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Sunday, July 7, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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2:15AM BBT Nicole and Ovi in the kitchen cleaning up; Cliff is heading to washroom

Nicole- poor stove.....Kat is going to kill me

Ovi- Kat?

Nicole- yeah....we cleaned the whole stove today

Ovi- oh, shit.....Kat is a very interesting person


Ovi- I like her a lot but

Nicole- she doesn't realize that she shouldn't trust everyone

*They are studying the days and comps

Cliff passes through "Good night"

Nicole- "g'night for reals"

Bella comes out of DR "How long was I in there....and hour?

Nicole- about an hour....I bet they're gonna call me

Ovi- to go in there?

Nicole- yeah, because I'm awake

Ovi to production- don't call me I'm going to bed

Production/Don- "Nicole, please go to the diary room downstairs"

Nicole- I'm coming, I'm coming

Ovi- she's coming

Nicole- what time is it?

Ovi- 2:20

Nicole- alright Buddy, night night...love you

Ovi- love you









2:24AM BBT Bella goes to bed with Nick in RV room...lots of whispering...a little smooch then some touchy feely under the covers

2:40AM BBT Lights out; most everyone is sleeping (Nicole still in DR)

3:05AM BBT Nicole heads to bed in RV and says, "good night, Kemi"

3:10AM BBT House is dark and silent



3:30AM BBT Michie is up eating (he eats a lot)

3:42Am BBT  Jackson still eating from fridge; he heads back to bed in the target room at 3:53 AM, still limping a bit   *lights out*

4:15AM BBT Cliff up for the restroom then back to bed  

4:28AM BBT David's turn in the loo

*lights out again*

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8:05AM BBT Cliff is up and gets settled in the boat room for his morning notes

He says good morning and comments that he's the only one up. He delivers his love to his family, "I miss you...think about you all the time"...says he felt guilty laying out by the pool on the 4th and realizing they were probably not doing anything fun...just watching him on the live feeds. Comments that everyone is getting along well, but there are cracks forming. He says everyone acts like family, but they are not his family.

To Live Feeders- he hopes we got to see something; knows the feeds were shut down for various things. They had the POV nom, and it was Kemi and Jess..."I'm sure y'all are aware". For POV Jack drew BElla, Kemi drew Sam, Jess got HG choice and picked Jackson. There was a trip to Fiji for the winner of the comp. 

Everyone wanted to go for the trip except Kemi and Jessica. Cool comp...involved rushing out into a lake and stacking frogs. They had to continually fill up their water thing or time would run out. There were several different strategies...in the end the comp beast Sam won with 18 frogs. Kemi had 18 frogs as well but her time was slower so she had to build one more frog, but she couldn't do it and her tower fell. Sam won. There was campaigning last night by Kemi. She wants to get pulled off but he doesn't think that will happen. 

Kemi vs. Jessica? Most people would be more comfortable with Kemi going home...there could be some people that view her as an easier target and may want Jessica this week and Kemi the following...we have until Thursday. Cliff expects it will be Kemi...she is viewed as a more aggressive player and Kemi could suddenly turn things around competitive wise and win a few...throw wrenches in the house (YES)...she is competing the next Whacktivity so if she isn't there, she doesn't compete in that.

He talks about the Black Widows (but he has members wrong Nicole, Bella, Jess, and SIs) and the controversy over all that...Jessica got upset...implication that this rumor that a girls' alliance had been formed....he also heard that Jessica was behind the whole thing then he heard that maybe it wasn't Jessica bit it was Bella and that once it was revealed Bella pushed it on Jessica. He heard that story from Nicole, who he trusts. He thinks Bella is probably throwing Jess under the bus...thinks Jess should fight back. He knows Bella is a competitor in all ways "I'm going to have to be careful with her". He says Ovi doesn't trust Bell/Nick and he doesn't think Nicole trusts Bella. Bella rubbed him the wrong way the time she said that she could probably get him as far as jury but he'd have to go on the block several times "don't let power go to your head, Bella" she was condescending...he won't let Bella call the shots. He is willing to work with Bella and Nick short term.


