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Thursday, July 11, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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Not much happened after midnight, as the HGs all wanted to get a good night's sleep for the HOH competition


12:19AM BBT Target bedroom Michie, Christie, Tommy, and Sis talking about Cliff and his talks in the mornings.

and how he stuffs the bed with pillows to make it look like he is still in bed so he can go deliver CliffNotes (I have never seen him stuff the pillows like that)

Michie- we need to listen to him in the morning

*they are all making fun of Cliff and his searching for Orwell; laughing and having a good time (they love him, but the think his Owl search is so funny and they are prepared to listen in on his notes every morning now)


1:32AM BBT David and Ovi in the Camp Comeback room

David- This is the year of the underdogs

Ovi- year of the underdogs

David- I want the underdogs to win

Ovi- camp comeback

David- I want the underdogs to win...I want to see this season shift and instead of people picking off people unknowingly there is a shift of power; take out those loud personalities "the beautiful people in the house" the seats of power

Ovi- I want to crawl back and hang on for dear life...get past the jury and start breaking it out there, fight the coalition and make it; have the audience ask those questions and tell about having the toughest battle....legendary...tomorrow will be a fun day, though...some firecrackers will explode but those firecrackers will still be in the house

*Ove heads out to the bathroom

David- if you see Kat tell her I need to talk to her before we go to sleep


1:36 AM BBT Nicole, Kemi and Jess in the WA; Kemi directly addresses the camera and speaks to the feedsters

Kemi- you know time and time again I have questioned our justice system; I have questioned Karma

But now I know that all is that right with the world, all I can say is...{She starts singing} "they  don't really care about us"  *feeds cut*

Ovi walks in "Why are y'all still up?"

Jess- We are having a block party

Ovi heads in the toilet room - I guess I'm late to the party   *feeds cut because the girls were singing and dancing to their own block party song*

Kemi- We made it up.....you know, tonight I was sad...'cause I want to date him afterwards...I told him we were gonna date after the show

Jess- you made him nervous   (Kemi is talking about pretty eyes David)

Nicole- he's probably married with children

Kemi- no, he's single

Jess- How do you know all about this?

Kemi- girl, because I ask all the right questions

Nicole- are you ready to go to bed

Jess- the light is still on in there


They move to the kitchen for late night chat


1:40 AM BBT - Ovi, Jess, Nicole, and Kemi are the last ones up

Ovi talks about eating peanut butter and bananas

Nicole- no...I'm going



In Kitchen: Jess- we all just brushed our teeth

Ovi- that's okay...just watch me eat

Jess- as long as you don't keep offering food

Nicole- I think I should just go to bed

Jess- you can handle this, Nicole  (so funny)

Kemi- you got this

Nicole- I just do laps instead of eating...keep myself busy


Jack and Sis are in the dark in the HOH watching the spy cam (probably fresh out of the love shower) wondering what Nicole is doing (just walking in circles) Sis said Nicole sketches her out and Jack says she doesn't know what's going on (you are so WRONG)



*Kemi heads to bed

Ovi- so what's the talk on the land

Jess- Kemi and I are on the block

Ovi- really

Jess- day 20 and day 21

Ovi- I'm enjoying this story

Jess- and on day 23 we will find out who is off the block

Ovi- I would love a new roommate...David said we will clean it up a bit tomorrow

Jess- I went in there today and there is absolutely nothing there

Ovi- I mean it's not the Ritz but I did what I could

Ovi tells Mama J (Jess) to have a fiery speech because it will make everyone outside the house happy

Nicole- yes

Ovi- if you are worried that people would judge you...I would be like, damn, you go girl

Jess- I don't want to say anything bad about anyone that would follow me

Ovi- no eviction speech will change anything

Kemi comes back in- excited about what?

Ovi- eviction speeches

Kemi- have you thought of a speech

Jess- not really...you had your speech on the couch

Kemi practices her speech- "First I would like to thank everyone in production and beyond. Houseguests, I have really enjoyed getting to know you; I love you all; and I can't wait to continue getting to know you"  and with that being said, you just wait for the rest

Nicole gets big eyes....the flip side of the coin

Ovi- Nicole will you do a favor for me?

Nicole- what?

