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Sunday, July 14, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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12:47 AM BBT Nickella in HOHR rehashing the Nicole drama

*Bella can't get a word in because Nick is non stop talking going over all the details from the initial meeting with Nicole when he was "feeling" out her nominations in the boat room to the night's calm down talk in the target bedroom and everything that was said [he isn't delivering his words with Nicole correctly....making it seem more confrontational than it actually was after Bella left the room]

Bella keeps trying to talk, but Nick cuts her off over and over

Nick- *he's talking a thousand miles a minute...pause...."wait, let me just stop talking when I'm farting"...back to talking at full speed...pause...."it smells because I need to poop"...back to word vomit

Bella laughs and rolls her eyes


12:50 AM BBT Christie, Tommy, Jack and Sam in the boat room

Tommy- what a day...that was kinda fun

Christie- it was awesome

Tommy- when we were all in the HOH room that was great

Christie- when we did the gratitude circle and Nick said my gratitude is  "und9able" 

Sam- I'm gonna spell that for the veto (spelling) comp

Tommy- you can't use pronouns

Christie corrects him  "proper nouns" ...... when is the comp? [I think he means veto ceremony]

Tommy- Ovi says tomorrow...his production predictions are really good    *Tommy and Jack leave

Christie and Sam discuss the day and how Jess basically won the comp because she and Michie threw it and then everyone helped Kat


12:55 AM BBT Jack and Tommy in the campsite area discuss sleeping arrangements

Tommy- am I sleeping with you tonight...is that a thing

Jack- oh is that what she wants to do

Tommy- I think she said she wants to sleep with Christie tonight

Jack- alright

Tommy- cool, we will cuddle    *they get ready for bed in one of the the campsite area beds   

[Jack's snoring is super loud and it doesn't bother Tommy]

*broken glass is heard breaking and Jack runs to in the kitchen and camera moves there; Jackson broke the glass coffee decanter (again) while cleaning up spilled coffee grounds

Jackson- I've probably racked up thousands (regarding how much has been broken)   

*side note- production replaced a lot of their glassware with plastic after so much had been broken, and the coffee pot has already been replaced once


Don (BB production)- "You have got to be kidding me"  [so funny]



1:05 AM BBT Jack and Tommy discuss how they are sitting pretty with the six and that they will honor their final 2; Tommy said he doesn't care if Jack has another Final 2 and that the two sides will go back to normal soon and he will have to walk the line but he will be the mole; Tommy said they are really working with the 9 and they made a fake alliance (the one with Ovi) but are working with some of them; Tommy tells Jack he needs his help manipulating things since he is working both sides; Jack assures him he doesn't talk game with Sis/Holly and he doesn't talk game with Jackson unless he approaches him...tells Tommy that he is working with LOL over the others; Tommy tells Jack to get closer to Sis; to open up; and not worry about it; Jack says he is open with her and that he will continue trying to talk more game with her...we will figure it out


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2:00 AM BBT Sis and Christie in the round bed in Target Room whispering about game

Christie- once I get my period I'll feel a lot better because this PMS is a real thing....trying to find compassion for everyone...I want to use my strengths...I wish there was more competitions because I want to play

Sis- me toooooo

Christie-  I don't want to win things....[*talking about Panic Power] I know I was like, I got this...the moment I felt them on me I was a weak bitch...like, you can't even do this........but, I'm an overachiever (Sis doesn't know she won the power) that's why I just brainwash myself like, "I did my best, I did my best"....I would like to win the HOH with double eviction......the thought of a double eviction freaks me out....like, BOOM, BOOM

Sis- exactly




The below conversation is from Friday night (well, technically Saturday morning), but it is hilarious and it relates to their most recent conversation about David   -MamaLong

3:15 AM BBT Nicole and Kat head to bed in the RV and chat with Jess a bit; talking about the knife to the throat in season 2 and the white knife going missing [they think that may be why the knife went missing]

Jess- he didn't know what Zingbot is...oh boy...where did they find him...that's what I want to know

Kat- he told me where they found him but I forgot..he's a nice guy (David)...I really do like him a lot

Jess- he is not nice, Kat

Kat- okay, he really is not nice....yeah, I don't know...earlier he was laying on my bed

Jess- she found David and Kemi laying in our bed

Nicole- our bed?