8:18AM BBT He sees some full blown showmances: Jack/SIs, Nick/Bella, and probably Michie/Holly. Those are all blocks of 2. He says he is working with Michie. The POV was interesting...Michie rolled his ankle and had it treated by medics. He didn't want to say much worried about HIPAA policies. He rolled it badly at the beginning but still kept fighting. "He's a badass"

Cliff says he woke up with a really bad cramp last night. He thought he was going to pass out at one point. It still hurts this morning.

He wants to walk a lot today, so he will do that now that the yard is open. They'll spend the whole day outside. David/Ovi still have to wear the costumes unless they are showering or swimming. Anything else, they have to have their costumes on. He said David has backed off a little bit with his aggressive qualities and he's cried in front of several. Some are doubting that it's genuine. He talks to David...he's not a favorite but he seems like a nice guy. He still wants him out and doesn't want him in the game. He is Cliff's prime target...nothing personal...just that he has said he would wreak havoc and Cliff believes him.

He says David plays as if he has nothing to lose (well, he doesn't).

He plans to keep everyone focused on David. He doesn't want anyone getting chummy with him.

The positive side of the comeback twist is Ovi is in the house. He is doing a lot of work memorizing details, working with Nicole....he hopes it works. He hopes Ovi comes back. Cliff says he and Nicole are a final 2 and he is working with Ovi too.

We are the underdogs. Nicole is great. She is floating...playing low under the radar. She isn't viewed as a threat other than her with the girls in the RV but he doesn't think that will hurt her.

Cliff says even if he's a part of the popular kids alliance he is on the bottom, but he has two other people he can trust...and it should be helpful. He doesn't care about the name, but Ovi/Nicole decided on "The Fellowship"...he's fine with that being a fan of LOR.

8:29AM BBT Kat is spiraling a little bit...not too bad. Michie was feeling smothered so he told her on the 4th that he had to disassociate with her. Kat thinks her mission (role to play) is to get info from David.

"I think David views her as an easy source of information"

Cliff likes Kat she is a nice person but she's not prepared for the game stress wise...but wonderful person. She was extremely excited that "bitches conspiring against me" is part of the comeback camper's scout oath (production wrote it in). All Kat wants is brand identity and exposure so she's thrilled.

She was very happy that she got information from Tyler about Brett. Cliff mentions that he's getting to know BB20 well. He met Haleigh at casting, Kacey at the comp. Tyler at the POV. 

It's obvious to him they (BB20) are watching the show.

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"Hey Tyler. Hey all former houseguests. Lots of sympathy for you guys for things I didn't know until I got in here...I hope you are enjoying watching us"

8:36AM BBT "16 people is a lot to have in the house". 

'I don't want to be one of the first four and have to battle my way back in, but if I am...I'll be grateful to get a chance to come back"

He mentions the targets that would exist before him. He is going to try and win the next HOH.

HOH will reveal more about the houseguests. He trusts Nick to some degree, but not Bella...she is "ruthless". He says his role is to move from room to room. He knows it makes hima  floater but he doesn't care. He wants to be the friendly guy...it makes it easy to talk to everyone without anyone assuming he is talking strategy. The popular kids don't consider him a floater, but more a "hanger oner". 

Since he was the last out the door for the POV comp, he was able to sit closest to Jack so he gave him lots of info during the comp to help him out (status of others, etc.) He thinks that will help him.

He tried to encourage everyone but he wanted Jack or Jackson to win the comp.

He says Jessica did well...she was right there with everyone else. He thinks people probably short change her. He tried to get close to her yesterday. He wants to do all he can to make sure if she gets HOH next week her gun won't be loaded for him. He thinks he is okay with her.


8:44AM BBT He says they were all excited about the food and drinks on the 4th and that they got beer and wine last night, but he appreciates the food more. He thanks production and anyone else that is providing it.

He mentions there is a lot of personal drama going on but it's not his place to say anything (not game related). Last night's alcohol was a surprise. He thinks the BB Gods felt sorry for their hamsters. 

*he hears someone awake so he gets quiet.

