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Friday, July 5, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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12:30 AM BBT There was a lot of conversation between David/Kat in the kitchen (Gr8ful in and out to spy) 

1:00AM BBT a lot of conversation between David/Nicole in the kitchen talking about the shows they like

1:35AM BBT  David and Ovi were the last ones awake then lights out

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7:42AM BBT Cliff is up

he settles in the boat room saying it's cold in the house this morning

8:00AM BBT Cliff Notes

So, good morning to my family. I love you and miss you horribly. I know you are doing well so I'll continue to think of you and look forward to seeing you...hopefully not for a few months. To all the live feeders. Hello, welcome to Friday. Hopefully you were off yesterday and you are off today.

*he messes with mic

It's my new appendage to my body


I do believe we are good to go. In case it was missed, Sharon, David and Kelly...you are constantly in my heart. I hope you are able to see me on tv and wave and wink. Those are directed at you, obviously.

Hopefully we don't shut down for competition today...it's coming...yesterday was a very difficult day...maybe because of game play, maybe something else

...oooh, I see someone left peanuts in this room. Shoes and food and everything is getting left all over the house.

I'm glad Ovi is back. I'm not so happy that David is here....we are gonna go from 16 people to 13. Yesterday, David came in, as I'm sure most of you saw....I view these morning times as my private time to do my shout outs...updates and strategies...it helps me to figure things out, but David coming in here...I was about done...I don't like feeling cornered and that's what it felt like...he is a very aggressive person

8:01AM BBT I see a lot of people eye rolling and....as long as he doesn't get too aggressive...I was worried that I had a conversation with him at all so I did tell Jack and Michie and them that he came in here and asked a lot of questions...don't want them to think I'm working with David...I hope his causes some contention...I don't want him to get in with any groups...want him to remain an outsider. I don't think he is good for my game. He rubs me the wrong way.

I'm the type of person that is friendly to everyone, but his forcefulness...it rubs me the wrong way...his agenda, call it confidence, call it...I don't know...he said it was his agenda to win the first HOH....he's a ballsy individual. And then there's little things...like he said he was worried about having trouble sleeping so I handed him my bandana and he didn't thank me for it...it rubbed me the wrong way

Things can change. I may end up making an alliance with that guy. I may have to work with him later.

Bob  (Jack calls him Don) - "Good morning houseguests. It's time to get up for the day."    *fishies

8:15Am BBT  Most everyone is up walking around. Cliff expresses to Jess in the storage room (gettin batteries) that he wanted to finish his morning shout outs then go to bed, but just as he gets settled, they get the "good morning houseguests"


9:30AM BBT Nick/Bella cuddled up still sleeping. Kat is still sleeping. BB has had several announcements to wake up. Sounds like Whacktivity comp is today because they are locked in and there is a lot of noise outside. Tommy and Christie are counting items in the house.


*I'm on the feeds today but I'll leave details for others to post.

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11:08 am BBT.   In the HOHR is Cliff, Jack and Jackson.  Jack says his plan is to put up Kemi and Jessica.  Jack wants to see where the line lies if someone wins veto.  Jack says he’ll tell Jessica she’s a pawn.  He says people don’t need to know that they’re voting Kemi out.  

11:10 am BBT.  In the HOHR, Cliff says someone is coming back.  He says who do you want coming back.  Jack says Ovi, he likes Ovi a lot.  Cliff says this is interesting and please don’t tell anyone, he says something about Ovi and feeds cut to kitties... 

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2:50PM BBT Feeds are back

It was a matching comp....with snakes

Jackson- there were 3 snakes you had to match...you had to match the snakes; you had to find the matching snakes and put them with their partner

Holly- well, whoever won it is a man


They say the snakes were not venomous and did not have fangs, but they could bite. Holly said she had a hard time seeing without her glasses so she had to go back and get her glasses (her story sounds fishy)

Sam was called in to DR first, so the HGs are joking that he must have won it

*Jack said no fangs, but Holly and Michie say they did have fangs

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3:27PM BBT Holly says she was under a minute, hands down (it sounds like they were given 15 minutes, max)

3:38PM BBT Nick thinks Holly won; Tommy thinks Michie or Sam, but not Holly; Tommy says he did not win; Sam thinks it's Holly "She worked on a f'ing safari"


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3:00pm BBT: feeds are back with Jackson and Jack telling the HG they had to catch things and that there were snacks in the wacktivity comp. Jackson said they were not venomous but one nipped him just a little but it wasn't bad. They say they are glad they didn't have to eat anything gross. Holly says did they not tell you guys that the snakes bite and jack says yeah they did.

3:04pm BBT: All HG in the KT talking about the comp as they make hot dogs to eat. Jack says there was a red light on but you could not see anything at all.

 3:08pm BBT: Jack and Jackson telling that they had to set in separate places as the others were playing the game, Jackson says he was in the DR and could hear people walking back and forth. 