Jess- apparently they don't fit in the Camp Comeback bed (together)....I don't have anything against David, per say, but some of things he says are weird...he just randomly does things...compulsively

Kat- well, I can't see myself being friends with him after this

Jess- I don't mind if y'all are friends but there is something off about him

Nicole- yeah, don't go in the storage closet next time

Kat- What? What's in the storage closet

Jess- the condoms, girl

Kat- I'm holding out for Brett


Jess- well, I said that about my husband at first, too

Kat- that something was off

Jess- yeah, but it turned out that he was Canadian

Kat- oh my gosh

Nicole- Canadian?

Jess- he was just too nice   (I love these girls) and it was sketchy, but it was just that he's not weird he's just Canadian

Nicole- I love Canada

*they giggle themselves to sleep








3:15AM BBT (Sunday morning)  Kat and David are alone in the boat room flirting; David teases her that if she could use that veto power to save him....; Kat says I can't I have to use it on Jess

Kat- I want to know about the Camp Comeback thing

David- me too

Kat- I don't care about the rest of Camp Comeback...I care about you

Kat- I will cry if you don't come back...I will have to have a day

David- and they will give it to you, too   [it seems like he is rubbing her leg, and I think I almost heard her 'meow']






David is trying pretty hard to get an official showmance with Kat.....[he wants 'Dat"] and he moves in for a close cuddle

Kat- are you trying to make a showmance with me?

*Kat pulls out of the hug

David- production has been waiting for this

Kat- well they've gotten worse of me....I mean better of me (referring to hook up with Jackson)

David- they haven't got anything of me



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3:30 AM BBT  Kat and David say goodnight

Kat- see ya tomorrow 

David- okay goodnight

Kat- Good night....Lovin' ya

David talks to himself-  oh my god I'm up late...this is not how you win....this is not how you win


Tommy has moved to the Nickella bed in the RV  [gross Tommy, if you only knew]

*earlier many were talking about the RV room and how it has bad karma and no one wanted to sleep in there other than Kat/Jess/Nicole


Kat walks in- yay

Tommy- I sleep here now [giddy]...Kat, you were talking for hours; what's up?

Kat- we are not in a showmance

Tommy- are you in love

Kat- no we were just talking; I'm in love with Brett

Nicole- oh... a first date

Jess- that was a great boat room first date



Kat- I like him

Jess- he is weird

Kat- well, I am weird too...he even said I was weird




3:37 AM BBT  The comeback kids are all in their own beds in the Camp Comeback room and David begs for the lights to be turned off


3:45 AM BBT The house is dark and silent [weirdly silent]

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9:21AM BBT Cliff is up delivering his CliffNotes

He sends his love to his family then gets to the drama in the house

He talks about how he is trying to distance himself from Nicole to save his own game.


Cliff says he is not really sure who he would go after if he gets HOH [I don't think he will get that chance  -MamaLong]

He said he made a promise to Christie that they are not the target until down the road when there's like 4 or 5 people left "I hope they believe me"

He told Jack and Christie he wanted  them to play the veto for him [Cliff pulled Kat's chip] and he hopes that will put him in good light with them. It helps build that trust. If he was to choose Sam or Kat [shakes his head] I didn't have a lot of options and he needed to build some trust and faith with the couples, but as it turns out it didn't matter. Nicole asked him to choose her to play so they could both be safe but he knew he couldn't do that so he told her that he wasn't going to lie to her and say he would pick her because he had to see who was playing and such. "She was spiraling"

He heard some people saying that Nicole was trying to backtrack...he didn't think he was getting thrown under the bus. The ceremony came along and he drew Kat's name. She told him she was going to pull him off but he didn't expect her to win or to pull him off. Nick picked Christie and he says Jess had houseguest choice and chose Jackson [this does not align with what we heard yesterday....that Jess chose Christie]....The doorbell rings and in pops Kaitlyn.

