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Monday, July 15, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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#BB21 12:09 am BBT Nicole and Kemi are in the BY talking about Nicole going up on the block. Kemi tells Nicole that the veto is probably being used to put her on the block. Jessica and Kat are doing their talk show in the RV room. 

12:15 am BBT Kemi brings up the battle for camp comeback and that the whole house seems to want David back into the house. Kemi and Nicole talk about the house not really talking to them and the house talking sh*t about other people in the house. 

12:48 am BBT Kemi tells Nicole that Nick said that Bella isn’t even his girlfriend that she is just a showmance. Kemi and Nicole begin to talk about Bella needing to be the center of attention and her being Jealous of Nick and Sam talk about other girls. 

12:54 am BBT Kemi tells Nicole that she thinks Miche and Holly are going to be a solid showmance and so are Jack and Sis. Kemi says that she thinks that Bella has a personality that will be bad for her game and the showmance. 

12:57 am BBT Kemi tells Nicole that she gets the most warnings from production and Nicole quickly changes the subject to blankets. Kemi says she hopes her and Sam will stay friends outside of the house and she hopes that her a Nick will also stay friends. 

1:03 am BBT Nick begins to walk around with the SnapChat googles and makes the showmances kiss on cam. He even gets Tommy and Christy to kiss for their gaymance. Christy then kisses Bella after Bella says that she would kiss her.

1:28 am BBT The talk show starts back up and they begin to interview Nick. 


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1:30 AM BBT  JessiKat show interviewing Nick  (Rapid Fire questions)


2:20 AM BBT Holly Sis and Jackson in the Target bedroom talking about Nickella

Sis- I'm sorry  but do people really get attached that fast  (regarding her jealousy over Sis)

Jackson- did you expect anything less....he lasted 4 days

Sis- he said he would flirt his way to the end....sure....can't wait to be the one to put you up  (she wants to put Nick on the block...everyone does)

Jackson- that's not working out so well

Cliff walks in and game talk ends

They decide to go to bed expecting they will have to get up early for the veto ceremony

SIs- why don't they just give us a luxury comp   *cameras switch to Christie and Jess in the boat room

Christie is talking about Cliff and how he should be laying low because Nicole is obviously the target (Kat will use her veto on Jess and Nick will put up Nicole as the replacement). If you want to give him advice; tell him to chill.

*Ovi comes in "sorry" then leaves

Christie- Ovi freaks me out...not on a personal level...but, he threatens us

Jess- yeah



Christie explains to Jess about the time Ovi walked in to the room with her, Tommy and Jack and they asked him to come back later because they were talking game, or they could leave if he really wanted to room. He left but then came right back and said that everyone else is talking game with him but us. jack said "so everyone is breaking the rules but us." She said she didn't like it...it came off as a threat.



3:25 AM BBT Jack and Tommy in the boat room discussing Bella ruining Nicks game.

Tommy- Together they ruin each other's game

Jack- in the first 4 days, Nick was on par and then he started sleeping with Bella....she was never fully in (Gr8ful)

Tommy- Yeah...too hard too soon....I can't wait to f'ing play the HOH

Jack- I know and you're gonna win  (they are expecting the wall comp)

Tommy- I really want to....there's pros and cons to both sides because if I win it would be so thrilling to be the one to do that (put Nickella on the block)








3:33 AM BBT   Jack and Tommy were the last ones up; they head to bed

The house is dark and silent 








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7:00AM BBT: All of the HGs are sleeping, aside from Cliff who is waking up now.


7:06AM BBT: Cliff uses the WA and then walks to the BRL to begin his morning chat. Cliff sits in silence for several minutes instead of immediately talking to the live feeders.


7:10AM BBT: "Good morning to my beautiful family," Cliff begins, "good morning to all the live feeders out there...day twenty-seven in the Big Brother House." Cliff says this will be a quick one because he wants to go to bed. He says BB will be waking them up at 9AM BBT. He says he's trying to practice his "inside voice."


