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Wednesday, July 3, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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11:33PM BBT Ovi, Jack, Jackson in the arrow bedroom 

Ovi- I want y'all to sit right here

*JJ sits on the bed

Ovi- the is the last think I'm going to say tonight

Jackson, I know you're in  a hard position (indicating Kat) but I want you to know I am good for your game

(to Jack) and I know you're in a hard position because you have to damage control with people thinking I'm close with you, and support for me means you're a target.

Kat doesn't help because she's a floater and you need shields. So I'm gonna tell you this and I ask that we keep it in this room. alright? Can I trust y'all for that?

Jackson- yep, you've got my word

Jack- yeah

Ovi- I can be y'all's real shield. I won the nightmare power. And that power for the next 6 weeks, anytime during the next 6 weeks if 2 people are put on the block,  I can have them decide to have them come off and they are safe this week. If you bring in Sis and Holly, I have Tommy, Cliff and Nicole...that's 7. If next week someone tries to put you on the block, I will use my power to bring you guys down


Ovi- you would have safety that week and then HOH won't have any choice to choose someone at random ... and if they don't put you up, I could use it the next week whenever someone tries to put you up,  you guys are guaranteed safety for next week because they will be coming after me because I used the power

Jack- That's huge

Jackson- f'ing huge

Ovi- I didn't want to use it but I'm being backdoored and that power is only powerful if it's a secret...once you tell people it will lose power...if there is some way you could get Sis and Holly I can keep you safe...I have 6 weeks, that's up to 9 people I can keep safe. That power is in your back pocket because you have me in your back pocket. You're the only two that know.

Jack- that's big

Jackson- that's f'ing massive  You got to give me a minute to comprehend, but I give you my word this will stay right here

Jack- you have my word

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11:36PM BBT

Ovi- I know exactly where you are at

Jack you know that if I voted you,  I was next to go

Ovi- I know, and I realize this was my only way...I know that you'll show you cards but this way you have that week or next week and if we win HOH we still have power and I'm still on your team and I can win these competitions...I've already won the smell one

Jack- describe the power to me again

Ovi- I can only use it 1 time for up to 6 weeks; this week I didn't use it...I have 5 more weeks

Jack- and you couldn't use it (week 1) because you weren't a nom

Ovi- it can only be used the night of...middle of the night  she (HOH) will be told and then they have to take them off and they have to randomly choose...will have to panic pick

Jack- I hate this game

Ovi- this is an advantage guys that others do not have 

Jackson- Ovi-One-Kenobi

Ovi-and if I go the power goes with me; and I guess that might make you guys feel some kinda way, but...

Jack- you gotta give me a minute

I wanted you guys to have a night to think about it

Jackson- shit just got interesting

Jack- You're a sandbagging son of a bitch

Ovi- I'm sorry you guys; I hated lying to you, but...

Jack- well, you did it to protect your game

Jackson- you gotta give me a minute

Jack- yeah; I have to talk with them

Ovi- let's pull it together...let's be honest, if y'all have a final 2 it's whatever, but I don't care; I want you guys to go far

Jack- you were in our final 5 alliance

Ovi- yeah

Jack- like that was it, right?

Ovi- yeah, and Cliff and Nicole and Tommy

Jack- Tommy doesn't know about it, right?





11:37PM BBT  

Ovi- no he doesn't know about it

Jack- Cliff doesn't know about it?

Ovi- Cliff doesn't know, Nicole doesn't know; I love those guys but I've kept it a secret

Jackson- you give me your word this is real

Ovi- *they shake hands* this is real; you can go down to production and ask them does Ovi has this power because he told me; I don't know if they can say if I'm lying or not because it says you can't use production as a tool *holding Jackson's hand* and this is on God, if you are up the I will use it to take you down, either of you

*Jackson tells him, "shake his hand" then Ovi and Jack shake



Ovi- I just need you to get me Holly and Sis and that's 7, I don't need Nick, I don't need Bella

Jackson- you gotta give me a minute do we have some coffee or popcorn or something?