He talks about Kaitlyn's puzzle fail last season and how he loves that Kaitlyn has embraced her fail as a joke and is handling it all with class. She was fun and laughing during the comp......enjoying it.

He comments that Kaycee and Tyler came in to the house like business "just to do their deal and get out" but Kaitlyn was fun.

The competition comes along and it was a puzzle; a race. He was asked before BB what his biggest fear was before the season started and he commented that it would be a 6 or 7 piece puzzle that he couldn't put together. It involved finding 17 pieces. He feels he did okay, but it took forever to find his 17th piece but Kat had already found hers.

He started putting it together and it had to be assembled on the stand...couldn't be put together on the ground...Kat smoked us all.

I've been told I'm safe...I kinda believe that but until it actually happens I don't believe it. Kat says she is going to pull me off but I don't know that it's going to happen. "I'll talk to her today and ask her, but I'm not going to push too hard. I'm going to b e the good soldier....main things is she uses it Nicole will go up against me and unless I am being absolutely duped...I'm NOT going home" [he is being duped]


9:37 AM BBT "If  I am a betting man, I won't be going home.....could be famous last words"......"if Nicole goes up and I stick around then the following week the Battle Back should be over...and HOH that next week, if I get it  I need to do some thinking."

Cliff goes on- well the struggle continues. 

CLiff says he played backgammon with Bella and he feels they had good conversation and she told him a lot of what Nicole had said

Nicole is just creating a lot of paranoia inside the groups and she got called out on it. Nicole had been stretching the truth a little bit [Bella's take on things is skewed....Nicole was telling her truth....the truth}

Was Nicole playing me as well?  Maybe, but I've said before that Bella is devious, but I'd be happy, cautious, but happy to work with her and Nick

If everything she said about Nicole is true then....but if she is twisting it [she IS]   I hope that's true. I went out of my way to say that I had no clue and didn't have anything to do with it.

We talked about the alliance a little bit...might as well get out in the open...I spinned it in my way.

Nicole and Ovi came up with The Fellowship, I was the one who added the Zing, but I wasn't going to tell them that (Sam was in there too)

I don't think I'm the #1 target. #2? Maybe

Cliff said that he told them his job is to vote with the house.

Cliff- "There was something that bothered me"  He talked with them about the combinations of smells and made a statement that may make them think he has it.  [Nightmare Power]

Cliff says that he was overheard talking about his game and he aligned with people...."if I'm out the door next week I certainly have a lot to do with that...I'll own it"

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He thinks the POV ceremony is today. He says their theory is that whenever something happens (ceremony or comp) that they wake them an hour earlier and since they are still sleeping with no wake it, the POV ceremony may be tomorrow.

"That's about it for today...you may see fail but you won't see quit....but, I'll keep playing" Shouts out to his family and begins to get up to  head back to bed.


Cliff continues..."I'd give anything to hear your voices....they are up here and I hear them everyday. Sharon, we are talking...not like I'd like to, but, I'm listening. WIthout y'all I'm nothing. I really miss y'all. It's the hardest part of this game. I can handle the good moves, stupid moves...it's just a game. I'm here for the experience. I'm here for the 500K...I do my best. But not getting to be around y'all wrenches my heart and makes me feel alone and isolated. Especially being the 50 year old guy with a bunch of 20somethings. I'm proud I've been able to integrate the way I have...without changing my character or who I am. But it's tough hanging around with people so much younger. "They talk about what they want to do with their life and I talk about what I've done with min....there are people in here that are lost. They are on this show...I won't go in to details, but I feel emotionally for people in here who are still trying to find their way."

