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Friday, June 28, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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Kitchen (KT)
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Living Room (LR)
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Boat Room Lounge (BRL)
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7:04 AM BBT  Cliff gets up to go to the WC.  The whole house stays dark.  Looks like people are sleeping in the LR on the couches.  Cliff comes out, washes his hands, then heads to the KT.  It stays dark for a while, then the lights come on so he can make something to eat.  He puts away the clean dishes.  He is now washing up some other dishes.

7:13 AM BBT  While Cliff continues to wash dishes, the rest of the house is quiet and dark.


7:23 AM BBT  Cliff is finally done washing dishes, and waves at the camera and says "good morning, live feeders".  He then heads back into the bathroom and WC.

7:32 AM BBT  Cliff is now making his breakfast, while everyone else sleeps.


7:40 AM BBT  We get a brief WBRB and music, then back to Cliff.  He is finished with his breakfast and banana, and is washing his dishes.

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7:50 AM BBT  Cliff is in the boat room talking to the camera.  He is saying he is trying to lay low, his game is coming along.  He said right now everyone is Kum Bah Ya but he will see where the strength lies before picking a side.  He will have to make some hard decisions, but not yet.  He continues talking to the live feeders.  He said his family has watched the live feeds on POP for years, and that is where his view point is.  He said it is amazing how once you get in there, you forget the mirrors, the bathroom is just a room shared with 14 other people.  He is enjoying every minute so far.  He hopes we are enjoying watching.  He said no one is playing really hard yet, or want to make a target of themselves yet.  Cliff says if he is HOH next, he knows some easy picks to put up, then some harder ones that would put a target on his back as they are playing hard. 

Cliff is proud of how long he stayed on the long in the first HOH comp.  He says he could have stayed on longer, but probably not to take the whole thing.  He thinks he proved he isn't a first one out easy pick.  He feels he got some respect.  He said he thought the cold would get him, but the slime and sticky stuff was what got him.  He said it was harder than he sees on TV.  Jackson is chomping at the bit wanting to do a physical comp to prove himself.  Cliff would love to talk to a live feeder to find out what is going on that he doesn't know about.  He said if there are any out there with telepathy, please send it to him and get it into his thick head.

Cliff does a shout out to his family.  He says when he goes to bed, maybe they can get some sleep too.  He knows they don't want to miss anything.

Cliff feels he has been in on most of the conversations.  He said there are just too many rooms.  He wants to stay close to Christie, she seems to be a lynch pin of what is going on.  He said we will see what happens next week.  He also talks about being in a room, then others start drifting in.  Some want to see what is going on, others what to make sure they aren't being talked about.  He said Ovi or Kemi come in, and they are irrelevant.

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7:25 am BBT Cliff is up and in the kitchen. He first cleans up the dirty dishes left in the sink, then proceeds to microwave an egg, toast two pieces of bread and pour a cup of milk. He sets his table with the above mentioned items along with a banana and a bottle of hot sauce. He dumps the egg from the microwaved cup onto the piece of toast.  He washes the egg dish and pours hot sauce atop all and begins enjoying his breakfast. He holds his plate in his hand and eats from it while studying the memory wall.  He drinks the milk then eats the banana all the while staring at the memory wall. 

The other cameras feature Holly, Analyse and Christie, all sleeping in the HOH bed and soft snoring can be heard. 

Cliff finishes up, washes his dishes goes to the LR, picks up Orwell the owl, removes his hat and sunglasses and goes to the boat room where he wraps up in a blanket. He positions Orwell against the back wall.

He addresses live feeders! He apologizes for there not being much going on. Everyone stays up late. He is sorry for the folks that have to work today and the ones that get up early to watch the feeds and only get to see him cleaning, so he gives a synopsis of the previous day.

He says they had the POV comp, and he killed it. He scored a 0 and was tied for third worst. Nicole and Kat got 0's as well. He doesn't have the POV, but Sam does and he believes Sam will use it on him, but he knows to never assume that he knows what is going to happen because it never does. 

Most everyone thinks that the POV ceremony is today and the eviction is Sunday, but he and Kat think it will not be until next Wednesday. He and she decided not to tell the others this theory. Cliff says that this is to his advantage and his fears are lessening. He feared he would go home before everyone got to know him. He thinks he has a relationship with everyone in the house. He and Jessica are the outcasts because he's the old guy and she's the plus sized gal and the rest of them don't see them as athletic as they are.

He says he is going to be a floater for a while but not forever. Once he sees where the strength is he will gravitate towards them. He quotes Steinbeck... oh, the best laid plans of mice and men... He says he may not be doing great in there but he is having a great time and that is all he really wanted to do. He says after watching BB on POP for season after season he appreciates being there doing it live. He forgets about the cameras and people watching him. He says that if he stays there till day 90 he will probably start to hate all the others. He says no one wants to be the one that makes the first big move and takes a stab at a popular person. 

He is proud of his performance in the log hanging HOH. He figures everyone would think he would be the first one off. But being 6 or 7th to fall, he was proud. He didn't want to do too well, but he knew he couldn't hang on much longer. 

He says he makes assumptions about what he knows in there, but he would give anything to spend 5 minutes with a live feeder and pick their brain. He asks for anyone who has mental telepathy to try to get through his thick skull and send him their thoughts so he could have some insight.

To my family, Sharon, Kelly, Daniel and all my extended family, he hopes they got a little sleep last night because he knows they are trying to watch everything.  He wants to try and fit in and be up all night too but he just can't. He is trying to catch all the conversations but there are too many people and too many rooms, so he positions himself in a room that people go to and he tries to stay near Christie because he thinks she might be a king pin. 

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12:00AM BBT: HGs are chatting in the KT. Jessica, Holly, Bella, and Analyse are talking about ballet in the WA. Holly and Jessica switch to talk about clothes, BB cuts the feeds for a few seconds. 


12:02AM BBT: Feeds are back, more HGs are in the WA, trying to figure out how to change without flashing the cameras. General conversation throughout the house. Christie says "this house is more emotional than you think." She doesn't like it and she's confused. Jackson asks if there's anything specific she doesn't like. Christie says she's "just scared."


12:03AM BBT: Christie says she doesn't like being HOH, she and Jessica start talking about being emotional. More general conversations in the KT with Tommy, Nicole, Cliff, & Jack. 


