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Big Brother Season 21-Episode 3

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Previously, on Big Brother, with the HG spending their summer at Camp BB, they had to elect a camp director and after an explosive vote, the camper formerly known as Jackson own an unprecedented power. Michie decided to banish Kemi, Cliff, Jess, and David, and only three of them found their way back to Camp BB, leaving David banished.


With the game in full gear, the alpha males initiated an alliance, and they quickly locked things down with Christie, Holly, and Bella. At the first HOH competition of the summer, Christie manifested her destiny! Tonight, who will be put on the chopping block as the first two nominees of the season. Plus a brand new competition is unleased on Camp BB. Who will earn a game changing power? Find out now on Big Brother!


We pick up on Day 3 and Michie says Christie won HOH and this is fantastic. He’s guaranteed safety because of camp director and Christie won HOH and she will keep their alliance safe. This couldn’t be a better week of Big Brother. Ovi goes to congratulate Christie and he says he feels like they’ve played this game for eternity. He says he’s really happy she got HOH.


Ovi says when it comes to HOH, the name of the game is to make sure they can count on you. He says if Christie needs anything, then he is at her beck and call. He says he’s there for her. He says he likes her vibe, she’s a sweet person. Christie is trying to figure out where to dress and Ovi asks if she wants to get under his bed and she says no.


Kat asks if Analyse knows Christie well and Kat is nervous. Kat says she just doesn’t know her that well and Analyse says not to overthink it. Kat is nervous because she was the first to fall and she feels like it makes her an easy target. Bella, Kemi, and Jess come in.


Kemi says she doesn’t trust Jack at all. She looks at Jack as a dumbass, and Kat says she does trust Michie. Kat says he’s young and slightly impressionable. She’s sure if Michie were HOH, she could persuade him who to put up. Bella says the girls are running their mouths about Michie and Jack and that does not fly with her. Those are her guys.


Bella goes up to the HOH room and Christie is in there and Bella is saying what Kat said about Michie. Analyse joins and Nick is in there too and they talk about full of herself she is and she is delusional. Christie asks if anyone is super tight with Kat and they say only Michie. Christie doesn’t see her game benefitting from Kat. Nick suggests sitting Kat next to Cliff because he’s so chill he would understand. Christie’s goal is get out of this HOH with no blood on her hands, and Kat is making herself a great target. She says as always, the universe delivers things when I need it to.


Nick and Jack are in the treehouse. Nick says they have a really strong six, but if they had eight they’d have the majority which would be better for their game. Nick suggest Tommy and Analyse and Jack thinks Tommy is a great choice. Jack goes to talk to Tommy and Tommy says he’d love to work with him and he feels so right with Jack. Tommy says Jack is someone he can rely on. He’s smart, strong, handsome, sexy, and easy on the eyes. Jack names the alliance and Tommy says their brains are very in sync. Tommy says he’s in.


Nick goes to talk to Analyse about the alliance and she says she loves that, that’s such a good one. She’s super excited to be in the alliance because they have four strong girls and four great guys and for her game it’s great. Thank ya, Jesus.


Jack tells Christie their alliance should be called The Ocho. He says Hateful Eight is good too and Christie doesn’t want to the word hate in her alliance. Nick says he’s feeling amazing because their name Greightfully cements their alliance going forward until they fight out. Ovi comes in and uses the HOH WC and he says he’s so thankful and Christie says are you thankful or greightful and he says both and he and the others laugh.


Christie is talking to Cliff and she’s saying Kat is bringing a negative energy and she wants to put a guy and a girl, and she could cry right now, but she doesn’t want to make this dirty and she wants to put her up against him as a guarantee that she’ll go. Cliff says he doesn’t want to go on the block. All he can do is nod and say sure, no problem. Yeah right! He tells her he understands the game and he says he trusts her.


