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Wednesday, July 17, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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Nothing huge happened during the late night/early morning. There was the same conversation between teams of HGs as the last 3 days. The plan is still to evict Cliff, but there have been conversations about holding out on a complete blindside to Nickella (Jack and Christie have discussed this a lot) by letting them in on the idea that Cliff is better to evict. Today will likely consist of the same back and forth conversation.


12:23 AM BBT Nicole and Ovi in the BY riding the exercise bikes.


The feeds were down from 1:15 AM until about 1:37 AM... and then again from 1:45 - 2:00 AM-no indication of why when the feeds returned


Kemi complained all night to any willing to listen (Nicole, David, Sam, Ovi, Cliff) about how much she hates the "sheepish immature behavior in the house". Nicole kept injecting positivity "I like the happy Kemi.....be happy".


3:00 AM BBT  Kat and David got pretty cozy.....and Kemi was at full sarcastic HG bashing in the hammock with Nicole.

Nicole- America, I'm sorry. One behalf of Kemi, I'm sorry. (Kemi continues) Don't be angsty...I don't like angsty Kemi."


3:39 AM BBT Kat tells Ovi she loves it when he is "Savage Ovi". They have a great time talking about them being the David proposes a television show for Ovi ...welcome to...introducing...."Savage Ovi"....Ovi sings an original Camp Comeback song to David and Kat... including some rap...it's pretty good

"Uh huh...Hey... Camp Comeback...Camp Comeback these kids can't wait gonna comeback ...."  David carries the beats drumming on the bed.  


4:30 AM BBT The Camp Comeback kids were the last ones awake up for hours chatting about the game and the players...and then lights out. 


5:04 AM BBT Michie is already up putting hand weights back on the rack in the BY and tending to his first morning feeding (leftover salad from Taco Tuesday) 


5:39 AM BBT Michie heads back to bed and cuddles with Holly; everyone sleeping; house is dark and quiet other than Cliff snoring







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7:48 AM BBT Cliff is up for his BB CliffNotes, and this may be one of the last editions we receive. Cliff says it will be short so he can get back to bed since he didn't get to sleep until 2:30 or 3:00. He mentions the moon and singing the nursery rhyme a couple of times. "It's the only thing I can see that is a constant." He says they are locked inside now for awhile...as of about an hour ago...love you Sharon, Love you Kelly, Love you Daniel. SKD143"



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Cliff just wants the eviction to be over with. He didn't want to nag people so he kept things low key. He says Bella swears up and down that he is safe but he thinks she will do what she needs to win.


The camera/audio pops on and off to Cliff a bit late...... [I'm 98% sure he is comparing BB to the board game Risk]

Cliff- ...by now we all know the basic strategy...you aren't going to win because you understand the strategy better than anyone else, not really...understand this is a game of strategy...understand the strategy of everyone else...who is aggressive, who is not...who you can rattle, who you can't...who is going to consider the logic of the situation and who goes for broke...It's all those things I think I do better ...It's really  one of the reasons I tried out for this show. I felt comfortable enough having played Risk to think I could do it in here. It hasn't changed but certainly  I'm at a disadvantage...because of my age and inability to couple up with other people......like playing Risk with a whole bunch of new people that you just met. You're a quarter of the way into the game before you figure about who is who and by then  there's a lot of things that have already been set..positions fought for and things like that. In my case, it has been tough because there are so many couples, 4 couples...that's hard.  They have bonded and it makes a natural US vs. THEM. Just trying to survive week to week and hoping I can survive long enough for that alliance to turn on itself....see if it works. It better happen quick because we are running out of targets whose name doesn't start with Cliff and end with Hogg.


Cliff says he is enjoying the experience but it's getting hard to be around the same people all the time...many he likes but others he just tolerates. He says no names because he knows their families may be watching and he doesn't want to talk bad about anyone. He mentions that they are expecting a wake up at 10 AM.


Shouts out to an Aggie organization (couldn't understand which one) "We Know Things"


Cliff talks about being worried about what's going on in the world and that he guesses "political parties are not getting along...still sniping, arguing" He misses politics, says he is a Libertarian and respects all sides. He avoids politics in the house because it could make you a target. He says everyone (the houseguests) pretty much feels the same way about things. mentions that Sam talks politics and he respects his views but doesn't agree with him 100%....he can honor that Sam always has a reason for why he feels the way he does.