Ovi- will you wear my power T...that  pin I wear all the time

Nicole- won't people think we are courting?....maybe Cliff because my college will be what the hell

Ovi- yeah, maybe Cliff (no, he is 100000% Texas A&M)

Nicole- you could pin it on a pillow...on the couch

Ovi- yeah maybe





1:48 AM BBT Bella comes out to get a snack


Ovi to Nicole- you did what you could

Nicole- yeah (she hits the stools)...love you Ovi...sleep well

Ovi- you too Cole


2:00 AM BBT All cameras are on a dark house


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6:50 AM BBT Jackson is up in the kitchen making coffee and cooking something that looks like grits at first but turns out to be egg whites (a lot of egg whites); everyone else sleeping


He is still limping on that ankle. He said yesterday that production was going to give him lidocaine ointment.



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6:53AM BBT: Jackson is up and making breakfast in the KT.


6:58AM BBT: Jackson is finished eating, he cleans his plate and is now making coffee.


7:06AM BBT: Jackson is back in bed and the lights are off in the BB House once again.


7:14AM BBT: Cliff is up, he walks to the WA.


7:19AM BBT: Cliff washes his hands and walks to the BRL. He gets under the blankets and fixes his microphone. 


7:20AM BBT: Jackson gets out of bed, Cliff begins his daily notes with a "good morning...day number 23 in the Big Brother House." He goes on to say it's "eviction day in the BB House" and talks about the eviction. Cliff gives his wife and kids a shout out, he tells them he loves them and thinks about them all the time. He says he looks forward to seeing them in a few months, "not now." He proceeds to talk to his family.

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7:22AM BBT: Cliff talks to his wife for several minutes. He hopes she's getting enough sleep. He says he pulls his strength from her. He doesn't want today to be an emotional day. Jackson is creeping through the KT, not wanting to make any noise. Cliff talks about his kids and directs employers to his son's Linkedin.


7:24AM BBT: Jackson stands outside the BRL door and listens to Cliff talk. Cliff talks to the live feeders, "I've been a fan a lot longer than I've been a House Guest."


7:25AM BBT: Jackson continues to eavesdrop on Cliff in the BRL while Cliff talks about the confusion and paranoia in the BB House. Cliff says he hopes everyone is enjoying this season. "I love this game," He says. Cliff talks about yesterday. He talks about whispering, he talks about the mystery of Orwell. He says their white cutting knife disappeared also. 

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7:28AM BBT: Cliff says he doesn't have any power while Jackson listens on the other side of the door. Cliff says Ovi thinks he has an America Votes power. He talks about Orwell disappearing some more. Cliff says he carries Orwell around because he's "iconic." He hopes he gets screenshots with Orwell and it's nothing more than him wanting to give Orwell attention. "I didn't think that would lead to him disappearing," he says.

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7:31AM BBT: Jackson presses his ear to the door when Cliff talks about HOH and nominations. Cliff says he thought there would be "interesting flips" happening today. Cliff says he wants Kemi to go home today and he wants to keep Jessica. Cliff says he thought about it but he wonders if there's any strategy there by sending Jessica home and not Kemi. He thinks Kemi could win the next HOH. He says if Kemi stays and wins HOH she could shake up the "cool kids club alliance." Jackson mouths "cool kids club" to the camera. Cliff would like to keep Kemi to shake things up.


7:33AM BBT: Cliff says Kemi would probably put up Jackson and Holly and Cliff doesn't want that. He tells us Sam talked to him yesterday about voting Jessica out today and not Kemi. Cliff says he told Sam he would do that if he has the votes. Cliff says Sam has the votes and he'll flip the house.


7:35AM BBT: Cliff says Nicole also wants to flip the vote and vote out Jessica instead of Kemi. Cliff believes they have the votes. Jackson continues to listen. Cliff says he doesn't want to go against Jackson or Holly. Jackson looks at the camera and shakes his head.




7:37AM BBT: Cliff continues to talk about who he thinks should go home. Jackson continues to listen in and looks at the camera from time to time. Cliff talks about what he wants to do and how he can cover himself. He says he wanted to talk to Sam last night, but it was too hard because he was always with other people. He says he asked Bella what was going on with the vote and says Bella told him that they're voting to send Kemi out. He says Sam told him that they would be sending Kemi out, that the plan to flip the vote is off. He says Jack "shut it down."


7:40AM BBT: Cliff talks about having "some leverage" against the others. He says he doesn't trust Bella, but he trusts Nick a little. He says Nicole and Ovi don't trust Nick or Bella. Jackson continues to listen at the door. He says Nick and Bella could be his targets.


