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Friday, July 19, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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12:00 AM BBT Sam, Nick, Tommy, Bella, and Jess are in the WA talking about how happy they are that Kemi is gone. Tommy says every time he went into the DR, Kemi would grab him and tell if DJ is in there and we get FotH. When feeds come back Tommy is saying my bad, but no way was someone flirting with her. Jess is saying Kemi kept whispering to her and Jess told her I can’t read lips. Bella says you called her out! Kat, Christie, and Sis are in the Archery BR and Kat is repeating her conversation with Jess. Christie says she doesn’t feel safe and Kat says don’t you think if he puts you up that he’ll put Nick up too? Christie says she doesn’t know. Christie says going forward she’s not targeting Cliff, but she would rather work on Cliff’s team than against him because clearly he’s a competitor. But she thinks she’s an easy nomination.


12:05 AM BBT Christie tells Kat that she’s going to feel Cliff out and see what he says. Jack is in the Archery BR with Kat, Sis, and Christie and Kat is re-hashing Jess’s conversation. Kat keeps saying Nicole told them Christie and Jack were listening outside the door and Kat says she’s trying to lay low, but Jess is loud. Jack says the second Cliff won he knew he was going up on the block. Kat wants to know how she can convince Nick to go up instead of Jack and Christie. Jack says he’d rather go than Christie go and Christie says she doesn’t want anyone to do dirty work for her. Kat says at least they’ll have the numbers. Jack says if Christie and Nick goes up and Sam gets pulled for veto he could win and pull down Nick. Jack says he doesn’t want Christie going up. Christie says the only thing she wants Kat to say to Cliff is that she spoke to them and none of them said they would target him going forward.


12:10 AM BBT Kat, Jack, and Christie are still in the Archery BR and Nick comes in and the discussion is still on who Cliff will put up. Jess and Bella are in the WA while Sam is showering. Jack says it’s the safest option is to put him because he’s an animal. Christie tells him not to flatter himself. Nick says me and Christie put him up. Nick says he has all three of his nominations in the house. Jack says this game is insane, I just had to F’ing beat him. Nick says he’s good. Christie says he has come back twice, he’s so good. Nick says we just have to win the veto. Nick says he’s getting ready to shower. Kat says she wanted to vote with them. Tommy comes in. Cliff peeks in and Christie says they were just saying they were genuinely happy for him. Kat says we can’t get rid of you! I’m kidding. Christie says everything happens for a reason, and this was his comp, and nothing is ever personal. Cliff says he’s extremely happy and proud. Cliff says he never said he’d put them up, he was just identifying he was left out of a group. Holly and Michie are in the lounge room and they are trying to figure out how to make Cliff think it’s his idea to put up Nick and Bella. Michie asks Holly if he should offer himself as a pawn. Michie says Christie has the veto power and he could be a pawn against Sam, Nick, or Bella. Holly says maybe put up Nicole and Kat. Michie says him volunteering to go up as a pawn it keeps the girls safe and Christie’s power can keep him safe.


12:15 AM BBT Michie says they need to talk to Christie before he volunteers himself as a pawn and Holly agrees. Cliff tells Jack he was sweating bullets on the last round because he knew who he was going against and Jack says Cliff beat him straight up. Jack says Cliff was a highlight reel this afternoon. Tommy says we’re not even halfway through the season and he’s played double the game others have played. Cliff says plus he’s playing in another veto, but it’s one he doesn’t have to worry about. Christie says yeah, it’s one you play for fun and secure your noms. Holly, Bella, and Jess are in the WA and Sam is still in the shower. Cliff leaves the Archery BR and Jack is saying Bella was cheering on Cliff and stuff. Jack says Bella is an idiot and Christie says she’s only concerned about covering her own butt. Nicole joins the Archery BR and Tommy says we’re roommates again! Michie comes into the Archery BR also.


12:20 AM BBT Michie says he has an idea and Christie says no one is going up but me and Nick. Michie wants to talk on Christie alone. Michie pitches Christie using her power on him if he offers himself as a pawn. Michie doesn’t think Cliff will put up Nick and Bella. But if he puts up Nick and Michie as a pawn and it keeps Christie and Jack safe, it keeps Cliff and Michie secret because Cliff wanted to work with him, and then it targets Nick and Bella. But before he approaches Cliff with the idea, he wants to make sure Christie would use her power on him. Jack is telling Nicole that Nick or Bella need to go on the block in opposition to one of them. Michie tells Christie he didn’t want to assume she’d use her power without talking to her. Michie tells Christie that Cliff and he already have a planned meeting for the night. Michie says he’d take one for the team, he just wanted to make sure Christie was ok using her power. Holly joins Michie and Christie. Jack tells Nicole that they need to damage control his week. Nick is out of the shower and comes into the Archery BR. Nick tells them Sis told him she’d rather sleep in the Archery BR. Jack says Sis might not sleep with him because they don’t sleep well together.


12:25 AM BBT Bella and Michie are talking about how impressive it is that Cliff not only got evicted and came back, but then also won HOH. Jack and Nick are figuring out sleeping arrangements. Cliff and Jess are in the WA chatting about beer and what might be in Cliff’s HOH basket. Sam is just out of the shower. Cliff and Jess are talking about the questions they are asked for what they want and we get FotH. Cliff wants an American flag he can glue on a stick because he wants to replicate the moon landing and step out of the RV and plant the flag in the BR. Cliff is talking about leaving his job and saying he couldn’t get the time off, but he used his vacation time, but he might not have a job and feeds switch to the Archery BR. Tommy, Kat, Holly, Jack, Nicole, Nick, Bella, and Christie are talking about if Nicole had been evicted, then Ovi would have come back and Cliff and him would have been together. Nicole says she didn’t get any during the practice round.

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12:30 AM BBT All four feeds are on the Archery BR with Tommy, Kat, Holly, Christie, Jack, and Nicole. Christie says this is karma, but she tells Nicole she’s so glad she’s here.  Jack says whatever happens happens for a reason. Christie says there’s no sense in overthinking. Jack says Cliff’s decision will draw blood on both sides of the house. Christie says she respects Cliff and he should do what’s best for his game. Sis is hoping they record every time she scares Nick because each reaction gets better and better. Christie tells Jack to relax because she feels he’s manifesting himself on the block.


12:35 AM BBT Christie says she’ll talk to Cliff and tell him the decision to evict him was an isolated decision and that she wouldn’t put him up going forward. Kat is saying Jess is running her mouth and she doesn’t want to be associated with that. All four feeds go to the KT where Nick, Michie, Tommy, Sis, and Bella are. Tommy may be having some sort of allergic reaction to something. Christie is in the Archery BR saying Cliff is a smart guy and he’ll look at the big picture. Jack says he did give a DR session in the boat room. Holly asks Christie how Cliff knows she heard him and Christie says Bella told him. Sis doesn’t think noms will be tomorrow since there is no Whacktivity, but she doesn’t know because she could be talking out of her *ss. Michie says that was classy.


