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Tuesday, July 9, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB21-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
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Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Target Bedroom (TBR)
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Boat Room Lounge (BRL)
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2:10 AM BBT  Jack and SIs are alone in the HOHR again, clearly enjoying their alone time and Nick/Bella are enjoying their time together under the covers regardless of who goes in and out of the RV. Kemi/Nicole doing laundry and various tasks. Christie talking with  Tommy about how Jack told her he is loyal to her and not Sis because he (Jack) has a "real connection" with Christie but not SIs.

2:15 AM BBT Ovi and David talking in the comeback room about the HGs and their game. They both have a real handle on the alliances and "true colors" (I love this twist....*tee hee  -MamaLong)

3:00 AM BBT Nicole/Holly/Jackson in the WA (the last ones awake) talking about the tanning today and getting ready for bed

Nicole- alright you guys (heading to bed)

Jackson- Love you girl

Holly- Nicole, I'm very glad you are in this house

Nicole- aw, love you guys

Holly- for a multitude of reasons

Jackson- love you more

Nicole- g'night you guys

3:08 AM BBT Holly joins Jackson in bed (wrapped up face to face)  in the Target bedroom *lots of on-going whispering

Jackson- Jess kept saying it's true...(he has a real handle on Bella) - there are two girls going home...that Bella has single handedly jeopardized Jess and Kemi's games with her dirty doings and is walking away clean

Holly- Nicole told me that Bella interrogated her about who she trusts and it freaked her out

Jackson- and Nicole is so sweet

Holly- Nicole said she was really abrasive "like, who do you trust, list them, tell me now"....I can't tell if Christi and Tommy are awake...in the boat room she said that later Nick was like, so Nicole, if you had to put someone up who would it be? Holly, right? Nicole was like WTF that she didn't want to answer that and that she was worried Nick would come and tell me that Nicole was going to put me up even though she didn't say that

Jackson- OMG they are f'ing snakes (Nickella) I don't want to go to Jack and be like, told ya so

Holly- it was a big group in the boat room, like why are you even throwing my name around; f'ing Nick

Jackson- I'm gonna talk to Jack tomorrow...let's batten down the hatches and take on this game

Holly- yeah, Bella is targeting you and Nick is targeting me

3:18 AM BBT

Holly- But Nicole came straight to me and assured me...and Sis came back and said why the *f would Jackson say he was going to put up Bella

Jackson- I never see Sis talk except when she's with Jack

Holly- we need to sleep and deal with this tomorrow

Jackson- yeah

Holly- we need to be super calm about it

Jackson- any sudden movements will tell them (Nickella) we are on to something; Jack is on a power trip right now and could call a meeting and "everyone sit down...we are going to unify right now"

Holly- Nick/Bella/Sam together?

Jackson- dangerous...I might be friends with her in real life but I don't trust her in this game...she is playing everyone

Holly- yeah...she hugged me and told me  "I don't do this with everyone"

Jackson- she hugs everyone multiple times a day

Holly- yeah, she was trying to make me feel secure with her

Jackson- maybe they have numbers we aren't aware of....now I really want to win HOH because I need to keep us safe...or we need to make sure someone like Cliff or Nicole has it....if Nick were to go and then make it back....we're f'ed

Holly- yeah

Jackson- are you tired

Holly- I need to be, but no

Jackson- you know, the Benadryl wasn't even supposed to be in the house

Holly- oh?

Jackson- yeah, it somehow got put in there, but it wasn't supposed to be  *feeds cut shortly*

Holly- I was wondering...at least you got good sleep while it lasted

Jackson- OMG he would make us get together and clear the air

Holly- we can't do that...Jack is so f'ing stubborn

Jackson- I'm not saying I'm right about everything, but he shoots down most of what I say....but, we need to shoot down the possibilities...like Nick & Bella

Holly- is she working with them?  (I don't know who she is...Christie? Nicole?)

Jackson- nah

Holly- I f'ing hope not cause that would work...I've had a bad feeling about them ...Bella since week 1 and Nick shortly after

Jackson- yeah

Holly- we need to sleep but you've been keeping me up late

Jackson- you've been keeping ME up late

Holly- this is good for now...until I get sick of ya

Jackson- yeah, we'll see about that *they begin cuddling

3:29 AM Holly-oh shit

Jackson- what?

Holly- your ankle

Jackson- I like pain!...we need a safe word  (LOL)...baseball, baseball, baseball (to change his thinking) these cameras make things shitty....nah, I have discipline. In real life I would have 100% taken my shot, but I haven't in here yet. How long that lasts, I'm not sure. CBS, did you hear that? I need you to put her back to back in the voting...we will give you... (couldn't hear)

Holly- oh God

Jackson- they are going to take us under the covers and make it look like we are f'ing in this house....they are going to show Nick f'ing Bella from behind in the RV....can you do it where you are not shown on tv?

Holly- how?

Jackson- in that bed...they prob'ly just keep their heads above the bed.....if you get on top they are going to air it, but heads above the covers...he just goes in and pops one off

Holly- I hope they don't air that

Jackson- they will

Holly- I'm going to tell them tomorrow that nothing has happened (just touchy feely between these two so far)

Jackson- what are you going to do 80 days from now

Holly- whispering too low

Jackson's stomach makes a noise

Holly- if that was a fart!?!?!

