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Big Brother Season 21-Episode 6

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Previously, on Big Brother, Michie and Kat admired each other’s hotness, which quickly lead to a steamy summer fling, but Kathryn’s paranoia ended the honeymoon. At the first ever Whactivity competition, Ovi won the nightmare power. HOH Christie was in the Gr8ful alliance with Sis, Bella, Holly, Jack, Michie, Tommy, and Nick. Jack had a plan for who their targets should be, but Christie didn’t want to go after Kemi.


So at the veto meeting, Christie put up an easy target. Ovi revealed his power to try and save himself, and thought the boys had his back, but at the live eviction it was game ovi for Ovi…or was it? A new twist called Camp Comeback was unleashed and David returned to the house to join Camp Comeback. With the HOH back up for grabs, it was a fourth of Jackly celebration! Tonight, who does Jack want on the chopping block. Plus, what secret power will be on the line in the whacktivity competition? Find out right now on Big Brother!


We pick up on day 15 and the HG are checking out Camp Comeback. Jack says he has the huge bomb dropped on him and now he has to do damage control, especially with Ovi. Christie says what just happened?!? She made a fake alliance with Ovi, then put him on the block and told him he was a pawn, and now he’s back in the house. This could ruin her game.


David says this is the beginning of the biggest comeback in Big Brother. He can play the social game, but 1 in 4 odds of coming back? He’ll take those odds. Ovi says these HG better watch out because if he comes back he’s going on a warpath. Kathryn says this is the first time she feels safe in the game and the b*tches were not conspiring against her.


Michie tells Kat this is worst case scenario. Michie tells us he’s responsible for David going and if he comes back then he’ll be gunning for him. Kat says they need to get David on their side and she tells Michie to be nice. Michie goes to David in the SR and asks what happened in the comp and he doesn’t blame him for any feelings he has towards him. Michie says he was genuinely trying to set him up to come back. David says he hasn’t forgotten Michie made a decision that affected his game. The social game is on!


Michie says David isn’t really picking up what he’s putting down, so now he needs to go to Ovi to make sure he’s still on their side so if he comes back they can use him. Ovi tells us the power he won in the whacktivity is not dead, it’s just dormant until he comes back into the house. Jack wants to talk to Michie privately as bros and Holly and Kat are in the KT and Kat says they are conspiring against them. Michie tells Jack that he talked to Ovi, not in aggressive way, but that they have his back and they just couldn’t save him. Michie tells Jack Ovi still wants to work with him and Michie jumps on Jack for a hug.


Kat is talking to David in the lounge and she asks how he feels? David says this isn’t the most comfortable way to be back in the house, but he’s just glad to be here. David says Kat is the first step to learning information. Kat tells him to build things through his social games. Kat tells David he knows what’s going on and she advises him to sit back for four week and David says two weeks. Kat says David will come back if it’s a physical comp and she’d rather have him on her side. Kat tells David the vote was 12-0, but there are no alliances. David just shakes his head and says there are alliance. David says he’ll just be patient and see what’s going on. Kat says there aren’t two sides gunning for each other.


Nicole is hugging Ovi and Ovi tells her he’s not upset at her. Nicole feels like a few people blew smoke when they didn’t have to. Ovi says he knows who she means. Nicole says she loves Ovi and she’s ecstatic he’s still here and he needs to know what’s been going on behind his back. Nicole says Jack and Michie may have been with him from the start, but they didn’t try to flip the vote at all. Ovi tells us Nicole is telling him the guys have been giving him the run around and right now he doesn’t know who to trust!


#BB21 Epi 6: We hear the bugle and the HG head to the LR. It’s time for the Chaos Whacktivity! Michie, Holly, Tommy, Sam, and Jack get ready to head out. Holly is up against the strongest players in the house and she wants to prove herself. Sam wants to win in case he is blind to his fellow HG stabbing him in the back. Tommy is up first and he walks out and yells HOLY! HE’s surrounded by snakes and he’s absolutely terrified!


This week the camp is in chaos because the camp is full of snakes. In front of Tommy, there are three special snakes and he has to search through the snakes in camp and find the matches for the snakes. When he thinks he has all three he should hit his button and his time will be locked in. If he’s wrong he’ll hear a hiss and he’ll have to keep playing. The HG with the fastest time will win the special power.


Tommy says he is trying to make friends with the snakes. First, he’s got Rhonda. She has a condo in Boca Raton. Tommy think he has the first two snakes and hes looking for the third snake. He calls him Big Red and he’s scary! He’s the most tricky because he has a lot of dopplegangers. He’s going to pair him with his pal slightly smaller red. Tommy has all three and he hits the button and he is correct.


Sam says snakes are cool! He used to catch them growing up. He’d get a snake tattoo if he could. How bad can these snakes be? We see some snakes snapping at him. He says one snake is eyeing him up and he probably looks like a big piece of juicy chicken. Sam has two snakes down and he’s searching for the third one. He grabs one and puts it in the box and he is correct.


Holly is up next and she opens all three tops to start. She hates snakes. She doesn’t know what they’re going to do. She has the first snake. She says she might be a safari guide, but she works with zebras and water buffalo, not snakes. She thinks she has all three snakes, but struggles to get the last one and she says he’s a fighter and strong. She can’t find the button, but finally does and smacks it.


Michie says he obviously wants to win because the power is kept a secret. He knows he can beat these snakes. The snakes in the house are more of a concern for him. Michie has two snakes and he’s looking for the third one. He’s pretty certain he has two right, but the one on the right, the red one, he’s not sure on. He hits the button and he’s wrong and he says he knows which snake he got wrong and he swaps it out and he’s correct.