7:12AM BBT: Cliff talks about the Veto comp, he says Kat will use it on Jess. He says he told her he won't "hold it against her" after she told him she would use it. Cliff hopes Kat will vote to keep him since she isn't going to use the veto on him. Cliff says he doesn't believe he's Nick's target and he's worried that they will put Nicole up when Jess comes down. He thinks Nicole has a secret power.


7:14AM BBT: Cliff doesn't believe Sam would "steer him the wrong way." Cliff trusts Sam and Sam says Nick was wanting to send Cliff home because Nicole is an "easy target." Cliff says Sam told him that they think Cliff has a "secret power." "Doesn't sound so good to me," Cliff says. He says Sam told him that Nick and Bella don't want to do others dirty work and want to keep Cliff.


7:16AM BBT: Cliff is hoping Nick will keep him. He says he had a conversation with Jack about how he understands what's happening, but he wants to stay. Cliff says everyone is telling him "nothing is happening." Cliff says Jess told him last night the veto will be used on her but that he's not going home. Cliff thinks Kat told her that and because of that it "means nothing." Cliff believes Sam is telling him the truth and says it makes him "feel better."


7:18AM BBT: Cliff says he'll start campaigning after Jess is taken off the block. He says it will be against Nicole, but that is the way it has to be. Cliff starts to go over the vote, he believes he would have the votes to stay, but if he doesn't it could be a tie and Nick would vote to keep him. "I'll deal with it," Cliff says, "it is what it is." He talks about getting the backyard back yesterday.


7:21AM BBT: Cliff says he's done talking for today, he tells his family he loves them and says he's trying to enjoy the little things in the house. He says he wants to go back to bed before they wake everyone up at 9AM BBT. He tells the live feeders to have a good day.


7:22AM BBT: Cliff leaves the BRL and uses the WC before getting back into bed. Everyone else is still asleep in the BB House. 

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8:00 AM BBT  Everyone is still sleeping; lots of snoring

As of now the plan is that Jess will be replaced with Nicole on the block. Nickella is still under the impression that the house wants Nicole out. Gr8ful/Unde9able is planning to evict Cliff with the following votes: Jack, Jackson, Holly, Sis, Christie, Tommy, Sam

Bella, Kat & Jess will vote to evict Nicole thinking that is what the house is doing

Lines will be drawn and Nickella will flip out [can't wait  *giggles]

Next up on the block will be Nickella unless Bella wins the HOH  [it's going to be a great week   -MamaLong]


There is also a plan to try and get Kat to not use the veto so they don't have to reveal things to Nickella just yet, but it's doubtful that Kat would not use it on Jess, as promised.

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9:35 AM BBT  Nick and Jack in the kitchen

Nick is rapping to Jack and then goes to get a bowl of his PB Cap'n Crunch; he sees it's almost empty

Nick- Oh, no Man! Who did this? Hashtag BB Scumbag....you're going on the block today.  [it was David]









*the feeds are kinda screwy for me today...video is snapping and audio is not always synching right...skips and jumps  -MamaLong

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10:05 AM BBT Jack is alone in the backyard for a few minutes so he addresses the feedsters. He says he isn't good at talking to the cameras....says he loves us. He mentions that it's a really long, hard game. He hasn't seen his family in a month. Sam comes out and conversation ends.


Sam has discovered that his lucky pink boxers are missing and thinks Jack may have hidden them [it was David]


Jack- they are going to ask us to lower the f'ing awnings

Don (BB production)- please lower the one side only (awnings in the backyard)   (Jack sighs loudly)



Nick and Jack lower the awnings.

Nick- I wonder if they will say thank you. I like it when they do that.

(production says nothing)

10:14 AM BBT Michie goes in to whisper with Kat. 

Michie- in all seriousness, I love you to death

Kat- Same

Michie- I still want to work with you


10:20 AM BBT Sam and Bella are walking around the yard. Sam is talking about his hemorrhoid issue. He's  having a lot of trouble and it's "one more thing to worry about."


Sam and Bella are also studying the days and comps.