Jackson- I'm fucking hungry, dude

Holly- don't wake the children (LOL)

*this goes on and on

Holly- I'm turning around

Jackson- DAMN IT


3:45 AM BBT Lights out and quiet in the rest of the house

8:15AM BBT Everyone still sleeping


9:10 AM BBT  Houseguests still sleeping; house is dark


9:12 AM BBT *feeds cuts briefly; probably a call for someone to DR or the first "Wakey Wakey Houseguests" announcement

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9:15 AM BBT  Cliff is stretching; trying to get out of bed

9:20AM BBT Cliff is up and heading to restroom; maybe he will get to deliver good CliffNotes today, as it seems everyone else is still sleeping

9:28 AM BBT Cliff gets his coffee and  oatmeal ready 

Jack comes downstairs to the kitchen; he's already dressed for the day   *random chatter with Cliff

 9:38AM BBT Cliff begins his morning shout outs "Good Morning family! SKD143" He got to see the moon last night

Cliff talks about how he understands why previous HGs on previous seasons talked about HOH and just wanting to see their pictures. He says they all understand the "Who wants to see my HOH room"....he used to think it was all so cheesy, but now he sees it's real

They spend 24 hours a day in there and talk about family, friends, animals...but they haven't seen anything of them and it's exciting to get to see the pics.

He talks about how the HGs are all close and they are looking forward to watching the shows post BB21. Shout outs to the live feeds. He says Jack is up, he got called to the DR. He found a full pot of coffee so he figures Michie was up earlier then went back to bed. He figures he has about 15 minutes of time to talk before wake up. He mentions there will be a lockdown around 11AM that he thinks will be to build.

He says the pecking order has been established. This week Kemi, next is Jessica then perhaps Kat.

The number of targets available is dropping and that worries Cliff for his safety and Nicole's safety.


He mentions the division he saw yesterday with Kemi and Jess....Jess was supposedly talking trash...formed an alliance that lasted a half hour. ..felt like Bella was dragging her under the bus. People were talking some trash about Sissy sharing the bed with Jack and the implications...Sis got upset.

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He said Kemi and Michie had the long talk. He was sure it was Kemi campaigning and Michie covering his own tale in case she sticks around. At some point, allegedly, if he got HOH he would put Nick and Bella on the block. "I could see him saying that to Kemi"...maybe he said it but CLiff doesn't know. The problem is that Kemi told someone else, maybe Kat (no it was Christie) and Michie got upset because Jack found out. (see fiasco notes)  perception is reality. Kemi is back to target #1.

Cliff mentions that Kemi could bring a lot of chaos in the house in Camp Comeback. "Bring it on."

He mentions the power couples and how he hopes Nick/Bella get targeted before him.

CHristie and Tommy are very tight. He confirmed that last night via observation, and he thinks they are working together. He sees it as less than casual (if you only knew, Cliff). He heard their whispering when they thought he was asleep. It became obvious that they are working together.

Christie is listening outside the door (Ugh Oh)


Christie- "oh shit" she runs to get someone


9:56AM BBT Christie tells the target room what she heard

Christie to Holly- he is not working with you; I heard his alliance name and everything.....saying the 3 couples and then said we (to Tommy) were the 4th couple

Christie- he is working with Ovi and NIcole "It's called 'Zing" (no, close, it's Fellowship of the Zing)

10:00 AM BBT The target rooms is thrilled and celebrating that they got Cliff's game plan (poor Cliff)

Cliff hears people up so he finishes up his talk but telling his family he loves them

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 9:19am BBT: Cliff is up and going to the KT looks in sink then goes to the  Back door and looks outside then goes to the WC.

9:22am BBT: Cliff out of WC washes hands  grabs orwell and goes to the KT .

9:28am BBT: Jack comes down the stairs and joins Cliff in the KT getting coffee.

9:36am BBT: Cliff in the BRL  with his coffee talking to his family on the feeds. He says good morning family i love you. He then says Sharon lastnight i finally seen the moon.

9:42am BBT: Cliff still in the BRL talking  while Jack is in the KT making fresh coffee.

9:47am BBT: Christie is now up  and hugs Jack in the KT ask what time it is then heads to the WC. Jack is waiting in the KT for coffee to finish making. Jack then goes to the WA and tells Christie he  has a cup of coffee and is going to DR he will be right back.    

9:50am BBT: Christie comes out of the WC washes hands then listens at the BRL door to Cliff talking to the feeders about the alliances in the house.

 9:51am BBT: Cliff talking about Christie hanging with Jack alot and Sis getting jealous of it then about Christie and Tommy becoming an alliance  couple  as Christie listens at the door. Cliff then talks about ovi and  how Ovi is friendly with everyone and how he hopes Ovi comes back in the house. He says people may think that Ovi and i are working together but i have the thing that we shared a bed with him that  they wont think we are an alliance . Christie still listening then runs to the arrow BR and gets  in bed with Tommy and tells Tommy what is going on. Tommy  jumps up and grabs his mic.

9:55am BBT: Jackson gets up also and Christie tells Jackson and Tommy that she was listening to Cliff through the door saying she can not believe she heard all that. Holly wakes up and she tells hem all about what Cliff was saying about  going after the couples. She then says he is making Tommy and I the 4th couple.

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10:20AM BBT Holly and Cliff are in the kitchen when Holly tells Cliff her story about her injury at Forever 21 right before sequester. Holly needed to get some last minute tank tops, but she ended up injured and in the ER. She thought her game was over because she was bleeding all over (she cut her foot on something while trying on clothes) and the staff at Forever 21 had no first aid kit and didn't offer her help....brought her a band aid and clean-up wipes. Cliff comments that she can get them after BB21. (I'm sure Forever 21 will offer a nice free wardrobe to Holly if they are smart).

