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Tuesday, July 16, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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12:00 AM BBT Jess and Tommy in the RV room

Jess- I was about to leave day 1 and I made it 27 days

Tommy- yep

Jess- that's the crazy part.

Tommy- and then you'll be here for at least another week

Jess- yeah, enough for double eviction

Tommy- I don't even know if it's happening then

Jess- I'm pretty sure it will; well, no no no....that would give myself an extra week; someone is gonna leave, and someone is gonna come back so this coming  week the 4th will leave....and then the following week the 5th person will leave and then double eviction

Tommy- make sense

Jess goes on to explain that she wants to at least make it to jury; she wants to win but thinks about this game in stages

Tommy- right

Jess said she thinks people think she is playing too nice; they talk about BB19 and all the drama



12:54 AM BBT Nick and Kat in the HOHR

Nick reviews his POV meeting speech [he is very proud of it]; he explains that he is trying to lay low now and not talk to people along anymore because Kemi blew up his game; "she wasn't wrong...I did snake her...but you didn't give me a chance to respond"

Kat- and from day 1 she was supposed to be backdoored my week but I'm pretty sure y'all did what you could (to save Kemi)

Nick- no, that's not the reason...Christie said she didn't feel right doing it....and now Nicole's about to go home

Kat- Nicole, not Cliff, right?

Nick- that's what I want...let's see: we have 13 people in the game and 10 vote...if it goes 5/5 I will break the tie and send Nicole home; I think it's good to keep Cliff

Kat- I don't think anyone could trust her at this point

Nick- she would probably put me up; and she would definitely put Bella up...she doesn't like her..I think she respects me

They rehash the Bella/Nicole drama

The feeds were down for about 20 minutes beginning around 2:00 AM


2:25 AM BBT Sis, Kat, Christie in the boat room talking about general things: fake people, but how it "gets real in here"   (no real game talk)


Cliff listens in from the hallway 



3:00 AM BBT The late nighters (Sis, Kat, and Christie) head to bed then the house goes dark and silent

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7:00 AM BBT The plan as of this morning is still the original plan from yesterday [I thought Christie was going to totally mess that up with her meltdown]

Jack checked in with Jackson last night to make sure he didn't let the cat out of the bag to Jess (accidentally); Jackson assured him that he hasn't told anyone [Jess idd not catch on the few times that Jackson truly did say too much] Gr8ful is giddy with excitement over their planned strike on Nickella [let's see if they actually have the balls to do it].

Voting to evict Cliff: Jack/Sis, Holly/Michie, Tommy/Christie and Sam  

Voting to evict Nicole: Jess, Kat, Bella (thinking she's the house's target)


7:15 AM BBT Michie is up in the kitchen for his early feeding, and he is making a lot of noise

Jackson's early feast includes carrots dipped in peanut butter  (he is a double-dipper)  [YUCK] and a pan full of scrambled egg whites



7:30 AM After Michie cleans up his mess, the camera zooms in to show that he left the freezer open; he changes his shorts and wraps his foot then heads to the SR for batteries; back to the kitchen with some oranges to get his eggs; he puts ketchup on them and closes the freezer; he heads outside with his food and says a prayer before he eats. (there is a lot of noise outside...birds...strange music and banging in the distance)


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8:40 AM BBT Michie is still the only one awake, and he is still working out alone in the backyard. 


8:53 AM BBT David is now awake (Michie has been making A LOT of noise in the kitchen)  and removing the recyclables that Michie threw in the trash can and taking them to the SR for proper disposal.

Michie- Oh, shit. Those are recycling...my bad.

9:00 AM BBT Wakey Wakey Houseguests time

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12:54AM BBT: Nick and Kat are in the HOHR talking about Nicole. They joke about Nicole having a power that doesn't allow her to be evicted. Nick talks about his POV speech. "Your speech was good," Kat says.


12:55AM BBT: Nick tells Kat that he admitted to "snaking" Nicole and Kemi. Kat asks how and Nick says "because she thought I was working with her." Nick talks about his personality.


12:55AM BBT: Nick tells Kat, alone, that he never likes to be alone with people in rooms so they don't twist his words. Nick talks about what people say about him and his game. They talk about Kemi's speech from the last eviction night.


12:57AM BBT: "Nicole is going home, not Cliff, right?" Kat asks Nick in the HOHR. "Correct," Nick says. He wants Nicole to go. He says ten people will vote and that it might go five to five and then he'll break the tie and send Nicole home. He says Cliff is "more trustworthy" and Nicole is "manipulative."

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2:25AM BBT: Kat tells Analyse in the BRL that she doesn't think Analyse is fake. Kat says she doesn't think she would call anyone fake in the BB House. Christie says she's more emotional in the house than she is in real life. Analyse says it is the opposite for her, she's more emotional outside of the BB House.