(it's David)


Cliff spends some time with David in the kitchen while David sweeps the floor (general chit chat about how dirty the house gets) then tells David he is going to go do shout outs to his family


9:30AM BBT - Cliff back to boat room and does shout outs to George Strait (he misses his music) and huge shout out to his favorite movie George Romero and Tom Savini  for Dawn of the Dead 1978 ...."it hit me...the special effects the gore...it takes place in a shopping mall (in Arlington) so I'm watching a movie about an abandoned mall that people are trying to survive in. I saw the movie the walked through this mall completely shut down...get outside just 1/2 dozen cars in the lot...driving hom before the 24/7 everything so it was dark...that movie had a significant effect on me in terms of what scares me...now I can't walk in a shopping mall without me thinking about how I could defend myself...I know how lucky I am that I am able to concern myself with that...I guarantee people in third world countries don't get that....they're living it". He raves on and on about this movie and the guys behind it. He is a huge fan.



*I'm out for now you guys....it's family day   - MamaLong

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9:39AM BBT While Cliff is doing his morning Cliff Notes, David is sweeping the rug in the bathroom and breathing like he is having an aerobic workout. 


9:45AM BBT Cliff is talking about movies in the boat room and says Schindler’s List is the most hurtful movie he has seen and he can’t watch it again.  He recommends everyone watch this movie at least once.  He also says Saving Private Ryan is another intense movie that hits him hard.  Cliff continues to talk about movies and his emotional reactions to the storylines.  Other HGs are still sleeping.  In the HOH, Jack and Sis are sleeping together.

9:50AM BBT Cliff says when and if he ever gets HOH, he wants Sharon to send a pic of Daisy, his dog to him.  He says he feels he is smart on puzzles and calculations, but he is not very good at memorizing information.  He is starting to pay attention to dates more since the game is progressing and he feels he needs the information for comps.  He says most of the time he feels like he is in the “groups” but every once and a while he asks “what in the hell am I doing here”.  “I am using my 25 year old brain inside here.”  He says he is having fun even though it is stressful. He says he has made friends in the house and if he was evicted, he would “go on radio shows talking about how great these people are”.  He says the game has taught him to be thankful for his family and what he has in his life and how bad it would be to lose it.  He signs off with telling his family goodbye, and saying we may get a post July 4th firework show today as the campaigning goes on before Sam makes his veto decisions.


10:00AM BBT FOTH and WBRB [probably a wake up call to the HGs]



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11:11AM BBT HGs are all awake some are in the kitchen making/eating breakfast and making small talk.  Kemi and Nicole are walking around the back yard.  Cliff and Ovi are also walking around the backyard.  Christie, Nick, Sis, Michie, Jess, Tommy, Holly, and Sam are all in the kitchen.  


11:44AM BBT Holly is telling Sis that Nick and Jess are talking about her sleeping in the HOHR with Jack.  Holly tells Sis not to bring it up to him because she doesn’t need to drive a wedge in their alliance.  Holly says Nick is mad because he got stuck with Bella.  Holly says people are being petty and gossiping and that Jess is trying to drive a wedge between everyone here.  Holly says Jess is trying to act buddy-buddy with her but she’s like no bitch we aren’t a thing.  Christie comes in and Holly and Sis discuss Nick talking about Sis sleeping with Jack.  Sis says she is going to talk with him.  Christie says Nick is just talking about it because he wants to take the spotlight off of him sleeping with Bella.  Christie advises Sis not to say anything to Nick because it will make her look guilty.  Christie tells Sis and Holly that Nick told her he was worried he was going to get back doored.  Holly says Jess is playing up Nick talking about Sis to drive a wedge in the G8ful Alliance.  


12:02PM BBT Jackson and Sis are in the kitchen with Holly and Jess, but they are whispering. Jackson is telling Sis he feels pissed off for her because Nick is talking about her sleeping in the HOH with Jack.  Jackson says Nick is just upset he got “stuck” with Bella.  He tells Sis it is alright.   Jackson telling the others in the kitchen that he felt two big earthquakes last night from the earthquakes but Sis tells them he is joking.  


12:12 PM BBT Jackson is in the kitchen with Cat, Holly, Sis, Bella, Kemi, Jess, and Nicole.  They continue chatter about birthday celebrations and what they are cooking for dinner.  [Sis keeps staring at Bella as she moves about the kitchen and appears to be in deep thought]. 

12:22 PM BBT Bella and Kemi walking around backyard and talking.  Kemi whispering to Bella that Sam is not using the veto and that Jackson told her he wanted to talk today but she is giving him space.  Bella tells Kemi that it will all come down to what Jack decides.  


12:29PM BBT In the HOHR, Jack and Nick are talking and Jack tells Nick he does not want Jess in the game because he feels like she is bad for him. All four feeds have switched to the backyard small talk.  