Jack- Fuck

Ovi-this is my last ditch effort

Jack- you might have a chance;

Jackson- if you can try to keep Christie off the block; he (Jack) is saying he would want her pulled off instead of him

Ovi- I'm not shitting y'all, the only two they think have it are Cliff and Bella


Jack- I gotta take a shit

Ovi- I have no more cards to hold; this is how strong the nightmare power is; imagine how strong the panic or chaos power

Jack- yep   Jackson- yep

Ovi- And I'm telling you guys if there is a battle back, I'm coming back and bringing this power; I want to do it; you know I'm loyal to you guys

Jackson- you gotta give me a minute


Ovi- okay, and this is the last thing I'm going to say; if Kat goes this week  and then someone else goes, we have to battle three easy people; if there is a battle back....I don't want to battle y'all

Jack- okay

Jackson- you've got to give us some time

Ovi- I'm gonna get some mac & cheese

Jackson- go get something to eat, Dog

Ovi- I'll be back in like 15

*Ovi leaves


Jack- I hate this game

Jackson- what the hell

Jack- we still have to send him out; we still have 7

Jackson- Jack! Jack!

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Jack- but how do we convince our squad without telling them about the power?

Jackson- hang on, let me get a jacket

*Jack is alone in the bdrm now, "WHAT?" ....   "WHAT?" (talking to himself)

Jackson- Bro, Jack...I need...we, we  gotta take a minute. This is not a decision that we can just make quickly or haphazardly

Jack- you would have to bring Holly and Sis into this ; there is no way we can get them to flip

Jackson- Sis might already flip

Jack- Sis would flip because she felt bad

Jackson- Cliff already told me Kat is freaking out even more...he's gonna vote with the majority

Jack- you can't write this choice

Jack- if you make this choice, you lose Gr8ful...if you make this choice

Jackson- we have a strong 6; make it 7; Cliff is 8; but we are drawing a line in the sand


11:45PM BBT

Jack- we would have to tell CHristie; and have to tell Holly; and Bella and Nick are out at that point; but the problem is, when you tell 'em .... he uses his power; he is only guaranteeing it for you or I on the block, not Christie, not Sis, not Holly. How do you convince them to make that move? The only way that you could convince them and we can pull this off, honestly, without getting bloodshed..because Nick/Bella are gonna be comin'...is by telling Christie, Holly and Sis...he throws it up and we will bring them in the fold, but now Tommy has to know too, you know what I'm sayin'?

Jackson- oh, fuck

Jack- it puts you in...it's a huge f'ing power...if he would have just told us this 3 hours ago before we all f'ing made our final decision

*Jackson sighs

Jack- Nicole, herself, said Ovi and that was my throwing point...in front of me...she said my gut says Ovi and my heart says Kat

Jackson- to send home?

Jack- yeah; it was Nicole, Christie and I, and Kemi was there too, so I had to say I was going Ovi...shortly there after they left and Gr8ful came in

Jackson- Jack, I think we both know regardless of this power that people are gonna be coming for us and the week after that...we both know Nick/Bella will strike first...if Kemi, won, Jess won, anyone in the RV...they would take that shot

Jack- so what do we do?

Jackson- we call him on his bluff

11:48PM BBT *JJ continues discussing this new revelation. 

Jack- here's the deal, in order to move forward, we have to tell Christie, SIs, Holly and Tommy that that's (power) is why we are holding him back...this is for the team

Jackson- it's a guarantee....a guarantee

Jack- dude this is heavy, I can't believe he has it

Jackson- I do, it all adds up...this game just got interesting

Jack- we have to make the agreement with him and either way he goes....he's gonna offer it to them

Jackson- fuck


Jack- it's too much of a risk; he's gonna go to them

Jackson- what if we tell them and then kick the power out...and then he comes back and we're f'ed

Jack- fuck, man...this room smells horrible America...if someone comes in I'm gonna be embarrassed

Jackson- let's go talk in the storage room

Jack- no, I want here

Jackson- oh man, what do we do...truly, what do we do...how can we sell our alliance without telling them...it's gonna be a tough sales pitch

Jack- Bella is not in

Jackson- no. we can't tell Bella or Nick

Jack- Christie said she would vote with Ovi it was a stalemate....I have no idea how to convince them without looking like an ass....my goodbye message was very short

Jackson- Dog, what do we do?