"Jess Sam and myself are married. We have kids. We see value and are loved and treasured...we've matured in a way the others have not. From what I've heard the others have wonderful families...I look forward to seeing HOH pics from all of them...but being the age they are, there are a lot of fears and things they are seeking that they haven't found yet. I'm happy with my career but I'm overjoyed with my family and what I have waiting for me at home. Kelly, Daniel, Sharon, I'm sure you like hearing that, but live feeders have heard it a million times...you'll hear it a million more. Maybe half a million if things don't go my way....my love for my family is my reality. This is a game."


Okay, enough for now. Y'all have a good Sunday  (no signs of eavesdroppers) Love all of y'all. Enjoy your families. Cheers"


9:57 AM BBT Cliff leaves the boat room and heads back to bed

10:00 AM BBT Feeds cut for morning wake up

10:12 AM BBT Feeds are back  Tommy, Nick, Bella, Sis in HOHR

Tommy- yeah, I said F* it...this room stinks  (he left the campsite bed with Jack for hte RV room)

Sis- were they snoring

Tommy- yeah

SIs- did you like the bed?

Tommy- I slept great..I'm gonna sleep there all week


10:14 AM BBT Sis heads downstairs...Jack and Sis have their morning greeting in the kitchen


Jack starts singing.."Boom a Chaka  Boom a chaka...I'm hooked on a feeling"    [isn't it ooga chaka?]

Don- "PLEASE stop singing"

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10:37 AM BBT Nicole and Kemi in the RV room talking about Godfather movies

Nicole tells Kemi the story of how her dog "Godfathered" her...she explains that her do used to eat up her stuffed animals and rip the stuffing out. One day she went in her room and found her dog ripped up her pony and left it under her quilt on the bed. "stuffing was out....eyeball missing...so I always say she 'Godfathered' me"..."she was such a smart dog...a great dog

Kemi- was?

Nicole- yeah she passed away...she had face cancer


11:00 AM BBT RV Room  (Tommy, Kemi, Nicole, Kat, David walks in...Ovi, too but then quickly leaves)

David goes in to say good morning to all. Tommy holds his hug for a loooong time. He hugs Kemi 

Kemi- I need 2 arms

David then hugs Nicole

Nicole- hugs are the best. Hugs not drugs.

David wants to hug Kat but she is still asleep. He talks about waking her up but Kemi warns him not to because of her seizure thing.

David- I kinda want to see it [he knows she is really awake, just looks asleep] Tommy, should I do it?

Nicole NOOOO

Tommy -Yes

Kemi- no

Kat- I'm already awake


Kemi- oh gosh she slept with it.....

*Kat slept with her veto necklace on...everyone laughing

Kemi- some say Kat has the weight on her shoulders....she has the veto on her shoulders



David is cuddling Kat

Kemi and Nicole leave to eat the breakfast that Jack made them

Jack brings in breakfast for Tommy


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11:57 AM BBT  Al the HGs are bored and hoping the backyard opens today. Jack mentions that it will be hard to workout inside. Kat says she needs a good sweat, but she doesn't want to run inside. Nicole says she is going to craft and Kat wants to craft with her.

Kat- what are you crafting

Nicole- I'll show you


Nickella has stayed in the HOHR watching the spy cam


Don (production) calls out Sis, Nick, and Holly to get up and get batteries


12:00 PM BBT Tommy makes his bed.."Wow...look at this beautifully made bed, America"  


12:03 PM BBT David tells Christie how he screwed with Michie yesterday by making decaf coffee..."he took like three naps"   [he is quite proud of himself]


12:17 PM BBT Staring contest going on in the kitchen between David and Christie

Christie- is this good for you?

Jack- no way

Christie blinks. David wins.