10:28 AM BBT  Holly, Christie, Jess, Kat and Tommy in the RV room

The girls are taking about morning faces and are complimenting Jess on how great she looks first thing in the morning. Holly says she was too insecure to wake up without makeup for years and just slept in her makeup. Jess tells her she was in the DR at 3AM so she has some makeup on.

Holly- I need it. I don't look like that when I wake up in the morning...I look like someone who crawled out from under the bridge on the southside.....I have freckles everywhere.



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10:33 AM BBT  Kat jokes that the veto necklace is heavy and is hurting her shoulders.

Kat- it's a burden only a few can carry

She then jokes that she may lay out in the sun with the veto on to get a veto tan

Christie- you'll get a third degree burn of the veto


Tommy says he feels bad about the bad fart he laid last night

Nicole- me too 

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11:34 AM BBT  Kat was just called to the DR so power of veto meeting is coming soon

Kat has been sunning with the veto on her belly, so she now has a veto shaped tan line

Kat- look at that detail

Sis- oh my God

Kat- I'm so excited....I'm reckless


Kat- thanks for encouraging me; oh, I love that....so funny


Jack is slamming dishes and pans around looking for a lid that belongs to someone else's shaker bottle.



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11:00 AM BBT Most HG are outside tanning or working out. Ovi is having breakfast and Kemi is in the KT with Nicole. Nicole is washing dishes. Kemi is complaining about the outfit she was given to swim in. She says it’s hideous. David, Sis, and Jack are working out. Kat is tanning the veto symbol into her stomach.


11:15 AM BBT HG still outside or cleaning up. Christie goes inside for a minute and she talks to Tommy and says Nick is already asking her questions. She thinks she’s just paranoid, but she says Nick has asked her five times if she slept ok. They are discussing the vote situation. Tommy says he knows Nick is worried because he’s been the mediator all along.


11:20 AM BBT Christie says Kat is making her laugh. She says Kat is literally tanning the veto symbol into her chest and it’s working. Tommy says Kat is so funny. Tommy says Kat asked him if Christie has a crush on her and she says Kat has a crush on Christie too. Christie says Kat and her were talking in the lounge and Kat insinuated she wanted to work with her. Christie just wants the veto meeting to be over because Cliff is creeping her out. Christie says it would be stupid to backdoor someone with a battle back. Christie says Bella doesn’t like the way Nick is with other girls. Christie says Nick said he hasn’t washed his feet in the shower since he was 5 and that freaks her out. Holly comes in and Christie says she’s getting a weird feeling again. Christie feels like Bella is being a b*tch this morning. Holly says Bella keep asking her if Nicole was still going out.


11:25 AM BBT Holly is pitching including Kat in the plan to keep Nicole but still have Kat vote Cliff so she can act as a double agent and play both sides. Tommy says if we do vote out Cliff we can tell Nick and Bella we know what was best for their game, but Cliff said if Ovi comes back, they were going to come after all the rest of us, not Nick and Bella. Christie says she just wants to get through today because she is scared. Tommy heads into the camper and Christie heads outside. Nicole is in the camper going through her clothes. Tommy asks if she’s going outside and she says but she doesn’t know when the veto ceremony will be and she doesn’t want to be in a swimsuit. Tommy is trying to prop the camper door open. They get a warning not to prop open any doors but Tommy says they need ventilation! But he closes the door. All four feeds are on the BY and we see Kat eating an orange and tanning with the veto and the others are relaxing and Michie is working out.


11:30 AM BBT Kat says she was a mathlete when she was in school. Ovi is looking for his shorts and can’t find them. He thinks maybe Cliff threw them in the washer but he goes to check the WA. Cliff says the shorts aren’t in with his laundry. Jack is sitting with Sis while she’s eating an orange. Michie is getting some water. Jack is told to put into his microphone and he makes a loud noise into as he picks it up. Jack wants his original mic back and he says his old one had a zip tie on it to hold the clip open and if they could put a new zip tie on that would be great. Thank you. Kat is called to the downstairs DR.