Jack- this is a team decision...if we bring Ovi in

Jackson- fuck it

Jack and we know what the power is

Jackson- and he will use it on us...but what if he doesn't use it on us

Jack- we have to keep Ovi, we have to tell the team

Jackson- we have to fight for survival one week at a time...right now we are guaranteed safety so we have to take it

Jack- I want this power bad, but it ain't the play


*after a few hours with JJ confiding in some of their alliance, they (JJ and Christie...and Tommy) decided not to save Ovi (too risky) but to make Ovi think he's safe  {cruel}


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Kemi went missing around midnight. None of the HGs could find her. Her mic was on her bed and the DR kept calling her. Christie said she must have wanted some time to herself and that she had to be sitting in the hallway to the DR (just ignoring the calls)

She was finally located around 12:25AM in the upstairs DR; all of the HGs very concerned; Bella encouraged everyone not to ask her about it...to let her decompress {it really was nice to see how concerned everyone was for Kemi}


Kemi came back in the house around 12:50AM BBT ...she just went straight to bed. Nicole told her she was available if she wanted to talk. She said, "I just wanted to be alone in the hallway"

Jack was carrying Tommy around the house, and Cliff was avoiding going to bed because JJ blew up the room with stink bombs. {they seriously did almost shit their pants with Ovi's news  LOL}

house_shot.png{Check out Cliff...he really is trying to blend in   LOL}



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7:10 AM BBT  All HGs are sleeping, everything is quiet.  Waiting for Cliff to get up for our "Cliff notes".


7:12 AM BBT  Michie is up and to the WC.  He comes out, checks himself out in the mirror, including a pose, washes his face and hands.  After drying his face, he checks his hair, checks himself out in the mirror again, then goes back to bed.

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8:00-9:00pm BBT: Jackson laying in the BRL when Kathryn comes in and lays beside him she tells him she has been stressed but is getting better. He talks about going to Vegas and she says she wants to go . Bella and kemi in the BR counting things and going over comps and numbers. Ovi is walking around talking to everyone he can to try to stay in the hiuse this week.

9:00-10:00pm BBT: Christie in the HOHR with Jack, Bella, Kemi and Nicole, Ovi comes in and talks to them about staying in the house and how he can further them all in the game and how Kathryne will go to the other side and he will not he will stay loyal to them and take a bullet for them. He then says if it comes down to it he will self evict before one of them leaves the house. Ovi leaves the HOH and they talk about keeping him as Christie feels bad for putting him up now. Jackson, Holly and Analyse join and they all decide Ovi needs to be the one to go this week as Kathryne does not know the game as well as Ovi does and she will get rattled.

10:00-11:00pm BBT: Tommy and Cliff talk about how to try to flip votes tomorrow to keep Ovi in the house. Tommy talks to Ovi and tells him if he has any secrets it might be best to spill them now. Ovi ask about calling a house meeting and Cliff tells him he does not think it will help ask others might not listen well in a metting. Cliff tells Ovi he rarther him stay in the house as Kathryne  cries alot and has meltdowns .

11:00pm-12:00am BBT: Ovi in the WA as most HG are getting ready for bed and tells  Sis and Holly goodnight and how he  will hold nothing against then no matter what happens tomorrow. Ovie then is in the BR talking to Jackson and and jack about his Power and that he won it the other day, Jackson says this is huge, Ovi tells them that it is theors if they keep him in the house this week, ovie tells them that if he is evicted and comes back he will wreck havock on the house. Ovi shakes their hands and leaves. Jack and jackson want to keep him now as he  can help them, They say they need to talk to Christie but then they think about telling all the alliance about it. Jack then worries that Ovi will go to the other side and offer the power to them also so they do not know what they want to do as of now.

12:00-1:00am BBT:Kemi is called to the DR but no one can find her after zbb has called her several times, Her Mic is on her bed but she is nowhere to be found.Jack and jackson tell Christie when she comes into the BRL that game has changed. She ask how and they say they do not want to talk about it right now. Tommy then comes in and Jack and jackson tell all about Ovi's power.Christie thinks now that Ovi is coming for her since he did not tell her about the power and says he needs to go for sure now. Jack is just worried he will offer it to the other side also and we get fish.

1:00-2:00am BBT: Jack goes and talks to Ovi and tells him he will talk to the girls tomorrow but if Chrisite goes on the block you have to use the power to take her off the block. Jack then tells  Tommy in the STR that they need to flush the power  now and that he hates lying to Ovi about evicting him tomorrow  but they can not have that power around. Tommy ask if they could use the power to further the alliance and Jack shakes his head. All the HG head to bed then jackson goes and gets in bed with Kathryne and they whisper alot.