Jack- that was like a solid 4 minutes...at least

Christie proposes a holding breath under water comp when the backyard opens     [they are so bored today]

Christie- that was fun

David- it was fun...I was getting nervous toward the end

Christie- and the best thing is that I got to stare at your face for an uninterrupted 4 minutes....your eyes are sick [true]  remember I told you that the best thing about you coming back in the house was getting to see your eyes again

Holly- staring in to those pretty eyes



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12:35 PM BBT The cameras are popping all over the house.

Sam is alone in the treehouse looking very sad. Kemi passes through and asks if he wants to be alone. He shakes his head yes.



12:43 PM BBT Kemi and Nicole try to cheer up Sam by taking him a homemade sun made from a coffee filter and "squencher" drink mix

Sam- smiles really big "Thanks Guys"

Nicole-  does it make you feel a little better?

Sam- yeah

Nicole- do you want a hug?

Sam- no because I don't wanna cry

Nicole- okay let us know if you need anything

Kemi- we'll be downstairs


Nick comes along and Sam said he just needed some space because he thinks what happened is that he randomly thought of something....Bradley *cameras switch


12:47 PM BBT Nicole and Kemi have moved to the campsite room

Nick is on his way to the SR to get Claritin and Kemi asks him if he can talk  (she then regrets asking him because she wants to give him "the silent treatment")

Nick- yeah just let me get Claritin  (he comes back)

Kemi- is Sam okay

Nick- he told me he remembered a time when he was with Bradley in the pet store and it mad him sad and that's why he was crying

Kemi- okay

Nick leaves, but Kemi calls him back

Kemi- sorry, but we can talk later

Nick- yeah, I didn't know you wanted to talk

Kemi- I don't but we should

Nick tells her just to let him know when she's ready and when he leaves Kemi whispers to Nicole that she was mean and needs to be nicer more


Kemi makes a comment that she is having a hard day too (Christie)  [these houseguests need some fresh air and sunshine]



12:55 PM BBT Michie comes through and says good morning to Kemi/Nicole...gives them hugs

Michie- wow

Nicole- yeah, it's everyone this morning (sadness)

Michie- I woke up to hell fire; had a DR session at 3AM that lasted until 5    (he leaves)


Nicole comments that Cliff seems completely distressed and she doesn't want to make it worse "we're both going be in the same position"


Christie comes out of DR crying then goes to the RV for alone time (just Kat in there sleeping)




(the depression in the house is wearing on me, too, so I'm out for awhile  -MamaLong)


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3:03PM BBT Kat is walking around wearing the veto. Holly and Bella are attempting to make biscuits and gravy.


3:07PM BBT Kemi calls Nick into the BR. She says that after the eviction, she left it at game and doesn't appreciate him and Bella saing they were there for her. He says he was upset because he was there for her.He says he couldn't respond because it was live TV and he felt that she didn't give him a chance to respond. She says she used her speech to say whats she needed to say without production interference. She says that Nick and Bella made it personal.


3:07PM BBT Kemi calls Nick into the BR. She says that after the eviction, she left it at game and doesn't appreciate him and Bella saying they were there for her. He says he was upset because he was there for her. He says he couldn't respond because it was live TV and he felt that she didn't give him a chance to respond. She says she used her speech to say whats she needed to say without production interference. She says that Nick and Bella made it personal.


3:13PM BBT After the talk they agree they respect each other and Nick and Tommy leave the room.Kemi rolls her eyes twice  - hard. She looks at the camera and says she is ready to go home. She is now looking for her coffee.

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3:16PM BBT Jess and Nicole are in the WCA talking about labels. Jess is going on and on about fat is not an adjective, a noun etc. In the KT, HG are cooking and chatting. Bella and Analyse are finishing the biscuits. Nick is now telling them about the talk with Kemi.


3:20PM BBT Ovi is in the SR and talking to himself and the cams. About trying to get back in the game and not sure what to do anymore.