12:40 AM BBT Tommy has an epi pen, but he doesn’t want to use that because he’ll be up all night. Sis asks why that would keep him up all night? Tommy says it’s adrenaline. Michie asks if it was from him because he had peanut butter and Tommy says no. He says it doesn’t matter, that’s the risk you take when you live in a house with people. Michie says the rice is done. Kat has come into the KT and she’s getting some rice. Sis says she’ll have some because she’s starving. Kat says the rice is really good. Kat asks Nick what’s wrong and he says he’s board, but nothing. He says he was just anxious from earlier. Tommy is called to the DR downstairs. Nick is talking to Sis and Nick doesn’t feel good because he didn’t sleep well and he nominated Cliff and now Cliff is HOH and he’s probably going to put him up.


12:45 AM BBT Nick is telling Sis he’s scared. Nick says it’s not sitting right with him, but he’s going to trust it. It just sucks. Nick says it just hurts and it doesn’t matter what everyone says he’s going to feel like he’s on the outside. He says he’s not trying to be paranoid, but…Sis says she understands. Christie is talking Nicole and Jack and she has now told Nicole about her Whacktivity power. Christie says it’s anonymous if the power gets used and whoever holds the veto can name the replacement nominee. Christie says she’s an honest person, she’s an honest player. She’s so honest. Jack says Christie has played this game so beautifully and so honestly and it was her idea to save Nicole. Christie is starting to get emotional and Nicole says she’s a believer in karma and good juju and she thinks it will work out. Nicole says maybe she’ll win the veto.


12:50 AM BBT Sam and Michie have joined the Archery Br with Jack and Christie. Christie is upset that Jack told Nicole about her power because she didn’t know about it. Jack says Christie has made it clear she doesn’t give a F who knows about her power. Christie says but it was her power to share. She was planning on telling Cliff tomorrow. The rest of the HG are in the KT. Christie says she’s ready for bed, but now she has to prance around and go see an HOH of someone who’s going to put her on the block. Holly comes back into the Archery BR. Jess and Kat peek in and Christie tells them to come in. Talk in the KT is about the HOH Comp again. General chatter in the Archery BR. Cliff is glad he’s wearing the key so his family can see it. FotH.


12:55 AM BBT Cliff is in the KT and talking about how he was pumped up from the first competition and he was worried he was clicking too fast on the comp. Christie, Jess, Sam, Holly, Bella, and Jack are in the Archery BR talking about Tommy having an allergic reaction. Tommy is talking in the KT that he just got Benadryl. Cliff says when they get fewer HG, the food rations go down. Michie says he would cut his intake down. Nick says now that David, Ovi, and Kemi are going home they have to watch them on TV. Kat hopes Kemi gets karma and she only has a couple of followers. All feeds switch to the Archery BR. Jess wants to know if Jack cut his hair if it would be curly or the same. Jack says he would have hair like Sam’s. Holly starts to talk about an ex and we get FotH.

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1:00 AM BBT Nicole is in the WA alone. Michie and Sis are talking in the lounge room and Michie says he’s going to talk to Cliff tonight and volunteer himself as a pawn. Holly, Sam, Jack, Christie, and Jess are in the Archery BR talking about Holly’s job. Michie tells Sis that Cliff likes Nicole. He only distanced himself because he didn’t want her to bring him down. Michie says they’ll let Cliff know he’ll have an army with him. Michie says it will maintain the appearance that Cliff is coming after him for banishment, but he’s really going after Nick or Bella. Sis says she gets nervous if Christie would use her power and they’d have to see who wins the veto. Michie says he’ll talk to Cliff and do it in such a way where they go after Nick, Bella, or Sam.


1:05 AM BBT Michie says we are covered all the way around. Sis says who do you want to go first, Nick or Bella? Michie doesn’t care. He wants them gone. He’s ready to kickstart this horse to get them out of the game. He’s sick and tired of them in the house. He doesn’t care, he’s not even worried about it, he wants them gone. It keeps Jack and Christie safe. Jack and Bella are saying they want to go to bed. They are over today. Michie says it means he’ll get to go out and win veto. Sis says Bella is really smart and Michie says he doesn’t care, he just wants them gone. Sis thinks they should get Bella out first. Sis says Bella is a liar and a manipulator. Michie wants to put Nick up first and backdoor Bella. Bella is a backdoor and so is Sam. Sis tells Michie before the HOH she and Christie talked to Cliff and he made her feel a little better. Michie tells Sis not to make Cliff want to come for her and Jack instead. Michie says Jack is a target because of the way Jack carries himself, he’s loud and arrogant and Cliff is more humble.


1:10 AM BBT Sis feels like Jack and Christie are together more than her and Jack. Michie says Christie doesn’t play that game, she likes women. Michie says he’s looking out for the six and since he didn’t win HOH, this is what he can do. He wants them gone, and he wants to be the one to spearhead their evictions. Michie says he’s the only one who didn’t kiss their *ss. They are in his crosshairs and he’s ready to pull the trigger. Michie says everyone is just sucking their thumbs and no one wanted to speak up. Michie says he hates being fake to people, so he’s done. They are going home. Come hell or high water. If he goes out trying to do it, he can live with that. He’d rather go out trying to do something that sit around with them. Kat says they have to bring Brett back sooner than later because it would be such a bummer to bring him back when she wasn’t here. Sis is asking Michie if Cliff will want Nick and Bella out because when she talked to him earlier, Cliff said he wouldn’t want to go after the couples now because it would make him a target. Michie says it’s time to take some initiative and find a new plan. Sis asks if Michie has told him the plan and he says he hasn’t had a chance yet. And the plan has to stay in the six, he doesn’t want anyone else to know about it. Sis says Michie is really smart and he says he has his moments and they leave the lounge. Christie is talking to Jess and saying they were worried Ovi would come back in the house and dominate the house with Cliff.


1:15 AM BBT Christie is telling Jess that she felt Nicole was bullying and maybe that move will bite her in the butt. Christie says if she’d won this week she wouldn’t have put Cliff up. Jess asks if it was Christie’s decision and Christie says it was a communal decision. Christie says when they went to bed last night they were still going to vote out Nicole, but then Nicole campaigned to them and they started to realize she was right and that’s why the vote changed. Michie and Jack are going into the lounge room. Michie says Jack needs to put his big boy pants on and listen. He’s about to get educated. He says sit your ass down, don’t make me put you there! Michie tells Jack no cursing because he wants them to be able to use this content. Michie says Cliff wants to work with him and Holly. He can put Michie up as a cover since Michie banished him and it allows him to do that. Then Cliff can still go after the males from each couple, Michie and Nick. Christie has the power, they don’t want Sam and Bella in the veto. If Nick comes off, then Bella or Sam can go up. Michie says our bases are covered. Jess will vote for Michie and so will Nicole, plus Holly, Sis, Tommy, Christie, and Jack. And he’s guaranteed a spot to play in the veto and it protects Jack and Christie.


