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Tuesday, July 16, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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12:36PM BBT: The HGs all slowly move outside for the OLD. Analyse is called to the DR. 


12:40PM BBT: Kemi is mouthing words to Nicole outside, but not saying anything. Kemi says the backyard "stinks" and "smells like old fish." Kemi starts to talk about production and they switch the cameras to Analyse saying her butt is getting bigger in the house. 


12:42PM BBT: BB cuts the feeds and we have fish for several minutes. 


12:45PM BBT: Feeds are back and everyone is outside. General conversation throughout the backyard. 


12:50PM BBT: Kemi and Nicole are talking about jobs while the other HGs watch the game of cornhole going on in the BY. Holly is trying to finish her hair in the windowed mirror. 


12:56PM BBT: Kemi and Nicole join Tommy around the pool. Kat is talking about her "favorite" homeless person. The others are playing or watching cornhole. David is working out with weights.


1:00PM BBT: Christie tells Bella that she has "morning b*tch face." Bella says she knows. They talk about being called to the DR early this morning. Christie says she didn't hear Bella this morning when Bella called out to her. 


1:01PM BBT: Christie tells Bella that she hates being called into the DR, but as soon as she's in there she realizes how much she loves it. Jessica is telling the group around the pool that they're living in an "apocalyptic moment" by living in the house because they don't know what's going on outside the house.


1:04PM BBT: Bella tells Christie about her morning and talking to Jackson and David and then going to the DR. Christie says that's peaceful and that's how she felt last night. Christie says it's crazy that it's day twenty-eight and they're all still here. "It's time to go," Christie says, it's time to let some people go. Bella says Jackson told her that Holly is "so hot." Bella says she'll tell Holly he said that later.

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1:09 PM BBT Bella and Christie are trying to play a prank on Tommy with a pretend fight. But, Tommy isn't coming near enough to them  [they are so bored]

Christie- like, I am still PMSing


(they are blowing it by continually laughing)


Christie- Tommy, come on.....take the bait


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1:09PM BBT: Bella wants to make Tommy think she and Christie are having an intense conversation. They do hand motions and talk and Christie says it's "not working" but Bella says he's looking. Bella says to keep the hand motions going because it's "dangerous" when girls do that. Bella says she's trying "so hard not to laugh."

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1:16PM BBT: Tommy tells Nicole on the hammock that "today is peace."


1:18PM BBT: Nicole tells Tommy that it's her journey to fight for herself and find her own voice. She says she's been worrying about others but not herself. She says she has a right to defend herself and that she "wants to be here" so she can continue to make these changes within herself.


1:22PM BBT: Nicole tells Tommy she's the "better choice." Tommy says "it's tough," and he tells her that the good news is if she is evicted she'll go to Camp Comeback and be able to compete to come back. Nicole says she wants people to "be ok" with her coming back, but she also wants people to be ok with her staying.


1:25PM BBT: Nicole tells Tommy she wants to walk away with her integrity and no regrets. The other HGs are chatting around the backyard.


1:27PM BBT: Sam is telling Analyse about his future speech to Jessica when he wins HOH and puts her on the block. Analyse laughs. She says Sam won't be winning HOH because she will. They talk about Camp Comeback and them coming back to the house. 


1:30PM BBT: The house talks about stretch marks and eating, as well as make-up vs. no make-up and who likes what. Nick says he doesn't like make-up on the girls in the house. Sam wants to get into the pool. Analyse says she wants short hair, Nick tells her no. He says she should just "cut them dead ends off."


1:31PM BBT: BB tells the HGs the lockdown is over.


1:33PM BBT: Nicole is the first one back inside to get fresh water. The sink is working again. 


1:37PM BBT: Kat and Nicole are in the SR. Kat is giving Nicole "advice" about being on the block. Kat says it's an "awkward situation." They leave the SR and walk upstairs. Kat tells her "not to count" herself out. Kat says she is "still very much in this game." Nicole says she "hopes so." They feed the fish. 