3:26PM BBT Jack and Jackson walk into the SR. Jackson eating again. They discuss a HG wanting to console Nicle but that he had to not allow it. Says Nicole has to suffer for a few more days. Jack walks out and Jackson issnacking on food in the SR.


3:30PM BBT Jackson is still in the SR. Jack comes back in and tells him no matter what Cliff is going home. He asks for tuna from Jackson and leaves the SR.





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3:51 PM BBT Kat and Christie talk privately in the boat room

Christie said she knows the whole house wants Nicole out [she wants Nicole out along with her LOL alliance and Gr8ful...just won't tell Kat that] and she thinks that's sad but it's whatever

Christie- I know you and Cliff are close...the Texas thing

Kat- I'm definitely using it on Jess

Christie tells Kat she wants David coming back not Kemi or Ovi. She wants to go after Cliff because he is going after the couples and sees her and Tommy as a duo.


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3:37PM BBT Jack and Nick in the KT. They are trying to figure out the capitals of the US states. Nick is asking different states. Someone says that the capital of New Mexico is Mexico City (I could not see who said it). Jack says he knows all 50 states. Nick says the capital of Oklahoma is Oklahoma City. Jack says no it's not.


3:43PM BBT Kemi and Nicole talking. Kemi is upset about the convo with Nick.


3:48PM BBT Kemi continues to tell Nicole how she doesn't like that people forced themselves into her life. She says that she went to DR and just cried. She likes to suffer alone.


3:52PM BBT Christie tells Kat that she loves Cliff but she heard him say he was with Ovi and Nicole and he considers Christie and TOmmy are couple number 4. That she says Cliff thinks he and Ovi are going to dominate the game.



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4:00 PM BBT Jack walks in to the conversation in the boat room

Christie- do not worry, Cliff is not the target

Kat- do you feel the boat would flip

Christie asks Jack if he thinks the vote would flip

Jack- no


4:10 PM BBT JessiKat meets in the boat room and Jess thanks Kat for using the veto on her. Kat says she is loyal to her and Jess pledges a final two alliance

Kat- JessiKat!!

Jess- JessiKat!!!


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5:35 PM BBT HOHR Sam, Tommy and Bella

Bella tells Tommy and Sam that she doesn't want to do this thing with Nick anymore [basically, she's jealous over the attention he is giving Sis]



5:44 PM BBT Bella is now in tears. Tommy and Sam are trying to assure her that Nick is not into SIs and he's just being a stupid boy.


Bella is afraid of looking stupid. She wants to play her own game and not be known for being with Nick.


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7:19 PM BBT Jackson is eating; Sis, Jack, Nick, and Bella are running sprints; Ovi is on the new exercise bike; everyone else is hanging out and doing laundry (Nickella worked out their drama earlier)



7:30 PM BBT  Tommy, Nick and Jack are taking turns showering in the HOH bathroom






*I'm out for the rest of the night   -MamaLong

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8:41pm BBT


Kat and Holy are in the rv bedroom talking about their relationship in the game.


Kat tells Holly she would like to be with her in the final two, that there is no other person she would rather go to the end of the game with.


They wonder if they could do a DR together to shout out with their friends.


Kat says, “Hello Brett.” then giggles.


Holly tells Kat that Kemi dropped cortisone cream on Christie's face towel then rubbed it in, that Kemi doesn't do dishes because she doesn't like to get her hands wet. Kat says she will make herself look bad to America.


Kat is showing sincere happiness at the agreement with Holly, she tells Holly, “I am not gonna win HOH”.


We get FISH


When feeds come back, it seems like they are saying that Bella 1000% needs to be sent out. They leave the rv as Jessica comes in.


Holly goes to the kitchen and sees David eating cereal. She tells him it is HOH cereal, he is not bothered at all, h just goes to get milk for it, calling it Royal Cereal.


David has thrown out Kemi and Nicole's sun, he apologizes, saying it was laying around upstairs and he assumed it was trash. They tell him they are not bothered, they know he is always cleaning. Nicole rescues it from the bin.