2:00-3:00am BBT: Ovie in the BRL and talks to the feedrs and tells them to please tell his girlfriend he loves her and misses her but hapes not to see her to soon, He then says goodbye to the feeders and that he has no hard feelings toward anyone and to please support Cliff as he is a good guy, ovie says goodbye and leaves the BRL and goes to bed. All Hg in bed Lights out.

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( I should be on here for a while longer)


9:00 AM BBT  Back to WBRB  Possibly waking them up again?


9:08 AM BBT  Feeds are back  House guests are up doing ADLs

  Jackson in WA after shower talking with Cliff.  Said he was trying to get to bed by 1:00 but didn't get to bed until 5:00AM

Cliff goes to the KT, Jess is there.  Just morning pleasantries.  Jess goes to WA, Tommy and Ovi walk through on way to WA.  Good mornings said.  Jess is back, Cliff wishes he could go outside (IDL)   Jess is starting bacon for breakfast.

9:13 AM BBT  Cliff is out of the WC, washes his hands.  Tommie and Jackson still doing ADLs  Cliff starts vacuuming the WA rug. (Eviction day is always cleaning day)

Jackson leaves with a towel wrapped around his waist, and heads to the KT.  Jess says the coffee is ready. Jackson takes off his wet towel and throws it on the KT bench seat, has shorts on.  He is now primping in front of the mirror in the KT  (what would he do with no mirrors??)


WBRB, again  FOTH


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9:30 AM BBT  Feeds are back.  Tommie and Jack are talking in the bedroom.  Tommie just finished telling Jack something (feeds were off), Jack said he is right, they need to keep the trust strong in the 8  Jack says Bella didn't trust him because they didn't include her in the fake alliance with Ovi, and she thought it was real.  Tommie says no one would believe Jack and Nick were in together.  They hug and leave to go to the KT.  Ovi lays down with Sam, and Sam says a prayer for him, for the day to be good, and for Jess to not butcher their hair cuts.  Ovi stays in the bed whispering to Sam, saying he is smart, Sam says Ovi is smarter.  Talking about paying bills.  Can hear the vacuum in the background, Cliff fixed it (hair was wrapped around the roller). 

Lights are still off in the HOH room, but people are up there.  Jack goes up to get in bed with Christie and Sis.  Talking about Ovi being more calm (after talking with J and J last night). 

Jack says he uses cordless vacuums, he will never go back to corded.  Christie says she prefers corded.  Talking about Hoover, Shark and Dyson.  They see Cliff vacuuming, Jack said he told Cliff there is nothing sexier than Cliff vacuuming, Cliff said unless he was vacuuming naked.  They all laugh.  Intermittent WBRB

HOH now discussing Ovi and his campaigning.  BB says the lights must be on during the day.  Christie says yeah, I got it I forgot.  She gets up to turn on the lights.  Christie is up getting ready, Jack and Sis cuddling in bed.  She said she is going to win HOH.

9:44 AM BBT  Jack is in the HOH bathroom talking to Christie who is brushing her teeth.  Ovi is in the target bedroom packing.  Jack is going over what they are going to do, he will tell Holly when she wakes up.  He is telling Sis about his talk last night, and what the power is.  He said they sat in their room, and farting.  He is going to tell Ovi that they are going to save him, turn Sis and Holly, but really they are going to send him home.  Christie said this is what we originally planned.  Christie is going over why he needs to go, he has the power for 6 weeks, so much can change in that time, he didn't tell her about the power, he is promising everyone in the house safety.  They are talking about what to say to the others.  She thinks it is a good decision to get rid of him.  More of Christie repeating herself.

9:52 AM BBT  Kemi and Bella are whispering in the bedroom, but can't understand anything being said.  Kemi mouths the words, but doesn't say them out loud.

In the HOH room, Jack wants to make sure Bella and Nick know what is going on as soon as possible.  Jack wants to trust them both, Sis isn't sure if they won't try to save Ovi for the power.  Christie thinks Nick will tell Sam, but she dosn't care.  She said to make sure Jack says Ovi offered to use it only for Jack and Michie, not everyone else. 


WBRB / FoTH  Possible HOH lockdown

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8:49AM BBT: We have fish. Maybe wake up call.

8:55am BBT: Jackson is up and looking in mirror then goes to WA and washes his face.