7:42AM BBT: Cliff talks about conversations with Nicole and Ovi. Jackson looks at the cameras while he listens. Cliff says Nicole is a "big planner" right now and he hopes she'll "stay under the radar." Jackson grins. Cliff says he wants to protect Nicole and their alliance. 


7:44AM BBT: Cliff talks about who he trusts and who he doesn't. He says he doesn't trust Tommy and doesn't want to share too much info with him yet. He says Ovi had a long "heart to heart" with Analyse. He says Jack and Analyse are "connected at the hip" and are a "voting block." Cliff assumes whatever Jack wants to do, Analyse will also.


7:46AM BBT: Tommy is up, Jackson waves crazily at him to be quiet. Tommy walks slowly down the hall to the WA. Cliff talks about what the next HOH comp could be. Cliff says he wants to win this HOH. He wants to shake things up. Jackson is glued to the door.


7:49AM BBT: Cliff talks about Jessica saying if she wins HOH she'll put Cliff and Kat up. Cliff says that bugs him. Cliff says he thinks he could "beat Kat" in a vote if they were up against each other.


7:51AM BBT: Cliff says he told Nicole that it would be best if the house voted unanimously so it is a "united house" and to cut out any confusion. He says he doesn't think Kat will follow that. "That's it for strategy," Cliff says. He talks about what he wants to do today.


7:54AM BBT: Cliff talks about getting the house ready for the live show. He says he's a hamster in the cage, not the one running the experiment. Jackson is still pressed to the door. Cliff says he's glad Ovi is here, but he's ready to start "shedding some folks."


7:55AM BBT: Jackson walks away and shakes his head at the camera. Cliff says he thinks he's going to go back to bed. He says goodbye to his family and that he loves them. He says he'll try to give them a shout out this evening.


7:57AM BBT: Cliff says his diet is gone by being in the house. He says if he's here until the end they'll have to "roll" him out of the house. He talks about everyone eating all the time. Jackson walks out of the WC and washes his hands. Cliff tells his wife he's trying to grow a goatee. He says he'll shave it if she doesn't like it. He says he hopes he'll walk out of here with the money and a "long a** beard." Jackson pauses to listen and then walks to the KT.


8:00AM BBT: Cliff wraps up his talk, Jackson is in the KT. "Love ya'll," Cliff signs off and exits the BRL. Cliff greets Jackson and says he's going to get back in bed. He hopes to get another hour of sleep. Jackson says he's making coffee. Cliff goes back to bed.


8:06AM BBT: Jackson takes his coffee up to the HOHR. Jack answers the door and Analyse is in bed. Jackson tells them both everything he heard Cliff say to the live feeders.

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8:08AM BBT: Jackson tells them he listened to Cliff for "45 minutes." He summarizes everything Cliff said, focusing on flipping the vote. The lights are still off in the HOHR and Jack and Analyse are still in bed.

8:09AM BBT: Jack shakes his head from time to time and says "ok." Jackson tells them about Orwell and how Cliff doesn't have any kind of power. Jackson says Cliff wants to "go against the grain." Jackson says he wants to feed Cliff wrong information and tell him they're voting out Jess. 


8:11AM BBT: Jackson wants to "expose the house" and see where Bella, Nick, and Sam are when Cliff tells them the info. "Oh f**k," Jack says. "It forces them to lay in the bed they made," Jackson said. He wants to "expose this sh*t" right now.


8:12AM BBT: Jack says he doesn't want to expose anything. He says he wants to stick with what they're doing now. Jack says they should move forward and next week Cliff and Jessica will go up. "It's week two," Jack says. Jackson says they're not playing like it's week two. He says Nick and Bella are "f*****g snakes."


8:14AM BBT: Jack asks if they still have the votes to send Kemi home. Jackson says yes. Analyse says she's going to go crazy. Jack says it's "too much mud" to make the other house think they're going to vote out Jess to see where they are. Analyse agrees with him. 


8:17AM BBT: Jack says he wants to expose them too, but he doesn't think it's best to do it now. Jackson says he's going to backdoor Nick and Bella if he wins HOH. Jack agrees with him. Jackson says it was so funny that he was sitting out there grinning at the camera while Cliff talked.


8:20AM BBT: Jack tells Jackson about his conversation with Sam, the one Cliff was talking about earlier. Jack says he's trying to figure out Sam's angle. They all agree Kemi needs to go.