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1:35PM BBT Jack is laying in the HOHR alone and appears to be thinking in complete silence with a blank stare.  Meanwhile, in the bathroom, Cat, Jess, and Nicole are joking about Nicole looking like a Russian doll with her rainbow towel.  They say the songs they played this morning at wake up time were Ed Sheeran and Chris Brown.  


1:45PM BBT  In the CBR, Jackson, Cat, and Nicole are talking about the Black Widow all women’s alliance.  Jackson is saying it is not a big deal, and that he would rather someone own the alliance than to do like Jess and try to throw someone else under the bus.  Nicole says she thinks Jess is so frustrated.  Jackson says he doesn’t want Jess to go, if he had it his way she would come off the block.   Jackson says that coming clean with Jack is bad now that she has created the image of the lie.  He says Jess should own her game.  Cat says she wants to keep Jess so bad,  but she doesn’t know now that Jess is throwing people under the bus and lying.  Jackson says Jess doesn’t realize how paranoia is effecting her game while she is on the block.  Kemi walks in and they continue talking about Jess “coming clean” in front of Kemi.  Jackson leaves and Nicole and Cat tell Kemi they aren’t for Jess just because they are saying things about her.  Cat says she don’t even think when Jack put Jess up he was upset about the Black Widow all girl alliance.  Kemi feels he put her up as a pawn to get Jess out.  Cat is telling Kemi and Nicole that she isn’t saying names about who Jess is accusing of creating the alliance [Jess is saying Bella created it]. Cat tells Kemi that being on the block last week made her realize that its best to stay out of conversations while you are on the block because no one will vouch for you while you are in the room


2:03PM BBT  In the backyard, Holly and Jess are talking.  Holly tells Jess that she has nothing to worry about and she assumes everyone is the same place she is on that.  She says Kemi was almost a target last week so she thinks she is for sure the target this week.  Jess says she just wanted to clear the air with “the girls”.  Jess says she doesn’t care about showmances in the house and Holly says showmances don’t even affect the game.  Jess tells Holly she has been very honest with people from day 1 and that is probably why she is being targeted.  

2:09PM BBT  Jack, Nicole and Christie are in the bathroom talking game.  Jack says he is comfortable with Nicole’s game and he’s fine with not talking to her about game much.  Nicole asks him what he is thinking.  Jack says he is unsure of how the house is gonna vote and he gives Kemi props to how she is handling this week. He says Kemi is a bigger threat to his game but that Jess would also put him up.  He says right now he is looking toward a Kemi vote “as far as the house momentum”.  He is confident the next HOH comp is luck like lawn darts.  He says Kemi will have the opportunity to battle back and she will have the stamina to battle back.  He respect Kemi’s game and wants her to have the chance to battle back.  Jack says he had to pick Kemi and Jess because he didn’t know who else to pick.  David walks in and conversation shifts immediately to the birthday celebration tonight for Jack about cake and alcohol.  



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2:20PM BBT  Jack walks outside and Kemi is on the couch outside with Ovi.  Kemi asks Jack if he saw them on the HOH camera last night getting excited about alcohol.  Jack and Kemi both say they want champagne or wine tonight for their birthdays.  Jess and Cliff join and they start discussing instagram followers and instagram sponsorships.  


2:31PM BBT. Jess and Sam goin into the CPB to talk about the VETO. Jess tells Sam congrats and that she’s glad she won it.  She says she realizes they don’t talk game so she’s not gonna be like so what are you doing.  She says she wants to address it with every guy in the house.  Jess says the reason Jack put her up because she was a mastermind that created an all girls alliance.  Sam asks her what it was called and she says she doesn’t know.  She tells Sam she is not anti men or against men.  Jess tells Sam it makes her sad because she doesn’t want to portray this image on TV and she has a family that is watching her and she wanted to portray herself as normal and not crazy no matter if it hurts her game or not.  Jess says to Sam if it helps his game to keep her, then she is not ready to go obviously.   She tells Sam like him she is here for her family and she would love to win an HOH.  Jess tells Sam that she hopes he uses the veto.  Sam says he has to look out for his own game and if he pulled off one of Jacks nomination it might put a huge target on his back.  Sam says he is leaning towards not using the veto and not getting blood on his hands at this time unless something changes.  Sam told Jess he didn’t hear her name mentioned a lot either so he doesn’t think she has a lot to worry about.  Jess tells him in all honesty it isn’t going to change her opinion of him whether or not he uses the veto.  Same tells her he appreciates that.  Sam feels the next comp is going to be a luck of the draw type comp as well and he is glad because he kind of wants to see some action.  Jess continues to repeat that she is not the type person to be fake or to lie and that she is a genuine person and if she says something to someone’s face it is genuine.  Jess tells Sam that people are playing dirty but she is not going to name names.  Nicole walks in and Jess continues to explain that she does not play dirty.   Nicole says she is sorry she just realized what the conversation was about and she left the room.  Jess tells Sam not to shoot the shit with her and that she just wants to know and prepare herself.  