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12:02 PM BBT Christie and Holly are in the target bedroom. Christie is freaking out a bit convinced she is going up as the replacement nom. [not sure why she thinks this]

Christie- I'm an easy target

Holly- She is so insecure (Bella).....I'm not fully convinced

Christie- they know that we are working together and they need a number more than 6

Holly- Oh they are f'ing nasty

Christie- they know where my loyalty lies


12:06 PM BBT   Now we have Kitty Cam "The Houseguests are shooting something awesome"

12:09 PM BBT The feeds came back so another false alarm  (maybe Kat asked for time to put her makeup on)  [there have been more false alarms and focus issues this season than ever. I'm convinced there is a new camera crew -MamaLong]

12:20 PM BBT Christie is now freaking out with Kat, crying and telling her she's going up and going home. She's hoping Kat won't use the veto.


Christie is working hard to get Kat not to use the veto.

Christie- they are all in on it.....I'm going up

All the girls tell her that is not what is happening....that she is NOT going up.


12:32 PM Christie's plea is not working. Kat is still planning to use the veto. Sis, Michie, Jess, Kat, and Holly all assure her they have her back. 


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11:35 AM BBT Jack and Christie are in the Archery BR and Christie is telling Jack that he’s feeling weird and Jack says he felt it last night when Nick came in and the four of them were in there. Jack says even if he puts me up we have the votes, but he thinks they are fine. Nick is outside and he’s saying he needs to stop eating because he’s gained weight since he’s been HOH. Jack tells Christie to stay cool until they see who he puts up and then they’ll react. He gives Christie a hug. Jack says either way Jess is coming down and we should be fine. Jack says we have the votes and Christie says we only have 5. Jack says we have Kat and Christie says we don’t know that, they all know they are on the outside of something. Jack says this is our game.


11:40 AM BBT Bella is in the pool and Jess and Tommy are talking to her from the side. Jack, Holly, and Christie are in the SR and they don’t want to get caught together. Nicole heads into the SR and she’s looking for something in the drawers. Bella says the sun is coming from the wrong direction. She says it was coming in the other way and now it’s different. Tommy thinks it’s 12:30. Kat has taken a shower.


11:45 AM BBT Nick, Jack, Holly, David, Sis, Michie, and Cliff are in the KT and DR talking about how hot it is. Holly says last summer she had two co-workers go to the hospital with heat exhaustion. Nick is talking about hostels. Holly says she stayed in one in Australian that was a Wiccan hostel and Nick asks what a wiccan is. Sam says Rockstar said she was a witch. Bella, Tommy, and Jessica are planning a BB Goblin scene. Holly, Sam, Ovi, Nick, David, and Cliff are at the DR table and they are discussing who might have the powers. Holy says if the power had given them a third bathroom, she’d have fought harder for it.


11:50 AM BBT Cliff says maybe Kat got the power and it allowed her to nap when she wanted. Nick is talking about his whacktivity comp and the message he had to decipher. Tommy asks Bella if she’s going to go back to retail after the show and she says she’s probably not going to work the rest of the year. Christie has noticed there is a bandaid in the bottom of the pool. Nick thinks he was shafted because he never equated the diamond to jewelry and all the girls got it easily.


11:55 AM BBT Nick is still saying the challenge wasn’t something he would get because he might have finally gotten meat, but he never would have gotten Julie from the diamond. He says they had 20 minutes to complete it. Cliff, Ovi, and Nick are now talking about roaches. Ovi says he thinks they can walk around without their head and Nick says yeah for like a week. Kemi just got out of the shower and Nicole is putting on make-up. Christie, Sam, Jess, Nicole, Bella, and Tommy are still outside. David is back out also. Nicole is told to put on her mic.


12:00 PM BBT Michie has joined the pool. He says it’s nasty water, but it feels so good. Bella says the sun is finally doing what it’s supposed to do. Sis says her hair is turning red at the ends. Sis says she used to bleach her hair. She used to have blond hair. Christie and Holly are in the Archery BR and Christie is still paranoid and she says she’s 100% sure she’s going up. She says she knows she’s going up, she’s not an idiot. Christie says you didn’t notice Nicole was in a good mood now. Christie looks at Holly and says I’m telling you, I know I’m going up. She doesn’t want to give them the satisfaction of blindsiding her. Christie says they know they need to build a number bigger than six and they are doing. Christie says Nick asked her a million times how she slept and he’s making all kinds of comments directly at her. She knows she’s going up.


