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Big Brother Season 21-Episode 9

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Previously, on Big Brother, the house was being dominated by the Gr8ful alliance of Jack, Nick, Tommy but Bella had a side alliance with Nicole, Jess, and Kemi which she quickly blew up. Cliff, Nicole, and Ovi formed an alliance of their own, but then Cliff pulled the biggest blunder in Big Brother history allowing Christie to overhear his whole strategy and she took the info back to their alliance.


Things were getting hot between Nick and Bella, but Bella’s real heat was coming from both sides of the house. So Kemi decided to throw her former Black Widower under the bus to Michie and it put Bella on Michie and Jack’s hit list, but Bella kept spilling secrets. Before the live eviction, Kemi spilled some secrets of her own, but even with a hinky vote from Michie, the house was set on sending Kemi to Camp Comeback. With the HOH back up for grabs, Nick scored big. Tonight, who will Nick nominate for eviction. Plus, the final secret power is up for grabs in the Whacktivity competition and the former Black Widowers get venomous.


We pick up on day 23 after the eviction. Nick says Kemi said she was going to be next to go, but she woke up the beast and she can stay in Comeback because she’s not coming back into the game. Bella asks what possessed Kemi to call her out. See ya! Jack says Nick and Bella were on the outs with Gr8ful, but it looks like they are Gr8ful strong for another week. Sam wanted to keep Kemi because he felt she meant him no harm, but it wasn’t in the house’s best interest and it sucks that Kemi is gone. Jess says this girl isn’t going home this week. But Nick won HOH and that’s another worst case scenario for her. She just hopes she’s not on the block for another week.


Kemi says she called Nick and Bella out because they are playing both sides and if she can put a target on their back before she comes back that might help. Plus, can she kill it with the blue eyeliner? Are they at the club or Big Brother. Cliff asks Nicole if she was the hinky vote and Nicole says no, but she suspects it will be pinned on her because she was friends with Kemi. Nicole says she’s not feeling safe because of that rogue vote. She wants to know who that person is. Nicole thinks it will be her and Jess are on the block and Cliff says if that’s the case then they need to make sure she’s innocent little Nicole.


Nicole talks to Michie and tells him she’s worried about the hinky vote. MIchie says he wanted to pin it on Nick and Bella, but now that Nick won HOH he needs to find a way to cover his tracks. Michie goes to talk to Nick and tells him Nicole was the hinky vote and that she’s acting guilty. Nick says he was thinking about putting up Cliff and Jess, but maybe he’ll just put Nicole up. Michie says she was just acting weird. Bella is talking to Nicole and Sam. Bella feels like she has been a friend to Kemi and she’s disappointed because that friendship is 100% broken. Kemi is called to the DR.


Bella stops her as she’s going in and says that eviction speech didn’t make sense. They begin arguing. Bella says the kind of game she’s playing is being nice to everyone and Bella follows Kemi as she walks away and Kemi comes back and they are in each others faces and Kemi pushes Bella’s arm and Sam tells them no touching. Bella is still yelling at Kemi as she’s waiting to get into the DR. Bella says Kemi can go to Camp Comeback with her two friends, oh wait, she’s forced to live there.


Jack and Michie are talking and Michie says poor Nicole. Poor Nicole and he winks at Jack. Michie tells Jack he voted to evict Jess and Jack says he’s good. Michie tells Jack he can’t tell Christie and makes him swear and Jack says he’s brilliant.


Nicole is talking to Holly and Jackson and Sis leaves and says she needs deodorant because her pits are sweating. Nicole says she can’t wrap her head around the vote and Holly says right now no one thinks it means anything. Michie says it would suck to pin the vote on her. Michie tells us it sucks for Nicole, but if it keeps his butt out of those two seats, then he’ll do it.