Christie, Jessica and Bella are in the HOH room, the topic of conversation seems to be about Kemi.


Christie says Kemi showed no concern earlier for Christie, and mentioned her own troubles like they were more important.


Bella says Kemi is going around like a little rat.


Christie tells the story about the cortisone medicine on the towel, Bella adds a story about how in the beginning she was quiet.

Christie continues the cortisone cream story, saying Kemi was already into her (Christie's) bag before asking. Christie says a “huge blob” went onto the towel and Kemi stepped on the towel, rubbed it in. Jack noticed it and called her out. Christie says Kemi offered to go get a new towel.


Jessica reacts by saying “ohhhh my God.... ahhhhhh.”


(earlier when Kat and Holly were talking about the incident Holly said it was a “tiny bit” of cream.)


The girls continues to talk about all the irritating things Kemi has done. Sweaters in drawers, wearing shorts, using towels, etc..


Christie says she “Just didn't give a s**t”


Bella claims the shorts were a brand, Lulu, that cost 80 dollars. (I don't know where Bella shops, but the black shorts she wears cost about 18.00 on Amazon.--Grannysue)


Bella says she has now learned that “I don't know everything.” after her time in the house. Jessica says she understands.


9:00pm BBT


Kat and Tommy are cooking and David is asking them to participate in a Big Brother 21 activity, but it is not specified before we get FISH.


Several house guests are in the kitchen, either sitting or cooking or snacking.


Cameras change to other parts of the house, Nicole is looking for her cup, Cliff is talking about making eggs, David is eating pizza covered in ranch and hot sauce, Bella is hanging on Nick.--just general chatter. In the background David is singing what sounds like a blues song, (his voice is very good).


Cameras move to the back yard, Christie, Sis, Holly and Michie are on the hammock.


Michie says “In the past 24 hours, since Nicole blew up Bella and Nick we have caught her talking to three outsiders.”

Michie says that makes six for them, and “we only have six if no one goes on the block.”


Holly says Kat was crying because of things Jessica said when Christie mentions it. Christie said the talk she heard was not anything new.


Sis wants to know why they are even doing this, Michie offers to tell Kat not to use the veto.


Holly says she is worried about Kat being the deciding vote.


Michie says they are making moves, plotting and even going to Camp Comeback.


Sis asks why they are not talking to David, Michie says he is trying to be on good terms with David just in case.


Michie says they are building an army to take us down, he says we cannot give them any reason.


Sis says someone asks her if she was hanging on Nick to make Bella mad.


Michie says Bella is the bite behind the bark and he will do anything she says. If Bella says she wants someone on the block, he will do it. Maybe Nick does have a thing for Sis, and this is a possibility that it could happen.


Holly tells her not to be weird to Nick, and Sis tells them that Nick asked her if she was being weird now.


Michie says he loves having girls fight over him, he likes female attention, he needs to feed his ego. Michie says as a guy he is calling it as it is.


Sis continues to whisper to Christie but I can't hear it. Michie leaves to use the loo, then put chicken in the oven.


Holly wonders if they should have Kat not use the veto, Christie wonders if there is another solution. Holly says she can talk to Kat and ask her if she would vote Cliff out.


Sis says she could lie if she is working with that side of the house, but Holly insists she can trust Kat, Holly continues to say Kat will do what she promises, and she does not believe Kat would put up any of them (assuming the 6). Holly says that Kat wants Bella out bad, but she doesn't want to win HOH. Holly says unless she is a really good liar, but she trusts her, that the two of them have quite a few mutual friends and that would look bad in real life.


Christie says she is going inside and leaves Holly and Sis on the hammock.


Sis tells Holly to watch and see who follows Christie into the house, Holly seems not real into doing that.