12:03AM BBT: Ovi and Kat are in the CBR, Kat has her eyemask on. She takes it off and talks with Ovi, he tells her "it's still pretty early." Kat says she has to go to the DR. 


12:05AM BBT: Tommy & Christie are in the HOHBR, Christie is crying, says she's "freaking out." Christie says the "whole Kemi thing doesn't feel good," and that she's "playing a game for other people." Tommy tells her not to worry. 


12:06AM BBT: Christie has a meltdown for several more minutes, sharing what upsets her with Tommy. She feels paranoid and upset and thinks everyone thinks she's in a showmance, but she's not. 


12:09AM BBT: Tommy tries to assure Christie that everything will be ok, Christie says she's not in a showmance with Jack and doesn't want to "play his game." Tommy breaks it down with a pro/con list on if they should vote Kemi out. They go over the votes. 


12:12AM BBT: Tommy tells Christie that they can't rock the boat this early on and they need to calm down. He manages to calm Christie down. Kemi rings the HOHR doorbell and walks in. 


12:13AM BBT: Christie tells Kemi that she's just overwhelmed with being in the house. Tommy agrees and they talk about being in the house and how hard it is.


12:15AM BBT: Christie tells Kemi that she and Jack are not in a showmance because she "likes girls" and she's not going "to play Jack's game." They talk about the other HGs and how they're also having trouble in the house. 


12:15AM BBT: Nick, Jack, Sam and Bella are in the BRL chatting, they talk about Kat not being a "social butterfly." They say it's good because that way Kemi will think they're sending Kat home. 


12:16AM BBT: The four in the BRL talk about Tommy and Christie upstairs, they don't think Tommy really knows why Christie is upset. They talk about Kemi just walking into everyone's conversation.


12:17AM BBT: In the HOHR, Christie, Tommy, and Kemi talk about the power. Christie hopes whoever has the power only uses it if they really need to. They all agree that they don't even know what it is. "It's f***ing fine," Christie says, "tomorrow is a new day."


12:19AM BBT: The four in the BRL joke around, Jack laughs loudly and they joke about the audio guys throwing their headphones off. Jackson and Cliff walk in. BB cuts the feeds for a few seconds. The group talks about blankets when it comes back. 


12:22AM BBT: Nick goes through the Ovi/Tommy cookie situation from earlier, telling the others in the BRL what happened. Christie, Tommy, and Kemi are still in the HOHR for a few more seconds before Kemi and Tommy leave to go to the KT. 


12:24AM BBT: Analyse and Holly check on Christie in the HOHR, Christie says she's good. The group in the BRL are still joking around. Everyone else is in the KT. 


12:26AM BBT: Christie tells Holly and Analyse that she and Jack are not a thing and that she is not pulling away from their alliance. Christie says she will not be Jack's pawn. She says Jack can play whatever he wants in the game, but he isn't going to play her. She calls Jack a "punk."


12:27AM BBT: "This is not the Jackson & Jack show," Christie tells Analyse and Holly. Analyse agrees, she says even though Jack is "hot," he tries to have everyone wrapped around his finger. They say he even does it with Nicole, so it's all a game. 


12:28AM BBT: Analyse tells Christie and Holly that Bella says Christie and Jack are in a showmance. Christie says, "no, no, no." They talk about Christie not being in a showmance for awhile. 


12:31AM BBT: Kemi and Nicole are whispering in the CBR. Kemi says she doesn't know why she's so worried. Kemi says she's "so f***ing paranoid." Nicole asks if she's talked to Christie, Kemi says she has. 


12:33AM BBT: Kemi tells Nicole about her frustrations. Nicole says she feels like she's in the DR. Christie, Analyse, and Holly are still in the HOH washroom. BB cuts the feeds for a few seconds. 


12:34AM BB: Kemi says she doesn't want a "six second clip ruining" her life. She doesn't want anyone to think she's flirting with anyone. Nicole says Kemi makes her laugh. They agree to go to the BRL. BB Cuts the feeds when she walks in. 

12:36AM BBT: The group in the BRL isn't too thrilled about Kemi's arrival. The group in the BRL talk about where they want to go in the world. Christie, Analyse, and Holly are still in the HOHR talking about showmances. The three agree that they're not worried about Jackson and believe they'll be able to get him out later. Christie says she's not afraid to tell Jack that they aren't in a showmance. Christie says she doesn't even want a boyfriend, because she likes girls. 


12:44AM BBT: Christie, Analyse, and Holly go to the KT, Tommy and Jessica are in the WA, everyone else is in the BRL. Christie wants to eat something that isn't carbs. 


12:53 AM BBT: Jackson joins Christie, Analyse, Holly, Jessica, and Tommy in the KT.  Jessica and Tommy are dancing while everyone else is chatting and eating. 

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8:03 AM BBT  Cliff is still talking to the camera.  He said in previous years, there are cliques that develop early, but that doesn't seem to be happening yet this year.  Cliff said that it is easy to put up Jackson or Christie as Jackson banished him and Christie put him up.  He says it would be easy for Kemi to go home this week, as she hasn't been very social and has rubbed some people the wrong way.  He really likes Ovi, but thinks he is trying to hard with his social game.  Cliff really likes Ovi, but has had to back off on being with him.  He really likes him, but doesn't want to get tied to him.  He talks about bullies, and he doesn't want to join in.  He discusses a little more of his view point.


Cliff asks his family if they are now friends with the Dominoes driver, since feeds have been live for 3 days.  Cliff misses being outside.  He was out a little yesterday, but was too busy to enjoy it.  He wants to go outside and enjoy the sunshine and nature.  Cliff says he could have gone back to bed, but enjoys the quiet time where he doesn't have to watch every word he says.  He says someone might be right outside the door, and he is screwing himself. (no one else is up). 


Cliff talks about how exciting it is every year for BB to start.  Seeing the interviews, the cast list, etc.  He talks about Katlyn from last year, how she didn't get the puzzle put together, but she owned it.  He said if he did that, he couldn't go home again.  He jokes about if he were in the KT eating it might be more entertaining for the live feeders that this.  He says we get a look at his inner thinking.  He wonders what twist he is missing.  Christie and Jackson brother and sister??  Jack, is he really Aquaman's stand in?  Tommy is probably very entertaining.  He said he lights up a room, pure energy and fun and joy.  Cliff said Tommy slipped a little yesterday, when he said his family plays BB, even comps and everything.

