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Songland-Aloe Blacc

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Aloe Blacc is tonight’s featured artist and he’s looking for a song for the Hobbs & Shaw movie. Aloe is joined by David Leitch, who is the director of the movie and they are looking for something anthemic.


Kyle Williams is the first writer on and the title of his song is I’m Just Getting Started. He thinks this song would be perfect for Aloe and he’s seen every Fast and Furious movie and to potentially have his song in the movie is just mind boggling. He greets the producers and he performs his song. Ester is bobbing her head along to the music and Aloe is dancing in his seat.


Shane says Kyle set the tone. David says there’s a swagger in that that is undeniable. Aloe feels like she wants a bridge in there to tell the story a little more. Shane thinks they need a payoff at the end. Ryan sings along and Aloe joins in and Ryan says they need to make the song as edgy as possible and Ester suggests adding drums. David says it works so well for the movie. They thank Kyle.


The next writer is Afika and his song is called Chosen. He says music is great therapy for people who went through hard times. He never thought he’d be sharing a song with Aloe Blacc. To get chosen for a movie as big as Hobbs & Shaw would be a legendary opportunity. Afika enters the studio and David says they are excited to hear what he brought. Afika performs his song.


Aloe says it has a nice energy. Ester says Aloe should sing instead of rapping. Aloe sings a few lines and he makes the words ascend. Shane feels like the melody is so good. David says this could fit in a specific scene. Ryan says if the track gets too aggressive it can undermine the message. Aloe wants to show Afika how he would chop the song up and he has the band play with him as he sings it. Shane is tossing out some ideas and freestyles along and he says the lyrics are awesome. Ester says good job.


TVTE is the next song writer. It’s pronounced Tate, but it’s a V instead of A because she wanted to change things up. He’s following her dream. Her song is called Call For a Hero. She heads into perform for the producers. Aloe says she almost made him want to throw his hat. David says that has huge potential. Ryan says he would consider arrangement changes. Aloe is a fan of songs that have multiple movements. Aloe says the chorus needs an overhaul, it doesn’t lift the song. Ester sings a little and Aloe likes it. Ryan says the lyrics are menacing and mean. Ester doesn’t want Aloe to go out of his classic voice.


The final writer is Steve Fee and he immediately heads into the studio. He meets Aloe and David and they ask what his song is and it’s called Same Blood. Shane says he couldn’t stop thinking about ways to make this even better. David says the lyrics are right on and he says it’s hitting home. Ryan plays his guitar and sings a line of the song. Shane says he wants him to alter the way a line is arranged. Ester says this song could sound crazy. Aloe sings a section and Ester sings back-up. David says this is right in the ballpark and Aloe could crush it.


Aloe talks about the scenes the song will fit into and he has to decide which three to work with. They call TVTE in first and she is the first song they are going to work on. Afika is brought in and Aloe says this song didn’t feel like the right direction for him. Aloe says it would take a lot of work to make the song fit him. Kyle is brought in and he is informed his song is selected. Steve is the last writer to find out they will be working on his song.


Steve is working with Shane, TVTE is working with Ester, and Kyle is working with Ryan. Steve and Shane are talking about the lyrics and Steve tells a story of a child he met who had cancer and he passed away and Steve is still friends with the child’s mom and that’s where Same Blood came from. Shane says he feels connected to that on piano.


Kyle and Ryan are working. Ryan says it’s really hard to do anthems that aren’t cheesy and he plays a draft he has. Ryan says he wants to add electric guitar. Ryan says it is a huge deal to get a song on a soundtrack. TVTE and Ester are working and Ester says they need to rearrange and make it right for Hobbs & Shaw out of the pieces of TVTE’s song. TVTE says she’s willing to change anything. Ester suggests taking the second half of the verse and making it the first half. Ester says there are six part to her song, but most songs only have three parts. So they need to work on it.


Ryan is playing some of the changes he’s made and says it’s AWOL Nation style. Kyle says it’s more modern. We’re back to seeing Shane and Steve working on the arrangement. Steve says to go to a gospel style sound is crazy, but all the lights went on when Shane started showing him the arrangement. Ester is Facetiming with Aloe talking about lyrics and the arrangement. Ester says Aloe would like a declaration song and they need to make sure what they say is towards where Aloe is going, but it also has to fit the movie. Ester says they get two wins with this episode.


Dwayne Johnson Facetimes with the writers and he tells them the music for Hobbs & Shaw is their passion and he thanks the writers for bringing their music. He says the world may not know you yet, but they’re about to. TVTE is the first writer on to re-pitch her song Hero. Ester says her voice is crazy. David liked the chorus change up and Aloe loved the arrangement. Shane says she has a bright future. Ryan says that was incredible.


Kyle comes in next to re-perform his song I’m Just Getting Started. Shane says he got goosebumps. Ryan says they shifted a little bit more urban and spent more time on the lyrics so whoever performs it feels swag. Aloe says this is what gets him up in the morning and this song makes him feel awesome.


Steve is the final writer in to perform his redone song Same Blood. Aloe says that felt so good. Ester says she felt like she was at a concert. Aloe loved the way he changed the ending of the chorus. He loves having something people can sing back to him. He says he killed it. Shane says he asked Steve what drove him as a song writer and he wants Steve to tell that story. Steve says he just celebrated five years of marriage with Creed’s mother, the child who passed away of cancer. Ryan says what music does for people, that’s what keeps people doing this. Steve thanks Shane.


Aloe says all three songs make him feel great and David says they didn’t make this easy at all.


The writers are all brought back in. David says he never thought he’d find three songs that would be so perfect for this film. Aloe says he’s so honored and he says regardless of who he chooses, their doors will be knocked down for people looking for them. He’s really happy to say he’s choosing Kyle’s I’m Just Getting Started. Kyle is so excited and Aloe says it’s a perfect fit for the film because it’s a new film, a new franchise, and they’re just getting started.

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