1:20 AM BBT Jack tells Michie I hate how great you are at this game. Jack says the only change he’d make is to be in Michie’s place. Michie says Cliff wants Jack gone, so Michie is a better choice as the pawn. Michie says we need to utilize the pawn situation while we can and while we can still have the power. Jack would rather pitch Michie and Bella so it’s a male and a female and he’d rather Bella leave. Michie says he hasn’t trusted them since week 1 and he’s bitten his tongue. But he wanted to put them up as HOH, but he didn’t win. And if he goes out trying to spearhead them going, then he can live with that. Sam, Sis, Holly, and Tommy are in the Archery BR and Tommy is saying it’s going to be a weird week. Michie kind of wants to stay on the block and not come down, that’s how bad he wants them gone he can sit next to him and spit in their face. He’s done. He’s at his breaking point with them and he’s done holding back. He’s coming out scrappy. He wants them gone Jack.   


1:25 AM BBT Jack and Michie are finishing up their talk and heading out of the lounge. Bella and Nick are in bed and they are whispering. Bella is saying Cliff needs to put Christie up to get her power out and if she wins HOH next week, she’s putting up Christie and Jack. Nick says he’s ready and if he wins HOH, he’s putting them up. Nick tells Bella that he thinks Nicole is with them now. Cliff is called to the DR. Sam and Holly and Sis are in the room with Nick and Bella so chat has slowed. Kat is washing dishes. Christie and Jess are talking in the camper still and Christie says Jack is having a pity party and he made it all about him. She says Jack kissed Cliff’s butt and making it seem like they are buddy, buddy, but he was behind the whole plan. Christie wants a change of scenery and she doesn’t want to be in camp couple with them and she needs to clear her mind so she can make decisions for herself from now on. Jess says it’s easy to lose focus and she told Nicole this is an individual game, but you can’t do it without a team. FotH.

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1:30 AM BBT Nicole, Kat, and Michie are in the KT. Christie and Jess are in the camper and Christie is going to tell Cliff about her power and see if she can build some trust with him. Holly is trying to get an antibiotic and Nicole asks what is wrong. Kat says oh for your scabies? She says crabs are a b*tch. Holly thinks she got it from the shower, but Kat says it was the hot tub. Holly can’t take pills so they are looking for a liquid form for her. All cams switch to Jess and Christie. Tommy goes into the camper and Christie says she doesn’t want to be the fifth wheel in the couples room and Tommy says if Christie doesn’t care he’ll sleep with her in the camper and she doesn’t mind. Sam says he’s waiting for Kemi to come around the corner and want to talk to him. Sam is talking to Bella, Nicole, Sis, and Jack in the main bedroom.


1:35 AM BBT Jess, Tommy, and Christie are in the camper and Jess thinks she might be safe on Cliff’s HOH. Nick, Bella, Sam, Jack, and Sis are just general chatter. Jack and goes to find some lids to use as frisbee, but they need to find a can the lids will fit in. Tommy says an argument can be made to put up every person in the house. Christie says for right now she’s going to be happy for him and they’ll talk tomorrow. Tommy says if they’d voted Nicole out, then Ovi would have come back and would have worked with Cliff and Ovi had that first power. Christie says when she tells Cliff, the whole house will know about her power. Holly, Nicole, and Kat have moved to the couches in the LR chatting.


1:40 AM BBT Jack, Christie, Jess, and Tommy are in the camper. Kat, Holly, and Nicole are in the LR on the couches. Sam, Bella, Nick, and Sis are in the main BR. Michie has just gotten out of the shower. Cliff is in the DR. Kat wants to know if Sam knows what the song Californication is about. They can hear Kat in the camper and they start singing and we get FotH.


1:45 AM BBT Tommy is called to the SR. Holly says the pettiest thing she ever did in high school was a girl made her friend mad and Tommy walks by with his Benadryl. Christie tells Jess that she wants a change of scenery and wants to sleep in the girl’s room. Jack apologizes and says he did what he could. Tommy sits next to Nicole on the couch and Holly asks Kat what the pettiest thing she ever did in school was? Kat is thinking. Jack says the funniest thing is the consensus he’s heard is Kemi is gone. Jess says she doesn’t understand why Nicole and Kemi were so close, because she doesn’t know if they would be friends outside. Christie says maybe Nicole is like Kemi and they don’t know. Jess says when she got nominated by Jack, Kemi and Nicole knew Bella had outted everything and that’s why they got close.


1:50 AM BBT Tommy is telling Nicole the reason they didn’t let everyone in on the plan is because it would increase the chances it would go wrong. Tommy tells Nicole it wasn’t a conniving game plan. Jess, Jack, and Christie are still talking about and Christie is telling Jess can be authentic. Kat is talking to Holly. Jack says he’s excited to see Cliff’s family. Christie thanks Jess for chatting with her. Christie heads out of the camper, and Jess heads out but hugs Jack on her way out. Jack then heads out and Sam wonders where David, Ovi, and Kemi might be and Jack says LAX.


1:55 AM BBT The main BR has cleared out leaving Nick and Bella alone and Nick loves her so much. Michie talks to Tommy in the lounge room and fills him in on the plan about going up as a pawn. The rest of the HG have all joined the LR. Nick thinks Christie will use her power and put one of them up. Bella thinks she’s going home. Bella says even if they aren’t official noms, they could get backdoored. Nick says it’s me, you, Sam, and Cliff against the rest of the house. Bella tells Nick not to believe anything Michie, Sis, or Christie tell him. Nick says next week he’s going to take a shot because he’s going to bring one of them down with him. Bella says we’re screwed. Nick thinks they could have all three powers. Nick says Christie is such a snake and he’s so mad at her, and Tommy too. Bella says it’s such BS they couldn’t go to him. Nick says plus they have Nicole. Nick says one of us has to get the veto. Nick says it needs to go Michie, Jack, and Christie. Nick thinks Jack has the other power. Nick says he doesn’t know Cliff’s plan. Nick doesn’t trust Tommy and Christie. Nick says they need to stop making out as much. Nick says it’s so F’ing annoying and he tells Bella they’re paranoid because she was hanging out with Cliff. Bella says she’s F’ed. She’s not going to sit around with them when she can’t even talk. Nick says he’s going to blow up their game. Bella says there is no reason for Cliff to put us up because he needs us next week. Nick says that alliance is BS. Bella says she’s getting Christie out if it’s the last thing she does. She’s so F’ing mad.

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2:00 AM BBT Bella says she literally needs to make it one more week so she can F’ing put Christie up and out. Bella says she holds a grudge and she won’t forget crap like that. Nick says they’ve been hanging out with Nicole more than they ever have. Bella says she’s so sad because she knows when she leaves it will just be Nick and Sam. Nick says they’re lucky he didn’t make a move last week. Nick says he knew when it went 2-2 that they lost. Nick is disgusted with Tommy. Bella says Christie winning HOH the first week makes her thinks she’s running the game. Nick says we put up Jack and Christie and not use it. Nick says we’re F’ed either way. They have to get rid of Jack and Bella wants to get rid of Christie. Nick can’t believe Tommy was with them. Nick says they were 2-2 at the commercial break and he knew when it was 6-4 they lost. Nick says we have to draw a line and he kept them safe last week. Bella says Cliff needs them just as much as they need Cliff. Nick tells Bella not to talk game with Nicole. Tommy and Michie are still talking about the plan in the lounge and Michie says it has to be home over Jack so no one gets any ideas. Michie wants to make Nick and Bella and squirm because he’s sick and tired of having to be fake with them. Michie tells Tommy he has already talked to Sis, Holly, Christie, and Jack, but he wanted to run it by him before he pitched to Cliff. Sis joins Tommy in the lounge. Tommy is explaining the story they are going to give Cliff about Ovi, and tell them they didn’t want Nicole to go home because she was being bullied, Cliff has a heart and he’ll feel better about it. Sis says this is a big move for him to make, but it also gets the least amount of blood on his hands. Sis is just trying to think of things that could go wrong so they can have a back-up plan. Tommy says Michie is right, it’s the best plan. Sis just wonders if Cliff will get sketched out.