12:05 PM BBT Kemi and Nicole are in WA getting ready for the veto ceremony. Holly and Christie are still in the Archery BR and Christie is still paranoid. Holly says maybe Kat won’t use the veto and Christie says she promised to use it on Jess. They want to talk to Kat before the ceremony. Holly says maybe Christie should just try and whisper she thinks she’s going up and ask her not to use it. Christie says please universe let Kat come out of the DR and do the veto ceremony later. Please, please, please. She just really needs to talk to Kat. We get shelter cats so it might be time for veto. Nope, feeds are back. Nick, Jack, Sam, and Christie are outside in the shade. Kemi and Nicole are both brushing their hair and Nicole is saying she’s most concerned about clearing her name. The HG outside are talking about last season’s HG.


12:10 PM BBT Christie, Nick, Jack, and Sam are still outside and they are talking about Michie’s cooking. They are talking about how Michie goes too heavy on the seasoning and some of the HG scrape some of the seasoning off. Christie says she doesn’t complain because she’s getting a meal cooked for her. They start talking about Brussel Sprouts. Someone is wearing a “J-Lo” outfit, but we can’t see who they are talking about. Nick yells across the yard and asks Tommy if he knows anyone who doesn’t like him and Tommy says he feels like no one likes him. Sam says any chance he’d be America’s Favorite is squashed because Tommy is here. Talk goes to Tyler winning AFP because he had the best game and feeds switch to the KT where Christie is.


12:15 PM BBT Nicole and Christie are in the KT and Nicole asks Christie how she’s doing and she says she has a headache. Jack is telling Nick and Sam that he’s been grinding his teeth. Christie went back into the Archery BR and she looks at the camera and says got me! She says she’s going up but it’s not over until it’s over. She needs to find Kat. Christie heads out and Kemi asks do you know what’s happening with the veto? Nicole is going up? Christie says I don’t think so. Christie tells Kemi she thinks she’s going up because she feels energy and she’s getting some bad energy from Nick. Outside Nick is telling Jack and Sam and he doesn’t care who comes down, but he’s over the Nicole thing. Michie comes in and says something to Christie and he is told to put his mic on. Jack asks Nick if anyone else poses a big threat? Nick says no. Nick says Cliff wouldn’t put two of us up because he’s not that dumb. Kat is out of the DR and Christie tells Kat she knows she’s going up. Kat says she won’t go home and Christie starts crying and says they are putting me up Kat. She says she needs to stay calm, but she knows they are putting her up. She says she’s freaking out. Kat says you have the numbers. Christie says she doesn’t trust the boys. Kat says she won’t vote to evict Christie and neither will Jess.


12:20 PM BBT Christie says she’s freaking out and she wants to know who said something. Christie says Kemi just asked her if Nicole was going up and Christie says they are all in on it. Christie says I’m telling you right now I’m going up. Christie wants to get Jess in there. Sis has joined and she goes to get Jess. Christie says Nick and Bella are going to team up with Cliff and Ovi and Nicole. Christie is crying and squealing and freaking out because she knows she’s going up. She’s trying to stay calm about it but she knows she’s going up. Sis has returned with Jess and Christie says she heard them and she knows she’s going up. Christie squeals again that she’s going up and she’s freaking out again. Christie just keeps saying over and over she’s going up. Sis she’s not going up and Christie says stop saying that because I know I am. Ovi is coming back into this house because she put him up. Christie says Cliff wants me up and out. She says I’m going up and they are going to sway the house and she’s going to go home. Jess says there is no way.