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1:12AM BBT: Jack and Bella are cuddling in the BRL, talking with Ovi. Jack says his twenties flew by. Bella asks if he misses it, he says no. Bella and Ovi ask how Jack got into photography, he says it was his ex-girlfriend. Everyone else is in the KT. 


1:22AM BBT: Ovi talks to the cameras in the BRL. Everyone else is in the KT laughing and joking around. Just general conversation. 


1:32AM BBT: Jessica is in the WA with Bella, telling her about when she had her tonsils out. Everyone else is still chatting in the KT while Jessica and Bella chat in the WA for the next half hour. 

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8:15 AM BBT  Cliff feels Tommy is playing this game really well, driving it from behind.  Cliff hopes the older people are enjoying his game, but he is playing for himself, not them.  He said there is such an age difference.  It is difficult for him to not play the dad role, but he is having to adapt and try to fit in.  He mentioned the Dukes of Hazzard and they don't know what he is talking about.  He said he has a whole difference set of life experiences.  He hopes that will be an advantage for him, so ling as he doesn't get boastful. 


He can't believe he is on BB!  Talking about what he watched, wondered why people were always in the bathroom, instead of in the LR.  He said he sits in the WA a lot, because everyone has to go in there.  He said the KT is the same way.  The LR seems too formal, as that is where the ceremonies take place.  He said people don't care about showering in front of others.


Cliff tells Sharon he is behaving.  He said the girls could all be models, the guys are all into exercising and working out.  Cliff said when they are outside, the guys are all busy working out and weights, so it is easier for him to sit with the girls.  He hopes to be a psuedo member if there is a girls alliance.  He feels if any alliances are formed this early, he doesn't feel they will last.  Cliff said he will be heartbroken if some of these people turn on him, but he thinks he has made friendships.  He could be wrong, and be sitting with Julie next week, but he hopes not.  He said he hopes we are enjoying.  Everyone has a spot to fill, the goofball, the klutz, etc.  He feels like when he puts home the cowboy hat, and does a "yee haw", he has to do it a little more over the top, because he feels that is his role.



8:23 AM BBT  Cliff said there are so many east coasters in the house!  He has traveled the world, Russians, Asians, etc, but he isn't sure he understands the east coasters.  Some of their accents are like watching a movie.  He goes over different people and where they are from, and how they are gravitating towards people with a shared bond.   Cliff remembers David, said it was a shame he had to leave like he did.  He names others who left early.  He said as much as people need to leave to increase his chances of winning, no one should have to leave the first day.  David never got to eat a meal, take a shower, swim in a pool, see the HOH room, all of the simple things that make it the BB experience. 


Cliff wants to see the pictures of who are important to them.  He said he talks about his family, so he wants people to see the loves of his life.  He wants to see the others, too, but not their dogs!  He said they aren't kids, they are just dogs!  Now Cliff is giving birthday shout outs to Nicole's father, Tommy's father and Jackson's father, who all have birthdays within the next few days.  He applauds Tommy's father for doing such a good job of raising him.

Cliff is starting to tear up, he said, thinking about his family.  Even though he travels a lot, he has always talked with his wife and family.  This is different.  He feels so completely removed from his family.  Even the mundane things, like saying good morning, a hug, watching the news together....  He is not ready to go home yet, he just really misses them

Cliff is getting tired, he is sure he could go back to sleep now, but is afraid if he does, they will do the wake up call.  Cliff hopes he isn't embarrassing his family.  He doesn't think he has, but apologizes in case he has said something that is taken out of context.  The internet and social media is so powerful.  Cliff is normally a private person, tries to stay away from social media, and yet here he is.  He was a quiet kid, rarely raised his had, sat in a corner trying to blend in, and now he is here! 

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7:30am BBT Cliff has been up, he did some dishes and is now making him a slice of toasat (in the toaster oven) and an egg (in the microwave). He also has milk, hot sauce and a banana. Everyone else is still sleeping.


7:40am BBT we get a short WBRB. Cliff is finishing his milk looking at the Memory Wall. He washes his dishes. He gets the owl off a couch in the LR, goes to the Lounge. He says Hello live feeders, sorry there isn't much going on in the morning. I am up, Orwell was up (the owl fell over). He says he needs to stay up later. Gives us a recap of the Veto comp yesterday, he got 0. Sam has the POV and he talked to Sam who said he would use it on  him. He says everyone thinks the Veto ceremony will happen today with live eviction is Sunday, he thinks it will be next Wed. Its a long time in the house since David went home and this next eviction. He thinks everyone likes him, they all get along with him. Thinks he did a lot to get past "the old guy" thing. 


7:50am BBT Cliff just has to wait until the groups start to break up. He doesn't like being a floater and wont stay one forever. Whether his plan works or not he is having one H*ll of a fun time doing it. Sitting in this house and it doesn't feel real. For the live feeders out there, everything he seen has been from your perspective. He quickly forgot about the cameras and mirrors. He says its a marathon not a sprint, taking the time he has spent in here already and multiplying that by another 90%, boy that's a loooong time. Everyone is playing hard, no one wants to be the villain by making a hard cut. 


7:55am BBT Cliff continues talking to the live feeders. Everyone expected him to be the second one off the log, he could have stayed on a bit longer but he wanted to help Analyse out. He says it wasnt the cold that got to him it was the force of the liquid and his contacts kept messing up. It was every bit as hard as he thought it would be. He is curious to see how Michie does in comps. He says what he wouldnt give to have 5 min with a live feeder to find out what is going on that he misses. He talks to his family, he hopes they get a little sleep (they are watching him on feeds), he went to bed at 1:30 last night (3:30 their time). 


8:00am BBT Cliff tells us its hard to talk game, just as he starts Kemi or Ovi or someone else not relevant to the convo walks in. Everyone is still friendly. He does think there isn't the divisions as there has been in past seasons so far. Cliff says he cant feel upset with Michie for banishing him, it was so long ago, he hasn't forgotten it, its an easy excuse to put him up if he needs to. Kemi kinda rubs ppl the wrong way. He wouldn't be upset to see go. He loves Ovi, thinks he is trying to hard to fit in. Caught himself laughing with others when they say something about Ovi, but then he stops, he feels like a bully and Ovi deserves better then that. You all my look at me in the weeks ahead and say what a hypocrit, people can quickly turn on each other in stressful situations.