2:30AM BBT: Nick and Bella are asleep in the HOHR. Christie, Analyse, and Kat chat in the BRL. Kat says Analyse is an "undercover savage." Analyse says she "loves" who she is and she would never change. "I f***ing love myself," Analyse says. Cliff wanders around the KT.


2:40AM BBT: The girls leave the BRL and take Kemi's Camp Comeback swimsuit. They run to the WA and Kat takes it into the WC. Analyse says it's a "Mom bathing suit." Kat comes out dressed in Kemi's swimsuit and they laugh.





2:46AM BBT: Kat changes out of the swimsuit and the girls chat in the WA. They all agree there should be food restrictions on the people in Camp Comeback. "I'm ready to f***ing go on some slop," Analyse says. Christie wants to go on it too, Kat agrees. Kat wants to make their own slop.


2:53AM BBT: The girls leave the WA and get into their beds. The lights are out in the BB House and all is quiet.


5:25AM BBT: Cliff is up, he uses the WC and then gets back into bed.

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8:50AM BBT: Jackson heads inside and starts to throw things away and crack the ice trays in the KT. David is now awake and gets an apple. David talks about his mattress. BB tells Jackson to put on his microphone.


8:57AM BBT: David says Jackson looks better today. Jackson says he feels better and just needed some rest. He leaves the KT and goes outside to continue his workout. 


9:01AM BBT: BB cuts the feeds and we have fish for a few minutes. When the feeds are back, Jackson is still working out and the others are sleeping. David is in the KT.


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9:51 AM BBT David has diarrhea (forgot to take his microphone off) and Cliff is starting his morning CliffNotes

Cliff shouts out to his family; says things will be quick; he shouts out to JJ Watts because he helped so much with the hurricane in Houston; the feeds switch to Michie in the kitchen

Michie is not listening in, but he is in the kitchen

*toilet flushes*


Cliff thinks Nicole is going home....he thinks he is safe

He knows Christie and Jack want him out, so he is a bit worried about the 4 of them (including Sis and Tommy) will want him out.

Cliff says he will try to resist the paranoia and desire to do things as a result...stay patient and cool.

Cliff says this is a game of relationships...that now David and Kat seem to be getting close [they are]

Cliff says he speaks to the feedsters every morning because he never realized how hard being alone in the game would be and he wants to maintain contact, even if one sided, with his family

9:56 AM BBT Cliff is interrupted by production (he throws up his hands)

"Good Morning Houseguests. It's time to get up for the day. There are fresh batteries in the storage room" and we hear Kesha "Wake up in the morning feeling like P Diddy...."   (we get to hear a lot more of the song than expected, but it's the edited version  LOL)

Jackson is singing then the feeds cut to fish for the rest of the morning music.


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9:12AM BBT: Production talks to the HOHR, "Hey Bella," production starts. Nick says, "yeah?" "We're going to be calling you into the DR in just a little bit." BB cuts the feeds.


9:13AM BBT: Feeds are back, David it outside with Jackson. He asks if Jackson is "open to game talk." Jackson says, "always." David asks him how he's feeling and Jackson says yesterday was sketchy. David asks about his alliance, Jackson says he doesn't really have an alliance. But he's "friends with Jack." David asks about Nick and Jackson says, "I don't know." Jackson says he was scared he was going to go up yesterday.


9:14AM BBT: David asks why Jackson was worried he was going on the block. Jackson says he doesn't know. He blames Nicole and David asks more questions. Jackson keeps bringing up Nicole, "she dug herself into a grave," Jackson says. He continues to say Nicole told him that he might be going up. In the HOHR, Nick is in bed alone.


9:15AM BBT: Jackson talks about Christie and says Kemi was "being weird." Jackson says Christie was worried she would go up. He tells David that Nicole thought Christie would be the replacement nom. Jackson says he was nervous "for Christie." Jackson runs through what happened yesterday and says "this game is a pressure cooker for paranoia." 


9:17AM BBT: Jackson says he's happy because he's not on the block. He says he'll live to see another week. David says it appears Nicole will be going home since she was "backdoored." Jackson says she wasn't backdoored, but agrees that Nicole will be going home. "It's an easy choice," Jackson says. Bella joins them outside and says she has to go to the DR soon.


9:18AM BBT: Jackson goes back to working out. David asks if Bella slept good, he says he feels like she's going to have a good day. General conversation between the two. Jackson joins them a few minutes later, they're just chatting.

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9:28AM BBT: David goes inside. "What the h*ll was going on yesterday," Jackson asks Bella, "why was Christie freakin' out?" Bella says she doesn't know. She says Nick was upset and didn't understand why she was freaking out. Bella tells Jackson that Nick trusts Christie the most after Bella. They talk about the Kemi/Christie drama. 