8:23AM BBT: Jackson says Jess would put Nick and Bella up. Jack says "they're gaming so hard." Jack says Christie talks. Jackson doesn't believe Christie and Tommy "would flip." Jackson talks about Cliff calling them the "cool kids club." "We are cool," Jack says. Analyse laughs.


8:25AM BBT: Jackson wants to win HOH so he can make Bella or Nick wear the uniform and go home. He wants to send Nick out the door. Jackson says David will win the battle back. "We're cool with David," Jack says.


8:28AM BBT: Jack says he's ready to send Cliff home. He doesn't like him talking game. Analyse calls Cliff a "dumba**." Jack says Cliff will go down as "one of the dumbest players." "If you're this dumb, you don't deserve to be here," Jackson says. 


8:31AM BBT: "Today is going to be fun," Jack says. They agree not to "erupt the house" in case Bella or Nick were to win HOH and put one of them up. Jack says Nick's going to "spin out of control."


8:33AM BBT: The group in the HOHR talk about Nick, Bella, and Sam. Jackson says he doesn't talk game with Sam, but he's going to start now. He says that now Sam is looking for a new alliance, Jackson is going to talk to him. Jack wants to bring him in and keep him at arms length. "Good morning folks," Jackson gets up to brush his teeth, "it's eviction day."


8:36AM BBT: Analyse tells Jack she wants to "punch Cliff in the f*****g face." She calls him a "dumba**" and says she's going to "go off on him" if he talks to her. Jack tells her Cliff is "of no concern" to them.

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Several have asked me about Orwell's location. As of 1:36 AM BBT on July 10th, David told Kat that Orwell was in a camp bag in the Camp Comeback room. He could have been lying, as prior to that Orwell was behind the HOH dresser; and, he could have been moved since then.  Poor Orwell. (LOL)     -MamaLong

Owl Alert.png



9:20AM BBT The houseguests have still not been officially woke up. Most are sleeping. Christie, Jack, Sis and Michie are in the kitchen talking about Cliff's notes this morning.

Christie- I can't believe Tommy is still sleeping

Jackson- Tommy got up, was loud as F (during his eavesdropping), took a shit then walked out of here and went back to bed

They all want the HOH

Jack- how about you then me then you then me

Christie- I'm good with that

Jack- I tell ya though...this one wants it (points to Sis)

Christie says that would be good

9:25AM BBT Michie gets back in bed with Holly in the target room and cuddles her. She is fast asleep (he probably badly wants to give her the scoop ....Cliff's Notes, *get your minds out of the gutter)

Cliff is sleeping soundly and snoring.  Tommy is sleeping in the round bed.

9:39AM BBT *feeds cut*  This may be the "Wakey, Wakey"

9:46 AM BBT The feeds are back

David is taking the trash into the storage room and says to himself "Why are Sis and them up this morning?  *feeds cut again*


David- Cliff, it sounds like we have some early game talk this morning....they shut the music down

Cliff- yeah I heard that

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9:49AM BBT Target room    Christie, Jack, Nick, Tommy

Tommy is trying to pick out his outfit for the day and is mad to discover the pants he wanted to wear didn't make it in to the house even after they passed the "test". Christie tells him to go ask about it. Tommy says there are a lot of things he wants to ask about.


9:51AM BBT Bella and David in the kitchen

Bella says she thinks a double eviction has to be lined up and they discuss the powers of the comeback camper

David- I want to be America's Comeback player

Bella- I just want to play and win

David- a trip to Fiji would be nice

Bella- it would have been f'ing nice; but that was Sam's...and after his grandfather died I am so f'ing ecstatic for him

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9:01am BBT: jack just got out of the shower and is now dressed, In the KT Jackson and Sis are talking about food as Jackson make breakfast. They talk about wanting chick-fil-A and Jackson says he will drop 40 or 50 dollars at  that place. Christie now gets up and comes in the KT and Jackson ask her if she wants a turkey burger then tells her about listening to Cliff  for 45 minutes this morning.

9:05am BBT: Jackson tells Christie he is waiting till Nick and Bella wakes up before he tells what all Cliff said so he does not have to keep repeating to tell everyone  what he heard. He finishes making turkey burgers and  he and Sis and Jack eat, Christie says she can not wait.