2:05 AM BBT Nick says Michie follows everything Jack and Christie say and he knows it was them who flipped the vote. Nick says he told Tommy it was a scumbag move. Nick says Holly will never win. Nick says it will be Christie and Jack F2. Nick says he is fuming right now and Bella says she knows she is F’ed. Bella says there is nothing she can do this week that won’t be spun into something negative. Nick doesn’t care about Michie and Holly. Bella thinks Christie started the flipped vote and Nick thinks it was Jack. Nick says he’s going tell Cliff about Christie’s power so he’ll put her and Jack up. Sis and Tommy are still in the lounge discussing their options. Sis thinks Bella clouds Nick’s judgement. Tommy says they are so glad they had a story because they almost didn’t. Sis says every time she talks to Nick he feels crushed. Sis feels bad and Nick says he’s sorry for him. Tommy says Cliff is a good hearted man and he’ll see they were standing up for the right people. All cameras are on the DR door.


2:09 AM BBT Who wants to see my HOH room?!? Kat says everyone is about to find out she’s really Cliff’s daughter. Cliff says before he opens the door he just wants to say family! The door is open and there is immediate squealing and aweing and his wife is beautiful! Tommy says Daniel is hot and Cliff says they got their good looks from their mother. He got George Strait for his music. There’s a flower in his basket that he made for his wife and he gets a little emotional. He has fig newtons, poptarts, Texas Chili, hot with no beans, and oreos. He also got Special K with strawberries, Captain Crunch, Chewy Chips Ahoy. He got his flag for his moon landing. He has Dr. Pepper and Heineken and he tells them all they can share. Everyone wants to hear his letter. Cliff says that flower means so much to him.


2:14 AM BBT Cliff’s letter is from his wife Sharon.


Dear Cliff:

Hi! I love you! I am so proud of you! If you’re reading this it means you won HOH. Yay! You are an amazing husband and a wonderful father, we are so lucky to have you.  Your mom and the rest of the family came down to visit for a few days. Everyone is doing well. It was a lot of fun hanging out with everyone. It was strange not having you here with us. Everything is doing fine at home. Kelly and Daniel are doing great. Daniel has been interviewing for a position in Austin and Kelly is loving her new job. I have gotten to see a lot of them which makes me happy. We all miss you but know that you’re having an amazing adventure. The grapes and loofahs are growing like crazy (this gets a laugh from all the HG). Lots of yellow flowers on the loofahs. I’m taking pictures of them so you can see their transformation. Also looks like we are going to have one happy puppy because there are a ton of avocados this year. *Cliff says she eats all their avocados* I already saw her carrying one in her mouth. I’m hoping it fell off and she didn’t pick it. I love you so much. I’m so glad that you’re my husband. I am so proud of you for all of your accomplishments and for you just being you.


All my love,



2:15 AM BBT Cliff says they are all great friends and he thanks them for their support. He says it sounds like they are all getting loofahs for Christmas. Cliff says they can come up whenever they want, they don’t need permission to use the WC. Jess says Orwell didn’t get to hear the letter! Cliff says he’ll go down and get him later. Everyone says congrats and they are looking through his stuff. Cliff puts on some sunglasses he got in his basket. He got some Texas socks and Holly says Cliff has the perfect buff. Cliff wants to crack open some chocolate chip cookies. He also go two boxes of raisins. Jack is asking Cliff how he made the rose that he gave his wife and she sent to him in his basket. Jack says he’s happy for Cliff, he had a hell of day. Michie says he doesn’t know those odds, but it’s unreal. Cliff says he’s living a dream. Cliff says he has those pictures memorized. Nick says the first night’s sleep in the HOH is the best because the bed is so comfortable. Cliff says he hasn’t used the HOH shower yet.


2:20 AM BBT Cliff models the robe for the HG. Cliff says it’s a big bed so if anyone needs alone time or just needs to crash or it’s hot they can squeeze in next to him. Cliff says he’ll be doing some dancing with the headphones on and they are all invited to the moon landing on Saturday. He says it’s the 50th anniversary. Cliff says he’ll hold off on the beers until tomorrow and Jack says he should wait until he gets a pool day. Cliff also has an American flag bandana. Cliff says he’s overwhelmed. Tommy says he loves him and he has a beautiful family and he’s heading to bed. Jack gives him a hug and says great job today. He sings loudly all my exes live in Texas. Jack asks Tommy if he’s talked to Michie and Tommy says yes. It’s a great idea. He doesn’t love that he’s going up but...Jack says he should have won. Tommy says it’s fine. Tommy says it’s not about winning every single thing, it’s about how you deal with each situation. They say Michie’s plan is brilliant.


2:25 AM BBT Christie, Holly, and Sis give hugs and they are heading off to bed. The HOH room has cleared out except for Jess, Nicole, Kat, Sam, Bella, and Michie. Sis, Tommy, and Christie are doing ADL’s getting ready for bed. Bella and Sam have left the HOH. Tommy says it will be a scary week. Christie is saying she feels like it’s going to be her and Nick. The HOH room has emptied out and Cliff takes off his robe and heads downstairs.



***If someone can pick up from 2:30 am that'd be great! I know a Michie/Cliff talk is coming up concerning nominations.*** 

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2:40 AM BBT Michie talks with Cliff alone in HOH claiming that he was never a target and that Nickella would surely have gone on the block if anyone else won HOH. He pushed for Cliff to put up himself as a pawn so he can win veto, alongside Nick or Bella and possibly backdoor the other. He pledges allegiance to Cliff and then tells Cliff he wants to get Christie because she has something to share that will be the "cherry on top" (no doubt, her diamond power of veto)


When Michie leaves to go get Christie, Cliff shakes his head a bit, does a few tisk, tisks then says "Let the dance begin"


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2:53 AM BBT  Christie and Michie head into the HOHR

Christie tells Cliff he was never the target but when it came to him vs. Nicole, she had overheard their names during his Cliff Notes; she tells Cliff that if the 6 of them voting him out means she goes on the block, she understands because he is going to do whatever is best for his game. "I do have the third power and I do want to tell you about it and either take it for what it is and say 'great Christie thinks she's f'ing cool because she has a f'ing power' or come up with a way that we can all utilize...it's only good for 3 weeks...it's the diamond power of veto

Cliff- that's the big one, isn't it?



3:04 AM BBT Cliff-  I'm back and forth trying to figure it out and I just don't know.... we've talked a little bit about different options and such....let me ask you a question: How do I insure that I'm not going to be a an immediate target by some of y'all once my threat has passed?