12:25 PM BBT Jess, Kat, and Sis are telling Christie there is NO WAY they could get her out this week. They don’t have the numbers. Nick, Jack, Tommy, and Nicole our outside. Jess says Nicole would not vote out Christie and Sis Nicole wouldn’t because Christie was there for her after all the crap that went down. Christie says Kemi needs to go, she needed to go a week ago. Christie says they are all in on it and she’s going up. She says it’s not hearsay or paranoia, she HEARD it. She’s telling you, she’s going up. Shelter cats and then WBRB. Kat says she doesn’t want Christie to go on the block and Christie says I’m going on the block. Kat says if they do, it gives them a reason to go after them next week. Jess says after everything that happened that Nick has to put Nicole up. Christie says it was all a plan. Christie repeats over and over and over she’s going up. She doesn’t even feel like she can trust the boys because they are working together and she’s still crying. Holly has joined the room and they are still trying to convince Christie she is fine. She’s not going up and even if she did they wouldn’t be able to get her out. Christie says she doesn’t trust anyone. Kat says I would never vote for you.

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12:35 PM BBT

Christie gets called to the DR

Kat explains to Cliff that production told her they were going to call a few people in before the veto meeting. Cliff says you probably can't say why, but she says oh I don't even know anything.

Michie in the Target bedroom with Holly and Sis- things are gonna get interesting


12:40 PM BBT Holly and Sis are now stress eating in the kitchen

Sis to Kat- I'm scared

Kat- don't be

Michie- It would be a bitch ass move


12:46 PM PM Kat is now considering not using the veto. She talked with Nicole in the storage room and Nicole pledged her loyalty to her to the end. 

12:55 PM BBT Kat checks in with Nick who confirms that he is still putting up Nicole if she uses the veto. He wants Nicole to go home but tells Kat to do what she feels is best for her game.


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12:30 PM BBT Kat, Sis, Holly, Jess, and Christie are in the Archery BR and they are still trying to calm Christie and she is still saying she is going up. Christie says Holly was carving into cardboard (a cereal box) and she was carving a heart and Nick said carve a red flame so I can light it up. Christie says I’m going up! Michie has now joined the room and Christie is now telling him she’s going up. Christie says she’s not stupid and Cliff is just butthurt because she made a mockery of the alliance he made. Kat keeps telling Christie we have your back. Kat goes to whisper to MIchie. Michie tells Kat Christie is not going up. Michie is now trying to calm Christie down. He says this is going to go one of two ways, they will put Nicole up and the crap will hit the fan when she’s not voted out, or they put up Christie and the crap hits the fan and they will be the next two out. Christie says she doesn’t want to go home and Michie says I’m not fantastic with numbers but Holly is one, Jess is two, Kat is three, I’m four, Jack is five, Sis is six, and Tommy is 7. That seems to be enough numbers. Michie says put your game face on and calm down. Jess, Christie, and Kat leave the room. Michie, Sis, and Holly head out shortly after.


12:35 PM BBT General chatter as things begin to calm down.


12:40 PM BBT Kat and Nicole are going to talk now. They head into the SR. The outside HG are talking about movies. Kat is pitching that if she doesn’t pull Jess down, then Nicole won’t go up and that leaves Cliff on the block. Nicole says you need to think about your numbers going forward.


12:45 PM BBT Nicole and Kat think Cliff has a power. Kat asks Nicole if she’s for sure going up. Kat says if she doesn’t use it it will keep her safe. Nicole says if Kat doesn’t use it she gets Nicole’s loyalty because she’d be saving her. Holly comes into the SR. Kat says if she does use it, she just doesn’t know. Nicole wants to know Holly’s thoughts. Nicole says in front of a witness because no one wants to talk to me alone. Kat says she wants to save Jess, but she doesn’t want someone to go up who shouldn’t. Holly feels like people aren’t giving Nicole enough empathy, but she also doesn’t want her to go home. They ask who Holly thinks has the power and she genuinely doesn’t know but maybe Cliff. Nicole says who do you feel comfortable going forward with and Holly says I don’t know. Holly says a lot is going to happen before Thursday because she’s questioning everything and everyone. Jack, Michie, and Christie are in the KT and Michie asks Christie how she heard about the plan. And Christie starts going over her “clues”.