"We are still early in the game...it will get worse." He thinks they have done a good job of not getting too personal and says it may just be the "Honeymoon Phase".  "When you haven't had to face any of that (being on the block) it makes it easy to act friendly". "I'm tired of being on the block." He says he will keep trying and would love to win an HOH which would lead to tough choices and permanent division. He really wants letters and pictures from home.


8:00 AM BBT He decides to "shut it down and go back to bed"...."there shouldn't be anything that happens today but expect the unexpected". He talks to the live feeders that he hopes we are having fun...."as a fan I would have liked to have been able to get some access to comments about what was happening"

Cliff- SKD143  Live feeders- love y'all as well....have a nice day at work...have a nice dinner...hug your family. Love all of y'all"  Cheers!  Talk to y'all later.....he gets up then comments that he isn't wearing a shirt, but has complete body acceptance if he can talk to tens of thousands of people "like this"...Love all y'all! Bye! " Cliff heads to the restroom then back to bed.

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10:16 AM BBT When the feeds return we learn that there are a lot of suitcases in the SR (Nicole, Kemi, Ovi, David, and Cliff)


10:45 AM BBT The houseguests keep mentioning all of the noise in the backyard

Jack- they are building...lots of building

Sis- It sounds like they are really building out there  [the outdoor lockdown started around 6:30 AM]

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There has been whispering throughout the morning from Michie, Tommy, Jack and Christie that "it's tonight" giving the impression that some of the HGs have been told something about the plan for the next few days from the DR/production.

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12:29 PM BBT  Campsite Area  (Sis, Ovi, Tommy, Christie and Holly)

Sis- so you guys think there's a live eviction tonight

Tommy- I do

Ovi- but here's why I think you're wrong....they would have to pack all the veto ceremony, whacktivity, etc...

Tommy- totally doable....surprise live eviction...it happens every year

Christie- I think the last episode ends at the veto meeting 

Tommy- we could even go right into Camp Comeback tonight

Ovi- I'm excited for it

Christie- I'm ready

They all begin studying the competitions and days


12:35 PM BBT RV Bedroom (Kemi and Jess)

Kemi has been venting to Jess for hours. Jess has not been contributing and seems to be in a brain fog over the whole thing. Jess mentioned earlier that she hardly got any sleep last night and that her stomach isn't feeling well today.


12:51 PM BBT  Holly- I'm just putting war paint on just in case we have to battle


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1:03 PM BBT Nicole is reading the bible alone in the RV room  *feeds cut for a few minutes

1:06 PM BBT when they return Michie is in the RV room with Nicole

Michie-....be an eviction tonight...how do you feel?

Nicole- it's an awkward position to be in...I appreciate you for always being a straight shooter and regardless of the past...and I still owe you one and I will repay that

Michie-because of the rules I can't say what I'm doing, but I love you to death and I'm praying for you...I don't have a crystal ball but game aside, you have a whole new family here....it's already 1 so it's like 4 Eastern time so you have like 4 or 5 hours left before this thing gets kick started....if there is anything else I can do for you in the meantime, let me know

Nicole- yeah, I just want to be here and I want to prove that if people put their faith in me that I am loyal

Michie- I feel your pain



1:15 PM BBT Campsite bedroom area (Michie, Holly, Sis)

Michie is rehashing his talk with the girls-

Sis- I am more excited to see the look on Nick and Bella's face

Michie- but to see the joy in her eyes will make my world

Michie- I can't wait to pick her up and give her a the biggest hug (Nicole)

Sis- you guys things are fixing....like shit is about to go f'ing down

Holly- I still think we should have Kat vote Nicole out and use her as a mole


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11:00AM BBT: Jack, Jackson, and Nicole are talking in the WA about the Camp Comeback battle back. They think it will be a separate comp. Jack hopes he gets to watch, but doesn't think they'll be able to. There is another group of HGs up in the HOH talking about Nicole and the Fellowship of the Zing. Tommy is called to the DR.