9:15am BBT: Jackson sitting on the counter talking to Jack about the food in the STR and how there is still alot of food in there but there is like 40 pounds of apples in there and  some chicken but no pizzas  so they got to restock us.

9:24am BBT: Christie tells Jack she is so pumped for this HOH comp. She  hopes it is her, Sis ,Holly or Tommy who wins the HOH tonight. She  says she really wants it though. Jackson has gone back to bed until Cliff wakes up and leaves the rm.

9:35am BBT: Jack, Christie and Sis have moved to the WA and Christie is doing ADL's and whispering with the water running so can not hear them.

9:36am BBT: We now have fish as BB may be waking the HG for the day.

9:46am BBT: Feeds return to HG in the Target rm talking about music then talk aboutchanging batteries. they are waiting for Nick to leave the rm so Jackson can tell everything that Cliff said this morning in the BRL.

9:48am BBT: Cliff and David in the KT talking general talk about cliffs family watching and Cliff says  even though his family cant talk to him at least he can talk to them every morning.

 9:51am BBT:Nicole and kemi up in the RVR just yawning and stretching, In the BR Nick tells bella that they can move into the toy rm now., Bella in the KT now talking to david about getting up and taking a shower and how he gets up with the music and aaovi is still sleeping.

 9:55am BBT: David says he is going to go change before Bb says something to him, Nick and Bella talk about him having alot of Maryland stuff.

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10:20AM BBT Jess and Nicole in the WA

Jess- that's a big f'ing spider

Nicole- where?

Jess- there! What do we do?

*feeds cut*


David- maybe it was a little spider with a sack....the spider, when you mess with it all the baby spiders come off and run around

Jess- that's horrible....no one wants to think about a million babies come out when you kill it

David- (he just got out of the shower and Kemi is in the shower) it's sad...it's beautiful but it's sad...right, Nicole?

Nicole- right....it's very true

David- you should win HOH today and have the best week ever

Nicole- that would help me feel better!



10:26AM BBT  Sis and Holly in the target room

Sis-  I'm freaking out..... why the hell am I his target (Cliff's target)...just because I am associated with him

Holly- but I'm not sure I believe all that

Sis- I'm just so annoyed because you and I don't call the shots in our f'ing 8

Holly- we are not involved in anything

Sis- that's why I want to win this HOH so we can start calling the f'ing shots

10:31 AM BBT  {Sis is really upset and Holly is talking her down}

Holly and Sis continue talking about "f'ing Nick" and "f'ing Cliff"....they discuss how if Sis wins HOH it makes her a bigger target...Sis says she doesn't know what to do and Holly suggests kill it with kindness

Sis- do you trust Nicole?

Holly- I don't know...I thought I did but Christie was freaking out


Sis continues talking about how upset she is over this whole thing (that's what happens when you bed the HOH, SIs  -MamaLong). Sis wants to "go off" on them but Holly tells her she has to stay calm and win HOH.


10:40 AM BBT Holly assures her "BB Bestie" that she will do whatever she can to keep her safe

Michie walks in and asks if it's a bad time. SIs shares her feelings with Michie

Michie- why are you stressing

Sis- because it's always my name that is f'ing coming out and there are bigger people that are actually talking

Michie- Jack, one of the loudest dudes, biggest presence in the house (suggesting her with Jack is making her a target)

Michie assures Sis that she didn't do anything wrong, but Jack is intimidating to everyone so it makes him a huge target, thus she is a target

Jack walks in and Michie tells him the medic is gonna come in and wrap his ankle.  "Cool"

10:47 AM BBT Jack is moving his things back into the target bedroom while the 4 continue talking about the newest CliffNotes and such

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10"48AM BBT Holly shares her dream with the room: she, along with Sis, Christie and Nicole were joining the Special Forces and they were coming to their last mission...a fight to the death. And I was at a lingerie photo shoot right before the final mission thinking I don't want to kill anyone, but whoever lives joins the Special Forces. 


*sorry about the blurry screen caps. I swear it's the camera crew not keeping things in focus, (I just don't understand why that's so hard)


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10:02am BBT: Christie in the STR and Jessica comes in and  Christie tells her she only needs six votes tonight that she is good and that she loves her and will be ok. They leave the STR and go to the KT where most HG are gathered and talking general talk about clothes they will wear tonight as they eat and get coffee.

