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America's Got Talent Season 14-Auditions 5

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We settle in with the judges as we wait for our first act of the final night of auditions. We meet Gonzo and he has a translator on stage and he’s from Tokyo and he plays tambourine. He leaves the stage with his translator and he returns in a leotard with his tambourine and we hear The Final Countdown by Europe. He plays the tambourine while he dances in time to the music. He then appears to be hitting himself in the face with his tambourine. Howie gives an ovation with the audience.


Gonzo awaits the judge’s critique. Howie says there are no words to explain what they just seen. He says to do that song in a thong! He loves him! Julianne couldn’t believe he could actually play the tambourine with his face and body. Gabrielle says his level of commitment is admirable, he literally played his face off. Simon says that was bonkers. He has nothing else to say, his mind is somewhere else. Howie gives a yes. Gabrielle says she needs to know what part two looks like so it’s a yes. Julianne says keep dancing, keep staring, and she says yes. Simon thinks we’ve gone mad because they put him through to the next round. Congratulations!


Our next act is a singer and she’s a detention officer. Her name is Olivia and she always dreamt about singing. She’s been working for Tempe for 12 years. Simon asks who’s here with her and she says her mother and her brother. Gabrielle turns the stage over to Olivia and she performs My Way by Frank Sinatra in Spanish.


Julianne says that song was her, absolutely hers. Howie says it was not my cup of tea, but he wishes her a ton of luck. Simon wants to know what stopped her from having a singing career at an earlier age. She says she got a degree for performance and justice and she decided to put her dream on hold to help her mom take care of her dad. Simon says she has drama when she performs and he’d love to be the first person to say yes. Julianne will second that with a big yes. Gabrielle gives the third yes.


Next we have Marco and Eliza and Julianne gives them the stage. The song Kiss Me by Sixpence None the Richer plays and they kiss and they keep kissing while moving into various positions. He picks her up and holds her upside down and then swings her around. Simon buzzes them. Simon says he has to say no because he found that uncomfortable. Howie says they are going to have to kiss them good-bye because they don’t wish to see anymore.


Next is Duo MainTenanT and they are Nicolas and Ludivine, a couple from France. They take the stage and they are a dance/strength/acrobatic act. Gabrielle and Julianne are on their feet halfway through the act. She does a one-handed hand stand on his head. They get an ovation from the audience and all four judges.


Julianne says what in the heck? She says they are by far the best acrobatic act she’s seen. She is blown away. Simon says it was like perfection. It reminds him of when he used to watch the Olympics and that was a 10. Nicolas says they were both former Olympic performers. Simon says for once he knew what he was talking about. Gabrielle says she’s going to start stretching tonight and she’s going to try and get Dwayne involved. She says it was beautiful and powerful. Howie says it was dangerous, so scary. Simon says he has to say yes. Gabrielle says hell yes. Howie says oui oui. Julianne says it’s a hell yeah from her.


Next we see a comedian doing some silly jokes and the judges are laughing. We then see clips of other acts before auditioning. We then meet Raw Ed and he’s a singer and he’s dressed in gold. He loves being the center of attention. He goes to meet the judges and he’s going to perform a song he wrote called Celebration. Simon doesn’t seem impressed and he hits his buzzer and Howie follows suit. Gabrielle presses her buzzer a few moments later and Julianne says just one more minute. Raw Ed throws his mic stand down and Julianne laughs and then hits her buzzer.


The audience boos and Gabrielle says they were rooting for Raw Ed. Simon says he doesn’t know what that was and Howie says why ask me, I don’t know. Howie says you know those songs you get stuck in your head? That won’t be one. Julianne disagrees and says that might be stuck in her head. Simon says if it wasn’t for the singing he would like him. Howie says for him it’s a no. Julianne says no. Gabrielle says no and the audience is chanting and applauding. Simon says this doesn’t happen. He has absolutely nothing to say other than they are going to remember him.


Up next we have a group of young women in black outfits and red heels. They are called Revolution Queens and they are from Argentina. All four judges give them a standing ovation. Julianne ask the group how they are feeling. They respond that they don’t have many ways to get out there, Gabby said that she was moved to tears. Howie says that he’s never seen the act like this done by women. The group says that is why they are called the Revolution Queens. Simon says never doubt your talent. All four judges give them a yes.