9:32AM BBT: Jackson talks about Camp Comeback, he says they only put them in there to "stir the sh*t." Bella tells Jackson about Nick getting upset yesterday. Jackson says he's "done trying to make something out of nothing." He tells Bella he's not going to "stress" about things out of his control. He says if someone wants to put him up, they will. Bella says that's how she felt last week. David walks outside.


9:35AM BBT: Bella and Jackson talk about yesterdays drama around the veto ceremony. David sits with them. Bella gets up to go see if they'll let her in the DR and leaves David and Jackson outside. David says the one thing that sucks about Camp Comeback is that "no one wants to talk game." Jackson says it's also because they have "nothing to lose."


9:37AM BBT: Jackson tells David that every time they talk it crosses his mind that David could take anything he says and "spin it and run with it." David says if he does that and the house doesn't believe it he'll be viewed poorly. Jackson tells David to have "blind faith."

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10:11 AM BBT Sam, Bella, and Tommy in the campsite room

Sam is telling Bella she should be careful because "she" is still upset/frustrated  (not sure who "she" is)

Bell- NO, I'm not doing that

Jack walks in and shows them his mouthguard. He asks Sam if his snoring was better. Sam says yes (until he took it out at 6:30 AM)

Sam is complaining about other HGs leaving their stuff in his bed space


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9:38AM BBT: Jackson and David continue to talk about Camp Comeback. David says "Ovi doesn't get it" and just wants to talk to his friends. They continue to talk about Camp Comeback and "getting back in the game." David eventually says he has a "high level of respect" for people who have played this game before. They talk about the game. BB cuts the feeds.


9:45AM BBT: Feeds are back and Jackson and David are still outside. Bella is in the DR and everyone else is asleep. David tells him that Jack was open to talking game with him, but David isn't going to start any game conversations. They talk about Jack. Cliff is awake and getting ready for his morning notes. 





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10:17 AM BBT Tommy starts complaining about the temperature in the house at night and how he wanted to go to the DR to tell them stop doing this; the others asked him if he thinks they do it on purpose; he says "hell yes" because they want them to stay awake   *feeds cut (likely a warning about talking about production) [it's my opinion that it's the conversations about production that are prompting the warnings Jackson mentioned to Kat yesterday morning. They have been getting a lot of warnings this year compared to years' past, and it is part of their agreement that they not speak about production at all (aka "The Cloud"..."Mexico"..."Valdemort"..."THEY"...etc.) -MamaLong]

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9:50AM BBT: Cliff says hello and starts his morning chat. He says he's going to be quick because it's late. He says he slept in because the "stress" is starting to get to him. He says hello to his family and that he loves them. He says it's "exciting times" and that it will get "more exciting." He gives shout outs to people back home. BB changes cameras to Jackson in the KT. 


9:51AM BBT: When cameras are back on Cliff he's talking about Kat. He talks about what he's heard over the last few days and that they worry him. He says people think he has powers and that he's "America's Favorite Player." He wishes that were all true, but it's not. He says Nicole should be going home and a lot of people have told him that. He says he "hopes that's the case."


9:54AM BBT: Cliff talks about having his morning chats so he can maintain contact with his family. He says it has backfired since people have overheard his talks. He says he didn't realize how hard it would be to be alone in the house. BB interrupts him, "House Guests, it is time to get up for the day." BB cuts the feeds just as Kesha's song Tik Tok plays throughout the house. 

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11:30 AM BBT  The houseguests lost water in the kitchen, so they have to use the bathroom sink for everything

Tommy has been singing his new song, "Sink Water....in my belly....down my throat...sink water"

Cliff tells him the water is actually pretty good for sink water and is probably safe


Production keeps calling to Kat to wake up [much like a cat, she sleeps a lot]

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10:18AM BBT: Jack and Analyse are cuddled up in bed in the TBR talking to Cliff and Holly. Holly is happy she was able to get more sleep. Cliff is surprised BB let them sleep that long.  Jack says he feels "so rested." General conversation throughout the house.


10:38AM BBT: Bella, Nick, and Sam are in the HOHR. [ Sam seems a little grumpy this morning. - Kelly6 ] Sam says he had to act like "everything was fine" when Jessica talked to him this morning because he's going to evict her when he wins HOH. Sam says he'll have an "amazing speech" and he'll "burn the place down."

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11:50 AM BBT The kitchen sink has water again   (false alarm....they have a leak)

12:00 PM BBT Kemi and Nicole are walking the backyard talking about Kemi's job (she quit the job to play BB)


12:01 PM BBT Jessica and Christie talk about this morning's music and production waking them up for DR sessions in the middle of their sleep. They say they try to be so sweet and gentle... the "voice of God"  and we get warnings "you are not allowed to talk about production".


Production shut off the sink water in the kitchen again because there is apparently a leak. There may be a lockdown today to fix the sink.