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6:29PM BBT In the Camp Comeback room, Ovi, Christie, and Tommy are deocrating birthday cakes for Jack and Kemi. In the kitchen, Cliff is wrapping potatoes in foil and preparing potatoes to bake.  Jessica is washing dishes  while the others are showering and getting ready for the “birthday party”. 


6:35PM BBT  Nick, Sam, and Bella are in the boat room. Nick and Bella are cuddled and Sam is laying beside them.  Bella leaves because she doesn’t like when Nick rubs her armpits.  Sam is telling Nick that Jess pulled the family card on him.  Kat walks in and they stop talking about Jess and start talking about her hair wrapped in a towel and her face breakout on her face.  Kay leaves and Sam is telling him that Jess threw Kat under the bus.  And that he will use that against her in his favor if he ever needs to.  Nick tells Sam that Jess told Holly he was talking about sis and that is why Jack brought him upstairs.  Kat walks in again and they stop the conversation immediately.  

6:46PM BBT  Jack walks into the boat room with Spectacles-Snapchat glasses.  He is taking snaps and videos of Nick, Bella, Kat, Cliff, and Sam.  He says they may let him have them for one hour. Nick and Bella are snuggling and Tommy says he wishes he was in a house with a bunch of gay people and he would fall in love.  Nick quickly chimes in and says we are not in love, we are just good friends.  Tommy says I never said you were in love, I said I would probably fall in love.  Sam says they must be in love because of how defensive Nick got.  


6:54PM BBT  Jack is walking around the house taking snaps with his spectacles.  He gets warned to play safely and no horsing around.  Holly is in the bedroom outside the RV putting her makeup on.  Kemi says she doesn’t know what she’s going to do when she leaves the house.  She says she quit her job to come to Big Brother.  


In the kitchen, Jack tells Bella to be careful because they only have so much they can share at a time on snapchat. 

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8:42pm BBT


Jack is in the HOH room telling Christie he won the competition for the second whacky week.

He is describing it, but camera moves in mid stream to the back yard.


Sam is giving a “fun fact”--the elevator close door button does not work.


Camera moves back to HOH room where Christie and Jack are discussing his win. Jack tells her that this will set them up for week 8 and 9.

Christie tells Jack she is worried about a back door, and she tells him that between Jack and Michie she would vote Michie out. She also thinks Holly would leave before Sis since Holly doesn't have a good relationship with the other girls.


Jack tells Christie that he is crazy about her. She laughs and says all the guys still flirt with me. Christie says she really loves Tommy and they have a relationship that will continue outside the house (duh!!).


Jack tells Christie he is not real attached to Sis, but she would be in his final 6. Christie says something about Bella and the rv, Jack says soon she will have no choice but to come back to them. Christie tells Jack that Bella approached her early in the game wanting to play with her. Since then they have not talked game. Christie believes Bella has fallen into something with Nick and Sam but believes she can pull her in.


Christie and Jack share a long hug, she tells him he is her favorite.


Jack offers to have her spend the night in the HOH room, Christie says “do you want her to put you up??” (Sis). Christie says she has made a point that she is not interested in Jack. She says it would be bad for his game to have her spend the night the night after “something happened”. Jack says maybe he will ask Tommy again.


They leave the room and the camera moves to the kitchen, where Tommy is showing Sis how to remove the pulp from a baked potato.

Cliff is also helping while he talks about carving Halloween pumpkin with his wife.


