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Friday, June 28, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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9:17BBT BY Jack,  Nick, Jackson are talking about Cliff.  Kemi had taken Jack into a room to have a one-on-one trying to build a connection.  Nick said to Jackson that he should start talking game with Cliff and should have him on his radar.  Nick said Cliff was saying the easy move would be to put up Jackson and Christie but he said he won't do that, he would put up Jessie and Ovi.  He said he wanted in on whatever Jackson had going on.   Jackson said it's because Cliff knows he has leverage.   [rms - Looked back earlier, maybe this is just something Cliff said if he wins HOH? ]

9:23PM BBT Jack and Christie are in the HoH room and jack is explaining that Kemi came up to him to talk.  He says to Christie that we have been in the house 10 days and she hasn't talked to him at all so far.  Holly and Analyse come in and stand around.  Christie says, they already know, cuz we all caught you and we are in an alliance.  Jack continues saying he talked to her but made sure he didn't tell her anything about who he is with or anything she could go to someone else and say Jack said this,...  He continues downloading what happened in the convo with Kemi.  Jack says that even to listen to her talk is like (shows a staring face like he's annoyed or bored).  Christie said (as a question) so she didn't ask what's going on about the veto or anything?  She also wonders how Kemi is so clueless.  Jack says it gets better as to how clueless she is.




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9:40PM BBT: Jack and Christie are in the HoH room talking about Bella's not understanding who is in the alliance of 8. She is concerned that Bella is with Kemi, and does not want to look stupid on week one.

Jack tells her that he trusts her. 

Holly tells Christie that Christie and Jackson have a final two deal, but that is a rumor. Christie uses that information to create a scenario where Bella is working against her.

Jack is counting votes and they decide that there are enough votes to send Kemi out of the game. When Christie asks about Jessica, Jack tells her that Jessica knows Kemi would put her on the block.

Sis is in the room, haven't seen her say anything, she is listening intently.

Christie calls Bella "sheisty".

Jack says they can use the information about Bella wanting only six people in an alliance. When the others wonder if Bella has "the power" he insists she does not. Although Jack insists he doesn't think she has it, the others are wondering how she would use it.

Holly says Bella is playing hard but is not sure what she is playing.

Michie comes into the HoH and asks if they are still voting out Kemi. Christie says they are.

Jack insists that Michie tell the story to the girls.

Michie tells them that Jessica tells Kemi that some of the houseguests are trying to get votes to keep Kemi. He doesn't know the details. He tells them that he is being left out of the loop. He denies there is a Michie and Kat.

Christie says that Bella questioned her about evicting Kemi while they were piercing her nose. She repeats that Bella did not even know who was in the alliance. Christie plans to use the alliance of 8 to evict Kemi, then dump a few house guests after the vote.

So much conversation is going on it is hard to keep track. They all seem to agree that Kemi is a savage and has no fear, and a few of them assume she has "the power".

They continue to name houseguests, pairing them by twos. Nick and Bella come up as secluding themselves from the others. Michey things he is getting generic answers when he asks them questions. Michey continues to puff out his chest about the things he will do... then he goes over a scenario where Nick or Bella are HoH. Tommy's name comes up, Christie immediately defends Tommy's position in the house, dismissing that conversation on the spot. Michey continues to insist he came up to clear the air and make sure they understand he is loyal. He is pushing keeping Kat by saying he is not pushing to keep Kat. He denies for the second time that he and Kat are in a showmance.

Christie mentions putting Cliff up for eviction soon because he mentioned her and Jack. Michey insists he can control Cliff, and says he can make sure that will happen. Michey says the vote numbers will tell how the house is divided.

Michie offers to feel out Cliff to see if he has "the power", offering to back door Bella if he does. Christie says not to do that because Cliff might tell the others there is a new plan in motion. She thinks Cliff holds his information close to his chest.

Jack tells them they need to move forward with the 6, but to keep that to themselves.

Michie is determined to work hard for the next HoH, he feels like he has been sidelined.

Jack offers to go comfort Kat, they agree and he leaves the HoH.

Christie calls Bella ingenuine (her word) and a schemer.

Jack returns with Kat. Kat goes immediately to the loo. While Christie continues to slam Bella's acting.

Jack whispers not to say "anything", to Kat, but I'm  not sure what "anything" means in this confusing context.

Jack hugs Kat then tells her that he has no secrets with Kemi.

Kat says she will not retaliate by putting them on the block because she is there, they all reassure her that they don't think she would do that.

Jack insists he was just entertaining Kemi, and the others seem to believe him.

Ovi comes into the room and says he is doing the numbers and he believes the first eviction will be Wednesday, and they will not tape Sunday.

Christie denies knowing what Sam is doing with the veto. He teases Kat by telling her he is voting to evict her, then says he will vote Kemi out.

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9:40PM BBT Still Jack talking to Christie with Analyse and Holly listening in. They are debating if Kat or Kemi should go though both still on Kemi going.  Christie just wants to do what the group wants. They all start talking about if Isabella is really trustworthy or talking to them

10:07PM BBT HoH room, well, Jack, Jackson, Holly, Christie, and Analyse just flipped Isabella out of the their 6 and replaced her with Tommy.  That leaves Isabella in the 8 but not the 6 any more.

1016PM BBT BY in the hot tub, Nick, Sam and Tommy are talking game.  Sam and Nick were talking about how they trust the 3 of them more than Jack and Jackson.  Tommy was tossing out the idea of flipping and voting out Kat and Keeping Kemi and how that would blow up the alliance.  

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Hi great job everyone.  Please continue using this topic until midnight, then it will be Saturday, and you can begin posting updates in this thread:


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12:00 am BBT Jessica and Nicole in the bathroom talking about how they have done in the competitions so far.  Nicole making sure that Jessica is ok, cause she knows she was feeling down. Nicole tells her a lot of people were down yesterday and cried. 

12:05am BBT Large group of people in Kitchen. Nick is playing with Bella's hair. Jack giving Analyse a foot massage.

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10:26am BBT Christie in HOH room with Holly and Analyse, that she wants to warn Ovi that he's going to the Kemi that as far as she knows The veto is not going to be used so they are good. If she presses the issue, in case it gets used and wants her to give a name, Christie is going to her that she doesn't want to ruffle any feathers so she will go with the names she has heard which is her (Kemi) or Ovi. The girls advise her not to tell Ovi that she will use his name because that will give him a hint that he can be used as a pawn or a back up.

10:33am BBT Christie says she is dreading having this conversation with Bella. One of the girls asks if she thinks that Kemi knows, Christie says she is sure that if Bella hasn't warned her Nicole has

10:53am BBT Jackson approaches Cliff in the bathroom, he says that people are starting to get a little testy and if he would like to start working with him if he is actually serious about it. Cliff say he is serious about it and he is looking for somewhere to land. Cliff says he is friendly with everyone in the house but is looking for a group. Jackson says them and Kat and Holly are the southern folks and have a lot in common and they can be low key. Jackson tells Cliff he can be friendly with some people from one side and he will be friendly with some people from the other side, but at the end of the day they will stick to the core 4. He says they can do a lot of damage together.

10:54am BBT Jackson tells he doesn't want to win hoh next week cause he doesn't want the blood on his hands.

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