11:30AM BBT: Jack is in the shower talking to Christie, Kat, Nicole, and Nick in the WA. Jack is upset about the Camp Comeback players talking game and says he will make them take all of their stuff up to their room and stay there when he's HOH. Kat says she thinks they're battling back tomorrow night and there won't be a week delay for them to do that. The four and Jack all agree that they're "agitated" with those in Camp Comeback.


11:31AM BBT: Jack is showering, the others ask him about his green glove. He says it's an exfoliating glove for his legs because he shaves them. He says Jessica gave it to him.




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1:16 PM BBT Michie- yes, I think we should leave only us 6 (voting out Cliff)

Sis- and don't tell her until right before

Michie- no Sis, I don't think we should tell her (Nicole) until after (because she has a bad game face and will be making faces) and we tell Kat that we didn't tell her because we were protecting her ....I want it to be 6 so they know it was us 6....work the shaft, cradle the balls and just boom...sorry, feeds

Ovi walks in and game plan talk stops

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1:42PM BBT: Nick talking alone in the HOH room. He tells the camera he's not even worried about the votes because he knows everyone knows he wants Nicole out.  He said you don't blindside your alliance with the votes, you blindside them by getting them out.  He says he will be pissed if they vote to keep Nicole but he hasn't been talking to anyone about the votes because he knows they know to vote Nicole out.  Meanwhile, Sis and Tommy are talking about how they want to tell Kat about voting to keep Nicole, but Jackson has said a little while ago that he doesn't want to tell her because she has a bad poker face.  He plans on telling her afterwards that they didn't tell her just for her own game and also so that Nick will still trust her.

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11:50AM BBT: Tommy and Jackson are in the SR. Tommy wants to confirm the plan to evict Cliff and keep Nicole. Jackson confirms it. Tommy asks if they have the votes, Jackson says yes and goes over them. He says all they need are "six" votes. "It's a done deal," Jackson says and then leaves Tommy in the SR. 


11:50AM BBT: "I know it's time," Tommy stops Jackson just outside of the SR and Jackson turns to look at Tommy. "You do?" Jackson asks. Tommy nods and says, "I can't say more...but I know." "Holly told you?" Jackson asks. Tommy nods and Jackson asks, "what did Holly tell you?" Tommy says, "tonight." Jackson nods, says "Holly...yeah..." and then walks off. 


11:50AM BBT: Nick walks up to Jackson in the KT and Jackson says "it's time...Tommy told me it's time." "How would he know?" Nick asks. Jackson says "Tommy," and Nick says, "Oh...ok." A few seconds later Nick says, "makes sense."


12:00PM BBT: Kemi and Jessica are whispering in the CBR, trying to figure out who told Jack that Kemi would put him up if she won HOH. They talk about the cooking comments also. In the TBR, Cliff and Tommy are talking. Cliff is a little frustrated about what people have been saying. Cliff says being on the block is a "character builder," while he packs.

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[Jackson admitting he's a street drug user prior to the house]

1:28PM BBT Jackson in the target room with Beth, Kat, and Ovi talking about prescriptions.


JACKSON: I was talking to Christie yesterday, um, I was like...I just want to say...I was about to leave and I was like...just real quick...I want to say thank you. She was like, "for what?" and I was like, for like...takin' my prescription - literally.  I was like it feels so good not having to depend on it...and finally being able to sleep, finally. Because I've had issues with insomnia for over a year, and I was like my prescription was relatively new, but I've been taking it for a long time without script [aka street drugs - BBLurkerPlus] and I was like, and  you know it's even more dangerous that way 'cause you don't really know what you're gettin'... [cuts off to FOTH, I'm sure production was not happy with this revelation...]



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12:18PM BBT: Holly and Analyse are putting on makeup in the area outside of the CBR while Ovi sits there. They talk about showmance names. Holly says she had someone ask her about her showmance name and then BB switches cameras. 


12:59PM BBT: Nicole and Ovi are in the CBR, Nicole is looking down, she tells Ovi she just wishes she "knew" one way or another. She doesn't like not knowing and it's driving her crazy. 