 8:56am BBT: Jessica comes out of the WC and jackson says  this is the best part of the morning, he sings the best part of waking up and we get fish. They return with jessica washing her hands and jackson getting in the shower.

 9:00am BBT: Cliff up in the STR changing his batteries.we get fish.

9:06am BBT: Cliff is vacuuming the WA, Jessica in the STR getting potatoes, she heads to the KT and turns the oven on. In the WA Jackson says it is probably a blessing  that they all went to bed early lastnight. Cliff agrees as he goes to empty the vacuum cleaner fliter. Tommy and ovi are now up heading to the WA. Tommy says he smells coffee brewing.

9:27pm BBT: Jack and Tommy talking in the BRL about the alliance and how it will not stay together. Christie in the HOHR telling Sis about her dream lastnight. Sam in bed Praying for Ovi. They start whispering about keeping Ovi in the house. Jack has gone to the HOHR and gets in bed and snuggles with Sis.

9:36am BBT: Holly telling sam how kemi hid lastnight and no one could find her to go to the DR when BB was calling her.Sam said he went to bed and everyone started yelling for kemi and she was no where. sam says you can hear people yelling for you so aknowledge it whats the problem its stupid. In the WA Ovi ask kemi if she slept good all night and she says yeah she did.

9:44pm BBT: Jack is telling Sis about Ovi having the power now and what the power is. He tells her that they made ovi leave so they could talk and he says that Jackson and himself told Ovi that he was staying but we need to get him and his power out. Christie says if he wanted to keep us safe he would have told us to start with.

 9:46am BBT: Christie says he had time to tell us about this power and he  can use it for 6 weeks and alot can change in 6 weeks, ovi is using anything he can to stay here this week so he needs to go and we are all good here. Christie tells jack when she tells Kemi and bella about the power to say that Ovi only told him that he would use the power on him not anyone else so they do not think they can  get to him and use that power.

9:50am BBT: Christie getting dressed as she keeps repeating herself over and over to Jack and Sis. Ovi is packing his things.

9:52am BBT: Jack says he is afraid to tell Nicole and Bella about Ovi's power , he is afraid that Nicole will tell someone about it and he just wants them two girls back in their corner.

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10:02 AM BBT  Feeds are back.  Michie is in the bedroom talking to Nick and Bella in bed.  He is complaining about no eggs, nothing to eat, just coffee.  (He eats everything in the SR!!!)  Sam comes in, tells them 20 minutes to lock down.  Ovi is in HOH to take a shower.  Tommie says he is going to take a quick shower in the downstairs WA.  Tommie says he doesn't want to waste time, maybe they should get ready upstairs.  He says they haven't gotten the clippers yet.  Feed switches to Michie telling a nightmare he had. Tommie and Jess in the KT  (Tommie didn't take his shower).    Jess is trying to find the vanilla, no one seems to know if there is any left.  Cliff and Jack walk through, Tommie is washing dishes.  Jess is done making the bacon, says it is crunchy, and is stirring what looks like potatoes in a skillet. 

10:10 AM BBT  Jess and Tommie discussing food in the KT.  Nick and Nicole talking about how long the HOH lockdown will be.  Kemi comes in.  Nick asks how is she.  She is fine, said she asked DR for a bible, they called her back in and said it was in SR, she went to the hallway and sat, DR called her back in to see how she was.  She was fine, they said if she needed alone time to go upstairs.  Kemi is afraid they will make something of this on TV and upset her mother.  Feeds switch to Jack and Michie reassuring each other that they made the right decision on evicitng OVi.  Talking about senarios that aren't going to happen, Miche says he doesn't even want to think about it, just stick with the plan.


10:15 FoTH 

10:16 AM BBT  Tommie is cleaning the target bedroom.   Ovi is campaigning to him, wants him to talk with Nicole, thinks Cliff is on board.  Ovi leaves counting votes, feds go to Jess and Bella in the SR.  Jess is saying what she thinks are going to happen, but feeds didn't show the beginning of the conversation.  She said she came in to find the vanilla, Bella finds it for her and they leave.  Now most of the HGs are in the KT.  Some talking food, others talking college football. 