Sis, Nick, Bella, Michie, Holly, and Sam are talking in the HOH. Nick doesn’t think Nicole was the rogue vote and Michie says Nicole seemed way to nervous and sketchy. Michie says his conversation with her makes him think she didn’t do it, but then some of the things she does makes it him thinks they did it. They leave Nick and Bella alone and they think Michie cast the rogue vote. Nick tells us Michie is really paranoid and he keeps bring up Nicole’s name and he doesn’t think that’s what is best for his game. He doesn’t want to put Nicole up.


Nicole talks to Nick and he says she was nervous when he won and she says it was because of the hinky vote. Nick says he knows she wouldn’t have done that. Nicole says she wants to know who it was. Nick says he thinks someone did it to pin it on her and he thinks he knows who, but he doesn’t want to say anything. Nick tells her not to be worried this week and he promises her that she will not go up this week. He doesn’t want her to worry and be anxious. Nicole says she’s feeling better, but she knows this game. Anything could happen and she won’t feel safe until she’s safe at the end of the week.


It’s time for the final Whacktivity Comp! It’s time for the Panic Whactivity! Nick, Analyse, Jess, and Christie are the competitors. Sis is out first and there is a huge chest of Madagascar hissing cockroaches. But underneath them is the legendary elder stone and the message will guarantee their victory in the BB Game. They’ll have to move the roaches to see the symbols to decipher the secret message. They need to use lettered tiles to spell it out and if they are correct, their time will lock in. If they are wrong, then they have to try again. Are you ready to play Madagascar Mayhem?


Sis squeals as she moves some roaches. She sees a light switch and she knows it’s on because the arrow is point up. Since the symbol is orange, she knows to put the answer in the orange box on her answer board. She sees a picture that indicates eviction so she looks for the letters to spell the word. She’d love to have some power in her back pocket. She can find some of the letters, but she can’t find the rest so she moves on. She sees stars and a moon and she automatically thinks of night. She then sees a donut minus U and she figures out don’t. She’s got Don’t blank blank on eviction night. She sees what she thinks is a steak and she spells stake on the board. She sees a diamond plus EE and she realizes it could be a jewel with ee, meaning Julie. She swaps stake for meat and the answer is don’t meet Julie on eviction night. But she can’t spell Julie and she has to try a few times.


Jess is out next and she feels like she needs to win this so she has something to bargain with. She doesn’t look happy about the roaches. She has figured out do not and meat. She’s freaking out as she’s moving the roaches. She says every time she tried to move them they hiss and stick to her fingers. She’s trying to figure out the diamond clue. She thinks maybe it’s a rock. She thinks the BB mascot’s name is Rocky.


Nick is out next and he says you have to be kidding me. He wants to win this really bad and he doesn’t want someone else to get a power that screw up his HOH. Nick says the roaches smell bad, but they don’t really bother him. He just wants to figure out what the message is trying to tell him. He sees beef, steak, beef, steak. What’s the word? He has the diamond clue and he says diamondee? That’s not a word! Gemee, that’s not a word either. He’s looking at the words and he realizes he sucks at this competition.


Christie says having a power in this game is crucial and she wants to win. She gets don’t right off the bat and says pretty easy so far. She sees the plate and she says it a biscuit, a cinnabun, then she gets to steak and meat. She sees the diamond clue and she doesn’t think that will be in it. She picks up on Julie. Christie says the clues are obvious. You’d want to meet Julie on any night…except eviction night. She’s struggling to find the letters and she finally finds them and locks in her time. She’s so mad because she wasted too much time on that T and she hopes it doesn’t cost her the win.


It’s time to reveal who won the panic whacktivity. Christie gets in a time of 7:41. She says the power of manifestation is real. She felt like a winner, she went in as a winner, and she’s a winner. She doesn’t know what the power is, but she knows it will be good and maybe it will prevent her from meeting Julie on eviction night!