 3:12pm BBT: Tommy says you go into a Forrest and he have to run down a trail and into the Forrest and there was snakes everywhere but you had to find your own snacks. Nick ask did you have to take them back one at a time and Tommy says yeah. Tommy says there were like 3 tanks here and you had to find like the green snake and the yellow snake but didn't know which colors you had .

3:16pm BBT: Cliff talking to Kemi in the BR says he cant wait till noms and to see who is nominated. He says he feels like things will go quick like noms tonight and POV tomorrow. In the BRL Nicole and Bella are talking about what powers might be won this season compared to last season.

3:20pm BBT: Sam says he went to the first tank and found one and then said should have went to the second one and skipped that one and went to the third tanl and found it. jack is shaking his head and smiling and sam says i just got lucky.

3:26pm BBT: Jack says there were alot of snakes. Sam says they told them be aware there are snacks and they may snap. Sam says it felt like they was following them around. Jackson says they had fangs and could bite you.

3:50pm BBT: In the arrow BR Christie and Jackson talking to Tommy,HOlly and Sam about religion and how they will not be like Angela and Tyler and be religious, jackson says he can not stand that crap. Christie agrees. Kemi comes in and Jackson and Christie leave the room. 

3:52pm BBT: Cliff in the BRL talking to Nick and Bella about Noms and says he hopes that he is ok this week since he picked jack ;last week for POV to play for him. Nick says yeah yeah and we get FOTH.

3:55pm BBT: Jackson and Jack in the STR, They talk about who won the  wacktivity comp and they think it is Sam but they say it could be Holly but they do not think so.Jackson says he messed up and was so mad at himself. Jack tells him he can not dwell on this. Jack says it has to be Sam.

 3:58pm BBT: Jack and Jackson talk about cooking pasta and say they need more taco seasoning, Jackson says we have tuna and Jack says they should be good on food this week if David doesn't eat us out of house and home.

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 4:02pm BBT: Cliff tells bella and Sam he is worried that he will be put up as a pawn and then a power get used and he leaves the house. Kemi goes to the HOHR to talk to Jack. She rings the bell and goes in, Jack tells her just a second. Jack changes clothes then comes out to talk to Kemi.
 4:06pm BBT: Kemi says last week she was worried she was going on the block and jack says do you think you are going up this week and kemi says yeah and jack ask why would you think that this week and Kemi says because i was told last week that you was putting me up and he said well i wont ask who told you that because it would make an ass out of you and me he says i was afraid you would win HOH and put me on the block because we do not vibe very much. Kemo says i feel like our personalities are simular but on different ends of the spectrum but yeah last week i thought you wanted me on the block and i was worried.

4:22pm BBT: Jack is now getting in the shower as he sings. In the WA Christie and Jessica are doing their hair. Kathryn just got out of the shower and Nicole is just sitting there. In the KT Ovi is eating while Sam, Nick and Tommy talk about the comp today.

4:29pm BBT: Holly telling  Kemi and Sis about she is scared of snakes but she thought she had this comp because she can put her fears aside. sam comes in and she tells she has eaten rattle snake before.

4:34pm BBT: Jessica is in the HOHR talking to Jack she says you know i want to be here  and you kind of know my spill, She says i am not ready to go i dont want to be up and i feel like you was the first person i hugged when i came out of that hole and i want to be able to compete umm and i may not be the best person at something and i want to show that girls like me deserves to be on a show like this and jack says your right. She says i wont throw anyone under a bus and jack says you know the more i talk to you the more i love you. Jessica says i love you too.

4:39pm BBT: jack says going into this week and i think your a a great person and your life is well you told me about your life and husband and step mother and we are alot alike and it is not an easy trade, he says your a mother and a mentor a model and photographer. He says i love every conversations we have and after my DR i explained why i was crying,He says you all are like family in here and i am making my decision on talk that i have had with several people and kemi is one i have heard has  told people i am her target  and i already told kemi she is going up. He says i want to spend more time with you in this house and get to know you more. He says in this game we need a floater tyo help push you through this game  and there was talk about a woman's alliance and that you were the head of that so i have to make a play to establish my position on the mens side. so i have to put the person that i was spoken about but i need to ask you if you will go up as a pawn this week he says i will win the POV and take you down.

 4:45pm BBT: Jessica is upset that he was told she was starting the woman alliance she says i am upset that i orchestrated a woman's alliance upsets me.

 4:51pm BBT: Jack talking to Jessica telling her he is so so sorry that he might have to do this because he likes her alot and he will understand if she never talks to him again and if she hates him for this but he promises everything will be ok. Jessica says  Jackson banished me and i love him to death so i still love you too and they hug and Jessica leaves the HOHR.

 4:55pm BBT: Jackson and David sitting at the KT table eating while other HG are talking general talk and we get FOTH.