8:09am BBT Cliff says he hopes the live feeders are having fun. He remembers how excited he would get waiting for the cast list to come out and then again when the show started. He's greatest fear is having to put a 7 piece puzzle of himself together and he has 30 seconds...and fails. The highs and lows in this game, he has to remember its just a game, he has his family back home. Except what he has to and if he cant he cant. 


8:12am BBT Cliff says Christie and Tommy are related...brother and sister maybe. He likes Jack, he's a dominating presence. Tommy is a character, he doesnt look like he is playing the game but he is. He is having fun with it. Cliff hopes the older people are ok with how he is playing. He is playing for himself and his family. It blows him away that there is such an age difference, he is trying to play as just another guy not the dad figure. Who hasnt heard of the Dukes of Hazard? 


8:19am BBT Cliff says its surpising how casual things have gotten, taking a shower with 14, 15 other people around you and now the live feeders. He would be ok being in girls alliance. He has to figure out which group gives him the most opportunity to go far. Heck he could be out the door in a few days and we will be saying he should have spent more time talking to the HG late at night and less to the feeders in the morning. He feels there is a roll in the house he has to keep up, the yeehaw and hat throwing isnt really him.


8:27am BBT Cliff talks to each HG familes. He says he may tear up thinking about his family, he has been away for weeks at a time but at least he could talk to them on the phone. Hearing his wifes voice can charge him up for days on a time. He knows they are doing good. Its the mundane things like saying hi in the morning, watching TV, he misses them so much but he is not ready to come home yet. He hopes he hasnt done anything that tarnishes any one, if he has he is sorry. We are all worried about something being said that is taken out of context, social media is such a wild fire. He is not much for social media, he is a pretty private person. He used to be a shy kid, feared public speaking. Going on BB is the biggest test LOL. 


8:37am BBT Cliff says love you live feeders, he has been where we are. He will try to give us a show. Sharon, Kelly, Daniel I love you. He leaves the lounge, put Orwell on the KT counter and heads to the WC. 


8:43am BBT Cliff is back in bed. 



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8:37 AM BBT  Cliff says if his ramblings are wrong, and he doesn't make sense, it still has to be better than watching some guy snore in a darkened room.  He again gives a shout out to the live feeders.  He isn't going to make a move or do something stupid just for the drama.  He is either going back to bed or take a shower.  A shout out to his family, he loves them. He then heads off into the WC again.

8:43 AM BBT  Cliff goes to the WC, washes his hands when he is finished, then heads to the SR.  Looks like he exchanged his battery pack, then went back to bed.

8:45 AM BBT  All is dark and quiet in the BB house, for now

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2:00AM BBT: Sam and Kat are in the CBR whispering. Sam says "sh*t will hit the fan."  Kat says she doesn't want to be a baby or "bring anyone's mood down." Kemi walks in and the whispering stops. She leaves and Sam says he hopes the yard is open tomorrow. Ovi walks in and they ask who is sleeping in the TBR. Ovi asks Kat how she's feeling, she says she had a bad day and she's home sick.  They talk about the house being dusty. 


2:05AM BBT: Kat tells Ovi and Sam that she told the producers in the DR just to tell her what to say so she could go to sleep. The three talk about the events of the day. 


2:10AM BBT: Christie is in the HOHR with Tommy, Jack, Holly, and Analyse. Christie goes over what she wants to say for nominations when she puts Kemi up. Jack tells them that Bella told him that Kemi said that Cliff said if he wins HOH he's putting up Christie and Jack on the block. "She's full of sh*t," the others say. Tommy says maybe she's not. Jack says he is, he says Cliff will go with the house. Tommy isn't so sure. 


2:17AM BBT: Christie says she wants to play Big Brother. She says "a lot can happen in this game and everything changes day to day." They talk about how beautiful the house is, except for the rug in the kitchen.  Tommy says he can't wait to see what happens next, "i'ts gonna be fun, we're gonna be good." Jack and Tommy leave the HOHR. 


2:18AM BBT: Nicole is crying in the BRL. Bella and Nick are in the WA, Nick tells Bella she's cute. Nick says he thinks Nicole is upset. Bella says she'll go talk to her in a few minutes. Ovi  starts to go into the BRL but Nick and Bella tell him no, to give Nicole a minute. Ovi says Nicole wants him to go in. He walks into the BRL and hugs Nicole.  She thanks him, she says she just needs a few minutes. Ovi tells her it's all ok and that she has nothing to apologize for. They all talk about how tough it is being in here. 


2:30AM BBT: Nicole tells Ovi that she tried to wait until everyone went to sleep to break down, but no one will go to sleep. Jackson walks in and gives her a hug, he tells her everything will be ok and he doesn't want to see her cry. He says they wall want to be here for each other. 


2:36AM BBT: Sam is asleep in the CBR, Kat and Jackson are in bed across from him. They're whispering and it's difficult to hear what they're saying. Kat tells him it's not fun to be the person crying.  She says something, but tells Jackson not to tell anyone. Kat says Jackson is going to hate her by the end of this. He says "no." She says she's "so needy." Jackson disagrees. They talk about people being home sick, he says seven people have cried today.


2:38AM BBT: "Happy B-Day, Papa" is written on the KT table from Nicole. She talks to the camera, she talks to her family and her dad. She says she loves them and that she's so sorry she missed her dad's birthday. She hopes he had a great birthday.




2:42AM BBT: Tommy is talking to Nick and Bella in the WA. They talk about Cliff. Nick says Cliff has a better game than Ovi. Tommy says Cliff needs to go sooner rather than later because he has a good game. They talk about Cliff for a few minutes. 


2:56AM BBT: Tommy, Bella, and Nick are laughing in the WA. Jackson and Kat are still whispering in bed in the CBR. Jackson keeps moving the pillows around so it's difficult to hear anything they're saying. He says he doesn't want to sit there and hug Kemi all the time and act like everything is ok, but he does it for the game. He says everything he does in the house is a game. Sam snores loudly. 

3:07AM BBT: The house is starting to go to sleep. The lights are off in the CBR, the TBR, and the HOHR. Nick, Bella, and Tommy are still chatting in the WA. Nicole uses the WC. 