10:30 AM BBT  Jack and Christie are on the couch in the backyard when Jack confides in Christie that he had a vivid dream about his BF (he means his ex girlfriend) not wanting to talk with him...giving him the cold shoulder and not hearing it. He gets teary, then tells Christie that he does not want to promote anything with Sis...that it means nothing. Last night he went to bed and was asleep when she came up. He says he needs to put it back in the friend zone. He kissed her on the forehead when he woke up this AM and that's it.  Christie suggests that he tell her the truth about his dream and that everything will be fine. She also talks with him about what she overheard with Cliff. Tommy is in and out of that conversation, too. Jack is not worried about it at all. He comments that Nick and Bella still need to go before Cliff and that they need to get tight with Nicole. WHen Jack leaves the conversation, Tommy and Christie talk about how Jack has to have the power or he wouldn't feel that confident about things (they are so right  -MamaLong)

The three of them are joking about Ovi and how they are OVIously not worried about his power. 


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10:03am BBT: Tommy, Christie, Jackson and Holly in the BR talking softly about walking in on conversations with other people, jackson gets up and goes to the WC. Hiolly tells about Nicole talking to Nick yesterday and Nick asking Nicole who she would put on the block if  she won HOH and Nick asking her if it would be Holly.

10:07am BBT: Jack ans Jackson in the BY talking about Kemi and about what information each other has. He is telling Jack about Christie liatening to Cliff through the door. Jackson says pops has to go but jack says Nick and bella have to go before pops.

10:13am BBT: David is now up and putting shoes on in the KT so he can workout in the BY before they go on IDL. Christie  is getting coffee.

10:15am BBT: Cliff is out of the BRL  and in the KT, Christie goes to the BY and talks to Jack ans tells him about listening to Cliff through the BRL door.

10:20am BBT: Jack in the BY talking to Christie about what Cliff has said in the BRL to the feeders and then jack seems upset and Christie ask what is going on and he tells her he had a dram about his ex and wanted to talk about it but now he needs to talk to Sis about pulling it back some.

10:30pm BBT: HG getting dressed and going out to the BY before they get locked into the house in 30 minutes. Cliff comes outside and says good morning to Jack, Christie and Tommy and they say morning then talk about people talking game this morning. Christie says who and Jack says i don't know.

10:40am BBT: Holly and Sis in the BY and Holly telling Sis  what Cliff has said as they start to stretch so they can run the BY. Most HG working out or drinking coffee and enjoying the BY for a few more minutes.

10:48am BBT: Nicole and kemi in the STR and kemi  telling Nicole she wants to blow up Bellas game today for lying so much. Kemi says before yesterday she would never have done this to Bella but after yesterday  she has no problem telling everyone she is a snake.
10:51am BBT: Kemi leaves the STR and goes to the KT. Jack in the KT getting coffee and goes back to the BY. Christie is out in the BY gathering blankets and folding them. Jack took the pot of coffee out and is refilling everyone cup of coffee.

10:55am BBT: Most HG in the BY enjoying the sunshine and working out  for a few more minutes.

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11:07 AM BBT Jack and Nicole in the HOHR

Jack solidifies with Nicole that he wants to stick wit her and make sure she is safe; he apologizes to her over the drama that affected her yesterday (Bella fiasco). He basically blows a bunch of smoke over Nicole that I'm sure she sees right through.

Jack-I want to protect your game...and I feel you doubted me this week.

Nicole- not doubted, just feared (she's so good at stroking his ego)

Jack- I feel over the next week or so things will meld again. We'll see, but in the transition I just want you to know I have your back (Jack has so many of these HGs' "backs" in this game that he fails to see anyone's fronts  - MamaLong)

Jack- I don't want to pressure you about your game

Nicole- I'm a straight shooter...why would I throw names out there...I would rather wait and see...I'm not the type to throw out names

Jack-I'd rather benefit from us knowing info from the other sides and protect each other

Nicole- I got you

Jack- whatever is best for your game, Boo, I get it...and if it's me, I understand

Nicole- Aw

Jack- you can come up here whenever you need

Nicole- Aw, you're the best  *Nicole leaves


Holly and Sis were talking in the campsite room when someone's coffee got spilled on the bed. They then started talking about how they comforter had been washed but there's still all those stains on it and that Kat has poor hygiene (those stains are from Kat getting her period and accidentally staining the bed.


11:15AM BBT Kitchen (Cliff, Nicole, Nick, Tommy, Jess)

Talk is centering around the the missing knife that no one can find

Tommy- Cliff said maybe it was Team America (LOL)

They discuss that season and the secret missions

Nicole- that's kind of scary that a knife is missing

Tommy- it is

Nick- I wake up and someone's on top of me

They continue talking about BB punishing them in a joking way

*They are on indoor shutdown and the HGs are disappointed they didn't get any music this AM

Christie was filling in Sis and her morning (CliffNotes) drama in the campsite room.

11:23AM BBT Jackson walks in to the campsite room and they begin talking about the building going on in the backyard..."they have a lot of Spencer's out there...poor Spencer"

11:30 AM BBT Tommy cooks pancakes and everyone loves them. Nicole and Cliff talk about how thrilled they were in Mexico when they (production) got them Denny's for breakfast one morning. Nicole mentions how happy she was to get Friendly's fries....like a whole bag of just fries.

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11:48 AM BBT David is quizzing Kat in the WA about the whole Jackson showmance. Kat tells him it's not a big deal because things change every day.

Kat- I kind of just have to act cool

David- if I ran my mouth about "that" it would hurt me

Kat- yeah, some of them know about it and it sucks but whatever....I don't have to depend on one person a few to carry me along

David- yeah because then you aren't playing your own game

Kat- it's a weird game

David- it's a fun game

Kat- it is a fun game

David- and you're trending you know

Kat laughs

David- they all hate us because they can't beat us (meaning mentally or emotionally...Kat truly doesn't care about her Jackson hook-up)

11:54AM BBT Sam and Sis in the campsite room

Sis tells Sam she used to have a Camaro but she totaled it when she hydroplaned.  She then got her mom's Cadillac.