Kat is talking to Christie in the HOH and Christie says the first HOH is the hardest because you have nothing to base it on. Christie says Cliff is the easiest one because he’s the oldest guy, but she’s not sure who else. Christie tells us she needs to convince Kat that she’s a pawn so she doesn’t flip when she goes on the block. Christie says he’s an easy vote out the first week, just don’t give everyone a reason to change their minds. Kat says she wants to put her up? Just be straight and say she wants to put her up because she doesn’t like her, because she doesn’t like Christie either. Kat says she recognizes a mean, conniving, B*tch when she sees one. She’ll backdoor her when she can.


Tommy and Nick are in bed and Jack is in there and he takes his shirt off and Jack says they’ll be able to mow down the whole other side. Jess, Nicole, Cliff, Ovi, and then Sam. Ovi is laying in his bed but he can hear Nick and Tommy and he hears the word eight. Ovi says he might be on the outside and he needs to figure out something and reach out to people before it’s too late.


Ovi talks to Analyse and he’s telling her about hearing Tommy and Nick talking about a group of eight. Analyse says that alerts her in her head and she has to diffuse the situation. She says he can’t know there are eight of them to work together. He says he needs someone he can trust and she says you can trust me.


Sis runs up to the HOH and Christie, Jack, and Michie are in there and she recaps her conversation with Ovi. Michie says he knows Ovi needs to know when to keep his mouth shut. The fact he said eight is scary. Christie says she’s freaking out. She’s not sure how they’ll handle it, but they need to do damage control. Michie says the last thing we need is people outside of the eight plotting against us. We need to diffuse this bomb ASAP.


We hear a bugle and everyone is freaking out and running to the LR. The screen says Whacktivity Comp. Hey campers! It’s Whacktivity sign-up time! Head to the BY to sign up for your Camp Whacktivity. Chaos, Panic, and Nightmare Whacktivity are the choices. Over the next three weeks, they’ll all sign-up for one of the comps. Only five HG will play each week and the winner gets a secret power. Are you ready to sign up for a camp whacktivity? A random draw has determined the sign-up order.


Sis is first and she goes for Panic. We see the HG make their selections and then we see when they’ll play. Week 1 is the Nightmare Whacktivity Comp and Nicole, Bella, Kat, Cliff, and Ovi will play. Week 2 is the Chaos Whacktivity Comp and Holly, Tommy, Michie, Sam, and Jack will play. Week 3 is the Panic Whacktivity Comp and Sis, Nick, Kemi, Jess, and Christie will play.


First up is the Nightmare Whacktivity with Nicole, Cliff, Ovi, Bella, and Kat. When they are given the go, they’ll have five minutes to go outside and smell trash and try and match them to their trash can. Then they need to label their trash can and the first one to ring in correctly wins a secret power.


Ovi says he knows any secret power will help his game and he wants the advantage. Bella says she’s the only one in this activity for her alliance. Kat says rumor has it she’s going on the block this week. Christie says she’s not the target, but she thinks she’s lying so she wants to win and win the power to help her stay in the game.


Cliff says he has to win the secret power. Bella says the first trash can smells musky, tangy, sour and it’s urine. She says it stinks. The middle one smells like the ocean. The third one is a disgusting vommity sour smell. It reminds her of her child hood. Cliff is out in the BY to go smell trash. Cliff says when you leave trash everywhere you’re going to attract animals and we see a skunk. Cliff says they had a pet skunk as a kid named Oreo. Nicole says the first one is horrendous.


We see the HG gagging as they smell stuff. Nicole says impure Drurian. That one matches to a T. Ovi, Cliff, and Nicole are sniffing trash and running back in. Ovi says he’s becoming an expert on animal urine. Ovi labels his first trash can Coyote urine. Bella says you’d think this would be easy, but there are three different kinds of urine. All the HG have locked in their guesses. Round 1 is done and Bella has all three wrong, Kat has two wrong, and the other three miss one.


It’s time for round 2. Cliff says this is like a crazy puzzle. He’s not sure which one he missed in the first round. Cliff makes a choice on his first trashcan. Kat feels like she’s high. She feels high. It was a mix of everything, a melody. She’s like chill. Like right now, she’s like chilling. It was so gross. Ovi makes a change and he says he needs to buckle down and win this. Ovi changes one of his right answers. They all lock in. No one got it correct. Ovi missed one and so did Cliff. Nicole and Kat missed 2. Bella still has all 3 wrong.


