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The Amazing Race 31-Leg #12 Finale

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Leg #12, the final leg, is beginning and they are headed to Detroit, MI. After they land, they need to find the Spirit of Detroit, a famous landmark to find their next clue. Leo and Jamal say they are ready to compete for that million dollars. They hold the record for most detours, most roadblocks, most legs completed. They say this is their time to shine.


Tyler and Korey say they are headed home and they are in disbelief they made the finale a second time. They’ve been to Detroit many times because they are from Michigan. They came up just a bit short, but maybe this shot is their time. Colin and Christie say they made the final three 15 years ago and it was awesome, but this is better. They wonder how well Tyler and Korey know Detroit. Christie says may the highest vibing team win!


Leo and Jamal are not intimidated by the other teams. Tyler and Korey say they have beat both of these teams multiple times and they don’t mind racing these teams in the finale. Colin and Christie say it’s time to go out and win this race.


The teams have landed in Detroit and they find taxis to head to the Spirit of Detroit. Tyler and Korey know exactly where they are going. All the teams are close to each other and the race is on. Leo and Jamal are the first to the statue and it’s a roadblock: Who’s good with numbers? They have to do a face forward rappel and look for numbers that will be needed to open a bank vault.


Tyler and Korey find the clue second and then Colin and Christie. Leo is doing the roadblock for their team. Tyler and Colin are doing the roadblock for their teams. Leo is leaning out and he slips a little and then he heads down. Leo sees a 7. Tyler is on the roof next and he is starting to get a little nervous. Colin says he’s super scared of heights and that’s what makes this exciting. Tyler is struggling. He says his biggest obstacle was himself. Colin is on his way down and he sees the number 7. Tyler has seen the 7 as well. Leo then sees 24 then 17. He keeps saying 7-24-17. Colin is at the halfway point and he sees the 24 and Tyler sees it as well. Tyler has calmed down and says this isn’t bad at all.


Colin sees 17 and he’s remembering his numbers and Tyler has seen the 17. Leo is still chanting his numbers and he has seen the number 01 and he is all the way down. Leo heads back to unlock a vault and he puts in the combination and the vault won’t open. He is confused and heads back out. Colin says he was staying calm and remembering the number. Colin and Tyler head into the vault. Colin says there were instructions on the wall that were really detailed and he says this was not going to be super simple to open.


Tyler, Colin, and Leo are all working on the combinations. Colin is in first and he gets his clue and he is out. They have to play two rounds of Fowling at Fowling Warehouse. It’s a challenging combination of bowling and football. All they have to do is knock down the pins to get their next clue. Colin and Christie don’t know where their cab is so they have to run to find their cab. Tyler is spinning his wheel frantically and he goes back to read the instructions. Tyler says it was challenging to focus especially with the pressure of the race. Tyler has the vault open and he is pulling with all his might to open the door and he gets his clue and heads out.


Colin and Christie are still looking for their taxi and they see Tyler and Korey running by. Jamal is frustrated they were the first team there but the last to leave. Tyler and Korey find their cab and they are now in first. Colin and Christie ask another driver to find their cab and Colin says taxi drama right now?


Colin sees their taxi and they run to get in. They tell him they got passed and they have to hurry. Christie tells him they will be doing this all day so when they say he has to park out front so they can see him. Colin is telling Christie to calm down and not freak the driver out. Tyler and Korey have reached the Fowler Warehouse and they say they are from Jackson, MI. They have an instructor telling them how to play.


Tyler says Korey was on a bowling league and he says several years ago. Jamal is still waiting for Leo and he notes the other teams left ten minutes ago. Colin and Christie are now at the Fowling Warehouse. Colin knocks down all but one on his first throw. Christie knocks down three. Korey has 2 pins left. Tyler and Korey have one each. Colin has 1 pin and Christie still has 6. Korey knocked down his pin and they are done and they pull a handle to get their clue.


They are now going to Third Man Records and create a two-toned record. Leo is still confused. He’s sure of the numbers. He says he turned the knob maybe ten thousand times. He even thought maybe he was doing the numbers backwards or maybe the numbers should be switched. Leo says he gives up. Jamal is outside and says why didn’t he just do it and Leo is sitting on the floor inside.