12:50 PM BBT Christie tells Michie and Jack she’s going up. She knows she’s going up. Michie says don’t say that. Christie says I am, I am and she’s crying. Michie says regardless, you aren’t going anywhere and she says I’m scared. Michie gives her a hug and says she’s fine. Jack tells Christie she needs to keep her cool right now. Michie says put on your game face and Jack says you are so strong. Kat tells Christie she talked to Nicole and she’s oddly calm. Christie says of course, because she knows she’s not going anywhere. Michie says if they do it, let it rain. Christie says I’m going up. Holly and Nicole and Holly says Christie is worried. Nicole says her plea is Nicole is looking for someone to be loyal to. Nick talks to Kat in the hammock and Kat wants to know what the plan is. Nick says don’t you want to take Jess off? Kat says kind of. Kat says who goes up and Nick says Nicole. Nick says are you ok with that? Kat says she doesn’t know what happened. Nick says people aren’t going to be mad if Nicole goes home, but he doesn’t care if she uses it or not. Kat says so Nicole is going up? Nick says yeah, I swear on it. Kat says she feels bad and she’s a little nervous to be used as leverage.


12:55 PM BBT Kat says she doesn’t want Nicole to go up and not go home and Nick says there is no way Nicole isn’t going home. Nick says he wants Nicole to go home. He doesn’t care if Cliff goes home this week, but Nicole is his target. Nick tells her to do what’s best for her game. She won the veto and she has the power to do whatever she wants. He says he’d like for her to use, but he won’t be mad at her if she doesn’t. Nick says Nicole is good socially and she’s manipulative and he doesn’t want someone like that in the game. He swears again that Nicole is his target because she’s manipulative. Christie is now talking to Tommy and saying she’s going up and she doesn’t want to be played for a fool. Tommy says it’s all good, she’ll be fine. Christie says he’s a piece of crap. Christie says they’re smart though, they want to make a move first. They know what they’re doing. Kat and Nicole go to talk again. Tommy says maybe he should talk to Nicole and Christie says Nicole knows she’s not going up and so does Kemi. Tommy says you’re good no matter what. Kat and Nicole go back to the SR and she says if Nicole does go up, then she thinks has the numbers to stay. Nick says Cliff wouldn’t win next week and he’d go home anyway.

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1:04PM BBTNick and Jack talking. Nick is concerned that if he goes to put up Nicole and she has the power then he has to put up one of the alliance. He isn't concerned that they would go. Jack says he is confident in his game. Nick says that he wouldn't put up Jack.Tommy comes up and tells Nick that Christie is freaking out that she is going up. Nick asks why shethinks that. He says that it is her time of the month and she is paranoid.


1:09PM BBT NIck asks Christie is she really thought that. She says not in a million years but because she is PMSing that she is paranoid. Nick is trying to tell her he would never put her up and she keeps going on and on about him putting her up.


1:15PM BBT Kat is called to the DR.


1:19PM BBT We have kitty reels. Veto meeting time.

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2:17 PM BBT.  Nick and Analyse are in the BY talking.  He is telling her why Christie was paranoid.  Tommy joins them and Nick continues to tell them why Christie was paranoid.  Jack joins hem.  Holly joins them as well.  


2:17 PM BBT.  In the HOHR, Christie is telling Bella why she was paranoid.  There is an awful lot of people repeating themselves.  


2:23 PM BBT.  In the BY, Cliff, Tommy, Nick, Sam, Jack Analyse and Holly are talking.  Tommy says it’s gonna be a great episode.  They say the speeches were epic.  


2:29 PM BBT.  In the CBR, Kemi is talking to Nicole.  She says I know Christie wants Cliff out so they might be your in.  She is giving her some advice.  


2:39 PM BBT.  Christie has been talking to Nick and Bella in the HOHR about why she was paranoid.  Nick says I want to get to 9 and then we fight it out.  Christie says she is good with you, Bella, Sam and Tommy.   Bella says Jack trusts you Christie.  She says I don’t know.  Nick and Bella say him are Sis are almost over, they’re done.  



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