In the back yard Sam, Nicole,Kemi and Jessica are talking. Sam, Nicole, and Nicole are sharing the hammock while Jessica sits on the stool beside them. Sam is on one end while the girls share the other.

Just general chit chat about Sam's snap chat being “slammer foot”. He plans to use it again when he is out of the house.


Back to the kitchen full of cooks, everyone is working hard on their assigned chores. David's job seems to be clean up behind the others. He is collecting trash, replacing bags, and wandering from house guest to house guest with an open trash bag.


Camera moves to rv bedroom.


Kemi and Nicole have come inside and are whispering.


Kemi says she feels like this is a replay of Season 19. No one wants to be on the bad side of Jack. She says that Jack told Sam he doesn't want him to use the veto, and still wants Kemi out. Sam has told Kemi he wants to use the veto and Kemi doesn't understand why Sam is doing what is good for Jack's game instead of his own. “I don't get it,” She thinks there is a possible final 2 with Jack and Michie.


Kemi says it seems to be whatever Jack wants and she pitched putting Jack up, therefore it is Kemi. Kemi says Jack can't even play next week so the idea of not p***sing Jack off makes no sense to her at all. Kemi says she made a smart comment about him and Michie and that is what has caused the problems between her and Jack.


Kemi is obviously frustrated.


Nicole asks if she has tried to campaign to people, Kemi says she is waiting until after the veto is played. Nicole says it is possible that anything she says will be shared with the other side. Kemi hopes to talk to Sam again. She doesn't understand exactly what Jack can do to Sam since he can't play the veto next week. Kemi also thinks Sam is worried about who would go up as a replacement. Kemi tells Nicole that Kat tells Jack “everything”. Nicole says she does but inadvertently.


Kemi says she doesn't get the house not going after the strong guy first. She says Jack has an aggressive personality, she understands that, but she doesn't want to throw in the towel because of that. She wants to wait a while to talk to Sam since he has just received the news about his grandfather (Jack was told earlier today that his grandfather passed away unexpectedly).


In the back yard Holly and Kat are sharing the hammock alone. They are talking about Sis and Bella. Holly says she was approached by Bella with an apology for whatever was said. Holly believes that Bella leads people into saying things about other people. Holly says she is trying to have a level head, to take everything in stride.


Kat says she has told Jessica to stop telling about Bella starting the Black Widows, and when Jessica told her she was not saying the name, Kat told her to stop talking about it at all and allow others to talk for her. Kat tells Holly she wants Kemi to be voted out.

Kat says she is no longer associated with Holly, Michie and the others and does not want to be seen as a wild card. She doesn't want to be put on the block because she has no alliance with them. Kat says no one talks game with her, Holly says no one is talking game to her either, but it is the same thing over and over anyway.


Holly thinks Nick and Bella could get to Sam and convince him to use the veto.


Kat says if Kemi goes this week and Jessica goes next week they will be in the battle back. Holly says after the battle back one of the guys has to go. Kat wants Bella to go first to keep her off the jury.


Holly says Nick has his whacktivity this week and they need to pray he doesn't have a power.


Kat says she doesn't want to see Sam go but he has the potential to win the game. Holly agrees. Kat says she wouldn't have the heart to put him up, but her excuse would be that he did not use the veto on her. Kat asks if she is on anyone's radar now. Kat tells Holly that Michie said the way she handled the block rubbed a lot of people the wrong way, but would not give her name. Kat says they had nothing to base it on, Holly says that he was telling the truth. Kat asked if it was being so dramatic and anxious, Holly says that was correct. Holly says she has had to take a step back from her empathetic self so she can keep her energy for her own self.


Kat says she feels that the only people she can talk to is Holly and Jackson and she wants to make sure she is still included in their numbers. Kat says that production and people in the house believe she was in a breakup with Michie. Holly calls it accidentally great game play.


Holly mentions “touching base” with Michie, and Kat tells her it would be fine, and she does not hold grudges. Holly hopes it doesn't look “like that” to people in the house. Kat tells Holly that it aired as a story tonight (DR sessions)


...and we get FISH


When the camera comes back it has moved to the rv bedroom.


Jessica, Kemi, Ovi and Nicole are joking about Jessica's “boobs” Christie comes into the room to get Ovi.


