if he wins it. He says he doesn't know. He would have to see what the house wants. He asks her the same. She says F**k yeah she would take Jack down. She likes him and wants him to stay in the house. She says they get closer each day. They would never make it outside the house, but in here, it's nice. Sam reminds her that she can't beat Jack in the end and to keep that in mind. Sis says thanks for making me feel like s**t. Sis "Watch this. Everyone underestimates me. Everyone is going to be surprised." Sam apologizes for making her feel like s**t and she says she likes it because he keeps it real with her. 

2019-07-20-11.37.11-Cam 1.jpg

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11:32 AM BBT Sis is grooming Sam's eyebrows in the WA

Sam asks her if she would use the veto on Jack and she replies, "Fuck yeah". She tells him that she wants him to stay...she really likes him.

Sam-you didn't like him at first

Sis tells him that he is growing on her even though she doesn't think they will have anything outside of the house. Sam tells her that she needs to be realistic and realize she hasn't won anything yet.

Sis- you make me feel like shit...let's be real. You and Jack are the only ones who have won anything back to back   [hello? What about Cliff?!]

Sis tells Melissa she married a baby because Sam keeps flinching (she keeps accidentally pinching his skin)





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11:43 AM BBT Tommy is talking to Nick in the BRL. Tommy tries to assure Nick that he is going to be fine. That everyone is vouching for him. Meanwhile Christie is telling Jessica that she is not using her power if she can't control it so that Bella goes up. If she isn't sure what she is going to do, she won't use it at all. 


11:47 AM BBT Tommy tells Nick that he knew he was playing too hard. Nick says that yeah, he was playing hard but he told Tommy everything. Sis and Bella join them and Sis gives Nick a hug. Sis changes the subject to tweezing Sam's eyebrows. 


11:50 AM BBT Bella and Nick are alone now. He tells her that he is heading to the bathroom. She doesn't want him to leave. He says that he has to sh*t so bad. She says that everyone is avoiding her. He says that he really just has to sh*t and isn't trying to get away from her.


11:56 AM BBT Sam joins Sis and Tommy in the KT. Tommy tells him that his eyebrows look amazing. Sam says he feels a little more sexy and that his eyebrows are no aerodynamic. The cameras switch to Bella and Nick, Nick tells her about his conversation with Tommy and that they played way too hard. Meanwhile Jess and Christie talk in the TBR. Jessica "It's weird. Nick thinks that he has Kat. And Michie thinks that he has Kat." She says that she is just being Kat. Christie says she hopes the veto is out of her control so she doesn't have to make any decisions. 


12:00 PM BBT Christie and Jess continue to talk in the TBR. Christie says that Nick would be beneficial without Bella. Bella has to go. And Sam scares her. No one can beat him in the end.


12:03 PM BBT Nick tells Bella that he thinks the only thing that is saving him right now is that everyone seems to trust him. They don't trust Bella. They love her, but they are afraid of her. Bella says that she tells people what she is going to do and they get butt hurt. "I tell people how it is. I am really honest with people and then they question what I am going to do when I just told them what I am going to do."


12:07 PM BBT Jess and Christie continue to talk about Bella. Jessica "She is over here with a final 3 with Mack and Jichie" They both laugh. Christie "I am totally having a kid and naming him Jichie.


12:09 PM BBT Christie to Jessica in the TBR "This is Bella's world and we are living in it." 


12:11 PM BBT Jack has joined Nick and Bella in the BRL. They ask Jack about his power. He tells them that his power was good until the final 6. He hoped to save it for later but he had to use it now. Christie and Jessica continue to talk in the TBR. BB "Jessica, please go to the DR downstairs." BB "Christie, please go to the DR downstairs." Christie "Are we going together?" Jessica "Is the Jessica button next to the Christie button because we are both Libras?"


12:16 PM BBT Nick tells Bella that they are both being accused of playing too hard. He admits that he probably did play too hard and that Bella just didn't know how the game works. Nick "Bella, you need to lay low. I mean PLEASE." 


12:18 PM BBT Nick tells Bella that Nicole saved herself by hanging out by herself and being nice to everyone. Bella "But no one was afraid of her." Nick "No one will be afraid of you either." Nick tells her that he needs to go out there. Bella says she just wants him to stay there with her. She starts to cry. Nick tells her that he will go down protecting her.


12:22 PM BBT Outside the camper, Kat, Nicole, Jessica and Tommy talk. Kat tells them a story about her best friend. Her best friend Cindy is just so beautiful that a lot of girls are rude to her. It's hard to explain but it's true. So she really cherishes her friendships so much. She had 14 bridesmaids. One of these bit**es recently got married. She was a bridesmaid at Cindy's wedding. They danced together for a year. She didn't even invite Cindy to her wedding. Kat looks straight at the camera and says "That's a bi**h a$$ move Lexy." Everyone laughs and agrees that yes, that was very rude. 


12:25 PM BBT Cliff talks to Nick and Bella in the DR. Cliff has made Orwell a space suit. He says he was 4 years old when we landed on the moon. 

2019-07-20-12.24.27-Cam 1.jpg

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12:20 PM BBT Nick and Bella are in the boat room alone

Bella understands that Nick needs to spend time away from her and that she needs to mingle with people in the house without talking game, but it's wearing her down and she begins to cry when Nick gets up to leave. 

Nick- Are you crying?.....Don't Cry?...Bella, you are my #1...I will never leave you.... I will always be here for you...I'm gonna go poop and come back for you.





12:30 PM BBT Cliff is talking about outer space, the space station and shuttle travel with Nick, Bella and Sam in the kitchen

Cliff- we don't have any space shuttles. Ever since the shuttle program shut down we send our people there with the Russians, and we pay them for it.

Sam- I wonder how much they get paid for it (US astronauts traveling to space)

Cliff- nothing....they are civil....government employees  (Cliff is pointing out that they make a basic government salary)




12:40 PM BBT The houseguests are getting ready and just waiting around for the veto competition


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12:43 PM BBT Not much is going on. The HGs are just hanging around waiting for the veto to begin. 


12:47 PM BBT  Kat and Tommy are cooking slop in the KT. Tommy sings "Slop Nuggets". BB "Please stop singing" Tommy "I just made that up. I promise that is not anyone's song. I won't break the rules." Tommy is called to the DR. Furry friends.


12:48 PM BBT We have furry friends. It's veto time. 

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