Sam is in the SSR cleaning out the fridge, Jack comes in.  Sam asks about the vote.  Jack said Ovi has a second wind, but he is still going home.  Sam said he heard from Jack's "special friend", that she heard Tommie and Jack trying to flip the vote.  Sam said funny she heard that, but not the multiple times when she is going home.  They finish cleaning out the fridge, they say that is the only one that gets restocked.  They throw away some cabbage, but take most of the other things left into the KT for the other fridge.  On the way out, Jack again says that tihings will still go as planned, Ovi going at 10-2. Jack goes to feed the fish, saying Aquaman is going to feed his minions. Cliff is upstairs with JAck feeding the fish.  They discuss the old fish, and how these are much less aggressive.  Cliff says he saw Jack and Tommie talking, are things still going ahead as planned.  Jack said nothing has changed, he is just campaigning hard.  Cliff said not to let this define who we are. Jack thanks Cliff, and Cliff appreciates Jack keeping him in the loop.


Cliff is in the KT telling about cleaning the roller on the vacuum with Tommie.  Said it was nasty, looked like it had never been cleaned.

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10:02am BBT: Jackson talking to Bella and Nick about there is no food and no eggs just coffee for breakfast, Bella is making potatoes in the kT. Jackson says they have lockdown in 20 minutes so get up. Ovi is getting in the shower as Hg are getting up and getting things ready for their lockdown.

10:04am BBT: Tommy and Jessica talking about getting the clippers today and wondering if they will get them this week. Jackson in the BR telling Bella, Christie and sam about a dream he had lastnight.

10:10am BBT: Jack is talking to Jackson in the BRL He says he ran it by Christie and Cristie says no way. But Jack says he wants to build trust. jackson says no i say we do not tell them they are savages and they are cut throat.  jackson says we are not gonna tell about this we need to keep this in our back pocket we made the right decision. Jack agrees.

10:16am BBT: Jackson telling Holly that Ovi felt really comfy on the block but he came to me and jack lastnight and folded his cards and he has the power. He offered it a leverage to me and jack, Feeds Switch to Ovi and Tommy making beds. Feeds go back to Jackson him telling Holly that the power is good for 6 weeks now we have to decide what to do. We keep him and use him to our advantage or we get rid of him and get rid of the power. 

10:21am BBT: Most Hg in the KT getting breakfast that Jessica has made and getting coffee before the HOH lockdown. IN the BR Jackson and Holly still talking about the power that Ovi has and they are worried that ovi might have a chance to come back into the house. Holly says can you tell him the girls know so he doesnt come after us if he comes back.

10:24am BBT: Jack and sam are cleaning the fride in the STR before BB restocks their groceries. Nick joins Holly and jackson in the BRL and gives Holly a hug. Just general talk going on about BB talking alot this morning.

 10:28am BBT: Jack feeding the fish and talking to Cliff about voting tonight, He tells him that the house is voting Ovi out, Cliff says i knew it we told ovi lastnight we are doing a house vote and its part of the game.

10:32am BBT: Most HG in the KT eating breakfast and talking about all the hair in the Vacuum this morning and he and tommy cut through it all and we get FOTH.

10:33am BBT: WE now have Kitties as the HG go on HOH lockdown.

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12:10 BBT  Still on puppy/kitty cam


12:16 BBT  Feeds are back.  Jess is cutting hair in the WA.  Others are getting ready for the live show. Kat is packing and chatting with Nicole

Nicole shows Kat a couple of tops she is considering, Kat loves the black jacket with the red bra underneath.  BB tells Kat to move her mic higher.  Now Kat is counting votes.  She wants to be sure she is prepared for anything.  Nicole is reassuring her.  Kat says she knows things can change quickly.  Nicole tells her to just relax, she thinks Kat is fine.  Kat says she is going to go take a shower.  They leave, passing Holly and Cliff in the KT.  Kat stops to ask Holly what she thinks will happen.  Holly said sometimes people do crazy things, but there is nothing she can do now. Holly said she knows exactly what is going on, but she can't tell her what is going on.  Kat is popping pimples in the KT mirror.  Holly keeps saying she can't tell her, but just keep cool.

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12:25 BBt  People are still getting ready for tonight's show.  The clippers are dull and pulling, Nick says he isn't getting a haircut today, it isn't Jess's fault.  Sam wants her to use scissors on the top.  Bella is cutting Tommie's hair with scissors next to the memory wall pictures.  Tommie said that is the way to go.  Nick is watching. Tommie offers to cut Nick's hair, said his whole family owns a salon.  He can't do a fade, but he can cut with scissors.  Nick said he just needs some off the top. Tommie apologizes for taking so much of Bella's time.  She said it is no problem.  Nick comments that Tommie has grown up, he doesn't look like his picture anymore.  Tommie says to just wait until tonight.  He is going to moisturize his face, clean up his beard a bit.  Nick asks again if Tommie can really cut hair. 