1:41PM BBT: Christie and Tommy are in the TBR. Christie says she feels "peaceful" again. Tommy is happy for her. He says this is the time to chill and not talk about anything. Christie says she wants "to do nothing." Christie says Tommy is the only person she's going to talk game with today. They hug and Tommy leaves.


1:43PM BBT: Nick is getting bread out in the KT. Tommy walks in and Kat says she can't wait to go dancing with him. Nick asks if he's "chopped liver." The cameras change to the SR where Christie and Jack are. Christie says she's feeling peaceful. She says she's not talking "any game" and will "enjoy the day." Christie says she's only talking game to him and Tommy. Jack kisses her hand. BB tells him to put his mic on. 

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1:47PM BBT: Jackson, Jack, and Tommy are the SR looking through the refrigerator. Holly and Analyse are talking about the new detergent outside. Holly thinks that's where her rash is from. Analyse asks Holly what she would do if it turns out she has an "STD or something." Holly says she would "freak the f**k out," but that is not it. "Oh, thank God." Analyse says.

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2:45 PM BBT Cliff has been sharing a lot of stories with Ovi and Nicole in the kitchen about his career travels. It's been very interesting listening to some details about the oil industry. Jess has gotten way too much sun on her face and has come in for a break. The rest of the HGs are enjoying time in the backyard knowing it will likely be unavailable soon.  


3:15 PM BBT Target Bedroom: Jack tells Tommy that he has figured out that Nickella isn't as sly as they thought. He discovered through conversation around the pool that Bella doesn't actually listen to people because she is too self absorbed [true].  Tommy tells Jack that if he gets HOH he plans to put up Nickella and tell them that they have been put up because of the way they have treated Nicole. They discuss that Christie telling them about her power was crazy stupid. Christy joins them and they share their thoughts and plan with her. 


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3:25 PM BBT Jack tells Christie that despite their warnings, she saved herself. 

Jack- but I do need you to realize that you were freaking out

Christie- I spoke to the universe and I knew I had the votes and I did not want to waste the power but  *feeds switch to Ovi and David then back to Target room*

Tommy- we need to get rid of Cliff

Jack- get rid of Cliff so it's all part of the plan....Kat doesn't want to win HOH this week because she doesn't want to be involved in a double eviction

Christie says she was the one who planted that in Kat's head

Jack- so I was gassing up Nicole....that Cliff has a higher chance of winning HOH

Tommy- and maybe tell her that Ovi definitely has the power and that would be bad (Ovi working with Cliff)

*Tommy decides to leave the room to keep up appearances


Christie summarizes that Nickella is more reckless than smart  [YES]

Jack- Bella cannot read people at ALL    (she doesn't remember details about people and their lives or character that have been openly discussed)

Christie- well, they did find her drunk at a house party (production)

Christie and Jack talk about how they will be disarmed and they'll take them out during double eviction

3:30 PM BBT  Ovi and David are in the Camp COmeback room discussing today's events and conversations. David has figured out that it seems the bros are going to target Nickella.


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4:30 PM BBT Ovi and David in the Camp Comeback Room discussing how disrespectful Jack and Jackson are and how they treat the Comeback Campers so badly. They then give a tour of the room. We are introduced to one of their room "pets" a tarantula they named Robby; shown the broken beds; and given a close up of their moldy pillows. They are so tired of the banishment but are taking it in stride the best they can.




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5:29 PM BBT Tommy, Sis, Holly, and Christie are in the Target bedroom talking about Christie's dirty laundry being mysteriously dumped out of her laundry bag and on to the floor. They have no idea who or why...then they talk about Michie being called to the DR to wrap his ankle. Michie was confused as to why the would want to wrap it, so they are now suspecting that something may be happening soon (unexpected competition)  *feeds switch at this comment

5:34 PM The feeds turned back to Christie in the Target bedroom. Jack walks in and when she mentions Michie's ankle, the camera switches again.