12:00 PM BBT  Holly and Nick in campsite room

She's telling him how she came from humble beginnings and paid for all her clothes and cars and everything beginning at 16...she worked a lot of jobs. Nick tells her he thought she had $ referring to the safari, but she tells him she just works for rich people. She said her family lives on land and has a lot of horses and such...it's a business. SHe talks about her emergency appendectomy and how when she went in for it she was worried that she wouldn't be covered by insurance, but the hospital told her she was covered. It then turned out that the surgeon wasn't covered by her BCBS plan and it cost her 23K (my life story, Holly -another victim of the horrible US medical system  -MamaLong)

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12:15 PM BBT Campsite room (Nicole, Nick, Jackson, Holly, Sam, Nick, Cliff, Kemi) general chit chat

They talk about the competition that Tyler was at. Sam says he would love to do that and they all discuss how different it is from what's shown on TV...that the host just watches and does the voice over later *feeds cut away*  


Sam talks about being at a Christian revival thing around the age 13...he was playing with a bottle making noise and some random woman walks up and snatches the bottle away...that his parents were mad at him because she was the spouse of a popular speaker...but if anything like that happened to his boys he would snatch it back

Jackson- don't mess with me or mine

12:30 PM BBT Campsite room 

jackson talking about college and frats. He said there is a place for constructive hazing....compares BB to hazing..."it mentally wears you down and creates a bond that can't be replicated in the real world". He continues talking about frats and how it creates real friends because they went through it with you ...that there are experiences in life that build you up. "It was absolute hell for months but I loved it. I was good at breaking people down, but then you build them up stronger"

(this conversation is making me sick -MamaLong)




1:00 PM BBT *I'm out for now you guys

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3:30 PM BBT There really hasn't been much going on in the house today. The HGs are bored.  Sis and Jack have pretty much kept their distance today. Jack is a bit torn up after dreaming about his ex and Sis is upset that Cliff is seeing her with Jack as a power couple. Neither want to be tied to the other, so I doubt Sis will sleep in the HOH tonight. Yes, they have had sex several times, but it's not "anything" to either of them. 


Christie has been spreading the news among Gr8ful about Boss Hogg's plan after listening through the door at his CliffNotes this morning. Kemi has accepted that she'll be heading to Camp Comeback on Thursday.     Otherwise, there just isn't much going on.


Jess noticed Bella's amazingly steady hand while painting Nick's toenails and Bella told her it was because her grandmother made her stitch bananas as a young child. Jess didn't understand so Bella explained that "it's just normal childhood stuff" for her...she was provided a suture kit at a young age and expected to learn how to perfectly apply sutures to whatever.


3:33 PM BBT Cliff does tell the group in the boat room a funny story about about him in a bar and being propositioned by a prostitute that leads to an interesting conversation about infidelity  (he is a fabulous guy; Sharon is very lucky)

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Cliff has been scaring houseguests today with a "mouse". He got Jackson earlier causing him to jump on his ankle, which hurt a lot. Cliff then felt horrible and apologized over and over. He made the mouse with dryer lint and put it on a string. He shoots it across the floor. 


4:20 PM BBT Cliff tries to scare Tommy in the kitchen while David shows Tommy how to make coffee , but it doesn't work out  (LOL)


4:30 PM BBT Cliff, Sis, Christie, Nick, Holly, Bella and Tommy are in the  HOHR talking about the rolling dice game (the giant die that HGs have to maneuver) Cliff is showing them how to play...all the different patterns  (this means we won't get to see this competition this season  LOL)

Sam is listening to Jack's music

Jack is helping Jackson ice his foot in the HOH bathroom after the mouse scare.

Jess and Kemi are in the RV room talking about the week's events

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6:12 PM BBT Kemi, David, and Jess in RV room talking about past HGs and relationships

Kemi- that's why Valdemort (production) says BB has the best success when it comes to lasting relationships

Chrisitie, Jack, Tommy  and Jackson are preparing Taco Tuesday in the kitchen

Kat, Nick, Bella, and SIs are in the HOH; Kat is listening to music and the others are just lounging around

Bella turns to Nick and gives him several little kisses. 

Nick- I'm just laying here and you are putting us on blast right now

Sis- I love you guys

*They are having fun watching the dinner prep on spy cam


Kat- Damn. Incubus hits really hard when you haven't heard music in awhile. I felt that shit.

Holly is napping on the couch in the HOH room and Kat is refilling the soap in the bathroom

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6:06PM BBT-  Jessica, Kemi and David are in the CBR discussing how your decisions in the house reflect your character in real life.  They make comparisons to how people can be fired from their jobs based on what they post on social media.


6:12 PM BBT Kemi, David, and Jess CBR room continue talking about past HGs and relationships.   Kemi says "that's why Valdemort (production) says BB has the best success when it comes to lasting relationships"  Chrisitie, Jack, Tommy  and Jackson are preparing Taco Tuesday in the kitchen.  Kat, Nick, Bella, and SIs are in the HOH; Kat is listening to music and the others are just lounging around


6:25PM BBT-  Nick, Bella, Sis and Kat are in the HOHR bed watching the HG prepare dinner downstairs, mentioning that Christie is an aggressive chewer.


6:28PM BBT-  Sis tells the others in the HOHR that she and Jack have decided that they shouldn't sleep together as much anymore.  Nick said what does it matter, everyone knows - even Cliff. 