3:12AM BBT: Tommy leaves to go to sleep. Bella continues to cry in the WA, Nick hugs her and promises her "she'll never be alone" and that he'll never leave her. They hug some more, he tells her she's going to be ok. They go back to chatting after they finish hugging. Nick talks about anxiety. 


3:45AM BBT: Nick continues to talk to Bella in the WA about his anxiety. Nicole is in the KT spelling more things out with cereal. 


3:51AM BBT: Bella is crying again and Nick is hugging her. He keeps telling her she's safe and she'll never be alone. He makes her repeat after him and take deep breaths. 


4:06AM BBT: Nick tells Bella that she's perfect and that she inspires him. Tommy walks in and says Jack is snoring so loud. He asks if Bella is ok, she says she is and Nick is good at his job. Tommy says he'll leave them alone and go "chill in the boat room." Bella assures him that he can stay. Tommy sits back down and says Jack's snoring is "so loud," he says he's "not even tired." Nick asks what time it is. The three move to the BRL. 


4:18AM BBT: Nick tells Bella and Tommy that he wants to see the real Ovi and that the person he's being in the house isn't who he really is. He says Ovi is insecure and wants to "fit in." They talk about Kemi and the events of the day. They also talk about their past. 


5:08AM BBT: Nick, Bella, and Tommy finally leave the BRL. Nick sits in the LR by himself for a few minutes


5:20AM BBT: Everyone is in bed and the lights are out throughout the BB House.

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9:12 am BBT House guest wake up call and we got to hear the music!!!!!  Ocean Avenue by Yellow Card!  Jack and Cliff are enjoying the tunes. Bella arose. The HOH occupants are unmoved by the music. No signs of life there.



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10:36 AM BBT  Since the wake up all, the HG's have been doing ADL's, wandering around the house, chatting and just getting to know each other.  Cliff was in the HOH room with Christie, she told him he is safe.  She thinks Sam will use the Veto on him.  They discuss how well everyone is getting along, and the house isn't divided like last year.  Christie said it was fun to watch, but she would have hated to be part of that cast.  They joke about who is the evil one.  Wouldn't it be funny if that was David's role, and he is already gone?!  Cliff said David was told he had to compete against Cliff and Jess to stay, and thought it would be easy (Hypothesizing, not fact). Christie said she is nervous about the Veto meeting today.  Cliff said her part is done, she reminds him she has to name a replacement nom.  He agrees.  He said the best thing is the entire house is behind her.


Jess is in the WA telling about a family picture, an old lady that some people saw, ghost stories. 


Cliff is in the KT talking to Kemi, asking her again what she does.  He is trying to be nice, no one else seems to be talking with her.  Tommie is talking about dyeing his hair, he has had frosted tips before. He wants to dye it blond, but Holly (I think) says it might just turn orange. 


Jackson can't wait to drink Tequila when he gets out of the house.  He also tells about a video that went viral of him breaking a table while playing beer pong.  Now the people in the KT are talking about going out.

10:45 AM BBT  Jackson, Holly, Tommie, Cliff, Sam and Analyse (sis) are at the bar/seating in the KT.  Kemi has left.  They are talking about drinking in college.  Jackson was talking about a great schedule that he had.  He would rather have all of his classes on Tuesday and Thursdays, so he has a 4 day weekend.  Someone asked if he has graduated.  Jackson said he has enough credits, but doesn't have the foreign language requirement.  He was going to take it this summer, but now can't.  He can take it in the fall, or hopefully he won't be available for fall class, and take it in the spring.  He says he never bought a book in 4 years of college.  He either borrowed it from someone, or just took notes in class.

Tommy wasn't a good student in high school, so he only got accepted into one very expensive college.  He went for one semester, then decided to drop out.  Tommie said there is only a few good years for a dancer, so he decided to dance now, he can always go back to school later.

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10:00am BBT: Hg are up, jack,Nick,Christie, Ovi, Holly and Analyse are in the HOHR talking about women grooming themselves. In the WA is Jessica and Nicole talking general talk.

10:03am BBT: Analyse goes down to the WA and gives Jessica and Nicole a hug then brushes her teeth. Jessica talking about a creepy house she was in during a party. In the HOHR Talk is about playing in band and dancing.

10:12am BBT: Most HG in the KT making breakfast and sitting around talking general talk.

10:14am BBT: Cliff and Christie in the HOHR talking, Cliff says he fells for her being the first HOH and how hard hard it is. Christie says yeah it is hard when you have everyone in your ear saying Kami has to go she has to go but the majority is saying it so that why i had a breakdown lastnight. Cliff says yeah but its a game.

10:16am BBT: Christie tells Cliff that Jack got upset with her lastnight for pulling away a little but first off I do not date guys ya know but i like Jack . Jack says yeah he is athletic and i picked him for POV and i was nervous. Christie says yeah he is strong and his social game is great.

10:21am BBT: Christie and Cliff start heading down stairs and Cliff assures her she has alot of people supporting her. She says thank you to Cliff. She then says she is just scared Kami will come after her next week.

10:31am BBT: Christie and Kathryn in the STR, Christie tells her  that Sam said he would use the veto and she will not be evicted. Kathryn says ok and they hug.

10:44am BBT: Hg sitting around talking general talk and laughing.

10:52am BBT: Analyse and Bella in the WA doing ASL's, All other HG in the KT talking about going to college, Jessica making breakfast. Cliff and Nicole go to the STR to get eggs And they talk about it is Nicole's dads Birthday.

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10:52 AM BBT  Keeps jumping around, lots of general talk.  Nicole's father's birthday is today, she put happy birthday on the table spelled out in Fruit Loops.  Cliff had done it in rice.  Tommie is talking about living in Arizona, and how he lived for free with an older couple.  He said they were great.  Talking about eating grapefruit and putting salt on it by mistake. 


Just general chit chat.  Lots of people talking.


(I am out for a while)

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11:00am BBT: Talk in the KT is Tommy telling about putting salt and sugar both on his grapefruit while some Hg are cooking breakfast. Kemi in the BR putting on a sweater.

11:12am BBT: Nicole and Bella playing checkers talking about what the HOH comp might be next week, They start talking about how to play checkers as people go to the HOHR.

11:16am BBT: In the KT Jack is talking about going to school and not paying taxes.

11:23am BBT:nicole, Jessica  and Nick talking about playing the dice game and Nick showing them how to do it on the checker board with dice.