Ovi is still packing, Christie has moved downstairs and is putting on make up.

Nick is whispering to Jack in the KT., then they act like they are talking about hair.  Cliff is washing dishes.  Jack said "she" is still talking sh*t, and trying to bait him.  He is just chill with everyone else.  Not sure who "she" is.  They talk loud about generic stuff, then whisper about game.


Most everyone is getting ready, primping, all in the same area (WA or KT area). 


(I am out until the live show, will update if I hear anything)

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12:41PM BBT Bella's cutting Tommy's hair.  Cliff's asking about how it works when you tell Julie who you're voting for.  Holly's in the shower.  Most of the HG are in the bathroom.


Christie and Jack alone in the boot room.  Jack and Christie discuss how Nick said if he won HOH he would put Kemi up.  It was a short discussion then they break.


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`12:15pm BBT: Feeds are back Christie taking her things downstairs. Hg in the WA they have the clippers and jessica is doing Sams hair as the other HG are doing ADL's.

 12:16pm BBT: Nicole and kathryne in the BR getting dressed for the live show tonight. Just general talk about clothes.

12:20pm BBT: Jessica feels bad that she is hurting Sam while clipping his hair but they say it is the clippers not her, Nick says the clippers are stopping and catching. In the KT Holly is eating while Cliff walks around then washes dishes.

12:23pm BBT: Nick says he trust jess but he does not trust them clippers so he will not be getting his hair clipped today. Holly and kathryne whispering in the KT while VCliff is washing dishes. Most Hg in the WA doing makeup and hair.

12:28pm BBT: Bella is cutting Tommy's hair with scissors by the memory wall, Nick is watching  just general talk going on about the way to cut it.

12:40pm BBT: Ovi and Christie in the BR while Ovi packs. Christie says just keep everything hush and ovi hugs her and says i am not saying anything to anyone. Ovi ask Cjristie if she just put her stuff in his box and she says no i did not touch it  then he says it was empty a minute ago now it is full of stuff. He then says BB ghost and laughs.
12:41pm BBT:Jack and Christie in the BRL talking, Christie tells him that Ovi told her he feels good about her and he says why is that and ovi tells her that he talked to jack so Christie tells jack that she told Ovi to leave it at that. Jack leaves the room and goes to the KT to eat. Most Hg still in the WA doing makeup and hair.

12:45pm BBT: Jack is now shaving Sams neck in the KT while Bella is still cutting Tommy's hair.

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12:47 PM BBT Nick asked Christie if she's wearing a bra.  Christie says no and asks if it's okay.  He says he's excited.  Then she asked him to stop looking at them.


12:55 PM BBT Jack tells Nick that his vote is Ovi.  Jack tells Nick that Ovi keeps going around saying, "I have Jack, I have these people, but I want yall to know that he doesn't" (he tells this to Nick while around Bella, Tommy and Sam.

Nick says he will tell Ovi, "you said I was a poker player so it's OVI-ous that i had to vote you out".

Everyone's impressed with how great Bella's doing with cutting Tommy's hair because she's never done it before.

1:59 PM BBT: Jack says he saw Holly's boob while she was in the shower because he walked up too close.  Nick says he saw Christie's boob too.  Jack says he's going to tell Holly that he saw her boob.

Jack to Holly:  if i disobey Bella and Nick's trust anymore, they're gonna have it out for me.  The talk stops because BB keeps telling Holly to put on her mic.  Jack never told Holly that he saw her boob, he was just talking to her about Ovi/Nick/Bella.  He walks back out to the kitchen and the guys asked if he told Holly he saw her boob.  He said yeah she didn't care (he didn't tell her).

1:05PM BBT Jack quickly fills Nicole in about voting out Ovi and tells her it'll seem like they're not but they are.

1:19PM BBT Jack tells Holly that he saw his boob.  She's putting on makeup with Analyse.  Analyse gets up to go get more makeup.  Jack tells Holly that if Ovi does stay, she can't tell the other girls about his power.  She agrees. 

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