Christie tells Cliff that Nicole campaigned that she never said our names and they felt that made her the better option  [that is not what he asked, Christie]  "Nicole said 'I'm not bad for your game' and we felt bad the way we went after....going forward, you would not be my target"



3:21 AM BBT Cliff and Kat alone in HOHR

Kat- people are scared shitless right now

Cliff- good

Cliff assures Kat that she is safe

Kat tells Cliff she didn't know it was going to be him evicted "that whole time I thought you were safe [she really DOES have a good poker face  -MamaLong]

Kat tells Cliff she is completely solo when he asks who she is tight with; she tells him she wouldn't put up Michie or Holly

Cliff- there is potentially going to be blood on my hands, but it is what it is

Kat- I'm sure they will try to convince you to get rid of Nick, Bella, and Sam

Cliff- I'm sure they will try....we can get out whoever we want




5:10 AM BBT Michie and Kat were the last ones up in the kitchen; lots of flirting between these two; Kat tells Jackson she had a dream about winning HOH and the two of them in the shower then him hiding from Holly;  Jackson denies having sex with Holly; she jokes about her fingers insinuating masturbation "it's natural"...lots of teasing...lots of flirting

Michie- Baseball, baseball, baseball

Kat- where is Holly....don't y'all keep tabs on each other?


The flirting continued into the bathroom area during Michie's shower where Kat teases that she will go to their wedding (Hichie)

Michie- that's not happening

Kat- well that's f'ed up

Michie- my mom is gonna kill me


(Sorry, I have to cut out to go see the Lion King  -MamaLong)


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3:04AM BBT:  Cliff asks Christie and Jackson, "how do I insure that I'm not going to be an immediate target" after his HOH is over. Christie says she understands. She tries to explain why she voted for him to leave. She talks about Nicole's conversation an hour before the eviction and how Nicole told them Cliff is the one that's going to come after them. Christie says it didn't "sit right" with her to vote Nicole out because she wants to go after big targets. Christie tells Cliff he won't be one of her targets after this week. 


3:07AM BBT: Christie tells them their eight person alliance has "imploded" and that Cliff isn't even on their radar. Christie says he's not on Jack or Jackson's radar and the girls just go with the flow. "This stays here," Jackson says and then proceeds to tell him that Jack never had an issue with Cliff directly, it was just because Jack heard Cliff mention Analyse's name and Jack didn't want anything to happen to Analyse. 


3:10AM BBT: Christie wants to know where Cliff stand with Nicole, but before Cliff is able to say anything Jackson cuts him off. "No one should be treated like that," Jackson then continues to talk about how poorly Nicole was treated and how "no one wanted to see her go." He says Nick and Bella didn't like Nicole, they like her. Cliff says he likes Nicole on a personal level, but she overplayed the game. 


3:12AM BBT: Cliff says he thinks Nicole may have drug his game down a little bit. Jackson says Nicole didn't change Cliff's game. "I like Nicole," Cliff says, "I did not like Kemi." Christie says Nicole should be grateful they kept her instead of upset about Kemi being gone. BB cuts the cameras away when they start to bad-mouth Kemi. 


3:14AM BBT: Cameras are back on the HOHR and Jackson, Christie, and Cliff are still talking. Cliff says he doesn't have a target right now and he's trying to figure out what to do. He says he doesn't want any blood on his hands and he needs time to "process" and "figure it out." Christie tells him to get some sleep and they'll talk tomorrow morning. 


3:17AM BBT: Kat rings the doorbell and Jackson says "oh gosh." She enters the room and Christie tells her she's sleeping in the CBR. Cliff says he's happy to not sleep in the TBR. Christie leaves the HOHR and Jackson follows. Cliff says he's going to use the WC while Kat hangs out in the HOHR. She asks if he's ready for everyone to come up and make their pitches. "Funny how the tables have turned," she says.


3:24AM BBT: Kat tells Cliff in the HOHR to play for his game. "You know what I mean?" She asks. Cliff says he's looking at the HGs who are not coupled up and he says they don't need to be threatened by the couples and if they all get together they can get them out. Kat says she's worried for when the six-person alliance turns against each other. They both agree that the alliance wouldn't hesitate to get rid of her or Cliff. 


3:27AM BBT: Cliff says he doesn't believe it when they tell him they decided an hour before the vote who to send home. Kat says Holly said an hour before that they were still voting Nicole out. She tells Cliff to talk to Jess. Kat says it's "really shady." They continue to talk about the vote. 


3:31AM BBT: Jess comes up to the HOHR, she says Cliff has people "shakin' in their boots down there." Jess says it's nice that there's not a party happening up in the HOHR. Cliff says there are "consequences to every action" and they should be shaking in their boots.


3:38AM BBT: Cliff tells Jessica and Kat in the HOHR that he's going to visit with everyone. He tells them he won't be putting either of them up on the block. Cliff says there are powers out there and he doesn't know what they'll do. "All of us working together is our best chance to stay alive," he says. Both girls agree. Cliff says he doesn't want this game to end with the six-person alliance being the final six. 


3:44AM BBT: Jackson is in the KT with Nicole. Nicole wonders who Cliff will put up. Jackson thinks Cliff will put him and Jack up. "one day at a time," Nicole says. Holly leaves the DR and Jackson asks what they said to her. BB immediately tells them not to talk about the DR. They talk about Holly's make-up.


3:46AM BBT: Jackson is called into the DR. Holly says she's pissed and going to bed. They hug and kiss and Holly tells him she hopes his DR session is quick. Jess, Kat, and Cliff are in the HOHR talking about Nick. Jess doesn't think Nick "is genuine." 


3:55AM BBT:  The three in the HOHR are talking about the votes and who wanted who to go home. Jess says Jackson is the "master manipulator" in this situation because of all his final two deals. They talk about Jackson having Ovi under a "trance." 

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3:56AM BBT: The three in the HOHR talk about Jackson. Cliff says Jackson is the first on his list of targets to consider. Kat says Jackson made her lose the spinning log competition by "slicing" her hands off the log. Cliff says he was never targeting Analyse and Jack, so he doesn't know what that's about. Jess says Christie is paranoid, but a "straight shooter." Jess says Jack doesn't listen to women and wouldn't listen to Christie if she tells him to do something.


3:59AM BBT: They talk about Jack in the HOHR, Cliff says Jack is also on his list now. Cliff says it "bothers" him that Holly and Jackson voted against him, but he trusts them more than Nick and Bella or Jack and Analyse. He doesn't believe everything they're telling him. Kat says she and Holly "are close." Jess says Holly isn't the manipulative type. 


4:00AM BBT: Cliff tells Kat and Jess in the HOHR that he's looking at Christie and Tommy and Jack and Analyse. He's not so sure about Christie now because of her power. Kat says Analyse is worse than Kemi. She says all the things Kemi did, Analyse does worse. Kat says Analyse never cleans, is always bored and wants to go home. They all agree Analyse is playing both sides with Bella and Nick and the six. 