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2:24 PM BBT The houseguests are smelling major stink in the Target Bedroom, and the RV room



They were accusing Jack, at first. Kat and Nicole both checked with each other to make sure they don't stink. Ovi later reported that it smelled like shit in the boat room, too.

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1:37PM BBT: Analyse and Tommy are in the TBR whispering. Tommy tells her they "have to" get rid of Cliff and what matters is how they handle the after. They agree that Bella and Nick will want to blow everything up. Analyse says Kat is going to vote Nicole out and they need to tell her the real plan. Tommy tells Analyse that "it's tonight" and then says tonight is the eviction. 


1:37PM BBT: Tommy says they asked him in the DR "who do you want to go home tonight" and that's why he thinks tonight is the eviction. "Oh, it's f***in' tonight," Analyse agrees. Tommy says he told them he wants Cliff to go home. He says he's trying not to talk too much about it. Analyse says their group needs to talk.


1:38PM BBT: In the HOHR, Nick is talking to himself, he says, "I doubt they flipped the vote." He doesn't think they've managed to flip it to keep Nicole and send home Cliff. "Because I'd be pissed and lines would be drawn. I don't think they're going to do that yet." He says it would be "f***ed" if they flipped it because then it would be 6 vs. 6 in the house. 


2:00PM BBT: Nicole is talking to the camera while she packs in the CBR, other HGs are in the KT eating and cleaning. Just general conversation. 


2:14PM BBT: Analyse, Tommy, Christie, and Jack are in the BRL chatting. They're discussing if they should let Kat in on the plan or not. Christie says the truth is always the best. Tommy says Jackson doesn't want to tell her. Christie thinks tonight and tomorrow will both be live. Christie says it doesn't matter if they tell Kat or not, they'll still have the votes. 


2:16PM BBT: Christie, Tommy, Analyse, and Jack all agree that they will be voting Cliff out so Nicole will stay. They talk about a bad smell, they think it's farts. "The whole house smells like farts," Tommy says.


 2:20PM BBT: The four leave the BRL because the smell is getting so bad. They walk to the TBR and find that it still smells. They say there is a bad smell everywhere. 

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3:41 PM BBT  Christie, Jess, Sis, and Sam decided to prank the HGs by pretending Julie just came on the TV

Sam- I called it

Christie- I TOLD you

SIs- screaming and jumping

Jess- screaming


Everyone came running



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5:58 PM BBT Jack yells at Holly for putting her cup of coffee in the fridge door. When the fridge was opened it splashed everywhere. He slaps her hand.

Holly- Sorry

Jack- be glad it isn't Jackson. He would punish you...probably in the shower



6:00 PM BBT Boat Room (Jack, Holly, Christie, Sis, Tommy) Michie had his foot wrapped by the medic again, and he mentioned they took pictures of his foot and sent the pics to a doctor. He enters the boat room wearing Jack's shirt and the HGs all ooh and ahh saying he looks so good

Holly- it's my favorite look

Tommy- you need to wear more shirts like that

Jack- I mean I'm not saying you look better in it than me but it looks good


The group asks Michie to explain why they can't tell Kat about the vote. The majority want to tell her, but he refuses. Nick walks in and game talk ends.


6:12 PM BBT  Disappointed HGs...they really expected to go live on tonight's show.


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6:53 PM BBT Kat and Bella alone in the HOHR

Bella tells Kat that Ovi tells Jack  e v e r y t h i n g !

Kat tells Bella all about her excursion in the Camp Comeback room last night (wee hours of the morning) and all of the conversation between her/David/Ovi..


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7:10 PM BBT LOL Alliance (Jack, Tommy and Christie) in the SR

Christie is frustrated that Michie/Holly want to keep Kat in the dark about the vote. Jack explains that he told the two of them that if they keep her in the dark and then they lose her as an ally, it's on them (Michie/Holly)

Jack- he (Michie) really doesn't want to tell Kat

Christie-I know!  why?

Jack- he thinks she will spill the beans....but it's 4-2 (4 of the 6 want to tell Kat because they are worried she will get mad if they don't)....that's the complication of this game

Christie- as an alliance if I was so strongly against something I would have legitimate reasons....it's a dumb move and I'm not taking ownership of it

Jack says that he thinks he has convinced Jackson and Holly to tell Kat (with his typical use of intimidation "it's on you")

Tommy- hearing them so passionate about it...I mean I don't feel that passionate about it, but let them have this one

Christie- even if we lose Kat?

