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Wednesday, July 17, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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Camera returns to house guests serving themselves the chicken, rice/broccoli meal.


Christie says the meal was Tommy's invention.


Tommy says he will make brown rice.


Nick is in in line getting food, David steps back and let's Bella go ahead of him.


David, “I am a gentleman.”


Bella flirtatious smile.


(Obvious: David is saying that HE is a gentleman, and NICK, who did not allow Bella to go ahead of him is not.--had to watch it to catch it. Pretty sure Bella got it and Nick was oblivious. 8:21pm Camera 1)


House guests are taking turns telling their happiest moments in the house. After the circle is completed house guests begin leaving the table, still talking about their happy times.



Tommy has come into the target bedroom, Christie comes into the room, asks if he wants to be alone, Tommy tells her “you are always a part of my alone.” Jack follows them in. They talk about the competition coming tomorrow. Christie wishes for an alone place. Jack says Michie is okay with not telling Kat about the vote. Tommy says they can discuss more, Jack says Michie and Holly wondered if they should tell her, and to keep her vote the same so they don't lose Kat later.


Jack says he told Nick today that Cliff “scares me.”


Christie says they could tell Kat what they are doing, and she can vote however she wants. Tommy says tell her it was a last minute decision, and feels better. Christie is counting votes after this eviction.


Tommy says Kat knows the 8 and she named them to Holly.


Jack says he will let Michie and Holly know how they are handling Kat in this vote.


Tommy hopes Ovi comes back, Christie tells them she wants to tell everyone about Ovi's power. Tommy says they need to pull Ovi into the group, that he fears the unknown with David.


Cliff comes into the room and talk stops he doesn't stay long.


FISH 8:53pm


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10:00PM BBT TBR Cliff, Nicole, Tommy, Sam, Christie, Nick talking about who the gay people are in the house and how they came out to the houseguests.  Cliff says they are making desert cooking down the apples.  Sam says they told him in the DR once "that's great, but lets bring it down a little bit."   Nick says he could think of the emotion but not feel it.  He says Tommy fixed him (in the DR) and told him to not think about the emotion, feel the emotion.  Tommy says he does bullet points.  I say I have to go 1,2,3,4   Then says ok, i will hit on all of those bullet points.  Sam say he just rips through it and we can direct it later.  Tommy says when you watch the DR it's not even like they are part of the show, they all disagree.  They saw when you see them on the show, it appears all effortless but no, it was like 3 days of changes.  BBAD FINALLY flips off of that feed and in the background you hear Bob tell the HG, "You are not allowed to talk about your Diary room sessions with other houseguests."  That was after a long discussion.  [rms - WAY too late BOB, LOL]


10:06PM BBT DT Jess, Kat, Ovi, Michie, Sis  Michie asks if Jess will pop her back. She does after he directs her where to place her hands.  Fairly loud pop.  Ovi then wants his, and she does with a pretty loud pop.  He says he never had it that deep.  Laughs break out.  Kat is up next.  Hers didn't pop. 

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10:09PM BBT   Christie comforting Jack in his bad.  Jack cries and says, "Yeah, it's probably the best play because I can't talk about it, I can't, I legally can not."  Christie says, No, i know, No, I know, and I wish you can cus i know you would talk about it.  Love you, love you, love you so much, I really love you,...   

[rms - these people throw that around so much it's obvious they don't know the meaning of the word]


Christie says, "But the only way you can think of it is they are both a part of who we are, our story,..."


KT/DT rest of house are in there making food as Holly and Bella are making the apple dish, maybe apple turnovers 


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10:15PM BBT Jess, Nicole, Sam are looking at the picture on the memory wall commenting on them  Nick from the KT says,  "Isabella does not look like that at all.  She literally looks like she f'ng runs a fortune 500 company makes $250,000 a year."  Kat and someone else says she might.  Nick says, "She will, but not right now."  They say she could be lying,..


Jess, Sam and Nicole stopped talking while he interrupts them and for a while after.  Eventually Jess starts the conversation up again.  They talk about how the pictures are cropped making some heads look smaller.  Nicole mostly just sits and nods and grins.  