Christie asked David if he was the one who dumped her laundry. He denies it saying he would never do that especially after she mentioned she didn't like people touching her stuff.

5:50 PM BBT Christy has located her missing  laundry bag, when asked where she found it, she replied, "I can't say"

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Production told Christie the only one allowed to use the laundry bag is the current HOH.

6:30 PM BBT Bella and Nick in the backyard on the couch; Bella comments to Nick that she wants to be friends with Nicole again. He says "it isn't worth it" and suggests she say it in her goodbye message. When they remember that they aren't doing goodbye messages yet, he suggests she talk to her after BB or at least wait until she's in Camp Comeback. 



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6:45 PM BBT  All the "couples" in the Target Room reviewing their plan and just hanging out. Jack jumps on Sis in Michie/Holly's bed


Kat comes in and they begin talking about her ADD. Kat talks about the severity of her ADD and that her friends call her "squirrel". Earlier, when Kat was just passing through collecting dirty cups/mugs, the group was talking about Kat's perfect body. Christie said she is "toned but not hard, curvy but soft,  thin but not skinny, and natural looking" even though she had a boob job.

Tommy- it's like.....curvyrear_view.thumb.png.addcec0c169af946a35b7d02409d73da.png

Christie- her body is insane....'f'ing sick

Jack- not for me

Christie- prettiest body ever....I love it




7:00 PM BBT Kemi curled her hair and is now chatting with Sam in the backyard about previous BB seasons  then focus on Andy Herren from BB15. 

Kemi- if there was someone like the redhead in here who would that be? 

Sam- I don't really know

Kemi- maybe there isn't someone like that in here.....but there is someone tight with the showmances

Sam- who ......Tommy, maybe

Kemi agrees

Kemi curled her hair.png

7:10 PM BBT Sam is telling Kemi about the snake competition. He talks about how he put the wrong snake in the box then closed the door and could have killed it; she chimes in, "wait, do you mean Bella or Nick?"....Sam replies, "no I'm talking about the comp"

Kemi- and I was just making a joke  [dry humor]

Sam- oh yeah, maybe

Kemi shrugs to the camera


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8:05 PM BBT Dinner is ready and it's TACO TUESDAY


8:20 PM BBT  Ovi alone in Camp Comeback appealing to the live feeders again to please throw votes his way, really begging for a chance to get back in the game. [the HGs are convinced there is an America's Vote thing going on]


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Sam and Sis are in the hammock.


Sam is talking about conversations he has had with Kemi and the questions asks her about his game plan.


Sam yells across the yard to Jack about Cliff and Jess talking in front of Kemi about a power that (they believe) Jess made up.

Sam says he thinks the conversation was a red herring of some kind. Jack tries to swing the hammock but Sis tells him to stop.

Sis and Jack tell Sam that Cliff annoys them


Bella and Ovi are tossing the bean bags in the back yard.


Bob says: Knock it off. After they stop, Bob says: Thank you.


Jack says the cameras are on rails behind the window, Sis wonders if people hold them and walk with them.


FISH while Bob tells them to stop talking about production.


Jack goes back to the topic of Jess, Cliff and the story of Jess's supposed power. Jack tells them that Cliff has mentioned that he would get rid of some of the 9 and Nicole has not. Sam insists that he wants Nicole out regardless.


Cliff joins them and talk stops.


Kemi and Nicole are in the kitchen, Kemi says she wants to stay indoors so her hair will stay the way she has styled it until her DR.


Jackson says her hair looks great. Kemi says she wants to do one session with her hair like this because her mom asked her to.


Jackson asks her how often she can wash her hair, she tells him motivated once a week, when she is lazy once a month. She says she washed it yesterday. Jackson tells her maybe that is why it is affected so much by the humidity.


Jackson asks her if she uses oils, he says he really wants to know about it. Kemi explains her hair care to him, he says it seems like a lot of work.