11:35am BBT: Christie and Tommy in the HOHR talking she said she was told that eviction might not be till Wednesday and he says good everyone was crying lastnight and she said she knows,They agree they want to be more social with everyone in the house. Christie then starts talking about Jack and how all the girls are into him and how he flips his hair.

11:45am BBT: Christie and Tommy say they want to keep Jack around for awhile. Christie then says she just does not want a target on her back for being close to Jack and working with him.

11:50am BBT:Tommy tells Christie that he has gotten close to Bella and She says i used to be but she pulled away from me. She then tells Tommy that there might be some times when she will not agree with him like lastnight and he agreed with her.

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12:00pm-12:30pm BBT: Sam and Christie talk in the HOHR about him using the POV on Cliff, She says she will say after that she is doing what the house wants and it is nothing personal. Cliff comes in and they fill him in on what they are doing. Cliff thinks Kathryn will settle down after the votes are made.Cliff says he does not think Kemi suspects anything. Cliff ask if they think eviction is actually Sunday and Christie tells him that Kathryn thinks it will be Wednesday.

 12:30pm-1:00pm BBT:Sam hopes he can heep it together during the POV meeting. He says he is not serious about things and his family knows it,Christie says its ok to throw humor in . They leave the HOHR.Kemi talking to Nicole  and tells her  she hopes Sam does not use the POV because she thinks she might get backdoored and she is scared. Bb tells the Hg the BY is open. They are happy they can fina;lly do laundry.kathryn and christie then talk and Christie tells her not to worry she will be fine, Kathryn says ok i trust you. kathryn goes to the WC and drops her mic in the toilet and gets upset. Hg getting ready to go to the BY to lay in the sun and swim.

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1:10pm BBT: HG in the BY laying in the sun and working on Laundry, Just general talk going on.

1:16pm BBT: Kathryn,Christie and Analyse talking about swim suits they looked at before coming in the house. Tommy teaching Holly dance steps.

1:29pm BBT: Kathryn,Analyse, Bella in the KT eating a snack. All other HG in the BY around the pool just general talk going on.

1:45pm BBT: HG in the BY talking about their zodiac signs as they lay in the sun.

1:56pm BBT: Bella says she likes to dye her hair jet black when she is tan because it makes her look exotic. she then laughs. Nicole laughs with her. Jack and Tommy are on the hammock with eyes closed. everyone else is laying around the pool or in the pool cooling off.

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2:06pm BBT: sam talking to Nick in the BR about everything Christie said to him earlier in the HOHR. He says that Christie told him that jackson never talks gamme never. sam says we need you me or Jackson to win HOH next week then he says that maybe it is a good thing to let the otherside win next week and take their shot at jackson so we do not have to do it.

2:10pm BBT: Nick says we have to be careful because they will know one of us three have that power and sam says oh i didnt think that far ahead your right. Nick says maybe put Kat up again since she has already been up. Nick says so if we win and get rid of Jess then who do we have to go after the people on our side we need out. ovi walks in and they leave to go back to the KT.

2:16pm BBT: Jackson says 9 people cried yesterday in the house, nick says why was they crying and Jackson says they are all on the cycle together and they start laughing.

2:27pm BBT: Jack and Jackson in the KT making a big meal Sam is in there also as they make fish for dinner tonight. sam ask if he can request rice-a-roni. Ovi is called the the DR upstairs.

2:39pm BBT: Holly and kathryn on the hammock talking about not wanting a target on them after this week. Sam and Nick are playing cornhole in the BY. Jack and jackson still in the KT making food.

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4:40 PM BBT Bella, Kemi, and Nicole are in the KT talking about how important the social game is. Kemi is telling Bella and Nicole she thinks there is a big group in the house. Bella says she heard Sis and Holly talking about something, but she’s not sure what it was. Cliff is doing laps in the BY. Kat and Michie are in the hammock. Sam, Tommy, and Jack are in the HT. Bella and Kemi are discussing how close Christie and Jack are, but that Christie is saying there’s no showmance between them. Kemi would like Cliff to win HOH because she knows who he’d put up. Bella asks who and Kemi says Michie and Christie. Kemi asked why not Michie and Jack and Cliff responded because Michie banished him and Christie is the chain between them.


4:45 PM BBT Holly and Jess are on a lunge outside on their stomachs. Kemi and Bella and Nicole are still talking about Cliff. Bella is saying she was sitting with Kat and Michie and Kat said she thinks she can get information from Cliff. Kemi says she doesn’t see people evicting Cliff over Kat. Kemi is commenting on how tan some of the HG are getting.


4:50 PM BBT Bella, Kemi, and Nicole go outside. Tommy, Michie, and Kat are in the hammock and they are talking about Kemi has a red expired label on her. Michie says they can go ahead and punch her card because her time is up. Kat asks if he’s sure and Michie says there might be two people, Cliff and Jess, who are out of the loop, but no way Kemi could get the votes to stay.


4:55 PM BBT Michie, Tommy, and Kat are still on the hammock. Nicole, Bella, and Kemi are outside on a bench talking. Kat says she misses Chic-Fil-A and Michie starts talking about their food. Michie loves curly fries. Bella is talking about road trip where she drove 17 hours. Nicole wants to sit in the shade, but she’s afraid she’ll be upset if they are locked in for the next three days. We get fish.


5:00 PM BBT Jess is sitting on the ground by the hammock talking to Tommy, Michie, and Kat. Nicole, Bella, and Kemi are talking about traveling. Jackson is lying on the ground near Nicole, Bella, and Kemi. Kat makes room for Sam on the hammock. Sam asks Ovi to hand him an orange pillow. Christie joins them over by the hammock. Ovi joins Bella, Kemi, and Nicole.


5:05 PM BBT Bella, Ovi, Kemi, and Nicole are all talking. Bella wants them all to stay in LA after they get out of the house. Nicole doesn’t think she could get used to a winter with no snow. Ovi wants to get a pug so his corgi will have a friend. Jess is talking about walking on New York Fashion week, but she doesn’t consider herself a runway model. She prefers print. Tommy says he’d probably prefer that too because you have more control over angles. Jess is saying how tall runway models usually are. Kat is telling Sam she got tanning oil on her sunglasses so she took them off. Sam says his cousin is a big model in Manhattan and he says she’s a model in Kohls and all feeds go to Bella, Ovi, Kemi, and Nicole.