4:02AM BBT: Cliff says he loves Tommy, but so does everyone else and that's why Tommy could win. Jess says if Cliff puts Jack on the block and he stays up there, it would be an almost unanimous vote to send Jack home. Kat says Tommy is a floater. 


4:04AM BBT: Nicole joins the trio in the HOHR. Nicole says she got out of the DR and had cereal. "How are we doing up here?" She asks. Cliff says they're "doing well" and having an "outcast meeting." Cliff says he'll talk to everyone tomorrow. He tells them that he won't be "intimidated into making decisions" and he'll do what's best for his game and their game. He's not targeting anyone who has already been on the block.


4:06AM BBT: Jess asks how Nicole's relationship with Bella and Nick is. Nicole says she "doesn't even know" and hasn't spoken with them at all.  Cliff tells them his decision won't be personal and will be based on what will help their group move forward. "I haven't figured it out yet," Cliff says. 


4:16AM BBT: Jessica says she doesn't feel like she's a big enough threat to deserve being put up twice on the block so far. Cliff says he trusts them but doesn't trust the rest of the house. "They'll screw us over," Cliff says. "We're the lowest on the pole," Nicole says. 


4:25AM BBT: Cliff wants their group of four to "have a week" and not worry about being sent home. He says he can't help it if someone uses a power, but they'll "figure it out." Jess says anything that comes out of "Nick and Bella's mouth is suspect." "I know," Cliff says. Nicole says "Bella is good," and Cliff says he understands. He says Bella worries him more than Nick. 


4:26AM BBT: The four in the HOHR talk about the powers and who has what. Cliff says he thinks Jackson has the power from the snake comp because it's the only time Jackson has talked about failing at something. Cliff says Jackson having a power could benefit them if they don't put Jackson on the block. 


4:34AM BBT: The group in the HOHR starts to break up with everyone wanting to go to go bed. "We're survivors," Cliff says, "we'll talk later."  Kat says she thought she was going to be called to the DR, but she hasn't been. They go downstairs to see what time it is.


4:38AM BBT: Kat is in the WA with Jackson, who is showering. She tells Jackson that he and Holly "are good." Kat says she'll "keep trying." Jackson wants to know what Cliff said upstairs. Kat says they had a "really great talk" but then Jess came up and she can't "talk in front of Jess." Kat says Nicole came up and it "f***ing sucked." 


4:40AM BBT: Kat tells Jackson that Cliff is sick of the hierarchy in the house and he wants to get rid of that. Kat says she told Cliff not to put up Jackson or Holly and Cliff agreed to not do that. Jackson says he knows Cliff will put up him, Jack, Christie, or Tommy. Kat tells Jackson that Cliff may want to take a shot at an "alpha male" and it would be Jack. 


4:42AM BBT: Kat says Cliff doesn't trust Nick and she would rather see Jack go than Jackson. Jackson says he's trying to go up on the block as a pawn to save Jack. They continue to whisper in the WA about what Cliff said upstairs. Kat says she's only worried about saving Jackson and Holly.


5:00AM BBT: Jackson and Kat are still whispering in the WA. Kat wants to know what Jackson's power is, Jackson says he "can't make up a power." He tells Kat that if he had a power he would tell her. "I don't have a power," Jackson says. "Ok," Kat says.


5:00AM BBT: Kat says she's going to stop standing "awkwardly in front of the shower." "It's not the first time you've done it," Jackson says, "and it won't be the last." Jackson then says, "help me out KitKat." He wants Kat to help him get on the block. 

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5:10AM BBT: Jackson continues to shower while Kat takes off her make up. Jackson asks Kat if she wants to just  "f**k it and stay up all night?" "And do what?" Kat asks. "I literally don't know," Jackson says. "No let's go to bed," Kat says. "I was just kidding," Jackson says. Everyone else in the house is asleep.


5:12AM BBT: Jackson says he feels bad for David, but not for Kemi. Kat says Kemi can "go kick rocks," and BB immediately switches the cameras off of them. 


5:25AM BBT: Jackson and Kat are still chatting in the WA. Kat says she's scared to win HOH because she doesn't know what her letter would say. Kat says she requested that Brett write her HOH letter. Kat says she doesn't want her parents to be disappointed in her. She says she's scared about what people think of their season. 


5:31AM BBT: Jackson puts the dishes away in the KT and putting away leftovers. Jackson says he "loves cookin' but hates cleanin'." Kat says she loves to clean. Jackson says they're a "match made in Heaven."


5:32AM BBT: Kat asks Jackson where Holly is. Jackson says he doesn't know and Kat says she thought he would know. Jackson says he's "not controlling." Kat tells him about a dream she had about her and Jackson in the HOH shower while Holly was trying to find him. They talk about what Jackson may or may not be doing in the HOH shower with Holly. 


5:35AM BBT: Jackson and Kat continue to giggle in the KT. Their conversation is suggestive and Jackson eventually says, "feeds!" 


5:40AM BBT: Cliff watches Jackson and Kat in the KT through the HOH cameras. Jackson tells Kat he likes to make things "interesting in here every once in a while." Kat asks him what he did and Jackson tells her she'll get a kick out of it when she watches the season back. 


5:40AM BBT: Kat leaves the KT and they exchange "I love yous." When Kat walks away Jackson yells "baseball." Kat turns around but we don't know what she says, Jackson says, "you did...already."


5:50AM BBT: Jackson is finally in bed and the last one asleep. The BB house is dark. 


8:47AM BBT: All of the HGs are still asleep and the lights are all off. 

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9:07 AM BBT  After Cliff goes to the WC in the HOH room (earlier), he is back in bed snoring in the HOH room.  All lights are off, everyone is sleeping.  It was a late night, so BB must be letting them sleep in.

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9:44 AM BBT  Lights are still off and HGs are sleeping.


9:57 AM BBT  We have WBRB/FoTH  Wake up time??


10:04 AM BBT  Cliff is still in bed in the dark, Nick is in bed, talking to someone, possibly Tommy.  He says it sucks, today is the day, then back to FoTH

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4:05 AM BBT The Outcasts convene in the HOHR  (Cliff, Nicole, Kat, and Jess)  [*see details above from Kelly6]


[It truly is a beautiful picture to look at three individuals put on the block last week by Nick sitting in that HOH Room]




Cliff was up very, very late dancing all around the HOH room and bathroom in his HOH robe to his George Strait tunes and looking at the pics of his beautiful family. He turned the lights out at 5:02 AM and crawled into bed with Orwell at his side.  [finally some sweet slumber for Cliff Hogg]

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10:15 AM BBT  Feeds are back.  Tommy and Jack are in the KT.  Tommy said whatever time they tell us is when it is.  Cliff is still asleep in the darkened HOH room.  Feeds switch to Michie and Holly, but cant hear what they are saying.  Holly appears to be asleep, someone off camera is talking, but can't see or hear.  Feeds switch back to KT.  They are talking about Holly being called to the DR at 4 AM, and Jackson was after that.  Also comments on the TBR being so hot.  They said it is hotter in there than outside.  They thought it would be cold.  Nick comes in, Tommy and Jack say good morning.  Tommy tells Nick of a dream he had where they were riding bicycles and someone hit the curb and Nick made fun of them.  Nick said that is so him.  They try to decide if nominations are today or tomorrow, and when were the others?  Not much talking going on.