12:06 PM BBT The feeds cut for a minute and when they come back we hear Christie and Jess talking about Hobby Lobby and how they won't carry any symbols other than Christian symbols in their store.


David and Kat are in the bathroom area. David mentions they are about to have an outdoor lockdown (to fix sink) and Kat says it's only for an hour. Kat is talking about the lock on the potty door being flipped to occupied when it wasn't

David- Sorry....I didn't hear anything you just said because  you are looking sooooo gooood

Kat- stop

Kat- you are gorgeous...you know you're gorgeous, right

Kat- I can't hear you


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10:40AM BBT: Christie, Holly, Jack, Analyse are in the TBR chatting. Christie asks the group if Nick and Bella think they're doing "themselves justice by being besties with Cliff all week?" She thinks Cliff should be campaign to them, not the HOH. She says that'll be her reason when the vote flips.


10:42AM BBT: Jack tells them that Cliff told him that he and Analyse were "never his targets." Jack says he's lying. Christie agrees. She says he's "pitching his plan" to Nick and Bella. Jack says there are only "two more days" before Cliff's gone and Nicole stays. They can't wait for him to leave. Christie says she won't be alone with Nicole for the next few days because she doesn't want to ruin it.


10:46AM BBT: Holly tells them about her conversation with Nicole last night. Analyse says Nicole "hates them too much" to go back to them. Tommy walks in. He says he's going to "f***ing gun" for HOH and he'll put Nick and Bella up and backdoor Sam. He says he's going to "completely expose them" and make Sam think they are his targets and make Bella and Nick think Sam is his target. 


10:47AM BBT: Christie says she wants Bella and Nick to go next week, but she still supports Tommy's plan. Jack talks about Sam, he says there's a "piece missing." Christie says it's Nick's ability to lie and flirt with everyone that turns her stomach. She says Nick's corny.


10:49AM BBT: Tommy wants to try to convince Bella and Nick to vote out Cliff instead of flipping the vote in case Bella were to win HOH next week. Christie says "maybe," but that she won't be the one to do it. Tommy would like to try and then bring Nicole into their "nine." Christie says they can't do that because Cliff is too close to Nick and Bella. Nick walks in and all talk stops.


10:53AM BBT: Nick leaves the TBR. Jackson, Jack, Holly, Analyse, and Christie are in there. They make their beds, just general conversation throughout the house. 


11:00AM BBT: Jack tells Jackson in the TBR that he kept getting caught in rooms with Bella. Christie walks in and Jack asks Christie if she's going to tell Jackson she has the power. Christie confirms that she has the power and tells him about it. Sam is telling Bella about his truck in the HOH bathroom. Bella just keeps nodding.

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12:15 PM BBT Tommy and Sis in the backyard sunning and talking about what they would be doing at home if they were there

Sis- I'd go to the beach then help my mom make dinner

Tommy- Aw!

Sis- then we would watch tv

Tommy- oh y'all watch tv together

Sis- yeah, because we watch the same things

Tommy- that's so good...my family does not do that....my mom literally doesn't ever sit down

Cliff asks about the shows Tommy watches

Tommy- Big Brother, American Horror Story, lots of Netflix shows like Stranger Things, Glow, Orange is the new Black, San Clarita Diet....How to Get Away with Murder

Sis- Oh, have you seen Scandal....it's so good

Tommy- no I haven't seen that one

Tommy- Grey's Anatomy



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11:08AM BBT: The HGs are moving around the house, making food and chatting. Just general chat throughout the house. 


11:30AM BBT: The HGs lost water in the KT and now have to use the WA sink if they need water. Several HGs are outside in and around the pool, the rest are in the KT eating. 


11:44AM BBT: Sam is in the KT, he says they'll probably go into lock down so they can fix the KT sink. Christie asks what day it is, she then chants "Taco Tuesday." Outside, the HGs are just chatting.


11:50AM BBT: BB calls Jack into the DR right as he and Nick were talking about Jack being called to the DR. Outside, Nicole and Kemi are walking laps around the yard. BB cuts the feeds for a few minutes. HGs are still just chatting. 


12:11PM BBT: Kemi tells Nicole in the KT that she's "done being nice." Nicole says, "but you have to be." Kemi says she does not have to be nice. 


12:30PM BBT: Tommy tells Analyse in the backyard that he wants to get a boat and sail around Europe going to music festivals. "Wouldn't that be fun?" He asks her. Analyse says it would be. Tommy says it would be so cool. General conversation throughout the house. 


12:33PM BBT: Holly and Kat are talking about Analyse in the TBR. Holly says Analyse said she would date Nick in the "real world" and that she would marry Jackson. Kat says she doesn't like the energy Analyse brings. BB tells the HG they are in lockdown and to "please go outside."

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