Christie heads into the DR. She has won the Panic Power. She now has the ability to turn the golden POV into a diamond POV. This power can only be used one and can only be used at one of the next four veto meetings. It gives the veto holder the ability to not only use the veto to remove a nominee, but to also name the nominee to take their place. She’s not going to tell anyone except Tommy.


Christie goes to the Archery BR and tells Tommy about the power and Jack comes in. Jack says Ovi’s power is the chance to take two players off. He says his power allows to force them to re-draw the veto. Tommy is so happy that all his friends are winning comps. Christie wishes she could deliver news as good as that, but she’s sorry cannot, but at least one of them has something.


Nicole is talking to Kemi and she says she’s starting to realize the dynamics and she says they’re all together and she lists everyone in Gr8ful except Christie and Tommy. Kemi says she’s not going to let the fact she’s in Camp Comeback stop her from talking game and there’s something Bella told her that Nicole needs to know. We see on Day 22 that Bella told Kemi that Christie overheard Cliff’s morning discussion to the camera.


Kemi tells Nicole that Christie overheard Cliff and they know she’s in an alliance with Cliff and Ovi. Nicole is freaked out that people know and she needs to let Cliff know what’s going on. Nicole tells Cliff what Kemi told her and he says geez, I’m sorry. He says he didn’t realize he could be heard. He tells us that was a screw up on his part and if it was overheard it’s going to screw up his game. He’s not going to stop, but he’s going to start talking quieter.


Nick is talking to Cliff and he says if there’s a target out there that Nick wants, then he would be a pawn. He doesn’t want to be a pawn, but if it works for Nick’s game then that would be ok. Cliff would still love to work with Nick and Bella and he hopes Nick can count on him. Nick says Cliff is his target this week and him offering himself as a pawn is great and he can get him out!


Kat is reading and she says they could add Mussolini and Jess says muesli?  Kat reads Mussolini again. Jess says Kat is so funny and fantastic. We see clips of Kat in some of her fun moments. Holly says Kat embodies BB, you just expect the unexpected.


#BB21 Epi 9: Camp Comeback is she has to wear the uniform. She says she’s going to bring style to Camp Comeback and as she leaves the DR we see her fall. She has a skirt on and she gets up and the others notice the skirt.


Nick, Bella, and Sam are talking in the HOH room and Nick says they could targeted soon. Sam says why are we heading towards the doom and doing nothing about it. Sam says Jack would be a target and he’s tight with everyone in the house. Michie would be a runner-up. Sam says the pros for taking a shot at a big target is that it has nothing to do with him. Nick says putting up someone in his alliance would be a big move and the line would be drawn. But he’s not sure he wants to do that with Camp Comeback in play.


Nicole says even though Nick told her she is safe this week, but she got some information from Michie that could help her. We see Michie telling her that there is a division and he made it clear that he wants Nicole’s help targeting Nick and Bella, but Nick is the HOH. Nick asks Nicole about Kemi’s speech and he’s curious why she would do that. Nicole says she felt that Nick and Bella threw her under the bus to Jack and that’s why she was nominated. Nick says that was not why she was put up. Nicole tells them that the plan was to put up Bella and Nick on the block this week.


Bella says her mind is racing, how could she and Nick have not seen that. Nick says he’s disappointed. He knew they’d have to turn on each other, but is he the one who has to draw the line in the sand?


It’s time for the nomination ceremony! Nick’s first nominee is Cliff. His second nominee is Jess. He says he loves them both and it’s not personal. He thought the easiest way was to put up people who had already been on the block and they can play in veto.


Nick says he really, really, really thinking about putting up Michie and Jack, but he didn’t have a chance to talk to anyone. He says he will backdoor one of them if he finds out it’s true. Jess says she’s on the block again, but she’ll win veto and show them who’s boss. Cliff says he has to win this veto because he believes he could be going home if he doesn’t win. Nicole says people think she was the rogue vote and not being nominated feels good, but she’s still worried she could be nominated for eviction if someone comes off the block.

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