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America's Got Talent Season 14-Judge Cuts-Brad Paisley

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Tonight, auditions are over. Now it’s time to get serious! 18 acts will take the stage and battle for 7 spots in the live shows! Tonight, Judge Cuts begin and our special guest joining the judge’s panel is country artist Brad Paisley! Brad is hoping to see a person that has a gift to give humanity. Brad has the golden buzzer for the night!


Lukas and Falco are ready to take the stage and Lukas says he’s preparing for Falco’s retirement and what better way than to perform their last shows together on AGT. Lukas is dressed as a circus master and the stage is set up as a circus ring. The routine is based off The Greatest Showman. They begin their performance.


Brad says it helps to tailor an act to what Simon would like and he thinks Falco should get paid more. Howie says it feels like Falco brought his pet Lukas. Gabrielle thinks they got a lot better than the first audition. Julianne says they are something special and they deserve to be on stage. Simon says he couldn’t have done more to make him love this act. He’ll be fighting for Lukas and Falco.


Our next act is out and it’s Andy Sowell and Simon asks if he really believes he can win AGT this year. He says yes! He performs Turn Down for What? It was met with a lukewarm reception and Brad doesn’t know what to say other than Good Luck.


Next out is Jecko and he does balloon animals and silly jokes and Brad isn’t impressed. Simon hits his X. Brad says he was kind of confused and Jecko says what he does is…different. Simon hated every minute.


Next out is the Orange Magician. He keeps saying it’s good. Howie says maybe Brad wants to ask him a question and he asks How is my music and the Orange magician says it’s good. Brad wishes him luck. The Orange Magician is going in and out behind a curtain and the color of his suit is changing. He then comes out wrapped as a mummy and then a few second later he has a dress on with a huge black and orange wig. He goes behind the curtain and we see smoke and he comes out as a skeleton and then back to himself.


The Orange Magician says It’s Good! Howie says we’ll be the judge of that. Simon is irritated when he talks, but he loved the act! Brad says from the beginning he thought it was crazy, but he thought the story was an allegory for The Game of Thrones. Brad says his kids would flip out over him. Howie loves that he’s a magician, a quick change artist, a mime, and he fits a lot of different categories.


Next is the beat box crew from France called Berywam. They want to bring everyone into the nightclub with them tonight. The get everyone on their feet and they begin their act. They do a little Sugarhill Gang and Busta Rhymes in their act. They get an ovation from four of the five judges.


Howie says every sound America hears is coming out of Berywam’s mouths. Howie doesn’t know if this is better than the last performance, but we’ll see. Brad says this is something we’ve never seen before. It’s really great. Simon says they could go viral within seconds and he’s not sure that audition will go viral. Gabrielle disagrees and they absolutely have a chance to go to the live shows and they’ll have people fighting on their behalf.


Dylan is out on the stage next and he’s 10 and he’s going to rap Kendrick Lamar’s Humble. He gets people on their feet before he performs. Howie loved that he had people stand up before he started. Brad says he auditioned for something when he was 10 and he was terrible.


The Emerald Belles are next and they are high kick team and they take the stage. They are ready to prove Howie wrong. Simon turns the stage over to them. Their music is Work B*tch by Britney Spears and the begin their routine. They get an ovation from two of the judges.


Simon says someone is in it to win it. Julianne says they were extremely tight, but it had a bit of a high school element to it and she thinks they need to up their game, but they did a great job. Gabrielle thinks they actually got a lot better and she thinks they are worth fighting for. Howie says to be honest after being on the show so long, he doesn’t think it’s enough. He says it’s not enough to win AGT and he doesn’t even think it's enough to move on to the next level. Brad says they are amazing and Howie can suck it! Simon thinks they are ready for a bigger stage and he thinks Texas and America will root for them.


The Sentimentalists are up next and they both sense and see things most people can’t do. They say their first audition was a little bumpy. They take the stage to begin their performance. They have some different colored marbles in a little box and he gives Howie the first choice and then Gabrielle, Brad, Julianne, and then Simon. He wants them to think of the color of their marble. Steffi says Brad chose the red marble and she asks him to join them on stage. Steffi blindfolds herself and she wants Brad to open his phone to a picture and show it to Mysterio and think about it. Steffi says it looks like a guitar and Brad shows that it is.


Mysterio says let’s do something crazier. There’s ben a box the entire time they’ve been on stage and Terry has been holding on to a key. Mysterio says something has been locked inside the box and he hopes it and there’s a smaller box with a smaller key and there’s a fortune in there for Brad. Howie selected a blue marble, Gabrielle’s is black, Julianne’s is yellow, and Simon’s is white. The fortune has a blue H, a black G, a yellow J, and a white S and on the back it says yellow guitar.


Brad says he’s floored, he has no idea how they did that. They should be in Vegas. Howie loves mentalists, he loves what they do, but it’s still not enough for him. Julianne says she enjoyed it and it’s her kind of thing and she’ll be fighting for them. Gabrielle thought they were great.


Duo Togni are out next and they also got a no from Howie in the auditions. They begin their act and she’s raised in a harness and she does the splits. She drops and is caught by her ankle. She sticks something in her mouth to bite on and the gentleman hangs from it by his teeth. She is brought down and then he gets in the harness. She pulls her hair in a ponytail and he pulls her up by her hair and then drops her. They get an ovation from all the judges.


The woman from Duo Togni says Howie gave them a no last time, but she would like to hold him with her teeth and he goes on stage and she puts the thing in her mouth and Howie is holding on and spinning and he wants down. Howie says when we’re deliberating later on, if they promise to never lift him in her teeth again, then he’ll fight for her. Brad says I’m not saying anything bad, they stick you in their teeth if you do. Amazing, he’s floored. Simon says that was amazing. Thank you!