People walk by and general comments are made back and forth, nothing notable.


Nicole and Kemi go to the bathroom lounge area and join house guests already in there.


General talk, nothing game related.


Tommy is singing.'


Bob says: :”lease stop singing” and Tommy sings again, saying it is fake.


Bob says, “That is really annoying.”


the whole group laughs.


Camera moves to back yard.


General talk, Bean bag game being played.


Cameras move to kitchen


Michie is asking Kat if she trusts Jess. She says she trusts her but not completely.

Michie tells her Jessica runs to Nick and Bella a lot. Kat says most of her talk with Jessica is just “girl talk.” Most of her confidences are with Michie and Holly. Michie wonders again if Jessica is trustworthy, and Kat is in good hands with him and Holly, even though she is not in an alliance. When she mentions getting “picked off”, Michie says she is “well taken care of.”


Kat apologies for “everything that went down”, Michie apologizes too.


Bob says twice. “Shut it down.”


They think it doesn't mean them, and keep talking.


Jack and Tommy come in, general talk resumes and cameras move to bathroom lounge for more general talk.

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9:06PM BBT  KT Michie opens the fridge,...  open for a while.  open again as Kat looks for stuff,...  opens again looks for a while, Kemi opens,...   

[rms- CBS please get a door in door fridge or some see through front so they will STOP LEAVING IT OPEN]

Michie, Jack, Kat are in the KT.  Michie getting Yogurt i believe, pulls out whatever Kat was looking for and forgets to give it to her.  He finally does and then grabs the PB.  


9:24PM BBT Sis is dragging the fake spider behind her  heading towards KT. Cliff says get Kat.

Everyone else is in BY playing, chatting.


9:44PM BBT HoH michie is showering and nick is talking with him about who they think may come back from camp comeback depending on the type of challenge.


9:58PM BBT HoH Nick, Kat, Sis, Holly, Sam, Michie.  Nick tells about when he was going 80 in Jersey and cop came up with his lights on but he pulled over and cop went past and turned his lights off.   Sam tells about seeing a 'Statie" (state trooper) on side of the road in the rain changing his tire.  They both echo that SUCKS.  Michie tells Nick he got nuked.

Michie is telling Sam all he asked for if he gets HoH is a large watermelon each day and a big fat knife to cut it.  He mentioned a couple of cereals and some bars.  He said he told them to disregard all alcohol, cereals, everything, .... Sam said, what about your boys, we're parched!



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10:04PM BBT BY Ovi, Tommy, Cliff, Jess, Christie, Bella, Jack.  Ovi is running around trying to hide in the backyard under the bed, then behind a couch.  He rolls a while, they yell there is a fire as he rolls, then he rolls under the pool table then dives behind couches that are against the wall.  They ask how tired he is.  He says on a scale of 1-10 Ron Burgundy.  He was glad he could fit in behind the couch.  Ovi said he probably felt a lot more graceful than he looked.  He says he gained about 30 pounds in the past year.  


10:10PM BBT BY Christie and Ovi are talking about how they didn't get to look up anyone here's social media accounts.  He says when you go on dates you look up their social media and start to pre-judge people.  In here, they can't.  

[rms- welcome to how REAL relationships work, not internet ones]


Sis shows up and says she put the fake spider in Michie's bed.


10:23PM BBT BY on hammock, SIs, Christie, Tommy talking to Nick  Nick is still mad about Kemi still throwing him under the bus.  He keeps talking about how he has apologized to here.  He admits to a few things he called her.  Christie says she keeps bringing up a 6 person alliance week one that didn't exist

[rms - but it did and you were in it - well, you may be able to split hairs on the "week 1"]


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10:56PM BBT KT Nicole, Tommy, Jess trying to bake cookies and Mitchie eating PB out of the jar using crackers.