6:35 PM BBT In the WA, Cliff is telling about his grandmother being a runner for a bootleg business people were running during Prohibition. He talks about how the feds came several times, but by the time the agents got there, everything was hidden  ...talks about an illegal casino, too "Granny was church going....but Granny Hogg was a wild child"


6:36PM BBT-  Holly and Kat are in the HOHR where Holly is trying to figure out what she's done to become a target.  Kat said that she's had to defend herself to people think she's working with Holly, and that it's too late to disassociate herself from Jackson because everyone already knows that they're working together.  Holly tells her "we haven't even kissed or anything".


6:46PM BBT-  Holly says that Sam has a better chance of winning the game over Jack, because Jack is arrogant.   They agree that they need to get Bella and Nick out, especially Bella because she's so dirty - they can't decide if she has a good heart or is a sociopath because her attitude can turn on a dime.  


6:49PM BBT-  Sam and Bella are in the boat room discussing who Bella would put up if she was HOH. She said she would put up Kat/Jess, and Nick would do the same.  Bella tells him that he's the 9th to their 8 and that she and Nick are trying to figure out how to get out of gr8tful.  Ovi comes in and lays down, interrupting their talk.


7:01PM BBT-  The boatroom now has David, Sam, Ovi, Bella and Nick, and they're guessing at what the Camp Comeback comp will be for one of the HG to return.  They agree that it'll be a big production to draw in interest.  Bella believes that every week will get worse for the members of Camp Comeback.  

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6:35 PM BBT In the WA, Cliff is telling about his grandmother being a runner for a bootleg business people were running during Prohibition. He talks about how the feds came several times, but by the time the agents got there, everything was hidden  ...talks about an illegal casino, too "Granny was church going....but Granny Hogg was a wild child"

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7:59pm BBT


Jack, Tommy, Nick and Bella are in the HOH room. Bella says it make sense that Nicole has the power because she does not talk game.


Tommy and Nick are in the room, one of them mentions Christie overhearing the Cliff Notes this morning.


Bella insists that Nicole has the power. They wonder why Ovi did not use his power, maybe because it was because it lasts a long time.


Nick says if he is HOH he is putting up Nicole. Tommy says Cliff won't do anything until after next week, and Nicole would put Holly up if she were HOH. Bella says Holly doesn't talk to Nicole, Nick says she doesn't talk to him either. Tommy says Holly doesn't want to be known as the “sleepy” one, but she sleeps all the time.


Christie, Holly and Michie ae in the target bedroom. Christie is feeling ill after eating dinner. Sis comes in while they are talking about sleeping in. Cliff is in the room with them, he tells them the room are so dark when the lights are off, but when the lights are on it is brutal.


Sis shares that her dad is LAPD retired. (thank you for your service Sis's dad!).


They talk about a marijuana dispensary, “Med Men” (?) and camera moves to kitchen.


Nicole is cleaning up while Jessica is on the couch watching and talking. Jessica cleans the drain.


Cameras go back to target bedroom


Jack has come into the room and is hugging Christie around her thigh area. Sis is sitting next to them, a smile plastered on her face.


Holly leaves the room.


Jack says loudly, “Holly sketches me out. Holly is really weird.” but she doesn't respond.


Jack lifts Chritie''s leg and says “Hiiii” to Sis, they wonder if they could play pick up stix with the arrows in the wall.


Kat says they should play Hungry Hippos with people. After some discussion they think it is a good idea. They plan to use Tommy and Nicole as the hippos.



Jessica and Nicole are in the bathroom lounge area. More general chatter.

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8:04PM BBT Michie, Christie and Holly talking about Christie overhearing Cliff this morning talking to the camera. Christie says she feels bad Cliff was helping them tonight with the dice. Michie says he was running his mouth at a camera.


8:15PM BBTDavid is on chcolate patrol asking Tommy where it all is. They made chocolate pancakes with it this morning. No talk going on. HG sitting around chatting.


8:21PM BBT Chrisite trying to figure out a game to play and then decides she doesn't have the energy to do it tonight.Tommy has shaved.


8:28PM BBT Tommy explains to Christie andOvi that he can't cuddle with anyone because the quiets body sounds you hear bother him. If he is dating them then it's ok. Ovi says he can't cuddle with anyone because he gets a boner.

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8:28pm BBT


Nicole and Nick go into the boat bed lounge. Nicole tells him she is teasing him about putting him on the block and he says he knows.

Nick says, “Even though you have the power.”

Nicole, “Yep, I have it....no, I don't”

Nick continues to tell he knows she does because he saw her face.


Nicole says she has been doing a lot of thinking today, she is trying to separate herself from people in the house because there seems to be frustration in the house.


Nick asks if that is why she was alone today, but we get FISH while she answers. He continues to pump Nicole for information about who she would put up if she were HOH.


Sam tries to come in for the second time, and Nick sends him away for “five minutes”. Sam waits a few seconds, pop in the door and laughs before leaving again.


Nick is trying to find out who Nicole vibes with besides Cliff, he also mentions Kemi, who is leaving this week, anyway. Nick says he wouldn't mind a big move being made if it wasn't against him.


Nicole says she will not bust into conversations.

Nick insists that he loves her and says it often, and he would love to work with her.

Nicole tells him she would love to work with him too. She says that earlier she walked into a room, and the group he was with stopped talking.

Nick tells her that talking broad game is okay, Nicole responds that it takes her a long time to trust. Nick tells her there is no other choice.

Nick says again that Nicole has “the power”. She does not confirm or deny at first, then says she does not have it.

Nick tells her that this week they need six votes to evict...He says that if Ovi had a power he would have used it. He continues to fish for information from Nicole. She uses a lot of “uh huh, mmm hmmm, and I hear ya's”

Nick tells her again that he loves her, that he teases her about who she would put up because he wants to see where she is in the game.