Nick goes upstairs to talk with Cliff.  It took Cliff a while to open the door, he just got up and in WC.  Nick tells Cliff he knows he and Bella are at the top of the pecking order (to go home) from the couples.  Nick tells Cliff he knows one of the powers, Cliff said he does, too!  They compare notes, Christie told the truth about her power.  Cliff wants Nick's input on nominations.  Cliff wants to work with Nick and Bella, but he isn't sure who to put up in case the Diamond Veto is used and someone random goes up.  Nick says Jack is his main target.  He said Jackson does whatever Jack says.  They discuss the couples, and wonder if Christie would use the power if not on herself.  Nick says Cliff has to do what is best for his own game.  Cliff mentioned he and Nicole don't talk much game, as Nick was trying to find out who had the other power.  Nick keeps pushing for 2 of the 6 to go up.  Cliff said noms are today, he will talk with him later.

10:32 AM BBT  Cliff told Nick that if Nick goes home, then Cliff is still at the bottom.  Nick leaves, Cliff puts on his mic and HOH key. and heads downstairs.  Cliff said it got chilly in the HOH room, but took a while.  He heads into the TBR to get clothes out of his luggage.  BB says there are fresh batteries in the SR.

Tommy is in the WA with Holly and Sis.  They are talking about the veto.  Sam is in the shower, Holly and Sis doing ADLs and possibly Bella i the other shower (very short, hard to see).

10:38 AM BBT  Feeds switch to KT.  Jack is cleaning and talking with Tommy.  Feeds come in mid conversation.  Cliff is upstairs putting his clothes away.  Nicole comes through, they say good morning to her.  She asks about Cliff, they think he is taking a shower since he got his clothes. Jess comes in as well.  Nicole gives Jack and Tommy a hug.  Tommy asks if Nicole can make him tea, too.  Tommy is saying he swears the clock changed from 8:58 to 10:15.  He thinks BB is messing with them with the time.  Jack is now going to clean out the fridge.  Cliff comes downstairs and Jack asks if he needs help taking his stuff upstairs.  Cliff said no, he is just taking a little at a time, and seeing what he has.  Cliff goes to the SR to change batteries, camera follows him instead of the group in the KT. (Holly has joined).

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10:49 AM BBT Sam goes to HOHR to visit with the king

Cliff- you know that the others want me to go after Nick and Bella and Nick and Bella want me to go after the others

Sam- yeah

Cliff- Nick and Bella are now on the outs with those 8

Sam- in order to go after a big person in the house it's gonna get nasty...I don't know if Christie is one of your targets but .....obviously I voted in a wrong way and it caused complete chaos....it's ridiculous now...Nick and Bella know they're done....do you want to make a big move?  If you don't you're gone next week.

Cliff- I know...it doesn't do me any good to take out a Jess or Kat and then be in the same predicament the next week


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10:47 AM BBT  Cliff goes to TBR to get more of his things, Holly is back in bed with Michie.  Cliff forgot something, went back in, then out again with a bag.  Feeds back to KT, where Jack is saying the dreams in the house are really different. Cliff heads back upstairs.  Someone is singing, no FoTH or BB warning.  Jack is still cleaning out the fridge.

Tommy goes into the WA where Nick and Sis are talking.  Tommy offers to leave, Sis said no, they aren't saying anything.  They are just talking about Cliff, wondering what he are going to do.  Nick says he was upstairs for a few minutes this morning, but didn't get any idea of what he is going to do (good cover).  Nick is lamenting that He is either going home this week, or the next couple of weeks, so it doesn't matter.  Sis is telling him he doesn't know that. 

10:51 AM BBT  Sam is up in the HOH room talking to Cliff.  Sam is complaining about not being in on what the vote is.  Sam asks if he wants to make a big move.  Cliff said he doesn't know if he will ever get another HOH, and he isn't going to waste it taking out Jess or Kat.  Sam tells Cliff whatever he does, he will still be a target next week.  Sam is pushing to put up Jack and Michie.  He says Cliff will have the votes to take out Jack.  Sam is giving points on what next week would be depending on who goes home.

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10:54 AM BBT HOHR  Sam and Cliff

Sam- if you were to go after Jack and Michie...one of them has a power....you don't want one saving the other...put them both up and don't say who is a pawn...see what happens....you have all of the people to vote behind you

Cliff- yeah

Sam- you would only have to worry about them the next week, those 4 (Jack, Michie, Holly and Sis)

Cliff- how tight are Christie and Jack? they are tight, right?

Sam- yeah, but Jack is the major one that has to go...and Christie was losing her mind over the veto thing (when she was HOH)...she was crying and cursing Jack out


11:05 AM BBT  It's Bella's turn with Cliff in the HOHR

Cliff- you know they're throwing you and Nick under the bus, right?

Bella- yeah, it's always something every week

Cliff- I've got to make sure that you, Nick and Sam....and Jess and Nicole and there's someone else... *feeds cut*


11:11 AM BBT *feeds return*

Bella- in your position...I don't know... Kat? I know they had a faux alliance with her...Jess doesn't always vote with Kat....you don't know who you can trust

You will always have Nick and my support.

Cliff- we are all taking a bit of a risk this week

Bella- yeah, lines have been drawn

Cliff- it would be easy for me to say screw it and put you and Nick up and they would all be applauding me

Bella- being realistic, if I were in your shoes...they want you out so bad

Cliff- I know...I've got to do what I've got to do.... (to Bella) I  think we are cool. We are all going to have to work together and trust each other....if I put Christie up she would take herself down....I haven't worked the numbers yet...I can't worry too much about the powers because (Christie, Michie, Jack) could have the power

Bella- we got burned...I am thinking if I were you...if I had won HOH I would put up Jack and Christie then put up Michie or Sis if one of them came down....I've thought about a lot of things, too...clearly you know this game Cliff. This is a big one.   I want to win something. If I get HOH I am going to take a stab...I promise you

Cliff- a couple of quick options: say  naJack or Sis or Jack and Tommy combo

Bella- if Tommy came down who would you put up

Cliff- I would go with Michie or Sis


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11:22 AM BBT  *The feeds cut when Bella starts explaining to Cliff that she doesn't know why everyone is threatened by her because she doesn't know the game...you know I was....at word "recruited" the feeds cut


11:24 AM BBT  Jack brings coffee to Cliff and to visit with the king

Jack- I'm cleaning the fridge so I'll keep this brief and I'm not used to talking this

Cliff- yesterday was a punch in the gut...this whole idea that I was targeting you and Sis...there was nothing to that...I picked you represent me (pov)...it always bothers me when things are being said that were never said

Jack- the voting turned...your play is incredible...you are remarkable...I love your story...there's points where you can't be fully honest in this game. When it comes to morality...there were things that happened last week with Nicole....Nicole couldn't have been a victim. Nicole is a wonderful person. We made a play to stand against what was being done (putting all the blame on Nickella). You're a man who stands for certain things and I know it

Cliff- thank you Jack

Jack- I trust your decision...no matter what your decision it is what is best for your game...if I need to be one of those people, I trust your play...and I love playing in POVs...let's go...I want you to know that Nicole's vote wasn't a personal vendetta against you

Cliff- she was a bit of a Maverick and she got caught up in some stuff, but whatever I do moving forward, it would be easy for me to be a target on your side and I don't know how to get around that. How can I do what I do and protect my game? I don't know yet.