Round 3. They say this is horrible. Bella says they are doing round after round and this is absolutely torturous. She wants to win so bad, but she can’t smell this anymore. Ovi feels like he’s so close. He knows the first and last are right, he just needs to lock down that last smell. He changes his middle can and he prays he’s right.


The other HG make some changes and they all lock in. Time to see if anyone guessed all three smells. Nicole got one wrong. Bella got two wrong. Kat got one wrong. Cliff got two wrong. Ovi got all three correct and he is trying not to make noise. He’s so happy he won the secret power. He doesn’t know what it is, but he knows it will help him. He needs to keep his cool so no one knows.


They are told to head back inside and they’ll find out in secret who won. Cliff knows he didn’t win and he feels terrible. Kat says she’s pretty sure she’s going on the block and she doesn’t know if who did win will use it against her.


Ovi is heading into the DR and he celebrates. He gets a card and reads: Nightmare power. Congratulations on winning the Nightmare Whacktivity Comp. It gives him the ability to turn the HOH’s reign a nightmare. The power can only be used one and can be used for any of the first six nomination ceremonies of the game. It gives him the power to after nominations have been made to wake everyone up in the middle of the night and make the HOH nominate two new people. Ovi says this is so powerful!


Cliff and Bella are discussing the comp and Cliff whistles at Ovi. Ovi wants to play dumb and it’s not that hard, he’s done it for most of his life. Bella says she’s been to fish markets and Kat comes in and she says she thought she had it right every time. She’s pretty sure one was Bobcat urine because it smelled like what they use on her hair to highlight it. Ovi says he’s going to keep this power a secret.


Ovi and Jack are in the HOH and Ovi wants to create a strong alliance before anyone else can. Christie and Michie come in with Ovi and Jack. Ovi says it’s day six and he’d like to meet and get something together. Ovi then tells them he heard Nick and Tommy in bed and he heard eight. Michie says for a fact? Ovi says yes. Christie says did you hear the names? Ovi says no. Michie says Ovi is wise to the eight person alliance, but he doesn’t know half the eight are sitting here talking to him. Analyse has joined the chat too.


Christie says she’s so greightful to Ovi and Jack says he’s thankful. Christie says she feels bad but they created a side alliance. Ovi says he’s not always the smartest person in the room, but he can create a smart team. He’s pretty sure he created the first alliance of Big Brother 21.


Kemi goes to the HOH and she wants to talk to Christie and see where her head is and make sure her voice is heard in some way. Jack is in there as well. Kemi says Ovi is all over the place and Christie says he is not off her radar. Christie says Kat knows she’s going up, does she want to ruffle any more feathers? Jack says Kemi sits down and starts talking game and she’s not in their alliance. She wants to throw people under the bus? That’s someone they have to look out for.


Jack and Christie go into the SR and Jack says she thinks she’s calling the shots? Christie says she’s the HOH and she needs to pay attention. She says Kemi is a player. She’s name dropping and she’s a schemer and she’s not about it. Jack says maybe put her up on the block.


It’s time for Nominations! As HOH, it is Christie’s responsibility to nominate two HG for eviction. She’ll turn the keys and their faces will appear on the memory wall. Christie’s first nominee is…Cliff. The second HG Christie has nominated is…Kat. Christie is crying and she says these nominations are not personal and she loves them. She wanted to keep it as fair and as unbiased as possible, one guy and one girl. And she believes whoever is meant to go home this week will go.


Cliff says he’s been told he’s a pawn, but there’s no such things as safety. He’s going to do what it takes to get off the block. Ovi says this is great he can keep his power another week. Christie says she’s not certain she wants nominees to stay the same, but she’ll have to see what happens. Kat says she’s a savage. These people don’t know what she’s capable of. All she can do is go out and win the POV.

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