[rms- based on his past efforts, likely unsanitary for sure]

Michie and Jess say they have never been good at baking.  Nicole said she never baked but she likes to be part of things so she's learning.  Nicole is rolling up the dough into balls and Tommy rolls them in crushed corn flakes.

Michie asks if Tommy is allergic to Walnuts, Yes, all nuts, Yes. 

Jess acts like she has come up with an earth shattering idea - putting a dollop of jelly on top.  Michie says Jelly or Cinnamon.  Michie says they should do some with and some without since he isn't a big fan of jelly.  Tommy asked if they are out of M&Ms.  They believe there is some in the freezer.


10:57PM BBT BY Sam and Ovi playing pool. Sam says he will get his kid to say everyone's name and send each of them the recoding of their name.


11:10PM BBT HoH Kat, Nicole both complaining about having to clean up after people in the Kitchen because the people are animals.  With 16 people, the amount of dishes is nuts.  Kat said right after she finished cleaning the toaster oven someone used it an immediately got it messy again.  Food getting on it burning.  Someone asked if she cleaned this much at her apartment, no because... (she doesn't make a mess).  

They start talking about the next HoH.  Kat says she doesn't want to win HoH.  She hopes it's one people drop off one by one because you can throw it.  Holly says Bella and Sam can not win.  Kat says she doesn't mind if Sam would win because she thinks he would target people she wouldn't care if they went home, at least it would not be you (Holly) or Jackson.  Holly doesn't think he would target Jess, that he would be talked out of it by Nick and Bella because there are bigger fish to fry.  Kat hopes that people say that about her, bigger fish to fry.  Holly says nobody cares about Jess in terms of threats.  Kat says here's the thing, nobody is going after the big fish right now.  Holly says nick and bella will the second they get the balls.  The big fish are all on our side, so we need to keep the big fish in the pond.  Jack does have out back so we need to keep him in the game.  Kat says, I don't want him to leave at all plus he's so hot.  Holly says, though he's the one i trust the least but, ... yeah and he's hot so you want to look at him.  

[rms- says it all about their gameplay]


Kat looks around trying to think of some insightful gameplay statement and comes up with, ... ummmm...  mmmmm ...  no ...  fck,  What are we ev..., WTF are we even doing, this is so crazy, we are playing Big Brother.  Holly says, we are up here scheming like we even know what we are doing. 

Kat but i am scared about, like here's the thing, .. i don't know,... like, ... to have like a good game,.. like i mean i don't know.  i feel like the way to win is....i don't know like... you should always in a weird way and i don't know how to make this happen, but i feel like that alliances should always be kept equal so their always like goin',... but it's hard because you're afraid of him targeting you. Holly, who Jack or Nick, Kat, Nick.  But here is the thing, once nick and bella are all gone, what's gonna happen....  I think Christie is gonna eventually rub people the wrong way...


[rms - i give, their convo is a beating of broken thoughts]



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11:21PM BBT Kat and Nicole.  Kat says Christie wouldn't put her up because she has a crush on Kat.  Kat, "But honestly, there's a lot of pressure now because I don't know what to do when a girl has a crush on me, do i flirt back?"  Christie had her feet ou and she felt awkward.  She wonders about touching.  She doesn't want her to think that, like...  Me laying on David is different than me laying on Nick, for instance, because he, it, like,... do you know what i mean. 

...  "It's hard being such a hot commodity up in here"  ...  Kat, maybe we can evict Sis so I can have Jack...  I'm kidding, I'm kidding, .. I'll save it for the Jury house.  Holly, oh my gosh, ... Kat, "We have to get a hot guy up in here, Brett come quick."  Holly, yeah, it's really pitiful this season, like 2 hot guys...  

Kat, I'm surprised that they have both Cliff and Sam, the married, older guy.... Holly, he's not older he's my age, .. Kat, he's older than like a 24 year old.  Off the market.  Holly, yeah it's usually a lot ore single guys and the showmances took longer to ramp up.  They go on talking about last season's showmances.