Sophie Pecora is up next and she’s ready to perform. She takes the stage and is greeted by Howie. Sophie is 15 and she’s going to be doing another original.


Gabrielle says there’s nothing better than an artist who knows themselves and she just snatched their hearts. Simon says the song should end with I don’t think you anymore because that would mean they win. He’s so young he thinks people will listen to her and he thinks she should be positive moving forward. Brad asks what the last line was and he says he thinks he knows her from that one song. He says that was incredible to just stand there with a guitar. He doesn’t think there’s a more important issue, especially with social media, and she has schooled so many people in this moment and he thinks he’s doing it and she gets the golden buzzer!


We see a clip of a contemporary dance act that Julianne would like to see more from if they should move forward.


Next we have Kevin Scwartz takes the stage and performs his comedy and he gets so chuckles. Simon really likes him, but he doesn’t think the act is right for Vegas.


Next we see Loki Alohikea and Howie says he’s a good singer, but very good singing is not enough to headline a Vegas show.


Matthew Richardson takes the stage and he’s going to perform something that is more personal for him. It’s to honor his dad, who was biggest fan. He takes the stage and he has a dream catcher hoop and he is lifted into the air and he does some tricks. He then is lowered to the floor and he does some tricks with the dreamcatcher on the floor spinning around the stage. He gets an ovation from all of the judges.


Brad asked if his music involved actual recordings of his dad and Matthew says yes and Brad says that was amazing. Gabrielle says to watch him literally make his dreams come true is amazing. Simon says he lost his mom and his dad but after awhile he still talks to them every day. He says that was very special and he thinks of an act like this in the true sense of variety, but he thinks Matthew is special.


Next we have Chris from Sweden and he’s a singer and we also have Damiyr who is also a singer. Damiyr takes the stage first and he performs Say Something by A Great Big World featuring Christina Aguilera. He begins the performance a capella. He gets an ovation from all the judges. Brad says they really listened to Damiyr. Simon says that performance told them so much about him and that was a memorable audition.


Chris Klafford takes the stage next and he performs Something Like Me and it’s an original song. He begins his performance. He also gets an ovation. Brad says he is something else. Howie says he thinks he’s taking a gamble with performing an original and the thinks that gamble paid off. Is there room for him in the live shows? Julianne says when he says he doesn’t fit the mold, she likes this mold. Stay him. Simon was concerned when he rewatched his original audition, but that song showed them more about him and he made their jobs a little harder now.


The Messoudi Brothers have just arrived from the airport an hour ago and they take the stage. Julianne asks how they are doing and they say they are very tired, they just came from Beirut. The airline lost their luggage, these are costumes from AGT. They haven’t warmed up, but they couldn’t miss this because their dad is here. They take a raised circular platform and begin their strength/balancing act. They take their shirts off and one lays on his back and the second brother does a handstand on his brother’s feet. His brother then turns over while his he is doing the handstand. His brother then turns back over and raises him again, and then puts him down.


The Messoudi Brothers joins his sons on stage and he takes his shirt off and he joins them for a trick. Dad squats and one of his sons stands on his knees while a second son climbs on his shoulders and stands on his brother’s back and then the third brother does a one hand stand on his dad’s head. They get an ovation from all five judges.


Gabrielle says that was unbelievable. Brad says he has two sons and he couldn’t do that when they were two and four. Simon says what they shared with them made them like him even more. Simon says he’s never showing this audition to Eric. Howie says in the face of adversity, they rose to the occasion and they just made the judge’s job a lot harder.


Our final act is the Ndlovu Youth Choir. They take the stage and Simon greets them. They begin their performance and the audience seems to be enjoying it. They get an ovation from all four judges and the audience.


Julianne says they don’t see choirs like the Ndlovu Youth Choir. Brad always thought that art and music are the greatest ambassadors for any place or country, and they are beautiful and effortless. Fantastic! Gabrielle says pure magic! Simon says he always loves seeing them perform. He could bottle it he would drink it every day. He thinks people want them to do well, but they only have 6 spots left and he doesn’t think they could have done anything more.


The judges are deliberating and Simon doesn’t think they’ll be in tune tonight. We see the judges getting frustrated and sharing their opinions and shooting others down. They have finally decided on the six to move on and the judges thank Brad for joining them.


We see Duo Togni and the other dance act and neither of them have made the live shows.


Matthew Richards is out and Julianne says his act was absolutely stunning and this day was absolutely emotional and she says no this time.


The Emerald Belles high kick team and Simon says they’ve never had so many arguments about who would go on and who wouldn’t. They had mixed comments, but Simon says they have a lot more rehearsing to do.


The Orange Magician, Andy Sowell, and Jecko are out and Gabrielle delivers the news they wouldn’t move on.


The Messoudi Brothers are out and Julianne let’s them know they’ve made it through to the live shows.


Next to the stage for results is Dylan and Kevin Schwartz and they are not going to the live shows.


Berywam is up next and Gabrielle says it was a unanimous decision…they are moving on!


The Sentimentalists and Lukas and Falco are out next and Howie says only one of them is going through. The one act going through to the live shows is Lukas and Falco.


The Ndlovu Youth Choir take the stage and Gabrielle says only six can go through of the 18 acts. Did they do enough? They did enough! They are going through.


Damiyr and Chris are the last two out. Simon says they were trying to agree on who should go through. Simon says they made it hard. Only one has made the live shows. Simon says that person is…Chris Klafford.

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