[rms - shame what the overpowering by some people has down to some of the HG]

Nicole and Jess make a comment about Jess' fingernail polish.  They both keep saying Gorgeous with an accent like New JOYSEY,  and Oh, my gawd.

Jess talking to Kemi now and Nicole just listening.


10:19PM BBT Sis talking to Christie on another side of the DT.   Would be nice to hear but too much noise around as they whisper. Then louder, Christie says she likes Sis' ear rings. Sis says she can borrow them anytime.  

[rms- hire real AUDIO/SOUND ENGINEERS!!!!!!!  heard of a mixing board?  Faders to adjust each HG's input? ARRRGGGHHHHHH!!!] 

Sis says it hurts to swallow.  Christie asks if she gargled salt water, Yes.  Then Tommy shows up and asks the same.  

Jackson on the couch in the KT/DT sings "You don't have to be lonely at Farmer's only dot com"

Back to Christie, Tommy and Sis with Orwell.  Tommy says he really does want to cuddle with him.


10:26PM BBT Hoh bathroom.  Sam in shower and Nick talking to him about questions he asks people.  Sam brings up that he thought he heard Nick say Greatful and sam's ears popped up.  Nick returns to talking about some Therapy techniques he uses.  Brings up a book but can't remember the person's name, assume the author's.  He then offers some examples of how it would be used.  Gives an example of challenging them.  Says that you need to build the rapport before you do.  Says an example where you would ask someone, I know you are trying to stop smoking but what are you doing to accomplish it,...


Ovi comforting Nicole as she cry in the WA for a while, Sis comes in and apologizes.   Nicole leaves saying she needs to pull her s together.

Ovi then stands at the sink tapping his finger on it a while.  Says "it's never easy"   Sis apparently got a to wipe her makeup off and sat there.  You see her sitting on the WA couch as Ovi leaves.  Ovi gets called out by Bob to move his mic up higher.


10:32PM BBT KT Bella is smashing apples in the skillet apparently. Holly says they were like really, they kept being like trust like they were like really pushing a showmance on me. I was like why, and then like yeah, they kept saying stuff they were like just wait, just wait.  So i'm like i don't know who they were thinking but they were like just wait.  Michie replies, "Yeah, I was told i was f'd."  Holly replied, "You were told what?"  Michie, "I was f'd.  Like i stood no chance like it was gonna happen."  [rms - please learn how to speak, this is impossible to follow]


HoH Bathroom.  Sam&Nick Sam says when she was down there and got teary eyed, you and I being the outlet.  Jack gets up and hugs her.  Nick says she wasn't teary-eyed until Jack hugged her.  Sam, Jack picked up on something they should've.  Nick says, he was right there, trust him, Nick disagreed and said she got teary eyed after Jack hugged her and she got emotional.


KT Bella chopping up/smashing the apples in a sauce(?)  Michie asked if they put them on full.  Holly says no we greased the pan but, whatever.  Michie, you're putting white bread on it, white and wheat bread, it's gonna stick.  Holly, "Shut up"  She turns back to Bella and adds some water to the pan.  Ovi yells over that theirs is better than Arby's.  (apple turnovers) Ovi loves them but.  Bella says she likes the ones from like McDonalds'  Michie loudly says "Wow, congratulations girls, y'all are better than Arby's"   Bella, "I've never had that, that's like honestly catching on, right?"  Holly, "Aim for the stars"   Ovi starts asking if they can say the slogan, Michie says "We have the meats."  Ovi, "A lot of girls around me don't know the slogan, it's weird."  Holly and Bella mock it being weird or shocking... why would they know...


David tells Michie he pulled some fish out of freezer and put in the fridge and he is not sure how to cook it.  They show up in the SR, was obvious he wanted to talk.  They dig in fridge, leaving the doors open as they stand there talking.  Michie even opens it fully open both sides leaving it open as he walks over to the far end of the cabinets to very slowly get a pill.  

[rms- do they buy stock in the power company before they move in?]   David closes the doors.