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5:23PM BBT Bella and Jack in the HOH- she tells him all about the Black Widows (disappointing)

5:29PM BBT Nick dresses up in snake pants (I need bleach for the eyes, please) then dances on the HOH bed. He said he plans to wear the outfit to the nomination ceremony 



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5:02pm BBT: Jessica crying to Holly and sis about talking to Jack and saying Jack told her that  some people were saying she was a mastermind behind and all girls alliance

5:18pm BBT: Jessica now talking to Kemi about what jack told her in the HOHR, Kemi says we are both going on the block.

 5:22pm BBT:Bella in the HOHR telling jack that it was Jessica that started the  Black widows alliance Nick comes in dressed in  snake skin print pants that belong to Holly and says he is wearing them to the nomination ceremony.

 5:35pm BBT: Sam in the HOHR talking to jack saying his issue with Jessica is her being loud about  her periods and it annoys him. Most HG sitting around talking general talk.

 5:55pm BBT: Kathryn and Jessica in the WA talking and Kathryn tells Jessica she will be fine this week that she is not the target Kemi is the target, She then tells Jessica that none of the girls will vote you out over Kemi.

6:05pm BBT: Feeds now on Kitty cam for Nominations.

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7:23PM BBT  Bella and Nicole in the RV Room

Bella tells Nicole that she had to tell Jack about the Black Widows....she said she had no choice because Jack asked her outright if there was an all girls' alliance, so she wasn't sure how he got that information and felt she couldn't lie just in case Kemi or Jess were the ones who told him....she said that she felt she had to tell him the truth because otherwise they would be f'ed

Nicole- I feel we are both already f'ed, especially me because I'm not the one who told him

7:28PM Kemi walks in and Bella tells her, too..."I still have to play my game

Kemi- I don't think I have the votes

Bella- no

Jess walks in- "Are you bitches conspiring about me?"

Kemi- there's nothing to conspire about any more

*they laugh

7:36PM BBT

Nicole- I love you guys. So much. This is sad.  *she leaves 



7:45PM BBT Bella and Nick in the arrow bdrm

Bella tells Nick that she had to tell Jack about the girls and then tell Nicole. Nick is only concerned with whether Kemi thinks of him because she gave him a side hug. He smells his armpits then lets out a big fart ; Bella continues talking so it clearly didn't bother her at all. 


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7:18pm BBT: Feeds back with Hg hugging and kemi and Jessicas pictures on the wall as nominations.

7:20pm BBT: Jessica hugging everyone and wiping tears from her eyes. Holly tells Kemi and jessica there is still a comp to do back there as she points at the BY. David and Ovi are in their  camping room. Kemi and Cliff in the WA talking and Kemi says jack told her why she was going up and Cliff says that hurts me it really does.

7:25pm BBT: Jack and kemi in the BRL talking, Jack says he respects her and that he did this for his own safty and it was for nothing else. kemi says i appreciate you putting me up now and not doing the backdoor option. She says i want us to have that friendship moving forward and jack says we will, Kemi says even if its in camp come back. Jack and kemi hug and leave the BRL

7:30pm BBT: Bella, Nicole and Kemi in the BR, Bella telling Kemi as she just told Nicole she had to tell Jack about the black widow allaince because he asked her if there was a girls alliance and she couldnt lie to him she was afraid for her game.

7:32pm BBT: Jack and Christie in the STR talking as jack ask her about the all girls alliance and Christie denys knowing it. She says that jessica and her and Tommy and other girls were in the BRL  and jessica was talking about girl power. Christie says yeah i be;lieve i heard her say that about the all girl alliance.

7:37pm BBT: Christie talking to Jack in the STR about his nominations as jack feels kind of bad and Christie says no do not feel that way if jessica had won it would have been you and jackson up there or you and Sis. Jack says you are right, Christie says this is a game thats it a game. They hug and leave the STR.

7:40pm BBT: Most Hg in the KT  making food. Kemi, Jessica, Bell and Nick in the BR talking about getting prozes at the veto compitition. They try to remember who got what prize from past HG.

7:51pm BBT: Nick and bella in the BT talking, bella is worried that everyone will find out she told jack about the balck widows allaince, Nick tells he no dont worry she is fine. In the other BR Jessica is telling kathryn about her talk with jack and how he said she started it.

7:56pm BBT: Bella and Nick go to the KT where Hg are talking general talk and how people smell.

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7:59PM BBT Jack and Kat in the storage room

Kat asks what his plan is? He says he put them up to go home...he doesn't expect the veto to be used....Kat asks if he told them she was the one who revealed the girls' alliance (she told him about the original girls' alliance that Jess suggested prior to camp director). He said the he did not tell them it was her because there were many that told him (Sis and Holly, Christie, and Bella). 