He tells her that Kemi is going and Jessica is a bottom feeder who is going soon and Nicole will be left behind. He tells her that he hopes she will not regret her game.


Nick asks if she has been talking game with anyone, she says she thinks she has.

Nick says he doesn't toss her names because he has no idea who she is aligned with.

Nicole uses more, “Yep, that's true, uh huh, and mmm hummms” with a sharp “Yes” a few times.

Nick names house guests, eliminating those he thinks she would not put up.

Nicole tells him that she trusts Nick, Bella and Sam and would like to work with them going forward.

Nick continues to reinforce his love and concern for Nicole and their “connection” since the first part of the game.


Sam comes back in. Nick lets him stay.


Nick starts to tell Sam about their conversation, but Sis comes in. They tell her to go away, she pretends to while they call her back. She comes in and sits with them.


Sis asks what they are talking about, Nick says, “Me and Nicole were having a heart to heart but Sam came in and we stopped.”


Kat comes into the room and Nicole helps her get comfy.


General chatter about the years they were born.





In the kitchen David is making something with baking powder, possibly funnel cakes they were talking about earlier.


Intermittent FISH




Bella is scraping a batter, she talks about putting it in the oven, so this is not funnel cakes.


Michie comes back for what Bella calls his “8th meal of the day>”He mumbles a response.


Michie asks, and Bella told him they had tried to make funnel cakes but failed. She is baking the fail.

Bella asks if they can save the oil if they put a lid on it and Michie tells her yes.


David says it will be really good cake or really good brownies.


There was a lid on the hot oil, causing condensation and sizzling, Jack tells them to put the lid on it and let it cool down.

General chatter




The group in the boat bed room are hearing the news about the cake/brownie/funnel cake fail.


General chatter here too.



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9:11pm BBT


Bella is explaining Sam's position to him in the house. They are in the HOH room. Bella tells Sam that everyone has decided he is the 9th. She doesn't know why Sam is not in the 8, she thinks it is because he would vote with them anyway.


Bella tells him that Nick hasn't told him, but Bella tells Sam that he needs to know.


Sam says he wonders why all these people are playing him around, and maybe he should vote to keep Kemi as a vote for himself.

Bella says Nick really trusts Jack and he tells him everything. She denies knowing what Nick tells Jack unless he shares it with her. She promises to keep Sam in the loop. Bella says her and Nick are looking for ways to get rid of Jack, they approached Michie (unclear).

She says that Kemi's talk with Sam about the veto made a lot of sense.


Sam says it makes sense because Jack has the couples, the eight and there is not any room for him to weasel in. He says it is too early to make a move to shake it. Sam clears up that they are wanting to get out Cliff, Nicole,Jessica before him. Sam wonders if Christie will keep Holly over him, Bella says no. She tells Sam that her and Nick want to get Christie and Jack out.


Sam says Tommy said that he trusts him (Sam). He says they don't talk game but they have the same ideas on game.


Bella also tells Sam that when Christie mentions being grateful, it is a nod to gr8ful (alliance).


Sam says he would not put up Cliff, it would be Jessica and Kat.


Bella says they think that Nicole or Cliff has the power.


Sam tells Bella that Christie has mentioned getting rid of Jack. He hopes someone on the bottom wins HOH. He says he is not in a showmance and that hurts his game a little.


Bella says the showmances are all together, so they are safe for now.


Sam says that if he puts up a showmance he will be voted out.


Bella tells Sam that Nick trusts him, but Sam questions if that is true, why does Nick not tell him things that can hurt him. He does not want to go out as a ninth because everyone else is a couple. He says there is nothing he can do right now, but if they keep picking off the “small” people it will ruin his game.


David passes the HOH room, Bella runs to the bathroom. When he doesn't stop she laughs because she literally took down her pants and tried to pee. (really cute move.)


Sam says they need someone small to win so it is possible to get Jack out. He says he walked in on Nick and Nicole talking. Bella says it is because Nick was trying to use his talent on her, then she clarifies that Sam knows about Nick's real life job. Sam says he does.


A few seconds later a group comes to the HOH, Sam and Bella start talking about Sam's wife giving birth and he gets pretty graphic. Jack may or may not buy this. Bella continues to prepare herself for the shower, Sam tries to innocently move the conversation in a direction of “story telling”.

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9:30pm BBT


House guests are in the HOH room, general chatter now.


Others are in the boat bed lounge, more general chit chat.


Not on camera, Kemi, Jessica, Nicole, David, Ovi , Jackson, Holly or Cliff


Cameras move to target bedroom

Michie and Holly are laying on one of the beds.


They are talking about someone who is giving back handed information. They could be talking about Christie, she is mentioned as having told Jack something that she was told. That also makes sense because Holly says she insinuates that Holly's 'man” is all over her.


Kat comes into the room and the welcome her to join them.


Holly says she was wanting to have a conversation with Kat and she walked right in. Kat says they should not be seen together becauseit is bad for her game. They all make jokes about it and Kat offers to lock the door.


Kat says that Christie and Jack were walking by talking about an annoying person and she (Kat) wonders who it was about. Holly and Michie think it would have been Jessica. Kat says she does not want Kemi to stay, so she hopes Jessica stays in the house.


Michie says they will feed information, and Holly says they will stir the pot. Kat says she is just floating around the house. Kat says from what she has heard, Kemi will be voted out. She says there must not be “sides” yet. She tells Holly and Nick that one of them needs to win the HOH.


Holly hopes Sis will win, she trusts her.