Jack- I anticipate you will get a visit from other people that will have thoughts. It's not my shot to shoot. I think there is a play here for you and there are a certain amount of people that need to go way before you. You weren't in my sights for the next several weeks. There is a play to make a move for you...that's what you are looking for today. I'm a big person, despite going in to voting and say I have you and not being able to tell the whole truth...I'm always going to try to be honest with you moving forward. There's vast possibilities for you to not shed blood (suggesting Nick and Michie)

Cliff- let me sit on it

Jack- I trust your decision

Cliff- I have not made my decision

Jack- I'm gonna go




11:33 AM BBT HOHR doorbell rings.....it's Kat

Kat- I didn't get any sleep.... I think Jackson was trying to do damage control with me because he knows he blindsided me. Did Jackson tell you to put him up as a pawn?

Cliff- ye...  (he stops himself)......he didn't say that but it wouldn't surprise me

Kat- that's dumb

Cliff- I don't think Nick and Bella will be my big targets this week

Kat- I don't think they should be

Cliff- and I'm not going after you or Nicole or Jess. I'm not interested in going after Jackson or Holly...are there any of those with the 4 (remaining) that you would be against voting for..I want to make sure I have your support  (Sis, Jack, Tommy, Christie)

Kat- I would hate to vote against Tommy or Christie

Cliff- Tommy would strictly be a pawn

Kat- I hate putting names in my mouth but I would put up Jack and SIs

Cliff- if Jack wins veto and takes himself off...(he doesn't really want to target Sis)...if Jack pulls himself off I could put up someone else. Christie isn't really my target either


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11:30 AM BBT  The parade continues.  Sam leaves, Bella talks game to Cliff.  Bella leaves, Jack comes up.  Jack talks in circles without really saying anything other than Cliff has a big move that could help him.  Jack goes back to the KT to finish the fridge,  Kat comes up and rings the doorbell.   Cliff stands behind the door and says come in, Kat is like...where are you?  Cliff pokes his head out and scares her.  Kat and Cliff discuss if Michie offered himself up as a pawn, Cliff said no, he just went over some scenarios.  Kat tells Cliff that Ovi had the power, and what it was.  Cliff keeps saying that is interesting.  Kat thinks Jackson might have a power.  Cliff says he doesn't think Nick and Bella are his targets this week.  Kat agrees.  He said he is not going after her, Jess, Nicole, or Sam.  He said that leaves 6 people.  He really doesn't see putting up Michie and Holly.  That leaves 4 people.  Kat says she loves Christie, Nicole and Jess love Christie.  They don't see Tommy going home.  Cliff says if Jack goes up and takes himself off, he really isn't interested in Sis going home.  He said if he puts up Jack and Tommy, and Jack comes down, he would put up Christie, and that isn't his target either.  Cliff is trying to figure out the best combination to put up.

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11:37 AM BBT  Kat says Jackson keeps saying he wants to go up as a pawn to keep Jack safe.  Kat says that is so stupid.  Cliff really doesn't want Tommy to go home.  Cliff said it has been suggested to make the easy move to put up Kat and Jess, but he said he isn't going to do that.  It wouldn't help his game.  Cliff is leaning for Jack.  BB calls Cliff to the downstairs DR.  Kat hugs him, as they think it is Nomination time.  Kat goes downstairs.  Nick says Cliff has nothing to lose if he makes a big move.  Everyone says the same thing.  Jack goes to the BLR, trying to get info from Nicole, Holly and Kat.  Kat is playing stupid.  They say they didn't get any sleep. Also they don't think Jack will go up.  Christie comes in, says good morning.  She said she didn't get a chance to talk with Cliff one on one, and he is already called to the DR.  Christie said she is probably the biggest threat, and she didn't get to talk with him.  Jack said he didn't hear anything bad from Cliff about Christie.  She said she told him she will respect him no matter what.  Christie also tells them about her Diamond power.  Now the entire house knows.  Tommy comes in and Holly, Kat and Jack all leave.  Kat goes to the WA with Michie and Holly and tells them they are not going up, they are safe.  Holly is upset she hasn't been included in any game talk.  Kat reassures her they are both safe.  Michie is talking with Kat, trying to get info.  She is telling everything she knows (she asked Cliff for it to be just between them, but she is spilling it all). 

11:50 AM BBT  Kat and Michie still talking in the WA.  Jack comes in, and Kat said Cliff didn't mention his name. Michie hopes their plan works.  Jack says what he told Cliff (which was talking in circles)  Jack said something about integrity.  Michie keeps saying if this work, he will be ecstatic.  He said he will have to look devastated, but he will be ecstatic.  Michie compares Cliff to  the bass that has been in the lake forever.  You can go swim after it, but cast a long line.  Jack is now telling Holly what he said to Cliff, and how Cliff hasn't made a decision yet.  He said Cliff just mentioned who put him up (Christie and Nick) and Jackson banished him.  Kat is brushing her teeth, hard to hear Jack.  ( he thinks he knows what is going on). 

11:57 AM BBT  WBRB/ Foth

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12:00 PM BBT Holly and Michie are fighting 

Jackson tells Holly he is trying to keep them safe and she has to calm down. Holly is pissed that Kat is monopolizing Cliff's time and not giving them a chance to talk to him. 


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11:55AM BBT Jackson, Kat and jack are in the WCA. Jackson tells Jack that he can not go on the block. Jack says he didn't offer himself up as a pawn. Jackson says it has to be him. Kat tells them she doesn't want either of them to go home for eye candy purposes and giggles.They just keep going back on forth on their great plan.


11:59AM BBT Jack says he told Cliff if he is the next POV then thats great and he is ready to fight. Jack says if this works it will be great.


12:03PM BBT Tommy and Nicole chat in the lounge. Tommy is explaning why they didn't tell her the plan yesterday.Tommy tells her that Michie says Cliff wants to work with him. Michie offered hmself as a pawn.



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11:58 AM BBT  Tommy and Nicole are in the BLR.  Tommy is telling Nicole the plan was to save her as soon as she was put up.  He said they couldn't tell her because it wasn't a sure thing, plus they didn't want her to know so she wouldn't act differently.  Nicole says Tommy as a gay man and Christie as a gay woman know what bullying is, and she was sure they should see it. 

Tommy tells Nicole Michie's plan, to put himself and Nick up.  Nicole said what if Bella wins the veto and takes him off?  Tommy said she won't do that, she gets to frazzled.  She can't win anything.  He said if Michie comes down, then Bella goes up and they can get rid of whoever they want.


12:04 PM BBT  FoTH.  Feeds back again, Tommy and Nicole are still talking.  BB says for the HGs to go to the HOH room for a lock down.  They are surprised, said does that ever happen?  They head upstairs.

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