Next up to the stage is Sentimentalist. They begin to ask everyone if they would draw something on a small piece of paper. Steffi says that she gets a feeling of the earth and then ask if a tree has been drawn. They bring Terry out and put him in the wind machine. Terry picks a card from the wind machine and the guy tells Terry to not show him the card and Steffi is to draw the picture on the card. Terry shows that it is a heart that was drawn and Stephine shows that she has also drawn a heart. Gabby and Julianne give them a yes and Howie says no. Simon begins to say no before he is interrupted and asked if he will write down the name of a celebrity. He does and Steffi guesses that Simon wrote Lassie and he did and he gives the final yes for them to move on.  


Next to the stage is Chris. Simon ask him if he is a singer and he has a guitar and he does a lot of southern rock music. Simon wishes him luck and he performs Imagine by John Lennon. He gets an ovation from the judges and the audience and he gets a yes from all four judges and he is moving on!


Next is Matthew Richardson and he watched an acrobatic performance when he was a child and he knew he wanted to do that. He was obsessed, but he never really thought he’d go for it. We see clips of other acrobatic acts and Matthew looks nervous. Matthew takes the stage and he’s greeted by Simon. A ring is lowered from the ceiling and he begins his performance. He does a few aerial tricks and then he is lowered to the floor and does some tricks with the hoop on the floor. He gets an ovation from all four judges and the audience.


Simon says there’s mystery around Matthew. Julianne says that was unbelievable and that was beautiful. Gabrielle says that she loved that he went for it. Howie says they’ve seen the hoop before, but he seemed to do it faster and with more athleticism while keeping the grace. Howie gives a yes. Gabrielle and Julianne each give a yes. Simon says going forward there has to be more, but for now he’s going to give him a yes.


Up next to the stage is Robert and he has lost his sight and he has put his dream of singing on hold because he is a Vietnam veteran and he started a family when he returned. He’s 65 and he’s finally living his childhood dream. Terry walks Robert out to the stage. Julianne greets him and she asks him what got him into music and he says music was always a passion of his. He’s going to perform an original song called Get it While You Can. Julianne is up and dancing while he sings. He gets an ovation from the audience and all four judges.


Howie says they can tell there’s so much passion and with his talent he deserves it. Howie says he’s a great inspiration. Gabrielle says his spirit, his energy is out of this world. Amazing! Simon says he has this great soul about him and his voice is one of the finest wines that becomes beautiful. Simon says this could go through the roof for him. Howie says yes. Gabrielle says oh yeah. Julianne gives a yes. Simon gives the fourth yes!


The next act is Kara with a K.  She’s a comedian. Terry tells her to go out and wow them. Simon greets her and she’s from Texas. Simon turns the stage over to her and she says Buckle up, we’re going to church! She begins her set. She’s talking about losing weight and she pulls a sandwich from her dress. Kara then goes down to the judges table and she gives her some fries from her dress. She takes Simon’s drink and she falls as she’s going back to the stage.


Howie says she’s like a hilarious buffet and he thanks her for the snacks. Gabrielle says more please! She loves her. Julianne says she’s true and funny and self-depreciating but empowering. Simon says he and Howie talked before the season that if someone takes food out of their bra, they’re in. Be careful what you wish for! Howie really likes her, yes. Gabrielle says yes and Julianne also says yes. Simon says Kara with K, you have four yesses.


Our final act of the night is Luke and he’s a singer. He would do shows in his room when he was little with his sister. He wants to be on Broadway. Luke takes the stage and he is greeted by Gabrielle. He thinks AGT is the best way to get to Broadway. His favorite judge is Julianne because he and his sister have followed Julianne and Derek Hough. Luke is going to perform She Used to Be Mine by Sara Bareilles from the musical Waitress. He gets an ovation from the audience and all four judges.


Gabrielle says Luke should be proud of himself because he killed it. Howie says he has so much poise and he thinks they are watching the beginning of his dream coming true. Simon says what’s so important moving forward is to make an impression and sing the best songs. Julianne says she’s flattered he would look up to her and her brother when he has such talent and grace. He has something so special and an essence inside of him and she believes he will become a star, but she doesn’t think he needs to wait that much longer. Julianne hits her golden buzzer!

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