Kat says she trusts Cliff but Holly and Michie do not because Cliff is close to Ovi and Nicole. They tell Kat to check and see if they are on his radar. She says when she talked bad about Michie and Holly he did not say anything against them, but encouraged her that they could be trusted. Kat says she worries about Nick, Bella and Sam.


Holly and Michie tell her they do not trust Nick and Sam, he says it is confidential and Kat agrees.


Holly says Nick was rude to her today, talking about how rich she is, Holly denies that she is “rich at all.”


Sis comes in, when they ask her where everyone is, she says, “Everyone is everywhere.”, then a huge burp escapes. Her facial expression does not change until she smirks then laughs. (cute Sis moment).




HOH room


Christie, Sam, Bella and Tommy are talking about trying to get along with the house guests.


Sam says Jessica is constantly trying to pull him into conversations. They all complain about Ovi wanting to talk to them. Christie complains about Jessica. Sam complains about Jessica being too detailed when she tells a story. Christie realizes she is sounding mean.




David is in the storage room when Holly comes in. She is looking for cereal, She asks David if he is good since he is hiding in the storage room. He teases about having a final two. She asks him if he is okay since he has no final two. He asks Holly if it harder to have fun since she is in the game. (he says he is not). Holly says she feels that he is in the game.


David says that because if they are at risk they have to play different. Holly claims boredom, and says the people that are playing hard are having fun. David tells her he was sent to disrupt the house. David says he is part of the FFA. (Feed the Fish Alliance).


Holly asks if he was really sent back to screw up things. He asks if he is disrupting things. Holly says no, but he may know more than he is saying. David says he is willing to trade information, that he knows things and no one wants to make that fair trade. Holly says she does not either. She wonders how they will re-enter the house.


David asks if there is a vote, who would come back, Holly says Ovi would because people lied to him. If America votes, then she thinks David would come into the game.


Holly asks him if the tv shows them snippets so they know things. David does a great job of not answering her question.


Holly tells him it seems like he knows a lot, and asks him what is going on in the house.


David tells her he thinks he is working to make friends in the house, that he has recipes he wants to make.


Holly wonders again what will happen to put one of them back into the house.


David asks her who is joining them in their room, Holly won't tell him. He says she could have traded that information.


They leave the storage room.


10:07pm BBT


In the HOH Tommy, Bella and Christie are talking about who has the power.


Bella believes Cliff has the power, or whoever has it is his ally.


Tommy wonders why he wouldn't say “Ovi has it.”


They are tossing out Nicole, Kat, Ovi, Cliff as possibilities.


Cameras move to kitchen, then back to the HOH.


Christie says she would put Cliff up and tell him she heard his whole game plan. She says she would put Nicole up with him as a result of what she heard this morning.


Bella says would one of them save themselves at that point, Tommy wonders if Ovi is able to use the power from Camp Comeback.


Christie says probably not, but one of the three have it and she wants them out.


Tommy says they have a solid group, so why are they worried about Ovi, Cliff and Nicole.


Christie says maybe because they said her name, even though everyone else might not agree.


Tommy says they need perspective, and they are doing very well in the game.


Bella says the worst scenario, they wouldn't put most of them up anyway.


Christie says it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world if they took a shot at one of the guys, but her name was said.


Tommy and Bella are trying to convince Christie that she is not in real danger from Cliff.


Sam says the next HOH will set the game in motion and they will know what is going up.


Bella says Cliff would probably take a shot at Jack and Michie before anyone else.


Tommy says if you get HOH next time, you have a target, and never answer that because things change constantly in the house.

Tommy says if Cliff does put her up it is a blessing, she would win against him. Tommy says if Cliff never finds out Christie heard him, it won't matter anyway.


Bella says they shouldn't let him know they know, and just keep on talking as normal.


Nick literally bounces into the room and kisses Bella on the cheek.


Nick says they are not flipping the vote. He says “This is the final five!”


Nick says he cannot put “Nugget” (Nicole) up if he is HOH, and Christie tells him she was just saying that....

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10:36pm BBT



Jack and Nicole are talking at the chess board.


Jack is telling Nicole he made choices made on the social happenings of the nominees and what was best for him.


Nicole tells him she talks to both girls, but has no problem with it.


Christie comes out, asking them what is going on. Jack says “We are playing checkers.” Christie tells him to bring it in the HOH and he tells her, “We are just talkin.” Christie parrots it (loudly) and goes back into the HOH.


Jack asks Nicole if she has a reason for such a quiet game, she tells him she is learning a lot about herself here, and she is still figuring things out. She hopes to find her footing.


Jack says she will break out of her shell and join the rest of them, but he can wait for that to happen.


Nicole leads the conversation to generalizations.


The HOH room is full of rowdy noise and laughter.


Loud laughter coming from the kitchen and Bob says “Please stop singing...” Pot clanging, people laughing, banging noises from the kitchen.

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10:36pm BBT



Jack and Nicole are talking at the chess board.


Jack is telling Nicole he made choices made on the social happenings of the nominees and what was best for him.


Nicole tells him she talks to both girls, but has no problem with it.


Christie comes out, asking them what is going on. Jack says “We are playing checkers.” Christie tells him to bring it in the HOH and he tells her, “We are just talkin.” Christie parrots it (loudly) and goes back into the HOH.


Jack asks Nicole if she has a reason for such a quiet game, she tells him she is learning a lot about herself here, and she is still figuring things out. She hopes to find her footing.


Jack says she will break out of her shell and join the rest of them, but he can wait for that to happen.


Nicole leads the conversation to generalizations.


The HOH room is full of rowdy noise and laughter.


Loud laughter coming from the kitchen and Bob says “Please stop singing...” Pot clanging, people laughing, banging noises from the kitchen.

10:56pm BBT


Ovi and Sis are in the Camp Comeback room.