Tyler and Korey have reached Third Man Records. They pick an instructor to teach them how to press the records. He shows them what they are making and then walks them through the steps to make it. They have to make five passable records. They start their first album and they wait. Colin and Christie have arrived and they start making their records.


Tyler and Korey are bickering. They think they are good at paying attention to fine details, but they needed to focus. Tyler and Korey think they are at four and they wonder where Leo and Jamal are. Leo is still sitting on the floor re-reading the directions and he then gets up and begins to try again. He finally gets the vault open and he grabs his clue and heads out to Jamal. Leo apologizes and they head out.


Colin and Christie are rushing and Colin says they need them super clean. Tyler and Korey are getting their records checked. They have one passable and they get the second one. The third one has bleed over so it’s a no. He doesn’t like the bleed over on the fourth one or the last one so they need to make three more. Colin and Christie are getting their records checked and they finished all five and they are travelling by taxi to Hart Plaza and they must search amongst the musicians for their next clue.


Tyler and Korey are getting their new records checked and they have four completed and he is checking the fifth one. They have all five done and they get their clue and they head out. Colin and Christie are searching for their clue and there are a bunch of drummers and their kits playing along to Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes. Colin thanks them all for being there. Colin finds a clue on a drum and they must assemble a five piece drum kit from scratch for their next clue.


They have a sample to view and they can’t touch it. They have to put it together and when they think they are done they get it checked by the lead drummer. They can’t hear each other over the music as they put the drum together. Colin says this is some of the loudest music he’s ever heard and that added an element of intensity and pressure.


Tyler and Korey say Colin and Christie are their toughest competition and they have reached Hart Plaza. They see Colin and Christie and Tyler finds their clue and they start putting their kit together. Colin and Christie keep running back and forth to the sample and their work. Tyler and Korey say they have been neck-and-neck with Colin and Christie the entire race and they knew they were a good match and he just had to focus, but you could barely hear yourself think.


Christie wants Colin to go back and look at the sample, but he thinks he knows where he needs to put the snare. Tyler and Korey are working on putting theirs together. Colin and Christie think they are done and ask for a check but the drummer shakes his head. They have a lever down instead of up that they need to fix. Tyler and Korey ask for a check and they have a drum upside down. Tyler and Korey think they are done, but they aren’t correct. Tyler and Korey have a washer they forgot somewhere and it’s on the ground. Colin says he knew it was going to come down to this.


Christie thinks it’s something obvious and Colin is getting frustrated. Christie tells him to calm down and they think it’s something with the equipment. We see Tyler and Korey searching their drums and Korey found the washer and they have to figure out what it goes to. Tyler and Korey think they have it and there is still something wrong. Christie is looking at the drums and Colin sees the lever and puts it up. He asks for a check and they got it.


Colin and Christie are headed to the pitstop by taxi. Tyler and Korey had a piece or two loose so they fixed it and they are correct. They are headed to Fort Wayne and Colin and Christie are out and Tyler and Korey are shortly behind. Korey says they need to catch every green light. Colin is telling Christie to focus. Tyler and Korey say maybe their car had a few screws loose itself.


We see the taxi arrive and Colin and Christie run in and hit the mat and Colin says he loves them. Colin and Christie are the official winners of The Amazing Race and Colin picks up Phil to celebrate. Phil says they were steady from the beginning right to the end. Colin says he in awe of Christie and he says she made them a million dollars on that drum set. He says it was great to come back and run the race with a broader perspective and have such a different experience.


Tyler and Korey have arrived and they head in and they come in second place. Korey says they improved one from last time. Korey says it’s bittersweet not to win it again, but running it with Tyler solidified their bond. Tyler says before every single go they gave each other hugs and said how proud they were of each other.


We see Leo and Jamal doing the Fowling and they say they are The Amazing Race Kings because of the records they hold. We see them finish and they are the third place team. Corrine and Eliza don’t look happy and Eliza is barely clapping and Corrine isn’t clapping at all. Jamal says this is an experience they will remember for a lifetime, but they were so close to that million. Colin says running the Amazing Race was the perfect chance to put their lifestyle to the test and it held up to the pressure cooker the race was.

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