[rms - and why are you playing BB again? for showmances?]


Holly goes leaves room to the bathroom, returns, ...  Kat, "Do you think Brett will come host the next veto comp?  ...giggle.... Do you think they will let me make out with him?"  Holly says I think they will but he won't.  Kat, you don't think he's into me? Holly asks, doesn't he have a girlfriend, .. Kat, "I don't know?!"

Holly, "I guess we will find out."  Kat, "What if he is so into me and he breaks up with his girlfriend for me?"    Kat, sings "Break up with your girlfriend, cuz i'm bored"   She says she's so bored she created a whole showmance in her head.  That's literally the anthem of my summer.


Holly says, "Wait, are you gonna try to split me and Jackson up?" Kat, "Jack, break up with Sis because I'm bored." Holly, "what if you stole Jackson back?"

Kat, "We can stage it if need to save you"...



11:40PM BY Cliff, Kat, David, Nick and Bella talking about the moon moving.   

Bella, Sam in the hammock.  Sam won't eat cookies from Jess so she can't say she gave him cookies he ate.  He said he will save one to step on when gives his eviction speech.  Someone yells out do they want peanut butter cookies.  Bella says this is the first day she wasn't stressed and had a great day in the house.  She was chilling.  Sam's been in a Santa hoodie for hours. 


11:45PM BBT KT Everyone but Ovi   Jack, David, Michie all start mixing up one of their challenge food drinks. Egg, Cottage Cheese, "tuna juice", Thousand Island dressing for their odds are competition.

BY Ovi running, Cliff comes out later to gather drying


[rms - PopTV code word is boat]

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7:10PM BBT: In the TBR Jack, Tommy, and Jackson are chatting about David. Jack says he "made a rule" and has to "stick by it" in regards to not talking game with David. They switch to talking about Nick and Bella. Jackson wonders if they're doing the "same thing" they're doing with Nicole. "They're not this good at the game," Jack says.


7:14PM BBT: Jack leaves the TBR  and Tommy tells Jackson that he "wants to get rid of Sam." Jack walks in and Jackson says "damn, that was quick." Jackson says he has "no drive" to cook tonight. Jackson says he doesn't want her to "cook all the protein." They go back to talking about Bella and Nick and what Tommy wants to do when he wins HOH. 

7:17PM BBT: The three in the TBR are talking about Sam. They all agree that Nick and Bella are nothing without Sam. Jackson says he has a great social game. "If it's an endurance comp, it's mine," Jackson says, "I'm f***ing taking it." Tommy says he has it if it's a wall comp. Jack says if it's a "slip n' slide" comp he's taking it.


7:20PM BBT: Tommy, Jack, and Jackson talk about what to do when Nicole stays and Cliff goes home. "Nothing," Jackson says and tells them they'll go outside and smile. They all agree that Sam will not know what happened. "I'm not losing to Bella and Sam," Jackson says. Tommy says it'll be great TV.


7:23PM BBT: Tommy leaves the TBR and Jackson and Jack stay in the room. Jackson says he "doesn't feel bad" about helping with dinner because he's done it every night. Jack says he'll go make sure Jessica isn't using too much meat.


7:30PM BBT: The HGs are in the KT chatting. Bella and Sam are in the HOHR. Bella wishes "they could all be buddies." Bella says she knows why she and Nick are "meant to be." She says Nick is very similar to her ex. BB cuts away and when they come back Sam is talking about Kemi and how he wouldn't tell her who he would put up if he wins HOH. 


7:33PM BBT: Nick walks into the HOHR and the three talk about who has what power and who told who. 


7:38PM BBT: Sam says he asked David who he would want to work with if he came back in the house. "He would say me and Bella," Nick says. Sam tells them David says Jack infuriates him and that David "can't wait" to get Jack out.


7:46PM BBT: Holly walks into the HOHR and all talk stops. She gives Sam a bottle of aloe.

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