5:10 PM BBT Bella, Ovi, Nicole, and Kemi are talking about whether they want children or not. Nicole says she doesn’t have long foresight, but she sees herself with three or four sons. Bella wants boys. Bella says if she had money she’d have lots of kids, three of her own and adopt. Ovi says he probably has like 32 cousins and Nicole says she has four. FotH.


5:15 PM BBT Holly is joining over by Jess and Christie on the ground and Tommy, Michie, Sam, and Kat are in the hammock. Bella, Ovi, Nicole, and Kemi are talking over on the couch. Sam says pineapple pizza tonight and Jack says if there’s any pineapple because a lot of people have been eating it. FotH. Sam goes and lays down on the ground next to Jack. Ovi is talking about his roommate’s dog.


5:20 PM BBT Tommy goes over and gives Kemi a hug. Ovi and Bella are still talking about dogs. Tommy climbs on the couch between Kemi and Nicole. Michie and Kat are on the hammock and Holly and Jess are on the ground and they are talking about how many messages and how many updates their phones will need. Sam, Jack, and Nick are on the ground near the couch. Nicole says she has the worst tanline. Ovi is pointing out something on Bella and he immediately apologizes for touching her.


5:25 PM BBT Kemi and Bella move by the pool in the shade on some lounge chairs. Michie starts shouting out at someone and we get WBRB. Kemi, Bella, and Nicole are in the pool. Tommy joins them.


5:30 PM BBT Sam, Nick, Sis, Jack, and Christie are talking about next week’s HOH and whacktivity comp. They are also discussing who Cliff might put up and Nick mentions he said he’d put up Christie and she says that sucks because then she’d have to win the veto and have vengeance. Tommy, Bella, Nicole, and Kemi are still in the pool. Tommy says if here were straight he’d love to marry Bella. He says Nicole and Kemi are great too. Nick goes over by the pool and he’s talking to Tommy.


5:35 PM BBT Nick says he calls parents Miss and their first name. He’s asking Tommy if he would call his mom Miss Annabelle. Christie joins and sits on the edge of the pool. Sam, Kat, and Jack are sitting around by the couch. Tommy, Bella, Kemi, Nicole, and Christie are in/by the pool. Kat, Sam, Nick, Jack, and Michie are all in the KT getting drinks. Cliff walks by and heads outside. Holly comes over by the pool with the others. Ovi is working out and Christie says she’s impressed by his devotion.


5:40 PM BBT Jack and Michie are discussing what they will have for dinners. They decide they are going to do burgers and turkey burgers. Michie asks if they need potatoes and they decide to do rice before it gets too dry. Jack and Sam are talking about clueless Kemi is, but Jack says she senses something. Jack says the whole house knows. Sam says Jess, Ovi, and Kemi haven’t come to him and asks about the veto. Jack says they’re not gamers. Sam says he told Christie he’s going to use it on Cliff and wants to know what’d she do. She says she’d put up Kemi and says it’s because she’s rubbing everyone wrong and Sam says no, don’t say anything because she’s not going to be jury anyway.


5:45 PM BBT Michie is now doing a head count of how many people want burgers and how many want pizza. Kat and Sis are in the hammock and Jess is on the ground talking to them. Ovi is lifting weights. Christie, Holly, Kemi, Bella, Sam, and Tommy are in the pool.


5:50 PM BBT Kat is talking about this one time she ate 12 apples with Sis and Jess. Jess is craving fish. Kat says she can’t wait to get out of here and travel with them. She hopes they don’t stab her in the back and they all laugh and Kat says she’s just kidding. Kat has decided to Greece, Bali, and Chicago. Holly has joined the girls. Kat wants to get one of the huts in Bali and she says they’ll have to bring a photographer. Holly is going to get advil, she has a headache. Sis goes inside with Holly.


5:55 PM BBT Kat tells Jess that everyone is scared to talk game with her. Tommy, Bella, Kemi, Christie, and Sam are still in the pool. Tommy is talking about when Boogie and Will did phone calls back in the day. Kat tells Jess that Sam is going to use the veto on Cliff and leave her on the block. Kat says Sam is one of the ones she’s not that close with. Kat says Sam was going to take her off and Christie was going to replace her with another girl, but now he’s going to use it on Cliff. Kat is worried this might be a big elaborate plan to get her out. She’s just going to keep being nice and having fun, but it kind of sucks.

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6:04PM BBT: Bella, Christie, Kemi, Sam, and Tommy are joking around in the hot tub. Jessica and Kat are also in the BY, Jessica says she hopes she makes it through this week. 

6:07PM BBT: Jack, Jackson, Holly, and Analyse are in the KT cooking. They talk about how hard it is to go without music. Jack says he misses taking "booty picks" in the gym.

6:09PM BBT: BB tells Ovi to put on his microphone. Everyone is outside near the hot tub joking and laughing while Analyse, Holly, Jack, and Jackson are in the KT chatting. Kat walks in and asks if they need help.



6:14PM BBT: Christie and Nicole are folding laundry on the pool table. Jackson is still cooking. Sam is asked to put on his microphone. 


6:17PM BBT: Kemi is taking a shower, while Bella and Holly are in the WA. Jackson is still molding the burgers. Jack, Sam, and Cliff walk around the KT.


6:20PM BBT: Jack takes the pizza out of the oven, he says it needs to "rest 20 minutes" before they cut into it. Kat tells Sam that if he looks at her elbow they'll high five perfectly. 


6:21PM BBT: Nicole and Jessica are talking softly in the backyard. Jessica says she doesn't know what she's supposed to do or if she's supposed to talk to Sam or both Sam and Christie. Nicole says it's whatever she feels is best.


6:22PM BBT: Jessica tells Nicole that she wishes Christie wouldn't put another girl up. Jessica says she doesn't see Christie putting up any guys because they're all close to her. Nicole thinks the Veto ceremony will be tonight.


6:27PM BBT: Jack burns a burger and yells. Christie says she likes them like that. Jackson assures him it's "all good." Sam tells Jessica and Nicole the pizza is ready. 


6:30PM BBT: Jack and Analyse are in the hammock. Analyse wants to know what Jack's first impression of her was. Jack says his first thought was "this is a pretty girl." Tommy is called to the DR.