Ovi is telling her that relationships have changed for him in the house. He says people don't want to talk game in front of him, that he doesn't want to be on anyone's radar. He says he talks to some people, but not much game.


Sis says she does not know why Christie put him up, Ovi says it is in the past and it doesn't help him to be bitter.


Ovi tells her that he feels really good about her, and she asks him if he really does because she feels like he doesn't. She tells him she couldn't change everyone else's vote. She didn't want to put a target on her back.


Ovi tells her he believes she could have done something, but she tells him that she is too quiet, and could not have persuaded the house to keep him. He asks her how hard Jack and Michie worked to keep him, Sis tells him that they worked very hard for him. (Ovi knows this is not true). Sis insists no one would listen to her, but told her they knew she was very close to Ovi.


Ovi tells her that he campaigned to stay in the house because he was told that he had a chance to stay and Sis was the last puzzle piece.

He tells her that Jack and Michie said they would make a last ditch effort, but Sis and Holly were the last two people to ask.


Sis says she was his number one, why would they say that.


Ovi tells her that Jack and Michie told him not to talk to Sis, and Sis is shocked. She wants to know why they would tell him not to talk to her, unless they lied.


Ovi says someone was pushing to get him out, he doesn't know who it would have been. He says he doesn't get good information.


Sis tells him even if he doesn't come back she doesn't want terms like that.


Ovi tells her their place in this house is different than it is outside, that here they are quiet. He says the two of them may have been bamboozled.


David comes in and tells them that Jack kicked them out of the HOH and he has come to go to bed.


Ovi and Sis leave the room and go to the tree house.


Ovi tells her that she can trust Nicole and Cliff.


After a few minutes of talk, Holly comes into the tree house followed by Tommy.


Tommy leaves and Holly takes a seat.




Nicole, Bella and Kemi in the boat bed lounge talking about food.



Jessica, Cliff and Kat are in the rv bedroom.


Kat is whispering to Cliff (can't hear her). Cliff says he thinks Jessica is good, but he is not in the inner sanctum.

He tells her to work hard to win HOH because their stay may be short after this. Any one of the three of them are an easy target.


Sam comes in and they tell him they are having Bible study. Sam tells them that the King James Bible is more accurate.

He tells them he is looking for Sis.


Cliff says they all know who is low on the totem pole, he wants to get through the ceremony and hope for the best.


Cliff leaves the room, they all see Kemi in the other room rummaging through drawers, Kat seems to think she was listening


Kemi says she is soooo sick and tired of this.... the girls say what????? Kemi says, “I can't find my tweezers.”


Jessica goes overboard explaining Cliff's presence earlier.

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11:43:19 pm BBtime       Hoh Room  Tommy Chris Holly Sis Jack Cameras 3 and 4

Not exactly word for word I may have missed a few word because Tommy too fast, but the gist of the conversation is here

Tommy:   it was me Christy

Holly:  interrupts   was that today was it just him

Tommy:  No it was me Christy Nick Sam and Bella up here and he just like mentioned

Christy joins the group 

Tommy I was just telling them he said Nick brought it up, cause yes and then they kind of dropped it.   And I said wait when I walked in she looked scared shit; he (assume he means Sam but cut in after conversation started) he said did Nick mention Nick brought it up, mentioned putting Holly up. No he said Nick brought it up

Christie and Sis both say something I didn’t catch Christy says did he say it like that did he admit to saying it like

then Tommy continues  yeah that was last night but he said he had a convo with her today and I said when I walked in you guys looked like you were scaring her and then they dropped it from the convo, I literally said it twice because they were ignoring me and second time I said it again.  Yeah because you guys

Christie interrupts but cannot catch what she says

They kinda dropped it from the conversation, it was kinda weird because he really wasn’t saying it he wasn’t really confirming it, he never said he said it he was like talking about it so in case it got back to us like we would know about it but he didn’t say I said it. He just said I think she would put Holly up.

Sis:  I think he was trying to cover his tracks

Holly:  he was trying to plant a seed, but Nicole said he was suggesting people on of which was my name and so he’s for sure targeting us.

Tommy:  He didn’t say that he just said I think she will put Holly up like it was clear it was coming from that same convo.

Sis:  How then


Christie:  oh but when I came in I said was that last night and he said no no no that was today and Tommy was like (makes confused face)

Several people talking at once

Tommy I walked in last and night and she was scared shit

Holly: Cause she said she was so flustered and almost in tears and he named a couple of us and then he stuck with me he yeah you should put Holly up because you guys don’t even talk so why wouldn’t you Nicole. So she and good for Nicole coming straight to me and being like  I just need you know that this happened and he is suggesting people, one of them was me so he’s targeting us

Christy: which I’m surprised that she did because they’re like (crossed two fingers to signify tight)

Holly:  She didn’t want it to get back to me so

Christy: that was good

Jack: She’s strict to her process

Christy:  She stays very minimal even that day she came to me about Bella she didn’t use her name, she said she was mad that Jess was taking the heat for

Jack:  so a good extension of the SaS Six Shooters

Holly:  I agree and since she came to me she obviously trust my discretion So Do Not let that get back to her because then she won’t trust us

Christy:  Speaking of the SaS

Tommy:  I had another idea since we had all day to get paranoid

Christy:  Oh I was so paranoid today

Michie comes in

Jack:  Did you ice it again, you’ve got an endurance comp in 2 days

Tommy:  Why don’t I f’n hide Orwell tomorrow

Christy: since I’m PMSing I and we think Cliff is Team America


It goes on and Tommy does snatch Orwell while Cliff is in the shower they hid it in the large earn on the right side of the HoH bed and results continue for some time.



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