8:07PM BBT  Nicole and Jess in RV

Nicole tells Jess about Bella revealing the Black Widows. Jess said she already suspected it...she had trust issues with Bella from day 1. SHe is mostly upset because the alliance was Bella's idea (this is true, it was the name that Jess suggested - MamaLong). Jess tells Nicole that she appreciates her letting her know. Jess is pissed.


8:10PM Nicole and Bella in bathroom

Bella tells Nicole she wouldn't have said anything if it weren't for Jack asking directly and mentioning that someone told him. 

Bella- I think I f'ed myself



8:20PM  Another earthquake that the HGs feel; they start looking for a safe place and the feeds cut (7.1 mag; 11 miles from Ridgecrest, CA)

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8:28pm BB Time


House guests are discussing a possible earthquake. Feeders are talking about one that happened just a few minutes ago, but it seems production has resumed airing of the live feeds.


Jack is telling the house guests he believes they have nothing to worry about even though he admits that he knows nothing about earthquakes. Cliff says they should be a little worried about some of the structure that is not firmly secured.


Christie says she is feeling weird, it is emotional, physical and spiritual. She laying on the bed in the boat bed in the lounge. She says she does not like feeling like she is not in control. Nick shouts out, “Mom, Dad, I am okay.” Isabella is concerned about what is happening in LA. Nick says if it were really bad, Big Brother would have to tell them.


Bella is worried that Big Brother would not tell them. Nick says he is going to do some breathing.


Camera moves to bedroom


Kemi is sitting on the bed, she says she was expecting to be nominated and she appreciated that he was transparent. She is looking forward to the veto. She is talking to Holly. Kemi thought she would be going up against Kat, and was surprised by Jessica going up. Holly says she knew when he did it. Kemi says she doesn't know if Jessica was blindsided or not. Holly says it will be an interesting veto. Kemi says she will be on the block on her birthday and her friends won't like that. Holly asks her what kind of cake she likes, Kemi tells her any kind except carrot cake. Holly says she likes it because her dad likes it and that is an an association.


In the other bedroom Jessica and Kat are curled on a bed. Jessica is angry she says, “that is the same f**ng thing she did...” Kat tells her it is only as important as you make it be. She says that Jessica should make it not a big deal. Jessica wants to know how to clear her name. Kat tells her to tell Jack that she is part of an alliance the same as he is. When Jessica says she doesn't know if he is, Kat says, “Yeah, he is.”


I think the “she” they are talking about is Bella.


Bob: thi diary room is temporarily unavailable. You will hear an announcement when you can return.”


Kat encourages Jessica to talk to Jack and clear her name, she says there are any number of other people she is playing.


Jessica begins to cry while Kat holds her and encourages her.




Ovi is in the HOH talking to Jack about his speech. Jack is not happy that it did not go as well as he hoped. Jack says, “I will be HOH again, it will be better next time.”


It looks like Bella who is laying on the bed. She giggles intermittently.


Jack is worried about his presentation of the veto meeting.


Jack asks Ovi how he feels about David blowing up alliances, and Ovi says that David will do as he wants, it doesn't concern him. Ovi says this is a week for him to be a fan. Jack tells him he is doing great. Ovi says David will not go quietly into the night, but he understands his position in the game. Ovi is not sure what David will do while he is in this position. Jack tells Ovi that Cliff keeps him informed. Ovi says David has been talking to Kat, so he knows whatever Kat knows. Jack tells Ovi he is welcome in the HOH room any time.


After he leaves Isabella asks what Kat might have told him. Jack is watching the cameras, then jumps up from the bed. (he thinks it is an aftershock, but it is not).


Isabella asks what Kat knows again, Jack gives her a short answer about Kat saying she was part of something but believes that is no longer true. Jack says Kat doesn't know anything about the 8, she doesn't get the game.


Jack wonders who won the challenge today, Isabella says she thinks it was Jack. Jack starts to ask her what other people think and she tells Jack Holly thinks it was Sam. Jack says he wouldn't tell if he did win.


Michie comes into the room, Isabella tells them she doesn't care who won it. Michie says a power will spice things up in the game.


Jack continues to ramble about who has the power....


Isabella asks what Ovi's power is and when he can use it. Jack and Michie explain it to him. Jack says if Ovi used it on him and Michie it would be enormous. He tends to ignore that two others would go up, he glosses that over with an “Oh well.”


Michie is talking about Jessica's all girl's alliance. Isabella tells him she was talking to Kat earlier but she couldn't tell what they were saying.


Michie tells Jack that Kat is feeding him information and wants him to win. He tells Jack not to doubt himself.

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Bugle goes off.


Announcement tells them that the Comeback Campers must put on their uniforms.


House Guests are sitting in the living room waiting to see what is happening. They are speculating about what David and Ovi will be wearing.





Ovi and David re enter the house wearing boy scout style blue uniforms.

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