David talks about how Jack felt no need to talk to him but Michie has and David tries to campaign to not be put out immediately if he gets back in.  David says he would be safe if it is the best case scenario for the whole house.  Michie says a bunch of different ways that it only matters if its the best case scenario where the power lie, where the numbers are,...

Michie says just worry about doing your part by coming back.  Michie says he always believed he would be back. convo repeats again and again.  Then Michie moves back to drink form the soy milk carton to take a pill and then complain he doesn't even like soy milk.


CBR Kemi and Nicole talking about trying to dial it down...  Separating Game from personal...


10:48PM BBT KT Michie, Jess, Holly, Bella, Nicole, Kemi, Cliff, David  Michie says "Bulking season is over"  repeats this to several attempts by people to get him to eat what they made.  Holly licks her fingers, we watch as Bella dips her finger into the sauce on the pan with the turnovers, then licks, again in the food, licks, ...

[rms - Sis is likely sick and they all do this, how long till all HG are sick?]


Holly asks Michie if he wants to lick the spoon.  He repeats, "Bulking season is over" then people get on him for it just being a lick.  David says, so you put him down when he is in the most control, terrible.  Michie chimes in, "how backasswards is this rationale"

Bella picks up a bowl or something David has mixed food up in and asks, Oh are you using this?"  She had already dipped her finger in it and licked it once and was doing it again as he asked, "is it good" she says yes and asks what's in it.  He makes her keep guessing as he gets a goofy smirk on his face and starts doing some weird dorky shoulder sway thing until he tells her, Peanut Butter, Cream Cheese and sugar

Bella then says her head hurts, David says you need to lay down, take an advil.  Then she shows people where her head hurts.  

[rms - may end up watching BB infirmary soon as unsanitary as they are]


Michie tells Christie if she has kids she has to let him babysit. ...  People are coming in to get more apple turnovers.  


HoH Bella delivers one to Nick.


BRL - Tommy tells Sis she would go offer up to Jack that she knows it is weird but if he ever needs to talk.


Back to pressuring Michie to eat what Holly made.  He repeats,...  then gives Holly a long look as she walks away and says David picks up what i'm throwing down,... well, NO HE DIDN'T,  David starts talking about being one bad day way from .. diet related,... Michie, "no I thought you picked up on what i was.."  then he got him to understand he was implying holly was the desert he wanted...  He warns David the top of the toaster oven gets really hot.  

Holly and Michie talk about how tanning stuff smells, should she shower with live tomorrow,...  

Michie says he hates doritos and has never had Taco Bell.  Cliff asks if he spilled the beans.  Holly says if someone had told her before, they might not have been friends.  Cliff says, "That's just this close to being a Communist!"  Michie says that's gonna be his out form the relationship and "Dodged a bullet with that one".  Cliff says, "I know who's not gonna be a sponsor for Taco Bell!" Holly says her friends DM Taco Bell for her,...


11:00PM BBT KY Michie and Nicole talk about making s'mores.  Nicole says use graham crackers with Hershey's spread and marshmallow fluff.  Michie says that's where you are going wrong, use hershey's with almonds and a marshmallow torched, flame ball, then the other half with the blown out marshmallow smashed in the middle.  Nicole said she likes her's smooth and flat.  He says, "I like mine thick (thicc) with 2 cs."  Kat says, "just like you like you're women."   ... Michie, "thick hot and ..."   kat, "no i'm kidding, actually, not like your women"    Michie, "noooo, I stopped myself on that one, Face."  Nicole "Face"

Michie, "Thick and hot exactly, Thick hot with a little bit of fire inside"  Kat, "Wait, had you ever heard Thick with 2 cs until I said it?" Michie, yeah, Kat, "aw, i thought maybe i made that up" Michie, "I said it a lot" Kat, "Sucks" .....  Kat, "really, i could've sworn i made that up"  

[rms - WOW seriously!  How long has THICC been out there?!!! early 2000s. website in 2004 at least - umm, MENSA????]


[rms - Pop TV code word is CLIFF]

11:04PM BBT KT discussion turns to PBJ sandwiches.  Nicole and David are eating them.



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