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6:32PM BBT: Analyse says everyone usually underestimates her. Nick says he didn't get great reads from anyone the first few days in the house. Sam joins them in the hammock. 


6:38PM BBT: Sam tells Nick and Analyse that he had three pieces of pizza and will have a burger and soup later. Analyse says she's going to work out and then shower. Sam asks if she likes working out. She says she doesn't "love it." Nick says she does it so she can "keep her butt." 


6:41PM BBT: Analyse tells Nick that he's "hot too." Nick makes her repeat it and then says he can die happy now. Sam says Nick has a better personality. Analyse says Nick and Sam are her "two faves" in the house. Sam jokes they're a final three. Analyse leaves. Sam tells Nick that Analyse is "falling for him" or "playing him." 


6:44PM BBT: Sam tells Nick that Analyse looks him in the eyes the entire time. Nick says Analyse is "beautiful" and "breath taking." Sam asks if he can be the best man at their wedding. 


6:45PM BBT: Nick says he and Bella made out one night, and he was feeling Bella earlier. But now he's into Analyse. He says it wouldn't have worked out with Bella, he says they discussed how it wouldn't work "culturally." BB cuts to different cameras. 


6:47PM BBT: Back to Sam and Nick, Nick says he would have picked Jack over him if he was Analyse. Nick says he flirts with everyone but Nicole and Jessica. Christie tells them dinner is ready. They promise to be right there. Nick tells Sam about making out with Bella. 


6:50PM BBT: Nick says he wouldn't leave one girl for the other. He says he likes Bella's personality better, but Analyse is "so sweet." Nick and Sam think Analyse is only giving Nick attention because she's jealous of Bella. "We'll see what happens," Nick says. 


6:51PM BBT: Nick tells Sam he has to tell him something when the feeds go down. Sam wants to know what it is. Nick says it's about Bella and he doesn't want to say it when America can hear. Sam and Nick get up to go eat. General conversation throughout the rest of the house as they eat and shower. 

7:00PM BBT: Bella walks into the KT with her duffel bag, everyone gives her a hard time for scaring them. She gives Jackson a big hug. Everyone is eating in the KT. 


7:04PM BBT: Tommy walks in and thanks everyone for making dinner. Christie jokes around that Disneyland is going to contract Tommy to do the voice for the monorail. Analyse is called to the DR. 


7:09PM BBT: "I can't believe we had such good hamburgers on Nicole's dad's birthday!" Cliff says. "I can't even," says Nicole. Sam makes fun of Rockstar from last season. They laugh about the Rockstar's daughter's birthday joke. 


 7:13PM BBT: The HGs finish eating and start cleaning up the kitchen. Cliff looks lost in thought as he sits at the table.



7:14PM BBT: Jack helps Tommy shave in the WA. Bella and Christie are in the HOH washroom. Bella wants to re-pierce her nose piercing. "Should I do it though?" Bella asks. She says she looks good in silver. Christie tells her not to do it if it won't go in. Christie says she's nervous. 


7:20PM BBT: Christie tells Bella she had a conversation with Jack about how she doesn't like him, she likes girls. She says they've gotten to close and she doesn't want to be in a showmance. She just wants to play the game. "I'm not here for that." Bella cheers, she got her nose ring in. 





Bella and Christie.PNG


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7:27PM BBT: Kemi is in the SR looking for air freshener. Tommy is hungry and wants something to eat. Holly and Tommy talk about how they're bored and that's why they're hungry. Tommy says this is the last he'll eat tonight. 


7:29PM BBT: Most everyone is in the WA joking around about the smell in the WC. Christie is still helping Bella with her nose ring. Christie keeps talking about how she does not want to be in a showmance with Jack. 


7:33PM BBT: Sam and Nick play cornhole in the backyard. There is a lot of air traffic above them, they wonder what's going on. Nicole is in the KT with Cliff and Kemi. Cliff says he's waiting for the veto ceremony to start. He's also trying to figure out when they're on POPTV. 


7:37PM BBT: Tommy joins Christie and Bella in the HOH washroom. He says their high kicks are "amazing." Bella says she's the first HG to pierce their nose in the BB House.  Cliff tells Nicole he wants to go to sleep at 10pm, but he won't because he doesn't want to miss anything. 


7:38PM BBT: Nicole is called to the DR. Christie is laughing hysterically about a shirt that someone put on her dresser. She goes into the WA asking who put it there, "no one is in trouble," she says. Bella tells everyone she pierced her nose. 


7:40PM BBT: Jack and Kemi are in the TBR, Kemi wants to know where Jack's head is. He says he wants to win more vetos, he's cool with Jackson. He says he's just trying to get to know everyone. He says he doesn't know if he wants to win the next HOH or not. 


7:41PM BBT: Kemi says Christie winning HOH sent the tone of the house. Christie barges in and they stop talking. Jack says he put the t-shirt on the dresser. They talk about Bella's piercing. 


7:42PM BBT: Kemi and Jack are alone, Jack asks Kemi how she's feeling. Kemi says she was close to Kat originally. She says she doesn't have a relationship with Ovi. Kemi says she doesn't "feel the need" to win the next HOH. She says she would "feel bad about putting someone up." She wants to play in every veto. 


7:44PM BBT: Kemi says she just wanted to talk to Jack so she could get to know him. Jack says he's playing a "low key" game and staying neutral. He says he's playing like a floater. He uses Tommy as an example. He says he's just trying to "speak well about everyone" and not "game too hard too early."


7:48PM BBT: Christie and Analyse are in the HOHR. They're talking about Jack again. "He thinks he's running this game, and it's pissing me off," Christie says, "this isn't the Jack show!" Kat walks in and Bella joins them also.


7:55PM BBT: The girls in the HOHR talk about birthdays and how old they are. Jack and Kemi are still chatting. Kemi asks who Jack would put up, Jack says he's not going for the next HOH. Kemi says Jack is a recruit and shouldn't know this much about the game. He says he's not ashamed that he's a recruit. The other HGs walk in, Jackson has hair extensions on under his hat, everyone calls him "Joe Dirt."



Joe Dirt.PNG

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9:07pm BBT For the last hour or so, Jack has been leading a workout in the BY for most of the house (while Nick and Bella watched from the hammock).  Some of them think the workout is too boring and nobody is watching on live feeds.  What do you think? Are you watching?

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