Jack says Ovi had the power next week and it’s extremely powerful and he wants to win this so nothing can mess with his HOH this week. Jack says his strategy is to be swift, move quickly, and be precise. Jack has the first snake and then grabs the second one and tells the snake it’s ok, don’t get mad. Two down and one to go and he just needs to find the red, black, and orange one. He reaches in to grab one and he puts it in the cage and he hits the button and he’s correct!


It’s time to reveal who won the Chaos activity. The HG light their lantern and if their light turns red, then they did not win, but if it’s green they won! Sam had a time of 1:22, Holly had 1:41, Michie had 1:51, Tommy had 2:10, and Jack’s lantern turned green and he won with a time of 1:15. The winner will find out about their power in secret. Tommy says losing this competition is tough and he made a strong connection with the snakes and he thought they had a good thing going. Sam says whoever won must have just ran over, grabbed all three snakes, and tossed them in. That’s the only solution!


Jack goes to talk to Michie and Holly and he thinks Sam has it. Holly says her gut told her Jack had it. Jack says he’s faithful to his alliance but he has to protect his own game. Jack heads to the DR. He has won the Chaos power. This power allows him to force a new veto players picking draw. If he doesn’t like who’s playing he can stand and make them put the chips back and do a new draw. Jack says this a long game one, this isn’t one you just throw around this week.


Big Brother would like everyone to gather in the LR! BB has a special surprise with them all and Bayleigh is there with Swaggy C and Brett is there with Winston. Kat is obsessed with Brett, he’s cute and funny. Bayleigh says they are on location checking out CBS’s new show Love Island. The HG see a preview of the show. Brett says he knows they wish they could be there, but they’re locked in the BB house, which sucks for them. Swaggy C says but that’s ok! At the next veto competition, a vacation or two to Fiji will be up for grabs! Nicole says she’d want to go to Fiji but she has no one to go with.


Holly is massaging Michie’s head and says it’s a brain sucker, but it’s starving. Holly says Michie has a lot of product in his hair. Michie says he needs to put more energy into Holly and their alliance rather than Kat. We see Holly and Michie in the hammock and they are flirting and he says do you want a Fauxmance? Holly says if you stop sleeping in someone’s bed! Michie says he goes to sleep in his bed and wakes up in his bed.


Michie says Kat is clinging to him, but she doesn’t offer anything for him. But Holly offers something and he needs to do what’s best for himself and he says he’d pick Holly over Kat. Kat sneaks up on them and gets in the hammock with them. Kat says she’s probably ruining stuff there and she’s trying to balance and then there’s an awkward silence.


Jack and Michie are talking. Michie says he’s over it. He doesn’t need a 29-year old hounding his butt anymore. He says the juice just isn’t worth the squeeze and he’s done with it. Jack says Michie knows he has his interest at hand. Jack says he needs to make a decision that is best for Gr8ful though. Jack says the Kat thing is exhausting.


Kat is in the room with Michie and Michie tells him not to take this the wrong way, but for his game and her game, they have to separate. Michie says he has to think with his brain in this game. He doesn’t want targets on either one of their backs and Kat says we don’t have targets on their backs. Michie says but it raises red flags and a lot of heat has come from it. Kat says she hasn’t heard anything. Kat says we can’t even talk to each other? Kat says he pays more attention to Holly and he says she has nothing to do with it. This is between the two of them. He needs to pay attention to his game and she is a liability to her game. Kat tells us she’s sorry she’s a distraction for his game. She says don’t call me after the show because she’s not into him.


Jess, Bella, and Nicole are in the camper talking and they are discussing keeping as many girls there as possible. Jess wanted a woman’s alliance. She says the men band together and she thinks the women could beat them at their own game this season. They discuss names and Jess was thinking Black Widows and Bella says she loves it. Kemi comes in and they fill her in on the alliance. Kemi says final four? Kemi says we’re very diverse right here.


Bella says great! An alliance. Anytime someone throws an alliance her way she’ll take it. But the only person she trusts is Bella. She says history shows girl alliance don’t work. You think she’s going to count on Jess, Nicole, and Kemi to drive her to the end? She doesn’t think so!


Bella says she really loves all the girls in black widow, but right now Jack is in power and she needs to make sure it doesn’t get back to Jack and ruin her game. She has to go back to Gr8ful and show them they are her “true alliance”. Bella goes to Jack and tells him Jess created the alliance. Bella says Jess has no game play. Jack says Kemi and Jess were already on his radar and this is even more justification to put them up. Bella says sorry girls!


Jess goes to talk to Jack and she tells us nominations are right around the corner and she needs to find out where Jack’s head is at. She says she wants him to know she wants to be here. Jack says she’s a magnificent person and she’s beautiful, but there was talk about an all woman’s alliance and she’s the head of that. Jack says he needs to make a play in order to establish his position on the men’s side.


Jess says she wants to know who told Jack! Her alliance wasn’t an alliance at all. Jack says he’s thinking of putting up Kemi and Jess because they would put him up. So he just needs to make the first move and put them up.


It’s time for nominations! Ovi says they can’t participate in any ceremonies, but they can watch from a TV upstairs. Jack’s first nominee is…Kemi. The second HG he has nominated is…Jess. Jack nominated them because he respects their game and them as people, but they don’t talk game and he’s heard from multiple sources that they would come after him and they formed an alliance he’s not a part of.


Jack says they aren’t part of Gr8ful and he needs to be a gun and take them out one by one. Jess is furious and she doesn’t know who she can trust. She needs to win veto and take herself down. Kemi says surprise, surprise. She’s on the block. What a moron! He should have backdoored her. She thrives under pressure, so bring it on!

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