Tommy- I think we can get her back

*Christie is getting frustrated

Tommy- I mean I see both sides

Christie- whatever (she starts to walk away)

*Tommy leaves

Jack- but you can't just walk away    

Christie- it concerns me that he is so pissy about it too....I'm over it

Jack reiterates that he told them if this goes bad it's on them

Christie- realistically, say we come out of this...if Cliff goes home....and then they would have a power on their side and a couple of angry people...it's 6 and 6...one of us wins HOH and they have the numbers 

Jack- uh huh (he agrees)

Christie- it's basic math; I'm not here to teach basic math  (with attitude)

Jack- Hey, you don't get to talk to me like that

Christie- I can talk to you however I want

Jack-you don't get to talk to me like that because I support whatever you do....

Christie- okay, we'll see

Jack- what the f*....you're not being fair to me...

Christie- I am being fair  

Jack- you don't get to yell at me...I am being fair because I am explaining it all to you

Christie- okay....I'm sorry...I am not yelling at you  (smiling) you yelled at me in the kitchen

Jack- you can be mad at Jackson; I snapped at you in the kitchen cause everybody was around

Christie- laughs....well, I was being conspicuous

Jack- see all you had to do was bring that part up and I would say I'm sorry....I didn't want to talk numbers around the others

Christie- yeah, I'm sorry. I love you

*they hug it out


Jack then goes to tell Michie that "Dragon Christie" was getting hot and they need to be down

Michie- it's Christie's ship and we are all just sailing....I'm not going to fight it

Jackson has agreed to telling Kat just a minute or so before the vote, but he's not happy about it "I don't want to have to tell you 'I told you so'"



7:41 PM BBT David and Kat are cuddled up in the broken bed in Camp Comeback talking about Michie and Holly being an odd couple



7:50 PM BBT  Kat explains to David that when he came back all the HGs were worried about him but she had his back and defended him saying he's a nice guy. . He moves in for a kiss and she blocks him saying "no showmance"...David said he was just going for her cheek because she's "so sweet", which Kat allows

8:00 PM BBT Cliff and Ovi are in the treehouse playing backgammon. Ovi mentions that he's lonely...mostly from Camp Comeback. Cliff reminds him, "well, one of you are coming back."







I'm out for the night, but I'll be back in the morning.   -MamaLong

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8:01pm BBT


Jack is telling Holly about his dad dropping him off in the woods and he had to find his way to a certain place before his dad got there (I saw that movie..) Holly says she is afraid of snakes, Jack says he doesn't like the dark or being startled. When he starts to say he has fears of fake things in his mind we get FISH


Meanwhile Kat and David are cuddling in the comeback bedroom, she has been questioning him about his real job.



Camera moves to Ovi and Cliff in the tree house


Cliff, “If something happens it will be because of the two of them.”


Ovi says it has been hard to be motivated to come back in the game, “and for what?” he says.


The backgammon game continues. Noise from the kitchen is filtering upstairs.


FISH returns



Camera still on backgammon game. Christie can be heard yelling for Jessica from the kitchen.




Jessica is leaving the HOH, Nick and Bella are listening to the headphones.


Camera moves to comeback bedroom.


Kat and David are still cuddled on the bed, Kat wonders why the cameras come and go. David says maybe they are trying to follow interesting conversation.


They are saying that the house is very boring, there is nothing to do. Kat is surprised that no one talks game to David. She tells him whatever she knows she tells him. David says he came back into the game with no alliance and will not tell anyone what she tells him, even Kemi. Kat says she hopes he comes back but if he wants the two of them will hang out after. Kat thinks she will never see Ovi, Kemi or Nicole again. She says her feelings are usually right (We shall see tomorrow).



Movement increasing in the kitchen while house guests get ready to eat.


Some horsing around with Jack and Tommy, then Tommy helping Christie finish the rice with what looks like a sweet soy sauce.


FISH again (this might be another intermittent night).


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