10:05am BBT: HG have been given the Vaccum for the day and christie says she will vaccum. Ovi and Sis in the WA doing ADL's . Jackson and Holly laying in bed whispering very low.

 10:13m BBT: Jackson whispering  to Holly, Tommy and Sis about what Cliff said in his morning shout outs to his family. Sam and Nicole are in the WA doing ADL's. Kemi and David are getting showers.

 10:24am BBT: Jack goes to the HOHR to go to the WC Sam is in the shower and Bella walking around listening toSam talk about being afraid to use as a straight razor . In the target BR Holly and sis are whispering really low. In the WA downstairs Nick is lounging as Nicole blows her nose and jackson leaves out of the WA. Just general talk going on.

 10:33am BBT: Bella and Nick laying snuggling in tje WA and going over days thay have been in the house and what happened on those days. Kathryn is popping pimples in the mirror while Christie is vaccuming and Cliff is taking a shower.

10:48am BBT: Hg just sitting around talking general talk. Nick is stretching in the WA

10:52am BBT: Jack comes into the Target BR carrying his things and says i am back. kemi in the Wa doing her hair as Bella watches.

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10:55 AM BBT Christie enters target room to ask Michie when are they going to get to talk. He comments that he thought Tommy was filling her in...that the group made him tell them even though he wanted to wait for her.... She storms out pissed that she's the only one who doesn't know the details. Michie calls for her to come back, but she doesn't


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11:00 AM BBT Christie goes up to the HOH to get intel from Jack/Tommy




Jack shares with them that he was the reason the music got cut this morning. That he went in the kitchen and told Dave that he was going to stick to his word and not talk game with him even if he comes back in the house, and that was when the music cut.


Jack makes a cocky statement by saying if he goes on the block with Sis the 8 would save him, not her.  He says, "I'm looking after my bread and butter."  (so is she...I really dislike this guy and so wish his interior matched his exterior...but, it doesn't..at all!)

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10:58 AM BBT.  Analyse says she should’ve never slept up there.  She says ever since she did that’s when people put them together.  Jackson says she needs to express to Jack there is a difference between confidence and cockiness.  Jackson says I don’t say cocky s**t.  

11:00 AM BBT.  Jackson tells Analyse he has her back and will take care of her the best he can.  she says she’s in a sh***y position. He says when I speak up like that it’s not for me, it’s for u.  

11:00 AM BBT.  Holly has joined Analyse and Jackson in the TBR.  In the HOHR, Tommy, Christie and Jack are talking.  Jack telling them that Cliff says there is a cool kids club of Holly, Jackson, Sis and him and he is priority #1.  He talks about the vote flip fell thru about midnight.  

11:01 AM BBT.  In the HOHR, Jack says he wouldn't be surprised if there is a “faux alliance”.  Jack says he told David that he will not talk game to him until “if” he comes back into the game.  he says he respects him but he made a rule and he’s sticking to it.  Christie wants to win HOH and put Cliff and Jess up and send Jess home.  They all agree the game is on now and it’s fun.  Jack says he loves that he’s pulling the wool over people’s eyes.  Jack says I hate this but if Sis and I are on the block, who does the group save?  They tell him of course him.  Jack says he is so confident about his game.  He says Sis is playing scared.  Jack tells Christie and Tommy they are his bread and butter.  

11:08 AM BBT.  Jack says if Cliff wins HOh then it was supposed to be.  He thinks Sis will win.  Christie agrees and says she has a feeling and she’d be so happy.  Jack says her or Kat.

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They talk about trusting Nicole but being over Cliff.

Christie- if he walked in here right now

Jack- get the F out

Christie- I'm so over him

They hate Nick!

Christie- I know I'm pmsing but if I see him in any more of Bella's too small clothes....I look at him and I DON'T see a winner   *laughs

They love Jackson

Christie- when I first saw him I thought we wouldn't jive, but this morning he came in here (she gushes) with a cup of coffee  for me and whispers "do you want a splenda a splash of milk"

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11:10 AM BBT.  In the HOHR, Ovi walks thru (he was in HOH bathroom) and leaves.  Jack says he’s a f***ing rat. Christie says yeah I’m not into him anymore.  Tommy says he thinks Nicole isn’t against them like they think.  He says she just listens when people talk to her.  He says she won’t go behind their backs.  

11:12 AM BBT.  Christie says she wouldn’t put Nicole up.  She says Cliff has to go.  

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