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Michael Emerson as Henry Galeas Ben Linus


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Michael Emerson as "Henry Gale"


Michael Emerson to Become Series Regular on TV's "Lost"

By Robert Simonson

Michael Emerson, who portrayed Oscar Wilde in Off-Broadway's Gross Indecency, will become a series regular on the hit ABC-TV series "Lost." This past season, the actor played a recurring character on the show. He began his "Lost" stint on the Feb. 15 broadcast. The "Lost" finale aired on May 24.

Michael Emerson won a 2001 Emmy Award for Best Guest Actor for his work as serial killer William Hinks on "The Practice." He was most recently seen onstage in the New York Theatre Workshop's production of Bach at Leipzig. His other stage credits include Gross Indecency and the Broadway revivals of Hedda Gabler and The Iceman Cometh


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Now I just can't get the lyrics to Michael Jackson's song "Ben" out of my head...

Ben, the two of us need look no more

We both found what we were looking for

With a friend to call my own

I'll never be alone

And you, my friend, will see

You've got a friend in me

Ben, you're always running here and there

You feel you're not wanted anywhere

If you ever look behind

And don't like what you find

There's one thing you should know

You've got a place to go

Ben, most people would turn you away

I don't listen to a word they say

They don't see you as I do

I wish they would try to

I'm sure they'd think again

If they had a friend like Ben


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I can't think of the name "Ben" without the nickname "Ben Dover"...that with the Michael Jackson song and I just threw-up in my mouth...

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Ewww...not a pretty picture...

actually Ben is a rat- at least so far... B)

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Okay, the Jack/ Ben exchange lost me (no pun intended)...

Jack should have pointed out that the HUGE difference between their situations was that Ben always knew he had a way out. Everything had been planned, from his capture to this escape.

Unless Jack is planning somthing HUGE...he's on notice!! :angry:

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We now know his name is Benjamin Linus..or is it? You never know when he's lying or not...that's exactly what I love about this character- there's so much more to him than we've seen so far. I can't wait for a Ben flashback, even though it won't be until after the shows return in February probably. Michael Emerson is an unbelievable actor!

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I posted this somewhere else, but I realy got excited...

I Googled "Ben Linus" and low and behold, HansoAdoptions.org popped up...with Google ads...

Thought I'd share...sorry if this is somewhere else...

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Feeling Lost? Here's Our Guide to Benjamin Linus

by Nina H

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