Holly tells Sis that Jess brought up Kat and Michie (somehow David was involved in this, because he made a snide remark about it), Holly says it was annoying. There were words between Michie and Kat about it. Holly tells Sis that Michie told her (Holly) that if she wanted to pull away earlier in the day, then the topic of Kat and Michie was brought up later. She calls it bad timing.


Cameras move to rv bedroom.


Kemi and Nicole are in the rv room.


Nicole says Kat is acting weird, and Michie said something about Kemi in the kitchen. Sounds like they were making fun of Kemi's fall when she came out of the DR with her uniform and the eviction. Nicole is talking about the house and how the couples fall for level of trust. Nicole says Bella mentioned Kemi's name to her, Jack did not. Nicole says they are in together in some way and she cannot afford to have “this” happen all over again. Nicole says because Nick is HOH she has to appeal to him first, then follow through with the others if she is on the block. She is mad at herself, she wonders if Sam is a better option. Nicole says “this is a game, everybody is talking about everybody.”


Someone comes in, camera wasn't on them, left quickly after Kemi was snarky.



9:30pm BBT


Kat, Tommy, Jessica and Christie are in the target bedroom.


Kat is telling them about something that happened but it is full of “he” with no name. (we get this with Kat, it takes 10 minutes to figure out who or what, God love her—Grannysue)


what we can assume it that this is about her early “friendship” with Michie and his reaction to it being mentioned by someone (possibly David) last night. She is concerned that it affected what people think.


Christie tells her that neither Michie or Holly are upset and are glad to have talked.


Kat says tossing out jokes about it is just her “sense of humor”, she does care very much for Michie.


Christie tells her lots of people in the house love her and she would go “to the death for you.”


Kat is concerned that people think she is running her mouth, (Kat is having a hard time talking about this awkward pile of feelings she has about Michie, herself and Holly in this situation.) [Kat is trying so hard to keep her dignity in this and is worried about how her mother will react--Grannysue]


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10:00 PM BBT Kat and David are in the Camp Comeback room looking cozy

Their conversation centers around why Kat is here and why people think it's a bad thing for her to be here (BB) to be on tv...because it's a TV show

David- I don't get it (he agrees with Kat that the HGs are being unfair about the topic)

Kat- I do think that there is something to be said...like Live Feeds...there are some things said in private that you need to be aware of, but I don't know why...I don't know

David- and your DR stuff shouldn't be in the house

Kat- I don't want to talk about that because I keep getting called out....thank you for standing up for me; it means so much to me; she asks David- do you think I look bad

David- it's only going to look bad as how you look next...take the night off..you don't have to go out there

*feeds cut 

David- people were concerned about you because they know you're upset...al I know is that if you are involved in drama it gives people a reason

Kat- so I just need to suffocate it

David- yeah and I told him you need to shut f* up (Michie)....he talks about how he warned Michie that he needed to stay out of drama

David asks Kat how old she is

Kat- 29...aren't you 29, too?

David- you've been alive for nearly 9,000 days and you're letting 25 days define...

Kat- no I just didn't like how he came at me so aggressively....he needs to chill the f* out

David- that's his thing...everything is bigger, better, badder, louder....if you feel threatened, what are you gonna do.....just win

Kat- I know

David- I think you're bringing attention to yourself; winning HOH is the best you can do....think about how much drama you've been involved in the house

Kat- there is a lot of other stuff that doesn't involve me....you would tell me if you heard my name in someone's mouth, right?

David- yeah

Kat- the veto made me come off as more of a comp beast than I wanted

David you won ONE comp   [he candidly puts people in check all the time]

Kat- I know I'm just wearing this around to rub it in; I'm savage (veto necklace)....damn, maybe I will win HOH....I really hope you come back...I'm gonna be sad if you don't

David tries to cuddle up close

Kat- the cameras are on us; you are so funny....I can't with you  (she pushes him away)





11:30 PM BBT  Cliff and Ovi play pool; Michie is doing laundry

Ovi does a really good Indian accent

Cliff- Ovi is the only one allowed to do an Indian accent


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