Talk has moved to Nicole's “boob” size. Nicole says “but in front of all these cameras” Jessica says she has a hottie little body. Nicole covers up herself with her hoodie and Jessica tells her she will stop teasing her. The two of them leave the room and Kemi is left alone. Kemi says “they come in, hijack, take over and detour.” followed by “Jesus f***Christ.” She stomps out of the room.


Camera moves to kitchen where house guests are gathered for dinner. Tommy has made burgers for the house and they are impressed.


Jack makes a speech about his gratitude for spending his birthday at the Big Brother house, mentions families, and acknowledges Sam's loss today. They all pound the table to “send out vibes” to their families, and to Sam's family.




9:48pm BBT


House guests are still in the kitchen eating and cleaning up after the meal.





Nick and Nicole are in the boat bed lounge.


Nick is trying to get Nicole to tell him who she would put up if she gets HOH. Nicole tells him she does not know.


Nick tries to get Nicole to tell him by telling her that he would put up Kat and one person who is saying his name. He says he told Kat he would put her up again. But he didn't win.


Nicole wonders if the next HOH will be just luck. Nick says maybe.


Nick continues to talk about a person who is starting rumors about him, Nicole continues to mumble “uh huh” and “yeah”.


Nicole tells Nick that she has the power and Nick says there is no way she has it. She asks him how he knows she doesn't have it. She says she does have it and when she read it, the note said, “No matter what, Nick goes home.”


Sam, who has just come in, Nick and Nicole all laugh.


Camera moves to bathroom area.


Bella and Kemi are talking, Kemi is telling her the theory of Jack being powerless next week, Bella doesn't buy it. She says the others will have powers. Kemi says that is four people, there are twelve others. Bella says,”try to sell it then.” both of them join the group in the boat bed lounge.


Bella convinces Nick to rub her back. Nicole continues to tease Nick about the power, he tells her to stop it or people will believe her.


Sam talks a little about his relationship with his wife, (he tells them more than maybe necessary so let's just skip all that 10:26pm camera 1)


Silence in the room, Kemi has not said a word yet.


Camera moves to back yard, then moved back to boat bed lounge.


Christie joins the group in the room. General chit chat.


In the kitchen Jessica and Kat are dancing and cleaning. They say they will be friend forever. Jessica says she enjoys spending time with Kat.


They talk about Sam using/not using the veto. Kat says this would be a bad idea to approach Sam about that, considering the events of the day.


Jessica wonders what Nicole is thinking, Kat says she will push a little after the nomination meeting.


Jessica says it is pointless right now, she adds that Bella looks at her like she wants to “beat the s**t out of me.” Jessica says it is hard because she is on her time.


Jessica catches David lurking.


David is buttering up the girls about their names. He tells them that saying their full names gives him more pleasure.


David runs up the stairs while Jessica touches up the mirror.


Camera moves to the back yard.


Corn Hole is in progress. General chatter


Other cameras are on boat bed lounge. General chatter

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11:08pm BBT


Kemi and Sam are in the rv bedroom.


Kemi tells Sam she is sorry to talk game at such a bad time, Sam tells her it is okay.


She says everyone can't align with Jack, she names some people she believes are.


Kemi tells him Jessica would rather put up two men, and that keeping her (Kemi) would be better for his game. Kemi tells Sam that Jack's power will end. There are only four people there, and that is not the majority. Kemi tells Sam that Jessica leaving will help Sam out. She says no one wants t go against Jack, but next week he can't even play.


Sam tells Kemi that if he were to use the veto, it would be a problem with the majority of the house.


Kemi says they don't love Jack, they follow the HOH. Kemi throws a list of people under the bus, saying they will put Jack up. Kemi insists there are floaters in the house that do not necessarily follow Jack, they follow the HOH. She tells Sam that she is the person who would be best for his game.


Sam tells her that if he did use the veto, he would use it to take her (Kemi) down, but it is early in the game and he has to decide what a risk it is. Sam tells her that he could go on the block with Kemi if he uses the veto.


Kemi says he will not go up before Jessica, Kat or her (Kemi). Kemi also tells him that he wins a lot of competitions, and she thinks Nick would put her up.


Sam says Jessica would be next, then possibly Kat. He tells Kemi that people are worried that Nick would be the replacement nominee.


Kat tells him that Nick would not go home, then he asks her about the Black Widows.


Kemi tells him she came in after the alliance was formed, and that Jessica was the one who was talking to her about it.


San checks the door to see if it is closed.


Sam tells her what Jessica's pitch to stay was. He tells her that Jessica mentioned family, and that she did not form the alliance.


Kemi continues to throw Jessica under the buss with Sam, making herself look like she was victimized by the other three and forced to join in. She insists she does not want to tarnish Jessica while she continues to tarnish Jessica. Kemi tells Sam that Jessica will do whatever Jack wants no matter what. She makes it seem that Jessica is a blind follower. Then Kemi tells him that Jessica would put up Jack and Sis. (she does not realize she is contradicting herself)


Sam says he worries about Holly and Nck being HOH, but he thinks Jack will protect him.

Kemi continues to throw house guests under the bus, the only person she may not have mentioned is Tommy. She is trying to get Sam to see that Jack is the person who is running the game by using people to do what he wants. She says again that Jessica will do whatever Jack wants because he will protect her. Kemi tells him that if Sis wins HOH they will have the four plus Jessica who would vote for him.


Sam says that if he uses the veto to remove Kemi he would not have the majority of the house.


Kemi says it is not their decision.


Sam tells her he does not want a target on his back


(during this time Sam is sneezing and mentions he needs to go to the DR for a Benadryl.


We hear a thud in the background, Sam goes to see if he can get a Benadryl, says he will be right back.

He leaves the room and Kemi sits on the bed waiting.


A few minutes later Sam returns, telling her she has raised some very good points.


Kemi tells him that Christie (or someone), mentioned pulling in other people. Shortly after that Sis stops her to tell her that she loves her hair (Kemi's), then Holly came by and there was a twenty minute conversation that was very awkward. Kemi tells Sam that Christie told her that Jack told them to go get information and bring it back to the group. Kemi tells him that Christie told her the girls had a similar conversation with her too. Kemi tells him that is a reason she has issues with Jack.


Sam says that is manipulative.


Kemi agrees, then says if she comes off the block she will a number with Sam. She tells him at some point he will be put up and those aligned people will vote him out. Again Kemi says that Jessica would not put up a woman.


Sam says that is biased, Kemi tells him that is her skin in the game. Kemi insists she would put anyone on the block that is bad for her game. (Sam seems to be processing this information)


Sam agrees that Kemi would be best for his game. Kemi tells him she would never put him up and would get advice from him, Bella, Nick and Nicole before making any nominations.


Jessica comes into the room, saying she needs an item for the DR. She leaves the room.


Kemi tells him that the veto is his to use and he should do what is best for his game, not Jack's. She tells Sam that Jack feels like he should have whatever he wants. She tells him if Jack wanted to control the veto, “He should have f**ng won it himself.” Kemi tells Sam that Jack is playing the game for himself. Kemi tells Sam that she told Jack that if she won the HOH she would have put him up.


She tells Sam that Jack was aware that she (Kemi) had told someone that if she won she would put Jack on the block. Kemi says that it was transparent conversation, that Jack asked her if there was someone that threatened his game.


Sam tells Kemi to talk to Jack and throw Jessica under the bus. Kemi says that even if she did that and the decision to vote Jessica out, he would not want the veto used since Jessica is already on the block.


Kemi says an earlier conversation indicated that Jack wants her to go home.


Sam says he will talk to Jack and see what can happen. He tells Kemi that he counts six people who are aligned with Jack, and he does not believe it is because Jack is HOH, he thinks that just helps.


Kemi argues that there are only four, she names Jack, Sis, Nick and Bella. She says the rest of the house is all over the place. It just seems there are more people because they are all over the place.


Sam says it is too early to tell if there is a larger alliance. After a few weeks something like that would be more obvious.


A few more minutes of talk, Sam tells her the DR is waiting for them to end their conversation.


Bob says, “You are not allowed to talk about your DR sessions.” Sam laughs.


Kemi tells him that if she is up there with Jessica, she (Kemi) is going home.


Sam agrees “Unless the votes change.”


Sam leaves the rv bedroom, Kemi follows him out.









12:05am BBT


In the bathroom lounge Kat is talking to Jessica.


She is explaining that the majority of the house wants Kemi out this week. They do not want her here for another week.


They count a 6 to 6 vote, with Jack breaking a tie in Jessica's favor.



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